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Inauguration Day Political Cartoons

Gordon Campbell
Jan 19, 2009

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I can't believe it's today. I hope in eight years we're celebrating the first woman, and no, I don't mean you, Sarah Palin. But you know what? I'm perfectly happy just to make the next four-eight years as awesome as I possibly can. The world is what you make of it, so I'm gonna make it the best damn world ever, k?

GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK...or finding a relevant baseball story IS AWESOME.

CHICAGO -- This is a story of South Side pride.

To take that point one step further, it's not a tale about politics -- Democrat, Republican, Green or any other party.

In fact, the only parties being recognized throughout Chicago on Monday night and Tuesday morning will be those celebrating the presidential inauguration of favorite son Barack Obama. And one of those celebrations will take place at 35th and Shields, at the ballpark where the First Fan's No. 1 team resides.

"Our approach to this has been, in a sense, that he chose us," said White Sox vice president of communications Scott Reifert of the connection between the country's first African-American president and his beloved White Sox.

"He was a fan before anything else," Reifert said. "We've tried to make this more a tone of congratulations for him and the celebration of the success of a White Sox fan."

The inauguration viewing party at U.S. Cellular Field is set to begin around 10:30 a.m. CT on Tuesday, with front-office staff and other special guests from the community in attendance. The only prerequisite to attend is the wearing of a White Sox cap.
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I love the part about the lady who calls the White Sox hat her Obama hat.

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Podesta: ‘Let Barack have his Blackberry.’»


In today’s Los Angeles Times, Obama transition co-chair John Podesta writes of his unique experience from being a keen eyewitness to Barack
Obama’s decision-making over the past few months. “[Obama’s] politics are interactive, solutions-oriented and open to the citizens,” Podesta writes. He adds that Obama’s Blackberry enhances his decision-making by helping him reach outside his inner circle. “Let the man have his Blackberry,” Podesta told senior staffers. “An off-line Obama isn’t just bad for Barack. It’s bad for all of us.” He concludes:
Today, thousands of reporters, pundits and bloggers will produce instant analyses of the president’s swearing-in. By dawn Wednesday, there will be a comprehensive document in President Obama’s in-box summarizing the reaction, highlighting key opinion makers and linking to original sources across the Internet. Obama will surely flip through them.

But I know that he will have gotten his first feedback hours earlier, from a friend, far beyond the Beltway. On the Blackberry he’s keeping. And knowing that gives me hope.

Obama recently told CNN that it looks like he’ll be able to “hang onto” his Blackberry. “I’m still clinging to my BlackBerry,” he told CNBC. “They’re going to pry it out of my hands.” As Matt Yglesias argued recently, if the legal interpretation of the Presidential Records Act prohibits Obama from using a Blackberry, “then that means you need a new law.”

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How did Bush screw our economy?

To celebrate Obama today, here he is blowing up a tank.

Bush's Economic Mistakes

George Bush is leaving the White House with a dismal economic record. By almost every measure — GDP growth, jobs, median incomes, financial-market performance — he stacks up as probably the least-successful President on the economic front since Herbert Hoover.

It's not all Bush's fault. He inherited an inevitable recession in 2001, and even last year's financial collapse was to some extent the result of unsustainable trends in place long before he moved to Washington. Also, we generally give Presidents both more credit and more blame for economic outcomes than they probably deserve. As Bush mock-moaned in his final White House press conference, "Why did the financial collapse have to happen on my watch?"

His next words, though, were, "It's just pathetic, isn't it, self-pity?" So let's spare him the pity. As the decider in the White House for the past eight years, George Bush made some economic calls that don't look smart today. Here are eight of them.

The rest is at the link.
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FFA Inaugural Post BB!

Because we need a place to party and spazz NAO, please! :D

Also, if there are chats, let me know and I will post them!



1.) YEEEEEEEES! Okay, is ONTDP still open? I exited. If it is, post the link like NOW. DO IT!

2.)  ONTDP is open, just type it and GO!!!

3.) LIVE FEEDS (Sorry, this took a couple tries. *Sigh*)


Inauguration event list: link

4.) Thanks beachtrees:

Inauguration schedule, ET time:

-11:30 a.m. -- President-elect Barack Obama will arrive for his swearing-in.

-11:50 a.m. -- Vice President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in.

-11:59 a.m. -- Obama takes the Presidential oath of office, while Hail to the Chief is played and howitzers fire a 21-gun salute.

-12:01 p.m. -- Obama makes his inaugural address.

-12:30 p.m. -- The ceremony ends, and the President goes inside the Capitol.

-1 p.m. -- President Obama will attend a congressional luncheon inside the Capitol.

-2 p.m. -- Obama rides and/or walks in the inaugural parade, which begins at the Capitol, and continues along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, where the President and his family watch from a reviewing stand.

-4:30 p.m. -- The parade ends, several inaugural balls will take place in the evening and continue into the early morning hours.

[baseball] sweet lou

Howard Dean on last night's Countdown

In case you missed it, former DNC Chairman Howard Dean was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night to discuss the wisdom of Republican governors "rejecting" the stimulus package.

Definitely worth the watch, especially for Dean's opinions on governors vs. congressman in behavior and what's necessary during the national economic crisis. But as nice as it is to hear him speak on Countdown it sure would be nice to have his strong, reasonable voice back in Washington.
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FFAO Inauguration Post Part Deux!!!


Also, if there are chats, let me know and I will post them!


LIVE FEEDS (Sorry, this took a couple tries. *Sigh*)


Inauguration event list: link

Inauguration schedule, ET time:

-11:30 a.m. -- President-elect Barack Obama will arrive for his swearing-in.

-11:50 a.m. -- Vice President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in.

-11:59 a.m. -- Obama takes the Presidential oath of office, while Hail to the Chief is played and howitzers fire a 21-gun salute.

-12:01 p.m. -- Obama makes his inaugural address.

-12:30 p.m. -- The ceremony ends, and the President goes inside the Capitol.

-1 p.m. -- President Obama will attend a congressional luncheon inside the Capitol.

-2 p.m. -- Obama rides and/or walks in the inaugural parade, which begins at the Capitol, and continues along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, where the President and his family watch from a reviewing stand.

-4:30 p.m. -- The parade ends, several inaugural balls will take place in the evening and continue into the early morning hours.

God Bless
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Aretha receives Bedazzler for Christmas

Many guests and performers were invited to what will inevitably be the greatest inauguration in American history. It has been estimated that over a million onlookers came out to witness this historical event, but... what? What is that in the distance?

It's Aretha Franklin's ginormous, jewel incrusted, bow-hat!

God DAMN look at that thing! That's the fiercest hat to ever come out of Fierce Town in south central Fierce.

Some have speculated that David Dion is behind this fabulous design, although nobody knows for sure. But, one thing's for sure, everybody wants to know where she got it, and whether it will later be used as a gateway to a new solar energy source.

However, I do know this much: MASS PRODUCE THAT SH*T. I'd be so lucky to ever see something that beautiful on my grandmother.

Take a tip from Aretha this year and just work it out for your president and for your country. You go, Aretha. You go.

Oh, by the way, if you don't like the hat "Shut up!":

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

Praying For Obama To Fail.



From Just For Men spokesmodel and founder of World Net Daily, Joseph Farah:

Many a coward has been bolstered in his conviction against challenging tyranny by not reading too deeply into the Scriptures. Yet, nowhere does the Bible ever suggest evil rulers are to be obeyed. When the rule of men conflicts with the commands of God, the Bible leaves no doubt about where we should stand. That's why I do not hesitate today in calling on godly Americans to pray that Barack Hussein Obama fail in his efforts to change our country from one anchored on self-governance and constitutional republicanism to one based on the raw and unlimited power of the central state. It would be folly to pray for his success in such an evil campaign. I want Obama to fail because his agenda is 100 percent at odds with God's. Pretending it is not simply makes a mockery of God's straightforward Commandments.

Triple assface word score for working "Hussein" in there! You see their plan? They're going to pray for the president to fail, and then if he does, they won't thank God for hearing their prayer, they'll blame the heathen Democrats. Personally, I'm gonna pray that the baby Jeebus helps find Joseph Farah a mustache shade from outside the Groucho Marx Collection.


comedy | The Golden Girls

An un-named senator collapses @ Inauguration Luncheon??

I'm watching CNN live; Dana Bash is reporting unconfirmed information that a senator collapsed at the Obama-Biden luncheon with Congress within the last 20 or so minutes.

The two unconfirmed identities are: Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy.

Will add a text source once one is churned out online.
  • ETA 1: Still getting conflicting reports.

  • ETA 2: Obama just offers thought on Kennedy's condition during his brief luncheon toast/speech. He suffered a violent seizure. :(

  • ETA 3: Here's a link that provides tracking for multiple sources as the news develops.

  • ETA 4: Forgot to further clarify that Robert Byrd *also* had a medical situation at the Inauguration Luncheon. Holy-Moly. D:
K-Box cartoon

Greetings, neocon commentators, and welcome to Sore Loser Town. Population: YOU.

Fox News' Chris Wallace: Is Obama even president?

"Well, again, we're wondering here whether or not Barack Obama in fact is the president of the United States," Chris Wallace told Fox News viewers, well over an hour after Obama had taken the oath of office today.

Fox News replayed the swearing-in moment when President Obama and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. each bobbled the words to the constitutional oath. "They had a kind of garbled oath," Wallace said.

"It's just conceivable that this will end up going to the courts," Wallace speculated.

A bit of wishful thinking on behalf of (presumably conservative) Fox viewers?

Perhaps. But Wallace quickly added: "As Brit Hume rightly pointed out, if it goes to the Supreme Court, certainly Chief Justice Roberts will say that he took the oath."

Oh, neocons ... your desperation reeks of stale sweat, cigarettes and defeat.

Inauguration Pushes Facebook Statuses To Record Numbers

The inauguration has prompted more than one million status updates on Facebook, the social networking site revealed Tuesday.

Facebook was averaging over 4,000 status updates per hour this morning--a number that peaked at 8,500 updates every minute while President Barack Obama was giving his inaugural speech.

"We've never reached levels like this before," a Facebook spokesman told CNN.com. "Even just yesterday, we had more users online than we've ever had before, more new users than we've ever had before."

Facebook partnered with CNN to allow members watching inaugural festivities via CNN.com to sign in and update their statuses alongside the streaming video provided by the cable news channel.


I had to stop reading them because I can't resist arguing.


Chief Justice Screws Up Oath -- Obama Blanks

So the oath didn't go particularly well, and here's why. Chief Justice John Roberts screwed up the second line and it seems that threw Obama off track.

The oath, found in Article II Section I of the Constitution, reads, I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States....

The Chief asked Obama to repeat these words, "...that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully...." It's "of" the United States and the word "faithfully" should have come before the word "execute."

Poor bb was so nervous with Rick Warren being there.


Obama to have talk with Medvedev

MOSCOW, January 20 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev could talk by telephone with Barack Obama soon after his inauguration as the 44th U.S. president, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday.

Obama, the first black president of the United States, is to be sworn in later on Tuesday.

"I hope the controversial problems in our relations, such as missile defense, the expediency of NATO expansion ... will be resolved on the basis of pragmatism, without the ideological assessment the outgoing administration had," Sergei Lavrov told journalists.

"We are ready for that, our president confirmed it in a telephone conversation with Barack Obama immediately after his election. I think additional phone and other contacts between our leaders will take place very soon," he said.

Lavrov earlier said Moscow was hoping Obama would review Russia's proposal for a collective Russian-U.S.-European missile defense network.

"We have noticed that President-elect Obama is willing to take a break on the issue of missile defense ... and to evaluate its effectiveness and cost efficiency," he said on Friday.

Moscow has strongly opposed the possible deployment by the United States of 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar in the Czech Republic as a threat to its security and nuclear deterrent. Washington says the system is needed to protect against possible strikes from "rogue states."


P.S please tell me I'm not crazy for finding Medvedev adorable

lulzy Portland mayoral drama

Portland's newly elected openly gay mayor lies about relationship with jailbait intern, does not remain fabulous while doing so.

Mayor Sam Adams tells WW he lied about not having sex with Beau Breedlove.

I'm not your stereotypical hipster "Keep Portland Weird" jackhole so I personally find this HILARIOUS. I do have friends, however, who are ready to throw themselves off any number of our lovely local bridges so I'll have to take my snark where I can get it.

Sweet and Sour Sauce is delicious
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Big Joooooooooohn, Big Joooooooooooooo-oooohn, Big Bad John

Texas senator blocks Clinton's state confirmation

The confirmation of Hillary Rodham Clinton to be secretary of state will be held up for at least a day due to the objection of a single senator. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said he wanted "a full and open debate and an up-or-down vote on Sen. Clinton's nomination."

He said important questions remain unanswered concerning the foundation headed by former President Bill Clinton "and its acceptance of donations from foreign entities. Transparency transcends partisan politics and the American people deserve to know more."

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I'm no fan of SoS Clinton (to put it mildly) but for the love of all that is good, would this man GTFO!

ETA: Politico reports Clinton and Cornyn were spotted having an "intense" conversation.
RDJ - Ent Week Dec 2009

Limbaugh speaks like a douch, remains extra-douchey doing so.

Limbaugh: ‘I Hope Obama Fails’

“Are conservative talk-show hosts eager to go on the attack, after years of defending Bush?” asks the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Larry Muhammad. The answer is clearly yes.

Barack Obama has not yet taken office, and Rush Limbaugh is already rooting for his failure. On his radio show last Friday, Limbaugh said, “I disagree fervently with the people on our [Republican] side of the aisle who have caved and who say, ‘Well, I hope he succeeds.’”

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wooosh faraday

Obama vows to meet US challenges

As millions of people watch Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony, statesmen from around the world have been giving their reaction to the historic inauguration. Here is a selection of their comments: 

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
The whole world is watching the inauguration of President Obama, witnessing a new chapter in both American history and the world's history.

He's not only the first black American president but he sets out with the determination to solve the world's problems. 
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
I sincerely hope that President Obama will make as a matter of priority these Middle Eastern policies. As a member of the Quartet, as the leader of the world, the United States has full responsibility to lead this peace process so that this two-state solution, Israel, Palestinians can live in peace and security side by side. 

President Nicolas Sarkozy
We are eager for him to get to work so that with him we can change the world. 

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
We are ready for this. Our president confirmed this in a telephone conversation with Barack Obama straight after he was elected. I think there will be additional telephone - and not only telephone - contacts between our leaders. 
Chancellor Angela Merkel
I want to say that I believe today is a very special day not only for the United States of America but also a special day for billions of people all over the world.
The fact that a coloured president is being inaugurated and the fact the we a looking at an intensive transatlantic co-operation is something that not only moves the heads and thoughts but also the hearts. And I want to wish the new American President Barack Obama all the best, much strength and health and God's blessing .
And I want to say that Germany is prepared to liaise with him very intensely and very openly. 

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
Obama gives us hope and his words put us on a better path for a smooth and fruitful relationship with the Spanish government. The arrival of Obama gives us an opportunity we won't pass up. 

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
Many hopes and expectations have been piled on him, not just by the American people but also the rest of the world. The thing to do is to send him the most affectionate and cordial wishes so that he can fulfil these expectations. 

Pope Benedict XVI
I pray that you will be confirmed in your resolve to promote understanding, co-operation and peace among the nations, so that all may share in the banquet of life which God wills to set for the whole human family. 

I offer cordial good wishes, together with the assurance of my prayers that Almighty God will grant you unfailing wisdom and strength in the exercise of your high responsibilities. 

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki
We prefer to wait and see what the practical policies of the American government will be. 

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
Obama has mobilised the greatest amount of good will and support in all walks of life. This mobilisation of good will is becoming his strength in its own right. And I think all of us expect to translate this occasion into a real opportunity to pacify, to meet, to have a dialogue and bring a solution of peace to all parties concerned. 

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad
We wish him well and we look forward to active engagement on the part of his administration, in co-operation with important members of the international community. 

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum
He came with a change and he needs to change the foreign policy of the United States towards honouring the freedom rights and democratic rights of nations, he must support the freedom of our Palestinian people and their rights and conventions. 

President Hugo Chavez
Hopefully the arrival of a new president will mark a real change in relations between the United States and the countries of the Third World, one of respect for sovereignty and the freedom of the people. But nobody here should be under any illusions. This is the North American Empire we are talking about. 

Prime Minister Taro Aso
Japan and the United States are allies who share universal values and strategic interests. I am convinced that Japan and the United States, both in a position to lead the world, can build a better future by working together to share knowledge, willingness, passion and strategy. 

With this belief, I wish to join hands with President Obama in further strengthening the Japan-US alliance and striving for peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region and the world. 

King Bhumibol Adulyadej 
On the occasion of your assumption of the Office of the President of the United States of America, I am pleased to extend to your Excellency my sincere congratulations and best wishes for your success and happiness as well as for the greater progress and prosperity of the United States of America and her people. 

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
I look forward very much to working with President Obama, the next president of the United States. Because we have a huge challenge ahead and it begins by working together on the global financial crisis. 

President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso
We are living through challenging times. And the challenges we face have no respect for national frontiers. What we need is new global governance and a new basis for prosperity. I sincerely believe that Europe and the United States must work together and with our partners around the world to devise and implement this new agenda for globalisation.
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Bush Street Disappears in SF Overnight

Bush St. - > Obama St.3213155930_5687d57a5d_mBush St. - > Obama St.3214084722_a683915696_o
Some pranksters in San Francisco had a little presidential fun overnight by changing out several Bush Street signs into Obama Street.

They made a cover for the metal signage that looks pretty darn professional.

Someone tipped off NBCBayArea.com to the stunt just before sunrise on Inauguration Day.

At least four blocks of signs had been changed in the heart of the city's Financial District.

There were also chalk drawings on the ground pointing up to get pedestrians to notice the "change."

It's not clear how serious a crime this is or if police will bother to prosecute.

We assume crews will take them down at some point. People could get lost you know, this is a tourist town.

There is a rally that is expected to be held at Bush Street and Presidio later today –– where Bush Street officially stops with a little “end” sign on the street corner.
source and a Flickr community of obama/bush signs
and FTW!

Inaugral Ball Post


Because we need one.

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To watch it, try:

If you're watching it somewhere else, tell me and I'll link to it.

TV Schedule (Thanks schmiss!)
- Neighborhood Ball: An Inauguration Celebration (ABC - 8:00 Eastern)
- Yes We Will! Inaugural Celebration (BET - 8:00 Eastern)
- Change and Challenge: The Inauguration of Barack Obama (CBS - 9 Eastern)"
- Frontline - Dreams of Obama (PBS - 9 Eastern)
- A Moment In History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama (ABC - 10 Eastern)
- The Inauguration of Barack Obama (NBC - 10 Eastern)
- Be the Change Live from the Inaugural (MTV - 10 Eastern)
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MOST people would probably be nervous knowing billions of people are watching them.

But 'Obama' looked as cool as a cucumber today as he gave a thumbs-up ahead of becoming America's first black president.

Typing on his computer and chatting away on his phone, it looked like just another day in the office for the man soon to be the most powerful figurehead in the world.

He mingled with the rest of the office workers and even stood up and gave a wave for the camera in his trademark black suit and crisp white shirt.

But the FBI needn't panic about him being late for the swearing-in ceremony this afternoon - because he's not going.

This man is actually Ilham Anas, a magazine photographer from Indonesia, who bares a striking resemblance to the President-elect.

The 34-year-old has shot to fame in recent weeks as an Obama lookalike and has even appeared in a television commercial for heartburn medication in the Philippine

A Right Wing To Don't List

I thought you guys might like this . I'm already in love with it, despite past crazy statements:

The only thing worse than bad winners are sore losers, and we’ve had enough of them for the past eight years. So with that in mind, in the wake of today’s historic inauguration, here’s my Handbook For The Loyal Opposition, 2009 edition - a “To Don’t List,” if you will. Or even if you won’t.

DON’T question the motives - question the policy. When you disagree with Obama’s policies, say so, and make it clear why. But remember that President Obama is doing what he thinks is best for the country, as President Bush did. Both men love America and want what’s best for her. End of story.

DON’T make it personal. We don’t need another Derangement Syndrome. We don’t need people doing things like emphasizing Obama’s middle name in a derogatory fashion. How anyone would think that’s beneficial to their cause, or to the country as a whole, is beyond me. Also, it’s not even clever. Neither are smushwords like BusHitler, or sillywords like Rethuglicans and Dhimmicrats.

DON’T cozy up to and champion foreign dictators and despots. Sean Penn is an ass. No reason to be like him. ‘Nuff said. (Corollary: Don’t cozy up to and champion foreign dictators and despots and then act outraged when people question your patriotism.)

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EDIT: Please check out the source. It's seriously one of the BEST conservative blogs EVAR!!!