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Papa John's CEO John Schnatter Says Company Will Reduce Workers' Hours In Response To Obamacare

10:14 pm - 11/09/2012

Papa Johns Obamacare

In the wake of President Obama's reelection, one CEO is doubling down on his criticisms of Obamacare.

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter said he plans on passing the costs of health care reform to his business onto his workers. Schnatter said he will likely reduce workers’ hours, as a result of President Obama's reelection, the Naples News reports. Schnatter made headlines over the summer when he told shareholders that the cost of a Papa John’s pizza will increase by between 11 and 14 cents due to Obamacare.

"I got in a bunch of trouble for this," he said, referring to the comments he made in August, according to Naples News. "That's what you do, is you pass on costs. Unfortunately, I don't think people know what they're going to pay for this."

Schnatter went on to say he's neither in support of, nor against the Affordable Care Act, even admitting that "the good news is 100 percent of the population is going to have health insurance.” But he’s not the only one in the chain restaurant industry to admit that workers hours may be reduced, since Obamacare mandates that only employees that work more than 30 hours per week are covered under their employers health insurance plan. For example, Darden restaurants, the parent company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster, has already experimented with reducing workers hours in anticipation of the legislation.

Others have responded to the added costs of Obamacare more harshly, includingApplebee's which has said it won’t hire new workers because of the law. Just this week, a Georgia business owner also claimed he cut employees due to Obamacareand in fact had specifically laid off those who he thought had voted for President Obama.


Welp, yet another reason to patronize my local pizza place (that and their pizza isn't total shit...Go Amante is Seattle!) Also, yeah--I realy believe that this douchcanoe is totally neutral on Obamacare. Riiiiight.
grey853 10th-Nov-2012 04:01 pm (UTC)
This guy works out our state and gives away millions of pizza for publicity, but can't take care of his employees, which he pays pitifully anyway.

He's a fucking millionaire, but the hell with the people who helped him become one.

Asshole won't get another dime from me, that's for sure.

nesmith 10th-Nov-2012 06:07 pm (UTC)
Same here. I guess it's a good thing that a) there are lots of really good locally-owned pizza joints around where I live, and b) I'm not crazy about PJ's any more.
perthro 10th-Nov-2012 06:39 pm (UTC)
I really, really wish there were more places open past 9 that delivered here... I don't even get off work until midnight some nights, and by then, I'm way too tired to cook. There's a Pizza Hut closer than the nearest Papa Johns, but they won't deliver here! Said it was too far away. Yet, the Papa Johns is further, and they deliver. WTF. It's ONE MILE from PH. It's THREE from PJs. I srsly think they're just scared to come closer to my neighbourhood.

But yeah. Ugh. Please, someone open a pizza place that delivers here? Or a cuban place that's open late in walking distance? Or something? Please? Something that ISN'T a drive-thru, since I don't have a car?
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