May 6th, 2009

GA Gov. candidate .... well ... dated a mule, thinks everyone else did too.

In Georgia, the Creators’ Rights Party candidate for governor is creating quite a stir by admitting to the fact that he’s had sex with a mule, men, and a watermelon, among other things. He has done these things even though he advocates a strongly anti-gay agenda. Here is an excerpt from the candidate, Neal Horsley, appearing on the Alan Colmes Show:

“Hey, Alan, if you want to accuse me of having sex when I was a fool, I did everything that crossed my mind that looked like I…”

AC: “You had sex with animals?”

NH: “Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.”

AC: “I’m not so sure that that is so.”

NH: “You didn’t grow up on a farm in Georgia, did you?”

AC: “Are you suggesting that everybody who grows up on a farm in Georgia has a mule as a girlfriend?”

NH: It has historically been the case. You people are so far removed from the reality… Welcome to domestic life on the farm…”

Colmes said he thought there were a lot of people in the audience who grew up on farms, are living on farms now, raising kids on farms and “and I don’t think they are dating Elsie right now. You know what I’m saying?”

Horsley said, “You experiment with anything that moves when you are growing up sexually. You’re naive. You know better than that… If it’s warm and it’s damp and it vibrates you might in fact have sex with it.”

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Yeah ... I've got nothing.

Vince McMahon's Opinion Of Barack Obama

-- There have been some rumblings in recent months that Vince McMahon isn't particularly fond of United States President Barack Obama, basically saying "he's bad for business."

The latest issue of Power Slam magazine sheds some more light on McMahon's opinion of him, including a behind the scenes story from last year in which WWE television producer Kevin Dunn reprimanded anyone he saw wearing clothing or merchandise in support of the Democratic President-elect.

Here is what was written: "Dunn's philsophical overlap with Vince extends beyond wrestling.

Like the WWE Chairman, Dunn is an ultra-conservative Republican who supported George W. Bush. In 2004, Dunn earned Vince's compliments when he proudly flouted company policy to wear a giant "Bush/Cheney 2004" badge to work on the day after the election. In 2008, creative team sources allege that Dunn, ironically, had anyone who wore clothing or merchandise related to the Democratic President-elect formally reprimanded by the company. Meanwhile, sources backstage report overhearing McMahon and Dunn discussing how Obama's policies will so badly damage America's ecomony that periodic cuts in WWE personnel will be required in order for the company to continue to pay their multi-million-dollar executive salaries and stock dividends."


~mods, Ihope no one minds me posting this, seeing how we've had other articles about CEO's of other companies and such.

Michael Savage thinks "Talk of the Nation" is his show; Neal Conan shuts him DOWN.

British Home Secretary Jaqui Smith recently barred right-wing radio talk show host Michael Savage and others from entering the U.K. for fear that their rhetoric would incite violence.  Smith was quoted as saying, "I don’t think free speech should be a license for people to preach or to promote hatred or to exhort other people actually to carry out criminal acts."

Yesterday, Neal Conan, host of NPR's "Talk of the Nation," interviewed (or at least tried to) Savage about the situation.  Savage basically appropriated the show and started ranting and misconstruing neutral statements made by Conan. Then, as usual, Neal Conan opened up the discussion to listeners, inviting them to call in.  What happened next...was awesome.

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I just did an all-nighter, and I replayed this maybe 5 or 6 times throughout the night just because it makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Source: First saw this on, then followed his link to and got the transcript from here:

You can listen to the exchange by clicking on the link on this page:
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US 'hate list' DJ to sue Britain

US 'hate list' DJ to sue Britain

US radio presenter Michael Savage in California (03 December 2007)
Mr Weiner's views have caused great offence in the US

A US radio talk show host says he will sue the British government for defamation after being placed on a list of people banned from entering the UK.

Conservative political commentator Michael Savage, real name Michael Alan Weiner, is one of 22 people barred for fostering extremism or hate.

He has described the Islamic holy book the Koran as "a book of hate" and questioned cases of autism.

Mr Weiner said he opposed violence and objected to being linked to murderers.

He told his radio audience that he was intending to sue British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who he described as the "lunatic ... Home Secretary of England".

"To link me up with skin heads who are killing people in Russia, to put me in league with Hamas murderers who kill people on buses is defamation," he said.

In an article posted on his website, he said he did not advocate violence but "traditional values".

He wrote: "What does that say about the government of England? It says more about them than it says about me."

Public list

Mr Weiner has offended many in the US with his views on immigration, Islam and rape.

He also angered the parents of children with autism by saying most cases were "a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out", the Associated Press reported.

The UK has been able to ban people who promote hatred, terrorist violence or serious criminal activity since 2005, but the list was only made public for the first time this week.

Hamas MP Yunis Al-Astal and Jewish extremist Mike Guzovsky are among the 16 named people by the Home Office as being excluded.

Also excluded are two leaders of a violent Russian skinhead gang, the ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Stephen 'Don' Black and neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe.

The remaining six have not been named, as doing so would not be in the public interest, the government said.


Edit: Quote from Jacqui Smith

"Coming to this country is a privilege. If you can't live by the rules that we live by, the standards and the values that we live by, we should exclude you from this country and, what's more, now we will make public those people that we have excluded." Source.

Practice what you preach,Bristol

Palin sat down with GMA and talked about being the national Ambassador for the Candies foundation (GMA host Chris Cuomo is moderating a panel this afternoon with her in NYC.)

Palin describes her baby as "awesome" and sticks to her line about telling her parents she was pregnant was "harder than labor." Check it out.

Seems a bit disingenuous...


EXCLUSIVE: Steele yields powers to foes in RNC

EXCLUSIVE: Steele yields powers to foes in RNC

Capitulating to critics on the Republican National Committee, embattled Republican Party Chairman Michael S. Steele has signed a secret pact agreeing to controls and restraints on how he spends hundreds of millions of dollars in party funds and contracts, The Washington Times has learned.

The "good governance" agreement revives checks and balances Mr. Steele resisted implementing for RNC contracts, fees for legal work and other expenditures that were not renewed after the 2008 presidential nominating contest.

The agreement, proposed by several current and former RNC officials, goes further, making 33-year RNC veteran Jay Banning, who was fired by Mr. Steele along with his deputy last month, an on-call adviser to the RNC treasurer. Mr. Banning was seen as a trusted liaison to RNC members critical of Mr. Steele's tenure and financial management.

"I regard them - the Steele administration - bound by it," former Republican National Committee General Counsel David Norcross told The Times on Tuesday.
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The Farce Called FINRA Has No Shame

The Farce Called FINRA Has No Shame

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), is the "non governmental" regulator for U.S. securities firms. FINRA runs the mandatory arbitration system for the resolution of all disputes between brokers and their clients. Many believe (and I am one of them) this process is biased and rigged against investors.

FINRA's Board of Governors is a who's who of the securities industry. Prudential, Merrill Lynch, Pershing and other industry insiders are well represented. They "govern" their fellow brokers the same way the SEC "governed" Bernie Madoff.

FINRA's kangaroo court is currently processing cases brought by investors who purchased auction rate securities. These investors were told ARS were "as good as cash." It turns out the markets were rigged (much like FINRA's arbitrations) by the market makers, who made huge underwriting profits packaging and selling these "investment" products. The ARS markets froze in February, 2008 leaving investors holding more than $100 billion.

We now learn that FINRA itself bought more that $860 million of ARS. Unlike investors who are stuck with these bonds, FINRA dumped all its holdings less than six months before the market for them froze up.

What remarkable foresight!

FINRA is the ultimate insider. Is it really possible it did not know the market for ARS was in deep trouble when it got rid of its ARS?

In October, 2007, Mary Schapiro, formerly the head of FINRA, gave a speech in which she said that "individuals bought auction-rate securities even as institutional investors were dumping their shares." Shapiro posed "the question" as follows: "Was that information freely shared with individual investors?"

At the time, FINRA's own sale of its ARS was not publicly disclosed.

Ultimately, it will fall to the SEC to investigate the propriety of FINRA's conduct. That could present a problem. Mary Schapiro is now the head of the SEC. How vigorously will she investigate her own behavior?

In the meantime, gullible investors will proceed with their FINRA arbitrations, clinging to the false hope of a fair hearing.

And pigs will fly!

Schumer Puts Health Care Ball In Nelson's Court

Schumer Puts Health Care Ball In Nelson's Court

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) dealt a blow to health care reform last week when he said that any overhaul that involved the creation of a public plan that patients could buy into would be a "deal breaker" for him.

Because Democrats in the Senate can pass an overhaul with only 50 votes, Nelson's lone vote isn't crucial in itself, but conservative Democratic senators have a tendency to travel together. Once one leaves the Democratic herd, others quickly follow, not wanting to be the last one to bolt and sink the bill but not wanting to go along with it, either.

Take the Employee Free Choice Act. When votes starting breaking against EFCA, labor's top priority, there was a "centrist" stampede for the safety of the boss's office.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is moving quickly to herd those cats back before they all scatter. Nelson and his allies object to a public health care option because they say it will have unfair advantages over private plans and drive them out of business.
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Shirley Animated

Happy Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day, ONTD_P!

Bristol Palin on teen pregnancy: 'Learn from my example'

It was almost as if Bristol Palin, the 19-year-old daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was showing her Mom how to make a serious entry onto the national stage. No fireworks, no red-meat rhetoric to fire up the true believers.

Instead, in interviews on the morning shows -- on NBC's Today show accompanied by her father, First Dude Todd Palin, and her four-month-old son Tripp -- the unwed teen mother talked quietly and poignantly about how her life has changed since she had a baby. She pitched abstinence if possible and protection if not. This despite the fact that her mother, tapped in August as Republican John McCain's vice presidential candidate, was a strong proponent of abstinence-only education.

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Contraception is rational solution

By Cynthia Tucker

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It never takes much for the smoldering embers of the abortion wars to flare into a raging wildfire. So it’s no great surprise that the imminent retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter has poured kerosene on tinder, fueling another explosion of red-hot rhetoric, political grandstanding and meaningless posturing.

No matter who President Obama nominates, we’ll be treated to the spectacle of social conservatives fighting to derail the nomination over one issue, Roe v. Wade. Republicans, desperate for ways to energize their withering base, are only too happy to have the subject of abortion rights to whip up a frenzy, since they are getting little public support for their oppositional stances on the major issues of the day —- the economy, health care or the environment.

So here’s a suggestion for a pragmatic president with excellent political instincts and the moral capacity to see the ethical quandaries inherent in Roe: Find partners for a highly public crusade to encourage contraception. And challenge abortion-rights opponents to join that crusade. They can hardly argue with the logic; if contraceptive use goes up, the abortion rate will decline.

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A Cheney Cover-Up?

A Cheney Cover-Up?

Who in the George W. Bush White House tried to shred a memo challenging the use of torture?

On April 21, Philip Zelikow, who was counselor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during the Bush administration, revealed on Foreign Policy's "Shadow Government" blog that he wrote a memo in 2005 disputing the conclusions of Bush Justice Department lawyers that torture was legal. The existence of such a memo was a surprise. But Zelikow also disclosed that the "White House attempted to collect and destroy all copies of my memo."

This story is not over. Zelikow tells Mother Jones that he doesn't know for sure who in the White House ordered the suppression of his memo, but he says that his "supposition at the time" was that the office of Vice President Dick Cheney was behind the cover-up. In an email exchange with Mother Jones, Zelikow notes that Cheney's office did not have the authority to request that his memo be deep-sixed: "They didn't run the interagency process. Such a request would more likely have come from the White House Counsel's office or from NSC staff." But that request did not reach him in written form. "It was conveyed to me, and I ignored it," Zelikow recalls. But he suspected that Team Cheney was probably behind it.

Zelikow, who is scheduled to testify before a Senate judiciary subcommittee on Tuesday, also notes that his memo was not the only one raising questions about the administration's legal rationale supporting so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques": "There were a number of papers, mainly arguing for alternative legal frameworks." But his memo, he adds, was "a more direct assault on [the Bush Justice Department's] own interpretation of American law."

Congressional Democrats are already seeking any surviving copies of Zelikow's memo. They might now also want to request these other papers. (No such documents have been declassified or released so far.)

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Doug Fox, North Carolina Official, Resigns Over Racist Email

Doug Fox, North Carolina Official, Resigns Over Racist Email

North Carolina's top liquor regulator resigned Tuesday after sending an e-mail that reportedly showed a watermelon patch outside an altered photo of the White House.

Gov. Beverly Perdue demanded and received the resignation of Alcoholic Beverage Commission Chairman Douglas A. Fox after the e-mail mocking the first black U.S. president was shown to Perdue's staff.

"I have accepted Doug Fox's letter of resignation. E-mails and images of this nature are offensive and unacceptable," Perdue said in a statement.

In his resignation letter, Fox offered to stay on until his successor was ready, but Perdue spokesman David Kochman said the resignation was immediate.

Fox was paid $110,000 last year in the job he held since being appointed by Gov. Mike Easley in 2004. The commission handles liquor law violation cases, sets prices and runs the state warehouse from which all ABC stores buy their liquor. The stores at which spirits are sold are run by local ABC boards.

The News & Observer and Charlotte Observer reported it acquired the e-mail sent from Fox's law firm to Bill Hester, a lobbyist for Southern Wine & Spirits, a major liquor distributor. The e-mail was sent on Nov. 14, 10 days after Barack Obama was elected president.

The e-mail, which had been forwarded by others several times before reaching Fox, showed the image of the White House, the watermelon patch on the South Lawn, and the phrase "There goes the neighborhood..." printed above the photo, the newspapers said. The e-mail contained no other text, but the subject line stated: "how true."

Hester declined to comment when contacted by The Associated Press. Message left Tuesday evening at Fox's Wilmington law office and a listed residential number for Doug Fox were not returned.

For the last year, Fox also has been president of the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, which represents the 19 states with government-run liquor sales.

Obama lacks affection for Merkel. Withholds presidential back rubs.

Obama to Trace Family History in Germany

US President Barack Obama is coming to Germany again in June, but he won't be visiting Berlin. Instead, he is planning a more personal trip to Dresden and the concentration camp Buchenwald in search of his family history. There will be no photo op with Merkel in the Chancellory -- a deliberate move on Obama's part.

Barack Obama's planned trip to Germany in June is not going to be an official state visit. German diplomatic sources told SPIEGEL ONLINE that the US president is planning a private trip in which he will go on a personal search to places of importance for his family history.

On Tuesday, the news became public that a White House advance team is currently in the eastern German city of Dresden, where they are looking for possible accommodations for the president. In addition to a short visit to the city on the Elbe River, the president is also intending to visit the memorial at the former Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald.

Obama's great-uncle, Charlie Payne, served in the 89th Infantry Division during World War II and participated in the liberation of Ohrdruf, a forced labor camp that was a satellite camp of Buchenwald. It's possible Obama could visit on June 5, one day before his planned participation in the celebrations of the 65th anniversary of the landing of the American troops in Normandy.

A diplomat said Dresden would offer the president a good opportunity to get some first-hand historical impressions of Germany. But other sites are also being discussed for his visit. The German federal government is also helping the White House advance team with its work. The White House recently informed the German government of Obama's desire to visit the country.
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Queen Francoise


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(CNN) -- Same-sex marriage became legal in Maine on Wednesday as Gov. John Baldacci signed a bill less than an hour after the state legislature approved it. "

I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage," said Baldacci, a Democrat.

But he raised the possibility that the residents of the state would overturn the law, saying, "Just as the Maine Constitution demands that all people are treated equally under the law, it also guarantees that the ultimate political power in the State belongs to the people."

Three other states -- Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa -- allow same-sex marriages. Vermont has passed a law making gay and lesbian marriages legal that takes effect in September. New Hampshire lawmakers are close to passing a similar bill.

On Tuesday, the Washington City Council voted to recognize same-sex marriages from states that allow those unions. Mayor Adrian Fenty has indicated that he will sign the measure. It will become law if Congress fails to overturn the measure during a 30-day review period.

A slim majority of Americans are against legal recognition for same-sex marriage, CNN polling found last month.

Fifty-four percent of adults questioned in an April 23-26 nationwide CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll said that marriages between gay or lesbian couples should not be recognized as valid, while 44 percent said they should be considered legal.

The survey's sampling error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.


SPN - Chuck what

Man beheads granddaughter for good harvest

Bhubaneswar: In a gruesome incident, a man chopped off the head of his nine-year-old granddaughter to woo "Mother Earth" for a good harvest this kharif season. Traditional belief has it that human sacrifice on Akshaya Tritiya translates into a good harvest.

With this belief, Rajesh Hembram, 55, a farmer, beheaded his nine-year-old granddaughter Berenika Kandulana with an axe on Sunday afternoon and collected her blood in a steel pot. The incident took place at Adapathar village in Sambalpur district.
Akshaya Trutiya marks the beginning of the kharif season. Preparations for the famous Ratha Yatra also begin from this day.


Description of death at source, beware.

Torture Memo Author Advocated Presidential Pardons, Jury Nullification

Torture Memo Author Advocated Presidential Pardons, Jury Nullification

A Bush administration attorney who approved harsh interrogation techniques of terror suspects advocated in 2006 that President Bush set aside recommendations by his own Justice Department to bring prosecutions for such practices, that the President should consider pardoning anyone convicted of such offenses, and even that jurors hearing criminal cases about such matters engage in jury nullification.

That advice came from John Yoo, a former attorney with the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel and author of memos that served as a legal rationale for the Bush administration's interrogation techniques. Yoo's recommendations constitute one of the most compelling pieces of a body of evidence that Yoo and other government attorneys improperly skewed legal advice to allow such practices, according to sources familiar with a still-confidential Justice Department report.

A Justice Department internal watchdog agency, the Office of Professional Responsibility, has concluded that Yoo and a second former Justice Department attorney, Jay Bybee, breached their professional legal ethics by skewing their legal advisory opinion to provide a legal rationale for allowing the harsh interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, according to a senior Department attorney who has reviewed a draft of the report. President Obama has said that the use of some of the interrogation techniques constituted torture.

The OPR recommends in the draft report that state bar associations consider taking disciplinary action against Yoo and Bybee, according to the same sources. The state bar associations could reject the OPR's findings or it could reprimand the attorneys, sanction them in some other fashion, or even hold disbarment proceedings. The draft report does not recommend that the Bush administration lawyers face criminal charges.
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Fed Inspector General Knows Roughly Nothing About The Fed (VIDEO)

Remember when Elizabeth A. Coleman was appointed Inspector General for the Board effective May 6, 2007?... OIG Bio

Fed Inspector General Knows Roughly Nothing About The Fed (VIDEO)

The inspector general tasked with overseeing and auditing the Federal Reserve knows pretty much nothing about what the Fed is doing. That's the conclusion that comes from watching the exchange Tuesday between Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) and inspector general Elizabeth A. Coleman.

Coleman could not tell Grayson what kind of losses the Fed has so far suffered on its $2 trillion portfolio, which has greatly expanded since September.

She appeared unaware that the Fed engages in trillions of dollars in off-balance-sheet exchanges.

She is not investigating the role of the Fed in allowing the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

She did not know where the Fed has invested its $2 trillion on the liability side of the balance sheet. "I do not know. We have not looked at that specific area at this particular point on," she said.

"We do not have jurisdiction to directly go out and audit reserve bank activities specifically," she said, though the IG's Web site proudly declares that her office "conducts independent and objective audits, inspections, evaluations, investigations, and other reviews related to programs and operations of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System."

Contacted by the Huffington Post, Coleman was in a meeting and unavailable for comment.

Watch the exchange:

K-Box cartoon

Is it a story from The Onion, or a fanfic from ontd_political?

Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am In White House Driveway

Vice President Biden ditched a day of presiding over the Senate to "give the twin cannons some sun."

WASHINGTON—Taking advantage of the warm spring weather Monday, Vice President Joe Biden parked his 1981 Trans Am in the White House driveway, removed his undershirt, and spent a leisurely afternoon washing the muscle car and drinking beer.

"This baby just needs a little scrub down," said Biden, addressing a tour group as he tucked the sweat-covered top into the belt loop of his cutoff jean shorts. "Gotta get her looking good so I can impress the chicks when I'm cruising down Pennsylvania [Avenue]."

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SPN - Chuck what

Vatican army 'may recruit women'

Women may be allowed to join the exclusive ranks of the world's smallest army, the head of the Vatican's Swiss Guard says.

"I can imagine them for one role or another," Commander Daniel Anrig told Italian television.

Such a move would represent a significant departure from tradition.

The 500-year-old force, devoted to protecting the pope, usually recruits only young, single, Roman Catholic soldiers from Switzerland.

Previously logistical problems, such as the cramped living quarters for the forces, had been cited as an obstacle to allowing women to join.

But Commander Anrig said he believed such problems could be overcome. His predecessors have fiercely opposed such a move.

The comments came on the eve of an annual swearing-in ceremony for new recruits.

The Swiss Guard was founded in 1506 when Swiss mercenaries marched into Rome to serve under Pope Julius II, known as the "warrior pope".


Pajamas TV Finds It Necessary To Torture, With This Video

Pajamas TV Finds It Necessary To Torture, With This Video

Oh look, an instant classic. This is exactly how the Rolling Stones predicted their song would be bastardized forty years later, by Pajamas TV, with a random black Internet actor playing the bus-driving African president of America whose first instinct is to make jokes about his recently deceased white Kansan grandmother and, a couple minutes later, sing “But when Rush Limbaugh calls them out/He’s demonized like he’s the one who wrote it,” defending the right-wing radio Republican president’s glorification of a song called “Barack the Magic Negro.” Well at least “Negro” would make sense to them, since that is what they called black people forty years ago.

Too Much, Magic Bus

PajamasTV hasn’t really been in the news since it hired Sam “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher to report on the war in Gaza, but it’s still kicking. Some of its most popular content is coming from black conservative comic Alphonzo Rachel, who sometimes appears as “President Zobama.” He’s put together a music video that is mostly notable for the way it captures the little memes and stories that have been forgotten outside of the deep conservative base.

A little decoding: it is considered noteworthy, and hilarious, that President Obama dispatches political allies who become a problem to him. Indeed, this is pretty strange and no politician has done it before. But since the cliche “throwing [person or thing] under the bus” took hold, conservatives have applied it to anyone that Obama apparently distanced him from, ever.

• The video begins with Rachel running over a TV image of “my white grandmama,” whom conservatives believe was “thrown under the bus” in Obama’s speech on race when he talked about her admitted uneasiness among black men.

• The reference to the “brother in a shack” is to George Obama, the president’s half brother, who lives in Nairobi.

• The lyric about the “magic negro” story is sort of garbled — Rachel says the “New York Times called” Obama that, but it was black critic David Edelstein Ehrenstein in The Los Angeles Times. Rachel jokes that Rush Limbaugh was pilloried for citing the comment, but it didn’t really become an issue until Republican National Committee chairman candidate Chip Saltsman sent around a CD of parody songs including “Barack the Magic Negro,” sung by an Al Sharpton impersonator.

Anyway, that’s the state of PajamasTV at the moment.

House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty

House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty

Although Gov. Brad Henry vetoed similar legislation 10 days earlier, House members Monday again approved a resolution claiming Oklahoma’s sovereignty.

Unlike House Joint Resolution 1003, House Concurrent Resolution 1028 does not need the governor’s approval.

The House passed the measure 73-22. It now goes to the Senate.

"We’re going to get it done one way or the other,” said the resolutions’ author, Rep. Charles Key, R-Oklahoma City.

"I think our governor is out of step.”

House Democrats objected, saying the issue already had been taken up and had been vetoed, but House Speaker Pro Tempore Kris Steele, R-Shawnee, ruled the veto is not final action.

Key said he expects HCR 1028 will pass in the Senate. HJR 1003 earlier passed the House 83-18 and won approval in the Senate 29-18.

Henry vetoed HJR 1003 because he said it suggested, among other things,
that Oklahoma should return federal tax dollars.

Key said HCR 1028, which, if passed, would be sent to Democratic President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress, would not jeopardize federal funds but would tell Congress to "get back into their proper constitutional role.” The resolution states the federal government should "cease and desist” mandates that are beyond the scope of its powers.

Key said many federal laws violate the 10th Amendment, which says powers not delegated to the U.S. government "are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” The Constitution lists about 20 duties required of the U.S. government, he said.

Congress should not be providing bailouts to financial institutions and automakers, he said.

"We give all this money to all these different entities, including automakers, and now they’re talking about, ‘Well maybe it’s better to let them go bankrupt,’” Key said. "Well, maybe we should have let them go bankrupt before we gave them the money.”


Justice Dept. Finds Many Flaws in F.B.I. Terror Watch List

Justice Dept. Finds Many Flaws in F.B.I. Terror Watch List

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has improperly kept nearly 24,000 people on a terrorist watch list based on outdated or sometimes irrelevant information, while it missed others with legitimate terror ties who should have been on the list, according to a Justice Department report released Wednesday.

The report said the mistakes posed a risk to national security, because of the failure to flag actual suspected terrorists, as well as an unnecessary nuisance for non-suspects who may be questioned at a traffic stops or stopped from boarding an airplane.

By the beginning of 2009, the report said, the government’s terrorist watch lists included about 400,000 people, listed as 1.1 million names and aliases, an exponential growth from the days before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when it included fewer than two dozen people.

Intelligence officials say the watch lists have allowed different agencies to work together in an effort to prevent the type of breakdown that allowed two of the Sept. 11 hijackers to enter the United States even though they were known to the Central Intelligence Agencies for their terrorist ties.

The new Justice Department report provided the most authoritative statistical account to date of the problems connected with the watch lists and confirmed some assertions made by critics of the process. An earlier report by the inspector general, released in March 2008, looked mainly at flaws in the system.

The list has long been a target of public criticism, particularly after well-publicized incidents in which politicians including Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts and Representative John Lewis of Georgia accidentally showed up on the lists. People with names similar to actual terrorists have complained that it can take months to remove their names from the list, and civil rights advocates charge that anti-war protesters, Muslim activists and others have been put on the lists and stopped at airports for political reasons.

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US Afghan strikes 'killed dozens'

US air strikes in Afghanistan on Tuesday killed dozens of civilians including women and children, officials from the Red Cross have said.

Afghan officials in the western province of Farah told the BBC as many as 100 civilians might have died.

The civilians were said to have been hit while sheltering from fighting.

A US military team has been sent to Farah to investigate and Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered an Afghan inquiry.

Mr Karzai is in the US for talks with President Barack Obama and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.

Civilian deaths will be high on the agenda at the White House for Mr Karzai, who has repeatedly urged Western forces in Afghanistan to reduce the number of civilian casualties.

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Source with heartbreaking video D:

Pakistan Attacks Taliban Militants Ahead Of Washington Talks

Pakistan Attacks Taliban Militants Ahead Of Washington Talks

Pakistan launched air and ground attacks against up to 7,000 Taliban militants entrenched in a northwestern valley Wednesday, killing dozens holed up at emerald mines and on forested hillsides following urgent U.S. demands to step up the fight against the insurgents.

With militants fighting back and weary refugees lining up at camps, the operation will be a test of whether the army has the will, capability and political support to defeat an enemy that had three months under a now-shattered peace deal to rest and regroup.

"It is an all-out war there. Rockets are landing everywhere," said Laiq Zada, 33, who fled the Swat Valley and is living in a government-run tent camp out of the danger zone. "We have with us the clothes on our bodies and a hope in the house of God. Nothing else."

Washington has said it wants to see a sustained operation in Swat and surrounding districts, mindful of earlier, inconclusive offensives elsewhere in the Afghan border region. Eight years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the area remains a haven for al-Qaida and Taliban fighters blamed for spiraling violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Uprooting the insurgents from the valley will mean unpopular civilian casualties, property damage and massive disruption to public life.
That combination could tear at the resolve of government, which is struggling to convince the nuclear-armed Muslim nation that fighting the militants is in its interests as well as those of the U.S.

But there have been signs recently of a shift in the national mood against the Taliban after it got most of the blame for the collapsed peace process in Swat. A series of bloody terrorist attacks in the country's heartland province, Punjab, and the wide broadcast last month of a video clip showing the insurgents beating a women in Swat, also appear to have hardened the stance of politicians, clerics and ordinary Pakistanis toward extremists.
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Adorable Keanu is adorable.

HOSHIT. :D New Hampshire Senate passes gay-marriage bill!

New Hampshire Senate passes gay-marriage bill

CONCORD, New Hampshire (Reuters) - New Hampshire's Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would legalize same-sex marriage after an amendment was added that allows clergy to decline to marry gay couples.

The bill, which passed in a 13-11 vote, needs to be signed by Governor John Lynch to make New Hampshire the fifth U.S. state where gay marriage is legal. The Democrat has not indicated whether he will sign or veto the bill, but has expressed opposition to the measure.

The bill passed the state's House of Representatives on March 26 but looked set for near certain defeat in the Senate before the amendment, which appeared to mollify some critics in the Democratic-controlled chamber.

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Kids don't need to hear about four hour erections

Congressman: No Viagra before 10 p.m.
Posted: 06:02 PM ET

From CNN's Charles Riley

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Former presidential candidate Robert Dole made headlines as a pitchman for Viagra, and now a decade later a Virginia congressman wants to limit the time when ads for this and similar products can air.

Last month, Democratic Rep. Jim Moran introduced the "Families for ED Advertising Decency Act," which prevents erectile dysfunction and male enhancement ads from appearing on radio and television between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

"This [the advertisements] is an intrusion into our daily lives that I believe has become inappropriate." Moran said in an interview with CNN. "There is a saturation of the television airwaves with these E.D. ads, and they have gotten more pervasive, more blunt, and less subtle."

The bill currently has only one co-sponsor, Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pennsylvania, and there are currently no hearings scheduled on the issue. But a Moran spokesman said the congressman is actively seeking more support.

"I don't want to be prudish about it," Moran said. "I understand there is limitless market to deal with male insecurity and its fine for drug companies to make a profit on that. The problem is that they are showing these ads when small children are bound to get curious."

UPDATE: Pfizer, the maker of Viagra, defended their commercials in a statement, saying, "Our goal in advertising our products is to reach the people who would be most likely to benefit from them."


Conservatives will hate this, because it is "expanding the government"

I expect conservatives/GOP/etc. to protest this expansion of the federal government as vociferously as they did on their tea bagging day. We should insist they do so. Because they hate "big government," right? Right.

Pentagon to create 20,000 jobs to manage arms buys
Wed May 6, 2009 4:26pm EDT

By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's Defense Department plans to create 20,000 new government jobs to help revise how it buys more than $100 billion of weapons each year, the Pentagon's No. 2 official told Congress.

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Lobbyist Tim Gunn charms the Hill. Makes congress swoon.

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Tim Gunn, on the Hill, just met with Rep. Lamar Smith

"Project Runway" star Tim Gunn, was just in the Rayburn cafeteria eating breakfast, low-key style, with Leanne Marshall (Season 5 winner of the show.) The two are lobbying Congress about intellectual property rights legislation, we're told and were prepping for long day of hearings.

Upon seeing Tim Gunn, several staffers "immediately took pictures" despite their "almost made it to work" attire. (That means sub-par.) "They were very down to earth and fun. We chatted about the legislation, and it's moments like today that make working in Congress exciting," our spy revealed.

What'd they wear? "Gunn rocked his usual smart suit and tie, while Leanne looked stylish in what was likely her own design - a blue petaled skirt, flowing black military jacket, and white zippered shirt."

UPDATE: Gunn just met with Rep. Lamar Smith's office (both personal and Judiciary Committee staff). He gave He even told the Congressman: "You look great!"

Then, Smith lined up his staff and had Gunn provide notes of wisdom, wardrobe-wise.

The staff fared pretty well. "Small tweaks" were made - a shorter skirt was one - and the congressman replied, "two inches?!" in shock. Gunn replied, "no just one." Another lucky female staffer was complimented on her grey skirt and sweater paired with a light brown belt. Gunn said, "this outfit is all about the belt and it works."

However, not everyone could receive high marks. One female staffer, sadly, was wearing capris and was told they are out of style. A male staffer was scolded and told to buy a properly fitting suit jacket. (Tsk!)

Gunn was pleasantly surprised over the well-dressed Hill staff and encouraged them to help spread the word about protecting designer rights.


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Chief Army Chaplain in Afghanistan distributes local-language Bibles, tells GIs to convet Afghans

US Army chaplains in Afghanistan have called on American soldiers to spread the word of Jesus to Afghanistan. They're distributing Bibles printed in local languages, too -- though the Army subsequently confiscated a bunch of the Bibles and reprimanded some of the soldiers involved.

In one recorded sermon, Lt. Col. Gary Hensley, the chief of the U.S. military chaplains in Afghanistan, is seen telling Soldiers that as followers of Jesus Christ, they all have a responsibility "to be witnesses for him".

"The special forces guys -- they hunt men basically. We do the same things as Christians, we hunt people for Jesus. We do, we hunt them down," he says.

"Get the hound of heaven after them, so we get them into the kingdom. That's what we do, that's our business."

GIs Told to Bring Afghans to Jesus

FYI - The U.S. military forbids "proselytising of any religion, faith or practice".
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They will treat us as liberators!

There he goes again: Ken Pollack says the Iranian people will trust us over their own leaders

One of the rewards of the AIPAC policy conference was the ability to watch liberal hawk Ken Pollack up close for an hour. Pollack is a key figure in our policy mess in the Middle East. A smart, goodlooking liberal Jewish Democrat, married into mandarin Washington (Ted Koppel's daughter), Pollack was granted a platform in the New York Times in 2002-2003 to push for the Iraq war. At that time, Pollack failed to anticipate an insurgency and said that, downside, the war-plus-rebuilding Iraq might cost us as much as $30 billion over ten years.

In person, Pollack seems like a nice guy. Affable, reasonable. Journalists I talked to said he always tries to answer even adversarial questions. He struck me as equivocal, saying both tough things and soft things to try and please both sides of the house. For instance, he said that while he was all for the Congress voting tough sanctions to inflict real economic pain on the Iranians, he said with real feeling that the actual penalties should not be imposed, because he doesn't want babies starving-- that was a public relations disaster during the Iraqi sanctions of the '90s for good reason.

Then Ilan Berman, his co-panelist, of the American Foreign Policy Council, said that the big mistake of both Bush and Obama administrations was their belief that the "faultline" is between reformists and conservatives in Iranian government, when in fact, it’s between the regime and the Iranian people, who don't want the Iranian regime. Well that is good ole neocon religion: Regime change. And what did Pollack say?

"Actually Ilan I completely agree with that, I think you’re absolutely right in your analysis," he said. For while he approved the Obama approach by and large--working through back channels to reach out to the Iranian government to make it feel comfortable--

"What they’re potentially missing is this critical divide between the regime and the people. And that ultimately one of the things we need to convince the regime of is that we are going to appeal over their heads to the people if they’re not going to come to the table with real compromises."

Pollack said that we should publicly offer the Iranians a light-water reactor to deal with energy needs, a "technology consortium" to deal with high-tech needs, and security guarantees to deal with those concerns. And in that way we can win the Iranian people over to us by promising them "a better economy, a better relationship with the world."

The unreality of Pollack's statement is that he leaves out the enormous fear that the Iranian people have of us and "democracy" ever since we destroyed their neighbor, Iraq. Would they really trust us? ... And of course Pollack always leaves out the Palestinian issue. Yes Ahmadinejad seizes it and uses it. But to suggest that it doesn't represent a real grievance to Muslims across the region, and they don't blame the problem on us--that's ideology talking, and ideology of a religious character, pro-Zionist. "It's always wonderful to be back at this conference," Pollack said at the start.


Michelle Obama's 'Sesame Street' Appearance: "I'm On A High"

First Lady Michelle Obama visited Sesame Street today to tape a Public Service Announcement with Elmo as part of Sesame Workshop's Healthy Habits For Life initiative. Mrs. Obama and her pal Elmo talked about eating right, exercising regularly and being a healthy and positive role model for children.

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I am SO MAD that Cookie Monster wasn't in the segment instead.

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McDonald's Settles "Faggots" Complaint


McDonald's has settled a complaint brought by the ACLU on behalf of five gay customers who were verbally abused by a restaurant staffer at a Louisville, Kentucky outlet.
Nine months after an employee at a McDonald's restaurant in downtown Louisville called a group of gay customers a series of anti-gay slurs, the American Civil Liberties Union announced today that McDonald's has agreed to a cash settlement and diversity training for management at 30 of its Louisville-area restaurants. Ryan Marlatt, Teddy Eggers, and three other friends had stopped for lunch at a McDonald's restaurant on East Market Street on July 26, 2008 while visiting Louisville for the weekend. While they waited for their food to be prepared, an employee behind the counter referred to them as “faggots” to another employee. When Marlatt and Eggers objected to the slur and asked to speak with a manager, the employee who had called them “faggots” started arguing with them, repeatedly calling them “faggots” in front of other customers and calling one of them a “cocksucker” and “bitch.”
After the incident, the offended patrons tried repeatedly to reach McDonald's corporate offices but were ignored, eventually resulting in the ACLU's complaint with the Louisville Human Rights Commission. Although the customers had only requested the refund of their purchase, McDonald's offered them each $2000, which they accepted. All that, plus lawyers' fees, plus diversity training for 30 managers... and all it would have taken is an apology and one shit-canned employee. The customers tell their story in a video clip at the ACLU's site.

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European Politics community!

Just some shameless pimping of a brand new politics community, in case any of you people are interested:

europolitics europolitics europolitics

Myself (littleninja245) and my co-mod cartography) started this community to give LJ a place where we can discuss politics with a european focus. We want europolitics to be a forum for lively and interesting discussion about all the issues facing the citizens of modern Europe. (However, we of course welcome any members from outside the EU who have an interest in European politics!!)

With the European Parlimentary Elections coming up on June 4th-7th (don't forget to vote!), europolitics is the perfect place for you to learn about the different parties, discuss their aims and hopefully decide who to vote for!

So, if you live in Europe (or not!) and you're interested in politics, come join us at europolitics.

To the left, to the left...

MSNBC, The Place for ... Changemakers! Big Re-Brand as 'Obama Network'

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC chief Phil Griffin.

On a recent Thursday morning, John Kelly, an NBC executive who, among other jobs, oversees ad sales for MSNBC, sat in his office overlooking Rockefeller Plaza and fired up a presentation called “The Face Behind the Momentum.”

Sitting at a desk, beneath a framed drawing of Uncle Sam with an NBC peacock logo on his hat, Mr. Kelly tapped away at a laptop computer. On the other side of the room, a wall-mounted flat-screen television flickered to life.

The presentation began with a graphical story, rife with pie charts and upward-facing arrows, about MSNBC’s ratings growth since the 2006 midterm elections. The story progressed through the campaign primaries, shimmied through a Rachel Maddow victory dance, breezed over the excitement of election day and then lingered on MSNBC’s ratings in March and April of 2009.

“Here’s where we start getting into beating CNN in prime time,” said Mr. Kelly, gesturing at the screen. A series of brightly covered graphics highlighted MSNBC’s ratings. Various matrices showing Fox’s continued ratings dominance in cable news lurked in near invisibility at the periphery. “We have Fox up there, too,” said Mr. Kelly. “But they’re hidden.”

Anyhow. “This is what we look like,” he said. “And, oh, by the way, we have scale. And oh, by the way, we are No. 2. And oh, by the way, CNN is in decline.”

The presentation shifted from touting MSNBC’s anchors to touting MSNBC’s audience. A litany of buzzwords lit up the screen: progressive, young, professional, affluent. A video began.

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