May 24th, 2009


GOP Rep Slams 'Reprehensible' RNC Video Comparing Nancy Pelosi To Pussy Galore

GOP Rep Slams 'Reprehensible' RNC Video Comparing Nancy Pelosi To Pussy Galore

At least one Republican doesn't think it's OK to compare Nancy Pelosi to Pussy Galore.

After viewing an RNC video that juxtaposed the speaker with the James Bond villainess, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told POLITICO Saturday:

"I thought it was reprehensible, irresponsible and unpersuasive. If we're going to regain the credibility of the American people, we're going to have to stop with silly antics like that. It may get a snide chuckle inside the Beltway, but it offends most people. We have to get away from the politics of personal destruction," he said of the video.

RNC declined repeatedly to explain the Pelosi/Galore connection, saying only that the video was about the speaker's "lack of leadership." Chaffetz is the only Republican thus far who has been willing to comment on the video.

"Policy and public comments are fair game, and there are creative ways to amplify it, but I despise it when Democrats and organizations like use these types of tactics," Chaffetz said. "I would like our party to be more consistent in calling out inappropriate behavior like this. We've got to show some leadership and get serious about the issues at hand. It just bothers me that we have someone in the bowels of the organization on payroll working on stuff like this." took flak for its "General Betray Us" newspaper ad that implied that Iraq commander Gen. David Petraeus was disloyal to the country. Chaffetz added that such stunts are not only inappropriate, but in the case of Pelosi and the CIA waterboarding flap, also unnecessary:

"All we have to do is show the videos [of Pelosi's explanations] side by side, and that should be enough for people to recognize that she's been terribly inconsistent. I think some people have shown some real leadership here — I think John Boehner has been doing a good job with it. We need others in this party to recognize that this is not a winning tactic."

Number Of US Army Suicides Continues To Climb

Generals Find Suicide a Frustrating Enemy
As Numbers Continue to Climb, Top Officers Meet Monthly to Look for Answers

It was just past midnight in Afghanistan when Brig. Gen. Mark Milley appeared on the video screen in the Pentagon conference room to brief some of the Army's top generals on a sobering development: his unit's most recent confirmed suicide.

A 19-year-old private, working a night shift at his base, had shot himself a few weeks earlier. "There was no indication that he would harm himself, he had not been seen by the chaplain, no intimate relationships," Milley said, running through warning signs.

In the Pentagon, Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, the Army's vice chief of staff, homed in on one detail. The soldier worked a job that often entailed long, solitary hours. In scouring the Army's suicide statistics, Chiarelli had noticed a slight suicide increase among those who worked such positions. Milley said that going forward none of the 20,000 soldiers under his command would routinely work by themselves.
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Taliban Is Foiling Pakistani Military

Taliban Is Foiling Pakistani Military

The Pakistani army has retaken control of key parts of the contested Swat Valley in recent days, but the Taliban has kept its grip on some of the area's largest towns nearly a month into a massive military offensive, army commanders said Friday during a visit near the front lines.

Speaking at a rudimentary base in the heart of this verdant valley, the commanders acknowledged that regaining full control of Swat will probably take months and involve intense combat with the well-trained, well-funded Taliban militia. Highlighting the difficulty, some extremists are simply melting back into the civilian population so they can fight another day, as they have during previous clashes over the past 18 months in Swat.

"You cannot distinguish between a Talib and a normal citizen," said Maj. Gen. Sajjad Ali, who commands troops in the northern portion of Swat. "The area is densely populated, and it's very easy for the terrorists to hide."

The battle for control of Swat has tested the Pakistani government's resolve to confront a raging Islamist insurgency that has gripped much of the northwest and threatened to reach into the nation's heartland. The most recent wave of fighting in Swat began late last month after a peace deal collapsed and the insurgents, who had agreed to lay down their weapons if they were permitted to institute Islamic law in Swat, instead overran adjacent districts and moved to within 60 miles of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad.

At the time, top U.S. officials expressed deep concern that the Pakistani government was not up to the task of combating the Taliban. That doubt has eased somewhat in recent weeks, however, as the army has conducted major operations in Swat and in the neighboring districts of Buner and Dir. More than 2 million civilians have fled the fighting, and aid groups have warned of a possible humanitarian disaster. The United Nations on Friday launched an appeal for $543 million to aid those displaced by the military operation.

While the offensive has taken a heavy toll on civilians, it has also bolstered hopes in Pakistan and abroad that the government will not allow radical Islamist forces to expand their territory in this nuclear-armed nation of 170 million people.
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New Mike Judge cartoon series to star Al Gore worshipping, eco-nutty, hippie-ish family

Wall Street Journal: Director Mike Judge’s new animated television series “The Goode Family” is a send-up of a clan of environmentalists who live by the words “What would Al Gore do?” Gerald and Helen Goode want nothing more than to minimize their carbon footprint. They feed their dog, Che, only veggies (much to the pet’s dismay) and Mr. Goode dutifully separates sheets of toilet paper when his wife accidentally buys two-ply.

Premieres May 27. "Laughing at you, or laughing with you"?


Syndey Morning Herald prints batch of previously unseen Abu Ghraib photos

More snaps from Abu Ghraib

Some of the 60 previously unpublished photographs that the US Government has been fighting to keep secret in a court case with the American Civil Liberties Union.


***UPDATE, EDIT, & OOPS: A friend of mine posted a link to this on FaceBook this morning, and I assumed it was a new story, but I actually think this is an older batch of photos as per the date in the URL. I think the friend of mine on FaceBook that posted these did so because it is Memorial Day weekend, to be ironic. Yeah, that's what kind of friends I have.

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Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze

Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rebuffed U.S. calls for a full settlement freeze in the occupied West Bank and vowed not to accept limits on building of Jewish enclaves within Jerusalem.

Netanyahu's defiant stance set the stage for a possible showdown with President Barack Obama
, who, in talks with the new Israeli prime minister in Washington last week, pressed for a halt to all settlement activity, including natural growth, as called for under a long-stalled peace "road map."

"The demand for a total stop to building is not something that can be justified and I don't think that anyone here at this table accepts it,"
Netanyahu told his cabinet, referring to Jewish settlements in the West Bank, according to an official.
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' jules

Threat level: BLOOD RED

Ridge takes aim at Limbaugh

Pennsylvania Republican Tom Ridge is taking direct aim at Rush Limbaugh, telling CNN's John King the conservative talk radio host can be "shrill" and uses language in a way "that offend very many."

"Rush Limbaugh has an audience of 20 million people. A lot of people listen daily to him and live by every word. But words mean things and how you use words is very important," Ridge, the former Homeland Security Secretary under President Bush, said during an interview airing Sunday on CNN's State of The Union.

"It does get the base all fired up and he's got a strong following," Ridge continued. "But personally, if he would listen to me and I doubt if he would, the notion is express yourself but let's respect others opinions and let's not be divisive."

The comments come in the wake of a war of words between Limbaugh and Colin Powell, during which the former secretary of state suggested the GOP's future was in peril if it went in the direction of the popular radio talker. Limbaugh quickly hit back, proclaiming Powell is part of the "stale, the old, the worn-out GOP that never won anything."

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Them's fightin' words.
Aladdin owns you

Church of America to follow?

Scott Rennie rehearses a sermon at Brechin Cathedral in northeast Scotland.

Church of Scotland endorses gay minister's appointment

A gay minister at the center of a row about his appointment to a church in a Scottish city said he was "humbled" after the Church of Scotland upheld his appointment.

Scott Rennie rehearses a sermon at Brechin Cathedral in northeast Scotland.

In a ground-breaking move, the church's ruling body voted by 326 to 267 in support of the Rev. Scott Rennie, the church said in a news release Sunday.

The 37-year-old's appointment at Queen's Cross Church in Aberdeen, on Scotland's northeast coast, provoked opposition from traditionalist members of the church and has led to fears it could cause a damaging split.

More than 400 Church or "Kirk" ministers and almost 5,000 Church of Scotland members are said to have signed an online petition, organized by the Fellowship of Confessing Churches, against the appointment, the BBC reported.

Papers lodged with the Church of Scotland's General Assembly in Edinburgh claimed scriptures in the Old and New Testament describe same-sex activity as a "wrong choice," the British Press Association said.

However, Rennie's supporters argued that the Bible does not directly address homosexual relationships, which are now "essentially a feature of modern society."

In a statement released after Saturday night's vote in the Scottish capital, Rennie said: "I am humbled that the General Assembly has recognized God's call upon my life."

Ewen Gilchrist, interim moderator at Queen's Cross Church, was quoted by PA as saying: "It's a good decision for the General Assembly to have made because it sends out a message that we desire to be welcoming, accepting and inclusive.

"The issue of sexual orientation and Scriptural authority is something that has to be wrestled with and cannot be hidden away."


Meet chief lobbyist for corporate insurers, blocking "Obama care"

Key sentence, from below: "In return, they [corporate health insurers] want to quash a government-run insurance plan that Obama supports, but that Ignagni [chief corporate lobbyist pictured below] fears would put private insurers out of business."

Competition is undesirable because corporate insurers know people wouldn't choose them.

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Health lobbyist has great sway

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer Erica Werner
Sun May 24, 10:07 am ET

WASHINGTON – If anyone could make or break President Barack Obama's health care agenda, it might be Karen Ignagni.

The Democratic former union official and firefighter's daughter is also the unlikely face of the powerful health insurance industry as its top Washington lobbyist.

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Incredible pictures from India's massive general election

India, the world's largest democracy, recently held huge elections. has the large-sized, full color, striking photos HERE.

Not gonna lie, I would like one of these umbrellas....

Bollywood actors showing ink-stained fingers where they voted... ;D

The gallery of these pics full size & more is here:

Guess who's not taking it lying down?

Colin Powell fires back at Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney

In the latest round of the increasingly heated intra-GOP feud, former Secretary of State Colin Powell Sunday defended his Republican credentials and fired back at radio host Rush Limbaugh and former Vice President Dick Cheney, saying the party had to expand beyond its conservative base.

Rush will not get his wish and Mr. Cheney was misinformed – I am still a Republican,” Powell said in a much-anticipated interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” two weeks after Cheney suggested on the same show that the retired general had left the party by endorsing Barack Obama last fall.

Powell outlined his party bona fides, noting his votes for and services under a string of Republican presidents, and said it was not up to Cheney and Limbaugh – the radio host has kept up a steady drumbeat of criticism since Powell's cross-party endorsement last year – to determine who belonged in the GOP.

“Neither [Cheney] nor Rush Limbaugh are members of the membership committee of the Republican Party,” Powell said.

Powell suggested that there were a number of moderates in the party who shared his concerns but were hesitant to speak out “because if you are vocal you’re going to get your voice mail filled up and get lots of e-mails like I did.”

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I for one supporting feeding Rush Limbaugh to children.
"Now you can't have any of my pot pie."
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Bo Obama: Comic Book Star!

First Dog Bo Obama stars in Puppy Power comic book

First dog Bo Obama will be the hero of his own comic book when “Puppy Power: Bo Obama,” written by Paul J. Salamoff and drawn by Emmy Award winning Disney and Warner Brothers artist Keith Tucker is released in September.

It will be offered with two covers, by Joshua Labello and Keith Tucker.

In this comic, Bo gives children an insider’s look at the White House, showing them who the real “top dog” is in Washington.

The suggested retail price is $3.99.


Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Meet First Dog Bo Obama

Spider-Man may have had the pleasure of meeting the 44th President of the United States, but now it’s the Pet Avengers’ turn to team with a member of the Obama clan – First Dog Bo Obama.

The furriest team of heroes in the Marvel Universe will soon be joined by Bo in Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #3 (MAY090507D, $2.99) – expected to ship this July along with a Niko Henrichon Variant (MAY090508D, $2.99). The famous canine will then return for a full guest appearance in the fourth issue, which will be solicited in June’s Marvel PREVIEWS.

In this third issue, Bo aids Lockjaw, Lockheed, Redwing, Hairball, the new Frog Thor, and more super-hero companions in their quest for the Infinity Gems, which will lead the team to the bottom of the ocean and bring them face-to-furry-face with Giganto.