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tigerdreams 28th-Feb-2012 05:10 am (UTC)
But it is not just conservative white people who react fearfully when they ­see themselves ­outnumbered by an influx of people unlike themselves. Minorities do it. White hipsters do it. Recall the embarrassing spectacle of liberal panic, in the aftermath of George W. Bush’s reelection, when Kerry voters believed their country had been taken over by gay-bashing Evangelical Christians.

*looks at Prop 8, which has needed to be taken to the courts to be challenged and undone*

*looks at the number of LGBT teen suicides in the past couple of years, and the resistance to instituting anti-bullying policies in schools*

*looks at the torrent of anti-woman attacks on reproductive rights and women's health in the past couple of years*

*looks at the terrorist assassination of Dr. George Tiller*

That was an "embarrassing spectacle of liberal panic" why, exactly?
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