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Mississippi state Rep. Andy Gipson (R) has attacked gays on his…

10:11 pm - 05/18/2012
Mississippi state Rep. Andy Gipson (R) has attacked gays on his Facebook wall, calling homosexuality a sin and citing Leviticus 20:13, which calls for people who are gay to be put to death. In a follow-up post, he defended his remarks, adding claims that homosexuality is “unnatural behavior which results in disease,” harms children, and undermines marriage:

Been a lot of press on Obama’s opinion on “homosexual marriage.” The only opinion that counts is God’s: see Romans 1:26-28 and Leviticus 20:13. Anyway you slice it, it is sin. Not to mention horrific social policy.

Sorry I’ve been busy and not had a chance to reply. David, in addition to the basic principal that it is morally wrong, here are three social reasons it’s horrific social policy: 1) Unnatural behavior which results in disease, not the least of which is its high association with the development and spread of HIV/AIDS; 2) Confusing behavior which is harmful to children who have a deep need to understand the proper role of men and women in society and the important differences between men and women, and fathers and mothers; and 3) Undermines the longstanding definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, a definition which has been key to all aspects of social order and prosperity. Anytime that definition is weakened our culture is also weakened. And yes, that is also true for other conduct which weakens marriage’s importance in society.

Gipson’s comments seem to suggest that he believes disease is actually the by-product of gay sex, as if even two monogamous gay men without STDs who have sex will still end up with an ailment or HIV. Not only are these remarks wholly offensive and ill-informed, but they contribute to the harmful stigma against gay men and lesbians and their families.

(sigh) this guy. mississippi. god damn.
sparkindarkness 19th-May-2012 02:19 pm (UTC)
Don't even know what their policy is - I know straight people going to the same doctor aren't pestered into HIV testing
sparkindarkness 19th-May-2012 02:44 pm (UTC)
Sadly i don't think the NHS is going to push routine testing - nice idea but with the cuts? Not likely.

But my doc prides himself on being aware of the needs of his gay patients. which seems to mean constant HIV testing
lickety_split 19th-May-2012 04:25 pm (UTC)
I am, but it's probably because I'm black. You know, apparently my partner (also black) MUST be one of those "brothas on the down low" so I'll catch HIV from his sekrit gay sex or something.
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