taking over the world one day at a time (bispo) wrote in ontd_political,
taking over the world one day at a time

Former FEMA chief Michael Brown forced to evacuate from Colorado wildfires.»

In recent days, vicious wildfires have forced thousands of Boulder, Colorado area residents to evacuate. One of those residents: disgraced former FEMA chief Michael “Heckuva Job” Brown. This morning in an interview with a Colorado radio station, Brownie remarked, “Here I am on the other side of the fence now.” He added that “was strange being told to evacuate, because, you know, I firmly believe in evacuations. When they told me that, you know, I just loaded the dogs up, grabbed my briefcase and headed down the mountain.” Michael Roberts of Denver Westword writes, “Don’t gloat about that, Katrina survivors. Well, maybe a little gloating is okay.”

Tags: fema
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