August 12th, 2009


Orly Taitz: She is Back! Storms Offices of the Attorney General, Secretary of State and FBI...

Birther Leader: Obama Planning Labor Camps, Bloody Revolution

What Really Happens When You Demand the President Produce His Birth Certificate?

You get a bunch of outrageous people — very nice people, mind you, but frustrated enough to believe anything about Obama — storming the offices of the attorney general, the secretary of state, and the FBI.
At the center of it all was's political columnist, bearing witness to the "birthers" for the conclusion of a two-part series.

Suddenly it's in the air, crackling like heat lightning on a summer day. Maybe it's the big one — the punishment at last, the prophecy fulfilled, the final battle, the covenant broken, all the sermons and scary movies coming true. The years of war and terror have entered America's bones, the economic crash a confirmation, and a decade of increasing polarization a trigger for the most outrageous thoughts, suddenly speakable:

On the left, it's Naomi Wolf calling President Bush a fascist bent on setting up a "gulag," Amiri Baraka asking "who told 4,000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers to stay home," Katha Pollit writing the American flag "stands for jingoism and vengeance and war."

On the right, it's Rush Limbaugh joking that we shouldn't kill all the liberals because we need a few to remind us what they stand for, Ann Coulter saying her only regret was that Timothy McVeigh didn't bomb the New York Times building, Sarah Palin accusing Obama of "palling around with terrorists."

Then there's Orly Taitz, queen of the "birthers," who brings outrageous thinking to a whole new level. This was her at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in Kentucky, which I touched on here last week, well before the town-hall tirades took over the airwaves. This was her four months ago, shouting over the gunfire in a thin, shrill voice:

"I am extremely concerned about Obama specifically because I was born in Soviet Union, so I can tell that he is extremely dangerous. I believe he is the most dangerous thing one can imagine, in that he represents radical communism and radical Islam: He was born and raised in radical Islam, all of his associations are with radical Islam, and he was groomed in the environment of the dirty Chicago mafia. Can there be anything scarier than that?"
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Oil Interests Group Now Joins Birthers Movement. Best Fear Money Can Buy...

Lobbyist-Run Group Americans for Prosperity Provides Talkings Points To ‘Birther’ At Rep. Perriello Town Hall

Last night, ThinkProgress attended Rep. Tom Perriello’s (D-VA) town hall in Ruckersville, Virginia. Inside, many people were holding signs provided by Americans for Prosperity, a corporate front-group run by a Jack Abramoff associate who also ran “grassroots” lobbying campaigns for Enron and other business interests. There were loud disruptions as people interrupted with intermittent yells and boos, but dozens of others showed up in support of both Perriello and the House health care bill.

“I’m angry that you ignore the law of the Constitution that requires Obama to prove that he is a natural born citizen,” said one town hall attendee. After being interviewed by ThinkProgress at the event, the man not only confirmed his “birther” views, but said he was contacted by Ben Marchi to distribute Americans for Prosperity talking points and signs at the event. Marchi is the Virginia state director of Americans for Prosperity and a former staffer for former Republican Majority Leader Rep. Tom Delay (R-TX). Watch it:

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China using stickers to quell tension

URUMQI, China — For anyone still upset about the ethnic riots that killed nearly 200 people here last month, Li Han says she has just the thing — yellow smiley-face stickers bearing the slogan, "A smile is the common language of all nationalities."

Li, a petite, 22-year-old recent university graduate, is one of 1,800 volunteers recruited by the local Communist Party to hand out 100,000 of the stickers, organize public dances in parks and publicize the Chinese government's efforts to ease tensions. "We must make the mutual hatred subside," Li says. "We tell the public that without ethnic unity, nobody will get rich."


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Smiley Source

Bush and Godwin's Law: Does This One Counts?

This is a link to an example website

Newly released emails from the House Judiciary Committee show Bush staffers Scott Jennings and Jane Cherry poking fun at one another in the wake of a Washington Post article revealing the political firing of U.S. Attorneys.

In one instance, Jennings claimed he simply "followed orders," which prompted Cherry to ask: "Isn't that what the Nazis claimed?"

An excerpt of the exchange is below:

[Emails Released By House Judiciary Committee, accessed 8/11/09; emails rearranged to appear in sequential order]


Chávez Loyalists Push to Close the Golf Courses

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chávez’s political movement has found a new target: golf.

After a brief tirade against the sport by the president on national television last month, pro-Chávez officials have moved in recent weeks to shut down two of the country’s best-known golf courses, in Maracay, a city of military garrisons near here, and in the coastal city of Caraballeda.

“Let’s leave this clear,” Mr. Chávez said during a live broadcast of his Sunday television program. “Golf is a bourgeois sport,” he said, repeating the word “bourgeois” as if he were swallowing castor oil. Then he went on, mocking the use of golf carts as a practice illustrating the sport’s laziness.

The government’s broad nationalizations and asset seizures have gone far beyond the oil industry to include coffee roasters, cattle ranches and tomato-processing plants.
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I understand disliking country club snob types, but this is taking it a *bit* far. Lol, you stay crazy Hugo.


Poll: A Lot Of Birthers In North Carolina, And Few State GOPers Say Obama Born Here

A new survey of North Carolina by Public Policy Polling (D) finds that only 54% of the state's voters say President Obama was born in the United states, with 26% saying he was not and another 20% not sure.

Among North Carolina Republicans, a 47% plurality -- nearly a full majority -- say Obama was not born in America. Only 24% of state Republicans say he was born here, with 29% not sure.

It gets better, with PPP asking this question: "Do you consider Hawaii to be part of the United States?" Here it's 92% saying yes, 5% saying no, and 3% not sure. Among Republicans, 88% say Hawaii is a part of America, to 7% who say it is not, and 4% aren't sure.


A few days old, but still hits on some really important issues

President’s Ouster Highlights a Divide in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — One woman started a kind of kaffeeklatsch with her high-powered friends that grew into the driving force behind a movement that toppled the Honduran president. The other preferred to stay out of politics until the president’s ouster compelled her to protest.

Armida Villela de López Contreras, a lawyer and former vice president, has become one of the most visible critics of the ousted Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya. And Hedme Castro is one of the thousands of teachers who have banded together to demand Mr. Zelaya’s return.

Between them is a yawning political and socioeconomic divide that still threatens the stability of what was once one of the United States’ principal staging grounds in Latin America during the cold war. And what they have to say about how this country’s political crisis began — and about the sacrifices they are willing to make to defend their views — leaves little hope that it will end any time soon.

To Ms. López Contreras, a prominent member of this country’s small upper class, Mr. Zelaya was ousted because his blossoming leftist alliance with President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela had become a threat to Honduran democracy.

She is a founding member of a coalition representing some of the most powerful business and political forces in the country. And she says the coalition members are willing to do, or spend, whatever it takes to keep their country afloat in the face of mounting economic pressure resulting from the rest of the world’s condemnation of the coup.
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I bolded the end of the article because I really think it speaks to the heart of why military coups weren't acceptable business (in Latin America or anywhere, but particularly Latin America) and still aren't. And Latin American right-wingers are so infuriating (about as infuriating as crazy lefties like Chavez)
you could cut ties with all the lies

Karl Rove took active role in U.S. attorney's firing, documents show

Karl Rove took active role in U.S. attorney's firing, documents show

Newly released documents show Bush's top political aide focused on GOP calls to oust New Mexico's top U.S. prosecutor. Other Bush aides lobbied the Justice Dept. on other issues, the documents show.

Reporting from Washington -- Karl Rove and other officials in George W. Bush's White House played an active role in the firing of the top federal prosecutor in New Mexico, according to documents released Tuesday that also show Bush political aides tried to influence Justice Department officials on other matters.

The e-mails and interview transcripts made public by the House Judiciary Committee show Rove and other White House aides paying particular attention to complaints from Republican officials in New Mexico that U.S. Atty. David C. Iglesias had failed to help their election prospects by prosecuting alleged instances of voter fraud.

Iglesias was fired in 2006, one of nine dismissals of U.S. attorneys that Democrats said were motivated by politics. The firings became the subject of a long-running political fight in Washington.

House Democrats called Rove the driving force in several of the firings and said the new evidence confirmed that partisan politics played an unusual role in the dismissals.

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You can read all of the released documents here: Committee on the Judiciary at the House of Representatives website

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Officials See Rise in Militia Groups Across US

WASHINGTON – Militia groups with gripes against the government are regrouping across the country and could grow rapidly, according to an organization that tracks such trends.

The stress of a poor economy and a liberal administration led by a black president are among the causes for the recent rise, the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center says. Conspiracy theories about a secret Mexican plan to reclaim the Southwest are also growing amid the public debate about illegal immigration.

Bart McEntire, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told SPLC researchers that this is the most growth he's seen in more than a decade.

"All it's lacking is a spark," McEntire said in the report.

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In a Wall Street Journal article and accompanying video published Wednesday, Jonathan Weisman and Neil King Jr. accuse President Obama of micromanaging and mock him for his attention to what they consider minutiae.

Says Weisman:

You know, every president has to make a decision, you know, are you going to fly way up high and look down on policy at 30,000 feet, sort of like George W. Bush did, or are you going to get down into the weeds and sometimes run into the risk of micromanagement, like Jimmy Carter did. Barack Obama has kind of tended toward the weeds....

President Obama, not only does he want to hear about the unemployment rates -- he wants to hear about the U6, the underemployment rate! A few weeks ago, they were talking about child obesity rates, and what to do about childhood nutrition. These things go into the weeds.


For the record, the U6 includes not just those traditionally labeled unemployed, but those who have given up looking for jobs and those who are employed part-time for economic reasons. That makes it arguably the most accurate measure of the impact the recession is having on American workers. And childhood hunger and obesity have a long, important and complicated interrelationship.

In the article, Weisman and King even go so far as to blame Oama's declining approval ratings not on, say, a massive lobbying and astroturf campaign by industries opposed to his policies, or on an angry nativism movement, but on the president's desire to understand things:

Whatever the merits or flaws of Mr. Obama's style, it sometimes has trouble translating with opponents, and the country at large. Following a smooth first few months in office, he has seen his agenda stall amid rising opposition, even from some members of his own party. His approval rating with the public in the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll late last month was barely over 50%, down from 61% in April.

There are all sorts of legitimate reasons to be concerned about Obama's approach to governing.

But particularly after the presidency of George W. Bush, who so often seemed detached both from details and reality, Obama's intellectual curiosity is one thing journalists in particular should celebrate, not sneer at. It's the know-nothings we should be exposing, not the know-somethings.

Um, so they're upset about the fact that President Obama actually gives a shit enough to know what he's talking about?   Yeah, God forbid we should actually have someone who is COMPETENT in the Oval Office.   O_o

Posh Zoom

The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

Eight things we can do to improve health care without adding to the deficit.

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out
of other people's money."

—Margaret Thatcher

With a projected $1.8 trillion deficit for 2009, several trillions more in deficits projected over the next decade, and with both Medicare and Social Security entitlement spending about to ratchet up several notches over the next 15 years as Baby Boomers become eligible for both, we are rapidly running out of other people's money. These deficits are simply not sustainable. They are either going to result in unprecedented new taxes and inflation, or they will bankrupt us.
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This opinion article has a lot of good points in it. And it's written by the CEO of Whole Foods, a company that provides health insurance to all their employees working over 30 hours a week, so I think its more relevant than what a lot of other people are writing.

You Dont Need a High School Diploma To Be a Torturer

2 U.S. Architects of Harsh Tactics in 9/11’s Wake

Jim Mitchell and Bruce Jessen were military retirees and psychologists, on the lookout for business opportunities. They found an excellent customer in the Central Intelligence Agency, where in 2002 they became the architects of the most important interrogation program in the history of American counterterrorism.

They had never carried out a real interrogation, only mock sessions in the military training they had overseen. They had no relevant scholarship; their Ph.D. dissertations were on high blood pressure and family therapy. They had no language skills and no expertise on Al Qaeda.

But they had psychology credentials and an intimate knowledge of a brutal treatment regimen used decades ago by Chinese Communists. For an administration eager to get tough on those who had killed 3,000 Americans, that was enough.

So “Doc Mitchell” and “Doc Jessen,” as they had been known in the Air Force, helped lead the United States into a wrenching conflict over torture, terror and values that seven years later has not run its course.

Dr. Mitchell, with a sonorous Southern accent and the sometimes overbearing confidence of a self-made man, was a former Air Force explosives expert and a natural salesman. Dr. Jessen, raised on an Idaho potato farm, joined his Air Force colleague to build a thriving business that made millions of dollars selling interrogation and training services to the C.I.A.

Seven months after President Obama ordered the C.I.A. interrogation program closed, its fallout still commands attention. In the next few weeks, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is expected to decide whether to begin a criminal torture investigation, in which the psychologists’ role is likely to come under scrutiny. The Justice Department ethics office is expected to complete a report on the lawyers who pronounced the methods legal. And the C.I.A. will soon release a highly critical 2004 report on the program by the agency’s inspector general.

Col. Steven M. Kleinman, an Air Force interrogator and intelligence officer who knows Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Jessen, said he thought loyalty to their country in the panicky wake of the Sept. 11 attacks prompted their excursion into interrogation. He said the result was a tragedy for the country, and for them.

“I feel their primary motivation was they thought they had skills and insights that would make the nation safer,” Colonel Kleinman said. “But good persons in extreme circumstances can do horrific things.”

For the C.I.A., as well as for the gray-goateed Dr. Mitchell, 58, and the trim, dark-haired Dr. Jessen, 60, the change in administrations has been neck-snapping. For years, President George W. Bush declared the interrogation program lawful and praised it for stopping attacks. Mr. Obama, by contrast, asserted that its brutality rallied recruits for Al Qaeda; called one of the methods, waterboarding, torture; and, in his first visit to the C.I.A., suggested that the interrogation program was among the agency’s “mistakes.”

The psychologists’ subsequent fall from official grace has been as swift as their rise in 2002. Today the offices of Mitchell Jessen and Associates, the lucrative business they operated from a handsome century-old building in downtown Spokane, Wash., sit empty, its C.I.A. contracts abruptly terminated last spring.

With a possible criminal inquiry looming, Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Jessen have retained a well-known defense lawyer, Henry F. Schuelke III. Mr. Schuelke said they would not comment for this article, which is based on dozens of interviews with the doctors’ colleagues and present and former government officials.

In a brief e-mail exchange in June, Dr. Mitchell said his nondisclosure agreement with the C.I.A. prevented him from commenting. He suggested that his work had been mischaracterized.

“Ask around,” Dr. Mitchell wrote, “and I’m sure you will find all manner of ‘experts’ who will be willing to make up what you’d like to hear on the spot and unrestrained by reality.”
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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA³²³ praise the lord!

Evangelical Leader, 9 Others Charged In Brazil

Brazilian Evangelical Leader, 9 Others Accused Of Using Donations For Personal Use
)  The founder of one of Brazil's biggest evangelical churches siphoned off billions of dollars in donations from his mostly poor followers to buy jewelry, TV stations and other businesses for himself, authorities charged Tuesday.

A Brazilian judge accepted charges from prosecutors alleging that Bishop Edir Macedo and nine other people linked to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God committed fraud against the church itself and against its numerous followers.

Sao Paulo state's prosecutors office alleged in a statement that Macedo and the others took more than $2 billion in donations from 2003 to 2008 alone, but charged that the alleged scheme went back 10 years.

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LOL, LOL, LOOOL I've been waiting for this my whole life, too bad ontd_p won't get how awesome and hilarious  this is, even though this slugs are in over 70 countries :-S. And on TV today they showed videos of a few bishops together talking about how to convince people to donate money by intimidating them, it was epic.
franklin sherman

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Obama compares the new health care plan to the post office... but theres a problem with that.

#1 In business, when a company wishes to enter the marketplace, when it chooses to make its entrance matters. Some companies have a first-mover advantage, some have a late-mover advantage, and others find it advantageous to get in sometime in the middle. Health care is a business and so is shipping and mail. Who came first in the shipping and mail industry? The answer is the US Postal Service, which was established in 1775. UPS was established in 1907 and FedEx was established in 1998. UPS became successful because the US Postal Service was just not good enough at what it did for the marketplace. FedEx came about because of its alternative method of distribution based out of Memphis, Tennessee. UPS and FedEx in the name of capitalism constantly improved their services and products so that the US Postal Service had to keep up with them. Unfortunately, the US Postal Service is still woefully behind in the shipping arms race. The US Postal Service also suffers due to their image of slow service, bureaucracy, and inability to function well with the marketplace because they are a government corporation. The U.S. Postal Service is a de facto monopoly as well and all non-urgent mail must go through this entity.

In health care, the government could compete, but they would have an unlimited amount of coverage pending anger from overseas creditors. The government would be a default insurer for those that are uninsured. They would be the late-mover and since their service would be "free" and since their service would also undercut a health care industry that is bloated due to government interference. Private insurers and the government would provide the same services as opposed to the US Postal Service and their private competitors. The private competitors have a different niche than the US Postal Service. The private competitors can offer something that the US Postal Service cannot. ObamaCare provides a low-quality health care plan that would be "free" and private insurers would charge premiums and deductibles for plans that are not in the hands of government bureaucrats. The benefit of not dealing with the government with one's health is rather nice, but the amount of people that would leave the private plans due to affordability concerns would ultimately leave the good plans to a smaller amount of Americans.

In this case, the private insurers ("good money") will be at a premium and driven from the general populace, which will prefer the debased insurance provided by the government ("bad money"). Obama's health care program will drive out private health insurance much like the way gold standard was driven out by the silver standard and how the silver standard with some gold backing was driven out by fiat currency. Look at the prices of gold and silver. They have never been less than a dollar, in fact they have over time gone up in value per ounce. The premium value of private insurance will grow as ObamaCare deteriorates.

#2 The USPS has been designated by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) as "high risk". Here is their statement...

USPS urgently needs to restructure to address its current and long-term financial viability. USPS has not been able to cut costs fast enough to offset the accelerated decline in mail volume and revenue—particularly costs related to its workforce, retail and processing networks, and delivery services. To achieve financial viability, USPS must align its costs with revenues, generate sufficient earnings to finance capital investment, and manage its debt.

Mail use has been changing over the past decade as businesses and consumers have moved to electronic communication and payment alternatives. Mail volume decline has accelerated with the recession, particularly among major users in the advertising, financial, and housing sectors. Mail volume has typically returned after recessions, but USPS’s 5-year forecast suggests that much of the recent volume decline will not return.

GAO is adding the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) financial condition to the list of high-risk areas needing attention by Congress and the executive branch to achieve broad-based transformation. Amid challenging economic conditions and a changing business environment, USPS is facing a deteriorating financial situation in which it does not expect to cover its expenses and financial obligations in fiscal years 2009 and 2010. This year, USPS expects to increase its year-end debt to $10.2 billion and incur a cash shortfall of about $1 billion.

Another key risk factor is the accelerated decline in mail volume. Mail volume declined by 9.5 billion pieces in fiscal year 2008 to about 203 billion pieces. As of the end of May 2009, mail volume had decreased another 18.5 billion pieces, and USPS expects to end fiscal year 2009 with mail volume of 175 billion pieces—about 28 billion pieces fewer than in fiscal year 2008. Further, it expects flat or continued volume and revenue declines over the next 5 years. These trends expose weaknesses in USPS’s business model, which has relied on growth in mail volume to help cover costs and enable USPS to be self-supporting.

My first post, be gentle. I know I'm against the grain of the comm here :)

GOP Senator Takes On Palin: Don't "Gin Up Fear" With Death Panel Lies

Murkowski: Don't tell lies about the health-care reform bill
HOT TOPIC: Some things in the legislation are already bad enough, she says at civic center.

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Tuesday told an Anchorage crowd that critics of health care reform, the summer's hottest political topic, aren't helping the debate by throwing out highly charged assertions not based in fact.

"It does us no good to incite fear in people by saying that there's these end-of-life provisions, these death panels," Murkowski, a Republican, said. "Quite honestly, I'm so offended at that terminology because it absolutely isn't (in the bill). There is no reason to gin up fear in the American public by saying things that are not included in the bill."

Murkowski's analysis of the health-care reform measures was delivered to a Commonwealth North crowd of about 130 at the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center. The nonpartisan group focuses on public policy issues.
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Obama-Nazi Sign Made By Ill Woman On Medicare. EPIC FAIL...

Under Pressure, Obama Defends Health-Care Plan

In Town Meeting at New Hampshire School, President Faces Friendly Audience in the Hall as Protesters Chant on Streets Outside

President Barack Obama, confronting protests out on the street and serious questions about his health plan inside a high school, slammed talk of euthanasia "death panels" and Medicare cuts, urging supporters to confront the opposition that has forced him onto his political heels.

At his first town-hall meeting since opponents began roiling such gatherings, the president was faced with respectful questions and real concerns head-on. Questioners worried that a government-sponsored option would overwhelm the private-health-care market, and one participant said he was pushed off his name-brand high-cholesterol medication by Medicaid officials. "I'm dealing with the same thing that you're telling me the insurance companies are doing," said Bill Anderson of New Hampshire.

The town-hall meeting here was the first of three this week, as the president tried to regain his political footing. It also featured the largest protests of the Obama presidency. Mr. Obama has acknowledged for weeks that passing a plan to rein in health-care spending, cover most of the 46 million uninsured Americans and mend the holes in the private insurance market would be difficult.

"History is clear. Every time we come close to passing health-insurance reform, the special interests fight back with everything they've got. They use their influence. They use their political allies to scare and mislead the American people. They start running ads. This is what they always do," Mr. Obama said. "We can't let them do it again. Not this time. Not now."

Inside Portsmouth High School, Mr. Obama faced a friendly crowd, so much so that he sought out some tough questioners. Participants had signed up online for the event and then were picked in a lottery.

Outside, the gathering verged on a street brawl. The opposing forces lined up like screaming armies on either side of the street, about 1,000 people a side. Diane Campbell of Kingston, N.H., held a sign with Mr. Obama's face superimposed on a Nazi storm trooper, a sign, she said, that was made by her chronically ill mother.

Her mother's hereditary autoimmune disease is treated with expensive transfusions of gamma globulin, paid for by Medicare. Her sister, Louise, was born with no arms and one leg, and is also covered by Medicare, the government-run, health-insurance program for the elderly and disabled.

"Adolf Hitler was for exterminating the weak, not just the Jews and stuff, and socialism -- that's what's going to happen."

The two sides swapped taunts and chants, with the pro-Obama forces, especially union members, giving as much as they took.
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Trying to "rush through" health reform? Topic is a century old

Analysis: Health care debate a long-running story

By WALTER R. MEARS (AP) – 2 hours ago

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — President Barack Obama's campaign for a health care overhaul is an intense installment in a long-running story, dating to Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.

It did not go well nearly a century ago. Roosevelt made national health insurance an issue in his last, losing campaign for the White House, and successive efforts to get it enacted have lost, too.

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Although adherents to the Eastern faith believe in peace and the sanctity of life, almost all of the Buddhists behind bars in this country are serving lengthy sentences for serious crimes such as violence and sex offences.

Some jails and secure hospitals including Broadmoor have opened shrines known as Buddha Groves in their grounds, and there is a nationwide network of chaplains to cater for the growing population.

It is claimed that most of the Buddhists in jail converted after their conviction, and chose it over other religions because its emphasis on meditation helps them cope with being locked up.

Supporters of Buddhist criminals say they also believe the spiritual development they gain in prison will help them once they are released, and prevent them from re-offending.

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Jim Cramer does it again...

Jim Cramer's Housing Bottom Call Revisited (VIDEO)

Remember when we passed along Jim Cramer's emphatic call of a housing market bottom? It's time to take another look at Cramer's proclamation.

You may recall that in June, Cramer said, "I am frantically trying to buy multiple properties right now." Cramer went so far as to definitively declare a bottom to the housing market. His words: "This is patently obvious."

Karl Denninger points out just how wrong Cramer was. Take this Bloomberg report from today, for example:

"Home price declines in the U.S. accelerated in the second quarter, dropping by a record 15.6 percent from a year earlier, as foreclosures weighed on values.

The median price of an existing single-family home dropped to $174,100, the most in records dating to 1979, the National Association of Realtors said today."

Here's Denninger:
"Jim, we haven't seen a decline in the second derivative. In fact, housing prices dropped by a RECORD 15.6% in the second quarter....But remember Jim - you promised your viewers that it was over. That it was ok - and safe - to go back into the market. You in fact told everyone last night to buy stocks again, and you were in fact on an unmitigated pumpfest. The facts don't bother you do they Jim? I'll lay odds you won't mention this report tonight on your show, nor will you apologize for being wrong."

To be fair, Cramer also said in that interview that he was running out to buy Bank Of America stock. Since the interview BofA stock price has risen to $16 from $13. Perhaps, Cramer should stick to touting stocks.

Muslim women uncover myths about the hijab

Rowaida Abdelaziz doesn't want your pity.

She doesn't want your frosty public stares; the whispers behind her back; the lament that she's been degraded by her father.

What the Muslim high school senior wants you to understand is that she doesn't wear the hijab, the head scarf worn by Muslim women, because she is submissive.

"It represents beauty to me," says Abdelaziz, the 17-year-old daughter of two Egyptian parents living in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

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EDIT: Whoops, invisible sauce!

Krugman: Health care obstructionists as concern trolls

A concern troll is someone who says they are simply "concerned" about some proposal or policy. So you take the concerns in good faith, address them & clarify the misunderstandings. Turns out, that doesn't help. They hate the policy anyway.

August 12, 2009, 11:28 am

Concern trolls
by Paul Krugman

A brief thought, linking two people: Robert Samuelson and Greg Mankiw.

Both enjoy lecturing us on the need to take strong action — Samuelson demanding that we do something about rising health care spending, Mankiw that we join the “Pigou club” by taxing oil consumption.

But both can reliably be counted on to reject any actual proposal along these lines that either (a) has any chance whatsoever of becoming legislation or (b) is proposed by Democrats.

Just saying.
' the bleeding heart show
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Santorum dips toes in 2012 Iowa waters

Add former Sen. Rick Santorum to the list of potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates.

POLITICO has learned Santorum will visit first-in-the-nation Iowa this fall for a series of appearances before the sort of conservative activists who dominate the state GOP’s key presidential caucuses.

The Pennsylvanian, who lost his 2006 reelection bid, will visit Iowa on October 1, appearing on a Des Moines radio talk show and speaking to a luncheon and workshop of Iowa’s Right to Life group before heading east to Dubuque, where he’ll headline a fundraiser for the conservative America’s Future Fund PAC and then speak about the future of the GOP to a public audience in the Mississippi River city.

“Your voice becomes more amplified when you go to a place like Iowa or New Hampshire,” Santorum explained in an interview Tuesday about the visit.

Like other potential White House aspirants, he insisted it was too early to consider a presidential run. But he acknowledged that he was interested in taking a higher profile in the party.

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For those who don't remember this beautiful creature (who, again, LOST BY 18 POINTS, who only got 41% of the vote in his third re-election bid!!!):
"In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That's not to pick on homosexuality. It's not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be. It is one thing. And when you destroy that you have a dramatic impact on the quality."

"I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a problem with homosexual acts."

"If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual (gay) sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything."

“What happened in America so that mothers and fathers who leave their children in the care of someone else ... find themselves more affirmed by society? ... Here, we can thank the influence of radical feminism, one of the core philosophies of the village elders.”

"What the Democrats are doing is the equivalent of Adolf Hitler in 1942 saying, 'I'm in Paris. How dare you invade me. How dare you bomb my city? It's mine.'"

"Unlike abortion today, in most states even the slaveholder did not have unlimited right to kill his slave."

"The idea is that the state doesn't have rights to limit individuals' wants and passions. I disagree with that. I think we absolutely have rights because there are consequences to letting people live out whatever wants or passions they desire."

"Isn't that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage?"
Ahh, before there was Palin, The Daily Show had a field day with this guy.
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Cause She Was Also A Nazi, Duh!

Rosa Parks Poster Torn Up At McCaskill Town Hall

Among the many eyebrow-raising clips aired on major news networks yesterday from Senator Claire McCaskill's health care town hall was one of a women being half-escorted, half-dragged from the building.

What the clip failed to catch was that the woman was provoked. She and a few other women had brought posters to the town hall, but they rolled them up after being booed and berated by the crowd. When the woman unrolled one to show to a journalist, an angry man in the crowd rushed over and tore it up. A poster of what, you ask? Rosa Parks. When the woman moved to take her poster back, the police stepped in and escorted both parties from the building. But only the woman made national news.


*betty draper reading

Half of Americans think wives should be REQUIRED to take husband's last name

What women's lib? 70 percent of Americans think women should take spouse's name after marriage

BY Rosemary Black

Wednesday, August 12th 2009, 4:00 AM

With this name, I thee wed: The majority of Americans think women should take their husband's name after marriage - and half think it should be the law to do so.

Newly minted brides should do more than vow to love their hubbies for a lifetime, say the majority of Americans. Some 70 percent of the respondents in a new study feel they should also take their spouse’s surname - and 50 percent say that it should be a legal requirement for a woman to take her spouse’s last name.

The study, presented Tuesday at the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting, was done by the Center for Survey Research at Indiana University, as reported by USA Today.

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arrow: felicity smoak

South Dakota threatens to suspend abortion provider's license

State threatens to suspend abortion provider's license

The Department of Health has formally threatened to suspend the license of South Dakota’s only abortion facility for failing to make certain disclosures to clients.

In a letter dated Aug. 7, health officials say that during an inspection in May, Planned Parenthood failed to provide a pregnant woman with several pieces of information required by law. The letter gives Planned Parenthood until Aug. 22 to submit a plan of correction.

The same issues are tied up in a federal lawsuit Planned Parenthood filed against the state in 2005. The abortion provider maintains it doesn’t have to follow a script written by the state and that sections of the informed consent law are inaccurate or unconstitutional.

Both sides made oral arguments on motions for summary judgment July 17 in U.S. District Court in Sioux Falls. Judge Karen Schreier has yet to rule; she could decide in favor of either party or send it to trial.

The letter of deficiency is the result of a July 30 meeting between Planned Parenthood and health officials. The parties worked toward an interim agreement that would stay enforcement of the law, but none was reached.

“We knew if we didn’t reach an interim agreement with them then this would occur,” Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Kathi Di Nicola said of the deficiency notice. “It’s procedural, to an extent.”

Di Nicola wouldn’t speak to the details of that meeting.

Planned Parenthood on Tuesday asked Schreier for a temporary restraining order, which would preclude the state from carrying out sanctions against the facility until the judge has ruled on the motions for summary judgment.

The state has not yet responded to that request.

Passed in 2005, the informed consent law was challenged immediately by Planned Parenthood and wasn’t enforced until July 2008 when the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a preliminary injunction. Planned Parenthood says it began complying with the law at that time, but the Department of Health says the information they are providing to patients did not match the language of the law.

Specifically, during the May inspection at the Sioux Falls clinic, the state says Planned Parenthood did not tell a pregnant woman:

– “The abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being;”

– That she “has an existing relationship with that unborn human being,” which is protected by law, and the abortion will terminate that relationship and those rights;

– “All known medical risks of the procedure and statistically significant risk factors ... including ... depression and related psychological distress (and) increased risk of suicide ideation and suicide;”

– The correct address of the Department of Health Web site;

– The required information at least 24 hours prior to the abortion.


While I understand that the clinic broke the law (however stupid I might think it is), South Dakota's record on abortion is made of complete and utter fail, so this set off alarm bells when I saw it. All we need is Leslie Unruth and Co. to start up yet another abortion ban for the 2010 election, and we'll be set.

Man cuddles with lion cub on Today Show, talks about living with lions

Dave Salmoni, star of the new Animal Planet Show Into The Pride, stopped by The Today Show to talk about his daring and up-close encounters with wild lions after spending 6 months with them alone in the African Bush, armed with nothing but a cane and pepper spray. He even brought a lion cub for Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry to play with.

I dunno if the video will embed but there's the link at least.

Adorable Source Here

This man is crazy. I want to play with a lion cub! q_q

French pool bars Muslim woman for 'burquini' suit

PARIS – A Muslim woman garbed in a head-to-toe swimsuit — dubbed a "burquini" — may have opened a new chapter in France's tussle between religious practices and its stern secular code.

Officials insisted Wednesday they banned the woman's use of the Islam-friendly suit at a local pool because of France's pool hygiene standards — not out of hostility to overtly Muslim garb.

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Aren't there full body wet-suits? Or is that too revealing of the figure?

you could cut ties with all the lies

Microsoft Word Sales Banned In 60 Days

Microsoft Word Sales Banned In 60 Days

Microsoft plans to appeal; the court also said the software maker must pay $240 million in patent-violation damages.

A Judge on Tuesday ordered Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) to stop selling its popular Word document creation application in the United States in 60 days, after finding that the software contains technology that violates a patent held by a third party.

Microsoft Office, which includes Word, accounted for more than $3 billion in worldwide sales in Microsoft's most recent fiscal year and is used by literally millions of businesses and consumers for everyday tasks like word processing and making spreadsheets and presentations.

The judge said the ruling applies to Word 2003 and Word 2007.


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tv | Some girls | Rocky

The NHS versus the US healthcare system.

The National Health Service has become the butt of increasingly outlandish political attacks in the US as Republicans and conservative campaigners rail against Britain's "socialist" system as part of a tussle to defeat Barack Obama's proposals for broader government involvement in healthcare.

Top-ranking Republicans have joined bloggers and well-funded free market organisations in scorning the NHS for its waiting lists and for "rationing" the availability of expensive treatments.

As myths and half-truths circulate, British diplomats in the US are treading a delicate line in correcting falsehoods while trying to stay out of a vicious domestic dogfight over the future of American health policy.

Slickly produced television advertisements trumpet the alleged failures of the NHS's 61-year tradition of tax-funded healthcare. To the dismay of British healthcare professionals, US critics have accused the service of putting an "Orwellian" financial cap on the value on human life, of allowing elderly people to die untreated and, in one case, for driving a despairing dental patient to mend his teeth with superglue.

Having seen his approval ratings drop, Obama is seeking to counter this conservative onslaught by taking his message to the public, with a "town hall" meeting today at a school in New Hampshire.

Last week, the most senior Republican on the Senate finance committee, Chuck Grassley, took NHS-baiting to a newly emotive level by claiming that his ailing Democratic colleague, Edward Kennedy, would be left to die untreated from a brain tumour in Britain on the grounds that he would be considered too old to deserve treatment.

"I don't know for sure," said Grassley. "But I've heard several senators say that Ted Kennedy with a brain tumour, being 77 years old as opposed to being 37 years old, if he were in England, would not be treated for his disease, because end of life – when you get to be 77, your life is considered less valuable under those systems."

The degree of misinformation is causing dismay in NHS circles. Andrew Dillon, chief executive of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice), pointed out that it was utterly false that Kennedy would be left untreated in Britain: "It is neither true nor is it anything you could extrapolate from anything we've ever recommended to the NHS."

Others in the US have accused Obama of trying to set up "death panels" to decide who should live and who should die, along the lines of Nice, which determines the cost-effectiveness of NHS drugs.

One right-leaning group, Conservatives for Patients' Rights, lists horror stories about British care on its website. An email widely circulated among US voters, of uncertain origin, claims that anyone over 59 in Britain is ineligible for treatment for heart disease.
The British embassy in Washington is quietly trying to counter inaccuracies. A spokesman said: "We're keeping a close eye on things and where there's a factually wrong statement, we will take the opportunity to correct people in private. That said, we don't want to get involved in a domestic debate."

A $1.2m television advertising campaign bankrolled by the conservative Club for Growth displays images of the union flag and Big Ben while intoning a figure of $22,750. A voiceover says: "In England, government health officials have decided that's how much six months of life is worth. If a medical treatment costs more, you're out of luck."

The number is based on a ratio of £30,000 a year used by Nice in its assessment of whether drugs provide value for money. Dillon said this was one of many variables in determining cost-effectiveness of medicines. He said of his body's portrayal in the US: "It's very disappointing and it's not, obviously, the way in which Nice describes itself or the way in which we're perceived in the UK even among those who are disappointed or upset by our decisions."

On Rupert Murdoch's Fox News channel, the conservative commentator Sean Hannity recently alighted upon the case of Gordon Cook, a security manager from Merseyside, who used superglue to stick a loose crown into his gum because he was unable to find an NHS dentist. The cautionary tale, which was based on a Daily Mail report from 2006, prompted Hannity to warn his viewers: "If the Democrats have their way, get your superglue ready."

The broader tone of the US healthcare debate has become increasingly bitter. The former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin last week described president Obama's proposals as "evil", while the radio presenter Rush Limbaugh has compared a logo used for the White House's reform plans to a Nazi swastika. Hecklers have disrupted town hall meetings called to discuss the health reform plans.

David Levinthal, a spokesman for the nonpartisan Centre for Responsive Politics, said the sheer scale of the issue, which will affect the entire trajectory of US medical care, was arousing passions: "It's no surprise you have factions from every political stripe attempting to influence the debate and some of those groups are certainly playing to the deepest fears of Americans. There's been a great deal of documented disinformation propagated throughout the country." Defenders of Britain's system point out that the UK spends less per head on healthcare but has a higher life expectancy than the US. The World Health Organisation ranks Britain's healthcare as 18th in the world, while the US is in 37th place. The British Medical Association said a majority of Britain's doctors have consistently supported public provision of healthcare. A spokeswoman said the association's 140,000 members were sceptical about the US approach to medicine: "Doctors and the public here are appalled that there are so many people on the US who don't have proper access to healthcare. It's something we would find very, very shocking."


I found this link posted in another thread and thought i'd post it. I couldn't help but laugh at some of the utter BS these repulicans have been spouting. It was a case of either laugh or get very angry. I'm appalled that politicians can get away with speading these absurd rubbish like this though.

claims that anyone over 59 in Britain is ineligible for treatment for heart disease

Several of my family members who have been saved by the NHS from heart disease would take umbridge with this ridiculous claim. I mean... seriously? Do people actually buy this rubbish?

Brazilian Crime Show Host ordered murders to benefit his show

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Aug. 11) - In one murder after another, the "Canal Livre" crime TV show had an uncanny knack for being first on the scene, gathering graphic footage of the victim.

Too uncanny, say police, who are investigating the show's host, state legislator Wallace Souza, on suspicion of commissioning at least five of the murders to boost his ratings and prove his claim that Brazil's Amazon region is awash in violent crime. Police also have accused Souza of drug trafficking.

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& xposted from ONTD

Law and Order will eat this shit right up.  And wtf, immunity because you're a lawmaker?

Akuma River

having a website with a swear word in it can get you demerited in school?!

Saw this story on my local news and found a newspaper article on it. I still can't believe the school did this.

A Burleson High School junior was suspended from the drill team because of her MySpace page, administrators said Monday.

Lindsey Wessel, 16, was told she could not perform at the school’s first football game as a member of the "Strutters" drill team.

"I think it's really stupid," Wessel said. "It's my private life."
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Report: DNA Tests Proves Edwards Fathered Videographer's Daughter

A secret DNA test proves former presidential candidate John Edwards is the father of the baby born from an affair with a campaign aide, the National Enquirer reported Wednesday.

Multiple sources confirm the bombshell development, and reveal lawyers for the disgraced presidential candidate are privately hammering out child support payments with his former lover Rielle Hunter.

The Enquirer, which last year broke the story of Edwards' affair with campaign videographer Reille Hunter and their alleged "love child," said the test was taken after Hunter tried to get financial help from Edwards for the 18-month-old girl named Frances.

Hunter apparently agreed to testify to a federal grand jury investigating whether Edwards broke campaign finance law by paying "hush" money to Hunter and former aide who claimed paternity in Edwards' stead. Hunter was spotted last week in Raleigh, N.C., entering a federal courthouse, where she spent nine hours.

Edwards adamantly denied during a confessional interview with ABC News last summer that he had fathered a child with Hunter, and he welcomed a paternity test. His wife, Elizabeth, has said while promoting her book that she doesn't know if her husband is the father.

Former Edwards aide Andrew Young, who made a similar courthouse visit while the grand jury was sitting last month, said in 2007 he was the child's father. Hunter said around the same time that Young was the father and the birth certificate does not list a father's name.

Edwards has admitted to an affair with Hunter that he says ended in 2006. That year, Edwards' political action committee paid Hunter's video production firm $100,000 for work. Then the committee paid another $14,086 on April 1, 2007.

Edwards, a North Carolina senator from 1998 until his vice presidential bid in 2004, acknowledged in May that federal investigators are looking into how he used campaign funds. Grand jury proceedings are secret, and the U.S. attorney's office in Raleigh has declined to confirm or deny an investigation.

Young hasn't spoken publicly since saying he was the father in 2007 and has repeatedly ignored reporter requests for interviews.


National Enquirer story

thanks to the Duggars....

World population projected to reach 7 billion in 2011

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The world's population is forecast to hit 7 billion in 2011, the vast majority of its growth coming in developing and, in many cases, the poorest nations, a report released Wednesday said.

A staggering 97 percent of global growth over the next 40 years will happen in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the Population Reference Bureau's 2009 World Population Data Sheet.

"The great bulk of today's 1.2 billion youth -- nearly 90 percent -- are in developing countries," said Carl Haub, a co-author of the report. Eight in 10 of those youth live in Africa and Asia.

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FOX sez G.E. might be giving terrorists bombs. GE responds.

GE calls Fox bombs report 'maliciously false'

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer
Television Writer 1 hr 42 mins ago

NEW YORK – The General Electric Co. called a Fox News Channel report about the company supplying terrorists with material used in bombs "irresponsible and maliciously false" on Wednesday as a feud between Fox's Bill O'Reilly and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann kept sizzling.

It was the first time that GE, the parent company of MSNBC and NBC News, had publicly responded to accusations made by O'Reilly on his Fox show.

Olbermann also kept up his attacks, naming O'Reilly his "worst person in the world" on Wednesday's show for the GE story.

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Kenneth "The Sellout Whore" Gladney To get Book Deal and Maybe a Movie!

‘I am Kenneth Gladney. You are Kenneth Gladney. Remember, we all are Kenneth Gladney.’

We literally received this e-mail in our tips box a few minutes ago, and maybe it’s a joke (?), but for now we’ll just assume that Kenneth Gladney is the biggest whore in history. Like 100 times more whorish than Joe the Plumber and the world’s entire collection of actual street-walking prostitutes combined.
St. Louis, Missouri August 12, 2009 — Kenneth Gladney thanks everyone for their outpouring of support and well wishes. After he recovers from his injuries, Kenneth plans to travel across the country to promote Project Liberty, a new educational program designed to teach America’s youth about their fundamental rights under the Constitution.

Kenneth will inform young people about his experiences on the fateful night of August 6, 2009 at Rep. Russ Carnahan’s town hall meeting in South St. Louis and how it changed his perspectives on individual liberties in today’s society. Along with Kenneth, Constitutional law experts will explain the Bill of Rights to students in an interactive format that is both entertaining and educational.

To Kenneth, Project Liberty is not about Left versus Right nor Democrats versus Republicans. This cause is about personal liberties and freedom of speech.

“Project Liberty will sweep across this great nation to unite people for the common cause of protecting our individual liberties,” said Kenneth.

Kenneth wants to make it clear that Project Liberty is not funded by any special interest group or political party. Kenneth vows never to accept funds from any of these sources. Project Liberty is “people-powered.” As with any endeavor of this magnitude, there are costs associated with this. If you would like to help defray these costs in this fight for liberty, stand up with Kenneth and donate today. Please visit Kenneth’s website at
I am Kenneth Gladney. You are Kenneth Gladney. Remember, we all are Kenneth Gladney.

David Brown, Attorney
(314) XXX-XXXX

Amazing. There’s a PayPal link on the bottom of his (lawyer’s) very exciting website, too.
Must send to Obama…