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Shenanigans Sunday, July 9, 2017: Red, White, and Blue Edition

8:52 pm - 07/09/2017
moonshaz 11th-Jul-2017 06:51 am (UTC)

I'm kind of disgustingly proud of myself at the moment, because the letter to the editor that I wrote recently was published in my local paper and got several favorable comments. I wrote to criticuze my congressweasel, Peter Roskam, for refusing to hold town halls, among other things. He has shown that he has no interest in, you know, actually REPRESENTING the people he was elected to represent or even make a real effort to listen to us. The only opinions he wants to hear are ones that he agrees with;, and when someone voices a differing opinion, he's apt to get all huffy and defensive. It's bull shit, and I'm sick of it.

The letter was actually kind of fun to write, and I plan to do more of this sort of thing as tim goes on. :-D

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