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Michelle Edmisten is angry. The Christian mother from Tennessee is upset that her daughter learned basic facts about the Islamic faith in her seventh grade social studies class.

Specifically, the class was expected to know that Islam’s holy book is called the Quran, and that there are five pillars of Islam that include performing ritual prayers and a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Unfortunately, it can be hard for some to step outside of their comfort zones and learn about the lives and experiences of other communities, though also very American. So Edmisten is taking it up with the Sullivan County school.Epic levels of stupid ensue.Collapse )

Source has video that I can't figure out how to embed.

In the centuries to come, history books will likely look back on September 2016 as a major milestone for the world’s climate. At a time when atmospheric carbon dioxide is usually at its minimum, the monthly value failed to drop below 400 parts per million.

That all but ensures that 2016 will be the year that carbon dioxide officially passed the symbolic 400 ppm mark, never to return below it in our lifetimes, according to scientists.

Congratulations. We played ourselves.Collapse )

Weep with me ONTD_P

OP: It appears that this article is a satirical piece, and Pence hasn't actually said any of these things. I have changed the tags to reflect this. Mods, should I take this post down? Please advise.

Mike Pence Opposes Word ‘Vice’ On Religious Grounds, Doesn’t Want To Be Called Vice Presidential Candidate

Mike Pence, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s running mate, told the news media at a press conference Thursday that he no longer wants to be called a vice presidential candidate.

The Indiana governor, an evangelical Christian, explained that he opposes the word “vice” on religious grounds. Pence said that the Bible has strict prohibitions against vice. He said the word “vice” means, among other things, “immoral” or “wicked behavior.”

“That’s not who I am, and that’s not who I want people to think I am,” he said. “I can’t in good faith willingly condone a word I find deplorable without violating my Christian principles.”Read more...Collapse )

Source: HuffPost
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There was a trainwreck on American TV last night, in the form of NBC’s “Commander-In-Chief Forum,” hosted by The Today Show‘s Matt Lauer. In front of an audience of military veterans, Lauer asked presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in separate 30-minute segments, about matters of US foreign policy and national security.
It was tough to watch.

Lauer devoted nearly half of Clinton’s allotted time to re-litigating the questions over the candidate’s private email server while she was secretary of state—time that would have been better spent discussing more substantive issues, such as how the US will deal with the ongoing crisis in Syria. When Lauer did eventually ask Clinton more pressing questions, he repeatedly interrupted her, at one point telling her to respond to an audience member’s question about deploying US troops—the most grave and consequential decision an American president can make—”as briefly as you can.”

Then it was Trump’s turn. Lauer kicked things off by asking the businessman what in his life has prepared him to be the commander-in-chief of the American military. Trump’s response was that he “built a great company,” and has “dealt with foreign countries.”

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My first post, be gentle please, I tried. lol
OP: If anyone here has a Gary Johnson supporter in their life and could use some talking points, here's something that may help.

When he ran for president on the Libertarian ticket in 2012, 1.2 million Americans voted for Gary Johnson. That's about 0.99 percent of the total votes cast that year. Today, Johnson is polling nearly ten times higher than that; the Real Clear Politics average has the former New Mexico governor garnering about 9 percent of the vote nationwide in a three-way race with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In some state surveys – like in Utah, where Trump is widely disliked – Johnson is winning as much at 16 percent of the vote.

Johnson's newfound popularity arguably has less to do with the candidate himself – his platform this election is essentially indistinguishable from the one he ran on in 2012 – than with the overwhelming, even historic, unpopularity of the major-party nominees. But we have some bad news for Americans seeking a Trump-Clinton alternative: Johnson has a poor fiscal track record, only the faintest fidelity to Libertarian ideals and a facile grip on issues both foreign and domestic – helping explain why 99.1 percent of the electorate decided he shouldn't be president four years ago. No matter where you sit on the ideological spectrum, you're likely to find something deeply objectionable in Johnson's views.Read more...Collapse )

Source: Rolling Stone

Wow, this guy is just a tortuous, tangled mass of contradictions, isn't he? There's something here for everybody to hate. Among other things, I wonder how many of those Mormons out in Utah, where he's polling so (relatively) well, know about his stance on abortion!

P.S. We don't have a Gary Johnson tag, which is why there isn't one on this post.
Melanie Jones arrived for her doctor’s appointment bleeding and in pain. Jones, 28, who lives in the Chicago area, had slipped in her bathroom, and suspected the fall had dislodged her copper intrauterine device (IUD).

Her doctor confirmed the IUD was dislodged and had to be removed. But the doctor said she would be unable to remove the IUD, citing Catholic restrictions followed by Mercy Hospital and Medical Center and providers within its system.Read more...Collapse )

Source: Rewire

It sounds to me like this doctor was profoundly misinformed about the Catholic health directives she was supposed to be following, and she is the one at fault for refusing to treat a patient who should never have been turned away. But the story does point up how the dramatic growth in the number of U.S. hospitals that are Catholic owned or affiliated, together with insurance company restrictions on using out-of-network providers, are posing grave concerns for women's health that urgently need to be addressed. And the idea that anyone who is fucking BLEEDING would be denied medical care on such ridiculous grounds makes me twitch violently.
He says he only spent five minutes writing the note.

[Greensickness Carrion]’s personal physician told NBC News that he wrote a now-infamous medical report about the candidate in just five minutes.

Dr. Harold Bornstein, a gastroenterologist who has been [Inhuman Wretch]’s doctor for more than three decades, released a brief note last December declaring the reality TV star would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” The four-paragraph letter, which billed [Ingenious Knave]’s health as “astonishingly excellent,” was far less detailed than medical reports traditionally released by presidential candidates.Read more...Collapse )

Source: HuffPost

OP: Omg, I don't know what was funnier, the line about [Plague Sore]'s supposedly "excellent mental health" or the excuse about all the other presidents being either sick or dead! Aside from the fact I think at least three of the living ex-presidents (not to mention the one that will be stepping down a few months from now) would take strong exception to that comment (from what I understand, Bush Sr. is not in good health, but the rest of them are), the issue is their health status when they took office, not whether their health declined after they retired.

This guy is a piece of work (and that's not all he's a piece of), and the whole thing is a gigglefest, imo. If you get a chance, DO look at the comments at HuffPost, because they're a riot. Lots of people over there think [Ruinous Butt] wrote that so-called "health report" himself and then had (made lol?) Bornstein sign it, and I totally agree. It's a classic piece of "I am the greatest best smartest most everything ever" [Foul Fiend] hyperbole that could not have been written by anyone other than His Nibs.
At a rally Friday night in Dimondale, Mich., [Heedless Jolthead] repeated a version of a plea to black voters that he had offered 24 hours earlier in North Carolina.

"No group in America has been more harmed by Hillary Clinton's policies than African Americans," he said, apparently pointing to individuals in the crowd. "No group. No group. If Hillary Clinton's goal was to inflict pain to the African American community, she could not have done a better job. It is a disgrace."

"Detroit tops the list of most dangerous cities in terms of violent crime, number one," he said from a city 90 minutes away from Detroit with a population that is 93 percent white. "This is the legacy of the Democratic politicians who have run this city. This is the result of the policy agenda embraced by crooked Hillary Clinton."Read more...Collapse )

Source: WaPo

OP: I don't know where to even start in terms of commenting on this mess, so I won't even try. Except to say I wish we had a whitesplaining tag, because yeesh.
Giuliani Wrong About Terror Attacks and Obama
By Jeremy Diamond and Ashley Killough, CNN
Updated 6:14 PM ET, Mon August 15, 2016

Youngstown, Ohio (CNN) Rudy Giuliani, who served as mayor of New York City during 9/11, claimed Monday that there had not been "any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States" in the eight years before President Barack Obama took office.

But the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks took place less than eight years before Obama was sworn into office in January 2009.

"Under those eight years before Obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States. They all started when (Hillary) Clinton and Obama got into office," Giuliani said Monday in Ohio where [Apricot Hell Beast] delivered a speech on radical Islamic terrorism.

[Droning Death-Token] spokesman Jason Miller said Giuliani was referring to the period of time following the 9/11 terror attacks, and before Obama was sworn into office.

Giuliani had referred to the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York moments before making that remark.

Giuliani's remarks drew swift criticism, including from 9/11 survivor Gabrielle Laine-Peters who took to Twitter to say she was "so angry right now" and sent a picture with an explicit word to describe Giuliani.

Giuliani also offered a heavy dose of criticism of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and called [Lumpish Fly-Bitten Barnacle] "our only hope for change in the way in which we approach radical Islamic terrorism."


OP Note: So do we think Guliani is gunning for a cabinet position? I know he mentioned 9/11 but I mean...this guy is NUTS.
Sure, [Soulless Villain] had a disastrous week on the campaign trail, but at least he may have made history: Longtime political veterans say they cannot recall a candidate who has similarly and needlessly damaged himself quite so badly.

“I have been around politics for 40 years, as a journalist and a participant, and I have never seen anything like this last week,” said David Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s longtime aide and now a CNN commentator.

It’s not just Democrats who are amazed by the collapse. Underscoring the extent to which [Ruinous Butt]’s campaign has bewildered political professionals, Republicans are also shaking their heads at their candidate’s indifference to basic campaign norms ― a strategy that worked in the primaries, but is proving disastrous in the election’s closing months.Read more...Collapse )

Source: HuffPost

The news of You-Know-Who's unraveling is giving me SO much life! It's weird, though--to me, the things everyone is so up in arms about at the moment don't seem all THAT different from the crap he's been pulling right along. It's like all of a sudden the media and the GOP establishment are actually reacting to his behavior as the heinous fuckery it is instead of just shrugging it off. The Republican Party losing its collective shit over its candidate's assholery is the best part, as far as I'm concerned. Absolutely delicious.

Please pass the schadenfreude pie!
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