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santa baby by eartha kitt not teh others

Billionaire Bill Gates was this cat lover’s Secret Santa — here’s the epic haul of gifts he gave her

Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is worth more than $90 billion and is the second richest person in the world, according to Forbes.

Which means he should be a pretty epic Secret Santa.

Indeed, he is.

For the past five years, Gates has been a participant in redditGifts, an online Secret Santa via Reddit. This year, Megan Cummins, who goes by VietteLLC, received a refrigerator-sized box of goodies from the billionaire.

"I've done the Reddit gift exchange for years now. I love all the silly little gifts. I always check out the Bill Gates post and laugh at how crazy it must have been for that person, never for a second even considering it a possibility for me," she writes in a post about her experience being gifted by the second richest human in the world.

When Cummins got the delivery, she was surprised. "I could fit about 5 of me in the box I got. I did, in fact, stare awkwardly at the FedEx guy — I was so far beyond confused."

When she opened the box, the cat lover found feline-related gifts, including a large stuffed Pusheen, a cartoon cat used in popular Facebook sticker sets, and donations to her favorite animal charities.

"As Pusheen was being released from his box, I picked up a letter with a picture, and thought it was SUPER weird that someone was so obsessed with Bill Gates as to send me a photo of him," says Cummins.

"Then I just caught fragments of the letter all at once 'a donation has been made' 'bill gates', and my cat's names. It clicked and I started to burst out loud laughing and crying simultaneously. I was a cliché," she writes.

Plus, the Reddit username that came with the box was "thisisbillgates."

The kitty-themed haul was perfect, as Cummins hopes to open a cat shelter.

"My life goal is to fully fund a no-kill cat shelter one day and reform the U.S. shelter system to be entirely no-kill. Cats are my thing. My life-force, my happiness. However you want to put it," she explains.

"The best part? Well, second to the donations and gigantic Pusheen, knowing that at some point during my workweek, I was drinking coffee, writing a boring email, and Bill Gates was somewhere having a professional photo taken with a jumbo Pusheen and writing me notes about cats."

Here's a full list of everything Gates included in the box for Cummins.

30-ish pound Pusheen
$250 donation to The Friends of Feline Rescue Center
$250 donation to The Stray Cat Alliance
$250 donation to Town Cats
Stormy stuffed animal (Pusheen's sister)
Pusheen ornament
Book on cat shelters, with a "sweet note" from Gates inside
Business book
Dr. Who coffee table book
Dr. Who cardboard Tardis, a fictional time machine from the television program, for Cummins' cats
$150 Gift card to True Grit, a digital design resource
Miniature Austrian snow globe with a white kitten inside
Cross-stitch of Cummins and Gates and her four cats that says, "Live Life in the Meow"
Japanese Daruma, a round hollow doll symbolizing good luck, "with a very sweet message attached to it (sorry Reddit, I'LL NEVER TELL! it's a secret! muahaha)," Cummins writes
Dave Matthews Band shirt
Dave Matthews Band car Sticker
Scroll of the map of Skyrim, the fictional land where a popular role-playing video game is set

Having Gates be your Secret Santa may be the luckiest draw of the holiday season. But for the person who had to come up with gift ideas to give the billionaire, it might feel intimidating. Luckily, Gates' requests are relatively modest.

In a Reddit "Ask me Anything" question and answer session in February, Gates said there weretwo presents he would like: "A contribution to Rotary to help end polio is a gift I would appreciate. Also any great book you have read and found interesting."

see en bee sea

Secret Santa Hands Out $100 Bills to Strangers in Topeka

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas City's Secret Santa is at it again, this time focusing his annual good cheer on Kansas' capital city.

A reporter for the Kansas City Star tagged along recently as Secret Santa followed his long tradition of handing out $100 bills to strangers in Topeka places where the hurting and downtrodden gather, including a shelter and thrift store.

At each stop, the arrival of Santa and his "elves" was met with quizzical stares. By the time they left, there were tears of joy and shouts of "praise Jesus."

Local police and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt accompanied the Secret Santa.

"This is such a heart-warming experience," Schmidt said. "Such raw generosity."

The Secret Santa tradition began years ago with a man named Larry Stewart. Stewart was touched by a stranger's kindness at his lowest point. He later became wealthy and decided to share his good fortune with strangers.

When Stewart was dying of cancer, he asked the current Santa to carry on the mission. He has done so for 11 years.

Today's Santa has always remembered what Stewart said on his death bed: "I wish I could have helped more people."

The current Santa insists on anonymity.

"It's not about the person," he said. "It's about the deed."

But occasionally, reporters are invited along in hopes of inspiring kindness in others. And sometimes, Santa has kindness shown to him.

Debi Widman of Topeka was shopping at a thrift store when a man she didn't know walked up and told her he liked her coat. The stranger offered her $50. Then $75. Then $100.

"I don't want any money," she told him. "I'll give it to you."

That's when Santa revealed himself. He gave Widman $100 and she kept her coat.

"God bless you," she told him.

Widman's gesture helped make Santa's day.

"Those with the least," he said, "are always willing to give the most."

you ess noose

Secret Santa ham giveaway passes out 100 hams in one hour
SALAMANCA — A anonymous Secret Santa made the holidays better for some area families who had the opportunity Dec. 20 to pick up a free ham at the Salamanca City Fire Department on Wildwood Avenue.

Organizer Tim Jackson said 100 hams were given out in just one hour between 5 and 6 p.m.

“This annual event is made possible through ‘Pay It Forward’ because there is a person in Salamanca who has been doing this for the last seven years,” he said. “We don’t know if this person is a he or a she, but they call themselves ‘Secret Santa.’”

Jackson said the Secret Santa gives the Pay It Forward group $1,000 and instructs them to buy either hams or turkeys from Sander’s Parkview or Save-A-Lot. The Santa tells the group to make this annual monetary donation stretch as far as it can to take care of as many families as possible.
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