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Fellatio Photoshop of conservative pundit sparks outrage

7:20 pm - 05/24/2012
Hustler magazine is coming under fire for Photoshopping a picture of a U.S. conservative commentator to make it look like she's performing oral sex.

The image of S.E. Cupp - a contributor to Glenn Beck's online TV station GBTV - appears under the headline "Celebrity fantasy" with the caption: "What would S.E. Cupp look like with a d--- in her mouth?"

"S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up joining the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute," reads the accompanying text. "But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp's suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy."

The image has conservative women crying foul. Michelle Malkin wrote that this is typical of attacks on right-wing women from the left, many of which are sexualizing and dehumanizing.

"Conservative women are waging the counter-offensives against leftist degradation for themselves that no one else will wage. Whether it's Palin or Ann Romney or Nikki Haley or S.E. Cupp or a local grass-roots activist mom, right-wing sisters are pushing back," she said.

Speaking with Beck about the picture, Cupp said: "It's just embarrassing because it will be out there forever. The fact that I work really hard, and I'm an Ivy League-educated young woman with a pretty good job doesn't matter when you look at a photo like this."

But Hustler is defending the page as "satire."

"I'm able to publish this because of the Supreme Court case I won in 1984, Flynt v. Falwell," publisher Harry Flynt said in a reference to a ruling that free speech rights prohibit public figures from suing over emotional distress intentionally inflicted upon them.

The case centred around televangelist Jerry Falwell, who sued Hustler over a parody ad that depicted him having sex with his mother in an outhouse.

thevelvetsun 25th-May-2012 05:45 am (UTC)
Those are all completely valid points. I understand not wanting to watch news where people dress in a way you don't like.

BUT it's completely out of line to

a) police women's choices and tell them to change because of you when they're not actually dressing inappropriately. You can't dictate to women how to dress! That's their choice!!

b) say it's okay to sexualize and demean women (which contributes to rape culture) for the sole reason that you happen to not like their outfit.

Do you get that?
atheistkathleen 25th-May-2012 11:53 am (UTC)
yeah which is why i don't tell women what to wear

i never said it was ok to do that, i just said it happens
kaelstra 25th-May-2012 11:40 pm (UTC)

they shouldn't be working for fox news, or they should be wearing pants tbh

That sure looks a whole lot like you telling them what they should or shouldn't be wearing to me.
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