January 21st, 2009

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Obama Musical to Have British Premiere

Barack Obama hasn’t been president one full day and he has already inspired a new musical. “Obama On My Mind,” a musical with book, music and lyrics by Teddy Hayes, will make its premiere at the Hens and Chickens Theater in Islington, a borough of London, in March, Playbill.com reported. According to a news release, the show will take a “humorous look at the weird and wonderful world behind the scenes of a small Obama campaign office and the larger than life characters who make the wheels turn, the cogs whirr and bring in the votes.” The musical will feature a mixture of pop, rock, gospel and jazz songs; it is scheduled to begin performances on March 3 and make its official opening on March 5, before concluding its run on March 21.


I'm not sure how brilliant this will be, musically/technically speaking, but I am certain it will be entertaining, to say the least.

Because you can never have too much Rick...

I thought this was lulzy and couldn't wait til Friday to share:

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In case the embed doesn't work:

Sports World Comes to Standstill for Inauguration

"WASHINGTON -- Muhammad Ali and Magic Johnson had prime seats at the Capitol. LeBron James watched from a hotel room in Los Angeles with his two sons. Across the country, coaches rescheduled practices, and even the Super Bowl had to take a back seat Tuesday to the inauguration of Barack Obama.

"This day means a lot to inner-city kids, to African-American kids, to everyone," said Cleveland Cavaliers star James, who contributed $20,000 to Obama's campaign but couldn't attend the swearing-in because his team is on a West Coast road trip.

"This day will last forever. It will be in books. It will be in schools. It will be in classes. It will be on test questions. It means a lot not only on this day, but for the rest of the days to come and the years to come."

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this gave me warm fuzzies; I'm a huge fan, especially a baseball fan and I've grown up learning that I should admire people like Jackie Robinson (even if he played for the wrong team) =P and Larry Doby (who once tried to buy my grandfather's house!) and if they were still here today, i can't imagine how much they'd be smiling at this...
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Obama calls for halt to Gitmo prosecutions

Story Highlights
  • President Obama orders Guantanamo cases halted for 120 days
  • Obama had vowed to close naval prison at U.S. base
  • Critics argue inmates have been held for years without being charged with crime
GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba (CNN) -- In one of his first acts in office, President Obama has ordered the U.S. government to suspend prosecutions of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay for 120 days, military officials said Tuesday.

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Reading The Pictures: As Bush Flies, Cheney Rolls

Reading The Pictures: As Bush Flies, Cheney Rolls

Regardless how innocent the reason, the fact Cheney departed the office Tuesday in a wheelchair brought a number of strong reactions to the photo from my readership at BAGnewsNotes. Here's a sample:

>> This is pure theatre and is absolutely impossible to believe. An attempt at presenting a weakened or sympathetic image in the face of a very real threat of criminal prosecution. (Thomas)

>> I wouldn't be surprised if this maneuver was simply his way of being disrespectful and she he would not be standing when Obama took the Oath of Office. (Asta)

>> A vivid flashback to one of my favorites, Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. (Montana)

>> My impression is that Cheney is held together with band aids and glue. One of them busted, but I'm grateful for the metaphor and only sorry that he's sitting on the part the door should be hitting. (Karen)

>> Anyone watching NBC's coverage might have heard Brokaw actually say (out loud, even, though very quickly) that it's unfortunate the Cheney is in a wheelchair because he doesn't want to invite a Dr. Strangelove comparison. The quick statement was followed by a few seconds of what seemed to be awkward silence - I don't think anyone could believe he actually said it out loud. Priceless. (AJ)

>> Re: "An attempt at presenting a weakened or sympathetic image in the face of a very real threat of criminal prosecution." Hey, it worked for Pinochet! (Hermetically Sealed)

>> yg offered this link to explain the smirk (relating how a last minute decision by a federal judge has given Cheney discretion to decide what documents to preserve for history).

And then, expressing the unspeakable anger so many feel toward the man, shpx.ohfu offered this:


Iraq ready if U.S. pulls troops quickly

BAGHDAD, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- Iraqi government officials say they have emergency plans ready to implement in case the United States makes any sudden withdrawals of American troops.

Iraqi Member of Parliament Abbas Bayyati, who serves on the defense and security committee, told the state-owned Al-Sabah newspaper the government is prepared to face any emergency withdrawal of the U.S. Army, the Kuwait News Agency KUNA reported Wednesday.

Bayyati made the comments before U.S. President Barack Obama, on his first full day in the White House, was set to meet with military advisers to discuss the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama said during his campaign that he wanted combat troops out of Iraq within 16 months, while a status of forces agreement signed last year between the Bush administration and Iraq set the end of 2011 as the final troop pull-out date.

KUNA said Bayyati indicated in the interview that Obama administration officials are seeking ways to implement a new troop-level strategy that would not violate the existing agreement. He said Vice President Joe Biden's Middle East trip last week was meant in part to gauge the opinions of Iraqi leaders in preparation of the new strategy.


ngl I just like seeing "President Barack Obama"...

Ted Kennedy Expected To Leave Hospital

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, is scheduled to be released from the hospital Wednesday after suffering a seizure the day before.

Kennedy collapsed Tuesday during a luncheon for President Obama in the U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall.

Dr. Edward Aulisi, chairman of the neurosurgery department at Washington Hospital Center, said Kennedy's doctors "believe the incident was brought on by simple fatigue."

He will be released Wednesday morning, Aulisi said Tuesday.

"Sen. Kennedy is awake, talking with family and friends, and feeling well," the doctor said Tuesday.

Paramedics were called to the Capitol at 2:35 p.m. ET. An ambulance took Kennedy to Washington Hospital Center.

"Sen. Kennedy had a seizure" which "lasted a while," a Republican House member told CNN. The member said Kennedy was still experiencing seizures when he was put in a wheelchair and taken out of the room where the luncheon was held.

Sen. John Kerry, the junior senator from Massachusetts, accompanied Kennedy to the hospital. He told reporters Tuesday that Kennedy was alert and in good spirits.

"He has his Irish up," Kerry said. "Ted Kennedy is going to be back in the Senate fighting for the things he cares about."

Kerry quoted Kennedy's wife, Vicki, as saying, "It just goes with the territory."

"It is part of the battle he is fighting," Kerry said.

Kennedy, 76, also suffered a seizure in May 2008, while walking his dogs at his home in Hyannisport, Massachusetts.

Three days later, Kennedy's doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston said preliminary results from a brain biopsy showed a tumor in the left parietal lobe was responsible for the seizure.

In June 2008, Kennedy underwent a 3½-hour operation at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, to remove the malignant tumor. Surgeons had reported that the surgery was a success and that Kennedy should suffer no permanent damage from the procedure.

Kennedy's follow-up treatment plan was to include radiation and chemotherapy.

Obama mentioned Kennedy's condition while speaking at the luncheon.

Kennedy "was there when the Voting Rights Act passed," the new president said. "Along with John Lewis, [he] was a warrior for justice.

"And so I would be lying to you if I did not say that right now, a part of me is with him. And I think that's true for all of us. This is a joyous time. But it's also a sobering time, and my prayers are with him and his family and Vicki."

The senior Massachusetts senator, patriarch of one of the leading families of American politics, is a staunch supporter of Obama.

Kennedy is the brother of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, and New York Sen. Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated while seeking the White House in 1968.

Kennedy was first elected to the Senate in 1962.

Also during the luncheon, Sen. Robert Byrd, D-West Virginia, appeared to be experiencing some difficulty. Byrd, 91, was distraught over the incident involving Kennedy, a spokeswoman for the West Virginia senator said. She noted, however, that Byrd later had recovered enough to return to his Senate office.

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Sarah Palin fights Endangared Species Listing

Sarah Palin is fighting to keep another species from protection—the Cook Inlet beluga whale.
© Office of Governor Sarah Palin
Stepping back into the national spotlight for the first time since the presidential election, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced last week that the state would be filing suit against the federal government to overturn the recent inclusion of the Cook Inlet beluga whale on the U.S. list of endangered species. The population of the whales, which marine biologists consider genetically distinct and geographically isolated from Alaska’s other four beluga sub-species, has plummeted in recent decades—in the 1980s, some 1,300 of the whales lived in Cook Inlet, while today only 375 or so of the animals are there. The forthcoming lawsuit marks the second time that the Palin administration, which environmentalists accuse of being too cozy with the oil companies that dominate the state’s economy, has fought a federal endangered species listing. In August 2008, Alaska filed suit to overturn federal protection for the polar bear.
Once again Governor Palin has demonstrated either a complete lack of understanding or lack of concern over the plight of endangered species,” says Brendan Cummings of the Center for Biological Diversity, one of the groups which originally proposed federal protection for both the polar bear and the Cook Inlet belugas. “Governor Palin seems more than willing to sacrifice endangered whales on the altar of oil company profits.”


My guess is that she wants to Aerial hunt whales too....
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So whats the cost of the inauguration?

The media myth about the cost of Obama's inauguration

by Eric Boehlert

Did you hear that "some are saying" Barack Obama's inauguration will cost "$160 million," which is $100 million more than George W. Bush's last swearing-in? That's the tale the crew at Fox & Friends was telling on January 15. "Why does the thing have to cost so much?" demanded co-host Gretchen Carlson. "I don't get it. George Bush spent $42.3 million and that was just four years ago." She wondered why Obama needed "another $100 million" for his celebration.

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Smirk, Grin

Change Has Come... to the Internet!

As President-elect Barack Obama began his inaugural address at noon on Tuesday, his aides were busy switching over Whitehouse.gov.

Until 11:59 am EST, the Web site featured a photograph of former president George W. Bush leaving the White House for the last time. The relaunched site's most prominent feature is an oversize photo of the new president next to the slogan: "Change has come to America."

Because the presidential Web site launched under Bill Clinton's tenure, this is only the second time that Whitehouse.gov has changed hands. The Clinton-Bush handover was not without problems: The site on January 20, 2001, briefly sported the line "Insert Something Meaningful Here," and suffered from some broken links and 404 errors.

Obama's new site, too, has its bugs. The site administrators posted an entry saying Obama "was sworn in" before that happened; another post titled "Read the Inaugural Address" was blank an hour after Obama finished giving it; some photo captions were incorrect; and the search option didn't work reliably.

If you're interested in reading the inaugural address, our CBSNews.com sister site has posted the full text.

The White House also now has what it calls a blog, something that Bush didn't have, except for occasional features like his "Trip Notes" during an overseas visit. Macon Phillips, the White House's director of new media and one of the blog contributors, said in a post that "Whitehouse.gov is just the beginning of the new administration's efforts to expand and deepen this online engagement" in making this the most "open and transparent" administration in history. Phillips also asks for comments from the public through a Web form.

At least in its initial incarnation, the White House blog seems to be more a collection of press releases (a proclamation of a day of reconciliation) and Obama statements (remarks at a speech on Monday, and Tuesday's inaugural address). There is no opportunity to comment, the person posting the item is not automatically identified, and it doesn't include "trackbacks," meaning ways to identify who else is talking about the entry.

On technology policy, the new administration promises to support Net neutrality, encourage the development of Internet-filtering technologies for parents "while preserving the First Amendment," and "strengthen privacy protections for the Digital Age." In an echo of Obama's campaign Web site, it says intellectual-property owners should be "fairly treated," while copyright and patent laws should be updated.

The White House lists names of appointees for Cabinet positions, including well-known ones like Hillary Clinton for secretary of state and lesser-known ones like Robert Nabors for deputy budget director. But it missed the opportunity to post photos and even brief biographies of each of the nominees.

It does feature a reasonably flattering official biography of the outgoing President Bush, saying he worked "to create an ownership society and build a future of security, prosperity, and opportunity for all Americans. He signed into law tax relief that helped workers keep more of their hard-earned money" and took steps "to protect our homeland and create a world free from terror."

Elsewhere, though, another Web page lambastes Bush's "unconscionable ineptitude" in responding to Hurricane Katrina and promises that such a "catastrophic failure" will never happen again.

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China Censors Parts Of Obama's Speech

BEIJING — The official Chinese translation of President Barack Obama's inauguration speech omitted his references to communism and dissent, and a live broadcast on state television Wednesday quickly cut away to the anchor when sensitive topics were mentioned.

The comments by the newly installed U.S. president veered into politically sensitive territory for China's ruling Communist Party, which maintains a tight grip over the Internet and the entirely state-run media. Beijing tolerates little dissent and frequently decries foreign interference in its internal affairs.

At one point, Obama said earlier generations "faced down communism and fascism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions." He later addressed "those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent _ know that you are on the wrong side of history."

The Chinese translation of the speech, credited to the Web site of the official China Daily newspaper, was missing the word "communism" in the first sentence. The paragraph with the sentence on dissent had been removed entirely.

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Also, here is President Obama dancing. I am so jealous of the girl he bumps booties with.


Inaugural Crowd Repudiates The Antics Of Anti-Gay Church

Just in case you thought yesterday's Inaugural was free of on-the-streets rancor, we got news today from the documentarians at NomadsLand that those candy-colored, flag-desecrating, bigot-whackjobs from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas - well known for their "protests" of funerals of fallen soldiers and the foaming ridiculousness of their collective gay panic, were out on Pennsylvania Avenue, acting like fools yesterday afternoon.

NomadsLand provides a nice video of the Westboro clan getting worked over by the more well-adjusted crowd and giving their typical bizarre answers to everything. I especially love the part where one church member explains the crypto-zoology behind the size of various mythical beasts' horns.

One of the Westboro gang is also shown carrying a sign that reads "JOBS WON'T FIX AMERICA," which is either a bearish take on the utility of the iPhone, or a warning to the nation that employment is sodomy. Both are probably a little bit true, but, jeez, that's no reason to yell at people.


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LA ABC Station Refuses To Air PSAs About Gay Families: "Too Controversial"

LA ABC Station Refuses To Air PSAs About Gay Families: "Too Controversial"

Claiming the clips were too controversial to run during inauguration coverage, KABC-TV in Los Angeles refused to run public service announcements from Get To Know Us First, a group that promotes acceptance of LGBT families. From their press release:
Non-profit organization GetToKnowUsFirst.org produced five 30-second commercials featuring gay and lesbian families, with the message "Marriage promotes families. Support marriage equality." The ads, while not tied to any current election, are the result of California's passage of Proposition 8 in November. The group aired the spots in 42 of the states' 58 counties -- everywhere the initiative passed by 50% or more -- during Tuesday's coverage of the Presidential Inauguration. KABC is the only station that refused to sell the ad space. The rejected ad profiles two African American men raising five children ages 6 through 25. Ironically, the family lives in Los Angeles.

The media buy was attempted by the organization's ad agency, New and Improved Media. Its CEO, Keith Fisher, was surprised that KABC rejected the group's money. Fisher said, "We usually only see this with risque content, as in a trailer for a movie." He added, "If KABC thinks they have to protect the public from this family, something's obviously very wrong over there." Chris Yokogawa, the ad agency's media buyer, worked with the station, attempting to ease any concerns they might have. He said, "We went back and forth a couple of times. I explained that this family is far from controversial. They were firm in their rejection. They said it was too controversial to air during the Inauguration, since 'many families will be watching.'"

The ad aired across California on Tuesday -- before, during and after the Presidential Inauguration on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Despierta America (Univision) and Levantate (Telemundo) broadcasts, as well as on a wide range of regional news stations, CNN and FoxNews during evening coverage of the day's events. Project Coordinator John Ireland expressed astonishment at KABC's rejection. He said, "This ad is about families. I challenge anyone to watch the commercials at www.GetToKnowUsFirst.org and articulate what is inappropriate about airing it at any time of day."
Here's the clip.

sorry mods forgot the

Some troops unhappy about Obama's pledge on gays

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Many U.S. troops in Iraq were overjoyed to see President Barack Obama take his oath, but some were unhappy about one thing the Democrat has promised to do: permit gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly.

Obama said during his campaign he opposed a 1993 law stating that homosexuals are not eligible to work in the U.S. military, widely referred to as the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rule.

This month, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, when asked whether the new administration planned to scrap the law, replied on the president's transition website: "You don't hear politicians give a one-word answer much. But it's 'yes'."

But some of the 140,000 troops still in Iraq almost six years after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion to topple Saddam Hussein appear uneasy about the prospect.


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Images to make you think: Palestine - WWII Europe
by Elizabeth Kucinich

Throughout human history man's inhumanity to man has produced shocking parallels and symmetries, the irony of which is noteworthy.

Open your eyes and hearts to what is going on in occupied Palestine. Just as the suffering of the Jewish people in Nazi occupied Europe was unacceptable and should never be allowed again. The suffering of the Palestinians under illegal Israeli military occupation must end.

The suffering of any people under illegal occupation is unacceptable.

For the love of humanity. Let's work together to create a new outcome which assures the security of all peoples.

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source: her facebook

Opinions? Is this a fair comparison? Some people are saying it's sensationalized, some think it's an accurate comparison.

New York To Lose Almost 200,000 Jobs In 2009

A report prepared for the U.S. Conference of Mayors forecasts the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area to shed some 11,400 jobs in 2009, a decline of 2.9 percent.

The study, conducted by IHS Global Insight, said of the 363 metropolitan areas studied, only five are not expected to see job losses this year. One of those markets is Ithaca.

The expected job losses in the Buffalo area place the city 41st, with unemployment anticipated to rise to 8.7 percent by the fourth quarter, up from 7.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Rochester, 46th on the list, is expected to lose 9,500 jobs in 2009 with unemployment rising to 8.4 percent from 6.7 percent in the comparable fourth quarter.

Syracuse is expected to see a loss of 5,900 jobs, or 1.8 percent, placing 73rd. Albany is 78th on the list with a decline of 5,800 jobs, or 1.3 percent.

New York City will lose the most jobs in 2009 — 181,000 jobs, the report said. Los Angeles will have the second-most losses at 164,000, followed by Miami (85,000), Chicago (80,300) and Boston (58,500).

The report notes that unemployment will top 10 percent in 70 metro area including Detroit and Cleveland.


Gawker Votes On The Hottest of the Obama Administration

Tina Brown writes that the incoming Obama administration promises a restoration of intellectualism to the center of American life. In honor of her thesis, we present the official Obama Hotties poll.

Your contestants:

Melody Barnes
, domestic policy council director, is not only attractive but was also Ted Kennedy's lawyer, so you know she's good. (OK, technically, she was his chief counsel at the Senate Judiciary Committee for eight years.)
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President Barack Obama makes a call from the Oval Office on his first full day on the job.

Obama Promises New Destiny, Work Begins Today
By JOE KLEIN Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009

President Barack Obama makes a call from the Oval Office on his first full day on the job.

"I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear ..." Well, nothing was more stunning and cathartic than those few words. Not the remarkable American diorama — in all its polychromatic wonder — spread out for miles on the National Mall in Washington. Not the clear, sober cadences of our new President's Inaugural Address. Not the prayers and tears, the unstoppable smiles and barely controlled giddiness of what may have been the happiest crowd ever to grace the nation's capital. A man named Barack Hussein Obama is now the President of the United States. He came to us as the ultimate outsider in a nation of outsiders — the son of an African visitor and a white woman from Kansas — and he has turned us inside out. That he leads us now is a breathtaking statement of American open-mindedness and, yes, our native liberality. Even before his first act as President, and no matter how he fares in the office, he stands as a singular event in our history. (See pictures of people around the world watching Obama's inauguration.)

http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1872924,00.html MUCH MORE

love it

cpt marvel

University of Florida Students Get Racist Texts About Pres. Obama

“The monkey got out of the cage.”

This mysterious phrase appeared on the cell phones of UF students, faculty and staff in the form of a text message Tuesday night.

Sent from the five–digit phone number 65586, UF spokesman Steve Orlando confirmed the text came from Mobile Campus, a national system UF uses to update students about campus emergencies.
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Follow Up Article
: Criminal Investigation Over Mysterious Texts

A criminal investigation is under way over a mysterious text message sent Tuesday to University of Florida staff and students, officials with the text-messaging company and university police said Wednesday.
The message - "The monkey got out of the cage" - was sent around 8:45 p.m. to cell phones of tens of thousands of current and former students and staff. Public speculation on online message boards focused on whether it was a racist slur against President Barack Obama.
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it's a lot of bs about the actual hacking, rather than the message, but i thought people should know that even most liberal colleges still have racist douchebags wandering around.

did anyone else who goes to UF here get one? i didn't but my roommate and my other roommate's boyfriend did. it was creepy as shit at first, then my roommate's boyfriend remembered how all along the campaign trail, people were equating obama to a monkey and then it just got really irritating. everyone's facebook status reflected it in someway: half were pissed because they understood and the other had no idea what the fuck was going on.

Obama Freezes Salaries of Some White House Aides

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's first public act in office Wednesday was to institute new limits on lobbyists in his White House and to freeze the salaries of high-paid aides, in a nod to the country's economic turmoil.

Announcing the moves while attending a ceremony in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to swear in his staff, Obama said the steps "represent a clean break from business as usual."

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I love this, Day one in office and he's already getting shit done.

Meet The First Lady's Gay Dream Team

Michael Smith, Jason Wu

If there's one thing we can be sure of with this new administration, it's that First Lady Michelle Obama will bring style back to the White House. Of course, that's not to say that Laura Bush didn't have "style" (in a "church secretary" sort of way), nor Nancy Reagan (in a Mary Tyler Moore Ordinary People "give her the goddamn camera!" sort of way).

But Michelle's ascension promises a fresher spin on First Lady and White House glamour, and that's due in no small part to her gaggle of gay designers.

Jason Wu designed Michelle's Inauguration dress, which has caused heated debate as to whether it flattered her, or looked like a Project Runway wreck. Jason is a NYC designer who has his own designing line, was a student of Tim Gunn, and has designed dolls for, among others, RuPaul.

When the First Family returns home to the White House, they'll see the handiwork of Michael Smith. The designer-to-the-stars had plans for the White House even before the election, wanting to bring "great masters of 20th-century American design into the executive mansion and bringing Alice Waters in to do a vegetable garden and head up the cooking".

In could-be-but-we're-not-sure related news, Michelle's personal hairstylist Johnny Wright has landed a development deal to star in a reality show. We don't know whether Johnny is gay (although he does like to use the word "honey" a lot), but gay or not, he joins a fabulous First Lady transition team.

And speaking of "the dress", there's a pic after the jump. Any thoughts?


Obama, Roberts flub swearing-in oath; lawyer says maybe Obama should re-do it


Inauguration Flub Watch

By Joel Achenbach

The problem with Obama relying on that 27-year-old kid to write his speeches is that someone so young doesn't remember the Grover Cleveland presidency the way I do. And thus Obama opened his speech with a mistake that made every history geek in America wince and gasp (before deciding, perhaps, to call it a mere rounding error).

"Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath," Obama said.

Actually, it's 43. Obama is considered the 44th president because Cleveland, whose two terms were not consecutive, is considered both the 22nd and 24th president.

And while we're on Flub Watch duty, we have to mention the awkward oath. It appears that Obama jumped the gun at the beginning a little bit, and that threw off Chief Justice Roberts, who garbled the oath. Obama then improvised a little bit. They both closed strong, however.

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And: http://www.salon.com/politics/war_room/?last_story=/politics/war_room/2009/01/21/oath/
Should Obama retake the oath?

During Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony Tuesday, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts mangled the wording of the presidential oath of office. As a result, Obama said "execute the Office of President of the United States faithfully" instead of the correct "faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States." While the error is both minor and the fault of Roberts, not Obama, as War Room reported Tuesday, that hasn't stopped some in the media from speculating that Obama isn't officially the president because he hasn't taken the constitutionally mandated 35-word oath verbatim.

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Georgia Father Barred From Entertaining His Homosexual Friends In Presence of His Child

A former Fayette man is challenging an order that he not be allowed to entertain “his homosexual partners and friends” while his three minor children visit him once weekly.

The order was entered Oct. 1, 2007, by Fayette County Superior Court Judge Christopher Edwards as part of the divorce case between Eric Mongerson and Sandy Ehlers. Mongerson has appealed this issue and several others to the Georgia Supreme Court.

Edwards ordered that neither of the parents could have “overnight company with a member of the opposite sex, or with any person deemed to be a paramour, unrelated by blood or marriage, in the presence of a child.”

One sentence later Edwards wrote: “Additionally, defendant is prohibited from exposing the children to his homosexual partners and friends.”


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I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.

On flight back to Texas, Gonzales cried, received a kiss from Bush.

Immediately after President Obama’s swearing-in yesterday, George W. Bush and a group of his loyalists — including Margaret Spellings, Karl Rove, and Alberto Gonzales — flew back to Texas for a “welcome home” rally. Cox News reporter Ken Herman caught up with Gonzales, who shared some of the moments from the plane ride:
GONZALES: The last thing he said as he was getting off the plane — he kissed me on the forehead — and he said, “Just stay strong.” […]

HERMAN: Any tears shed on the plane by anybody?

GONZALES: By me, yeah. There were a few.


GONZALES: Just pride. Just love and appreciation for the man and what he did, Ken. I feel — being on this trip did a lot for me, in terms of just making me realize — it was a small part, but I played a part in protecting our country, and I take a great deal of pride in that.

When asked whether he still feels “good” about his service, Gonzales replied, “Absolutely. Even better.” Watch it:


Republicans are so fucking weird.
lana del rey

Clinton confirmed as secretary of state by 94-2 vote

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. Senate approved the nomination of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state Wednesday by a vote of 94-2.

The two senators who opposed Clinton's confirmation were Jim DeMint, R-South Carolina, and David Vitter, R-Louisiana.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, had objected to the confirmation Tuesday, preventing the Senate from voting by unanimous consent. His objection meant that the Senate held a roll call vote on Clinton's nomination Wednesday.

Cornyn said he knew that Clinton would be confirmed but said he delayed the vote because he wanted more time to talk about the foundation run by her husband, former President Clinton.

Bill Clinton signed an agreement with the Obama transition team pledging to limit foreign donations and to release annual disclosures of new donations to his foundation.

Speaking from the floor, Sen. John McCain on Wednesday urged a quick confirmation of Clinton by a voice vote.

McCain, R-Arizona, who was the Republican presidential candidate last year, frequently spoke of his respect for Clinton during the campaign season.

Cornyn said he told McCain that he wouldn't agree to an immediate voice vote but said that as long as senators have time to express their concerns, a voice vote might have been acceptable.

Cornyn wrote to Hillary Clinton last week to outline his concerns.

"I remain deeply troubled that America's foreign policy and your diplomatic mission will be encumbered by the sweeping global activities of the Clinton Foundation ... unless tighter foreign fundraising restrictions and transparency protocols are adopted by your husband's organization," he wrote in a letter he released to the media .

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-1 last week in favor of Clinton's nomination, with Vitter casting the sole dissenting vote. The committee vote sent Clinton's nomination to the full Senate, the final step in the confirmation process.


Language Appropriation

When Gov. Sarah Palin mocked Barack Obama's community-organizing background at last year's Republican convention, attendees lapped it up. "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities," she said of her own experience, to thunderous applause. But as the great orator moves into the Oval Office, some would-be GOP leaders are appropriating Obamaesque language.


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Caroline Kennedy Withdraws Senate Seat Bid

Caroline Kennedy is withdrawing her name from consideration for Hillary Clinton's vacant Senate seat.

Kennedy cited "personal reasons," according to the New York Post.

The New York Times elaborates that she was concerned about her uncle, Ted Kennedy, who suffered a seizure on Tuesday:
On Wednesday she called the governor, David Paterson, who is making the selection of who should succeed Senator Hillary Clinton. Her concerns about Senator Edward M. Kennedy's deteriorating health (he was hospitalized after a seizure during the inaugural lunch on Tuesday) prompted her decision to withdraw, this person said. Coping with the health issues of her uncle, with whom she enjoys an extraordinarily close bond, was her most important priority; a situation not conducive to starting a high profile public job.


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Nice moves! Obama booty-bumps 9th-grader

'It was like he was raised on the dance floor,' said Victoria Lucas, 14

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It seems all Washington was dancing in the streets on Tuesday, but that night at the Neighborhood Ball, the spotlight was on 14-year-old Victoria Lucas.

No shrinking violet, the 9th-grader from Dover, Del., went right up to President Barack Obama — and challenged him to the Bump.

"I knew I was going to be on stage with him," Lucas tells PEOPLE. "I didn't know I was going to be that close to him!

As a partner, "He was just a very smooth, cool, laidback dancer. He was just like a normal person," assessed Lucas. "You would never think this dude earlier today was sworn in as our next president.

"It's amazing to think about. He was just a very smooth and suave dancer. It was like he was raised on the dance floor. It was so much fun."

Hopes to find a 'boy like that'

Compared to the boys at school, "There is no comparison whatsoever," she said. "The boys at school are more into the jumping up and down and shaking the hair type stuff.

"He's just an all-American good dancer. I hope I find a boy like that!"

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Newsmax! Yes, Newsmax! Has Had Enough

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is going on the offensive against news organizations and bloggers she says are perpetuating malicious gossip about her and her children. But political observers say the former Republican vice presidential candidate can't have it both ways: trotting out the children to showcase her family values, then trying to shield them from scrutiny.

Palin's criticism also raises questions about her motivations because she has said she is open to a presidential run in 2012.

"I think she's positioning herself. She's attacking the media as a way to generate support among a base she hopes will support her," said Leonard Steinhorn, a professor of communications at American University in Washington and an expert on the presidency.

Palin shied away from interviews during the campaign, although her children often accompanied her on her travels, including her oldest daughter, Bristol, who was pregnant at the time.

But in recent weeks, she has personally reached out to media outlets such as People magazine and The Associated Press to complain about information she claimed is wrong.

She slammed reports that 18-year-old Bristol Palin and the teen's fiance are high school dropouts. The governor insists the two are not dropouts because they enrolled in correspondence courses.

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Biden gaffe comes at Roberts' expense

That didn't take long. During his first full day in office, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. made a jarring verbal gaffe, shooting a public dig at the chief justice of the United States that left President Obama grim-faced.

When asked by Mr. Obama to administer the oath of office to White House senior staff, Mr. Biden, who is known for saying things he shouldn't, asked, "Am I doing this again?"

Appearing in need of a cheat sheet off which he could read the oath, Mr. Biden then said, "My memory isn't as good as Justice Roberts'."

It was a dig at Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., who during Mr. Obama's swearing-in at the Capitol on Tuesday flubbed the oath of office, causing Mr. Obama to pause and stumble through the highlight of his inauguration.

But the new president was not amused by Mr. Biden's crack. As some in the audience drew in breath and gave low "oohs," Mr. Obama stood silently next to Mr. Biden and appeared to just barely shake his head.

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2008 // coolest couple EVAR

Conservative chainletter making the rounds

I'm not sure if this is allowed to be posted here, so I apologize to the mods if this wastes your time.

I got the following email from my dad today (who is about as far right-wing as you can get). It's a conservative chainletter making the rounds since the inauguration.

Headlines On This Date 4 Years Ago:

"Republicans spending $42 million on inauguration while troops Die in
unarmored Humvees"

"Bush extravagance exceeds any reason during tough economic times"

"Fat cats get their $42 million inauguration party, Ordinary Americans
get the shaft"

Headlines Today:

"Historic Obama Inauguration will cost only $120 million"

"Obama Spends $120 million on inauguration; America Needs A Big Party"

"Everyman Obama shows America how to celebrate"

"Citibank executives contribute $8 million to Obama Inauguration"

Nothing like fair & unbiased coverage of the news !!!

Welcome to the NEW and Unbiased World Order where every ... oops( I
mean only Democrats) man is created equal. Just Liberal Democrats are
created more equal than others.

Wake up America... There is equality for the Liberal, but God help the
middle class and the conservative.

Source: my email

I love how they don't mention which newspapers/blogs they get these headlines from.

ETA: Someone on my friends list pointed out this link that points out the bullshit claims about Obama's ~*elaborate*~ inauguration.

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Drudge Report

FLASH: Obama was just re-sworn in, the White House map room. Roberts readministered the oath. Gregg Craig there to oversee. Gibbs said: 'One word out of sequence'...

source and also I heard it on CNN Lou Dobbs just now.

ETA: found by schmiss

Obama takes the oath a second time


WASHINGTON - Chief Justice John Roberts has administered the presidential oath of office to Barack Obama for a second time just to be on the safe side.

The unusual step came after Roberts flubbed the oath a bit on Tuesday, causing Obama to repeat the wording differently than as prescribed in the Constitution.

White House counsel Greg Craig said Obama took the oath from Roberts again out of an “abundance of caution.’’

The chief justice and the president handled the matter privately in the Map Room on Wednesday night.


It's Obama's White House now

The walls in the West Wing are oddly bare, the Oval Office still looks like it did during the Bush years, and advisers to the president are just trying to get their e-mail working. But let there be no doubt: This is now Barack Obama's White House.

His young daughters, Malia and Sasha, got to take the day off from school Wednesday after an exhilarating late-night scamper around their new home — one that ended in style when they opened a door to find their favorite band, the Jonas Brothers.

Obama's wife, Michelle, walked out of the Oval Office side-by-side with him — hardly a common image for that territory.

And then there was Obama himself, lightly rested after a late night of inaugural balls but ready to get started on his new job.

Here's his first day as president:


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Foxman: Mitchell is “Fair” and I’m Unhappy About It

I think Anti-Defamation League honcho Abe Foxman better think harder about this:

Some Jewish leaders say the very qualities that may appeal to the Obama administration — Mitchell’s reputation as an honest broker — could spark unhappiness, if not outright opposition, from some pro-Israel groups.

“Sen. Mitchell is fair. He’s been meticulously even-handed,” said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. “But the fact is, American policy in the Middle East hasn’t been ‘even handed’ — it has been supportive of Israel when it felt Israel needed critical U.S. support.”

“So I’m concerned,” Foxman continued. “I’m not sure the situation requires that kind of approach in the Middle East.”

For one thing, I’m not thrilled to see Foxman talking about this issue at all which seems far afield from the ADL’s mandate. But the position he’s taking is also incredibly stupid—nobody comes out against fairness. It’d be one thing to complain that Mitchell is somehow biased against Israel in a problematic way, but Foxman’s complaining that he’s too fair and even-handed. That’s absurd. Fair is a good quality in an envoy.

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The Hip Hop Inauguration

During the weekend of Presidential Inauguration celebrations, the words, “My President is black,” became more than a hot line taken from a hot song. The hook for Young Jeezy’s “My President” became the unofficial anthem for the entire weekend of festivities surrounding the 56th Presidential Inauguration. From parties, balls, and galas, to concerts and the Inauguration itself, the hip hop elite came to D.C. to celebrate a historical achievement, and in doing so, also became a part of it.

For hip hop artists and fans, the Inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama was as good of excuse as they were ever going to have to party. And so it began on Friday night with Jay-Z at D.C.’s megaclub, Love, for a kick-off event that put hip hop in the front and center of the weekend’s festivities. The Hip-Hop Caucus hosted it’s own party on Saturday night at Ibiza nightclub, where Mary J. Blige stopped by and Biz Markie hopped in the DJ booth to spin a couple records. 

Sunday night, the party was in full effect back over at Love, where Young Jeezy and T.I. both performed for a star-studded audience. Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Akon, Bow Wow, Solange, Ashanti, Nelly, Wale and others were all in the house. The night ended with its biggest surprise when Jay took the stage and debuted his own verse to Jeezy’s “My President…” (click here to listen).

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Young Jeezy and Jay-Z on stage at Love

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the parties only grew bigger. A performance by Common at Love, as well as a Jay-Z concert going on at the Warner Theatre, were two of the night’s most-talked about moments. But over at the Harman Center in Downtown D.C., hip hop was getting its grown and sexy at the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball presented by the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network.

T.I. and Young Jeezy both were in attendance in addition to Busta Rhymes, Russell Simmons, and LL Cool J. Busta tore down the place with a surprise live performance and was responsible for more than a few bow ties loosening up. For the rest of the night, it was DJ D-Nice’s job to keep the crowd rocking with hit after hit. It was a job well done.

And then of course there was Tuesday, which was the biggest party of them all. But before a DJ even spun a record, hip hop was in the house to witness history. Diddy and Jay (along with Beyoncé) were not only at the Inauguration, but also sitting in the same section as former Presidents and other dignitaries. Then later that night, at the Neighborhood Ball, Kanye West and Jay-Z both performed in honor of the 44th President. Common, meanwhile, did his thing over at the Midwest Region Ball at the Washington Convention Center.
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Kanye West performs at the Neighborhood Ball

The unique thing about these last performances, and every celebration or performance throughout the weekend for that matter, was within a nation’s most progressive moment, the state of hip hop has moved beyond the streets, the blocks, and the clubs. By inviting artists such as Jay-Z and Common to perform at official Inaugural events, President Obama, whether intentional or not, showed American music isn’t necessarily Rock and Roll, Jazz, or even Country. It is now a music Chuck D once called the black CNN – a music once thought to be a fad and is now the soundtrack for a nation, performed by people who prefer to go by aliases rather than their government names. American music is hip hop and you better get used to it, because the President is black. And he likes himself some hip hop.

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Dear Mr. Obama: Help our kids play

An open letter to Barack Obama on the eve of his inauguration.

Dear Mr. President-elect:

Every 50 years or so since the rise of the U.S. as an industrial power, someone with your impending job title takes a hard look at the athletic activity of children.

He finds neglect and opportunity.

He takes action.

He leaves the nation -- and, ultimately, the sports nation -- in a better place.

Just over a century ago, it was Teddy Roosevelt. Ascending to the presidency at a time when America was about to make its play as leader of the free world, he didn't like what he saw happening with teenage boys. Roosevelt grew up an asthmatic, a sickly boy from polluted New York who made his body strong by embracing a life of vigorous exercise. He wrestled and lifted weights, and he boxed even after moving into the White House. He worried that the comforts of urban life had rendered middle- and upper-class boys soft and effeminate, raised, as many of them were, by their mothers. They hardly seemed fit, the way he saw it, to take over the businesses that their more manly fathers were hard at work creating. At the same time, the nation needed dependable laborers to pave the expansion into new markets. Sports, and team sports specifically, became seen as a way to indoctrinate immigrant boys into the ways of American capitalism. "Only aggressive sports can create the brawn, the spirit, the self-confidence, and quickness of men essential for the existence of a strong nation," Roosevelt roared.


Theodore Roosevelt
AP PhotoTheodore Roosevelt tried to use sports to toughen up the youth of America.
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so seductive
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Purple Tunnel Of Doom: Ticketed Inauguration Attendees Shut Out

WASHINGTON — They say Washington's all about access. Still, this was ridiculous.

First, in an episode fast becoming known as "The Purple Tunnel of Doom," thousands of people with coveted tickets at the Capitol were kept out of President Barack Obama's inaugural ceremony and left waiting in a tunnel below the National Mall, with officials blaming unanticipated crowd control problems.

Then, hours later, in an incident perhaps less grave but still acutely disappointing, many young partygoers with $75 tickets to the Youth Inaugural Ball were kept waiting for hours because of space problems, all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Some missed Kid Rock perform. They also missed Kanye West. And much worse, they missed Barack and Michelle Obama.

"Yes, we can!" they heard the crowd inside chant joyously as the first couple greeted them and took a romantic twirl on the stage, to the tuba music of an Air Force band.

But no, actually. They couldn't.

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Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/01/21/purple-tunnel-of-doom-tic_n_159842.html

i was part of this unfortunately (blue section not purple)