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At least 10 people have died at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport, where an explosion followed an outburst of gunfire Tuesday night, according to Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag. Police and emergency personnel have flocked to the airport. Some 20 people were reportedly injured.

Crucial details about the attack are still emerging. We'll update this post with news from Istanbul as it emerges.

"The minister said a terrorist opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle at the international terminal before detonating a suicide bomb," reports the state-run Anadolu Agency.

Video from the scene shows more than a dozen ambulances responding to the scene. In one sequence, a police officer was seen walking out of the airport, his shirt stained with blood.

A live online broadcast from the Dogan News Agency also showed ambulances, private vehicles, and a taxi cab rushing up to the doors of a hospital, unloading bloodied patients who were then quickly taken inside.

One video that was briefly posted to Twitter before being removed showed a scene of panic inside the airport
, as a man who apparently works at the facility urged travelers to flee down a hallway.

The violence comes after a string of attacks have hit Turkey — including two deadly attacks in March that targeted Ankara and Istanbul, as well as another attack near military buildings in Istanbul in February.

UPDATE: Death toll now 28, 60 injured.Collapse )

UPDATE #2: Death toll rises to nearly 50; initial indications suggest ISIS behind attacks; number of assailants now thought to be as many as four.Collapse )

UPDATE #3: Death toll corrected to 31, expected to rise.Collapse )

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HILLARY CLINTON IS releasing her technology and innovation agenda today, which includes plans to expand broadband access to all American homes, forgive some student loans for people starting new companies or joining a startup, invest in computer science education in schools, and create a national commission on digital security.

Clinton will address the plan today as she visits a workforce training facility in Denver and later, hosts a townhall with digital content creators in Los Angeles.

The presumptive Democratic nominee has touched on tech issues in an ad hoc way before, urging Silicon Valley to help fight radicalization online and calling for greater protection for on-demand workers. This is the first time, however, that Clinton—or any presidential candidate for that matter—is synthesizing these ideas into a comprehensive platform.

Though many pieces of the agenda are policy prescriptions Clinton has announced in the past, including a plan to bring broadband access to every American home by 2020, the tech platform includes newer proposals as well. Her plan would, for instance, allow would-be entrepreneurs to defer their student loans interest free for up to three years as they launch their businesses. Business owners who locate in “distressed communities” or start a social enterprise also could ask the government to forgive as much as $17,500 in loans after five years in business.
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Donald Trump appears to be backing away from one of his signature and most controversial proposals—banning Muslims from entering the U.S.—as polls show him falling slightly behind Hillary Clinton.

Since Mr. Trump essentially clinched the GOP presidential nomination in May, amid widespread popularity of his proposed ban among primary voters, he has gradually moved away from a blanket religious ban and toward a more nuanced policy targeting countries with a record of terrorism.

Mr. Trump’s policy director, Stephen Miller, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Monday, “The best way to prevent continued radicalization from developing inside America is to suspend temporarily immigration from regions that have been a major source for terrorists and their supporters coming to the U.S.”

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MESS! Brianna Keilar was trying to get a straight answer out of a Trump surrogate about what any of this means or what countries are involved and she just talked in circles.

Also the Trump camp is saying this isn't a change in policy at all they've always thought this. His whole campaign is being very "We have always been at war with Eastasia" about this.
Russian intelligence and security services have been waging a campaign of harassment and intimidation against U.S. diplomats, embassy staff and their families in Moscow and several other European capitals that has rattled ambassadors and prompted Secretary of State John F. Kerry to ask Vladimir Putin to put a stop to it.

At a recent meeting of U.S. ambassadors from Russia and Europe in Washington, U.S. ambassadors to several European countries complained that Russian intelligence officials were constantly perpetrating acts of harassment against their diplomatic staff that ranged from the weird to the downright scary. Some of the intimidation has been routine: following diplomats or their family members, showing up at their social events uninvited or paying reporters to write negative stories about them.

But many of the recent acts of intimidation by Russian security services have crossed the line into apparent criminality. In a series of secret memos sent back to Washington, described to me by several current and former U.S. officials who have written or read them, diplomats reported that Russian intruders had broken into their homes late at night, only to rearrange the furniture or turn on all the lights and televisions, and then leave. One diplomat reported that an intruder had defecated on his living room carpet.

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The Nevada director of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign reportedly suggested cheating by using double-sided coins to settle ties in the state’s caucuses — and was promoted to a national post.

According to a lengthy post-mortem report by CBS News on the Sanders campaign, Nevada State Director Joan Kato floated the idea of the loaded coins in preparation for the state’s Feb. 20 caucus. The network cited staffers who said they had been told to buy them.

There had been numerous reports that Hillary Clinton eked out an advantage in the Iowa caucuses by winning a statistically anomalous number of coin flips in caucus locations that had finished tied. Some progressives at the time suggested some form of skulduggery.

Mrs. Clinton wound up winning a slight, but clear, victory in the Nevada caucuses, defeating Mr. Sanders by 5 percentage points.
After the Nevada caucuses were over, according to CBS News, Ms. Kato was not let go by the Sanders team, but instead was appointed the Sanders campaign’s national delegate director.

Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston noted on Twitter though, that buying loaded coins wouldn’t have worked anyway.

“Funniest part, as more than one person has reminded me, is ties were not decided by coin flip but by cutting cards!” he noted.



Last year, a team of eager HeroRATs arrived in Cambodia to support the Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) demining teams and speed up demining operations in the country. It was the first time the rats have been outside of Africa. After a period of acclimatization and continued training, the rat teams were rigorously tested according to the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), and in early 2016 the HeroRATs were deployed on the minefield.

Today APOPO and CMAC are proud to announce that they have officially cleared their first minefield as a team! Over the last month our HeroRATs have been working on the minefield at Khnar Phtoul clearing over 89,000 square meters in just 31 days.

“Landmine clearance is usually an incredibly expensive and painstaking task. That’s why the mine detection rats are so amazing. They quickly and accurately find landmines because they only smell explosive and ignore all the bits of metal lying around. They really speed up mine clearance efforts and get communities safely back on their land. All these villagers want is the dignity of being able to work and support their families without constantly living in fear.” said Paul McCarthy.

One MDR can search up to 200 square meters in 20 minutes – this would take a manual deminer with a metal detector up to 4 days (depending on the levels of scrap metal).

Cambodia’s devastating landmine problem is the product of a civil war that spanned three decades. At least 67,000 people in Cambodia have been killed or injured by landmines and UXO since 1979. While landmine victims are usually intended to be military, they can remain active for up to 50 years after they are laid and do not discriminate who they hurt. Armies that lay mines rarely keep a record of the number deployed or their locations. So when conflicts end, villagers return to their land and find that they have no choice but to work, and play, on potentially lethal land.

APOPO and CMAC aim to give back land to communities for farming and resettlement, helping to improve their standard of living and end the decades of terror that they have lived with. We are grateful to the Government of Liechtenstein, Dutch Postcode Lottery, and the JTI Foundation for funding our work in Cambodia.

Source. I'm abusing my modly powers to post an article with an atypical source. I'm cheating in the name of Good News and in the hopes that others might 'adopt' a cuddly sniffer for the betterment of humanity at $7/mo. The rats are trained to sniff out either TB or landmines (which they are too small to accidentally detonate). They retire at 7-8 years to a quiet life of nibbling bananas and receiving skritches.

Bonus HeroRat info: why rats are great for the job, how they're trained to detect mines and how they're trained to detect TB. (General FAQ includes details on their care.)

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The victors are already looking sheepish about leaving the EU. Maybe they won’t!

The “Leave” campaign won an unexpectedly decisive majority in Thursday’s referendum on Britain’s EU membership. So why do Brexit’s biggest backers already seem so discombobulated?

Commenters described “Leave” icon and possible next prime minister Boris Johnson as “rather pale” and “uncharacteristically subdued” the morning after. Nigel Farage, the leader of the U.K. Independence Party, spent Friday morning distancing himself from the “Leave” campaign’s promise that Britain’s EU funds would be redirected to the National Health Service; and Tory European Parliament member Daniel Hannan admitted that renegotiating Britain’s relationship with the EU wouldn’t actually decrease immigration. Sorry, “Leave” voters who wanted to either curb immigration or fund the NHS! (That’s pretty much all of them.)

Across social media were reports of “Leave” voters waking up with buyer’s remorse. Some were counting on a “Remain” victory and wanted only to “send a message” or press the EU for reforms—a bit like playing a game of chicken with 64 million people’s hands on the steering wheel.

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU can’t happen until the country sends the EU an “Article 50 notification,” a formal announcement that it intends to withdraw. That notification starts a two-year countdown during which Britain and Europe negotiate the terms of their separation. At the end of two years, regardless of the state of those negotiations, Britain’s out.

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Before her death, environmentalist Cáceres singled out Hillary Clinton for supporting the military coup in Honduras

Renowned indigenous activist Berta Cáceres was killed by Honduras’ U.S.-trained military, according to a former soldier.

Cáceres was gunned down at her home in March. The killers are not known, but activists who worked with Cáceres have insisted she was killed by the Honduran coup regime — which the U.S., under the leadership of President Obama and Sec. Hillary Clinton, helped legitimize.

A former first sergeant in the Honduran military told The Guardian that, months before her death, he saw Cáceres on a hitlist distributed to U.S.-trained special forces units. He said names and photographs of numerous activists were given to two elite units, which were ordered to kill the targets.

“I’m 100 percent certain that Berta Cáceres was killed by the army,” said the 20-year-old soldier, who used a pseudonym, Rodrigo Cruz, for safety.

In May, Honduran authorities arrested four men in connection with Cáceres’ killing. Two are part of the Honduran military, and two are linked to the Agua Zarca dam, the project Cáceres led protests against.

Amnesty International, however, warns that Honduran “authorities have done little to find those responsible or to set up measures to effectively protect other human rights defenders at risk like” Cáceres was.

As a leader in the indigenous Lenca community, Cáceres helped organize resistance to multinational corporations and environmental destruction. In 2015, she won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for her work.

Before she was killed, The Guardian noted, Cáceres said she had received 33 death threats due to her leadership in the campaign against the Agua Zarca dam.

Honduras is the most dangerous country in the world for environmental activists. At least 109 were killed there from 2010 to 2015, according to Amnesty International.

U.S.-backed military coup
In 2009, the Honduran military overthrew the democratically elected government of President Manuel Zelaya, a left-wing leader who challenged multinational corporations. Zelaya was woken up in the middle of the night, kidnapped and removed from the country.

While the international community condemned the coup, the Obama administration — especially the Hillary Clinton-led State Department — defended the new right-wing military regime.

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Let’s get one thing straight. The blame for last week’s Brexit vote rests with David Cameron – both for calling a referendum for which there was no widespread public demand, purely to manage internal strife within the Conservative party, and for the way he timed and framed that vote. Blame belongs too with the leave campaign, who won their mandate on a false prospectus – dishonestly promising that a British departure from the EU would bring a £350m weekly windfall to the NHS and would halt EU immigration. Bogus promises which won over many millions of voters but which were cheerfully discarded within hours of victory. History will not forgive them.

Let’s get another thing straight. What matters most in the coming months and years is the reshaping of Britain’s relationship with the European Union. For that reason, it matters who will be doing the reshaping – which is why the contest for the Tory leadership is significant. Compared to both of those, the current psychodrama of the opposition Labour party is a mere sideshow.

Nevertheless it is unfolding before our eyes. Given that there could be a general election this autumn or, perhaps more likely next spring, the state of the opposition could have a real bearing on how Brexit plays out.

So we can’t ignore it. As I write, Labour’s MPs are in revolt against their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. He insists he is staying put, even unveiling a new shadow cabinet team on Monday morning to replace the one he lost through the weekend’s mass resignations. Deputy leader Tom Watson has told him he has lost the confidence of his MPs. The next step is likely to be a vote of no confidence which, if it passes, would trigger a leadership contest with the current incumbent as a candidate.

At which point two key facts will become crucial. First, Corbyn’s base – the source of the enthusiasm and momentum which carried him to his famous victory last year – was the young. Second, the young voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. Indeed, if 75% of all 18-24 year olds voted to remain, we can reasonably presume that figure was even higher among the left-leaning idealists who flocked to Corbyn a year ago.

Which means a key question in the coming leadership contest will be: to what extent do those young Labour party members and registered supporters blame Corbyn for remain’s failure last week?

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The young idealists who rallied to Corbyn in 2015 need to bear this in mind if and when they come to vote on his leadership. Many in that generation are in a state of mourning following the Brexit vote. They know that their own opportunities have been sharply reduced, that they may well be deprived of the freedom to work and live and seek out new possibilities in Europe. They should know that the outcome they dearly hoped for was undermined by Corbyn, John McDonnell and their most senior lieutenants.

Perhaps that was because those men had never moved on from their 1975 opposition to the European project, still deeming it a capitalist club. Perhaps they were never that bothered by the prospect of Brexit. Perhaps they thought economic chaos and Tory divisions might create a political opening for Labour. Whatever the motive, the facts are plain: Corbyn, McDonnell and their inner circle betrayed the hopes of the generation that believed in them most. The young helped put Corbyn and friends in. Soon it will fall to the young to push him out.

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