February 28th, 2009


While we are on the subject of local political happenings

Ready for guns on college campus?

from my Georgia Carry group:

GCO wishes to make known its top priority for the 2009-2010 legislative session. Rep. Tim Bearden (R-68, GCO's Representative of the Year 2008) introduced HB 615 today. HB 615 will receive its first reading in the House on Tuesday. HB 615 addresses the issues that are of crucial importance to the members of GCO, including repealing the public gathering law and making the license a true concealed weapons license, rather than a firearms license. This bill would also take care of campus carry.

In sum, here is what Rep. Bearden's bill would accomplish, broken down by section.

SECTION 1 - This section of the bill addresses the concealed carry law and permits the concealed carry of weapons, rather than just pistols, revolvers, and concealable firearms. This solves the ridiculous problem of GCO members being charged for concealing a pocketknife in a pocket while legally carrying a pistol (Yes, this has really happened). Section 1 also makes it legal for those eligible under federal law to possess a firearm to possess a firearm in a motor vehicle, which fixes an oversight in the concealed carry statute.

SECTION 2 - This section repeals the public gathering law and makes it clear that the only places off limits to you in Georgia will be the portion of a building housing courtrooms, jail, or a prison.

SECTION 3 - This section repeals the requirement of a license to carry a pistol openly, making Georgia like the majority of states, where a license is needed only to conceal the weapon, not merely to carry it.

SECTION 4 - This section changes the licensing law to provide for the option of a lifetime license or the regular 5 year license. It also changes the issuing authority to the Secretary of State. This section also removes the disqualifier for misdemeanor marijuana convictions and concealed weapons carry offenses.

SECTION 5 - This section makes it illegal to seize your weapon during a declared emergency.

SECTION 6 - This section removes the Governor's power to seize your weapon during a time of declared emergency.

SECTION 7 - This section makes sure that your private information will still be confidential once the licensing moves over to the Secretary of State.

SECTION 8 - This section makes the act effective the day it is signed, rather than July 1 of the year it is signed.

SECTION 9 - This section repeals all conflicting laws.

Here is the current list of 33 co-sponsors (there are 180 Representatives in the House):Collapse )
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Guys this is my big chance y/y? ♥_♥

Favreau's digits printed by Post

Thanks to a photo printed by the Washington Post, President Barack Obama’s speechwriter may now have to change his cell phone number.

Jon Favreau’s phone number can be clearly made out in a picture the Post chose for their Op-Ed page on Friday, which depicts President Obama making his remarks to Congress on Tuesday. Taken by a Reuters photographer from above, you see Obama reading from the first page of the address — and clearly printed is: “Draft 2/24/09 12pm…Favreau/Rhodes….6-1334 | 312-805-7077." (Number redacted. UNREDACTED, BITCH)

We at Yeas & Nays tried the number and can confirm it is his number (we got his voicemail). This may excite a lot of the women around town, but we heard he's taken by White House aide (and Maxim model) Ali Campoverdi.


The picture:

Our first cell phone leak. We truly are in the ONTD big leagues now.

ETA: guys, I fucking called it. At 3 AM. I got his voicemail though. :/ I left him a nice message and my # (hey why waste an opportunity?) but something tells me he won't be listening to any of the zillions of messages, unless I was the only person to leave a message in which case lol I'm a stalker.
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Breaking: Colbert, Steele to hold rap battle

By Alex Koppelman
Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 16:45 EST

I was watching a clip from last night's episode of "The Colbert Report" this morning when I saw something pretty funny: Host Stephen Colbert challenging Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to a freestyle rap battle. So I sent it along to a colleague with a note saying, "What I love about this is that I bet Steele is actually dumb enough to do it."

Now, I don't want to say I have special powers or anything. I will say, though, that I am currently in discussions to replace Dionne Warwick at the Psychic Friends Network because, as predicted, Steele has accepted Colbert's challenge.

It's certainly possible that Steele won't come out of this looking ridiculous. Maybe he's the next great battle rapper. But somehow I think this will end up just being more evidence of what I said earlier -- Republicans need to stop trying to be cool.

Seriously, Michael Steele? Seriously?

Rush Limbaugh: War over Bobby Jindal

Rush Limbaugh: War over Bobby Jindal

"I love Bobby Jindal," said Rush Limbaugh on his talk-radio show's website. The Louisiana governor is standing up for conservative principles. So, to all you Republicans who joined Democrats in ridiculing Jindal for his response to the speech by President Obama, "The Messiah," I say, "I don't want to hear from you ever again."

An awful lot of conservatives are now Republican outcasts, said Allahpundit in Hot Air. But we'll survive. "Jindal will shake this off," too, but the fact remains that by being actively bad, as opposed to merely boring, "he blew an opportunity to turn himself into a breakout star a la Obama at the 2004 convention."

This looks like "all-out war ... among conservatives," said Joe Gandelman in The Moderate Voice. Limbaugh is like the cranky head of a condo board trying to scare his neighbors into toeing the line. But the GOP will rebuild faster if it chooses "a more thoughtful, affirmative version of conservatism" over Limbaugh's "conservatism of exclusion."

Rush: If you think Jindal reeked last night, I don’t want to hear from you again

Sounds like Ace and I are now Republican personas non grata. As are an awful lot of commenters in last night’s megathread, I might add.

That’s okay. One of these days Andy Levy and I are going to start a secular, hawkish, (mostly) libertarian third party. You’re all welcome to join.
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Looks like Limbaugh is getting less love...

Who's mad?

Gallup: Obama approval rating rises to 67%

Gallup says President Obama's approval rating today is 67%, up from 59% on Tuesday and 63% a week ago.


Gallup attributes the week's improvement to Obama's address to Congress Tuesday night and a sharp rebound among Republicans, from 27% approval to 42%.

The latest rating is based on polling conducted Tuesday through Thursday. Reaction to Obama's new budget proposal should be reflected in coming days.


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China enacts tough new food law

File Picture. Butcher sells pork in Beijing (09/12/08)

China has passed a strict new food safety law, after a series of scandals involving food processing companies which killed several people.

The law, five years in the making, consolidates hundreds of separate regulations and statues covering China's 500,000 food processing firms.

The law pays special attention to food additives, which were at the centre of a tainted milk scandal last year.

No additives will be allowed unless proven safe, the new law declares.

It will go into effect on 1 June.


Milk from the Sanlu dairy company found to be contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine was last year blamed for the death of six children and making some 300,000 sick.

Two people were sentenced to death for their involvement in the Sanlu contamination. The former boss of the dairy at the centre of the milk scandal was imprisoned for life.

"The Sanlu scandal exposed a loophole in the system, and that's why the new law is especially strict in this area," Xin Chunying, a lawmaker from the National People's Congress Standing Committee was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

The new law will also include a system for monitoring and supervision, a set of national standards for food safety, severe discipline for offenders and a system for food recall.

Just last week, at least 70 people fell ill after eating pork products contaminated with an illegal animal feed additive, state media reported.

In 2006, more than 300 people fell ill in Shanghai after eating pig meat or organs that had been contaminated in a similar fashion.





Story from BBC NEWS:

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California declares drought emergency


Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:46am EST

By Peter Henderson

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday declared a state emergency due to drought and said he would consider mandatory water rationing in the face of nearly $3 billion in economic losses from below-normal rainfall this year.


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Speaking of water problems, has anyone seen this documentary called The Water Front?  It's about these residents of Highland Park, Michigan whose water bills are thousands of dollars, some up to $10,000, and the residents are getting their water cut off because they can't afford them (it's a very poor city).  Apparently the infrastructure is really screwed up and there were leaks in the water system that the city didn't have enough money to repair. Then they're thousands of dollars in debt to the water company and their debt ends up getting tacked onto their property taxes, so they lose their homes.  It's a huge problem and apparently it's happening in other cities too (one of which is NYC but the filmmaker said they wouldn't dare cut off New Yorkers' water because they know they'd take to the streets).  This water thing is a really huge problem and it seems like no one's talking about it.



The Melting-Pot Theory

Why American Muslims don't blow things up.
By Timothy NoahUpdated Friday, Feb. 27, 2009, at 8:58 AM ET

This is the third essay in a series of eight exploring why the United States suffered no follow-up terror attacks after 9/11. To read the series introduction, click here.

In "The Terrorists-Are-Dumb Theory" I noted the terrible price al-Qaida paid in Afghanistan for 9/11. To repeat: Nearly 80 percent of its Afghanistan-based membership was killed in the U.S. invasion, according to journalist Lawrence Wright. Two-thirds of al-Qaida's leadership was captured or killed. The terror group's membership may now be down to as few as 200 or 300. Let's assume, as many believe, that this alone has made it very difficult for al-Qaida to stage a follow-up attack on the United States. Couldn't the job still be done by angry jihadis already living in the United States? Where are al-Qaida's sleeper cells?

Sleeping, apparently. Since 9/11, relatively few people have been prosecuted for conspiring with al-Qaida. In 2002, Brooklyn-born Jose Padilla was arrested in Chicago for allegedly plotting to set off a radioactive "dirty bomb," but five years later he would be tried (and convicted) on an entirely different charge concerning plans to commit terrorism abroad. In 2006, seven men from Liberty City in Miami were arrested for plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago with a Federal Bureau of Investigation informant posing as an al-Qaida terrorist. The FBI's own deputy director termed the conspiracy "more aspirational than operational," and the prosecution ended in a mistrial. In December 2008, the departing Bush administration put the total number of terrorists "and their supporters" arrested and convicted inside the United States since 9/11 at "more than two dozen," which would seem a weak effort but for the fact that no terror attacks occurred here during that time. In the absence of other evidence, we must conclude that inside the United States, homegrown, al-Qaida-inspired terrorist conspiracy-mongering seldom advances very far.
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Struggling States Look to Unorthodox Taxes


Published: February 28, 2009

In his 11 years in the Washington Legislature, Representative Mark Miloscia says he has supported all manner of methods to fill the state’s coffers, including increasing fees on property owners to help the homeless and taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, most of which, he said, passed “without a peep.”

And so it was last month that Mr. Miloscia, a Democrat, decided he might try to “find a new tax source” — pornography.

The response, however, was a turn-off.

“People came down on me like a ton of bricks,” said Mr. Miloscia, who proposed an 18.5 percent sales tax on items like sex toys and adult magazines. “I didn’t quite understand. Apparently porn is right up there with Mom and apple pie.”
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considering that conservatives secretly love porn, i am not surprised...


Coulter Coldly Dismisses Idea That She's Bad For The GOP


During Ann Coulter's question and answer session at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, one young attendee asked the brash author the question on most political observer's minds: was her impetuous style really helping the Republican cause?

It was a slightly awkward moment for the audience, which drowned out the second half of the question with shouts of "yes" (as in, yes she helps the GOP). And Coulter quickly and coldly dismissed the questioner, a conservative himself, by telling him to, essentially, stop talking.

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Helena Cain and Gina Inviere
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Maggie Gallagher: The Actor and the Archbishop

Bringing sexy back.
From the hills of Hollywood on Sunday, Sean Penn delivered at the Academy Awards his very own Sermon on the Mount. It was just a few days from Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, but Pastor Penn issued his own stirring call for repentance, for the conversion of hearts:

"I think that it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect and anticipate their great shame and the shame in their grandchildren's eyes if they continue that way of support.

"We've got to have equal rights for everyone," he went on. "I'm very, very proud to live in ... a country who, for all its toughness, creates courageous artists."

Sean Penn calling on us to repent our evil ways and turn to the good -- but who represents the good? "Courageous artists" like himself.

Narrow, intolerant, zealous, self-congratulatory. If that's not pontificating without portfolio what is?

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With Pledges to Troops and Iraqis, Obama Details Pullout


CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — President Obama declared the beginning of the end of one of the longest and most divisive wars in American history on Friday as he announced that he would withdraw combat forces from Iraq by August 2010 and all remaining troops by December 2011.

The decision, outlined before thousands of camouflage-clad Marines here, underscored the transformation in national priorities a month after Mr. Obama took office as he prepared to shift resources and troops from increasingly stable Iraq to increasingly volatile Afghanistan.

But it also marked a sharp change in America’s attitude about Iraq after years of wrenching debate over war and peace. Despite some grumbling on the left and right, Mr. Obama’s pullout plan generated support across party lines on Friday, including from his rival in last year’s election and advisers to his predecessor, indicating an emerging consensus behind a gradual but firm exit from Iraq.

The plan will withdraw most of the 142,000 troops now in Iraq by the summer of next year, leaving 35,000 to 50,000 to train and advise Iraqi security forces, hunt terrorist cells and protect American civilian and military personnel. Those “transitional forces” will leave by 2011 in accordance with a strategic agreement negotiated by President George W. Bush before he left office.

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Drink up baby doll

Obama taps Sebelius for HHS secretary

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

WASHINGTON – Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is President Barack Obama's choice for secretary of health and human services, a White House source said Saturday.

The source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, said Obama will formally announce the nomination on Monday.

Sebelius, 60, was an early Obama supporter. She picked his presidential campaign over that of Hillary Rodham Clinton, now the secretary of state. Sebelius worked tirelessly for Obama's bid and was a top surrogate to women's groups.

Obama's first choice for HHS, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, withdrew after disclosing he had failed to pay $140,000 in taxes and interest.

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Michelle Malkin: I hope Obama fails.

As ThinkProgress has documented, a growing number of conservatives are rooting for the failure of Obama’s presidency. Today on C-SPAN Washington Journal, a caller asked right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin if she agrees with Rush Limbaugh’s statement that he hopes President Obama fails. Malkin explained why she does:

MALKIN: When the President proposes things like trillion dollar budgets that have earmarks that he claims do not exist, yes, I hope that fails. When he proposes the same kind of wealth re-distributionist policies that had appalled me under the Bush administration, yes, I hope they fail.

Malkin then became increasingly defensive, arguing, “It certainly doesn’t make me some kind of racist for wanting to disagree with the President.” Watch it:

(HT: FireDogLake)

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Sharper Downturn Clouds Obama Spending Plans

The economy is spiraling down at an accelerating pace, threatening to undermine the Obama administration’s spending plans, which anticipate vigorous rates of growth in years to come.

A sense of disconnect between the projections by the White House and the grim realities of everyday American life was enhanced on Friday, as the Commerce Department gave a harsher assessment for the last three months of 2008. In place of an initial estimate that the economy contracted at an annualized rate of 3.8 percent — already abysmal — the government said that the pace of decline was actually 6.2 percent, making it the worst quarter since 1982.

The fortunes of the American economy have grown so alarming and the pace of the decline so swift that economists are now straining to describe where events are headed, dusting off a word that has not been invoked since the 1940s: depression.

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Frustrated G.O.P. Tries to Drive Wedge Between Obama and Pelosi

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama might be the new president, but to hear Republicans tell it, Nancy Pelosi is really running things.

At least that is how it appears from the way Republicans single out the speaker as the cause of everything from their near-blanket opposition to the economic stimulus legislation, to the 9,000 earmarks in the overdue spending bills.

“It’s disappointing that less than 24 hours after President Barack Obama urged Congress to restore fiscal responsibility, Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats passed a spending bill laden with pork,” Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said as he chastised the speaker.

Ms. Pelosi is indisputably a liberal political force and a person of fierce determination. But whether Republicans can succeed in portraying her as a one-woman legislative wrecking crew, keeping them from joining hands with Mr. Obama, remains to be seen.

No matter. For Republicans, it makes much more sense to focus their disdain on the speaker rather than Mr. Obama, who remains very popular.

They cannot afford to attack him too harshly because any assault could easily boomerang, especially since Mr. Obama has been openly reaching out to Republicans. And by trying to associate themselves with the president, Republicans also hope to create a perception of some distance between the White House and the Democratic Congress, a gap Republicans would like to wedge themselves into.

From Ms. Pelosi’s vantage point, the Republican strategy is simply evidence of their own failures.

“To the extent that they have attacked me, it is because House Democrats have been so successful in working with President Obama to bring the change that America so desperately needs,” Ms. Pelosi said in comments provided by her office. “It doesn’t bother me — I’m in the arena.”

Ms. Pelosi and Republicans have frequently clashed over the past two years, with the speaker showing little patience for what she sees as obstructionism and game-playing, and with them bridling at both her ideological bent and leadership style.

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LMFAO. Conspiracy theory over Obama's gay scandal in The Globe?

This popped up in the Wordpress headlines.  Major head-desking and lulz ensued.
Obama Gay Scandal

UPDATE! Three days and still “no news”. In fact, radicalfilms.co.uk seem to be the only ones talking about it. The Globe and The National Enquirer, among others, are run by American Media Inc (AM Inc). In fact, the Globe is a recent purchase. Here’s the wiki-page for it. The only link I can find is that of Roger Altman - former Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury, former Hilary-camp big-hitter, former advisor to John Kerry, and Graduate of The University Of Chicago Business School - who bought a controlling stake in AM Inc. in 1999.

Seems Altman has a hot and cold relationship with Obama, however, once being in the line up for Treasurer under Obama, and other times slinging mud at the new US President with the formidable tabloid vehicles The Globe and The Enquirer. Perhaps all that bailout money has finally started talking to EVERYBODY. Bush bought out the Senate, looks like Obama is trying to buy out the entire country (with It’s own money?!).

UPDATE! 10:31am - Read the google cache page here. Incendiary stuff.

How mysterious, indeed. Check this google search link and then try clicking on the globemagazine.com links at the top of the page. Nothing. It’s been like this for 48 hours, now.

Larry Sinclair is determined to publish his book, alleging Obama’s drug habits as well as homosexual activity (among other allegations of involvement in fraud and murder), despite consistent threats. One publisher, Aadvark Global Publishing, has received a constant stream of threats regarding the publication, currently pegged at #43 on the pre-order best-selling list at Barnes&Noble.com.

So what is going on? When will the site be back up? Will the article ever see the light of day? Will it hit the newspaper stands at all or has it already? Difficult to tell here in the UK. Is this damage control being meted out by Federal Operatives? Is this the future of information on the global internet? That is, if you have enough power you can simply take down an entire organisations website to prevent information leakage? Can we now confirm, for once and for all, that there exists Quasi-Federal/Corporate dominance over our media and information infrastructures? Where can this lead? I think we know.

Check these links regularly or try to get www.globemagazine.com at all. One can only imagine the current media furore going on behind closed doors.


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Newsweek: Obama’s Pelosi Problem - More GOP Pelosi Efforts

The president has laid out a paradigm-shifting agenda. There will be pushback from the GOP—but less, perhaps, were it not for the House Speaker.
Charlie Dent wanted to vote for Barack Obama's stimulus package. Obama really wanted Dent to vote for it. Nancy Pelosi? Not so much. Dent is a Republican congressman from Allentown, Pa., an old steel town that was in bad shape even before the recession. Most of the people Dent represents are Democrats who voted for Obama; the GOPcongressman has held on to their support in part by positioning himself as the kind of guy who listens to his conscience, and his constituents, not his party's bosses. Throughout the years, he's irritated GOPleaders by siding with Democrats on issues like stem cells and education funding.

So when the president went looking for Republicans who might be persuaded to back his trillion-dollar economic-rescue package, Dent was at the top of his list. The week after the inauguration, Obama invited Dent, along with his wife and children, to the White House to watch the Super Bowl. A half dozen other Republicans Obama hoped to convert were also there. Over a dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs, the president and first lady put the full Obama charm offensive to work on the Dents. Michelle chatted up Dent's wife. Barack walked around serving hot oatmeal-raisin cookies. Sasha and Malia played Wii with the Dent children. For a journeyman lawmaker like Dent, being fussed over by the president of the United States was a heady experience. "I'll tell you," he says, "it's something you don't forget."

But in the end, it wasn't enough to win Dent's support. Along with every other Republican in the House, he voted no on the stimulus. He thought the plan was too expensive and weighed down with pet projects. But still, he might have been persuaded to go along—if it weren't for Nancy Pelosi.

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Limbaugh Takes On Gingrich: ‘We’ve Got To Stamp This Out Within This Movement’

In a hour-plus-long speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that was carried live, commercial-free, on CNN and Fox News, Rush Limbaugh directly attacked his rival for the role of titular leader of the conservative movement, Newt Gingrich. Gingrich had told the CPAC crowd that the GOP must offer new ideas and policies. “It’s not our job to be the opposition party. It’s our job to be the ‘better solutions party’,” he said. He was echoing a point he had made last year that the party needed to move forward: “The era of Reagan is over.”

Today, Limbaugh came out swinging, insisting that conservatives need not concern themselves with policy ideas whatsoever and slamming conservatives who want to move beyond Reagan.

Everybody asks me — and I’m sure it’s been a focal point of your convention — well, what do we do, as conservatives? What do we do? How do we overcome this? … One thing we can all do is stop assuming that the way to beat them is with better policy ideas. […]

Our own movement has members trying to throw Reagan out while the Democrats know they can’t accomplish what they want unless they appeal to Reagan voters. We have got to stamp this out within this movement becausue it will tear us apart. It will guarantee we lose elections.

Watch it:

Gingrich has made his “American Solutions” the centerpiece of his campaign to be crowned heir apparent of the conservative movement. In a New York Times Magazine article to be published tomorrow, Gingrich — whom Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) calls “a total idea factory” — complains that the Republican party is “not entrepreneurial” and that Republicans are wary of new suggestions:

And it worries them to have ideas, because ideas have edges, and they’re not totally formed, and you’ve got to prove them, and they sound strange because they’re new, and if it’s new how do you know it’s any good, because, after all, it’s new and you’ve never heard it before.

It’s unclear whether Limbaugh is frightened by the newness of Gingrich’s ideas, however. The “new, bold idea” Gingrich has promoted to counter Obama’s economic agenda? Eliminating capital gains taxes — the same bold idea Gingrich has been pushing since 1997.

Update: Besides swiping at his competition, Limbaugh sought to prove his leadership bonafides by reiterating his hope that President Obama "fails," insisting that racism was a problem of the left and not the right, and calling liberalism a "psychosis" and liberals "deranged."
Magneto & Xavier.
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Disabled kids show host draws criticism, praise

Alex Winters and Cerrie Burnell.

-- A children's show host who was born with one hand is facing criticism from parents over her disability.

BBC spokeswoman Katya Mira said the corporation has received at least 25 "official" complaints recently about Cerrie Burnell, new host of two shows on the BBC-run CBeebies television network, which is aimed at children younger than 6.

The official complaints do not count the dozens of negative comments lodged in Internet chat rooms, Mira said.

In one chat room, a father lamented that Burnell being on the show forced him to have conversations with his child about disabilities.

However, there have also been messages of support for Burnell. 

"We have also received 99 appreciations of her," Mira said.

Burnell started as a presenter of the shows in late January after acting with theater companies in Manchester, England, and Brazil.

A BBC news release in January introducing Burnell made no mention of her disability, but a publicity photo showed the right sleeve of her sweater pulled up, showing her arm stops just below her elbow.

The issue has spurred a debate in England among newspapers, columnists and bloggers.

Burnell said she has heard the criticism and will not let it bother her.

'It can only be a good thing that parents are using me as a chance to talk disability with their children. It just goes to show how important it is to have positive, disabled role models on CBeebies and television in general," Burnell said.

Michael Carrington, BBC controller of CBeebies, said the company is standing by Burnell.

"Cerrie is warm and natural and we think that, in time, all moms and dads and children will love her as much as we do," Carrington said.


BBC has a longer article here.
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Tibetan monk 'shot' while on fire

A Tibetan monk has been shot after setting fire to himself during a protest at Beijing's rule, reports say.

The incident happened in the Tibetan-populated town of Aba in southwest China's Sichuan province during a gathering of more than 1,000 monks.

The monk, named Tapey, is said to have shouted slogans and waved a Tibetan flag, then doused himself with petrol and set himself alight.

Campaign groups said witnesses then saw

Chinese police shoot the man.
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Scans_Daily No More!

News broke Friday night that Scans_Daily, a popular online comics community whose function was to share and discuss excerpts of comic books, be they new releases, arcane back-issues, or any other sort of noteworthy comic book, was suspended by host LiveJournal. Inherent in the nature of Scans_Daily was the necessary act of scanning and publishing copyrighted comic book material, which community members did without permission of the copyright holder, thus constituting a LiveJournal Terms of Service violation.Collapse )


This sucks. I understand why they did it, but I always liked S_D. Now where will I go to shout LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND whenever I see one of his traced porn faces?

EDIT: To bring the discussion back towards copyright infringement, ever wonder if ontd_p could be next?

Think about what we do here. We post full articles from major and minor news sources without their permission, and while we do put links to the sources, that may or may not result in driving traffic to their site. We also steal images and bastardize them at will, which is one of the reasons why I love this place. I don't think I would've found the place if not for shenanigans Friday (speaking of, we didn't have one last Friday. I was looking forward to Jindal/volcano OTP macros)

On the upside, though, I don't think I would have been as politically aware or as well informed had it not been for this place, I never would have found the awesomeness that is This Week in Blackness, Tim Wise might have continued flying under my radar, and there are a number of politicians I never would've began to love/hate/lust after.

Thanks for that, you guys.

But on the merits of free sharing like this, should it be allowed?
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Hi-Caliber, Republican Rapper, Rhymes About Obama, Pelosi

The Daily Beast's Max Blumenthal attended the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference and interviewed Hi-Caliber, the first self-proclaimed Republican rapper. Hi-Caliber draws his inspiration from the radio rantings of Michael Savage and other right wing talk radio hosts, which leads one to wonder just how they inform his rhymes. Luckily Hi-Caliber is eager to show off some of his verses, which you can see and judge for yourself in the video Blumenthal put together below.

You can check his MySpace here.

CNN Cuts off Rush Limbaugh Mid-Homophobia?

In the middle of Rush Limbaugh's speech at CPAC today, CNN suddenly "lost" the signal just as Limbaugh launched into what seems to have been a Barney Frank impression. Did CNN just happen to have a malfunction at that moment?Whatever Limbaugh said, the knuckle-draggers at CPAC were in full "USA! USA!" mode when the signal was restored a moment later.
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Report: Obama helicopter security breached

A company that monitors peer-to-peer file-sharing networks has discovered a potentially serious security breach involving President Barack Obama's helicopter, NBC affiliate WPXI in Pittsburgh reported Saturday.

Employees of Tiversa, a Cranberry Township, Pa.-based security company that specializes in peer-to-peer technology, reportedly found engineering and communications information about Marine One at an IP address in Tehran, Iran.

Bob Boback, CEO of Tiversa, told WPXI-TV: "We found a file containing entire blueprints and avionics package for Marine One, which is the president's helicopter."

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Wow, more of Jindal's lies

Sinking fast

by Jed Lewison

Sat Feb 28, 2009 at 07:30:05 PM PST

So Bobby Jindal is locked in a close race with Sarah Palin for...most outstanding Republican liar. The latest chapter in his factually-challenged story about Sheriff Harry Lee: last year he told the story to a group of Iowa Republicans, giving himself an even bigger role in the yarn.

Even though his chief of staff has admitted that Jindal did not meet with Sheriff Lee until after the height of Hurricane Katrina, on Tuesday, he made it seem like he was a key part of rescue effort. And last November, he actually made it seem like he was on the ground, right there at the boat launch.

Here's a video recap of Jindal's lying ways:

' jules
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Romney picked as 2012 GOP front-runner

Conservative activists on Saturday named former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney the winner of a poll for best 2012 GOP presidential candidate.

The poll marked the third consecutive year Romney came out on top.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal placed second in the annual poll, conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Romney received 20 percent of the vote and Jindal got 14 percent.

Close behind were Texas Rep. Ron Paul and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who each received 13 percent of the vote.

The results were culled over two days from 1,757 of the party activists who came to Washington for the annual conference and filled out ballots on Thursday and Friday. Nearly 60 percent of the straw poll participants were between the ages of 18 and 25. More than half of the conference attendees this year were college students.

The choices in the poll were: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist; former House speaker Newt Gingrich; former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; Jindal; Paul; Palin; Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty; Romney; South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, and "Undecided." There was also space on the ballot for a write-in candidate.

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ETA: Here are the full results:

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Rick Santelli’s Planted Rant ?


Rick Santelli’s Planted Rant ?

By Barry Ritholtz - February 28th, 2009, 5:47PM

I was interviewed by several journalists last week about Rick Santelli’s Rant — my exact quote was it had a “Faux” feel to it. (I haven’t seen it in print yet)

What was so odd about this was that Santelli is usually on the ball; we usually agree more often than we disagree. He’s been responsible for some of the best moments on Squawk Box.

But his rant somehow felt wrong. After we’ve pissed through over $7 trillion dollars in Federal bailouts to banks, brokers, automakers, insurers, etc., this was a pittance, the least offensive of all the vast sums of wasted money spent on “losers” to use Santelli’s phrase. It seemed like a whole lot of noise over “just” $75 billion, or 1% of the rest of the total ne’er-do-well bailout monies.

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