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(OP: These two stories are a follow-up to the Blue Rhino plant explosion i posted about last year.)

OSHA report on Blue Rhino propane plant paints troubling picture

Is this 2014, or is it really 1914?

The question sprang to mind after reading reports last week about what caused the July explosion at the Blue Rhino propane plant that nearly obliterated a chunk of south Tavares from the map.

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The disregard for even basic caution by a company with many years of experience running propane plants could be the subject of more clever derision if it weren't for the workers who were injured seriously. One man reported being engulfed in an explosion and waking up a month later in a hospital room. Another spent months recovering from second- and third-degree burns.

Ferrellgas owes the community of Tavares an explanation, but so far, its officials have failed to respond to the newspaper's questions.

Tavares must take steps to regulate propane business

Second of two parts.

Despite a July explosion that sent seriously burned workers to the hospital, caused hundreds to evacuate their homes and damaged nearby businesses, the Blue Rhino propane plant has reopened and is operating again — having escaped nearly all scrutiny.

Oh, the plant had to pass an inspection by the Tavares Fire Department before reopening, but that's limited to requirements such as having a working fire extinguisher mounted in the right spot. The state Bureau of LP Gas had its own narrowly focused inspection — for bulk tanks and associated piping.

It seems that each agency has the authority to either regulate some sliver of Blue Rhino's operation or investigate some aspect of the blast that turned 53,000 propane canisters into flying missiles. Apparently, it's not anyone's job to examine the totality of the plant's operations.

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Part 1 Source // Part 2 Source

so...we'll see how this goes. i'm glad to see blue rhino getting their shit dragged into the sunlight - both of these articles corroborate what my husband told me about his single six-hour shift, and why he just left - and i hope the city does the right thing by the residents and the workers to keep this from happening again.
In interviews with entertainment news websites Collider and ComingSoon, director Jaume Collet-Serra, who was previously in talks to work on Warner Brothers' stalled live-action Akira film project, mentioned that he's still working on the film, and that he hopes it will be his next one.

Variety reported last August that Collet-Serra was possibly rejoining the project, stating that, if he returned, he would direct the project in Spring 2014. Warner stalled the project in 2012 to revise the script so it would be less costly. Akira manga creator and anime director Katsuhiro Otomo was reportedly going to oversee the project as executive producer.

Of the adaptation, Collet-Serra told ComingSoon that he will have to be "respectful of the source material" and that he hopes to "take the spirit of it and adapt it. It will be as different as the anime was from the manga." Of the changes he hopes to make he said:

"I hope that I can bring strong characters. In the original source material, I don't think the main characters are the protagonists... That's part of the Japanese culture, they never have strong characters. They're used as a way to move the other philosophy forward."

Collet-Serra has worked on two movies since his talks in August, the second of which, Non-Stop, will be out in theaters on February 28.

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After police said adolescents ringing doorbells early Friday morning in a small borough provoked an Adams County man to shoot a 14-year-old boy, nearby residents are concerned about what prompted such a reaction.

According to State Police, Eric Lee Steinour, 28, of Biglerville, shot the boy around 2:30 a.m. Friday after the teen rang the doorbell of a home in Arendtsville.

The boy was hit in the leg and foot.

Steinour is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, plus counts of simple assault and reckless endangerment.

One neighbor believes car break-ins and home invasions have nearby residents on edge.

Others don’t understand why an adult would shoot a child playing a doorbell-ringing prank and wonder if there’s more to the story.

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Of course the comments are mess of "WELL THEY'RE BOTH AT FAULT/SEND THE KID TO JUVIE" bs.  I will also never understand how shooting with a gun doesn't count as an automatic "attempted murder" charge.

SARATOGA, Calif. (AP) — Three teenage boys have admitted to sexually assaulting a 15-year-old Northern California girl who later committed suicide after photographs of the attack were circulated to classmates, according to published reports.

The San Jose Mercury News first reported the case, soon followed by the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday.

In September, two 16-year-old boys admitted in Santa Clara County Juvenile Court to participating in the sexual assault and possessing photos of the girl, Audrie Pott, the newspapers reported, citing documents and other sources. Both crimes are felonies.

In addition, a 17-year-old boy admitted to the same two felonies, the papers said.

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Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/16/audrie-pott-suicide_n_4608720.html

Thirty days (served on weekends) to forty-five consecutive days in jail for sexually assaulting a girl, taking pictures of the assault and sharing them around. Wow, that will certainly teach them a lesson. And let's not release the names of the criminals, and let 2 of them serve their sentences on weekends, because we wouldn't want their lives to be impacted due to them being rapists.

Congressman’s New Jobs Plan: Deny Women Access To Abortion So They Can Make More Babies

During a debate over an anti-abortion bill currently advancing in Congress, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) suggested that Republicans support restricting access to abortion because it will ultimately benefit the economy if women have more children. Goodlatte noted that carrying pregnancies to term “very much promotes job creation.”

Goodlatte made the comments while presiding over a committee mark-up of the “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act,” or HR 7, on Wednesday afternoon. That legislation would dramatically restrict women’s access to affordable abortion care by imposing restrictions on insurance coverage and tax credits for the procedure. Goodlatte, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, advanced HR 7 by scheduling it for a full committee mark-up on Wednesday.

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Ken Langone To Cardinal: The Pope Better Watch What He Says

Cardinal Dolan is someone who, in my kinder moods, I might describe as a "right-wing corporate bootlick." So the thought of him having to explain to self-centered billionaires that OF COURSE Pope Francis didn't mean to criticize them puts me in a happy mood. But billionaires like wingnut Langone (who's famously tight with a buck when it comes to his employees) really should reflect on the pope's economic message, because yes, he really was talking about people like him:

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Another day, another hilarious internet meme ruined by politicians trying to be hip.

This time around, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) took a shot at Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), his 2014 Senate opponent, with this take on the "doge" meme.
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Good job, Congress. You created only 65 laws this year and cost the country $24 billion due to the shutdown, but at least you succeeded in killing one of the internet's favorite memes!

This is hardly the first time an elected official has used a meme to make a political message. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) posted a cat-themed listicle in October while taking a swing at Obamacare's error-plagued website.

source: Huffington Post
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George Zimmerman’s Painting Was Copied From Shutterstock

With George Zimmerman free from domestic violence charges thanks to his girlfriend changing her story so they can reunite and continue trying to find ways to get paid for TV appearances, he now has time to return to his true passion: pulling a gun at the drop of a hat painting! Apparently George Zimmerman is quite the artiste and his newest painting is already just shy of $100,000 on eBay because America is a shithole full of dumb and guns. And while I was at first happy that a moronic husk of humanity would be down $100 grand in three days, Mediaite reports that the “painting” was clearly Photoshopped from a Shutterstock stock image which could potentially negate the sale:

The best guess is that Zimmerman wanted to paint an American flag, so he searched for an image of one on Shutterstock or another site that features that company’s images and then just painted over it. While there’s no big art rule that says use of multimedia or even tracing is inherently “bad,” Zimmerman does not disclose the use of the foundation image, calling the piece “original” and “hand-painted.”

Seeing as Shutterstock’s images are copyrighted and are not free to use, things could potentially become legally complicated if Zimmerman did, indeed, crib the image from the stock photo company.

George Zimmerman has reportedly agreed to private negotiations with Shutterstock, but as of this post, all that could be heard from the room were a series of loud bangs followed by the sound of a window being opened. I’m sure it was nothing.


OP: I know there was an article posted here about the auction but it didn't have this in it. If it's too close, feel free to delete it. ^^

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Last year, in the heat of the presidential election, Mitt Romney met Clint Eastwood and Clint’s then-wife Dina for dinner. Apparently, Mitt was starstruck, and he invited his new friend to speak at the Republican National Convention. What happened at the RNC during Clint’s speech will go down in history as one of the biggest political miscalculations in modern history. Clint was basically given permission to say whatever he wanted, so he YELLED AT A CHAIR for about 20 minutes and it was terrible.

So, how exactly did this happen? The two men who literally wrote the book on the 2008 election (Game Change), Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, have written a new gossip-filled book about the 2012 election. The book is called Double Down: Game Change 2012. They’ve been teasing the book for the past two weeks, and I’m totally buying it. Anyway, here’s the behind-the-scenes story on what happened with Clint:

“Double Down: Game Change 2012,” Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s follow up to “Game Change,” answers one of the more perplexing questions of the 2012 presidential campaign: Why did Mitt Romney’s team give carte blanche to Clint Eastwood to say whatever he wanted in the final hour of the final night of the Republican National Convention? That’s when Eastwood famously spoke to an empty chair, in which the actor went well over his alloted time and left most of the audience baffled.

Romney’s senior strategist, Stuart Stevens, was backstage with Romney watching Eastwood, and while the Republican nominee “seemed to think it was funny — at least at first,” the authors write, Stevens was so upset by the “disaster occurring on stage” that he “excused himself, went into another room and vomited.”

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It’s difficult to offend both progressives and the Christian right with one single business decision, but Hallmark has managed to do it. The greeting card company is selling a Christm — err, Holiday Tree ornament with the phrase “Don we now our fun apparel!” emblazoned in festive letters. If that line sounds odd to you but you can’t quite place why, you’re not crazy. The original lyric, of course, is “Don we now our gay apparel,” from the classic “Deck the Halls.” Hallmark, it appears, just couldn’t bring themselves to print the word “gay” on a family product, so they changed it to “fun.”

What’s more, the artist capitalized “FUN” and made it bigger than every other word on the ornament, which makes us wonder if this isn’t a bit of intentional controversy-mongering on the part of Hallmark to attract some free PR. The item description (“With its catchy phrase, Don we now our FUN apparel! everyone will be in on the joke”) would seem to further this theory.

The company explained itself, or purported to do so, in a press release:

When the lyrics to “Deck the Halls” were translated from Gaelic and published in English back in the 1800s, the word “gay” meant festive or merry. Today it has multiple meanings, which we thought could leave our intent open to misinterpretation.

The trend of wearing festively decorated Christmas sweaters to parties is all about fun, and this ornament is intended to play into that, so the planning team decided to say what we meant: “fun.” That’s the spirit we intended and the spirit in which we hope ornament buyers will take it.

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