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Bill O'Reilly - Commencement has become a decidedly liberal affair

Once again, graduation time is upon us, and a new study by the Los Angeles Times says plenty about the state of higher education in America. The paper looked at the invited commencement speakers for 150 colleges and universities.

There are just four conservative speakers, as opposed to at least 69 liberal ones.

Cory Book, the mayor of Newark, N.J., and a very liberal guy, has as many campus addresses as all elected Republicans combined.

There is no shortage of intellect or accomplishment on the right. The reason few conservative speakers are invited is that college administrators are frightened by radical left students and faculty. Last month, Karl Rove's speech at the University of Massachusetts was disrupted and so was one by Senator Rand Paul at Howard University.

Nobody wants a graduation ceremony turned into an ideological circus — and that's what often happens when perceived conservatives are invited to speak on many campuses.

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