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President Obama give his thanks in this emotional speech.

7:41 pm - 11/08/2012
I have a lot of problems with some of his policies (foreign, environmental) but I don't understand how anyone (especially Mitt Romney supporters) actually believes that this man is detached, aloof, and unemotional.

palebluedot09 9th-Nov-2012 05:52 am (UTC)
I try to remain aloof too when it comes to him. Mainly because people will judge you harshly if you say you are moved or love a politician. Like you are delusional.. Which I'm not. I don't even agree with him on everything and I have criticized him in the past many times. But damn it, if he doesn't inspire me. Sometimes I wonder if we really know what we are witnessing. Idk, I've only see a few presidents now but this one just doesn't seem the same as the ones that I have witnessed.
hammersxstrings 9th-Nov-2012 05:58 am (UTC)
Exactly, regarding the judgement. They just assume its based in what's supposedly trendy, but I'm like, no, I'm pretty sure it's because he's fucking amazing lol. I agree with some disappointments, especially regarding some foreign policy things and the like.

But I really think, in the end, he's going to be one of those people that when I'm like 80 or 90, I can be very very proud to tell my grand kids how I voted for one of the best.
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