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Australian Army Chief schools misogynists in how to be a human being

His organisation is in the midst of yet another internet sex scandal but the Chief of Army, Lieutenant-General David Morrison, has emerged as the unlikely poster boy for feminism.

Following revelations of further "demeaning, explicit and profane" behaviour by his army members, the tough-talking army chief released a powerful video message on Thursday night telling defence members who degrade women: "We don't want you."

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It's so refreshing to see a man make this kind of speech and really feel his outrage and disgust rather than the tepid damage control niceties usually offered by leaders in these situations. I can't find much information about what was actually contained in the emails he's denouncing, but it sounded like it was explicit photos of female soldiers exchanged by a network of senior officers. There's a little more information about the allegations here.

Tags: *trigger warning: abuse, *trigger warning: bullying, *trigger warning: sexism, *trigger warning: sexual assault, army, australia, bullying, military, misogyny, scandal, sexual assault, sexual harassment

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