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TW: Molestation & Death - Father kills man who tried to molest his 4-year-old daughter

10:01 pm - 06/12/2012

SHINER, Texas (AP) - Authorities say a father used his hands to beat to death a man who allegedly tried to sexually assault his 4-year-old daughter on their farm.

Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon said Monday he doesn't anticipate arresting the father, who told police he heard the girl screaming. Harmon said nothing so far suggests the beating death happened for "any reason other than what he told us."

"In the course of trying to get her away from him, and protect her, he struck the subject several times in the head and the subject died," Harmon said.

The victim was only identified as a 47-year-old man from Gonzales, Texas. Harmon said the man appeared to have no prior criminal history and that he went to the property Saturday to help care for some horses.

Harmon said the father's name is being withheld because of the ongoing investigation. He said a grand jury will decide what, if any, charges the father will face


luna_shovegood TW: CSA13th-Jun-2012 04:07 pm (UTC)
Same here, well my mother didn't quite not do anything as much as find it hilarious. Though she was sexually abusive enough before that, so I shouldn't really be surprised.

And my wider family all knew that her ex-boyfriend was watching kiddy porn (ex- because he "wasn't showing enough commitment") but never did anything other than shun my brother and I over it. My grandmother even watched my brother do something and just stood there for a bit and then walked off, same for other family members. Though, I don't hold a grudge against my brother as he was young and didn't know better.

Except, I actually like(d) the guy (I don't see him anymore). Paedophile bit aside. At the same time I'm terrified of accidentally bumping into him somewhere. :/

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