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Marco Rubio has finally admitted that he was going to lend his support to Donald Trump, saying that if he were asked to speak on behalf of Trump at the Republican National Convention, he would be happy to do so. This wasn’t unexpected, but rather just another step in the long, shambling denouement of the entire Rubio persona.

Some are pointing to Rubio’s concession as spectacular hypocrisy, not just because of the forcefulness of his previous attacks on Trump (which alone were unusual during a primary campaign), but because of the specific grounds on which those attacks were based. They really were quite incredible: Rubio darkly warned of the consequences of Trump encouraging violence at his campaign rallies, alluding to the “dangerous and disastrous” movements that have arisen out of this kind of political rhetoric. He compared Trump to “third-world strongmen” whose leadership inevitably results in failed states. He called him a “con man” four times in 15 seconds, and most dramatically, a “lunatic” and “erratic individual” who shouldn’t have control over the nuclear codes.

Now, after all of that, Rubio said that he’d be “honored” to help unify the party behind Donald Trump, that he’d be “honored” to help the man he called an unhinged tinpot dictator come to power.

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SAN FRANCISCO (June 1, 2016)—A federal judge in San Francisco delivered a blistering rejection to a bid by supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign for an emergency court order that would have imposed significant eleventh hour requirements on elections officials in California’s June 7 Presidential Primary.

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup described allegations by plaintiffs’ counsel as “hot air” shortly before ruling verbally from the bench, colorfully noting that “there’s not a single decision in the history of the universe” equating plaintiffs’ alleged facts with a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. Alsup added that plaintiffs’ made “absolutely no showing of a violation of federal law.”

“I’m gratified by the court’s ruling, which strongly affirms what we said from the beginning: that literally every violation these plaintiffs alleged was inaccurate,” said San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera. “I think it’s unfortunate that plaintiffs proceeded with litigation, even after we took time to demonstrate that their case had no basis in reality. We’ll never know for sure if this lawsuit was just a political stunt, but I think Judge Alsup summed it up well in two words: ‘hot air.’”

San Francisco, Alameda County, and state elections officials were sued on May 20 by an unincorporated association of Sanders backers called the “Voting Rights Defense Project,” who together with the American Independence Party and two San Francisco voters leveled an array of allegations that Herrera called wholly baseless. Specifics of the injunction order sought by Sanders’ supporters included: requiring poll workers in California’s 58 counties to individually inform “no party preference” voters of their right to request a partisan presidential primary ballot; compelling statewide television, radio, internet and email announcements to inform voters about state election laws; and, “if possible,” to extend California’s voter registration deadline—which already passed on May 23 for eligibility to vote in the June 7 primary—until election day itself. The original civil complaint filed on May 20 sought additional injunctive relief, which included a requirement for California elections officials segregate ballots already cast by unaffiliated voters, and to allow “re-votes” by those voters for presidential primary candidates.

The case is: Voting Rights Defense Project et al. v. Tim Depuis et al., U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Case No. 3:16-CV-02739, filed May 20, 2016

Source <-- all of the case documents are on the City Attorney's site too!

I think if the injunction sought less stringent things, it might've been maybe 40% successful, also if it left constitutional arguments out of it.

Independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen has won Austria's presidential election, preventing Norbert Hofer from becoming the EU's first far-right head of state, the BBC has been told.

Mr Hofer led narrowly after Sunday's election but postal votes counted on Monday gave Mr Van der Bellen victory.

Mr Van der Bellen campaigned on a pro-EU platform, backed by the Green Party.

Mr Hofer, of the Freedom Party, had tapped into anti-EU sentiment and fears about rising numbers of asylum seekers.

The official result is expected to be announced shortly.

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They haven't technically announced it yet bc Innsbruck fucked up and needs to recount (afraid of Strache I guess :P), but Hofer already conceded on Facebook.

Austria's far-right Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer and his rival, Green-backed Alexander Van der Bellen, are to hold final rallies ahead of a run-off vote.

Mr Hofer, 45, won last month's first round, but failed to avoid the run-off.

If he wins on Sunday, Mr Hofer could become the EU's first far-right head of state, although Austria's president plays a largely ceremonial role.

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The election will be held this Sunday and I gotta say I'm really nervous.

Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons

Donald Trump derided Hillary Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy record over the weekend, a glimpse into a potential general election strategy of casting Clinton as the more likely of the two to take the nation to war.

Just moments after maligning Syrian refugees at a rally in Lynden, Washington, Trump pivoted into a tirade against Clinton as a warmonger.

“On foreign policy, Hillary is trigger happy,” Trump told the crowd. “She is, she’s trigger happy. She’s got a bad temperament,” he said. “Her decisions in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya have cost trillions of dollars, thousands of lives and have totally unleashed ISIS.”

And he expressed a rarely heard appreciation for the “other side to this story,” noting: “Thousands of lives yes, for us, but probably millions of lives in all fairness, folks” for the people of the Middle East.

Trump implied that casualties inflicted by the U.S. military were far higher than reported. “They bomb a city” and “it’s obliterated, obliterated,” he said. “They’ll say nobody was killed. I’ll bet you thousands and thousands of people were killed every time you see that television set.”

“If we would’ve done nothing,” Trump argued, “we would’ve been in much better shape.”

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The plot twist a lot of us were expecting.

From the same author that brought you the aclaimed Amazon book "President Domald Loch Ness Tromp Pounds America's Butt" and "Angry Man Pounded By the Fear of His Latent Gayness Over a Dinasaur Transitioning Into a Unicorn", check out Chuck Tingle's new book "Feeling The Bern In My Butt".

Tired of crooked politicians and broken promises, Lorp is perfectly fine with not even voting during this presidential election cycle. They’re all the same, anyway, aren’t they?

But when Lorp’s roommate introduces him to the hot, handsome democratic socialist Bernie Sambers, Lorp immediately starts to change his tune. Soon enough, they are at a Bernie rally supporting the sexiest candidate in the game.

However, things start getting fishy once wilderness creatures begin showing up at the event. How is Bernie so perfect, anyway? Could some sort of magic be involved? Lorp finds his answers soon enough in a political anal reaming that will have your jaw on the floor!

This erotic tale is 4,000 words of sizzling human on unicorn presidential candidate action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, and gay democratic socialist love.


Cleveland isn't the hot spot it once was.

For many prominent Republicans, a contested GOP national convention was the last hope for a nominee other than Donald Trump, and they were maneuvering to have a front-row seat to the gamesmanship.

But with Trump now the presumptive nominee, a number of would-be delegates are quietly giving up their tickets to Ohio.

Art Pope, a conservative donor and former backer of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, decided not to pursue a delegate spot after Trump won.

"This morning, I withdrew my name from the nominating slate for the North Carolina Republican State Convention," Pope, a former state official, told CNN the day after Trump won Indiana. "At this point in time I do not plan to actively support Donald Trump, that's why I'm not going to the Republican National Convention."

The dropouts come as the GOP is split over having Trump as its standard-bearer, with some Republicans questioning his temperament, conservative credentials and ability to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

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Filipinos love an action man, not just in the movies but in politics too. And you can't get more of an action man than politician Rodrigo Duterte.

His hometown, Davao City, was once a violent no-go area overrun by criminals. But he turned it around when he became mayor, wielding brutal tactics including, allegedly, death squads.

Now the hard man of city hall wants to take on the presidency and despite - or maybe because of - his fearsome approach, this outspoken statesman has a real chance of winning the top seat.

101 East joins him on the road as he campaigns for the Philippines' presidency.

Source: 1, 2

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Andrew Williams doesn’t think violent threats are the right way to persuade Washington’s Democratic superdelegates to back Bernie Sanders for president.

The Gig Harbor attorney wants to sway those high-ranking elected officials by threatening something else: Their re-election campaigns.

It’s the latest way Sanders’ supporters in Washington are looking to pressure the state’s superdelegates — who include Gov. Jay Inslee and the state’s congressional delegation — to support Sanders over Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

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This makes Washington the second state I know of working to change the superdelegates system for later contest. Have other states done anything as well?

*Also first post so if there are any mistakes let me know and I'll fix them.
Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., called on an audience of business and political elites earlier this week to respond to populist anger by lobbying harder for a deficit-reduction package that would reduce corporate tax rates and cut public retirement programs such as Social Security.

Although a dominant populist sentiment is that the system is already rigged in favor of the rich, Warner suggested that the “business community” needs to get more involved in politics or face unpleasant repercussions.

“If you don’t think the frustration of Americans with our overall system, — not just our political system, but our business system, our tax code — is at the boiling point, then Katy bar the door!,” he said. “The walls that are gonna have to be built, may not be at borders, they may be around neighborhoods the way they are in many Third World countries around the world,” Warner warned.

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That's the Dem Party some people are so ride or die for... often just as fucked up as the Republicans but with much better P.R.
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