June 23rd, 2009

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Yes, I am a democrat, but Edwards totally pissed me off!

Monday, June 22, 2009 20:23 EDT

Former Edwards aide looking to tell all

If a report in the Daily Beast is accurate, then former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., has a lot of trouble on his hands, and it'll most likely last long enough to put off any hopes for a poltiical comeback for quite a while.

Sara Nelson, the former editor-in-chief of Publishers Weekly, reports that a longtime aide to and friend of Edwards' is shopping a tell-all book around publishing circles. By itself, the news that a former aide is looking to dish on a fallen politician wouldn't be such a big deal. But the identity of the author makes this quite the story: The man behind the book is Andrew Young, who took in Edwards' former mistress, Rielle Hunter, and claimed to be the father of her child.

Young is apparently feeling burned by Edwards. Nelson reports that, for eight months, he played along -- helped out by an undisclosed payment -- but became uncomfortable after the National Enquirer revaled the affair. When he discussed that with Edwards, the fomer senator reportedly stopped all contact with him. Now, according to Nelson, Young wants to "set the record straight."

Publishers have been reluctant to buy the book, in part because of sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards, Nelson writes. But whoever ends up with it could have a gold mine on their hands: Young's proposal reportedly includes photos of Edwards with Hunter's child. The former senator has admitted to his affair, but denied paternity.

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Judge orders Guantanamo detainee freed

June 23, 2009

WASHINGTON — The discovery of suicide martyr videos seemed certain proof that Abd al Rahim Abdul Rassak was part of al-Qaida. A closer look at his video, though, showed he was actually being tortured by al-Qaida.

The confusion over the video collection found in an al-Qaida safehouse is one of the stranger twists in the unusual case of Rassak, a Guantanamo detainee. On Monday, a federal judge ordered Rassak released, chastising the government for claiming he was still part of the same terror network that tortured, imprisoned and abandoned him.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon emphatically rejected the government's claims against Rassak, even going so far as to add punctuation to get his point across.

Federal prosecutors had argued that even though Rassak was tortured by al-Qaida as a suspected Western spy and imprisoned by the Taliban for a year and a half, he still maintained some kind of allegiance to his tormentors.

"I disagree!" wrote the judge, adding that U.S. officials are "taking a position that defies common sense."

The judge said the government and the U.S. media initially mistook Rassak as one of a number of suicide martyrs, based on a videotape captured at an al-Qaida safehouse. Further investigation found the tape actually showed al-Qaida torturing him.

In a 13-page written decision, the judge heaped scorn on the suggestion that Rassak could be part of the same terrorist organizations that had abused him.

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possible reaction from faux/dumb asses: omgzzz obama's releasing terrrrists in this country that muslim america hating fake birth certificate not real prezdint.
' 100%

The shape of things to come...

Alaska waiting on Sarah Palin's plans

Top Republicans and Democrats across Alaska are quietly lining up to run for governor amid growing speculation that Sarah Palin will not seek reelection in 2010.

No candidate, including Palin, has yet filed papers with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. Palin’s office declined an opportunity to explain her thinking on the 2010 race, and the Republican Governors Association said it would not comment on discussions it has had with the governor.

But a number of Democrats and Republicans in Alaska and Washington who spoke to POLITICO believe her silence is a sign she will not pursue a second term as governor so that she can play a larger role on the national political stage.

At least three Democrats and six Republicans are mulling over runs as they wait on the governor to make her decision.

“There is nothing that she has done that leads me to believe she will seek reelection,” said Andrew Halcro, a former Republican state legislator who ran for governor as an independent candidate in 2006 and is weighing another run. “If you’re Palin, once you’ve flown first class, you don’t go back to coach. She’s been to the show and certainly seemed to like it there.”

“I have no doubt in my mind that, barring some unforeseen collapse on the national stage, she won’t seek reelection,” he added.

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Gov. Sanford: no longer missing, was totally not hiking naked.

We’re not suggesting that the formerly missing Governor of South Carolina specifically ditched his family and security detail to go hiking on Naked Hiking Day. It’s just that one of the days he hit the trail also happened to be the aforementioned holiday. [Editor’s note: This paragraph was changed to make clear that the governor’s timing was a coincidence).

Until late yesterday, no one would say publicly where he was. Poof. He just disappeared.

The story started to resemble a John Grisham novel. A southern conservative governor and very vocal critic of a popular liberal president eluded his security detail and completely disappeared with his last known whereabouts — before he (or someone) turned off his cell phones — somewhere outside of Atlanta.

Staff was silent. Some were talking about succession plans. The First Lady though said she wasn’t concerned. “He was writing something and wanted some space to get away from the kids,” she said.

But many wondered aloud how this traditional, family-loving, Republican governor of a southern state could miss Fathers Day. After all he’s got four children! Was something sinister in the air?

Then it took a Farrelly brothers screenplay type of twist. Sanford had not disappeared. According to his spokesman, he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Coincidentally, on Naked Hiking Day.

It’s a big tradition. Many hikers celebrate the summer solstice by hiking au naturel. It just so happened the solstice occurred on Fathers Day — one of the days Sanford was hiking.

Late last night his spokesman, Joel Sawyer expressed remorse for not divulging details earlier.

“The governor is hiking along the Appalachian Trail,” Sawyer said. “I apologize for taking so long to send this update, and was waiting to see if a more definitive idea of what part of the Trail he was on before we did so.”

If he did participate in the summer solstice celebration (which we acknowledge is not likely), he could get into some real trouble. Rangers and police warn that people caught outdoors in the altogether could be charged with indecent exposure. Managers of the Appalachian Trail, where the tradition is sometimes observed by those trekking from Georgia to Maine, also discourage nudity.

“It’s just rude,” said Brian King, spokesman for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Harpers Ferry, W.Va. “People are out there hiking with their kids and families, and there are Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.”

When will Sanford re-emerge? His spokesman gave no details.

“We knew he would be difficult to reach, and that he would be checking in infrequently. Given the media attention this has generated, we’ll obviously update you once we have some more specifics to pass along,” Sawyer said.

“He’s an avid outdoorsman,” Sawyer added. “Nobody’s ever accused our governor of being conventional.”

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yyyyyyyyeah guys if I have to deal with this mental image first thing in the morning, ALL y'all gotta deal with it.

British National/Nazi Party Probed for Racism

The BNP has been given an unprecedented warning that it could face a legal injunction for racism unless it changes its rules within the next month.
The far-right party, which now has two seats in the European Parliament, has been warned it must take action to alter how it operates internally and externally.
The Equality and Human Rights Commission demanded it addressed its constitution, membership criteria, employment practices and provision of services to the public.
It has called for written undertakings by July 20 that the set-up will be changed, amid fears the party could be discriminating on the ground of race and colour.
The intervention is believed to be the first time the EHRC has threatened such legal action, which could lead to fines or even possible imprisonment.

Under its current criteria, the BNP appears to restrict members to those regarded as particular 'ethnic groups' and exclude anyone who is not white, the Commission said.
'This exclusion is contrary to the Race Relations Act which the party is legally obliged to comply with,' it said in a statement.
'The Commission therefore thinks that the BNP may have acted, and be acting, illegally.'
The BNP website declares it is looking for new recruits but that all applicants need a membership number.
This could break anti-discrimination laws which state that non-membership of an organisation cannot be a reason to refuse someone a job.
The Commission also expressed concern elected BNP representatives did not intend to treat constituents and members of the public equally 'irrespective of colour'.

The BNP are nothing but an undercover, hiding-behind-smartass-rhetoric modern version of the Nazi's. I'm glad people are questioning them and their 'policies.'


Starbucks Xmas Cup 1

Obama Press Conferense...Live Post

Obama's fourth WH Press Confernse.

This was supposed to take place in the Rose Garden, but due to the heat...it was moved to the Press Room:

Topics discussed:
Energy Policy
Healthcare Reform.

Live Stream of Press Conferense *given to me by ladypolitik*: http://www.cnn.com/video/flashLive/live.html?stream=1

And for those who missed it: http://www.c-span.org/Watch/Media/2009/06/23/HP/R/20065/Pres+Obama+Defends+Stance+on+Iran+Passage+of+Health+Reform.aspx - given to me by ladypolitik*

North Korea Warns Ship of Impending Drill

(CNN) -- North Korea is warning the world to stay out of part of its eastern waters for 16 days, starting Thursday, saying it will hold a military drill, Japanese officials said.

North Korea's hydrographic department e-mailed Japan's coast guard Monday, according to coast guard spokesman Shinya Suzuki. Japan monitors that part of the region's waters.

North Korea plans to hold military shooting practice in the waters northeast of Wonsan, on the country's eastern coast, from June 25 to July 10, according to the e-mail, Suzuki said.

The reclusive communist nation did not specify consequences of ships entering those waters during the drill, but the dates fall within the timeframe cited by Japanese media last week for a possible North Korea missile launch toward Hawaii.

The North issued a similar notice before it tested a long-range rocket in April. Watch U.S. President Barack Obama address North Korean threats »

Since the April 5 launch, Pyongyang has considered almost any opposition a "declaration of war," including U.N. Security Council sanctions and participation in the U.S.-led Proliferation Security Initiative.

Within two weeks of the launch, the Security Council adopted a declaration condemning North Korea for the move. The North Korean Foreign Ministry said the condemnation infringed on the nation's sovereignty and amounted to a declaration of confrontation and war.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military is tracking a North Korean ship in the Pacific that is believed to be carrying illicit weapons or technology, a senior U.S. official said Thursday.

The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution June 12 calling on all states to inspect vessels suspected of containing contraband. If a ship refuses, it is to proceed to the closest port for a mandatory inspection.

Tension has been rising with North Korea, which in May conducted a nuclear test, fired test rockets and threatened U.S. and South Korean ships near its territorial waters.

Also in late May, two U.S. Defense Department officials said U.S. satellite imagery spotted "vehicle activity" at a North Korean ballistic missile facility. The officials said the images showed vehicles used to transport Taepodong-2 missiles but no missile parts. The Taepodong-2 is a long-range missile that North Korea tested in April.

That test showed a significant improvement in range from North Korea's initial long-range missile test in 2006.

Further aggravating tensions are North Korea's arrest, conviction and sentencing of two American journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling.

The Current TV journalists were apprehended near the country's border with China and accused of plotting a smear campaign against North Korea. Lee and Ling were sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp.


The crazy, it's overwhelming. I wonder what NK is preparing for, all this upping of tensions is starting to bug me out a bit. Also, why has nothing been done about the two journalists there? >:(
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

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New map finds HIV rates are highest in the South

(Atlanta)  A new Internet data map offers a first-of-its-kind, county-level look at HIV cases in the U.S. and finds the infection rates tend to be highest in the South.

The highest numbers of HIV cases are in population centers like New York and California. However, many of the areas with the highest rates of HIV - that is, the highest proportion of people with the AIDS-causing virus - are in the South, according to the data map, which has information for more than 90 percent of the nation’s counties and Washington, D.C.

HIV infection rates are higher in African-American communities, and high minority populations in the South help explain the finding. While that’s not surprising, the high rates seen throughout states like Georgia and South Carolina were, said Gary Puckrein, president of the National Minority Quality Forum, the nonprofit research organization that put the map together.

Of 48 counties with the highest prevalence rates for HIV that had not yet progressed to AIDS, 25 were in Georgia, according to the map. Those were counties in which more than 0.7 percent of the population was infected with HIV.

Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia were heavily represented on another map of counties, which showed the highest prevalence rates for cases that had progressed to AIDS.

The map depicts reported numbers of people living with HIV and AIDS in 2006. Puckrein said the data came from state health departments and was checked against information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Different states report data in different ways, and there may be case duplication that could impact some of the findings, Puckrein said.

The CDC’s HIV and AIDS prevalence data is reported on a state level, not by county. CDC officials were cautious about the data map, saying they hadn’t seen all the organization’s information.

“But we have long been part of the effort to identify geographic differences in the HIV epidemic, and we do see the need for efforts like these to facilitate better understanding of these differences,” said CDC spokeswoman Elizabeth-Ann Chandler.


more bad news for the GOP

All Nonwhite Converging on Hypernegative View of GOP

A new poll from DailyKos/Research 2000 shows Latino support for the Republican Party dropping like a stone, perhaps due to the racist attacks on Sonia Sotomayor from many prominent conservative commentators:

You essentially see Hispanics and “others” converging with African-Americans’ dim view of the Republicans. An interesting question here is whether this is a genuine meeting of the minds, or else just an artifact of the reality that black support for Republicans is pushing up against the zero bound, so that as a sinking tide drowns the GOP boat among all racial groups, the black/non-black gap necessarily gets smaller.

Is the Religious Right Losing Its Grip?

The recession is taking its toll on the conservative movement, and religious right leaders’ intellectual rigidity is helping to put a nail in the coffin of a once-influential constellation of ideas regarding the free market.

This was made clear by a recent lecture at the conservative movement’s philosophical mothership, the Heritage Foundation. Jay W. Richards, author of a new book, Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and Not the Problem, said nothing new when he addressed the question, “Is the free market moral?”

Richards defended unregulated capitalism in the language of evangelical Christianity, reflecting the melding of social and economic conservatism Heritage has pedaled for two generations. What was remarkable about the event was that conservatives felt the need to apologize for such long-established doctrine. To watch Richards’ lecture or read his book is to enter a time warp straight back to the late 1970s, when conservatives were rebelling against “big-government liberalism” which they equated with “godless communism.”

But much has changed since then. Many conservatives concede that the eight-year reign of George W. Bush was one of the most disastrous in the nation’s history. Most Americans have come to believe orthodox free-marketism was a false gospel. And even growing numbers of conservative evangelicals are deeply troubled by the vast inequality and environmental degradation created by giving big business free reign.

There is still no sign of a mass defection of the evangelical base, but the openness of evangelicals to an alternative economic vision has the social conservative old-guard fearful that their rank and file could walk away from the free-market camp. In response to this fear, leaders such as Gary Bauer of American Values, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family's James Dobson are hardening their rhetoric, reviving old clichés that simply do not speak to the new economic reality.
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GOP Opposing Public Health Care No Matter What It's Called

GOP Opposing Public Health Care No Matter What It's Called

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Tuesday afternoon that he is "losing confidence that Senate Republicans will ever agree" to the creation of a national, nonprofit cooperative health care plan as an acceptable alternative to a public health care option, which Republicans strenuously oppose.

The national cooperative plan being floated in the Senate is comparable to the public option that President Obama and most Democrats are pushing for, Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) told reporters. And that may be enough to doom it among Republicans.

The co-op plan has emerged as a rival to the public option. But Conrad and Schumer have been negotiating to create a cooperative plan that works like a public option. Conrad, the budget committee chairman and a lead health care reform negotiator, reiterated the state of ongoing negotiations Tuesday. "Several things with respect to co-ops," he said. "Number one, that there be a national structure and state affiliates and the affiliates be able to regionalize. Two, you need start up money for this effort. We're right now talking in the range of three to four billion dollars. Senator Schumer would like something more. And that [the regional co-op affiliates] would have the ability to pool their purchasing power. That's important to being fully competitive."

And that would yield the same sort of dynamic that the president and others are seeking with the public option?" a reporter asked.

"Yeah, exactly," said Conrad.

Conrad's co-op proposal is meant to accomplish the same goal as a public option while placating GOP fears that the government would run private insurance out of business.

But Republicans have been cool to the plan. "Yesterday, Senator Conrad indicated he could go along with many of these proposals, but Senator Conrad has never been the problem here. He's been well open to negotiating on how to make the co-op plan have the kind of clout to go up against the private insurance companies, be available to everyone, be able to bargain with the providers and be ready to go on day one," said Schumer. "It has been those on the other side of the aisle who have not been willing to negotiate."

The co-op plan has no purpose if it can't pick up Republican support. "I'm losing confidence that Senate Republicans will ever agree to the types of changes to a co-op to make it a viable alternative, a viable substitute to a tradition public plan that is nationwide and available to everybody," said Schumer on the Senate floor. "We can only bend so much to try to win over opponents of health care reform. We cannot bend so far that we break. We cannot say we're putting something else out there and not have it do the job. The public option is what really does the job."

If Democrats push through health care reform using the budget process known as reconciliation, Republicans would be unable to filibuster it.

Conrad, meanwhile, said that the Finance Committee had so far trimmed roughly $400 billion from the original proposal sent to the Congressional Budget Office.

"We're 200 billion [dollars] away from where we need to be," said Conrad, saying that the reform proposal would now cost about $1.2 trillion.

It still covers 96 percent of Americans with coverage at least "equivalent to Medicare, actuarially equivalent to Medicare," he said.

The senator said he's resisting efforts to make the proposal more generous, arguing that it must all be paid for. "People keep wanting to add cost. No, no, no, no, no, that's not where we're at," he said.

Sanford's Hiking Trail Got Stimulus Money He Opposed. Oh irony...

Sanford's Hiking Trail Got Stimulus Money He Opposed

Gov. Mark Sanford has spent a good part of South Carolina's past legislative session railing against, and even actively turning down, portions of Barack Obama's stimulus package. And when the session ended with Sanford losing his fight to reject $700 million in federal stimulus cash, he abruptly disappeared. Few people knew where he went.

Several days later, it was revealed that the 2012 presidential hopeful was in the midst of a mind-clearing jaunt through the Appalachian Trail, hoping to do some writing after a stressful few months. But even removed from South Carolina politics, the governor couldn't escape the stimulus.

The economic recovery package enacted by Obama includes money that will help improve the trail on which Sanford has been hiking.

In late April, the U.S. Department of Interior said that $750 million in stimulus cash would be spent on more than 750 projects at national parks across the United States. The total included $650,000 for enhancing the Appalachian Trail. News reports show that $25,000 of those funds will be dedicated towards relocating two miles of the trail in Virginia. How much money will go to the Georgia portion -- where Sanford likely is -- isn't immediately clear.

So even as Sanford enjoys the scenic beauty of the woods, he hasn't removed himself too far from the national political debate. And if the public relations fallout from his sudden disappearance becomes problematic, he can always say he was doing first-hand research on the impact of the stimulus.
❖ bewbies

Don't try and fool me no more, Mark, I know what it means. You didn't go up there to hike!

Sources Question Governor's Story

WYFF News 4 has received exclusive information from sources who say they have information about Gov. Mark Sanford's whereabouts during a mysterious absence over the past several days.

Sanford's wife Jenny said she last talked to him on Thursday, and though she didn't know where he is, she said she wasn't concerned. She said he had left to have time to write.

Joel Sawyer, communications director for the governor's office, then said the governor had been on the Appalachian Trail. Sawyer said staffers heard from Sanford on Tuesday morning and the governor plans to return Wednesday.

Sawyer said the governor is surprised by all the attention.

On Tuesday, sources told News 4's Nigel Robertson that a state vehicle is missing and was tracked down, not to the Appalachian Trail, but to the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta.

Sources told Robertson that a federal agent spotted Sanford in the airport boarding a plane. Robertson was told that the governor was not accompanied by security detail.

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The only favorable explanation I can come up with is that it was some kind of security risk for him to be seen out there - either he was meeting up with Obama (seriously doubt it) or he was doing National Guard duty (in which case his spox should have come up with a better excuse). Wtf is the deal?
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Sean Hannity doesn't know where he stands.

Hannity Reluctantly Calls On Ensign To Resign

On his Fox News show last night, Sean Hannity touted a poll showing that Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), who admitted to an affair with a campaign staffer last week, has a higher favorability rating than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Ensign remains more popular than another Nevada politician whose popularity is remarkably low, said Hannity.

In the next segment, however, Democratic strategist Bob Beckel called out Hannity for seemingly defending John Ensign; despite being a big family values guy. Here's a guy that cheats on his wife, not just with somebody, but somebody on his staff who's married. Now what do you think? asked Beckel. Hannity reluctantly admitted that he thinks such behavior warrants a resignation.

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Obama channels Spock on health care: "That's not logical"

Pretty good burn, here:

QUESTION: Wouldn't that [a public health insurance option] drive private insurance out of business?

OBAMA: Why would it drive private insurance out of business? If private insurers say that the marketplace provides the best quality health care; if they tell us that they're offering a good deal, then why is it that the government, which they say can't run anything, suddenly is going to drive them out of business? That's not logical.


But just conceptually, the notion that all these insurance companies who say they're giving consumers the best possible deal, if they can't compete against a public plan as one option, with consumers making the decision what's the best deal, that defies logic, which is why I think you've seen in the polling data overwhelming support for a public plan.


Quoted @ Krugman, Ezra Klein, & Matthew Yglesias.

Ohio libraries' budgets to be cut in half by Governor Strickland if his proposal is passed

I didn't see this posted anywhere so I'm posting it now.

Governor Ted Strickland (D-OH) has proposed a 50% budget slash across all Ohio libraries as part of state-wide budget cuts.

All Ohio residents, and anyone else interested in helping out, can call and email Strickland and other state legislators. You can find all the information on the Cincinnati library's website as well as every other Ohio library in the system. All state legislators, committee members and Strickland's contact information can be found here.

GOP's Train to Mad-town is leaving soon!

GOP Women's Group In MD: 'Obama And Hitler Have A Great Deal In Common'

Godwin's Law proves itself again! This time from a reportedly prominent GOP group in Maryland, the Republican Women of Anne Arundel County (as ThinkProgress reported today). On their website, they've published a letter from their president addressing Obama's alleged Health Care agenda, and equating the President with Hitler.

The Letter begins:

Dear Friends:

Obama and Hitler have a great deal in common in my view. Obama and Hitler use the "blitzkrieg" method to overwhelm their enemies. FAST, CARPET BOMBING intent on destruction. Hitler's blitzkrieg bombing destroyed many European cities - quickly and effectively. Obama is systematically destroying the American economy and with it AMERICA. First the banking/investment industry, next private enterprise (GM and Chrysler) and now HEALTH CARE.

We too CAN fight back. Contact everyone you know. Start a blitzkrieg of our own. Shut down the Capitol switchboards and the White House switchboards! Say NO to the Obamination of Obama Care!

At least stupidity is an equal opportunity...

GOP Congressman Says Obama's Hesitance On Iran Responsible For Violence (VIDEO)

It was bound to happen. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, accused Barack Obama on Tuesday of allowing violence in Iran to get out of hand by not speaking out against the country's leadership earlier.

The California Republican, appearing on MSNBC's The Ed Show, said that the president "ratcheted up the language a little bit" during his press conference on Tuesday. But, he added, "If [Obama] would have been talking even a little bit tougher a few days ago we might not have seen the violence and bloodshed of this repressive regime in Tehran in the last two days."

The comments, by far the most personal attack on the Obama administration's handling of the situation in Iran, were far enough removed from perceptive analysis that even former Rep. Tom Tancredo - hardly a shrinking conservative voice - pushed back against them.

"I take issue with my very good friend Dana Rohrabacher, believe it or not," the Colorado Republican told Schultz in the subsequent segment. "I actually think that the president was right in the way he was handling the issue. I don't think there was an awful lot he should have said. In a way I was disappointed that he seemed to cave into the pressure he was getting to actually speak more harshly about this in his press conference. I think he was on the right track."

Indeed, even Rohrabacher - after being pressed for clarification - backtracked from accusing Obama of having blood on his hands. It was, he added, the "Mullahs" in Iran who were to blame for the violence. Obama "is responsible for his own actions."

"[The President's] own actions and his lack of a tough statement early on gave them the impression that... emboldened the mullah dictatorship," Rohrabacher said. "It would be like Ronald Reagan going to the Berlin Wall and saying Mr. Gorbachev, that's your business over there."

The video is worth a watch if, for nothing else, to see the outer limits of where the domestic debate of Iranian politics can go.

Wait, Tancredo is using commons sense??? WTF???