August 5th, 2009

September issue of the Advocate

As a candidate Obama promised us a lot; as president he’s delivered very little -- and many gay people are getting impatient. Does the outcry unmask this president’s indifference, or reveal our own impotence as a movement?

He looked like a hero, and that was the problem. Barack Obama seemed almost reckless with the truth, implausibly idealistic -- and (though we might not have said this out loud) we worried that America wasn’t “ready for a black president.”

After eight years of George W. Bush, we were sick of being excluded, sick of being hated. Hillary Clinton seemed the safer choice. We knew that she knew how power worked, and we wanted someone who could win. Moreover, many gay leaders -- the men and women with money and influence, whose success was built on cunning -- looked at her and saw themselves: making her way by wile, unafraid to sacrifice integrity when the game demands it.

But truth will out, and many placed their bets on Barack Obama, and when he took the lead in the primaries, he won over most of the rest. He talked to us -- and about us -- more, and more explicitly, than any nominee before him. And not just when he had to. Not just at Human Rights Campaign dinners. At black churches, in his stump speech, on the night he was elected: He said the word that every major candidate before him had found every excuse not to say. He named us. He said gay.

After his election Obama named someone else. The world’s most influential Protestant minister, Rick Warren, who campaigned against gay marriage, was asked to give the inauguration’s invocation. Obama tried to quell outrage and concern by restating his commitment to be “a fierce advocate of equality for gay and lesbian Americans.” And during his first months in office, while he worked with Congress on the economic stimulus package and the wars, and laid groundwork for legislation to protect the environment and reform health care, we were on our best behavior, waiting for him to reveal his plans to keep his promises to us.

Momentum for gay equality kept building -- in the courts, in legislatures, and in culture. Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine legalized gay marriage -- which was, significantly, also endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Dick Cheney too announced his support for marriage equality, as did top Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, who managed John McCain’s presidential campaign. Polls showed clear majorities supporting repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” even among conservatives and churchgoers -- constituencies that had long been in favor of the antigay military policy. Still, through all of this, one word was conspicuously absent from the president’s vocabulary.

The hero was a player after all.

He looked like a hero, and that was the problem. His apparent integrity frightened us at first. Then it became the reason we chose him. We voted for Obama because he appealed to our better angels, because we wanted to be better.

And it worked. One of the most profound and least remarked-upon effects of this presidency is the speed with which doubt that America was “ready” for a black president has come to seem absurd. That doubt, which was nursed by people of all races, has been exposed for what it is: a delicate hatred, or self-hatred, on its very best behavior.

We have him to thank for shattering that hatred, for showing us that, without knowing it, we were ready to do the right thing. Now it’s our turn to return the favor.

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Bush's Tender Feelings for Barney Revealed (the dog, not the Frank)

Memoir of former White House official reveals Bush thought Barney was ‘the son he never had.’

The Washington Post reports that there is “growing nervousness these days” among prominent conservatives about a forthcoming book by Matt Latimer, former speechwriter to President Bush, defense secretaries Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates, and GOP Sens. Jon Kyl (AZ) and Mitch McConell (KY). From a preview of the book’s contents:

[W]e hear what senior aides were saying privately after the Bush administration withdrew the Supreme Court nomination of White House Counsel Harriet Miers, or we find President Bush confiding wistfully (and sounding serious) that his dog, Barney, was the son he never had. Latimer was on Air Force One with Bush and Karl Rove after Rove announced his resignation.

We hear there’s a story of how Rove spoofed the overly formal national security adviser Stephen Hadley’s penchant for eating off a silver platter at late-night work sessions, while everyone else had cafeteria trays, by serving Hadley himself with a silver tray.

There are said to be interesting observations of some of his bosses on the Hill, including one who had trouble with basic facts and another who had a tendency to hide from his staff by barricading himself in his office.


Orly Taitz to present Fake Kenyan BC as Real. Not her Job to Authentify its legitimacy

Orly Taitz Doubles Down On Kenyan Birth Certificate

The "Kenyan birth certificate" circulated online in the past few days was quickly exposed as a fake. Some conservatives suggested the flimsy piece of work was created by Obama supporters to make the birthers look foolish.

But birther-leader Orly Taitz is doubling down on the document. From her blog (via Salon, which warns that Firefox sees as "an attack site.")

Recently Obama's thugs in main stream (sic) media came up with this Bomford report in order to stop my efforts in exposing and prosecuting Obama. Though typically I don't have time to waste on each and every dumb obot, since it got to National TV and my children's friends called my children, I'll spend a few minutes to debunk the obots.

Taitz goes on to make a few dubious claims, but mostly just argues that she doesn't have to prove the birth certificate is real: "I am not supposed to waste my time and money on this issue, Obama us the one who is supposed to provide evidence of legitimacy ... Kenyan BC provides more info than the piece of garbage Obama posted on the net."

She also cites Hillary Clinton's trip to Kenya as proof that the administration takes the birth certificate issue seriously.

Meanwhile, other birthers are worried Taitz is discrediting their movement. "I've advised her in writing, along with several other attorneys, that if she has an original document that seems to bolster her case, it needs to be examined by a professional document examiner," a lawyer who assisted her in the past told the Washington Independent.


John Bolton: "Obama u r doing it wrong! Send back the foreigners to North Korea!"

Bolton Decries Release Of Euna Lee And Laura Ling

Euna Lee and Laura Ling are safe at home and in the warm embrace of loved ones and it's hard to feel bad about this. But, since Bill Clinton has a hand in their release, someone's got to step up and naysay the effort, and predictably, that task has fallen to former UN ambassador and noted rage-walrus John Bolton, who says the "Clinton trip is a significant propaganda victory for North Korea, whether or not he carried an official message from President Obama." Of course, holding Lee and Ling as prisoners was also a significant propaganda victory for North Korea, insofar as the ravings of a crackpot rogue nations can be held to be significant. If Kim Jong Il bakes a mediocre angel food cake today, North Korea will claim they've achieved a significant propaganda victory.

Bolton, nevertheless, doesn't see it this way:
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4 Out Of The Top 5 Best-Selling Cars In "Clunker" Program Made By Foreign Companies

Many 'Clunker' Dumpers Buy Foreign

Four of the five top-selling cars in the government's "Cash for Clunkers" program are made by foreign automakers, according to new data released Tuesday by federal transportation officials.

The trade-in program has proved so popular that the government is in danger of running out of money for the rebates; Senate leaders said they plan to schedule a vote this week to boost funding.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said 157,000 trades had occurred as of Tuesday morning, eating up $664 million of the $1 billion appropriated for the effort.

More than 80 percent of the vehicles turned in were trucks and sport-utility vehicles, the government said. The top-selling new car is the Ford Focus, followed by the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry. The new vehicles on average get 25.4 miles per gallon, compared with an average of 15.8 mpg for the trade-ins.

The clunkers program was meant to stimulate sluggish auto sales and spur people to buy more fuel-efficient cars. Congress approved it in mid-June, and the program was supposed to last until Nov. 1 or when the funds run out. However, on Friday the House hastily moved to add $2 billion to the program by using money intended for energy loan guarantees.

Eric Fedewa, an analyst with the consulting firm CSM Worldwide, said it is logical that foreign names would top the car-buying list because most of the smallest and most fuel-efficient vehicles in the market are built in Asia. But he said the program is a hit because it is stimulating demand for all vehicles -- foreign and domestic.
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The Mind of a Birther: Warning, is full of SH#T!

‘Birthers’ Invade Capitol Hill, Again

Back in June,a small group of “birthers” arrived in Washington and began handing out “grand jury presentments” to confused staff at congressional offices and federal buildings. Today, another team is on the Hill, helpfully tweeting its progress with the CrystalChalice Twitter account and the hashtag #phnm. (Hat tip: Karen Cummings.)

Here’s their progress as of the early afternoon.
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Russia's Obama: No, he can't, at least not now

SREDNYAYA AKHTUBA, Russia – An African-born farmer is making an improbable run for office in Russia, inspired by President Barack Obama and undaunted by racial attitudes that have changed little in decades.

Joaquim Crima, a 37-year-old native of Guinea Bissau who settled in southern Russia after earning a degree at a local university, is promising to battle corruption and bring development to his district on the Volga River.

In Russia, a black man running for office is so unusual that Crima is being called "the Russian Obama."

"I like Obama as a person and as a politician because he proved to the world what everyone thought was impossible. I think I can learn some things from him," Crima said, sitting on his shady verandah in this town of 11,000, where he lives with his wife Anait, their 10-year-old son and an extended clan of ethnic Armenian relatives.

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Miami ABC Anchor Charles Perez: I Was Demoted For Acting Too Gay

Charles Perez
, bumped two weeks ago from WPLG-ABC 10's weeknight anchor seat, has filed a discrimination complaint with Miami-Dade's Equal Opportunity Board. He's too gay, he claims in paperwork delivered to the county on Friday.

Perez, 46, claims station bosses demoted him to weekend anchor/reporter ``because of their discomfort over the increasingly high profile of my sexual orientation,'' reads the complaint.

The filing summary details Perez's quick descent at Channel 10, which began weeks after a March 3 performance review, when Perez says that WPLG News Director Bill Pohovey told him he was ``too anchor-like and too `Brian Williams' in my delivery.''

On March 16, a private e-mail from Perez written to a family therapist was forwarded to everyone in the reporter's online address book. The e-mail said Perez told the therapist he needed to work through his ``gender identity issues.''

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7 terror suspects denied bail; judge expresses skepticism

Terrorism suspects to remain in jail

RALEIGH - Six terror suspects were denied bail Tuesday when a U.S. magistrate judge declared them a flight risk.

In his ruling, U.S. Magistrate Judge William A. Webb said the men had connections overseas and are facing a life sentence, mandating their confinement until trial.

Webb also said the alleged conspiracy implied the public could be in danger.

"The evidence is that weapons were stockpiled, 27,000 rounds of ammunition including tracer rounds," Webb said. "While there has been a lot of evidence and argument about jihad and violent jihad, this case is about a conspiracy of terrorism."

A seventh suspect, Anes Subasic, 33, had his hearing continued this morning, after his attorney Bridgett Aguirre withdrew and the interpreter assigned to the case was removed because of a conflict of interest. The interpreter, who was translating the English language into Serbian, had previously known Subasic.

Those charged are Daniel Boyd, 39; his sons Zakariya Boyd, 20, and Dylan Boyd, 22; Omar Hassan, 22; Hysen Sherifi, 24; Subasic, and Ziyad Yaghi, 21.

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Desertification, drought, and despair—that's what global warming has in store for much of Africa. Or so we hear.

Emerging evidence is painting a very different scenario, one in which rising temperatures could benefit millions of Africans in the driest parts of the continent.

Scientists are now seeing signals that the Sahara desert and surrounding regions are greening due to increasing rainfall.

If sustained, these rains could revitalize drought-ravaged regions, reclaiming them for farming communities.

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Geeky sauce.
*betty draper reading

Cop suspended for calling Prof. Gates a "banana eating jungle monkey" sues

Boston cop who sent 'jungle monkey' e-mail sues

BOSTON, Massachusetts (CNN) -- A Boston police officer is suing the city after he was suspended for referring to a black Harvard professor as a "banana-eating jungle monkey" in an e-mail.

"If I'm charged with a crime I want a chance to answer. I want the chance for a fair hearing," Officer Justin Barrett told CNN on Tuesday.

Barrett has apologized and denied he is a racist.

His lawsuit claims his civil rights have been violated; Barrett's lawyer said the words referring to Henry Louis Gates, Jr. were misinterpreted.

"The choice of words were poor; but they weren't meant to characterize professor Gates as a banana-eating jungle monkey," attorney Peter Marano said. "They were meant in a response to behavior and characterizing the behavior. Not the person as a whole."

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Barrett used the "jungle monkey" phrase four times, three times referring to Gates and once to the Boston Globe column.

He also declared that he was "not a racist but I am prejudice [sic] toward people who are stupid and pretend to stand up and preach for something they say is freedom but it is merely attention because you do not get enough of it in your little fear-dwelling circle of on-the-bandwagon followers."

According to a statement from Boston police, Davis took action immediately on learning of Barrett's remarks, stripping the officer of his gun and his badge.

Barrett's arrests and investigations will be reviewed for indications of racial bias, Davis said. The department will also look closely at the officers who received or viewed the e-mail.

' jules


Clark confident she can tap resources to take on Bachmann

No Minnesotan politician has been subject to more speculation about her plans for the 2010 campaign cycle than state Sen. Tarryl Clark. While seemingly every prominent Democrat in the state lined up to announce they were mulling a bid for the governor’s office, Clark remained mum. When political chatter turned to the 6th Congressional District contest, the Senate’s assistant majority leader neither confirmed nor denied that she was eyeing a run to unseat U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann. Clark enjoyed two months of having her name bandied about on blogs and political websites, while largely keeping her mouth shut.

But last week, the game of political peekaboo came to a close when Clark filed papers establishing a campaign committee and then announced her entry into the 6th district race via an online video. On Tuesday, her fledgling campaign received a significant bump when Elwyn Tinklenberg announced that he was dropping out of the congressional contest.

“I’m sure that it was a tough decision for him,” Clark told MnIndy via cell phone after a visit to Farmfest. “We’ve been united in the desire to make sure that real representation is available for the people of the 6th district. I worked with him in the last race. I hope when he has some time he’ll be willing to come and work with me.”

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I added the word Minnesotan in the first sentence because I think it was implied but not exactly clear.

When entitled 'nice guys' go psycho

A gunman who sprayed bullets into a women’s dance class had written a blog chronicling his anger towards women and his eventual “exit plan”.

George Sodini, 48, a systems analyst at a law firm, killed three women and wounded nine before shooting himself dead on Tuesday night after firing up to 52 shots at the LA Fitness Centre in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In a blog registered in his name, Sodini described himself as a “total malfunction” who did not get a second look from women. “No girlfriend since 1984, last Christmas with Pam was in 1983. Who knows why. I am not ugly or too weird,” Sodini wrote on his website on Christmas Eve.

“No sex since July 1990 either (I was 29). No shit! Over eighteen years ago. And did it maybe only 50-75 times in my life. ” On December 29, he added: “I actually look good. I dress good, am clean-shaven, bathe, touch of cologne — yet 30 million women rejected me — over an 18 or 25-year period. That is how I see it. Thirty million is my rough guesstimate of how many desirable single women there are.

“A man needs a woman for confidence. He gets a boost on the job, career, with other men, and everywhere else when he knows inside he has someone to spend the night with and who is also a friend.”

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Why won't women date me? I'm a niiiice guy! Wait - can women smell seething resentment?

ETA: If your not creeped out enough yet you can read the full text from his blog here.
Akuma River

pictures of women forced to give birth in hospital parking lot is considered obscene

The news editor of the Zambian newspaper The Post has gone on trial for allegedly circulating obscene material to politicians, the newspaper states on its Web site.

In early June, Chansa Kabwela wrote to the country's vice president, health minister and several non-governmental organizations to highlight problems in the country's health-care system -- especially the problems pregnant women faced during a strike by health-care workers.
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"Illinois law bars sex offenders from ice cream trucks"

Illinois law bars sex offenders from ice cream trucks

Wednesday, Aug. 05 2009

Sex offenders are no longer allowed to get behind the wheel of ice cream or
snow-cone trucks in Illinois.

A new law bars sex offenders from operating trucks that sell food or beverages.
Officials worry that offenders might sell ice cream or other snacks as a front
for harming children.

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GOP doesnt give a crap about your opinion.

RNC Refuses To Accept Calls About New DNC Ad

The Republican National Committee has taken note of the DNC's new town hall "mob" ad, which hit the airwaves last night. They don't want to hear your thoughts about it.

The automated voice at the RNC number featured in the ad says: "If you're calling in regards to the Democratic National Committee's recent advertisement, please press 1." But if you press 1, you'll be transferred to the DNC.

A DNC operator said she knew about the switch, as she had received many calls from people expecting to talk to the RNC.

A spokesperson at the RNC's press office appeared surprised that the transfers were happening. "I'm not aware of that, sir," he said.

Michael Steele has taken credit for the trick during a conference call with reporters, saying he "thought it was a good idea,"

"Don't sit there and think you're going to direct a bunch of angry liberals to call the RNC when I know full well what that's all about," said Steele. "I get the joke. My response was, talk to your own party, because they're the ones ginning this up."

An RNC spokesperson said: "Well, if you do call us and you want to talk to us then you press 2 for comments and questions, for regular comments and questions, but if you want to talk about the RNC and their mob mentality then you get redirected to the DNC."

* * * * *

Update (3:34 EST)

The RNC is no longer rerouting calls to the DNC. It is now manually offering the DNC's number as its own. After pressing 1, a voice says:

Thank you for calling the Republican National Committee. We are so glad you called to give us your feedback on the Democratic National Committee's advertisement. Please call the following number to give us your input: 202-863-8000. Again, that's 202-863-8000. Thanks so much and have a great day.

The number, 202-863-8000, is the official phone number of the DNC.

"These tactics just prove what we've been saying -- the RNC is inciting angry mobs to shout down legitimate discussion at public events across the country and now they want to ignore people who deplore their tactics. Republicans don't want to have a discussion about the future of health care reform -- they want to shout down -- and now completely ignore -- anyone who disagrees with them," said DNC spokesperson Hari Sevugan.


Sen Chuck Grassley explains why Socialized Medicine is bad while being a Disgusting Human Being.

Grassley Uses Kennedy’s Brain Tumor To Spread Fear Of Rationing

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee, has taken the lead role in negotiating the health care reform bill for the GOP. But earlier today during a radio interview with Iowa City’s KCJJ, Grassley steered the conversation with a caller toward rationing health care services among the elderly, one of the right wing’s favorite fearmongering tactics when it comes to health care reform. And as an example, Grassley cited Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-MA) brain tumor. Grassley said that in countries with government-run health care, Kennedy “would not get the care he gets here because of his age.” Instead, the government would decide to spend health care resources on younger people “who can contribute to the economy”:

GRASSLEY: In countries that have government-run health care, just to give you an example, I’ve been told that the brain tumor that Sen. Kennedy has — because he’s 77 years old — would not be treated the way it’s treated in the United States. In other words, he would not get the care he gets here because of his age. In other words, they’d say ‘well he doesn’t have long to live even if he lived another four to five years.’ They’d say ‘well, we gotta spend money on people who can contribute more to economy.’ It’s a little like people saying when somebody gets to be 85 their life is worth less than when they were 35 and you pull the tubes on them.


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Isn't Senator Kennedy's healthcare being provided by the U.S. government and paid for by the American taxpayers? You know, THAT kind of government run healthcare? Is Grassley retarded?