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EpiPen maker Mylan has become the new boogeyman of the pharmaceutical industry.

Following complaints from consumers that the company had hiked the price of the emergency auto-injector by $100 in recent months for no obvious reason, members of Congress are calling for an investigation. The price has increased 450 percent since 2004, when a dose cost $100 in today's dollars, to its current price of more than $600. Many consumers hadn't noticed the gradual rise in price, however, because the company often only added in 9 to 15 percent each time and insurance companies had made up the difference. But with recent changes in the deductible structure and co-pays for some health plans that have put more of the cost for drugs on consumers, many families have been hit with sticker shock.Read more...Collapse )


That crap from Mylan at the end about savings cards and assistance programs and "working with customers and payors to find solutions" makes my blood boil, because it's such complete and utter bullshit (which, btw, I wish we had a tag for). If you really cared about "meeting the needs of the patients and families," you'd lower the damned price, you greedy assholes! You obviously don't give two shits, so quit fucking pretending that you do. Grrrrrrrrr.

P.S. Bernie's not the only one who has weighed in on this: Hillary Clinton calls on EpiPen maker to lower price immediately

[OPtl:dr: Washington Post journalist Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher discuss with NPR radio their extended access and interviews with The Don. They researched the actual history of his business deals, lawsuits filed against him and talked to him about it all. Their book, 'Trump Revealed : An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power' is a bombshell portrait of T-Bag showing himself to be exactly what you'd expect.  A pathological liar, narcissist, & sociopath. Kranish and Fisher and assistants did their research. This book discusses the actual court cases, business deals, and Trump's view of them. ]

[OP Highlights from the Audio]:

  • He was a bully and a thug as a child (the author calls him "rambunctious" and "a bit of a ruffian"/ some white privilege shit.)

  • His first appearance in the New York Times was due to discriminating against blacks in housing. He lost the case but still thinks he 'won' because he didn't personally admit wrong-doing.

  • He weaseled Government into giving him tax breaks and deals by lying to different parties that others had already agreed to back him when they hadn't (and in the meantime nudging out other businesses that would have paid full price.)

  • He exploited underpaid and undocumented immigrants on his projects, then threatened them with deportation if they complained.

  • He weaseled his way out of foreclosures and debt payback but telling the banks they had to take what he would offer, or get nothing.

  • His Girlfriends were chosen purely for eye-candy and he didn't seem to have any romantic interest in them. #gossip

  • He would call journalists and use a false name to promote himself. (The journalists knew it was him but played along)

  • Everything about this man is built on the appearance of wealth, not actual wealth. It's all about his Name. Question his actual value and he WILL sue. So good luck getting those tax returns.

  • He has been amazing successful promoting himself, his brand, his business, his name on basically nothing. The real question is — how does this strategy apply to a job in public office?

  • Why would a man like this ever consider doing anything for "public service' or for 'the people' ?

Please listen to the interview at the source here and you'll hear more of the actual details.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic A squadron of children on bicycles delivered rainbow flags to house after house in Natick.PAT GREENHOUSE/GLOBE STAFF

NATICK – Cari and Lauri Ryding always felt welcome on Strawberry Hill Road. Then they came home from vacation and discovered the rainbow flag they had hung after the Orlando massacre had been stolen and their front porch pelted with eggs.

“It really sent us reeling,” Cari said.

But what happened next reminded the couple why they loved the neighborhood in the first place. On Sunday, a squadron of children on bicycles delivered rainbow flags to house after house.

And one by one, the flags went up, transforming a swath of suburbia – more than 40 houses in all — into a brilliantly colored declaration of pride and solidarity, displayed on picket fences, garages, doorways, and decks.

“It just happened so quickly — the whole neighborhood said, ‘Get me a flag. Get me a flag. Get me a flag,’ ” said Penni Rochwerger, who lives around the corner from the Rydings. “If we can stop whatever hate is out there, I think that’s really important.”

Lauri Ryding said that after cleaning the eggs off her porch, she walked through the streets around her home, overwhelmed by all the neighbors prominently flying the rainbow colors.

“One person’s act of fear and maliciousness created such a powerful statement of love,” she said. “We are very blessed, very fortunate.”
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The Clinton Foundation is under intensifying scrutiny as Republicans accuse it of being a corrupt and opaque institution.

GOP presidential candidate [Soulless Villain] is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the foundation and charged Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton engaged in "criminality" for connections between the family organization's donors and her actions as secretary of state. On Tuesday, he seized on an Associated Press report on the high number of foundation contributors she received in meetings at Foggy Bottom.

The sprawling, complex structure of the foundation, its history of contributions from foreign power brokers and its attractiveness as a Republican line of attack mean it's likely to stay in the spotlight.

But the glare of public attention hasn't always been so enlightening about the nature of the foundation and its activities. Here's a closer look.Read more...Collapse )

Source: CNN

I found this piece very informative and hope others will as well. It answered a lot of questions for me--all the ones I had plus some I wouldn't have thought to ask. I know some here will pooh-pooh this, because after all this foundation is the CLINTON Foundation and therefore HAS to be up to no good in many people's minds. But no matter what else you may think about this foundation, the fact is, it DOES do good things. According to this article, it has saved lives and will keep on doing so as long as it's allowed to continue to function and carry out its mission.

P.S. Just in case anyone thinks this was posted as a rebuttal to the negative Clinton post just below, that is an illusion. That post was evidently in the queue already when I posted this, but it hadn't yet been posted. Both were posted completely independently and without any knowledge of the other. (Although I'll admit the coincidence IS kind of hilarious. :-D)
On Tuesday, the Associated Press released a troubling new report suggesting that Hillary Clinton frequently met with the Clinton Foundation’s big-dollar donors in an official capacity during her time as secretary of state. Here is an attempt to unpack the ongoing and convoluted scandal that Republicans have pointed to as a sign that Clinton can’t be trusted in the White House and that Democrats are generally trying to shrug off as no big deal.

Why are we here?

Hillary is up big in the polls and in accompanying electoral projections, but she’s not in the White House yet—Republicans are hoping that the slow trickle of challenges to her integrity as exemplified by the Clinton Foundation affair will start to bring her numbers back down to Earth. Recently released documents from her time as secretary of state continue to raise serious questions about the Clinton Foundation, its overlapping interests with its deep-pocketed donors around the globe, and how that all may have influenced her work in the State Department. The ongoing controversy poses an immediate political problem for Hillary as she seeks the presidency, and would pose a real-world one for her administration if she does indeed win this fall.

Wait—I’ve heard of this “Clinton Foundation” thing. Haven’t we already litigated this scandal?

In some ways, yes. The Clinton Foundation has long been a topic of interest for Hillary’s fellow politicos, the press, and the public. In 2009, when then-Sen. Hillary Clinton was being publicly considered for secretary of state, her critics were quick to point to the foundation as one giant web of conflicts of interest. As a result, the foundation agreed to make public a list of its previously confidential donors, which turned out to include a number of oligarchs, royal families, and foreign governments.

Those same concerns—along with new ones associated with the millions of dollars Bill and Hillary were personally paid to give speeches to many of the same entities that donated heavily to their charitable organization—returned to the fore last year when it became definitive that Clinton would be running for president.
Most notably, the cozy ties between the Clintons and their global patrons were the subject of Clinton Cash, a much-hyped book-length investigation from Peter Schweizer that was released in May 2015. Schweizer is a conservative journalist with ties to Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon, who since has become the chief executive of Donald Trump’s campaign, but that hasn’t prevented the book’s reporting from getting national attention in publications like the New York Times. The book itself failed to find the smoking gun Clinton’s most vociferous critics are convinced exists, but it served as a prod to the rest of the press corps to investigate the issues raised by Hillary’s involvement with the Clinton Foundation.

OK, then, why is this in the news again?

Recently released email exchanges between Clinton’s aides at the State Department and those working for the Clinton Foundation offered Americans a peek into how the Hillary-led department and the not-for-profit that bears her name interacted while she was serving in the Obama administration. That picture is not a particularly flattering one.

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Why The U.N. Is Being Sued Over Haiti's Cholera Epidemic

Health workers collect the body of a cholera victim in Petionville, Haiti, in February 2011. The disease first appeared on the island in October 2010, likely introduced by U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal, possibly a single individual.

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For the first time since the Cold War the German government is advising citizens to stockpile food and water for use in a national emergency.

Some opposition MPs said the new civil defence concept, to go before ministers on Wednesday, was scaremongering.

Citizens are advised to store enough food to last them 10 days, because initially a disaster might put national emergency services beyond reach.

Five days' water - two litres (half a gallon) per person daily - is advised.

The German news website Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) said the new concept was set out in a 69-page German Interior Ministry document.

The document said "an attack on German territory, requiring conventional defence of the nation, is unlikely". But, it said, a major security threat to the nation in future could not be ruled out, so civil defence measures were necessary.

Soon, Germans began tweeting ironically under the hashtag "Hamsterkaeufe" (panic-buying).

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told a group of schoolchildren that Germany must be prepared to react if water or food reserves were poisoned, or if oil and gas supplies were interrupted.

The parliamentary head of the left-wing Die Linke party, Dietmar Bartsch, criticised the move, saying "you can completely unsettle people with yet another round of proposals, such as hoarding supplies".

The Greens' deputy parliamentary leader, Konstantin von Notz, said it was sensible to update civil defence advice which had not been touched since 1995.

But he warned against mixing up possible military or terrorist scenarios, saying "I can't see any attack scenario that merits a stockpiling of supplies by the population".

◾About 2,000 public bunkers and shelters were built in West Germany, with federal funding (former East Germany had its own communist network of shelters)
◾There was a wide mix of shelters - eg in garages, schools, private cellars
◾Special government nuclear bunker was built in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, 30km (19 miles) from Bonn
◾Law says Cold War-era shelters must not be converted into new types of building
◾Germany still has stockpiles of food - eg milk powder and beans - at secret locations, for a national emergency
◾Inventories are regularly checked and renewed
◾Emergency offices to issue food and fuel stamps, under national rationing system in a disaster

Source (with more photos): BBC
BBC's Sources(German): Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK), Sueddeutsche Zeitung, and Schutzbauten-Stuttgart.de

OP: Why are they only now recommending people have emergency kits? The US has had list like that for years. So do you have supply kit and when did you last check it?
Think It’s Hot Now? Just Wait

July wasn’t just hot — it was the hottest month ever recorded, according to NASA. And this year is likely to be the hottest year on record.

Fourteen of the 15 hottest years have occurred since 2000, as heat waves have become more frequent, more intense and longer lasting. A study in the journal Nature Climate Change last year found that three of every four daily heat extremes can be tied to global warming.

This map provides a glimpse of our future if nothing is done to slow climate change. By the end of the century, the number of 100-degree days will skyrocket, making working or playing outdoors unbearable, and sometimes deadly. The effects on our health, air quality, food and water supplies will get only worse if we don’t drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions right away.

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Bill Nye: Climate change is reason for Louisiana floods

As Louisiana tries to dry out and start rebuilding after last week's catastrophic flooding, Bill Nye has an ominous message: It's going to happen again.

"This is a result of climate change," Nye told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day" Tuesday. "It's only going to get worse."
But can we save ourselves?Collapse )

The Solutions Project is a group that is pushing for 100% renewable energy. Check them out. Think about your own carbon footprint and what you can do to step up your game-- from recycling & composting to buying electric vehicles or installing solar.
When it comes to International Competition, singling out women for gender testing is sexist. We propose a radical solution: test everyone.

by Julie DiCaro

When I was a tween / teen, I lived for gymnastics. It was the center of my entire day, every day. I devoured biographies of great gymnasts like Nadia Comeneci and Olga Korbutm checking them out so often that the school librarian permanently set them aside for me. I came home from the gym and immediately went out to my parents’ backyard, where I proceeded to continue practicing my floor and beam routines barefoot, in the grass, often in temperatures that were not-leotard appropriate (much to my mother’s chagrin).

By the time I hit high school, though, I was as tall as my coaches. If you haven’t noticed, being relatively tall (I finally topped out at 5’8) isn’t ideal for a gymnast. As the years progressed, the sport became harder for me; especially uneven parallel bars, which are typically dominated by relatively slight gymnasts. The physics are self-explanatory: The more body you have to lift, the harder it is to get the requisite air to complete those release moves on bars and spectacular tumbling passes on floor. I started getting injured more and more. When I was 16, I severely injured my ankle, and that was all she wrote. I never returned to a high level of competition again.

If they awarded Olympic medals for love of a sport, I would have had a shot at making the podium. But when it came to performance, genetics were stacked against me. The average gymnast is is 5’1 and 103 pounds. Sadly for the child in me, I blew past those statistics by time I was 14. I was doomed from the start (thanks Mom and Dad!).

By now you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all this.
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Julie DiCaro is possibly my favorite sports writer. She is always tackling gender within sports and sports broadcasting, and this is a really good read.
He’s making a pitch to college-educated white people.

The tail end of August finds [Whale with So Many Tons of Oil in His Belly] making yet another pivot. He’s fired one campaign manager and hired another; he’s gestured toward contrition for his behavior and muddied his language on immigration, pledging a “fair” process for mass deportation. And he’s begun to court black voters using an unconventional message.Read more...Collapse )

Source: Slate.

Who knew, right? ;-p Yes, all of you who said this supposed outreach to poc was really aimed at whites were right! (And I apologize for not replying to say so.) Knowing this makes it worse, imo. If he really was trying to reach out to poc and being stupid about it, I'd have less contempt for that than I have knowing the whole thing was a big lie staged for the benefit of freaking white folks. The vile depths to which this [Gross Lout] is willing to sink are evidently located in a bottomless pit.
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