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Teenager fearing persecution has claim rejected as official did not believe he was gay

An Afghan teenager who said he feared being persecuted in his home country for being gay has had his asylum application rejected by Austria after an official said he did not “walk, act or dress” like a gay man, according to reports.

An official in Lower Austria found no grounds for fear of persecution based on the sexual orientation of the 18-year-old, the Falter newspaper reported.

“The way you walk, act or dress does not show even in the slightest that you could be homosexual,” the official reportedly wrote in his assessment rejecting the claim.

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Corey Stewart is ready to drag down every Virginia Republican on the ticket

When Virginia Republicans nominated Corey Stewart, President Trump’s kind of candidate (race-baiting, pro-Confederate statues, prone to incendiary language), they effectively wrote off the Senate race against incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.). Kaine, a former governor as well, was always going to be tough to beat. But Stewart is performing so horribly that his presence at the top of the ticket might doom a bunch of House Republicans.

The latest poll for the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University found Kaine leading Stewart 49 percent to 26 percent among likely voters. Even among Republicans, about a third aren’t yet ready to say they are voting for Stewart. Kaine has a 35-point lead among women and leads by a margin of 74 percent to 7 percent among nonwhites. In Northern Virginia (where incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock is at risk), Kaine leads overwhelmingly (67 percent to 19 percent). Indeed, Kaine leads even among groups generally supportive of Trump (e.g. men, whites, those with a high school diploma or less) although by smaller amounts than he does with women, nonwhites and college-educated voters. Kaine also leads in every age group.
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#petition that if Corey Stewart causes Morgan Griffith to lose, we all send him a basket full of Naan

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Warning of 'dangerous acceleration' in attacks on immigrants in Italy

Murders, shootings and assaults coincide with Matteo Salvini’s anti-migration drive

Anti-racist groups in Italy have warned of a dangerous acceleration in attacks on immigrants after 12 shootings, two murders and 33 physical assaults were recorded in the two months since Matteo Salvini, leader of the far-right League party, entered government as interior minister.

Opposition politicians have accused Salvini of creating a climate of hate following the attacks, which have coincided with an anti-migration drive that has included closing Italian ports to NGO rescue boats and a vow to expel non-Italian Roma.

In one incident in July, a 13-month-old Roma girl was shot in the back with an airgun pellet. In at least two recent attacks on immigrants, the perpetrators have allegedly shouted Salvini’s name.

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Far-Right Italian Cabinet Minister Calls For Repealing Anti-Fascism Law

Jewish groups have condemned the proposal for “winking at neo-fascism.”

A top minister in Italy’s anti-establishment government has provoked condemnation from rights groups after calling for the repeal of an anti-fascist law that criminalizes inciting racial violence and hatred, as well as bans support for groups that carry out hate crimes.

Law No. 205, commonly called the Mancino Law, was passed in 1993 as a means of prosecuting racist violence and hate speech. Italy’s family minister Lorenzo Fontana claimed in a Facebook post on Friday that the law was being used by “globalists” to promote “anti-Italian racism,” and should be abolished.

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Rifts widen in Italy as ‘racism’ of Salvini upsets Five Star Movement

League attitudes to migrants are proving hard to stomach for coalition partners

Ruptures are starting to show in Italy’s populist coalition as anti-immigration moves by Matteo Salvini, interior minister and leader of the far-right League, unsettle senior politicians from his ally, the Five Star Movement (M5S), and the party’s core voters.

Voters from across the political spectrum flocked to the anti-establishment movement founded by TV comedian Beppe Grillo in 2010. They were attracted by its stance on corruption, but also by the party’s pledge to help small businesses, slash red tape and lift people out of poverty, and by its emphasis on the environment.

But two months into the M5S-League coalition government some have major doubts. Last week Roberto Fico, M5S MP and president of the chamber of deputies, spoke out against a controversial pact with Libya that sees migrants forcibly returned to war-riven north Africa.

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Police in Homestead, Fla., found a 15-year-old Honduran girl hiding at the Gonzalez Auto Center after police say she ran away from the Homestead detention facility.

By Lori Rozsa

The 15-year-old Honduran girl couldn’t take it anymore. She had been held in the Florida detention facility for three weeks, and it felt like a prison.

So when she saw an opportunity to escape during a trip to the doctor’s office, she ran.

That’s when Frank Gonzalez saw her.

“She came running in from the streets,” said the owner of Gonzalez Auto Center in Homestead, Fla. “She was crying.”

The girl ran into his shop and hid in a corner behind a large shelf full of tools. It was a busy morning at the large auto shop that operates 14 bays. But she stayed there, crying, for more than an hour on Friday morning, refusing to move.

“We were giving her water and some food, but she stayed in that corner the whole time,” said Elvis Lopez, a mechanic at the shop. “She seemed pretty scared. She kept saying she didn’t want to go back.”

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'We are not wildlife': Kibera residents slam poverty tourism

Tourism in Nairobi slum is rising but many residents are angry at becoming an attraction for wealthy foreign visitors.

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Democrats 'less inclined to cheat on spouses than Republicans'

Analysis finds Democrats used adultery website Ashley Madison substantially less than other US voters

A man wearing a wedding ring looks at the Ashley Madison website.
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OP: Obviously this study comes with a lot of caveats: one caveat would certainly be that some people's identity may be hard to ascertain with certainty on a site like Ashley Madison. This may well have affected ascertainment of the outcome, which may be a particular issue if this difficulty in ascertainment is also associated with the exposure. In other words, if being a Dem or a Repulican is associated with being more careful and/or savvy when it come to protecting such information). The idea still had me lmao.

Zschäpe is found guilty of killing 10 people, being member of far-right group and bomb attacks

A German court has found the main defendant in a high-profile neo-Nazi trial guilty of killing 10 people – most of them migrants – who were gunned down between 2000 and 2007 in a case that has shocked Germany and prompted accusations of institutional racism in the country’s security agencies.

The judges sentenced Beate Zschäpe to life in prison for murder, membership of a terrorist organisation, bomb attacks that injured dozens, and several lesser crimes including a string of robberies. Four men were found guilty of supporting the group in various ways and sentenced to prison terms of between two and a half to 10 years.

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German authorities' many failures in investigating the NSU

After five years, the verdicts in the trials of members of the National Socialist Underground are due to be handed down. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's promised clarification efforts have not become reality.

The first victim of the serial murders died on September 11, 2000, the last on April 6, 2006. Eight of the victims were men of Turkish heritage; one was from Greece. They were all shot with the same gun. The investigators initially assumed, without evidence, that the killings must have involved drugs — sometimes they even accused relatives of taking part in the murders. Racism was quickly ruled out as motive.

When police officer Michele Kiesewetter was shot in Heilbronn on April 25, 2007, in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg, no connection to the other murders was made. It wasn't until four and a half years later that police pieced the events together, almost accidently — and following yet another crime.

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If you want to know more about the case:

NSU Watch: The NSU Case in Germany - as of July 3rd, 2018
Wikipedia: National Socialist Underground murders
The Local: Are Germany's spy agencies partly culpable for the NSU's murder spree?

Trump-Nato summit or how the United States president does not understand basic math

(see also 'jingoism')

Trump-Nato summit: EU's Tusk warns president to appreciate allies

(OP: Source has video that won't embed)

"Appreciate your allies... you don't have that many," Trump is warned.
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Man's World Cup? Sexism and harassment at Russia 2018

Concerns for female reporters, sexist advertising and media coverage have tainted football's mega event in Russia.

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Laura Codruța Kövesi was praised in the West for going after corrupt officials.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis signed a decree Monday to dismiss the country’s leading anti-corruption figure, Laura Codruța Kövesi, in a move to comply with a ruling by the Constitutional Court.

“The fight against corruption must not, in any case, be abandoned or slowed down,” the president’s spokeswoman Mădălina Dobrovolschi said at a press conference in Bucharest. “Corruption affects the lives of every citizen and the development of Romania.”

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