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AURANGABAD: An assistant police inspector of the Jalna police was suspended for dereliction of duty while handling the rape of a minor. The inspector had used the minor and her parents to trap the suspects but failed in the attempt to arrest them, which resulted in another rape attempt.

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The city of Melbourne assigned trees email addresses so citizens could report problems. Instead, people wrote thousands of love letters to their favorite trees.

"My dearest Ulmus," the message began.

“As I was leaving St. Mary’s College today I was struck, not by a branch, but by your radiant beauty. You must get these messages all the time. You’re such an attractive tree.”

This is an excerpt of a letter someone wrote to a green-leaf elm, one of thousands of messages in an ongoing correspondence between the people of Melbourne, Australia, and the city’s trees.

Officials assigned the trees ID numbers and email addresses in 2013 as part of a program designed to make it easier for citizens to report problems like dangerous branches. The “unintended but positive consequence,” as the chair of Melbourne’s Environment Portfolio, Councillor Arron Wood, put it to me in an email, was that people did more than just report issues. They also wrote directly to the trees, which have received thousands of messages—everything from banal greetings and questions about current events to love letters and existential dilemmas.
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Visit The Atlantic, for better formatting of tree mail

Earlier today, Donald Trump tweeted out a campaign poster featuring what appeared to be men in Nazi uniforms, superimposed over the American flag. The tweet was swiftly deleted, but not before the internet went to work tracking down the original image, sourced to the stock photography website iStock.

Mother Jones can now reveal that the image in question was taken at a World War II reenactment near Kent, England, some time within the last five years, according to its photographer, George Cairns.
We reached Cairns by Skype at his home in St Albans, a town just north of London, where he was hanging out playing video games when his Twitter feed started to blow up in response to the Trump story.
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source: Mother Jones
iStock photo so you can see the original description of the photo
Scott Walker Says He'll Champion American Workers, But Doesn't Like The Minimum Wage

In his first interview as a presidential hopeful, Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) on Monday declared himself to be a candidate who will stand up for American workers, but also criticized the idea of the minimum wage.

"The left claims they're for American workers, and they've just got really lame ideas. Things like the minimum wage," Walker told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

"Instead of focusing on that, we need to talk about how we get people the skills and the education and the qualifications that they need to take on the careers that pay far more than the minimum wage," he continued.

Earlier on Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attacked Walker's labor record during a speech, calling the governor's policies "mean-spirited" and "misguided."

"Republican governors like Scott Walker have made their names by stomping on workers’ rights," she said.

Walker has been a vocal opponent of the minimum wage, stating it doesn't serve a purpose. On Sunday, the governor signed a state budget in which he changed language so that Wisconsin workers are merely guaranteed a minimum wage rather than a living wage. Under this new budget, minimum-wage workers are expected to earn nearly $6,000 a year less than the living wage. Wisconsin's minimum wage is $7.25, but the living wage in the state is $10.13, according to a January study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka released a six-word statement in response to Walker's candidacy announcement: "Scott Walker is a national disgrace."

Posted: 07/14/2015 12:11 pm EDT.


Related: Scott Walker Strips Wisconsin Workers Of 'Living Wage' In New State Budget where he "also decided workers don't need weekends off. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the budget Walker signed "would allow factory and retail employees to work seven days without a day off, as long as they said in writing that they were doing so voluntarily." The old law required employers to give workers at least one day off for every seven days of work."

The Pentagon announced Monday that it will allow transgender members of the military to serve openly starting next year, marking an end to a long-standing policy that barred them from the armed forces.

In an echo of the Defense Department’s repeal of the ban on gays in uniform four years ago, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said he had directed the armed forces to devise new rules over the next six months that would allow transgender troops to serve, except in situations “where objective, practical impediments are identified.”

“We must ensure that everyone who’s able and willing to serve has the full and equal opportunity to do so, and we must treat all our people with the dignity and respect they deserve,” Carter said in a statement. He called the military’s current regulations “outdated” and said they were “causing uncertainty that distracts commanders from our core missions.”

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The first memorial day for victims of so-called honour killings is taking place on Tuesday.
It would have been the 29th birthday of Shafilea Ahmed, who was killed by her parents when she was 17 after suffering years of "honour-based" violence.
UK police forces recorded more than 11,000 cases of "honour" crime between 2010 and 2014.
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(Because scientists know better.)

Also: *Re-presses two fingers to the jugular*
Trigger Warning for Domestic Violence

A group of parents and children cannot believe the sentence a judge imposed for three siblings who refused to spend time with their own father.

"What happened to freedom of speech? They are constitutional heroes for sticking to their guns," said Karen Gilcher, a family friend.

Now they're out of the Oakland County courthouse demanding the children -- ages 14, 10 and 9 -- be released from Children's Village. They could be there until they turn 18.

"There are adults who commit felonies who aren't sentenced to 3 or 4 years incarceration," said Mark Honeyman, a teacher.

Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca last month didn't hold back in court as she sentenced the children to detention. They went against her orders to allow their father to be a part of their lives.

She said this to the oldest sibling:

"You're supposed to have a high IQ, which I'm doubting right now because of the way you act. You're very defiant. You have no manners."

The 14-year-old boy told the judge he has witnessed his father hit his mother. The judge said the children's father is a good man.

She wasn't any easier on the youngest sibling -- a 9-year-old girl.

"God gave you a brain. He expects you to use it," said the judge.

She also asked the girl: "You want to have your birthdays in Children's Village? Do you like going to the bathroom in front of people?"

Parents feel the judge was out of line not only with the sentence but also with her choice of words.

"I deal with kid who misbehave in my classroom all the time. I have never used the kind of language that I have seen being used in these courtroom proceedings," said Honeyman.


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This is just horrifying.
The Welsh government has raised eyebrows after responding to a Conservative politician’s formal question about UFOs in the Star Trek language Klingon.

Tory Welsh assembly member Darren Millar asked economy minister Edwina Hart whether any alien craft had been spotted over the skies of Cardiff airport since it was brought back into public ownership.

But the Clwyd West AM was surprised when he was given the reply: “jang vIDa je due luq. ‘ach ghotvam’e’ QI’yaH-devolved qaS.”

Which, in English, translates as: “The minister will reply in due course. However, this is a non-devolved matter.”

Responding to the unusual diversion into trilingualism, Millar added: “I’ve always suspected that Labour ministers came from another planet. This response confirms it.”

However, Welsh government officials stressed the response to Millar’s three questions had been issued by a press officer to a local journalist as a joke.

A full and “formal” response will be made by 15 July. However, government sources said officials were surprised that Millar was “wasting government resources asking questions about UFOs”.

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