September 15th, 2009


Glenn Beck Has Lost over 50% of His Ad Dollars

Glenn Beck Has Lost over 50% of His Ad Dollars

Our campaign to hold Glenn Beck accountable for his race-baiting and fear-mongering has been a great success, with 62 advertisers making it clear that they don't want their brands linked to Beck's vile rhetoric. Up until now, however, there's been a question of what the real consequences are for Beck and for Fox, especially as Beck's ratings have soared. It's starting to become clear.

Today, we're announcing that Glenn Beck's show has lost over 50% of its advertising dollars since just before our campaign started. From our press release about the news:
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Did Oprah's endorsement of Obama turn America off?

Oprah’s Politics May Have Viewers Voting With Their Feet

By David Carr

The Associated Press reported yesterday that the ratings for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” were down 7 percent last year, understandable against a backdrop of atomizing audiences, but not something you tend to hear about the invincible Ms. Winfrey. The A.P. points out that other daytimers like Jerry Springer and Martha Stewart are down double digits, which is a little hard to figure given that so many Americans are stuck at home on their couch without a job. But Ms. Winfrey has always managed to defy larger trends, so she is opening her 24th season with a Whitney Houston exclusive and a return of Dr. Phil after seven years. Still, she may be up against some self-created turbulence, according to the A.P.

“Yet Winfrey has also alienated some of her audience, particularly in more conservative parts of the country,” said Janice Peck, author of the book ”Age of Oprah” and a University of Colorado professor.

By endorsing Barack Obama and campaigning for him, she shucked her apolitical image. Winfrey’s book club selection of Eckhart Tolle’s New Age religion book ”A New Earth” angered some conservative Christians — even though Winfrey’s producer said Winfrey was careful not to push Tolle’s views on viewers through the television show.”

Back when Ms. Winfrey got a front pew in the church of Obama, some of us at Decoder wondered whether her forthright support for what she viewed as a historic candidacy might cost her viewers at a time when the country seems deeply divided on political issues. Back during the campaign, the Media Equation column, a close cousin of Media Decoder, noted that her decision to step across the line into political matters was not universally endorsed.

She is, without a doubt, the most powerful endorsement in pop culture. Her book club can turn obscure novels into immediate hits, and anything she endorses on her annual “Favorite Things” show becomes impossible to find. But that’s because in her contract with her audience, she never has a piece of what she is pushing. Her interest is your interest because she is not for sale.

After her endorsement of Mr. Obama, however, the message boards on are alive with allegations of “betrayal” and “sellout.” Mr. Obama’s base may have been engaged, but part of Ms. Winfrey’s base is livid.

Ms. Winfrey is fighting back the only way she knows how, which is bringing both some dignity and some exclusives to the new season and has even reached out to fans on Twitter, where she has almost 2.2 million followers, and Facebook where she reached out to her 850,000 fans and invited them to a show in New York City this Friday where Mariah Carey will perform live. (As you might imagine, demand has outstripped supply and her pals are asked to enter a lottery at

So, after 24 years, Ms. Winfrey’s show may be reflecting a bit of age, but she’s still playing for keeps. And who knows, if one of her juicy exclusive interviews this year turns out to live on Pennsylvania Avenue, maybe her decision to break her tradition of political non-involvement won’t seem so dumb after all.


While I'm sure there are a small few people who are not as big fans of Oprah post her Obama endorsement I can't imagine there's that many completely outraged that they decided never to watch her show again.  People have been complaining about Oprah "preaching liberalism to Housewives" since the beginning of her program in the 80s, so it's not as if she's exactly known as a conservative family values personality.  She's done shows about homosexuality, global warming, religion, and plenty of other things that are far more offensive to the right wing than simply endorsing a candidate who was clearly a hot-shot since his DNC speech in 2004.

And as this article even points out itself, other shows have seen double-digit dips in ratings, and network television ratings in general are dipping, in part because people are gravitating to cable, in part because they're DVRing, or in part because more people are spending their free time on the internet rather than channel-surfing.

TV by the numbers puts it quite well:

Ever since Oprah’s endorsement of Barack Obama, the media has tried to spin stories that Oprah’s ratings decreases for her daytime talk show are tied to that endorsement.  Even though there is not any evidence that clearly supports such a view, the stories persist.

For a while, we were getting multiple requests a week to look at that data, and whenever we looked at it, we couldn’t come up with anything to actually support the case.  At least unless we could somehow attribute decreases with Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune to Oprah’s endorsement of Obama too.

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'Pretty' prison officer wins case

Amitjo Kajla
A hearing will be held to see how much compensation Ms Kajla should receive

A former prison officer who said she was forced out of her job after being bullied because she was pretty has won her case for unfair dismissal.

Amitjo Kajla, 22, said she suffered the abuse at Brinsford Young Offenders' Institution near Wolverhampton.

Her tribunal heard how former colleagues questioned her behaviour with male inmates and suggested she rejected advice about the dress code.

The tribunal has now issued a written judgement backing her claims.

Ms Kajla, who lives in Wolverhampton, also won claims for age and sex discrimination against HM Prison Service (HMPS).

The hearing in Birmingham in July heard Ms Kajla describe how she had been effectively sacked by Brinsford in April 2008 despite having no problems in her previous job at Shrewsbury prison.

'Weak woman'

The written judgement said the tribunal accepted that under the circumstances, the treatment Ms Kajla was subjected to amounted to unfair dismissal.

In a statement, Ms Kajla said: "All I ever did was try to uphold the HMPS purpose statement, which clearly states that their duty is to 'look after prisoners with humanity' and I sought to apply that in my work by treating prisoners with respect.

"However, one officer didn't like my way of working, which was counter to the macho approach he favoured.

"I was seen as a weak woman who could be bullied."

A spokesman for the Prison Service said it was "disappointed" by the tribunal's findings and said it would study them "carefully".

The spokesman added: "The Prison Service takes all allegations of sexual harassment very seriously."

A hearing will be held in early November to determine how much compensation Ms Kajla should receive.


"What is she, the governor of Guam?"

Matt Latimer Book: Bush Knocked Other Pols While President

President Bush mocked other prominent politicians behind their backs while in office, according to a new book by former speechwriter Matt Latimer.

Last month, the Washington Post reported that ex-Bushies were feeling a "growing nervousness" over what might be in their old colleague's tome. The October issue of GQ includes some eye-opening excerpts from the book.

Of Obama, Latimer writes that Bush came in to rehearse a speech fuming. The New York Daily News reported:

This is a dangerous world," he said for no apparent reason, "and this cat isn't remotely qualified to handle it. This guy has no clue, I promise you."

Bush thought Hillary would be the Democratic nominee. "'Wait till her fat keister is sitting at this desk,' he once said (except he didn't say 'keister')," Latimer wrote.

But Bush was perhaps most critical of vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin:

"I'm trying to remember if I've met her before. I'm sure I must have." His eyes twinkled, then he asked, "What is she, the governor of Guam?" [...]

"This woman is being put into a position she is not even remotely prepared for," he said. "She hasn't spent one day on the national level. Neither has her family. Let's wait and see how she looks five days out." It was a rare dose of reality in a White House that liked to believe every decision was great, every Republican was a genius, and McCain was the hope of the world because, well, because he chose to be a member of our party.

Latimer also writes that at one point, Bush appeared not to understand his own administration's proposal to deal with the economic crisis.

One of the president's staff members anxiously pulled a few of us aside. "The president is misunderstanding this proposal," he warned. "He has the wrong idea in his head. ... It wasn't that the president didn't understand what his administration wanted to do. It was that the treasury secretary didn't seem to know, changed his mind, had misled the president, or some combination of the three.


Lessons in Propaganda 2009 UR DOING IT WRONG

(....or not cause those people you want to sway will believe anything you shove into their little brains.) This is a a brilliant deconstruction of how the Right, lead by Michell Malkin, tried to pad the numbers- or rather invent them altogether. ( My 5 year old niece can lie better than these people. Source: Media Matters)

Michelle Malkin and the anatomy of the 2 million protester lie

Blame it on a tweet.
It turns out that's what kicked off the right-wing blogosphere's comically inept misinformation campaign last weekend to try to swell the size of Saturday's anti-Obama protest in the nation's capital, to jack the crowd size up to the wildly inflated -- and erroneous -- number of 2 million people.
Nice try.
According to estimates provided by the Washington, D.C., fire department, Malkin and friends were only off by 1,930,000 people. In other words, Malkin, citing fictitious press accounts, led the charge to falsely inflate the size of the crowd by 30 times. Malkin and company, desperate to dress up the tea party event as a mass movement, saw a relatively modest crowd of 70,000 GOP protesters and imagined it was 2 million strong. (She's a dreamer, I suppose.)
Worse, Malkin spent most of Saturday in denial, refusing to update her transparently false report, which meant the rest of the right-wing blogosphere also played dumb on a massive scale and kept excitedly repeating the manufactured claim. The scary part is that within the fact-free conservative blogosphere, lots of people still believe the 2 million nonsense, or are at least repeating it. They believe it despite the fact that nobody can point to any evidence to support it.
For most sane observers, what transpired over the weekend resembled a comical bout of telephone tag -- the game schoolchildren play when they whisper something into a friend's ear and then get a big laugh when, six or seven friends later, they hear how distorted the original message has become via garbled repetition. (Two million protesters!) The sad part is that right-wing bloggers are serious. They think they're engaging in some bold new era of citizen journalism. Instead, they just, you know, make stuff up.
It's just the latest example in a string of unforgettable whoppers from online conservatives who rarely let the facts get in the way of a good story. And, yes, irony abounds in that right-wing bloggers hate the press and that they hate the practice of journalism. They lecture reporters about accountability and fairness all the time, yet whenever amateur conservatives try their hand at reporting, they just produce guffaws for the rest of us. (Did I mention they miscalculated the size of the crowd by 1,930,000 people?)
On Saturday, facts didn't matter because right-wing ringleader Malkin was helping to spread a sprawling (and illogical) lie, and her dutiful followers knew just what to do: spread it hard and fast. Perhaps Malkin's only regret was she didn't aim higher; she could have claimed there were news reports of 12 million people protesting in D.C., and I'm sure every one of her willingly gullible devotees would have linked to her.
The amusing part of the weekend's blind-leading-the-blind charade was that Malkin already has a very long and detailed history of manufacturing phony stories that later leave nasty stains all over the blogosphere when they turn out to be turds. (Paging Jamil Hussein.) And that's what I think was so revealing about the 2 million-people-in-D.C. fiasco: Nobody within the right-wing blogosphere seems to be the slightest bit upset, let alone embarrassed or chastened, for having been part of a farcical, inept attempt to inflate the size of Saturday's rally by 1,930,000 people. Nobody seems to think it reflects poorly on them as a community, or that it will damage their collective reputation.
They really are shameless. And they really do inhabit their own parallel political universe where everyone's allergic to facts.
Why the shamelessness? Sadly, members of the GOP Noise Machine are acutely aware there is no downside to just lying 24/7. Malkin knows that no TV producers are going to deny her an on-air spot because she purposefully spread the patently phony claim that 2 million people gathered in Washington, D.C. (i.e. that the city's population quadrupled overnight). The Beltway press rarely holds the Noise Machine accountable, so of course they're going to just keep lying (what's the downside?), since it's obvious they don't really care about facts to begin with.
The conservative comedy of errors began on Saturday when Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, took to the rally stage and unfurled a massive lie. He told the crowd ABC News had reported that between 1 million to 1.5 million people had gathered to protest Obama's policies. (Later, a FreedomWorks flack conceded she had no idea know why Kibbe manufactured the claim about ABC News.)
Immediately, conservative activist Tabitha Hale (aka "pinkelephantpun") tweeted Kibbe's lie but added an additional 500,000 people to the tally: "ABC reporting 2 million people."
Seven minutes later, Malkin re-tweeted Hale's claim. Then, one minute after that, Malkin turned that tweet into part of her ongoing protest coverage. Intrepid "reporter" Malkin took an unsupported tweet and reported it as news:
12:34pm Eastern: Police estimate 1.2 million in attendance. ABC News reporting crowd at 2 million -- tweets Tabitha Hale from D.C.
Teeny, tiny fringe, huh?
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franklin sherman

Obama is a war president

US Troops Attack Somalia
US Confirms Invasion, Won't Say Why
by Jason Ditz, September 14, 2009

Following confirmation by the French military that they definitely weren’t in the process of invading Somalia, the United States military is now confirming that it is, in fact, American forces that are pouring into the southern portion of the country in a helicopter-backed invasion.

US military officials confirmed to the Associated Press today that forces from the US Joint Special Operations Command had invaded the lawless African nation, and were the ones responsible for the attack on the tiny village of Barawe this morning that was the first staging ground of the attack.

What the officials wouldn’t comment on was exactly why the United States, which launched a failed “peacekeeping” operation in the nation in 1993 and backed an Ethiopian invasion in 2007, had decided to launch yet another foreign adventure, though media outlets speculated that it was probably something to do with al-Qaeda.

The United States has recently been supplying the self-described Somali “government” with “tons of arms,” according to the State Department. Yet reports on the ground suggest that forces loyal to this faction, which only controls a handful of city blocks in the capital city of Mogadishu, have generally just sold the US-supplied weapons on the open market.

Though without any concrete information about what the American military actually intends to do in Somalia it will be difficult to speculate about the size and scope of the invasion, with roughly 200,000 soldiers committed to Iraq and Afghanistan (and more escalations on the way in the later) it seems hard to imagine the nation is looking to commit to yet another long-term occupation.

Guyz! There is a Golden Shower in These Town Halls Now!

Pete Stark: "I Wouldn't Dignify You By Peeing On Your Leg" (VIDEO)

Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.), told an anti-reform attendee at a recent town hall meeting that he wouldn't "dignify" the man by peeing on his leg.

The elderly citizen had gone on a long diatribe about the failures of government-run health care, to much applause and enthusiastic shouting from the crowd. He concluded with: "Mr. Congressman, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

"I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg, it wouldn't be worth wasting the urine," Stark shot back. There was a mixture of cheers and boos in the audience.

The incident was first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.


Glenn Beck: "There was 1.7 Million Patriots at the Tea Party March!" [Citation Needed]

Glenn Beck: 1.7 Million Attended Tea Party March; Cites "University Of -- I Don't Remember" (VIDEO)

Citing "a university," Glenn Beck claimed on Monday that 1.7 million people had attended the anti-reform protest in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

He couldn't remember the name of the school, for some reason. "We had a university, I think it's University of -- I don't remember which university it is -- um, look at the pictures. And you know, they can do body space and calculate, 1.7 million, that crowd was estimated."

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson pointed out that her network, like most of the press, had estimated the crowd in the tens of thousands. Beck dismissed that "official report."

In fact, the 1.7 million number was probably inspired by Michelle Malkin. The conservative blogger spread around a claim that there were two million protesters, only to blame organizer FreedomWorks for the misinformation when it was debunked by ABC News.

Even FreedomWorks has cut back its boast, saying now that only 600,000 to 800,000 people attended. D.C. police told ABC News the rally actually numbered 60,000 to 75,000. While an official estimate has not been released, the network reasonably noted that it would be impossible to confuse thousands with millions.

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Defence against homophobia earns team human rights award

The girls' hockey team at the high school in Woodstock, N.B., has won a provincial human rights award for the way they defended two teammates after they came out as gay.

'We are not only a team, but we are a family and families stick together and stand up for each other no matter what.'— Jami Manderville, teammate

The Woodstock High School Lady Thunder hockey team has won the 2009 New Brunswick Human Rights Award for refusing to let rival teams taunt their teammates about their sexual orientation.


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GOP's Future Now at the Hands of Patriotic White Old Lunatics...

Angry Populism Could Save The GOP

Republican strategists are excited about the possibility that the GOP could benefit from a rising tide of populist resentment over the massive government bailout of major banks, insurance companies and auto manufacturers.

Some observers see this dynamic already at work in the intense opposition to President Obama's health care initiative. Populist anger - fanned by voluble conservative talk radio and cable TV shows -- gathered strength this past summer as members of Congress met with furious constituents during the August recess. At one gathering at a Florida community center hosted by Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson, for example, attendees started chanting: "Stop the redistribution!" On Saturday, tens of thousands of protesters swarmed Washington's streets, railing against Obama's "socialist" agenda and government spending generally.

Republicans hope - and Democrats fear - that a politically significant percentage of voters will come to see the federal government under Democratic control as redistributing tax dollars to "elites" and to the very poor, as the broad middle class is left on its own to face high unemployment, sharply reduced home values, and gutted retirement savings.

This would be very good news for a Republican party that is otherwise facing potentially devastating demographic trends.

While it remains a minority view, some Democratic strategists are particularly worried that the vast sums spent on corporate bailouts have made the administration's health care proposals vulnerable to a right-populist assault based on the perception that Obama is enacting both upwards and downwards economic redistribution as he implements a far-reaching agenda of social engineering.

"The problem stems from TARP [the Troubled Assets Relief Program] and the aid to General Motors and Chrysler," says Democratic pollster and strategist Stan Greenberg. Greenberg has extensively studied key, volatile voting constituencies, including Reagan Democrats, "angry white men," and single women. The view of many voters voiced in focus groups, Greenberg says, is that "the unworthy are being taken care of....There is the sense that government is taking care of people who are irresponsible."

"There has been TARP, followed by the stimulus, followed by the GM bailout. Here you have trillions being spent without any microeconomic benefit apparent to the middle class," argues Steve Murphy, cofounder of the Democratic firm, Murphy Putnam Media. "This has not been a situation where [Obama] has been able to provide voters with anything they are looking for in the way of change."

As a consequence, Murphy says, "it has created an intense fiscally conservative environment, especially among independent voters, and Republicans have done an outstanding job taking advantage, speaking in unison effectively."
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If no one posts a 'Every Sperm is Sacred' vid, I will cry.

Well I have to give it to Personhood Florida; this religious freakshow group makes it clear that no PIV sexual activity must occur, lest a sperm meet an egg and human intervention through The Pill slaughter the embryo.

A nationwide anti-abortion group launched an effort in Florida Friday to outlaw all abortions and certain types of birth control, including oral contraceptives and the morning-after pill.

The religion-infused movement, called “Personhood Florida,” would define conception in Florida’s constitution at the “biological beginnings,” supporters said—when the sperm meets the egg. The group filed its amendment today but the exact ballot language is still being worked out, said Secretary of State Spokeswoman Jennifer Krell-Davis.

The amendment seeks to outlaw all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest. Also criminalized: the morning-after pill and oral contraceptives taken by women, known as the pill. “There are some (birth control) methods that kill a child,” said Pat McEwan, who is leading the Personhood Florida group.

The amendment faces extremely long odds. First, supporters must gather 676,811 signatures to make the ballot—by Feb. 1, to go before voters in 2010.

And Florida has a 60-percent threshold for constitutional amendments to become law, a very difficult hurdle even for less radical ideas. In Colorado, the only state where the “personhood” amendment has appeared on the ballot, voters overwhelmingly rejected the idea by an almost three-to-one margin.

Isn’t the sperm sacred too? This is where theocracy leads us—all you straight people out there who don’t think the religious right is coming into your bedroom or relationships need to think again. The sodomy-obsessed, fetus worshipping womb controllers and forced birth advocates don’t want anyone having any sex at any time (excluding of course, Republican Sexual Hypocrites, since no rules apply to them).

Crazy sauce,, as well as their source.

In which Kennedy men continue to be awesome. And hot. But mostly awesome.

When the late Sen. Edward Kennedy was growing up, there was a family edict: Kennedy men don't cry.

On "Larry King Live" Monday night, the senator's sons -- Ted Kennedy Jr. and Rep. Patrick Kennedy -- said times have changed, and that includes the no-tears rule of an earlier generation.

In a wide-ranging interview, they also discussed the moment of their father's passing, how their mother, Joan, was handling her ex-husband's death, the legacy of Chappaquiddick, the Kennedy "curse" and their impressions of their dad's memoir, "True Compass." The 77-year-old senator died August 25 after a battle with brain cancer.

"You know my father was very good at overcoming his own kind of old, traditional sense of not talking about your feelings, not really expressing a lot of emotions," Patrick Kennedy told King.

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Obama supports extending Patriot Act provisions

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration supports extending three key provisions of the Patriot Act that are due to expire at the end of the year, the Justice Department told Congress in a letter made public Tuesday.

Lawmakers and civil rights groups had been pressing the Democratic administration to say whether it wants to preserve the post-Sept. 11 law's authority to access business records, as well as monitor so-called "lone wolf" terrorists and conduct roving wiretaps.

The provision on business records was long criticized by rights groups as giving the government access to citizens' library records, and a coalition of liberal and conservative groups complained that the Patriot Act gives the government too much authority to snoop into Americans' private lives.

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama said he would take a close look at the law, based on his past expertise in constitutional law. Back in May, President Obama said legal institutions must be updated to deal with the threat of terrorism, but in a way that preserves the rule of law and accountability.

In a letter to lawmakers, Justice Department officials said the administration supports extending the three expiring provisions of the law, although they are willing to consider additional privacy protections as long as they don't weaken the effectiveness of the law.

Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich wrote Sen. Patrick Leahy, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, that the administration is willing to consider stronger civil rights protections in the new law "provided that they do not undermine the effectiveness of these important (provisions)."

Leahy responded with a statement saying it is important for the administration and Congress to "work together to ensure that we protect both our national security and our civil liberties."

The committee has scheduled a hearing next week on the Patriot Act.

From 2004 to 2007, the business records provision was used 220 times, officials said. Most often, the business records were requested in combination with requests for phone records.

The lone wolf provision was created to conduct surveillance on suspects with no known link to foreign governments or terrorist groups. It has never been used, but the administration says it should still be available for future investigations.

The roving wiretaps provision was designed to allow investigators to quickly monitor the communications of a suspects who change their cell phone or communication device, without investigators having to go back to court for a new court authorization. That provision has been used an average of 22 times a year, officials said.

Michelle Richardson of the American Civil Liberties Union called the administration's position "a mixed bag," and said that the group hopes the next version of the Patriot Act will have important safeguards on other issues, particularly the collecting of international communications, and a specific bar on surveillance of protected First Amendment activities like peaceful protests or religious assembly.

"We're heartened they're saying they're willing to work with Congress," Richardson said, adding that is "definitely a sea change from what we've seen in the past."


Gag Reflex

Huffpost - When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition

When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition
by Ryan Grim

With the White House zeroing in on the insurance-industry practice of discriminating against clients based on pre-existing conditions, administration allies are calling attention to how broadly insurers interpret the term to maximize profits.

It turns out that in eight states, plus the District of Columbia, getting beaten up by your spouse is a pre-existing condition.
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Y so stupid? Maria Bartiromo Asks 44 y/o Congressman "If Medicare's So Good, Why Aren't You On It?!

Can you guess the answer before she does? 
quoting from  the source @ media matters

What's particularly striking about this exchange is that, when offered the most clear and concise possible explanation for why 44-year old Anthony Weiner isn't on a government plan that's only open to people aged 65 and over, she just whoops it up as if she's caught him in some sort of damning contradiction.

Obviously, the real punchline is that many of the people criticizing the Democrats' health care plan don't have the foggiest idea how any of it works. And Bartiromo in particular reveals--however inadvertently--that she thinks elements of the proposal make perfect sense. Yes, she's wrong to assume Weiner could buy into Medicare, and she's wrong to assume that he chooses not to because the coverage is sub-par. But ironically, the idea that Weiner should be able to buy into Medicare seems totally uncontroversial to her. And that, of course, is the whole point of the public option.

In the comments: "'The segment actually ended with Anthony Weiner (D-NY) saying that he's "fighting for Taxpayers" and Maria Bartiromo (R-CNBC) responded "Well it's my job to fight for the investors"

well -duh.

Lucy  - Durnk n Pitsy

Obama Calls Kanye A Jackass + AUDIO RECORDING

TMZ has obtained the audiotape of President Barack Obama calling Kanye West a "jackass" for hijacking Taylor Swift's acceptance speech during the VMAs.

The audio was recorded just before Obama went on camera to do an interview with CNBC. Before the interview began, Obama -- referring to Kanye's antics on stage -- said "I thought that was really inappropriate," then adding, "He's a jackass."

After making the remarks, Obama said "Where's the pool?" Presumably, he was worried the joke would go wide. He noted the last time that happened, he got burned for killing a fly.

Obama said, "Cut the President some slack."


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American Indians look to high court

Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- A group of American Indians who find the Washington Redskins name offensive wants the Supreme Court to take up the matter.

The group late Monday asked the justices to review a lower court decision that favored the NFL team on a legal technicality.

The seven Native Americans have been working through the court system since 1992 to have the Redskins trademarks declared invalid. A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office panel ruled in their favor in 1999, but they've since suffered a series of defeats from judges who ruled that the plaintiffs waited too long to bring their suit in the first place.

A lawyer for the group says he'd like to see the court decide once and for all whether the Redskins name defames Native Americans.


Oh lord @ the comment fail on


Need another reason to hate insurance companies? Even their computers suck.

Kara Lynn has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or A.L.S., which has attacked the muscles around her mouth and throat, removing her ability to speak. A couple of years ago, she spent more than $8,000 to buy a computer, approved by Medicare, that turns typed words into speech that her family, friends and doctors can hear.

Under government insurance requirements, the maker of the PC, which ran ordinary Microsoft Windows software, had to block any nonspeech functions, like sending e-mail or browsing the Web.

Dismayed by the PC’s limitations and clunky design, Ms. Lynn turned to a $300 iPhone 3G from Apple running $150 text-to-speech software. Ms. Lynn, who is 48 and lives in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., said it worked better and let her “wear her voice” around her neck while snuggling with her 5-year-old son, Aiden, who has Down syndrome.

Medicare and private health insurers decline to cover cheap devices like iPhones and netbook PCs that can help the speech-impaired, despite their usefulness and lower cost.

Instead, public and private insurers insist that, if Ms. Lynn and others like her want insurance to pay, they must spend 10 to 20 times as much for dedicated, proprietary devices that can do far less.

The logic: Insurance is supposed to cover medical devices, and smartphones or PCs can be used for nonmedical purposes, like playing video games or Web browsing.

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Pictorial expose of liberal pro reform mob

(MODS: These are pics I took myself at a pro reform rally. It wasn't a big event but a few people expressed interest)

The Left is voicing shock and outrage at Rightwing tactics at teabagger rallies: racist language and imagery, lies and smears, attendees carrying weapons, and open incitement to violence. Many on the Right are claiming that progressives do the same stuff. I attended a pro reform rally this morning to experience the progressive rage and fury first hand. Collapse )

Lord, what a day of wrath. No wonder people fear progressives. I held my ground until the event broke up and people started chatting, and then I fled, shaken. Oh, but first I posed in front of that nifty blue bus.

Source: me

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Judicial Gender Testing

US Supreme Court

What’s in a name? A study a few years back, “Why Susie sells seashells by the seashore: implicit egotism and major life decisions” (PDF), found that, for instance, people named Dennis were more likely to become dentists. The authors explain that “Because most people possess positive associations about themselves, most people prefer things that are connected to the self” — as in, to take one example, things that sound like their names. They call it “implicit egoism.” It’s a small effect, but real. And it reminds us that some truly odd things can affect even the most important decisions about our lives.


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panda bear

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Wilson's Wife: "I Said 'Joe, Who's The Nut That Hollered Out, "You Lie"?'"

Congressman Joe Wilson's wife Roxanne has waded into the fray with this campaign video supporting her husband as he continues to be criticized for his outburst during president Obama's speech to Congress. She says she spoke with her husband after Obama's speech and asked him, "Joe, who's the nut that hollered out, 'you lie'?'" When he told her it was him she says she didn't believe him at first.

PHOTO » knee high stocking innocence

norway re-elects government, remains awesome

Norway's government is re-elected

Norway's centre-left ruling coalition has won a narrow victory in general elections, near-complete results show.

With 99% of votes counted from Monday's poll, PM Jens Stoltenberg's Labour-led coalition secured 86 seats in the 169-seat parliament. If confirmed, it would be the first time a government in the oil-rich Scandinavian country has survived an election in 16 years. [it's been confirmed already! yay!]
A total of 85 seats are needed for an absolute majority. The centre-right opposition parties were expected to win 83 seats. Final results are expected later on Tuesday.

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this was my first time voting in an election in Norway, and I'm so glad the Labour party won! I really feel like my vote counted, seeing how close of a call it was.

also, if anyone comes across any articles regarding the election results, from a conservative American source, please share the link! I'm curious to see some reactions to us re-electing our socialist government. maybe fox will try to predict when we're going to start holding death panels!
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

Jimmy Carter on Racism

Former President Jimmy Carter said in an interview Tuesday that Congressman Joe Wilson's "you lie" outburst to President Obama was "based on racism" and that many of the critiques leveled against the president have been made because of his black heritage.
"I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man," Carter said in an sit-down with NBC's Brian Williams.
Carter specifically said that Wilson's comment was "dastardly" and part of an "inherent feeling" held by many Americans -- particularly Southerners -- that African-Americans "are not qualified to lead this great country."
"It's an abominable circumstances and grieves me and concerns me very deeply," Carter said.


This reminds just how awesome Carter is. I'm glad the mainstream media is giving the racist undertones of some of the Right legit coverage (Keith and Rachel both talked about it tonight).


Forget Flip Flopping, Tim Pawlenty is Now Running Away...

GOP urges amendment while Pawlenty retreats
Republican state legislators seek a potential constitutional showdown over he federal health care overhaul, but Gov. Tim Pawlenty is backing away.

Even as three Republican state legislators are pushing for a potential constitutional showdown to sidestep a federal health care overhaul, Gov. Tim Pawlenty is backing off from such a move.

Reps. Tom Emmer of Delano, Mark Buesgens of Jordan and Peggy Scott of Andover held a news conference at the State Capitol Monday to announce a proposed state constitutional amendment that would guarantee Minnesotans the right to choose private health care plans.

There is no law in place that forces Minnesotans to go on publicly assisted health care.

Such an amendment, which would have to be approved by voters, would "protect health care freedom of choice," Emmer said.

The bill also would prohibit fines for those who decline to participate in government health care mandates.

For Emmer, who's running for governor, it's a rerun of a proposal he has made previously, invoking states' rights under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States."

Invoking state sovereignty was also raised by Pawlenty last week as he roundly criticized President Obama's health care plans. At one point, Pawlenty suggested that a lawsuit could be the best recourse. He has since backed off that position, saying on ABC News' "This Week" that "I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a legal issue."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Rockefeller to Baucus: Your plan Sucks...

Sen. Jay Rockefeller Dumps on Baucus' Bill and No Snowe Yet

Following up on his This Week appearance where he promised to fight on for the public option, Sen. Jay Rockefeller blasted the draft bill produced by Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus: “there is no way in its present form that I vote for it unless it changes in the amendment process by vast amounts.”

He’s not alone. Fellow Finance Committee member Ron Wyden is livid too. Expect a rocky mark-up next week. As one top Democrat told me, the fundamental problem is that Democrats “are being asked to support a bipartisan bill that doesn’t have bipartisan support.” The compromise without the cover.

Meanwhile, Republican Olympia Snowe's office just told me that the Senator is not ready to sign on to the Baucus draft.
He will introduce it tomorrow without her support. But Snowe intends to keep negotiating and working with Baucus through the mark-up next week.

Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled a special caucus on Thursday for Democrats to discuss the Baucus bill. Should be lively.

Guyz! Obama's Communist Regulations Will Create "Debt Panels"!!! Someone Think of The Rich Guyz!!

Business Groups Step Up Campaign To Block Obama's Consumer Agency

A new federal consumer protection agency is emerging as the centerpiece of the Obama administration's financial reforms, prompting banking companies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to step up their campaign to kill the idea.

In language reminiscent of the rancorous health care debate, bankers and mortgage lenders have gone to Capitol Hill to tell lawmakers the consumer proposal is a government take-over of the relationship between companies and their customers. The U.S. Chamber has launched a $2 million advertising campaign against the plan and is stoking opposition among local chambers around the country.

For example, since a conference call with U.S. Chamber officials about two weeks ago, Jason E. Ebey has been telling his business neighbors near Shreveport, La., to fight the Obama plan. "It's overreaching," said Ebey, who monitors government affairs for a 900-member chamber of commerce. Ebey said he had not read all of the proposed legislation but agreed with the U.S. Chamber that another level of federal regulation was nothing any business needed.

"We're not four years out of Katrina," Ebey said, "and we know how federal regulators can slow things down." The U.S. Chamber has reached out directly so far to a dozen local chambers, sent hundreds of thousands of e-mails to members across the country and has calculated that Congress has received some 22,000 letters in the past month from businesses that oppose the legislation.

President Obama underscored his support for the consumer agency in his speech Monday to Wall Street executives. "We've got to close the loopholes that were at the heart of the crisis," Obama said in his call for regulatory overhaul a year after the collapse of the investment firm Lehman Brothers. "Weaknesses in oversight engendered systematic, and systemic, abuse."

Under the administration's proposal, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency would consolidate regulatory power over mortgages and credit cards and other transactions that now are overseen by multiple agencies, including the Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Office of the Comptroller of Currency. The administration contends the new agency is needed to restrict confusing language in mortgages, to prohibit risky loans and to enforce new credit card regulations.

The Obama proposal is contained in a bill now in the House Financial Services Committee. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), the chairman, today announced another hearing, tentatively scheduled for Sept. 30.

Lenders argue the current protections would be strong enough if existing regulators enforced the power they already have. "The Fed could hire 10 to 15 more employees - but certainly not all the regulatory examiners needed for a whole new agency," said Scott Talbott, head lobbyist for the Financial Services Roundtable, which represents the largest financial companies involved in banking, insurance and investment services.
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And now, some much-needed, heart-warming fluff.

US President Barack Obama's daughters Sasha and Malia play with their dog Bo as they wait for the Marine One presidential helicopter to land on the South Lawn of the White House upon their father's return to the White House in Washington on September 15, 2009 following a trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania.
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ETA: Now with a brief video (hat tip to ccf_8002)!