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recorded 28th-Feb-2012 06:40 am (UTC)
I've had my IUD for over a year now. I only use panty liners for my periods because the flow is so incredibly light. I don't have any spotting anymore. I started getting 'regularly' occurring periods (every ~60 days) again about 3-4 months after IUD insertion. If spotting/irregularity is the only thing holding you back & it's covered, you should go for it. A standard IUD removal is [as I heard] pretty easy should you determine it's not for you.

When I was spotting, I bought a bunch of cotton black underwear and wore a panty liner or two daily. The only reason I needed black underwear at all is because the panty liners we buy don't have the side wings and spotting is a bitch to get out. The spotting wasn't a hindrance for me once I had a stock of black underwear, but I had a pretty hearty period that I didn't miss one bit and a boyfriend that didn't mind hints of blood.
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