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Wisconsin Shooting: Several People Injured After Shots Fired At Sikh Temple

1:48 pm - 08/05/2012
Several people have been shot after a gunman opened fire on the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, Patch reported.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning in Oak Creek.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, witnesses say that as many as 30 people may have been shot.

The AP confirms the incident.

Witnesses told WTMJ that the suspect oped fire inside the temple. Police have not released any information about the suspected shooter and no deaths or injuries have been confirmed by authorities.

According to Patch, police scanner reports indicated that the suspect may still be at large.


I'll post some updates as they occur.
flcadam 5th-Aug-2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
I suppose you're right. I didn't really keep up with the retaliatory attacks that occurred after 9/11, so I didn't know who was affected or how pervasive the attacks were.

It should be interesting to see who the perpetrator is though. I'm inclined to think that the shooter was affiliated with the group since there's really no impetus for an anti-Islamic attack. Unless this is the rogue Tea Party member blow up that people have been waiting for.
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