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New York senate passes first step to create animal-abuser registry bill

9:03 am - 06/26/2013
A first of its kind, the New York senate just passed a bill that not only will require convicted animal abusers to register as such in New York (just like registered sex offenders), but also will require them to undergo psychiatric evaluation. As many are aware, animal abuse/torture is a gateway behavior to human abuse/murder.

The bill was inspired by Buster's Law, a case about a cat named Buster that was set on fire after being soaked in gasoline. The landmark case made animal cruelty in the state a felony offense.

New York Senator Greg Ball (R-Patterson) said that animal abusers are the worst kinds of people in our society whose behavior towards animals is a measuring stick by which to expect how they would treat people. Further, he shared that such violence cannot and will not be tolerated.

Three cheers for this guy!

The proposed registry will be accessible by the public in order that those involved in selling pets or hosting animal adoptions can look up names of potential pet parents to see if their names appear on the list.

The first step in the process is complete. Now the bill must go before the state's assembly for a vote. The bill's representative in assembly will be Rep. Jim Tedisco (R-Glenville).

The success of such a law will be a shining example for the other 49 states that will hopefully follow suit. Cross fingers and toes for the animal abuse registry.

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[personally, as someone who works for a rescue, i like this idea. what do the rest of you think?]

ETA: hey mods, could we get a TW for animal abuse tag, please? i added it to my cut line but it would be a good tag too. thx!
the_physicist Re: tw talk of sex offenders 26th-Jun-2013 06:59 pm (UTC)
the list should say what the hell you did to get put on it. and stuff like urination shouldn't really be on it at all.
lolahead Re: tw talk of sex offenders 26th-Jun-2013 07:55 pm (UTC)
There are tiers of offence on Megan's List and you can see what tier they are on. I forget the complete details, but tier 1 is something like sexual misconduct (indecent exposure, masturbation in public, etc-not sure if urination is on there unless they did something else) tier 2 is sexual assault and tier 3 is sexual abuse of a child which could mean anything from purchasing child porn to molesting a child...

I actually get email updates when an offender moves in or even gets hired within my zip code and I take a good look at the offence. (I signed up for this because I want to know.) It makes you click a disclaimer every time you look at the site that you wont use the information to abuse the offenders listed in any way. They still do have rights to live in peace if they have served their sentence, privacy; however, is no longer one of them.
the_physicist Re: tw talk of sex offenders 26th-Jun-2013 09:26 pm (UTC)
it must be cultural. where i grew up it was probably technically against the law, but no one cared and if a guy had to go, he'd just pee against any wall in public. i have seen less public urination in the UK, so I think it's more frowned upon here. I think the law you'd use to fine someone in the UK for urinating in public would be some by law on being drunk and disorderly though.
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