June 21st, 2009

The FBI's long, deep, and hard investigation of 'Deep Throat' (the movie)

FBI files show wide "Deep Throat" investigation
By MATT SEDENSKY, Associated Press Writer
1 hr 16 mins ago

MIAMI – Newly released FBI files show agents across the country and at the highest level of the agency investigated "Deep Throat" — the 1972 porn movie, not the shadowy Watergate figure — in a vain attempt to roll back what became a cultural shift toward more permissive entertainment.

The documents released to The Associated Press show the expanse of agents' investigation into the film: seizing copies of the movie, having negatives analyzed in labs and interviewing everyone from actors and producers to messengers who delivered reels to theaters.

All of it in a failed attempt to stop the spread of a movie that some saw as the victory of a cultural and sexual revolution and others saw as simply decadent.

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Article @ WashPo
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Iran Post-election LiveThread #7.

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Residential building in Brooklyn collapses

@BreakingNews on Twitter broke the news about a half hour ago, give or take. Four story building in New York City collapse.

New York Post is now breaking the story.



A four-story building in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn collapsed this afternoon, injuring at least three people and leading to the evacuation of adjoining buildings.

"It's completely destroyed," Alex Alamonte, 27, manager of the Associated Supermarket across the street from the Myrtle Avenue building, near the intersection of Ryerson Street.

Alamonte said the brick building began falling apart, for no apparent reason, at about 2 p.m.

"It fully collapsed from one second to another First a couple bricks fell down and then the whole front fell down Floor by floor it went down," said Alamonte. "It's a pile of rubble except the back left corner . . . the back wall is still standing."

"It was like Sept. 11. Out of nowhere the building just collapsed."

Police radio transmissions reported that at least three people had been injured in the collapse, and that officers were evacuating other nearby structures.

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ETA2: Google Street Map view of the original building, which must have been the "VESPER" building.

McCain thinks we should go to war with North Korea

McCain: U.S. Should Board North Korean Ship

Sen. John McCain says the U.S. should board a North Korean ship it is tracking if hard evidence shows it is carrying missiles or other cargo in violation of U.N. resolutions.

McCain says that such cargo would contribute to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to nations that pose a direct threat to the United States.

South Korean media reported Sunday that the ship was sailing toward Myanmar via Singapore.

The Obama administration has said it's prepared to confront ships believed to be carrying contraband materials to North Korea, but would not try to forcibly board them.

McCain appeared Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation."

GOP Senator Graham: Public Health Care "Needs To Go Away"

Graham Open To Dem's Health Care Compromise, But Not Public Plan (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham became the latest Republican and most conservative Senator yet to express a willingness to consider a compromise approach to health care reform based around co-ops providing insurance coverage.

The South Carolina Republican, appearing on ABC's "This Week," set a firm line in the sand when discussing the creation of a public option for insurance, insisting that such a proposal would not pass the United States Senate.

"The reason you are not going to have a government-run health care pass the Senate is because it will be devastating for this country,"
he said. "The last thing in the world I think that Democrats and Republicans will do at the end of the day is create a government-run health care system."
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Obama May Lack Votes for Health-Care, Feinstein Says

President Barack Obama may not have enough votes in the U.S. Senate to pass his effort to overhaul the nation’s health-care system, California Democrat Dianne Feinstein said.

“I don’t know that he has the votes right now,” Feinstein said today on CNN’s “State of the Union” program. “I think there’s a lot of concern in the Democratic caucus.” Controlling costs of the new system is a “difficult subject.”

Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana said on the same program that the overhaul should be done slowly, and not this year, to ensure it doesn’t “threaten the basic structure of the economy.”

Congress is working to meet an October deadline that Obama, a Democrat, set for signing the legislation into law. As a presidential candidate he pledged to expand coverage to the 46 million people who lack health insurance while lowering the cost of a system of care that makes up 17 percent of the economy.

Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley said on CNN that the Senate Finance Committee is “dialing down some of our expectations” of the legislation in response to an estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that earlier options under consideration would cost $1.6 trillion.

“Our goal is affordability,” said Grassley, who is the top-ranked Republican on the finance panel.
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conservatives and their foolish criticism of Obama

Will calls right-wing attacks on Obama’s Iran response ‘foolish criticism.’

Since turmoil broke out in Iran over the country’s disputed elections last week, conservatives have been forcefully criticizing President Obama for not doing enough to intervene on the side of those protesting. Their criticism comes despite numerous expert opinions — even from Iranian human rights activists — that the U.S. should not meddle in the situation. This morning on ABC’s This Week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) continued the attacks. “He’s been timid and passive more than i would like,” he said of Obama. Later on the program though, conservative columnist George Will called such criticism “foolish”:

WILL: The president is being roundly criticized for insufficient, rhetorical support for what’s going on over there. It seems to me foolish criticism. The people on the streets know full well what the American attitude toward the regime is. And they don’t need that reinforced.

Watch it:

In her Wall Street Journal column yesterday, Peggy Noonan, another conservative columnist and former speechwriter for President Reagan, denounced the right-wing attacks, particularly those from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). “To insist the American president, in the first days of the rebellion, insert the American government into the drama was shortsighted and mischievous,” she wrote, adding that “the ayatollahs were only too eager to demonize the demonstrators as mindless lackeys of the Great Satan Cowboy Uncle Sam, or whatever they call us this week.”

Why Do Doctors Wear White Coats?Because they say "science."

The American Medical Association voted Tuesday to recommend that hospitals ban doctors' iconic white lab coats, citing evidence that the garment contributes to the spread of infection. Indeed, a number of studies have shown that the coats harbor potentially harmful bacteria (and may cause "white coat hypertension"). If white coats are so bad, why do doctors still wear them?

Because a white lab coat says "I am a scientific healer." The knee-length coat in medicine crossed over from the laboratory sciences at the turn of the 20th century. Before that time, medicine was generally seen as the haphazard province of quacks and frauds, and physicians wore street clothes even in the operating room. As the field developed into a respected branch of applied science in the early 1900s, doctors adopted the costume of the laboratory as a way of bolstering their scientific credibility.

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Low ri-der is a low rider.

McCain 'tweets' that he's buying new Ford hybrid

McCain announces through Twitter feed that he's buying new Ford Fusion hybrid
On Tuesday June 16, 2009, 9:10 am EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain is getting a new set of wheels.

The Arizona senator said on his Twitter feed Monday that he was buying a new Ford Fusion Hybrid. His office says he's getting the 2010 hybrid in silver and was impressed by its fuel-efficiency.

The hybrid gets 41 miles per gallon in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. McCain's spokeswoman says the senator was "sold when he left the parking lot."

McCain is replacing his Cadillac CTS, which he has used to drive around Washington, D.C.

APPARENTLY the "Straight Talk Express" isn't good enough anymore.
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The Death of Neda

I am not sure if the news is running this in the United States, but my sister just linked me to this video. It shows the graphic death of a 16 year old girl who some say was sniped by a member of the basij. I don't know all the details of what has happened, but apparently, the girl and her father were watching the protests.

Is this what it has boiled down to...the killing of kids? What a perfect way to terrify the people--go after their children.

The video is EXTREMELY graphic (blood and the eventual death of the girl, with crowd-members screaming in grief), thus the video has been placed behind a cut.
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Palin's Legal Debt Is More Than $500,000 As She Spars With Critics Over Ethics Complaints

Palin's Legal Debt Is More Than $500,000 As She Spars With Critics Over Ethics Complaints

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says her political enemies are abusing state law with a flurry of frivolous ethics complaints against her, putting her more than $500,000 in legal debt.

Those filing the grievances _ there have been at least 18 cases so far _ say it's their legal right to hold the Republican governor accountable for what they see as abuses of power.

The truth is probably somewhere in between.

"Are Alaskans outraged, or at least tired of this yet _ another frivolous ethics charge by a political blogger?" Palin asked in one statement.

Most of the complaints have been filed since last August, when GOP presidential candidate John McCain picked Palin as his running mate. And most have been denied.

Palin's office has called the multiple dismissals "mounting evidence that accusations of wrongdoing by the governor lack merit and have been politically or personally motivated."

Even some of Palin's critics question the validity of some of the complaints, and her supporters have waged a weeklong Webathon to raise money for a legal defense fund set up for the governor, ringing up more than $109,000 by day seven, Sunday.

But the number of filings may also reflect a broader awareness of ethics law in Alaska, where any citizen can send in any number of complaints. Some say they're taking Palin up on her own challenge to Alaska voters.

"She said she was going to be open, transparent and wanted people to hold her accountable," said Kim Chatman, an Eagle River resident whose complaint against Palin is among the few still pending. "I took her for her word."
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A dissenting view on Iran, for discussion

[Note: I, for one, am skeptical about the treatment Iran is getting in the Western press, which is almost universally, uncritically pro-Mousavi. I've wondered if there is actually any proof that Ahmedinajad "rigged" the elections? If so, what is the proof and where is it? The video of Neda is one of the most horrible things I've seen on TV or on my computer, in - maybe forever. The police state actions in Iran are deplorable. But that doesn't mean Mousavi won, either. Ahmedinijad is popular in Iran, whether folks like it or not - and it is entirely possible he did win the election, even if the tactics of Iran's police in days after the election have been ghastly, which is a different topic altogether.]

The Nation magazine and the Iranian election
By Joe Kishore
16 June 2009

The Nation magazine, the voice of left-liberal supporters of Obama, has quickly weighed in to support charges of vote-rigging and a “coup d’état” in Iran. The magazine has also given its full support to the candidacy of Mirhossein Mousavi, the principal rival of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In doing so, the Nation is joining hands with the rest of the American media, which has abandoned any pretense of journalistic objectivity in reporting the election. The allegations of fraud have been repeated without any independent investigation.

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This article is from the World Socialist Website, but that doesn't automatically mean it's full of crap. There are a few sober & deliberative voices like this in the West, most of whose media immediately jumped on the pro-Mousavi bandwagon within hours of election results, ignoring the fact that AHmedinijad, for bad or worse, has a lot of support in Iran.

For example, Juan Cole, who is no right-wing patsy, seems to be saying there was indeed election fraud. I'd be as happy to support the pro-Mousavi (or pro-democracy, as the case may be) demonstrators as anyone. But I also don't want to blindly support someone in contravention of the Iranian popular will because it feels right, or something.