May 4th, 2009


4th-Grader Questions Rice on Waterboarding (and no, the 4th grader is not Bush, is an actual kid!)

4th-Grader Questions Rice on Waterboarding

Days after telling students at Stanford University that waterboarding was legal "by definition if it was authorized by the president," former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice was pressed again on the subject yesterday by a fourth-grader at a Washington school.

Rice, in her first appearance in Washington since leaving government, was at the Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation's Capital before giving an evening lecture at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. She held forth amiably before a few dozen students about her love of Israel, travel abroad and the importance of learning languages, then opened the floor to their questions.

The questions had been developed beforehand by students with their teachers and had not been screened by Rice. At first, they were innocuous: What was it like growing up in segregated Birmingham, Ala.? What skill did she want to be best known for?

Then Misha Lerner, a student from Bethesda, asked: What did Rice think about the things President Obama's administration was saying about the methods the Bush administration had used to get information from detainees?

Rice took the question in stride. saying that she was reluctant to criticize Obama, then getting to the heart of the matter.

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Agency audit targets safety at Savannah River Site; free radioactive waste for everyone!

Agency audit targets safety at Savannah River Site

An audit of a nuclear weapons complex in South Carolina says the Savannah River Site did not meet several safety standards when constructing a new facility.

The 31-page Department of Energy report released last month also found that one of the mistakes at the site near the South Carolina-Georgia border could have resulted in a spill of high-level radioactive waste.

The safety issues involved a facility that is being built to convert weapons-grade plutonium into fuel for commercial nuclear reactors.

According to the report, three structural components were obtained and installed by the prime contractor at Savannah River during construction of the mixed oxide fuel fabrication, or MOX, facility that did not meet safety specifications.

"These substandard items necessitated costly and time consuming remedial action to, among other things, ensure that nonconforming materials and equipment would function within safety margins," the report said.

The report said installing the components resulted in cost increases. As of October 2008, the report said, the MOX facility had run up costs of more than $680,000 due to problems associated with securing $11 million of nonconforming safety-class reinforcing steel. The faulty steel was discovered after a piece of it broke during construction.

Weaknesses in internal control, according to the report, could have led to installing critical components that didn't meet standards and could have injured workers and the public.

A message left Sunday afternoon seeking comment from Savannah River Site spokesman Jim Gaver was not immediately returned.

Media begins to panic that swine flu might not be global pandemic

LONDON. As billions of people continue to remain healthy, media organizations say they have grave concerns that the current outbreak of swine flu might not evolve into a global pandemic. "This is a doomsday scenario for us," said a media spokesman. "We've invested hundreds of millions in pandemic scare-mongering, and we really need this one to pay off."

Speaking to themselves this morning, media stables confirmed that they were now bracing for a catastrophic non-pandemic, as reports continue to flood in of areas unaffected by swine flue.

"It's worse than anything we imagined," said spokesman Heinrich Shank. "They assured us this thing would kill millions within days. Apocalyptic horror, they said. People bleeding out of their eyes in every city on the planet.

"And now you wake up to read this kind of stuff. Four kids coughing in Hong Kong and two blokes who feel a bit sweaty getting off a plane in Brazil.

"It's really disturbing, and a lot of people in the industry are pretty frightened at this point."

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"All those healthy people…it's so unbelievably sad."



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US Soldiers in Afghanistan proselytizing; told to hunt for Jesus

Military officials at Bagram are caught on tape urging US soldiers to evangelize in the Muslim country.

New video evidence has surfaced showing that US military forces in Afghanistan have been instructed by the military's top chaplain in the country to "hunt people for Jesus" as they spread Christianity to the overwhelmingly Muslim population. Soldiers also have imported bibles translated into Pashto and Dari, the two dominant languages of Afghanistan. What's more, the center of this evangelical operation is at the huge US base at Bagram, one of the main sites used by the US military to torture and indefinitely detain prisoners.

In a video obtained by Al Jazeera and broadcast Monday, Lieutenant-Colonel Gary Hensley, the chief of the US military chaplains in Afghanistan, is seen telling soldiers that as followers of Jesus Christ, they all have a responsibility "to be witnesses for him."
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Minnesota, Missouri Same-Sex Couples Board Marriage Bus to Iowa


Despite the fact that the marriages won't be recognized legally in their home states, gay and lesbian couples from neighboring states are heading en masse to Iowa to be married.

Seventeen same-sex couples from St. Louis, Missouri boarded a bus on Friday to wed in Iowa: "One by one, in a 90-minute-long ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City, each couple was joined together in a marriage officially recognized by the state of Iowa. 'It feels great,' said 58-year-old Mike Fienup, who married his partner of 15 years, Gerry Humphreys. 'We're citizens. We pay taxes. Why can't we be treated equal?'"

Their journey is chronicled in a beautiful slideshow at The Gazette. Above, Ryan Barker and his husband Lawrence Miskel, and their son William Miskel Barker.

Minnesota Five same-sex couples from Minneapolis, Minnesota traveled to Davenport, Iowa over the weekend to get married: "The couples are all congregants of All God's Children Church in South Minneapolis. Once Hedgepeth and his partner, Kenn Anderson cross the border back into Minnesota Tuesday, however, their marriage will no longer be recognized. 'I say wherever you are married, you are married and the law will just have to catch up with reality,' Hedgepeth said"

Watch video of the Minneapolis couples and their journey to Iowa.


Top lawmaker wants mileage-based tax on vehicles

(This is from a week ago almost but I just heard of it today >:O)

A House committee chairman said Tuesday that he wants Congress to enact a mileage-based tax on cars and trucks to pay for highway programs now rather than wait years to test the idea.

Rep. James Oberstar, D-Minn., said he believes the technology exists to implement a mileage tax. He said he sees no point in waiting years for the results of pilot programs since such a tax system is inevitable as federal gasoline tax revenues decline.

"Why do we need a pilot program? Why don't we just phase it in?" said Oberstar, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chairman. Oberstar is drafting a six-year transportation bill to fund highway and transit programs that is expected to total around a half trillion dollars.

A congressionally mandated commission on transportation financing alternatives recommended switching to a vehicle-miles traveled tax, but estimated it would take a decade to put a national system in place.

"I think it can be done in far less than that, maybe two years," Oberstar said at a House hearing. He was responding to testimony by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., who recommended that the transportation bill include pilot programs in every state to test the viability of a mileage-based tax.

Blumenauer said public acceptance, not technology, is the main obstacle to a mileage-based tax.
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As a student who tends to drive 250+ miles a week, and plans to never have some sort of GPS type of thing in her car, HE CAN GTFO.

Redheads do it best.

Specter Now Leading In Polls

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senator Arlen Specter's switch to the Democratic Party appears to be paying off with a poll on Monday showing him ahead in his 2010 re-election race in Pennsylvania.

Last week Specter, 79, abandoned the Republican Party to run for re-election as a Democrat, a move denounced by fellow Republicans but welcomed by the country's top Democrat, President Barack Obama.

Specter said his philosophy was more in line now with Democrats than Republicans, who fired back that he was simply bending to the political winds in order to hang on to power.

A Quinnipiac University poll found Specter would defeat a conservative Republican who is in the race, Pat Toomey, if the election were held today by 53 percent to 33 percent.

But the picture was much closer if a popular former governor of Pennsylvania, Republican Tom Ridge, were to jump into the race.

The poll found Specter leading Ridge by only a margin of 46 percent to 43 percent.

Before Specter's switch, Toomey had a large lead in polls looking at the potential Republican primary vote. Monday's Quinnipiac poll said Republicans still back Toomey 74 percent to 18 percent over Specter.

"A former Republican senator running as a Democrat against a popular former Republican governor seeking to make a political comeback would be a battle royal in Pennsylvania," said Clay Richards, the assistant director of the poll.

Specter can be expected to be supported in his race by Obama, who carried Pennsylvania decisively in defeating Republican presidential candidate John McCain last November.

☉ sup bitches?

Republican On Republican Violence!, part 754,327,865

Republican leaders prefer not to discuss Sarah Palin

In the latest instance of a high-profile GOP member taking a passing swipe at the party's 2008 vice presidential candidate, former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney jokingly dismissed Sarah Palin’s inclusion on Time’s list of influential people in an interview broadcast Sunday.

He asked, was “the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people?”

Romney, appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” was replying to a question from moderator John King on whether Time’s inclusion of Palin and talk show host Rush Limbaugh on their list of “The World’s Most Influential People” was good or bad for the Republican Party.

Romney, who has not ruled out another White House bid, said he wanted more influential Republicans on the list before adding pointedly: “I think there are a lot more influential Republicans than that would suggest.”

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OK so, annoyingly, the most interseting part of this article is buried at the bottom, where it says that the Repubilcan catchphrase of "~ideas~ over personality" is code for "NO MOAR PALIN PLZ". And the fact that everyone leaves her off the rising star lists is not a coincidence, they just really dislike her.

as for the lede... girl, Huckabee is gonna be soooo jealous... what does a boy have to do to get some attention from Mittens already?

CIA: Gee guys, maybe this stuff is illegal and we shouldn't be doing it?

May 4, 2009

Interrogation Debate Sharply Divided Bush White House

WASHINGTON — The proclamation that President George W. Bush issued on June 26, 2003, to mark the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture seemed innocuous, one of dozens of high-minded statements published and duly ignored each year.

The United States is “committed to the worldwide elimination of torture and we are leading this fight by example,” Mr. Bush declared, vowing to prosecute torture and to prevent “other cruel and unusual punishment.”

But inside the Central Intelligence Agency, the statement set off alarms. The agency’s top lawyer, Scott W. Muller, called the White House to complain. The statement by the president could unnerve the C.I.A. interrogators Mr. Bush had authorized to use brutal tactics on members of Al Qaeda, Mr. Muller said, raising fears that political winds could change and make them scapegoats.

White House officials reaffirmed their support for the C.I.A. methods. But the exchange was a harbinger of the conflict between the coercive interrogations and the United States’ historical stance against torture that would deeply divide the Bush administration and ultimately undo the program.

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Erin Burnett Defends Using Tax Havens. Is your patriotic duty to pay no taxes! IRS are terrorists!

Erin Burnett Defends Using Tax Havens: "Isn't It Your Obligation In This Country...To Pay As Little As You Can?"

On this morning's Morning Joe, Erin Burnett reported on corporate tax havens, where American companies are stashing $700 billion in corporate wealth. But don't expect much outrage from the General Electric Infomercial Hour:

SCARBOROUGH: They tell me though it's all legal - ALL LEGAL.

BURNETT: Of course it is.

SCARBOROUGH: There's a big difference between tax avoidance and being an all out tax cheat.

BURNETT: That's right. Isn't it your obligation in this country - there is a tax code for a reason, to take advantage of every bit of it you can and pay as little as you can.

Look, there was a hint of the sarcastic on display. But at the root of this, is Burnett's suggestion that American companies are justified in relying on tax havens because corporate tax rates are so high, relative to those of other countries.
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Gonzales, Ashcroft Speak On Torture: "Not Here To Apologize"

Gonzales, Ashcroft Speak On Torture: "Not Here To Apologize"

The New York Times reported Monday that Bush administration officials were far more deeply divided over interrogation policy than had been previously known -- and that division led to the secret C.I.A. program being dismantled.

[E]ven as interrogation methods were scaled back, former officials now say, the battle inside the Bush administration over which ones should be permitted only grew hotter. There would be a tense phone call over the program's future during the 2005 Christmas holidays from Stephen J. Hadley, the national security adviser, to Porter J. Goss, the C.I.A. director; a White House showdown the next year between Ms. Rice and Vice President Dick Cheney; and Ms. Rice's refusal in 2007 to endorse the executive order with which Mr. Bush sought to revive the C.I.A. program.

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales makes an appearance in the White House discussions (his proposal: move C.I.A. detainees to Guantanamo Bay without admitting that they were held in secret prisons). But in a new interview alongside John Ashcroft, Gonzales showed little sign of regret.
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all you need to know is that they regret nothing...

Specter: Jack Kemp's Death May Have Been Caused By GOP Prioritie

Sen. Arlen Specter went on CBS News' "Face The Nation" with Bob Schieffer on Sunday to discuss his recent switch to the Democratic Party.

Asked whether he believed that he had let people down by changing parties, Specter said issues like Republican attitudes towards cancer research had made him unhappy with the party. Specter went on to suggest that if Republicans had been more aggressive about cancer research, GOP luminary Jack Kemp would be alive today. The former GOP Congressman and vice-presidential nominee died over the weekend, at age 73, from cancer.
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Swineflu Anxiety Subsides; Racists Remain Rotten

MSNBC vid won't embed as usual, but Keith O rues the xenophobic perfidy at the source.

Amid swine flu outbreak, racism goes viral

Anti-immigrant hatred spreads on talk radio, Web sites

“No contact anywhere with an illegal alien!” conservative talk show host Michael Savage advised his U.S. listeners this week on how to avoid the swine flu. “And that starts in the restaurants" where he said, you “don’t know if they wipe their behinds with their hands!”

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Lawmakers want ED ads labeled indecent; Bob Dole considered a deviant...

Lawmakers want ED ads labeled indecent

Lawmakers want advertisements for drugs to treat erectile dysfunction declared "indecent" and banned on radio and television during the vast majority of daytime and prime time hours.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) introduced the "Families for ED Advertising Decency Act" last week, which would force advertisements for products like Cialis and Viagra to only broadcast between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The bill would allow the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to levy fines as high as $325,000 against the ads, Broadcasting & Cable reported.

Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) has signed on to cosponsor the legislation.

Ads for the products are often prevalent during sporting events, which often run on television during afternoons and evenings. Former lawmaker like Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.) have turned pitchmen for the drugs, in Dole's case, Viagra.
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Republicans Defend Tax Havens Against Obama Crackdown

President Obama and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner announced on Monday a crackdown on offshore tax havens that could produce $210 billion in new tax revenue over the next decade.

The White House will face opposition to the proposal from the business community and Congress. Before the announcement, a Republican leadership staffer circulated an email citing a Bloomberg report saying the proposal "would be the biggest tax increase on U.S. corporations since 1986." And Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (Ken.) said later on Monday that he could not endorse Obama's plan since it "gives preferential treatment to foreign companies at the expense of U.S.-based companies."

But the amount Obama's plan would reportedly save is a far cry from the estimated $1 trillion the United States loses to offshore tax havens over a ten-year period. A 2008 Senate report (PDF) estimated that "the United States loses an estimated $100 billion in tax revenues due to offshore tax abuses" every year.

In January, the Government Accountability Office issued a report (PDF) that found that 83 of the 100 largest publicly traded U.S. corporations reported subsidiaries in countries listed as tax havens or "financial privacy jurisdictions."

Many of those corporations are beneficiaries of billions in taxpayer dollars under the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Morgan Stanley, for instance, boasts 273 subsidiaries in tax havens, with 158 in the Cayman Islands alone. Citigroup's got 427, with 90 in the Cayman Islands, and 59 of Bank of America's tax-haven subsidiaries are there as well.

The GAO found 18,857 businesses are registered at just one address in the Cayman Islands -- the "Ugland House." The report said that "Ugland House registered entities included investment funds, structured-finance vehicles, and entities associated with other corporate activities."

The Treasury Department pooh-poohed the GAO's list of countries because there is no agreed-upon definition of a tax haven. "Even though coming up with a list of countries has significant appeal, any list of countries is likely to be under-inclusive as well as over-inclusive," the Treasury wrote. "Moreover, because any such list is likely to be regarded as a blacklist and may be used as the basis for the imposition of sanctions or other negative measures, such a list may inappropriately negatively affect our economic and other relations with listed countries."

On tax day, April 15, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group issued a report with a state-by-state breakdown of the cost to taxpayers of corporate tax evasion in offshore havens.

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John Edwards Under Federal Investigation

His once-prominent political career is buried and the turmoil of his marriage is playing out in public. Now, John Edwards is facing a federal inquiry.

The two-time Democratic presidential candidate acknowledged Sunday that investigators are assessing how he spent his campaign funds _ a subject that could carry his extramarital affair from the tabloids to the courtroom. Edwards' political action committee paid more than $100,000 for video production to the firm of the woman with whom Edwards had an affair.

The former North Carolina senator said in a carefully worded statement that he is cooperating.

"I am confident that no funds from my campaign were used improperly," Edwards said in the statement. "However, I know that it is the role of government to ensure that this is true. We have made available to the United States both the people and the information necessary to help them get the issue resolved efficiently and in a timely matter."

While Edwards focused his comment on campaign funds, he also had a range of other fundraising organizations _ including two nonprofits and a poverty center at his alma mater _ that have come under scrutiny.

Chief among them was the PAC that paid Rielle Hunter's company for several months in 2006 for Web videos that documented Edwards' travels and advocacy in the months leading up to his 2008 presidential campaign. The committee also paid her firm an additional $14,086.50 on April 1, 2007.

Edwards acknowledged the affair with Hunter last year, months after dropping his presidential bid.

At the time of the 2007 payment, the PAC only had $7,932.95 in cash on hand, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission. That day, according to the records, Edwards' presidential campaign paid the PAC $14,034.61 for what is listed as a "furniture purchase."

Willfully converting money from a political action committee for personal use is a federal crime.

The furniture money was one of just five contributions to the political action committee between April 1 to June 30, 2007. The other four were on June 30, the last day of the reporting period, including a $3,000 contribution from the wife of Edwards' finance chairman, Fred Baron.

Baron, Edwards' national finance chairman and a wealthy Dallas-based trial attorney, said last year that he quietly began sending money to Hunter to resettle in California. He said no campaign funds were used and that Hunter was not working for the campaign when he started giving her money.

Edwards has said he was unaware of the payments. Baron died of cancer in October.

U.S. Attorney George Holding has declined to comment and said he won't confirm or deny an investigation.

Kate Michelman, a former head of the abortion-rights group NARAL who advised the Edwards campaign, said she hopes there was no wrongdoing.

"All of us remain very saddened by what has happened to John, because he was right on the policies," Michelman said Sunday. "It remains a very sad occurrence for all of us. It's sad for John and Elizabeth, and this is just one more problem for them to deal with."

Edwards, 55, powered onto the national scene in 1998, when he won a seat for the U.S. Senate in his first political campaign. With smooth speech and good looks, the former trial lawyer ran for the White House in 2004 and was tapped as Sen. John Kerry's running mate. He returned to the campaign trail in a 2008 presidential bid but was largely overshadowed by a duel between Hillary Clinton, vying to be the first female president, and Barack Obama, who did become the first black president.

Since announcing the affair, Edwards has remained largely secluded, and he canceled all his public appearances before the November election because he said he didn't want to be a distraction for Obama.

His wife, Elizabeth, who is terminally ill with cancer, will soon be releasing a book talking about the affair. In it, she writes that news of the affair made her vomit. She also describes Hunter as "pathetic."


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'Gay' Sex Education Book Targets Children as Young as 2

A BOOK which teaches children about lesbian mums getting pregnant using sperm donors is being pitched at kids as young as two.

The controversial publication, Where Did I Really Come From?, also features a drawing of two gay men holding a baby in a chapter about surrogacy.

The publisher's marketing spruiks the book, which includes in-depth descriptions of sexual intercourse, as suitable to be read to two-year-olds.

It was being advertised at some Sydney book stores and inside the cover as being part of the New South Wales Attorney General Office's Learn to Include program, the Daily Telegraph reported today.


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Gay man exhumed in Senegal cemetery

'Gay' man exhumed in Senegal cemetery

May 04 2009 at 05:43PM

Dakar - Senegalese villagers dug up the body of a man at the weekend, saying he was gay and that they did not want him buried in a Muslim cemetery, police said Monday.

Police in the village of Thies, in the west of the country, were called out after villagers exhumed the body.

The man, born in Dakar in 1975, had died in hospital on Saturday of natural causes, said a police officer in the village.

"But after his burial the same day in a Muslim cemetery, four people dug him up. The deceased was considered homosexual," the officer said.

"We intervened and the people dispersed. The parents (of the deceased) put the body in the tomb," the officer added.

But overnight a group of people once again dug up the body and dumped it in front of the parents' home, the officer added.

"The father took the body for burial elsewhere."

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Pregnant woman faces death by firing squad

A pregnant British woman facing possible execution in Laos will go on trial this week, the country's foreign affairs ministry said Monday.

Samantha Orobator "is facing death by firing squad for drug trafficking," said Clare Algar, executive director of Reprieve, a London-based human rights group.

Orobator, 20, was arrested on August 5, said Khenthong Nuanthasing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman.

She was alleged to have been carrying just over half a kilogram (1.1 pounds) of heroin, Reprieve lawyer Anna Morris told CNN by phone from Vientiane, the Laotian capital. "For that amount of heroin the sentence is normally the death penalty," she said.

Orobator's mother Jane found out in January her daughter was pregnant -- more than four months after she was arrested, her mother said.

Jane Orobator heard the news from the British Foreign Office, which has been monitoring the case, the mother told CNN by phone from Dublin, where she lives.

She cannot believe her daughter was involved in drug trafficking, and was surprised to learn she was in Laos, she said.

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In response to this post in reference to the father teaching his child homophobic slurs, the guy's photobucket account has been removed.

Photobucket sent me a message that said:

"The images have already been removed.

You may need to clear your browser's cache or temporary internet files and
then refresh the page where you had viewed the images to avoid seeing an older
cached version of the images from before they were removed by us.


Your Photobucket Support Team"

I wouldn't be surprised if he posts them somewhere else and tries to say that photobucket is supporting the "gay agenda" or something, but for now it's a definite win!

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Why Won't NOM Release Its Financials?

The National Organization for Marriage may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building its brand of hate in the media, but they're much more reticent behind the scenes. Especially when it comes to finances.

As a federally recognized non-profit, NOM is required to make available its IRS filings. The muckrakers at Californians Against Hate submitted requests for NOM's two entities — the National Organization for Marriage 501(c)4 and the National Organization for Marriage Educational Fund 501(c)3 — last month, but still haven't heard back within the required 30 day timeline. (The "IRS imposes fines of $20 per day up to $10,000 per committee until the financial disclosures are made public.")

Of course the common wisdom is that NOM, headed by walking cartoon Maggie Gallagher, is a front for the Mormon Church. But without those IRS filings, it's difficult to back that claim. As they say, "follow the money." So far, NOM is making that difficult, but not impossible, to do. (Matthew R. Holland, son of Mormon Apostle Jeffrey S. Holland and a board member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, resigned from the board of NOM after rumors began circulating that the two organizations were affiliated. Holland was replaced by sci-fi writer and government overthrower Orson Scott Card.)

Some $1.5 million is being spent on television ads, claims NOM, but there's no record of who's funding that cash. (We suspect the media spend budget isn't that large; like politicians' ads these days, they get more play on YouTube than they do on TV.) And asking Gallagher and NOM's public relations firm CRC doesn't seem to turn up any answers.



Limbaugh Blows Off GOP Rebranding Effort: We Don't Need A "Listening Tour"

Limbaugh Blows Off GOP Rebranding Effort: We Don't Need A "Listening Tour"

On Monday Rush Limbaugh became the most prominent in a series of conservative figures to push back against a new Republican re-branding effort launched by GOP luminaries over the weekend.

During his program, the brash radio personality whacked the National Council for a New America -- an effort undertaken by, among others, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Eric Cantor to repair the party's image after the '08 election -- saying that rather than a "listening tour," what the party needed was "a teaching tour."

"I'm weary of the same people who drove us to this point telling us what we have to do now. I'm not including Jeb in that. Jeb was not part of the campaign last year," said Limbaugh. "But everybody else on this bus tour -- for the most part -- is responsible for where we are. We did it their way in 2008. We did it with the candidate and approach that they thought would work. Pandering. 'We got to listen to the American people.' I maintain that when a politician says we have to listen to the American people and learn, we are pandering. We're not leading."
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Joe The Plumber Slurs Gay People: I Would Never Let "Queers" Near My Children

Joe The Plumber Slurs Gay People: I Would Never Let "Queers" Near My Children

Joe the Plumber, aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, sat down for an lengthy interview with Christianity Today to discuss his views on the future of the Republican party. Wurzelbacher took the opportunity to speak out against gay marriage, which he says is wrong. The unlikely conservative spokesman went so far as to say he doesn't allow openly gay people "anywhere near" his children.

The word "queer," Wurzelbacher noted, "means strange and unusual."

Christianity Today: In the last month, same-sex marriage has become legal in Iowa and Vermont. What do you think about same-sex marriage at a state level?

Wurzelbacher: At a state level, it's up to them. I don't want it to be a federal thing. I personally still think it's wrong. People don't understand the dictionary--it's called queer. Queer means strange and unusual. It's not like a slur, like you would call a white person a honky or something like that. You know, God is pretty explicit in what we're supposed to do--what man and woman are for. Now, at the same time, we're supposed to love everybody and accept people, and preach against the sins. I've had some friends that are actually homosexual. And, I mean, they know where I stand, and they know that I wouldn't have them anywhere near my children. But at the same time, they're people, and they're going to do their thing.

In the vein of George W. Bush and Michael Steele, Joe the Plumber also indicated that he wouldn't run for public office until the Lord had given him a cue. "God hasn't said, 'Joe, I want you to run.' I feel more important to just encourage people to get involved, one way or another. If I can inspire some leaders, that would be great." Joe added: "I don't know if I want to be a leader."

Joe, God just called, He says "shud up"... and get back to plumbing...

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Religious Right Escalates Lies In Face Of Possible Passage Of Hate Crimes Act


"30% off jail time for assaulting Grandma or other non-homosexuals." So says the above "coupon for criminals" posted on rabid hater Janet Folger's new site, Faith 2 Action.
When combined with existing law, this bill could have a very chilling effect on free speech. A pastor could be charged with inciting a hate crime for the content of his sermon. An individual could be charged with one for simply resisting the actions or advances of a homosexual or lesbian. Call your two U.S. Senators toll free at 877-851-6437 to vote against H.R. 1913. If that number doesn't work, you can use the regular toll switchboard number 202-224-3121. Please also make some calls to the local offices of your Senators and send him or her some e-mails.
Do like Janet Folger says, call your Senators today. And go to Michael Signorile's post to listen to a clip of Folger's radio show in which "Andrea Lafferty -- daughter of Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition -- tells Janet that if the hate crimes bill is passed it will mean amputee stump fetishists would be able to sexually assault her brother and she tried to stop them she'd be charged with a hate crime!"

(Via - Pam's House Blend)

The Swine Flu And Worldwide Economic Recession: Humanity's Salvation?

The Swine Flu And Worldwide Economic Recession: Humanity's Salvation?

Are we killing ourselves?

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about how factory farmed animals are the cause of the deadly hybrid virus that is eerily mutating, and some are calling it cosmic retribution, a sort of "chickens coming home to roost" scenario. I don't know about that, but an animal virus like swine flu is a completely predictable (and was a widely predicted) response to our modern horribly cruel and appallingly filthy factory farming systems.

Undoubtedly, some animal welfare people are hoping that swine flu will serve as a wake-up call for humanity, that the "groupthink" in support of intensive farming might move toward thoughtfulness about the health hazards and cruelty of intensively confining animals, and that governments will pass laws to make these "confined animal feeding operations" (CAFOs, the industry term for "factory farm") smaller, cleaner, less cruel, and less dependent on drugs--which are used to keep the animals alive through the filthy and stressful conditions that would otherwise kill them in much greater numbers.

I must admit that this does feel like a wake-up call: Are we really so addicted to eating meat (even as we demand that meat be inexpensive, meat processors want to make more money, which means faster, meaner ways of raising and slaughtering animals for food) that we're willing to risk the millions who could die from such mutating viruses? Has our desire for gustatory pleasure at any cost pushed us into terrible consequences as we creep toward an ugly future? The "big one" may not be this particular version of the flu, but scientists say we have not seen the last of H1N1; not by a long shot.

When the swine flu hit, I was already wondering and talking with friends about whether the economic crisis might inspire a paradigm shift in how we live our lives, especially after reading a remarkable column by generally sober and hyper-realistic Thomas Friedman in the New York Times. Writes Friedman, "What if the crisis of 2008 represents something much more fundamental than a deep recession? What if it's telling us that the whole growth model we created over the last 50 years is simply unsustainable economically and ecologically...?"

Friedman concludes that "Often in the middle of something momentous, we can't see its significance. But for me there is no doubt: 2008 will be the marker--the year when 'The Great Disruption' began."
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Calif. high court OKs lesbian students expulsion

(Riverside, California) The California Supreme Court will let stand an appeals court ruling that a Lutheran school was within its rights when it expelled two students for allegedly being lesbians.

The case began in 2005 after the school’s principal, Gregory Bork, called the girls into his office and grilled them on their sexual orientation. One girl was allegedly coerced to say she loved the other.

The next day, the suit said, Bork told the girls’ parents they could not stay at the school with “those feelings.” In a Sept. 12, 2005 letter to the parents, Bork acknowledged officials had seen no physical contact between the girls but said their friendship was “uncharacteristic of normal girl relationships and more characteristic of a lesbian one.”

The girls’ attorney argued that the 142-student school in Wildomar was bound to comply with state civil rights laws because it functions as a business by collecting tuition and falls under the California civil-rights law that prohibits LGBT discrimination.

The school is owned by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, the nation’s third-largest Lutheran church body. The California Lutheran High School Association, comprising three dozen churches and religious schools, operates the campus.

The school argued that it is exempt from the rights law because it is run by a religious institution and does not accept state funding.

In 2008, a Riverside County Superior Court judge dismissed the case, ruling that was no legal basis for the girls’ claim that the school falls under the law.

The case was appealed and last January the 4th District Court of Appeal upheld the lower court ruling.

Attorneys for the girls appealed to the California Supreme Court which declined to hear the case. The decision allows the earlier rulings to stand.


Flames on the side of my face.
i want joe biden i need joe biden

RNC Clown College

Thanks to the site The Daily What, we recently discovered Hebiclens/WMxdesign's photostream on flickr which is full of hilarious photoshopped images of conservative talking heads and politicians alike. We love Rush as the Pig Man and Glenn adding fuel to the fire, but we were particularly taken by the "RNC Clown College" series. Some samples are available below, but there are many more here.

Clown sauce.

lol forever, you guys. The Satan series is especially lulzy, too.

Congressman reads longest list of sex acts on House floor

The Hate Crime Bill will not include:

* Apotemnophilia - sexual arousal associated with the stump(s) of an Amputee

* Asphyxophilia - sexual gratification derived from activities that involve oxygen deprivation through hanging, strangulation, or other means

* Autogynephilia - the sexual arousal of a man by his own perception of himself as a woman or dressed as a woman (p. 574)

* Coprophilia - sexual arousal associated with feces (p. 576)

* Exhibitionism - the act of exposing one’s genitals to an unwilling observer to obtain sexual gratification (p. 569)

* Fetishism/Sexual Fetishism - obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body (p. 570)

* Frotteurism - approaching an unknown woman from the rear and pressing or rubbing the penis against her buttocks (p. 570)

* Gerontosexuality - distinct preference for sexual relationships primarily or exclusively with an elderly partner

* Incest - sex with a sibling or parent

* Kleptophilia - obtaining sexual excitement from stealing

* Klismaphilia - erotic pleasure derived from enemas (p. 576)

* Necrophilia - sexual arousal and/or activity with a corpse (p. 576)

* Partialism - A fetish in which a person is sexually attracted to a specific body part exclusive of the person (p. 576)

* Pedophilia - Sexual activity with a prepubescent child (generally age 13 years or younger). The individual with pedophilia must be age 16 years or older and at least 5 years older than the child. For individuals in late adolescence with pedophilia, no precise age difference is specified, and clinical judgment must be used; both the sexual maturity of the child and the age difference must be taken into account; the adult may be sexually attracted to opposite sex, same sex, or prefer either (p. 571)

* Sexual Masochism - obtaining sexual gratification by being subjected to pain or humiliation (p. 573)

* Sexual Sadism - the intentional infliction of pain or humiliation on another person in order to achieve sexual excitement (p. 574)

* Telephone Scatalogia - sexual arousal associated with making or receiving obscene phone calls (p. 576)

* Toucherism - characterized by a strong desire to touch the breast or genitals of an unknown woman without her consent; often occurs in conjunction with other paraphilia

* Transgenderism - an umbrella term referring to and/or covering transvestitism, drag queen/king, and transsexualism

* Transsexual - a person whose gender identity is different from his or her anatomical gender

* Transvestite - a person who is sexually stimulated or gratified by wearing the clothes of the other gender

* Transvestic Fetishism - intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving cross-dressing (p. 575)

* Urophilia - sexual arousal associated with urine (p. 576)

* Voyeurism - obtaining sexual arousal by observing people without their consent when they are undressed or engaged in sexual activity (p. 575)

* Zoophilia/Bestiality - engaging in sexual activity with animals (p. 576)

I dont know, I am pretty sure the rightwingnutters told me that the Hate Crime Bill will legalize bestiality and incest...

Ann Coulter Insults Me and Hundreds of Combat Veterans

Ann Coulter Insults Me and Hundreds of Combat Veterans

Matthew Alexander

Leader of the interrogations team that located Abu Musab al Zarqawi
Posted May 4, 2009 | 09:51 AM (EST)

On Hannity on April 30th, Ann Coulter criticized me for speaking out against torture, mocking my service and stated, "I did not know the Air Force had interrogators."

This is an insult to hundreds of Air Force combat veterans who were trained as interrogators by the U.S. Army as reported in an official release by the Air Force News Service in 2005.

In addition, one of the most experienced interrogators in the U.S. military with experience conducting interrogations dating back to Panama is Colonel Steve Kleinman, an Air Force Reservist.

It is one thing to disagree with my personal opinion about torture, but quite disrespectful to mock the service of hundreds of combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan based on their service in the Air Force. Ann, however, has never conducted an interrogation (or served in combat) so I fail to see why Sean Hannity invited her to comment as an expert on interrogations.

For the record, there were three Air Force interrogators who played a key role in the killing of Zarqawi, and all five Air Force interrogators in my group were awarded Bronze Star Medals for their achievements in Iraq. Yes, the Air Force has interrogators.
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"Hannity still whining about Obama snubbing Fox".

Sean Hannity just can’t get over the fact that President Obama didn’t call on Fox at Wednesday night’s press conference:

Source: FoxNews via DailyKos

The NY Times question was such a mind-boggling stupid waste of time, to be sure.

The point of focus here, though, is that watching Sean Hannity, or other FoxNews pundit personalities, complain about stupid MSM questions is like listening to vomit complain about how much shit stinks.