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Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News' Brit Hume For Comments About Noise At DNC

3:49 pm - 09/06/2012
Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News' Brit Hume For Comments About Noise At DNC

Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News analyst Brit Hume for his criticism of the first night of the Democratic national convention on Wednesday's "Colbert Nation."

Colbert kicked off his show with Hume's critique of the noise in the convention hall on Wednesday night. "The sound from the floor and the platform is absolutely deafening," Hume pointed out. "A small thing but a suggestion that they don't quite have their act together."

"Clearly," Colbert jokingly agreed on Wednesday. He said that the first night of the DNC was "beset with technical difficulties" and a "constant buzzing roar," otherwise known as applause.

He replayed a clip of delegates cheering the speakers. "What was that?" Colbert asked. "You could barely hear the speeches. They didn't have that problem at the Republican convention, I'll tell ya."


OP: Okay, I realize this isn't terribly serious but I had to chuckle over it. This has to be one of the most "creative" ways to try to downplay the DNC success. There's a video that may not have properly embedded itself so check the source if you can't see the video.
elobelia 7th-Sep-2012 02:52 am (UTC)
Did anyone read the Gawker article whining about the hotels and bad wifi and how they needed to get their shit together? I couldn't tell if it was a joke or not. I want to think it was because it was Gawker, but this person really, really seemed pissed that their hotel had scratchy sheets, and how that reflected on the party as a whole. I hope I got trolled cause that was dumb as hell.
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