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Germans Appalled by Threat From Trump’s Ambassador to Help Far-Right Nationalists Take Power Across Europe

The German government demanded a formal explanation from the United States on Monday of what, exactly, the new U.S. ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell, meant when he promised to use his office to help far-right nationalists inspired by Donald Trump take power across Europe.

In an interview with Breitbart News, published on Sunday, Grenell said he was “excited” by the rise of far-right parties on the continent and wanted “to empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders.”

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Nathan Larson also ran online forums for pedophiles and misogynists.

By Jesselyn Cook and Andy Campbell

Nathan Larson is running for Congress as an independent in Virginia. In an interview with HuffPost,
he was open about his pedophilia.

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The anti-Obama: Trump's drive to destroy his predecessor's legacy

Donald Trump advertised his ambitions to dismantle Barack Obama’s achievements throughout the election campaign.

From the Iran deal to TPP to climate change, ‘the whole thing that animates and unites his policy views is antipathy towards Obama’

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OP: Come on Dems, get it together...
OP: Domestic and migrant worker abuse is a huge problem across the world. "[M]any domestic workers are still excluded from provisions that other workers take for granted with respect to essential working conditions, such as paid annual leave, working time, minimum wage coverage and maternity protection." (From this reference.) Many people still live in slavery around the world today, including in North America (i.e. US and Canada).
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OP: This post does not really focus on the scourge that is sex trafficking and sexual slavery/exploitation in the world today, but I am aiming for a separate post about this.
'They don't belong': police called on Native American teens on college tour

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OP: A young man used a truck to plow into people on a busy sidewalk in the city of Toronto, Canada, earlier this week. The attack killed 10 people.
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OP: I guess those targeting mainly women and POC don't rate the media's 'terrorism' label...
OP: This is an article about the Canadian province of Quebec, where I am from.

Quebec balked at investigating systemic racism, but some groups went ahead anyway. Here's what they found

Couillard government limited its inquiry to labour-market integration after outcry

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OP: This place is a cesspool.
Asifa's rape and killing: The girl, her family and the accused

(OP note: The Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP are a pro-Hindu party in India and are currently the ruling party, as well.)
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OP: PLEASE HEED THE TRIGGER WARNINGS. The details of this case are just... there are no words.
House Speaker Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) has told House Republicans Wednesday that he will not run for re-election.

The timing of his announcement came as a surprise. Lawmakers had expected Ryan might leave Congress if Republicans were to lose control of the House in November’s midterm elections.

A former House GOP leadership aide with direct knowledge of the situation said, “There is not a lot of legislating left to be done, and that’s something that motivated Ryan in the first place. He never wanted to be speaker anyway.”

Paul Ryan's Legacy of Red Ink

Paul Ryan promotes his brand as a deficit hawk so diligently that he has been known to refer to himself in the third person as Paul Ryan Deficit Hawk. “Paul Ryan Deficit Hawk is also a growth advocate,” he said on Fox News in November after releasing the Republican tax-cut plan. “Paul Ryan Deficit Hawk knows you have to have a faster-growing economy, more jobs, bigger take-home pay.”

Ryan’s “fiscal conservative” brand has gotten impressive traction, but now that he’s announcing he’s leaving Congress in January, it’s worth noting (not for the first time) that Paul Ryan Deficit Hawk has never behaved like a deficit hawk. In his two decades in Washington, Ryan has consistently supported tax cuts and spending hikes that have boosted deficits, while consistently trashing Democrats for failing to cut deficits. It will inevitably be described as “ironic” that Ryan came to Congress when the budget was in surplus and left with deficits heading toward $1 trillion, but those deficits are his greatest legacy.

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politico done burned

The UK's knife crime shadow looms over London

Only four months into the New Year, 51 young people have already been lost to fatal stabbings in the UK capital.

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OP: In summary, this is directly attributable to Conservative policies, IMO.
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