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I hope you kept the receipt

Crime won't pay: Gangsters flaunting "bling" will lose it if they can't prove it was bought legally

The move, raising an extra £125million a year to be ploughed back into crime-hit neighbourhoods, is part of a plan unveiled by Ed Miliband

Gangsters flaunting “bling” will lose it if they cannot prove it was bought with legal earnings, under Labour plans to ensure that crime doesn’t pay.

The move, raising an extra £125million a year to be ploughed back into crime-hit neighbourhoods, is part of a three-point “restorative justice” plan unveiled by Ed Miliband today.

The Labour leader also wants to close loopholes that allow crooks to put ill-gotten gains such as flash cars, yachts and jewellery out of reach of the courts by signing them over to wives or girlfriends.

And he wants victims of anti-social behaviour to have a legal right to get yobs to make amends by cleaning graffiti or fixing vandalised property.

He said: “I will stand up for the police and victims of crime. That means giving people whose lives are being damaged by anti-social behaviour a legal right to ensure those responsible get more than a slap on the wrist.

“It also means demonstrating that crime does not pay by making criminals pay back more of their ill-gotten gains to the communities they have made suffer.”

Courts can only seize proven crime proceeds currently, and the £125million a year it raises goes to the Treasury and police.

Placing the burden of proof on criminals could double the income, so the rest could go to communities. [Ed: And completely overturn the principle of innocent until proven guilty.]

Mr Miliband also urged people to use their vote in Thursday’s Police Commissioner polls.


So essentially if a policeman thinks you've got something too nice for your apparent income, they can take it away unless you can prove that you bought it. Not sure why I expected any better from the party that gave us ludicrously authoritarian stop and search laws. More fool me.
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