April 13th, 2009


Evan Bayh: "I'm agnostic" about having a public plan as part of health care reform.

Bayh: ‘I’m Agnostic’ About Having A Public Plan As Part Of Health Care Reform

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) trashed the idea of including a new public health insurance plan as part of health care reform, saying “that is exactly the opposite way” to improve health care in America. “We don’t need more money,” said Coburn. “What we need is true markets that will allocate this resource and create a way for everyone to have access.”

Host Chris Wallace then asked Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) about “private sector” concerns that a public option would mean “that everybody will end up in the government program.” Bayh replied that he was “agnostic” about including a public plan in reform:

WALLACE: But the one big concern a lot of the private sector has is the president, in his program, has as a — supposedly as a provider of last resort a government program, and the concern is they’ll be able to do it so much more cheaply, or at least in terms of the cost, that everybody will end up in the government program.

BAYH: Well, it’s a debate we need to have, Chris. And I’m agnostic on that as we sit here this morning.

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Krugman: GOP batshit insane, no coherent economic solutions except: "B-b-but socialism"

April 13, 2009

Tea Parties Forever

This is a column about Republicans — and I’m not sure I should even be writing it.

Today’s G.O.P. is, after all, very much a minority party. It retains some limited ability to obstruct the Democrats, but has no ability to make or even significantly shape policy.

Beyond that, Republicans have become embarrassing to watch. And it doesn’t feel right to make fun of crazy people. Better, perhaps, to focus on the real policy debates, which are all among Democrats.

But here’s the thing: the G.O.P. looked as crazy 10 or 15 years ago as it does now. That didn’t stop Republicans from taking control of both Congress and the White House.

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White House Egg Roll Transforms South Lawn

President Obama speaks on the balcony of the White House before the start of the 2009 Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn. (Larry Downing/Reuters)

By Garance Franke-Ruta
President Obama and the first family are hosting one heck of an Easter Egg Roll at the White House today. Thanks to online ticketing, 30,000 people from 45 states are expected to attend -- about 10,000 more than usual. The theme of this year's event is "Let's go play," to encourage young people to lead healthy and active lives.

The South Lawn egg roll, a Washington tradition since 1878, is open in two-hour shifts to pre-ticketed families with children 10 or younger and features athletic activities -- such as dance, yoga, soccer and basketball -- with stars of Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association and the Women's National Basketball Association; cooking classes with celebrity chefs such as José Andrés, Spike Mendelsohn and Art Smith; and live music from the likes of Fergie, Ziggy Marley and Jessica Jarrell.
The Easter Egg Roll is the largest annual event on the White House grounds.

LMAO, I guess they didn't read that ONTD thread about Vince.

Catholic Church Embraces Youtube Parody With the Soulwow

NEW YORK - Sinners, take heed: There's a product available now in parts of New York that will leave you with that "almost baptized feeling."

It's called SoulWow -- with the cleansing power of confession.

In a YouTube parody of the popular ads for ShamWow absorbent towels, a priestly pitchman named Father Vic calls on Roman Catholics in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island to partake. As Father Vic says, "Nothing soothes the soul like a true confession."

The ad campaign was launched before Palm Sunday by the dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre in an effort to increase the number of people who confess during Holy Week.

Church officials say they've seen an upsurge of followers seeking absolution.



Insert your own hooker/love my nuts jokes here.
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Analysis: Obama scores win on pirate crisis

His administration passes its first critical national security test

The U.S. economy is showing only glimmers of life and two costly wars remain in the balance, but President Barack Obama's "no drama" handling of the Indian Ocean hostage crisis proved a big win for his administration in its first critical national security test.

Obama's quiet backstage decision to authorize the Defense Department to take necessary action if Capt. Richard Phillips' life was in imminent danger gave a Navy commander the go-ahead to order snipers to fire on the pirates holding the cargo ship captain at gunpoint.

For Obama, the benefits were instantly clear: an American life saved and a major victory notched against an increasingly worrisome scourge of the seas off the Horn of Africa.

Obama's handling of the crisis showed a president who was comfortable in relying on the U.S. military, much as his predecessor, George W. Bush, did.

Will Obama benefit politically?
But it also showed a new commander in chief who was willing to use all the tools at his disposal, bringing in federal law enforcement officials to handle the judicial elements of the crisis.

The rescue appeared to vindicate Obama's muted but determined handling of the incident. What won't be known for some time is whether Obama will benefit politically.

When Obama campaigns for re-election, he may take Bush's approach of turning any such incident into evidence of his leadership acumen. On the other hand, Obama didn't go before the cameras Sunday to trumpet the success, instead releasing a written statement that saluted the bravery of the military and Phillips but claimed no credit for himself.

Also, this crisis, while topping the news now, may fade into distant memory by the time voters get a chance to take any new measure of Obama and his party.

Still, it goes some way toward dispelling the notion that a liberal Democrat with a known distaste for war — Obama campaigned on his consistent opposition to the Iraq invasion — doesn't have the will to call on U.S. military power.

The sniper operation Sunday, with pirate guns aimed at Phillips, was a daring, high-stakes gambit, and it could have easily gone awry. If it had, the fallout would have probably landed hardest on Obama.

Indeed, the last Democratic president to unleash American military might against Somalis suffered miserably from the failure of that operation. Portrayed in the book and movie "Black Hawk Down," a U.S. peacekeeping mission ordered by President Bill Clinton ended with a humiliating withdrawal of troops after a deadly clash in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.


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Obama to allow travel, money tranfers to Cuba

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama directed his administration Monday to allow unlimited travel and money transfers by Cuban Americans to family in Cuba, and to take other steps to ease U.S. restrictions on the island, a senior administration official told The Associated Press.

The formal announcement was being made at the White House Monday afternoon, during presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs' daily briefing with reporters. The official spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to upstage the president's announcement.

With the changes, Obama aims to create new space for the Cuban people in their quest for political freedom and a democratic government, in part by making them less dependent on the Castro regime, the official said.

Other steps taken Monday include allowing gift parcels to be send to Cuba, and issuing licenses to increase communications among and to the Cuban people. About 1.5 million Americans have relatives in Cuba.

Obama had promised to take these steps as a presidential candidate. It has been known for over a week that he would announce them in advance of his attended this weekend of a Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago.

"There are no better ambassadors for freedom than Cuban Americans," Obama said in a campaign speech last May in Miami, the heart of the U.S. Cuban-American community. "It's time to let Cuban Americans see their mothers and fathers, their sisters and brothers. It's time to let Cuban American money make their families less dependent upon the Castro regime."

Sending money to senior government officials and Communist Party members remains prohibited. Restrictions imposed by the Bush administration had limited Cuban travel by Americans to just two weeks every three years. Visits also were confined to immediate family members.

Other steps taken Monday include expanding the things allowed in gift parcels being sent to Cuba, such as clothes, personal hygiene items, seeds, fishing gear and other personal necessities. The administration also will begin issuing licenses to allow companies to provide cell and television services to people on the island, and to allow family members to pay for relatives on Cuba to get those services, the official said.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090413/ap_on_go_pr_wh/us_cuba
Redheads do it best.

3 deadly shots free captain; pirates vow revenge

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — An American sailor whose captain was rescued after a five-day standoff with pirates urged President Barack Obama on Monday to take the lead in ending the scourge of piracy.

Somali pirates, meanwhile, vowed retaliation for the deaths of three colleagues killed by U.S. Navy snipers in the rescue. Their anger raised fears for the safety of some 230 foreign sailors still held hostage in more than a dozen ships anchored off lawless Somalia.

"From now on, if we capture foreign ships and their respective countries try to attack us, we will kill them (the hostages)," Jamac Habeb, a 30-year-old pirate, told The Associated Press from one of Somalia's piracy hubs, Eyl. "(U.S. forces have) become our No. 1 enemy."

Shane Murphy, chief mate aboard the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama, urged Obama to focus more attention on the issue.

"It's time for us to step in and put an end to this crisis," he said. "It's a crisis, wake up."

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Well, that puts a damper on the new first puppy, kids.
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New Bo Obama info!




All dogs go to heaven, but only a few go to the White House.

That's where the new top dog is heading tomorrow when President Obama fulfills one of his biggest campaign promises -- to get a new puppy for his two princesses.

PHOTOS: Presidential Pets

The president's new pooch is a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog named Bo, whose breeder described him as a happy dog but as smart and hardheaded as anyone in Washington.

"They're not going to lie in the corner all day," said Arthur Stern, owner of Amigo Portuguese Water Dog Kennels in Boyd, Texas, said of the breed. "They're up and active and doing things. They want to be with you."

That means it will be up to daughters Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, to keep close tabs on the black and white pup, as they add cleaning, training and walking the dog to their growing list of household chores.

Stern and his wife, Martha, bred dogs for US Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and said Bo shares the same lineage.

"We got a call saying that they wanted to do this," Stern told The Post. "How could we say no?"

As for Bo -- who was so named because the first lady's father was nicknamed Diddley -- he'll be happy in his new home.

"I imagine he's in heaven," Stern said.

Bo's first adjustment will be to his new name. The dog was named Charlie by another family, which was unable to keep the dog.

Bo's anticipated arrival has already created a mini-scandal. The Washington Post was supposed to get an exclusive before the dog came, but the newspaper was pooper-scooped by a couple of online blogs.

Obama and his family, meanwhile, kicked off the week by celebrating Easter at an Episcopal church popular with past presidents, resurrecting speculation about what church the Obamas will choose as their permanent spiritual home.

White House officials were quick to warn that President Obama's Easter appearance at St. John's Church was no indication of how he'd spend his future Sundays.

Even so, giddy parishioners -- including little girls decked out in their Sunday best -- gladly passed through metal detectors before stopping at the president's pew to greet Obama, his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters.


Trying this post again because the picture of Obama playing with puppy Bo is <3


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Amazon does not fail.

Oh hey Owen Thomas! How you doin?

Hay dude. Amazon removed its customer-based reporting of adult books yesterday. I guess my game is up! Here's a nice piece I like to call "how to cause moral outrage from the entire Internet in ten lines of code".

I really hate reputation systems based on user input. This started a while back on Craigslist, when I was trying to score chicks to do heroin with. My listings like "looking to get tarred and pleasured" and "Searching for a heroine to do the paronym of this sentence's lexical subject" kept getting flagged. The audacity of the San Francisco gay community disgusted me. They would flag my ads down but searching craigslist for "pnp" or "tina" reveals tons of hairy dudes searching for other hairy dudes to do meth with. So I decided to get them back, and cause a few hundred thousand queers some outrage.

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This is genius. So, Amazon isn't homophobic.

Damon &amp; Rose

"It's cheaper and easier to skin a live, warm animal that's convulsing in agony than a dead body."

When undercover investigators made their way onto Chinese fur farms recently, they found that many animals are still alive and struggling desperately when workers flip them onto their backs or hang them up by their legs or tails to skin them. When workers on these farms begin to cut the skin and fur from an animal's leg, the free limbs kick and writhe. Workers stomp on the necks and heads of animals who struggle too hard to allow a clean cut.

When the fur is finally peeled off over the animals' heads, their naked, bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile of those who have gone before them. Some are still alive, breathing in ragged gasps and blinking slowly. Some of the animals' hearts are still beating five to 10 minutes after they are skinned. One investigator recorded a skinned raccoon dog on the heap of carcasses who had enough strength to lift his bloodied head and stare into the camera.

"There are no regulations governing fur farms in China—farmers can house and slaughter animals however they see fit—meaning miserable lives and excruciating deaths."

Before they are skinned alive, animals are pulled from their cages and thrown to the ground; workers bludgeon them with metal rods or slam them on hard surfaces, causing broken bones and convulsions but not always immediate death. Animals watch helplessly as workers make their way down the row.

Source and the rest here. (The quote in the subject is from this website.) There are pictures that I am not going to post because they are disturbing and horrific. There is also a video that I have not been able to watch on both websites.

You can pledge to be fur free, write a letter to Zhou Wenzhong (who is the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China), and just tell everyone you know that this is going on.

Here's the address (and number) to the Chinese ambassador:
His Excellency Zhou Wenzhong
Ambassador of the People's Republic of China
Embassy of the People's Republic of China
2300 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
202-328-2582 (fax)

Found at this website.

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12 Year-Old Goes "Ex-Gay" On YouTube


"I used to be gay but then I decided it was wrong and I stopped it. Now I'm very interested in girls," says 12 year-old YouTuber ChristianU2uber in a clip posted two weeks ago. He says he learned that being gay was a sin on the news. Christianist site WorldNetDaily has taken an interest in the kid and yesterday posted an outraged opinion piece because some YouTube commenters have been abusive, telling the kid to kill himself.
A self-described Christian 12-year-old boy who dared post his views on same-sex marriage on the popular Internet video site, YouTube, has since been ridiculed and insulted by tens of thousands of comments that attack the boy, his sexuality and his faith. "Kill Christianity, and then kill yourself," responded a YouTube community member identified as greenacidfusion. A commenter calling himself WizzyBoy 520 added, "How do you know the Bible isn't full of lies? You, just like everyone who is against gay marriage, is a mentally retarded bigot. No exceptions. Now go to h---." Thousands of others have simply slammed the boy by calling him a "homo" or making comments like the one from chao129: "You are against gay marriage because you are a fag in denial."
Interestingly, WorldNetDaily fails to mention that the kid says he used to be gay, but has been tortured away from that self-realization by anti-gay news reports. Nor do they question the wisdom of his parents in allowing their child to be subjected to the vulgarities typical for YouTube.


I posted about this kid in the comments a few days ago.  The comments on the YouTube video really disturbed me.  As did the fact that he seemed to have decided he "likes girls now" because he "heard being gay was a sin on the news."

Moreover, where are this child's parents and do they know their son has a webcam???

Mobile porn becoming the norm in schools?

Five youngsters in Mayville, New York face obscenity charges after getting caught with pornographic material on their cell phones. Similarly, a 14-year-old boy in Florida recently got suspended for sending photos of a topless woman to all his friends via cell phone. But these under-aged mobile phone sex scandals get worse. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a story from Pennsylvania, where several young girls are facing charges for taking partially nude photos of themselves and sending them out to their male peers.

To read the rest, click here:

Roger Cohen at it again: Realpolitik for Iran

Realpolitik for Iran
Published: April 12, 2009


For Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, “a combination of ignorance and arrogance” under the Bush administration squandered countless diplomatic opportunities with Iran and so allowed it to forge ahead with its nuclear program.

Referring twice to Dick Cheney as “Darth Vader,” ElBaradei told me in an interview that “U.S. policy consisted of two mantras — Iran should not have the knowledge and should not spin one single centrifuge. They kept saying, wait, Iran is not North Korea, it will buckle. That was absolutely a mistake.”

Instead of building on Iran’s Afghan help in 2001, exploring an Iranian “grand bargain” offer in 2003, or backing 2005 European mediation that hinged on the U.S. agreeing to sale of a French nuclear power reactor, “We got Darth Vader and company saying Iran was in the axis of evil and we have to change this regime.”

The result, ElBaradei said, was that instead of containing the program at a few dozen centrifuges, “Iran now has close to 5,500 centrifuges, and they have 1,000 kilos of low enriched uranium, and they have the know-how.” Still, he dismissed the notion that Iran “could go to a weapon tomorrow” as “hype,” putting the time frame for that at two to five years.

Imagine if Roosevelt in 1942 had said to Stalin, sorry, Joe, we don’t like your Communist ideology so we’re not going to accept your help in crushing the Nazis. I know you’re powerful, but we don’t deal with evil.

That’s a rough equivalent on the stupidity scale of what Bush achieved by consigning Iran’s theocracy to the axis of evil and failing to probe how the country might have helped in two wars and the wider Middle East when the conciliatory Mohammad Khatami was president.

Seldom in the annals of American diplomacy has moral absolutism trumped realism to such devastating effect. Bush gifted Iran increased power without taking even a peek at how that might serve U.S. objectives.

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source: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/13/opinion/13iht-edcohen.html?ref=opinion
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Franken winner of Senate race

Over five months after the election, a three-judge panel has declared Democrat Al Franken the winner of the Minnesota U.S. Senate race.

The judges issued their final ruling late Monday, stating "Franken received the highest number of lawfully cast ballots in the Nov. 4, 2008 general election."

They also have determined that Franken is entitled to receive the certificate of election.

Last week, Republican Norm Coleman suffered a blow after a few hundred previously rejected absentee ballots were opened and counted at the tail end of Coleman's lawsuit contesting his loss in a statewide recount. They broke almost 2-to-1 for Franken to pad his lead to 312.

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Now come the inevitable appeals from Team Coleman, but I think it's safe to say the worst has passed. Still, it's gonna be kind of a bummer when Franken eventually does get seated, because he's going to be the proverbial kid picked last for dodgeball - getting the Senate committees that are left over. I could rage for hours about the new Senators who are getting seats on committees that they don't deserve, but I'll hold off. :)

this post brought to you by Al Franken as Mick Jagger, now we just need a vid of Coleman doing his best Iggy Pop and Dean Barkeley as David Bowie plz

arrow: felicity smoak

Republicans never say die!

Norm Coleman to appeal court ruling in U.S. Senate race

St. Paul, MINNESOTA (BNO NEWS) -- Norm Coleman will appeal the decision by a three-judge panel in the Minnesota U.S. Senate recount trial, who ruled in favor of Democrat Al Franken.

"More than 4,400 Minnesotans remain wrongly disenfranchised by this court's order," Ben Ginsberg, legal spokesman for the Coleman for Senate campaign said in a statement. "The court's ruling tonight is consistent with how they've ruled throughout this case but inconsistent with the Minnesota tradition of enfranchising voters."

The judges concluded that Franken had won the November 4 election by a total of 312 votes over Republican Coleman.

"This order ignores the reality of what happened in the counties and cities on Election Day in terms of counting the votes. By its own terms, the court has included votes it has found to be 'illegal' in the contest to remain included in the final counts from Election Day, and equal protection and due process concerns have been ignored," Ginsberg said. "For these reasons, we must appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court so that no voter is left behind."


Permanent Democratic Majority: New Study Says Yes

Permanent Democratic Majority: New Study Says Yes

A growing number of political scientists, analysts and strategists are making the case for a realignment of political power in the U.S. to a new Democratic majority based on two trends: 1) the increasing numbers of black and Hispanic voters, and 2) a decisive shift away from the Republican Party by the suburban and well-educated constituencies that once formed the backbone of the GOP.

Arguments supporting a Democratic realignment are based on well-researched population and voting data. Nonetheless, at a time when the economy remains in crisis and when international tensions are intensifying across the globe, any claim that Democratic (or Republican) ascendance is inevitable should be viewed with caution.

In a March, 2009 51-page paper [PDF] "New Progressive America: Twenty Years of Demographic, Geographic, and Attitudinal Changes Across the Country Herald a New Progressive Majority," Ruy Teixeira makes a strong case that "progressive arguments are in the ascendancy," that demographic and geographic "trends should take America down a very different road than has been traveled in the last eight years. A new progressive America is on the rise."

To further buttress his case, Teixeira has put together "a very cool interactive map that includes 7 levels of exit poll demographics and county-level vote shifts going back to 1988."
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Steele takes gloves off in Obama attack

Steele takes gloves off in Obama attack

Republican National Chairman Michael S. Steele has launched a direct attack on President Obama in a new mass mailing, accusing the president of being part of the "blame America first" crowd, The Washington Times has learned.

Criticized by some in the party for not taking on the Democratic president hard enough or often enough, Mr. Steele took the gloves off in a fund-raising letter sent out Monday to 12 million party supporters. Recipients included RNC donors as well as the mailing lists of two conservative organizations, Human Events and GOPUSA, according to RNC communications director Trevor Francis.
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The Bush Six to Be Indicted

The Bush Six to Be Indicted
Spanish prosecutors will seek criminal charges against Alberto Gonzales and five high-ranking Bush administration officials for sanctioning torture at Guantánamo. By Scott Horton.

Spanish prosecutors have decided to press forward with a criminal investigation targeting former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and five top associates over their role in the torture of five Spanish citizens held at Guantánamo, several reliable sources close to the investigation have told The Daily Beast. Their decision is expected to be announced on Tuesday before the Spanish central criminal court, the Audencia Nacional, in Madrid. But the decision is likely to raise concerns with the human-rights community on other points: They will seek to have the case referred to a different judge.

The six defendants—in addition to Gonzales, Federal Appeals Court Judge and former Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee, University of California law professor and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, former Defense Department general counsel and current Chevron lawyer William J. Haynes II, Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff David Addington, and former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas J. Feith—are accused of having given the green light to the torture and mistreatment of prisoners held in U.S. detention in “the war on terror.”
The case arises in the context of a pending proceeding before the court involving terrorism charges against five Spaniards formerly held at Guantánamo. A group of human-rights lawyers originally filed a criminal complaint asking the court to look at the possibility of charges against the six American lawyers. Baltasar Garzón Real, the investigating judge, accepted the complaint and referred it to Spanish prosecutors for a view as to whether they would accept the case and press it forward. “The evidence provided was more than sufficient to justify a more comprehensive investigation,” one of the lawyers associated with the prosecution stated.
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Pakistan president signs off on Islamic law deal

Pakistan president signs off on Islamic law deal

Pakistan's pro-U.S. president signed a regulation late Monday to put a northwestern district under Islamic law as part of a peace deal with the Taliban, going along after coming under intense pressure from members of his own party and other lawmakers.

Asif Ali Zardari's signature was a boon for Islamic militants who have brutalized the Swat Valley for nearly two years in demanding a new justice system. It was sure to further anger human rights activists and feed fears among the U.S. and other Western allies that the valley will turn into a sanctuary for militants close to Afghanistan.

Whatever criticism may come, Zardari can claim some political cover — the National Assembly voted unanimously Monday to adopt a resolution urging his signature, although at least one party boycotted. Earlier, a Taliban spokesman had warned lawmakers against opposing the deal.

Zardari's spokeswoman, Farahnaz Ispahani, confirmed the president signed the regulation Monday night.
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Italian Jews aid World War II saviors hit by quake

Italian Jews aid World War II saviors hit by quake

More than 65 years after villagers provided shelter to Italian Jews fleeing from the Nazis, a group of those who evaded capture rushed to repay that sacrifice in rural communities hard-hit by an earthquake.

A delegation of around 20 elderly Jews and their descendants — as well as community leaders — made their way to makeshift camps in the area around the mountain city of L'Aquila on Monday, peering into tents in a bid to find their saviors.

They offered everything from gym shoes to summer camps for children.
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Prof. Juan Cole: The great right-wing freak-out

April 13, 2009 | President Obama's recent trip to Europe, Turkey and Iraq was a fairly bland freshman outing in foreign affairs, notable for the enormous good will it generated toward the U.S., along with some practical achievements and a few minor errors. It lacked the drama of the untested young Kennedy grappling over Berlin with the wily old Khrushchev in Vienna in 1961. On the American right, however, Obama's trip produced a hysteria not seen since radio listeners mistook Orson Welles's 1938 radio production about an invasion from Mars for the real thing, and crowded the highways, heads wrapped in wet towels, to escape the poisonous miasma of the onrushing aliens. The weeping and trembling of Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and William Kristol underlined once again that the right-wingers are playground crybabies who kick and scream and faint whenever they do not get their way.

The outrage began when Obama greeted Saudi King Abdullah by leaning into a double-handed handshake. Sean Hannity at Fox Cable News sputtered, "We got this video of Barack Obama bowing to the Saudi King Abdullah. Now look, watch how low he gets. Way below the shoulder." Camille Paglia denounced from her own little papier-mâché Mount Olympus "the jaw-dropping spectacle of a president of the United States bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia." The critics missed the point; far from being obsequious, Obama's double-barreled handshake violated the protocol for greeting royals. When singer Kylie Minogue similarly clutched Prince Charles' hand, the London tabloid press noted it as a faux pas that only a celebrity could get away with. But in any case surely George W. Bush's sycophantic cheek-kissing and hand-holding of Abdullah was far more offensive to the political right? Apparently not. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., called the greeting "shameful." She also darkly warned, "We're still finding out what happened during that G20 summit. I think that there may have been agreements made behind closed doors that we aren't even aware of, that could be ceding American sovereignty."
Most conservatives had little trouble with the part of Obama's address to the Turkish parliament in which he declared that the U.S. is not at war with Islam. Those conservatives only wanted to emphasize that George W. Bush had said the same thing. But there were notable, clownish exceptions.
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Source @ salon.com