June 11th, 2009


The Ghost of Ronald Reagan says NO to Socialized Medicine

American Medical Association Trying To Torpedo Health Care Reform Again

Just days before President Barack Obama is set to address the American Medical Association to pitch its members on his vision for health care reform, the 250,000-member physician group announced it would oppose a major component of that effort.

On Wednesday night, the New York Times reported that AMA was "letting Congress know" that it would resist a public plan for health insurance coverage.

Politically, the revelation could be a potentially significant blow to progressive health care reform advocates, who contend that a public option is the best way to reduce costs and increase insurance coverage. AMA has the institutional resources and the prestige to impact debates in the halls of Congress.

Historically and philosophically, however, AMA's opposition is hardly newsworthy. Despite a lofty reputation and purported commitment to universal coverage, AMA has fought almost every major effort at health care reform of the past 70 years. The group's reputation on this matter is so notorious that historians pinpoint it with creating the ominous sounding phrase "socialized medicine" in the early decades of the 1900s.

"The AMA used it to mean any kind of proposal that involved an increased role for the government in the health care system," Jonathan Oberlander, a professor of health policy at the University of North Carolina, told NPR in a 2007 interview. "They also used it to mean things in the private system that they didn't like. So, at one point, HMOs were a form of socialized medicine."

Indeed, the role played by AMA throughout health care reform battles past has often been primarily as the defender of the status quo. In 1935, fears of an AMA backlash helped persuade Franklin Roosevelt's advisers to drop a health care article from the Social Security package -- fearful that the opposition would sink the legislation altogether.

Concerned about government restriction on and oversight over surgical activities -- not to mention the loss of physician income -- the group deployed the "socialized medicine" argument to undermine Harry Truman's effort at a national health care system years later.
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Clarcon Skin Products Warning: FDA Warns Consumers Not To Use (not this again)

Clarcon Skin Products Warning: FDA Warns Consumers Not To Use

The FDA has warned consumers not to use Clarcon skin products. From the release:

Risk of bacterial contamination has led the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to warn consumers to not use any products made by Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory Inc.

The Roy, Utah, firm voluntarily recalled some skin sanitizers and skin protectants sold under a variety of brand names after a recent FDA inspection found that the products contained high levels of disease-causing bacteria.


What products are consumers being warned not to use?

Consumers should not use any Clarcon products. Examples of these products include

• Citrushield Lotion

• Dermasentials DermaBarrier

• Dermassentials by Clarcon Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer

• Iron Fist Barrier Hand Treatment

• Skin Shield Restaurant

• Skin Shield Industrial

• Skin Shield Beauty Salon Lotion

• Total Skin Care Beauty

• Total Skin Care Work


What should consumers do with these products if the have them?

Stop using them immediately and throw them away in household refuse.

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Air France crash survivor dies in car accident

An Italian woman who did not board the Air France flight that crashed in the Atlantic, killing all its 228 passengers, has died in a car accident.

Johanna Ganthaler, a pensioner from the northern Italian province of Bolzano-Bozen, and her husband Kurt missed the June 1 Air France flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris after arriving late at the airport.

Johanna and Kurt Ganthaler were vacationing in Brazil, when they missed the ill-fated Air France flight and were forced to catch a different flight later that day.

Just days later after returning to Europe, Johanna lost her life when their car went off the road near the Austrian city of Kufstein.


Ugh, this is like some final destination shit. Her poor husband :[
i want joe biden i need joe biden

Death at the Holocaust Museum and the Degradation of the American Dialogue

lol ty for this picture, google

By Michael Rowe

Ann Coulter, the self-described "conservative Christian" right-wing talking head, is much on my mind as I contemplate the horrifying images that came out of Washington from the Holocaust Museum, where white supremacist James von Brunn opened fire in an attempted mass-murder of Jews. His killing spree was cut short by security guard Stephen Tyrone Jones who put himself in the line of fire and died so others might live.

I am remembering an October 2007 segment of the Donny Deutsch Show where Coulter asserted that America would be better off if everyone was Christian and that "the Jews" merely needed to be "perfected" through conversion.

Coulter has made her fortune by generating, fanning, and nurturing hatred and contempt for a variety of people, including liberals, Democrats, gays, foreign nationals, 9/11 widows, feminists, single mothers, Muslims, and any other group she could throw to her disenfranchised readership as shark bait.

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Oh man I love it when journalists get angry. So many zings!
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Letterman Responds To Palin Over Jokes

David Letterman responded to Sarah Palin on his show Wednesday night after the Alaska governor slammed the "Late Show" host for a series of jokes he made about her and her family Monday. Palin accused Letterman of making "disgusting" and "sexually perverted" jokes about one of her daughters, including one about her daughter being impregnated by Alex Rodriguez at a Yankees game. She had also criticized Letterman for a joke about her looking like a "slutty flight attendant," which she deemed "pretty pathetic."

In a segment that lasted over 7 minutes, Letterman read the statements issued by Sarah and Todd Palin expressing their outrage about parts of his Top 10 list and then went through the offending jokes one-by-one to both apologize for and defend their content. "I'm telling you, I recognize that these are ugly. These are actually ugly. These are borderline...but again, in an act of desperation to get cheap laughs, which is what I've been doing for the last 30 years," Letterman said.

Despite maintaining his usual tone of playful sarcasm as he discussed his flap with Palin, Letterman did respond seriously to the charge that he had made a rape joke about a 14-year-old girl: "These are not jokes made about her 14-year-old daughter. I would never, never make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year-old girl," he said. Letterman insisted the jokes were intended to be about Bristol, who is 18-years-old. "Am I guilty of poor taste? Yes. Did I suggest that it was OK for her 14-year-old daughter to be having promiscuous sex? No."

He concluded by inviting Palin to come be a guest on his show.

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Netanyahu Speech Will Likely Endorse Palestinian State

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will attempt to narrow a growing divide with the Obama administration when he delivers a major policy speech in the coming days, his aides say _ perhaps even endorsing the concept of a Palestinian state at the risk of alienating his hawkish coalition.

In one curious twist, Netanyahu's message _ and his room to maneuver _ could be at least partially linked to the outcome of Friday's election in Iran.

Painted into a corner by his right-wing coalition and an American president bent on progress toward peace, Netanyahu is facing a moment of truth when he will have to decide between the two. For now, it seems his all-important American allies will be the focus of his efforts, though it's unclear if he will go far enough for Washington.

If he tries to straddle the middle when he delivers his speech on Sunday, Netanyahu may find himself pleasing no one _ neither those in his government who favor Israeli settlements on land the Palestinians claim for a future state, nor Washington, which is demanding those settlements be frozen.

In the speech, aides say he is likely to finally come out in favor of Palestinian statehood, a key U.S. demand. But they say he will also attach a number of conditions to his endorsement, including that Palestinians first recognize Israel as a Jewish homeland and agree not to have an army.

A victory by moderates in this week's Iranian elections, coming just days after an electoral setback for the anti-Israeli Hezbollah group in Lebanon, could undercut Netanyahu's efforts to keep the world focused on Iran _ and instead shine a spotlight on his own refusal to endorse Palestinian statehood or heed Obama's call for a settlement freeze.

A victory by Iranian hard-liners could bolster Netanyahu's argument that Iran's nuclear ambitions, not Israel's conflict with the Palestinians, should be occupying the world's attentions.

This is not the only irony at play in Netanyahu's world.

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Conservatives Still Mocking DHS "Right-Wing Extremist" Report

Conservative Group Still Promoting Proud-To-Be-A-Right-Wing Extremist Cards

The murder of abortion provider George Tiller and the killing of a security guard at the Washington D.C. Holocaust museum by a white supremacist on Wednesday has forced early critics of a Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremism to revisit their critiques.

But not everyone has been so affected by the rise in violent, ideologically motivated killings.

The religious conservative, non-profit organization Liberty Counsel is still promoting on its website right-wing extremist ID cards as a way of protesting that very same DHS report.

"I'm Proud to be a Right-Wing Extremist," reads the card, "as described in the DHS Intelligence Assessment of April 7, 2009."

The cards, which were initially designed to ding DHS for raising concerns about anti-abortion activists, gun enthusiasts, returning veterans and the like, are described on Liberty Counsel's website as "humorous." But in the wake of Wednesday's shooting and Tiller's murder, their continued promotion is far more politically divisive. Indeed, some of the concerns laid out in the DHS report seem entirely pertinent to the recent incidents of extremist activity. The agency warned both about anti-Semitic behavior and pro-life zealotry resulting in actual violence.

A call to Liberty Counsel was not immediate returned.

"The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a report warning law enforcement officials nationwide about the dangers of ''right-wing extremism,'' reads an accompanying post from Anita Staver, President of Liberty Counsel. "The most jaw-dropping aspect of this report is that its definition of 'right-wing extremist' applies to any conservative or value-centered person!"
(h/t: RightWingWatch)

Imagine if the guard may have been a white person, instead of black, I guess their response would be different...

Remember how the Conservative Media Freaked Out over DHS Report? Here is a Video...

Conservative Media Freaked Out Over DHS Report On Right Wing Extremists (VIDEO)

When a Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremism was released earlier this year, the conservative media responded with outrage and mockery.
In light of Wednesday's attack at the Washington D.C. Holocaust Museum, Fox News' anchor Shep Smith pointed out that "they warned us for a reason." Media Matters has looked back at how those warnings were ignored.

"There are no Timothy McVeighs out there right now," declared James Dobson on Fox News in April. "They're making a big deal out of something that hasn't happened and may not happen."

Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros dismissed the report's findings as a "made up threat."

Joe Scarborough reacted with both anger and indignation, expressing shock that the report was "targeting veterans returning from war" while also laughing hysterically when it was brought up: "This is a funny story this is a laughably -- they're nuts, Janet Napolitano has gone nuts -- this is funny."


Something tells me they will claim they dont remember saying anything like that or that we are misconstruing their reply... good thing the internet remembers forever...

James Von Brunn could have gone to Fox News but chose instead the Holocaust Museum (seriously!)

James Von Brunn Was Living Hand-To-Mouth, Increasingly Violent

A white separatist acquaintance of alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn told the Washington Post that Von Brunn had lost his Social Security and was growing increasingly despondent and violent-minded in the weeks leading up to the attack.
"He said his Social Security had been cut and that he was barely making it," de Nugent said. "He felt it was the direct result of someone in Washington looking at his Web site." ... He was about to give away his computer, his primary connection to the fringe world of radical racists. He was living hand to mouth.

The e-mails were getting violent in tone: "It's time to kill all the Jews."

According to MyFoxNY.com, investigators found a notebook in the car believed to belong to von Brunn with a list of other targets in the city.
Other locations on the list included the U.S. Capitol, the White House, the Washington Post, and a FOX News location.

Investigators followed up at each of the locations, trying to find out if there were any sightings of the suspect or any correspondence.

NBC News' Pete Williams reported the news on the "Today" show, saying that despite the list of multiple targets and extra ammunition, police believe von Brunn acted alone:

All I can say is that Fox News just avoided a gruesome fate... they better think deeply about it...

Hardcore Rightwingnut protested Focus on the Family for not being "Hardcore Rightwingnut" enought

Antiabortion protesters jailed over protest at Focus on the Family

The longstanding feud between hard-line abortion foes American Right to Life Action and Focus on the Family founder James Dobson came to a head in a Colorado Springs courtroom Thursday.

Rev. Bob Enyart, a pastor at Denver Bible Church who proudly refers to himself as “America’s most popular self-proclaimed right-wing, religious fanatic, homophobic, anti-choice talk show host” was sentenced to nine days in the city pokey after refusing to pay a $400 fine for trespassing on the Focus campus.

Enyart, his brother Brian and fellow Denver Bible Church pastor Kenneth Scott were convicted May 8 in a one-day trial after the trio staged a Sept. 4 protest in the reception area of the multi-million dollar Christian ministry and publishing empire.

The Enyarts and Scott are longtime fixtures on the national antiabortion protest scene and are loosely connected to violent militia groups. Focus spokeswoman Lisa Anderson asked the judge to consider the safety of ministry employees and visitors when handing down the sentences. (so rightwingernuts are afraid of bigger rightwingernuts?)

The group’s ongoing beef with Dobson is that he’s not antiabortion enough. After attempting to deliver a letter to Focus president James Daly deploring Dobson’s endorsement of 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, American Right to Life Action members staged an hour long standoff with ministry security, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The trio, who served as their own lawyers throughout the proceedings, complained they were not able to expound on their antiabortion views in their own defense.

The verdict was reached in just 30 minutes, reported the Gazette:
“What was important to the jury was that as a pastor, you’re supposed to obey the word of God,” said jury foreman James Jones. “And the word of God says obey the law of the land.”

To which Bob Enyart responded, “Many of the Apostles and the Lord himself ended up in jail for their beliefs.”
The Gazette also noted that Bob Enyart and Scott donned red T-shirts that read “Jesus is Judge” for Thursday’s sentencing hearing.
A statement following the sentencing was posted on Enyart’s radio show Web site:
Bob Enyart and Ken Scott were ordered to pay fines with no jail time. However, they refused to pay the fines because they did not want to help fund an immoral system. Therefore they were sentenced to 45 days and 60 days respectively minus 30 days suspended sentence. There will also be time off for good behavior which should reduce Bob’s time in jail to approximately 1 week and Ken’s time to roughly 2 weeks. Please pray that Bob and Ken will bear fruit in their full-time, government-funded jail ministry.
Brian Enyart agreed to pay a $100 trespassing fine and avoided a jail sentence.

Judge Spencer A. Gresham warned the defendants that he will increase their fines if they re-offend in the next year.
“This is a passionate crusade for you all,” said the judge. “But you have to make certain you do it in a law-abiding fashion.”

once the right doesnt have enough enemies they start to eat each other...
bu hui tong ma

Philly case rekindles debate on vigilante justice

Philly case rekindles debate on vigilante justice

PHILADELPHIA – A dozen neighbors were so outraged by the rape of an 11-year-old girl that they chased a suspect and beat him, holding him until police arrived. Two of them were honored with an $11,500 police union reward even before the beaten man was charged in the girl's assault.

Hailed by their community as heroes, none of the neighbors is being charged in the beating. But police officials, acknowledging the fine line between praise and prosecution, warned against vigilante justice in general.

Indeed, 25 years after Bernie Goetz spawned a nationwide debate on vigilantism, the case shows how police, prosecutors and the public struggle with whether to punish otherwise law-abiding citizens who take the law into their own hands, often violently.

"It's something that we certainly don't want people taking the law into their own hands," police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said in an interview with The Associated Press. "If they intervene to stop it, then you have to make a judgment. ... It's a very fine line."

John McNesby, president of the local Fraternal Order of Police, was more direct, while also saying he didn't condone violence.

"We put out a call to bring this savage beast off the street, and they stepped up," McNesby said of the decision to hand out reward money Friday to Fernando Genval and David Vargas. "I think that these two guys did an outstanding job."

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OK. On the one hand, I am not a fan of vigilante justice, especially since they went after the wrong guy first.

On the other hand, dude. Dude. He raped an eleven-year-old girl and hurt her so badly she had to have surgery. And the mob that got him did turn him over to the police. :/ OK, yeah, they beat him first, but...yeah. I can see why they beat his ass first and am having a very hard time feeling any sort of sympathy for him.

Some of the other cases, like burning down the suspected child pornographer's house, are inexcusable.

Robert Gates To GOP Leaders: You're Putting Us At Risk

Robert Gates And Hillary To GOP Leaders: You’re Putting Our Security At Risk

Wow. Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton are now thrusting themselves into the raging fight over the White House’s request for Congressional cash for the International Monetary Fund, demanding in a letter that GOP leaders back the funding or put our security at risk.

I’ve obtained a copy of the letter, which was sent to GOP leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and Dem leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, though the obvious targets are the Republicans, who have opposed the IMF funding. Gates and Clinton significantly up the stakes, saying that the IMF funding would reduce the threat of terrorism.

The battle over the IMF funding is at the center of the big battle on Capitol Hill over the war spending bill. House Republicans are strongly opposed to including in the bill the IMF funding, which the White House wants to fulfill a pledge to foreign leaders to fund the IMF to help foreign economies weather the downturn.

In the letter, Gates, Clinton and a third signatory, National Security Adviser James Jones, say the IMF plays a key role in reducing the “security risks” the crisis “poses to our nation and the world.” The crisis, it says, risks destabilizing foreign economies, producing “unforeseeable reactions.” It adds:

Financial hardships and poverty breed desperation, which helps terrorist networks to attract new recruits with messages of hate, violence and intolerance. IMF financing reduces this threat by reducing economic instability in vulnerable states.

Ironically, Boehner and Eric Cantor have justified their opposition to the IMF funding on national security grounds, claiming it could help state sponsors of terror. But that case could be tougher to make, now that Gates, Clinton and Jones say funding the IMF is necessary to reduce the terror threat and enhance our security.


Weekly Standard Possible Target For Holocaust Museum Shooter

FBI agents visited the offices of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine yesterday after a shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and told employees they'd found the magazine's address.

A senior Standard staffer confirmed the visit but declined to discuss it in detail. An FBI spokeswoman, Katherine Schweit , also declined to comment on the investigation.

Two other sources said two FBI agents arrived shortly after 5:00 p.m. Thursday at the 17th Street offices of the magazine. They told staffers that they had found the address of the magazine on a piece of paper associated with the shooter, James von Brunn, and asked whether the Standard had received any threats.

The magazine is about a mile north of the Holocaust Museum, and there's no other indication that von Brunn had targeted it. Von Brunn's published rants included attacks on "neocons," and the Standard has been at the heart of the neoconservative movement.

The suggestion that the Standard may have been a target complicates any view of the racist shooter in contemporary left-right terms. Von Brunn's white supremacist roots put him under the rubric of a "right-wing extremist," but the substance of his views -- which included everything from believing that President Bush may have been in on the September 11 attacks to denying that President Obama is an American citizen -- are too far on the fringe to fit into conventional political classification.

The focus on the Standard, though, appears to be of a piece with his central motivation: Anti-Semitism. In one essay, Von Brunn attacked "JEWS-NEOCONS-BILL O’REILLY," and the suggestion that neoconservatism is a specifically Jewish conspiracy is common on the racist fringe.

Let's change his political affiliation to batshit.

ETA: Fixed source fail! Not So Right Wing SOURCE
A Adam Flying RIR

Historic Anti-Smoking Vote to Give FDA New Power

Congress struck the government's strongest anti-smoking blow in decades Thursday with a Senate vote to give regulators new power to limit nicotine in cigarettes, drastically curtail ads and ban candied tobacco products aimed at young people.

Cigarette foes say the changes could cut into the 400,000 deaths every year caused by smoking and reduce the $100 billion in annual health care costs linked to tobacco.

The legislation, one of the most dramatic anti-smoking initiatives since the U.S. surgeon general's warning 45 years ago that tobacco causes lung cancer, would give the Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate the content, marketing and advertising of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

"This legislation represents the strongest action Congress has ever taken to reduce tobacco use, the leading preventable cause of death in the United States," declared Matthew Myers, president of Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids.

The 79-17 Senate vote sends the measure back to the House, which in April passed a similar but not identical version. House acceptance of the Senate bill would send it directly to President Barack Obama, who supports the action. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that "from what I have seen so far, I believe it will be possible for us to accept their bill and send it right on to the president."

Obama's signature would then add tobacco to other huge, nationally important areas that have come under greater government supervision since his presidency began. Those include banking, housing and autos. Still to come, if Congress can agree: health care.

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"Dear Teacher: Please excuse her, she's with me."

President Obama Writes Fourth Grader a Memorable Absence Note

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- John Corpus let his 10-year-old daughter, Kennedy, skip her last day of fourth grade at Aldo Leopold Community School to attend a packed town hall meeting where she could see the president of the United States up close.

But things turned out to be more exciting than either one of them imagined.

First, President Obama called on Corpus to ask a question about his plans for health care reform. As he posed his query, he let drop that his daughter was skipping school to see the president.

"Does she need a note?" Obama asked.

Playing along, Corpus said he would take Obama up on the offer. To his surprise, Obama was serious.

"What's her name," Obama asked, reaching in his suit pocket for a pen. When Corpus answered "John," Obama repeated: "Her name?"

"Kennedy," Corpus replied.

"That's a cool name," Obama said, as he started to compose the missive.

"To Kennedy's teacher," read the note, written in black ink over the president's distinctive signature. "Please excuse Kennedy's absence.... she's with me."


Now with video: 

So adorable.  I love our Pres!

Scared public demands Napolitano to re-release DHS report and do something about Rightwing Extremism

DHS Urged To Expedite Updated Report Right Wing Extremism

Recent incidents of extremist violence claiming the lives of abortion provider George Tiller and a security guard at the Holocaust Museum have prompted calls for the Department of Homeland Security to accelerate the release of an updated report on right-wing extremism.

Amid howls that it had politicized national security, DHS stepped back from a mid-April report it had issued on domestic threats from fringe right-wing groups. "The report is no longer out there,"
Secretary Janet Napolitano told lawmakers, promising to have the report "replaced or redone in a much more useful and much more precise fashion."

Several weeks later, the findings of the original study have been proven prescient, specifically in its warnings about violent acts from anti-abortion zealots and anti-Semites. Now, demands for that follow-up have grown more urgent.

On Thursday, the judicial advocacy organization, People for the American Way, faxed a letter to Napolitano calling on the Department of Homeland Security Chief to "expedite the approval of the 'Rightwing Extremism' report and release a final version as soon as possible."
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Tag Team: Huckabee, Nature Boy Ric Flair headline GOP fundraiser


KINGS MOUNTAIN - Following the 1992 presidential election, some Republicans probably wondered if anything good could come from Arkansas.
Then came Mike Huckabee, a conservative Ouachita Baptist University grad who spent years as the state's governor before announcing his run for the nation's top executive office.
Though he eventually lost out in the 2008 GOP primary to Sen. John McCain, Huckabee enjoyed early success by taking Super Tuesday's first contest in West Virginia.
It's clear the 53-year-old politico still has his share of support as an estimated 400 people packed the H. Lawrence Patrick Senior Life and Conference Center early Thursday at a GOP district fundraiser.
Huckabee, who once teamed with Hollywood's own Chuck "Cordell Walker" Norris for promos during his presi-dential campaign, joined flamboyant grappling legend Ric Flair at the event.
Flair supported Huckabee's presidential campaign last year and made several appearances on his behalf in North and South Carolina. Known best as "The Nature Boy," Flair is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, having entertained fans since his pro debut in 1972.
Looking to the future, Huckabee said Republicans could re-establish their place in government by returning to conservative roots.
"The reason that Republicans got in trouble was because they quit acting like Republicans," he said. "The nonsense that Republicans need to move to the left and be more moderate, is nonsense. We win when we act like we believe in something, and then get elected, and do it when we get there."
Huckabee spoke on Cleveland County's 15-percent unemployment rate, stating the needs of consumer confidence and more sanity in the way money - and tax dollars - is spent.
"The reason that so many people are hurting is because if you add a tax and regulatory burden from the govern-ment and then an economic situation where small business operators can't get enough credit ... it's a recipe for disaster," he said.

Keep your gayness to yourself. Same as if you wanted to have sex with farm animals.

Gene Simmons to Fox: Adam Lambert "should shut up about his sexual preferences"

In what soup-to-nuts is quite possibly the most annoying interview I have ever seen, KISS co-founder and granny-hair enthusiast Gene Simmons appeared on various Fox News affiliates today and managed to compliment Adam Lambert (with whom KISS performed on the American Idol finale) briefly before saying that the young singer should "keep his mouth shut about his sexual preference", because "we, America" don't want to hear about "what it is you have to do indoors."

He used the same routine on various outlets (with a bestiality chaser in each one), but here's one version of it:

"Adam should have won. On the other hand he should have kept his mouth shut about his sexual preferences. I don't really care what he wants to do and neither does America. But this kid's got talent, Adam Lambert can go on. As long as he's quiet about whatever else he prefers to do indoors. I personally don't care, I mean if you love farm animals, that's fine, but I don't wanna read a magazine about that."

A clip of a similar interview and more, below...


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No Discount: Gay Family Told "You're Not A Real Family" At Idaho Water Park


A lesbian couple and their three foster children were denied the family discount at an Idaho water park after employees told them that they weren't entitled to one because the state doesn't consider them a real family.
A local hot pool is getting even hotter after a family was denied a reduced admission price for families because the parents were both women. Lava Hot Springs, the popular tourist attraction, is where the lesbian couple with their three foster kids were denied the advertised family price because they don't fit the definition of a family, under Idaho Law. The Lava Foundation's Executive Director, Mark Lowe, said the state doesn't recognize gay or lesbian marriage and defines a family as one male, one female and children. On the other hand, the American Civil Liberties Union in Boise said State Code defines marriage, but has no universal definition of a family.
The head fuckweasel of the attraction said they may just eliminate family discounts entirely. That way, they won't have to deal with the ACLU and they get to further demonize gay families in Idaho. Win-win.


if Louisiana's education and healthcare cuts weren't enough backpedaling...

Religious freedom?
Amendment to ‘clarify’ La. Constitution moves

  • Advocate Capitol News Bureau
  • Published: Jun 11, 2009

Louisiana voters could be allowed to change the constitutionally protected freedom of religion under legislation that narrowly passed the state Senate Wednesday.

House Bill 340, sponsored by state Rep. Cameron Henry, R-Jefferson, attempts to “clarify” the state Constitution’s provision for the free exercise of religion, according to proponents of the bill. Opponents say the constitutional amendment, which voters would have to approve, actually muddies the water and opens the state to lawsuits.

State Sen. Nick Gautreaux, D-Meaux, who was handling HB340 in the Senate on Wednesday, cited cases of people being stopped from ringing church bells, handing out leaflets or speaking publicly about their faith.

State Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, noted few such problems have come up in Louisiana and none has made it to the state Supreme Court.

Gautreaux agreed that HB340 would be a “pre-emptive strike” at problems that have yet to occur in Louisiana.

“Oftentimes we prevent things through legislation before it happens,” Gautreaux said.


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and the bill

Senators who opposed tobacco bill received top dollar from industry. I am shocked!

Senators who opposed tobacco bill received top dollar from industry

Among the 17 senators who voted against allowing the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco are some of the top recipients of campaign contributions from the tobacco industry, which has donated millions of dollars to lawmakers in the past several campaign cycles.

Over the course of his nearly quarter-century Senate career, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who hails from the tobacco-rich state of Kentucky, has received $419,025 from the tobacco industry, more than any other member of Congress, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that analyzes the influence of money on politics and policy.

North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr, who led the opposition to the bill, is the second highest recipient and netted $359,100 from tobacco-related political action committees and individual contributions. His state is the nation's largest tobacco grower and is home to R.J. Reynolds, the nation's second largest tobacco manufacturing company, which contributed $196,850 to Burr's campaigns.

Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss, the ranking Republican on the Senate Agriculture Committee, is the third highest recipient with $228,700. Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning, who's up for re-election next year and is considered the most vulnerable Senate Republican, ranks eighth with $194,166.

All oppose giving additional tobacco regulatory powers to the FDA, an agency they argue doesn't have adequate resources for the task. They say cigarette companies' campaign contributions didn't color their positions on the legislation.

The measure passed the Senate Thursday on a vote of 79-17.
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Bill O'Reilly: Holocaust Museum Shooting is not newsworthy...

Bill O’Reilly Questions Importance of Holocaust Museum Shooting

Bill O’Reilly has repeatedly criticized other networks for the amount of reporting they have done on other recent killings. Bill O’Reilly, the guy who doesn’t speak of the killing at the Holocaust Museum, other than to question whether or not it’s newsworthy…

O’REILLY: Now, this is an 89-year-old anti-Semite bigot kills an innocent guy in the Holocaust Museum. OK? Now, what about the newsworthiness of this? … Is it as newsworthy as Private Long?


Krugman Blames Fox News: Right-Wing Extremism "Fed By The Conservative Media"

The Big Hate

Back in April, there was a huge fuss over an internal report by the Department of Homeland Security warning that current conditions resemble those in the early 1990s — a time marked by an upsurge of right-wing extremism that culminated in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Conservatives were outraged. The chairman of the Republican National Committee denounced the report as an attempt to “segment out conservatives in this country who have a different philosophy or view from this administration” and label them as terrorists.

But with the murder of Dr. George Tiller by an anti-abortion fanatic, closely followed by a shooting by a white supremacist at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the analysis looks prescient.

There is, however, one important thing that the D.H.S. report didn’t say: Today, as in the early years of the Clinton administration but to an even greater extent, right-wing extremism is being systematically fed by the conservative media and political establishment.
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Not That Naomi Campbell

It Continues...

McCain defends Palin against Letterman

Republican Senator John McCain has a message for late-night comic David Letterman: Enough with the jokes about Sarah Palin and her family.

The host of CBS' "Late Show with David Letterman" drew the ire of Palin this week by making jokes about her visit to New York last weekend.

Letterman joked that a Palin daughter, presumably Bristol, 18, had sex with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez during a baseball game the ex-vice presidential candidate attended. Bristol gave birth to a child last year fathered by her former fiance.

"I don't understand why Letterman would say that about a young woman," McCain said during a telephone interview on Thursday. "They (the Palins) deserve some kind of protection from being the butt of late-night hosts."

Palin, who was visiting New York with her 14-year-old daughter Willow, charged that Letterman made "sexually perverted comments," prompting a semi-apology from Letterman on his show on Wednesday night.

The Alaska governor was the vice presidential candidate last year on the Republican Party ticket headed by McCain.