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Illinois House Committee Approves Blago Impeachment Report

The special Illinois House impeachment committee has just voted unanimously to send their full report to the chamber as a whole, clearing the way for Rod Blagojevich to be impeached as early as tomorrow.

Assuming that House vote occurs tomorrow and is successful -- a safe bet, to say the least -- the next step will be for the state Senate to hold a full trial, which could take a few weeks. Blagojevich will probably be out of office as soon as early February, if not sooner.

Each individual member, before voting, made a short speech explaining how seriously they took the job of throwing out a legitimate, democratically-elected official -- but also how it has become necessary at this point.

The sentiment was perhaps best expressed by state Rep. Mary Flowers (D): "I would have appreciated if the governor could have just merely stepped aside, so we would not have been made the laughingstock of the country."


R. Kelly's lawyer has failed us as a nation.
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