September 7th, 2009


Betsy McCaughey Knows Nothing about Medicine

Obama's Top Health Care Opponent: No PhD In Medicine, No Scholarly Articles On Health Care

The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg has profiled Betsy McCaughey, trying to square the one-time Republican official's work on infection deaths and in academia with her vitriolic, unsupported attacks on health care reform.
For the last few years, Ms. McCaughey has worked in a relatively quiet, (mostly) noncontroversial fight against hospital infection death. Her campaign has drawn some bipartisan support and won credit in New York for helping to push a law requiring hospitals to report infection rates. [...]

Her work has, however, proved to be a boon to opponents of Mr. Obama's health care plans, if occasionally judged as over the line even by some of them. .

She incorrectly stated in July that a Democratic bill in the House would "absolutely require" counseling sessions for Medicare recipients "that will tell them how to end their life sooner," drawing a "Pants on Fire" rating from the Politifact fact-checking Web site; her false assertion that the presidential health adviser Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel believes "medical care should be reserved for the nondisabled" helped inspire former Gov. Sarah Palin's discredited warning about "death panels" deciding who is "worthy of health care."
However, health care consultant Michael L. Millenson dug into McCaughey's history and found that there isn't much of a contradiction at all. Her Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (RID) is stacked with Republicans and does little in the way of research or lobbying. And her supposed scholarly writing is just opinion pieces and analysis.
As someone who's been involved in the patient safety movement since the mid-1990s, I've admired her pugnacity and plainspokenness. Unfortunately, when I decided to look a lot more closely at RID, it turned out that Good Betsy was not quite "the real McCoy" either. The assertions she makes about herself and her organization teeter at the border between exaggeration and being deliberately misleading.

It's a good cause - at least on paper. What a shame that even when Bad Betsy isn't bashing health care reform, Good Betsy doesn't seen to have found the time to do anything of significance.

Michael Moore continues kicking government in the shins and fighting for the little guy.

Michael Moore's Capitalism Goes for Broke

By Mary Corliss / Venice Sunday, Sep. 06, 2009

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies." So wrote Thomas Jefferson to a friend in 1816. Now Michael Moore, whose Fahrenheit 9/11 took on the U.S. Army, and the entire military-executive-industrial establishment, brings his latest documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, to the Venice Film Festival. The land of Macchiavelli and the Medici is the perfect setting for Moore's nonfiction tragicomedy of greed and chicanery on Wall Street, in Washington, D.C., and through the entire economic apparatus. The movie will have its world premiere here tonight, before playing the Toronto Film Festival next week, opening Sept. 23 in New York and Los Angeles and achieving wide release Oct. 2.

Writing on his web site, Moore proclaimed, "The director of the festival [Marco Mueller] said that our movie was 'incredibly symphonic' and that he was moved by its epic nature. Jeez, these Italians! Everything's an opera to them!" The movie is not opera so much as impassioned journalism — a broadside fired at the good ship Free Enterprise, with the hope of altering its course, and dislodging the pirates who have seized it.

Capitalism: A Love Story does not quite measure up to Moore's Sicko in its cumulative power, and it is unlikely to equal Fahrenheit 9/11 in political impact. In many ways, though, this is Moore's magnum opus: the grandest statement of his career-long belief that big business is screwing the hard-working little guy while government connives in the atrocity.,8599,1920771,00.html

Trailer for the film:

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Sarah vs. the AP, Sunday Sunday Sunday

Palin: Releasing Battlefield Photo "Evil"

(CNN) – Sarah Palin is calling the AP's decision to release a battlefield photo of a dying Marine over the family's objection "an evil thing to do."

In a Sunday night post on her Facebook page, the former Alaska governor called the photo released this week of Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard's dying moments on the battlefield in Afghanistan a "sacred image."

"Many of us join Secretary Gates in condemning the Associated Press for its heartless and selfish decision to turn its back on the wishes of a grieving family in order to exploit the tragic death of a true American hero," she wrote.

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I can honestly see both sides of this. I understand the AP's need to publish the photo and show what's actually going on over there in an effort to combat the glossy hero-worshipping war culture the GOP has encouraged, but at the same time Sarah Palin's the mother of a soldier who is or has been overseas, so it is probably an intensely personal reaction. And the family DID say no.

I suppose I agree with her that it was a poor moral choice, however hesitantly. Nevertheless, this is me getting sick to the point of puking over this intellectually dishonest, basal "good vs. evil" nonsense, not to mention her continued political opportunism.
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Father wants son's beating treated as a hate crime

Brian Milligan Jr. poses with his girlfriend, Nicola Fletcher, before he was attacked last month.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Brian Milligan Sr. believes his son's race triggered a brutal attack on the streets of Buffalo, New York.

Armed with a chunk of concrete, several assailants beat Brian Milligan Jr. on the back of the head on August 18, leaving a 3-inch gash. They kicked him in the face, breaking his jaw.

Bloodied and bruised, the 18-year-old managed to walk five blocks to his grandmother's house before being rushed to the hospital.

Milligan's father believes several African-Americans beat his son, who is white, because he is dating an African-American woman. He wants police to treat the beating as a hate crime. He also has criticized what he calls a deafening silence from the community, police and the national media.

"If this was a black guy who was beaten by a group of white guys for dating a white girl, people would be up in arms," he said. "There's a double standard."

Buffalo police believe a group of about 10 to 15 African-American men attacked Milligan late at night, police spokesman Mike DeGeorge said. Police have made no arrests and are still investigating the motive, he said.

Milligan Sr. says he believes the attackers are the same "neighborhood guys" who threatened his son and his African-American girlfriend because of their interracial relationship.

The younger Milligan and his girlfriend, Nicola Fletcher, who is also 18, had recently complained of an increase in insults and threats in east Buffalo, where Fletcher lives and where Milligan was staying with his grandmother, Fletcher said.

"Every time they walk the streets, people stop him and call him 'cracker' and ask her why she's not with a black guy," Milligan Sr. said.

Two days before the attack, Fletcher said she was shot with paintball pellets by the same group of neighborhood aggressors.

"I'm afraid to walk the streets," she said. "Those guys are still out there."

Police "are making good progress in the case," said DeGeorge, the police spokesman. Investigators are still trying to determine if it should be declared a hate crime.

They have asked members of the community to call police if they have any information.

When Milligan was taken to Erie County Medical Center, he was unconscious and suffered blood on the brain and brain swelling as a result of the beating. He will see a neurosurgeon on September 10 to be evaluated, said his father.

He is now recovering at home and remembers nothing about the attack, which has made the police investigation even more difficult.

The story has touched a nerve with several members of Buffalo's African-American community, including a local pastor who leads a predominantly black church in Buffalo.

"At first, it didn't affect me the way that it would have if I heard it was a black teen attacked," said the Rev. Darius Pridgen, who spent years fighting for civil rights for African-Americans.

"But after I saw his father on TV pleading with the community to find the assailants, I decided I had to go after the people who beat this kid."

Pridgen said he felt that the community has turned a collective blind eye to the beating. So he gave a fire-and-brimstone sermon at the True Baptist Church on a Sunday after the attack, appealing to his congregation to help find the culprits.

"He didn't deserve to be beaten this way," Pridgen recalled saying at the service. "If you believe this, put your hands together."

If it was a black teen, Pridgen said, "We would have been protesting with flags and everything else."

Rod Watson also addressed the issue in his column in the Buffalo News. Watson, who is black, pointed out that interracial marriages are nearly 10 times higher than they were in 1960, according to U.S. Census data, but still those couples have a tough time being accepted by society.

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Fierce Minnesotan Congressman is Fierce

Ellison: Public Option is Essential

(CNN) — A liberal Minnesota Democrat who has been an outspoken proponent of the public health insurance option fired a shot over the White House's bow Sunday in the Democratic Party's escalating internal feud over health-care reform.

In an interview on CNN's State of the Union, Rep. Keith Ellison laid down the battle lines for President Barack Obama, whose White House is wedged in the middle between conservative Senate Democrats and the conservative House Blue Dog Coalition and liberal House Democrats.

"Why should the liberals always cave?" Ellison said when confronted with the prospect that Obama might ask the liberal members of the party to compromise.

Asked what he would like for the president to say Wednesday in a joint address to Congress that will focus on health care, Ellison stuck to his guns.

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I have no idea who he is, but I like this guy's candor.
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Four for you, Laura Coco. <3

Laura Bush defends Obama school speech

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former first lady Laura Bush is defending President Obama's decision to address the nation's school children, telling CNN Monday that it is "really important for everyone to respect the President of the United States."

"I think that there is a place for the President of the United States to talk to school children and encourage school children, and I think there are a lot of people that should do the same," she told CNN's Zain Verjee. "And that is encourage their own children to stay in school and to study hard and to try to achieve the dream that they have."

The former first lady said she believed criticism of the speech had arisen because of the accompanying lesson plans. If parents are opposed to the address, said Bush, "That's their right. You know that certainly is the right of parents to choose what they want their children to hear in school… (But) I think it's also really important for everyone to respect the President of the United States."

Does she think it's fair to criticize Obama, as some have, by labeling him a socialist? "I'd have no idea whether it's fair, do you think I thought it was fair when President Bush was criticized — not really. So, I guess not," she responded.

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She seems like a sweet lady.
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He fucks your mother AND your sister, goddamn!

Obama: Public Option Should Be Part of Reform

President thanks labor for benefits like paid leave and minimum wage

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama insisted Monday "the time is now" for healthcare reform as he geared up for a major address to Congress this week aimed at getting his top domestic policy priority back on track.

Taking his case for a healthcare overhaul to America's economically hard-hit heartland, Obama sought to seize back the initiative on the divisive issue after losing ground to critics during a turbulent summer.

"It's time to do what's right for America's working families, to put aside the partisanship, to come together as a nation, to pass health insurance reform now -- this year," Obama told a wildly cheering crowd at a Labor Day picnic held by the AFL-CIO union coalition in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Obama's holiday visit to the Midwest was a preview of a prime time speech he will deliver to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday when he will lay out his proposed revamp of the healthcare system to wary lawmakers and a skeptical public.

With his poll numbers down from once-lofty heights, Obama's effort to reclaim control of the debate is seen as a key test of his leadership that could define his young presidency.

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Sorry for the spam today! Lots of interesting things happening :] The part about the chanting gave me goosebumps.

With any luck this marks the end of what was a very shaky summer. Hopefully, this trend of Democratic ballbusting will ramp up.
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Really, Cartoon Network? Are you fucking kidding me?

Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan

Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer

Posted: September 7, 2009 03:27 PM

"Socialized Medicine" Ad Runs On Cartoon Network

I'm hanging out with my family at our hotel room this morning. My daughter Olivia is watching Ben 10: Alien Force on the Cartoon Network. (She tells me to make sure and mention it's Alien Force so you don't confuse it with the previous seasons of Ben 10. A stickler for journalistic accuracy, that's my daughter.) I'm barely paying attention to the TV.

Then I hear the phrase 'socialized medicine.' Doesn't seem like something Ben 10 would get into.
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And CONSERVATIVES are screaming about indoctrination of their children?! Really?

I follow Lee on Twitter. We just got into a debate with a conservative over this.
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Feminists in Sudan?

The Sudanese woman put on trial for wearing trousers was spared the lash today but still landed in jail after refusing to pay the £130 fine imposed for indecency.

Lubna Hussein, a 34-year old widow whose trial exposed Sudan’s Islamic laws, was taken to prison in the same trousers she wore when she was arrested with 12 other women at a Khartoum restaurant in July.

“I will not pay a penny, I’d rather go to prison” she declared after hearing the verdict. She was then taken to a women’s jail in Omdurman, across the Nile from Khartoum, the capital, to serve a one month-sentence for refusing to pay the fine.

Aware of worldwide interest in the case, the judge had tried to be lenient. His punishment fell far short of the maximum penalty under the notorious Article 152 of Sudan’s penal code which prescribes 40 lashes and an unlimited fine for women dressed in an indecent or obscene manner in public.

Ten of the other women arrested with her had already pleaded guilty to the charge of indecency and been flogged.

However, unlike thousands of other women arrested in similar circumstance every year, Ms Hussein, a journalist who worked for the United Nations, refused to accept her summary punishment.

She called a lawyer, and even as the court tried to close this embarrassing chapter today by slapping on a fine, she vowed to fight on.

“Lubna has bravely sacrificed her freedom to free other women from the oppression of the law,” said Ahmed Elzobier, one of Ms Hussein’s supporters.

“She is not guilty, but the police the court and the government are the guilty ones.”

“The campaign will continue,” Mr Elzobier added. “Although Lubna is going to prison, the rest of her supporters will keep challenging these laws.”

Today’s hearing drew a large crowd, with dozens of men in traditional Islamic garb confronting about 150 of Ms Hussein’s mostly female supporters.

As the women chanted “No to whipping!” the men shouted that women in trousers were prostitutes and demanded harsh punishment for Ms Hussein.

Riot police intervened when scuffles broke out between the trouser-clad women and the bearded men.

About 40 women were arrested and later released by police while onlookers said that at least one woman was taken to hospital after being badly beaten.

Ms Hussein’s case has taken on a political dimension in Sudan, Africa’s biggest country but one that is divided between the predominantly Muslim north and mostly Christian south.

The strict law was implemented in 1991 by President Omar al-Bashir only two years after he took power in an Islamist-inspired military coup.

But a 2005 peace agreement signed between Khartoum and the southern rebels enshrined human rights in the constitution, prompting campaigners, including Amnesty International, to call for the repeal of Article 152.

At her previous court appearance last month, Ms Hussein’s supporters were chased from the courthouse by riot police who fired tear gas to disperse the 100-strong crowd.

Ms Hussein has been energetically publicising her case. She sent out 500 invitations to her first court appearance and has been using her Facebook website to rally support around the world.

Her job with the United Nations would have afforded Ms Hussein immunity from prosecution but she resigned the post in order to fight the indecency charge.


I know it is a bit of a stretch to call the women 'feminists' but even though this is article reveals a dark side to what women face in the twenty-first century; it at the same time comforts me that there are educated women out there who are willing to protest for equal rights. It's baby steps -although may seem like a slow process to those of us in the Western world but we can't forget how long it took the likes of the Suffragettes to accomplish what they did.  I just found it intriguing that unlike most cases where women have been persecuted under Shariah Law; in this case the woman herself was leading a campaign and getting the backing of her female peers.

"Just kidding guys! I'll let my kids watch Obama's speech afterall!"


Florida GOP Chair on Obama's Speech to Students: "It's a Good Speech, I'll Let My Kids Watch"

September 07, 2009 3:20 PM

ABC News' Steven Portnoy reports: The Florida Republican party chairman who last week accused the president of trying to “indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda” now says he’ll let his children watch what he calls a “good speech,” one the president “should give.”

“It’s a good speech,” Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer said Monday.  “It encourages kids to stay in school and the importance of education and I think that’s what a president should do when they’re gonna talk to students across the country.”

In a telephone interview as he headed to Tallahassee for a round of TV interviews ahead of tonight’s FSU-Miami football game, Greer said the White House made “changes” to teacher prep materials – and the speech itself – as a result of the political pressure he applied. 

“The speech that’s out today is one that he should give, and I’m pleased to see that the White House has made changes to what was gonna happen.”

Despite his conciliatory tone today, Greer says he has no regrets for issuing a statement last Tuesday, in which he said he was “absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology.”  The statement also accused the president of “bypassing American parents through an invasive abuse of power.”

Now that he’s read the text of the speech, Greer says he’ll gladly let his own children watch it – if their school chooses to participate.

“The speech that [Obama’s] gonna give tomorrow to students I really don’t find to be a problem.  I just wish the White House had done things differently and not tried to send out lesson plans that would have pushed teachers to lead students in a direction that maybe I and many other parents would not like students to be led in.”

“This was clearly moving in a direction that would have not been satisfactory to me as a parent, and I know many other parents across this country.  The White House has changed, the Department of Education took it all out, but when they submitted it, when they sent it out, when they created those lesson plans – the objections from me, the statement from me, and the objections from many other parents was warranted and they should’ve thought about it more carefully before they tried it.”
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Swine flu prompts French officials to rethink traditional greeting

PARIS - It's a ubiquitous French tradition, as familiar as a baguette or an espresso at the neighborhood cafe. Now, "la bise," the cheek-to-cheek peck that the French use to say hello or goodbye, has come under pressure from a globalized threat: swine flu.

Some French schools, companies and a Health Ministry hotline are telling students and employees to avoid the social ritual out of fear the pandemic could make it the kiss of death, or at least illness, as winter approaches.

Mainland France has so far only counted three swine flu deaths. The tally is worse in French southern hemisphere holdings now in winter, like the South Pacific island of Nouvelle Caledonie, with seven deaths and 35,000 cases overall, according to local officials.

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Not to make this about us, but does anyone else feel like international news compared to America'a news lately is kind of reinforcing how crazy this country is right now? France is considering suspending traditional interpersonal contact and everyone's just "Well, just in case. What can you do?" and being very civil. I wonder what this article would read like if it was from America. :(
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People of Color and Women Just Aren't As Good As The White Guys!!!!

I made a previous post discussing the salary discrepancy between male and female writers in television, this article discusses how few auteurs there are in TV like Aaron Sorkin or JJ Abrams that are women or people of color.

TV's top brass: Why so white?

For our final class of our EW University course on TV Auteurs, Prof. Jennifer Armstrong is back to address the lack of diversity in our list, and in the TV industry as a whole.


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What really killed me though, was the clueless comments.

I'm dying laughing.

MISC - moustache

Suspected Milwaukee serial killer detained

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (BNO NEWS) -- Police in Wisconsin have arrested a suspected serial killer who is believed to be responsible for the death of nine Milwaukee women over the last 21 years, police said on Monday.

Walter E. Ellis, a 49-year-old man from Milwaukee, was arrested after his DNA was found on the bodies of nine women -- eight of them prostitutes and the ninth a runaway. The homicides occurred between 1986 and 2007 on Milwaukee's north side.

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At least no one was eaten this time...

Remember those guys responsible for banning water/soda bottles on planes?

Three guilty of airline bomb plot

Three men have been found guilty of plotting to kill thousands of people by blowing up planes flying from London to America with home-made liquid bombs.

A Woolwich Crown Court jury convicted Abdulla Ahmed Ali, 28, Tanvir Hussain, 28, and Assad Sarwar, 29, of conspiring to activate bombs disguised as drinks.

Four other men were found not guilty of involvement in the suicide bomb plot.

The arrests in August 2006 caused chaos to international aviation and prompted the current restrictions on liquids.

The jury heard that at the time of his arrest, plot ringleader Ahmed Ali had identified seven US and Canada-bound flights to blow up over the Atlantic within a two-and-a-half-hour period.

They were flights from London's Heathrow airport to San Francisco, Washington, New York, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal. Had the planes taken to the air with bombers on board, there would have been little chance of saving them.

His "quartermaster", Sarwar, had secured bomb ingredients at his home and in woods in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. A flat in the Walthamstow area of east London became the bomb factory.

There the men put together a special home-made mixture of chemicals that they planned to take onto planes in ordinary sports drinks bottles stored within hand luggage. Ahmed Ali, of Walthamstow, Hussain, of Leyton, east London, and Sarwar had been found guilty previously of a conspiracy to murder involving liquid bombs.

The jury in that first trial could not decide whether their plans extended to detonating the devices on planes. But a second jury was convinced.

The plot became the biggest terror investigation in the UK and intelligence officers believe it was directed by al-Qaeda figures in Pakistan.
The BBC understands that the key contact for the plotters was a British man, Rashid Rauf, now thought to be dead.

'Daring plot'

Security officials on both sides of the Atlantic believe the men wanted to kill thousands in the air and possibly more on the ground in a wave of attacks causing more devastation - and political fall-out - than the 11 September attacks.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson welcomed the verdicts, saying: "This case reaffirms that we face a real and serious threat from terrorism.

"This was a particularly complex and daring plot which would have led to a terrible attack resulting in major loss of life.

"The police, security services and CPS have done an excellent job in bringing these people to justice."

Sue Hemming, from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said the plot had been sophisticated and calculated to create a terrorist attack event of "global proportions".

"The CPS is committed to prosecuting to the full extent of the law those who would use terror to try to achieve their aims, whatever their motivation and their perceived justification," she said.

"This trial has been another demonstration of that commitment."

Other defendants
Umar Islam, 31, from Plaistow, east London, was convicted of conspiracy to murder, but the jury failed to reach a verdict on whether he was involved in a plot to blow up aircraft. He, like the ringleaders, faces life imprisonment.

Three others were found not guilty of plotting to bomb aircraft: Ibrahim Savant, 28, Arafat Khan, 28, Waheed Zaman, 25.

The jury failed to reach verdicts on a more general conspiracy to murder charges against Mr Savant, from Stoke Newington, east London, and Mr Khan and Mr Zaman, both from Walthamstow. The CPS has a week to decide whether to try the men for a third time.

An eighth man, Donald Stewart-Whyte, 23, of High Wycombe, was cleared of all charges. His lawyers have called for an inquiry into why the Muslim convert was prosecuted.

The security services installed a hidden camera in the Walthamstow bomb factory and saw both Ahmed Ali and Hussain preparing devices and making arrangements for the jihadist suicide videos, recorded in the same property.

The men's defence was that they had been planning a political stunt, including small explosions intended only to frighten people at airports.
These political demonstrations, they said, would be backed up by a documentary they were making about western injustices.

The videos they had made were part of that documentary, they said. No other material from the alleged documentary was ever uncovered.




A little bit of Blago to brighten your day!

Ex-Illinois Governor Adds Author to His Résumé

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Published: September 6, 2009

CHICAGO — Normally, people charged with crimes wait until their cases are resolved to write memoirs — saving themselves and their lawyers legal headaches. But Rod R. Blagojevich, the ousted governor of Illinois who is under indictment, has long wandered his own course.

So there it was this month, “The Governor,” Mr. Blagojevich’s 264-page memoir, drawing groans from local pundits and politicians (many of whom claimed they had no plans to read the book, which is filled with their names), and sending Mr. Blagojevich on another flurry of media interviews this week.

Around this city last week, some Chicagoans, spotting the book cover, responded with weary eye rolls and complaints that Mr. Blagojevich, whose corruption scandal enveloped the state last winter, now seemed determined to gain wealth or more notoriety from his travails.

His publicist has described the book, published by Phoenix Books, as a “six-figure deal.” But in his writing, Mr. Blagojevich seems to have a specific message for the public, and perhaps more precisely, for those who might sit on his jury in a federal trial next year: He did nothing corrupt, though others have. He then lays out what he portrays as Chicago’s gritty, crass political rules, established long before him, in which power is traded for favors.

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play nice now, kids!

Glenn Beck's New Targets... Please Stop Engouraging This Fool...

Glenn Beck’s Next Target: Cass Sunstein

As he makes a real impact in pushing conservative fringe attacks on Obama administration officials into the mainstream, Glenn Beck’s Twitter feed has become a must-read. In a message from last night, Beck told his followers to “FIND EVERYTHING YOU CAN ON CASS SUNSTEIN, MARK LLOYD AND CAROL BROWNER.” They are, respectively, the nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer of the FCC, and the Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change. Browner was also administrator of the EPA for all eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Beck’s ostensible purpose here is to expose the “czars” who’ve been appointed by the president. Sunstein stands out like a sore thumb, as he’s been tied up by holds and filibusters for months, and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) only filed for cloture on his nomination at the start of August.

How has Sunstein become so controversial? Basically, conservative Websites have read his iconoclastic, theoretical writing and pumped up the bits that sound really strange. A current example comes from

Outlined in the 2008 book “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness,” Sunstein and co-author Richard H. Thaler argued that the main reason that more people do not donate their organs is because they are required to choose donation. … This problem could be remedied if governments changed the laws for organ donation, they said. Currently, unless a patient has explicitly chosen to be an organ donor, either on his driver’s license or with a donor card, the doctors assume that the person did not want to donate and therefore do not harvest his organs. Thaler and Sunstein called this “explicit consent.”

The CNSNews headline:


Children given cannabis as sedative

PARENTS in impoverished areas of Australia's major cities are giving young children cannabis as a sedative, a leading youth worker has claimed.

Prominent Melbourne social worker Les Twentyman says the worrying practice continues to become more prevalent in "impoverished" areas of Melbourne, just as it is in struggling Sydney suburbs.

He said parents unable to afford medication for children, particularly those with behavioural problems, often thought their own drugs could be a solution.

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Black Panther

Why Black Women Shouldn't Go to College

The Sexist: Sex and Gender in the District

Why Black Women Shouldn’t Go to College

Posted by Amanda Hess on Sep. 4, 2009, at 1:13 pm

Like The Root blogger Jimi Izrael, I’m pretty sick of the recent spate of stories that paint all black women as overly-ambitious career women, and all black men as uneducated imbeciles—as Izrael puts it, “the story of the hard-working, over-achieving black women being held back by the shiftless watermelon-stealing, generally no-account black man.” Unlike Izrael, however, I don’t think a helpful addition to the discussion is to suggest that black women just stop going to college so much. But that’s exactly what Izrael does here in an essay that manages to be not just sexist, but pretty damn misanthropic through and through.
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