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recorded 28th-Feb-2012 04:01 am (UTC)
Not the person you replied to but I have mirena. The only issue I've had is that early on I couldn't find my IUD strings (which you are supposed to be able to feel to make sure it is still in place and not expelled when you first get it), my doc said they got taken into my lining. They did an ultrasound to confirm it was still in position and everything was fine. She told me removal is generally just the cost of an office visit.

Mirena is hormonal, but less gets into the blood stream since it's a direct to source method. It is also progesterone based, not estrogen. The copper IUD is the non-hormonal one but it can make bleeding heavier and cramps worse.

I have had no obvious hormonal issues with my mirena. Previously I had tried seasonique pills and they made me batshit crazy.

*edit: Recommendations should you decide to get one; get STD tested before (doc should do this anyway, infections + iud = bad news) and take a pain killer before your insertion procedure. There's pulling/pinching and it hurts, but it's tolerable.
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