September 25th, 2009

A post of anti-G20 Pittsburgh protest porn

Remember how FOX News enthusiastically supported and covered the tea bagger protests? Over, and over, and ... over, up to and through 9/12? Total support?

Welllll -- wasn't it cool how MSNBC did this for "our side" [well, my side, anyway]? The "left"? All the uncritically enthusiastic coverage the "liberal media" (MSNBC/CNN) gave the demonstrators at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on Thursday, September 24, 2009 the way FOX did for the teabaggers, including the ones who brought assault rifles to the meetings...?

Above: The calm, Xanax-like voice of Authority lulls the protesters into obedience. But they roll a huge dumpster down into the cops anyway. ;)

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"Civil government, so far as it is instituted for the security of property, is in reality instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor, or of those who have some property against those who have none at all."

--Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, 1776
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Obama will bypass Congress to detain suspects indefinitely

By John Byrne

President Barack Obama has quietly decided to bypass Congress and allow the indefinite detention of terrorist suspects without charges.

The move, which was controversial when the idea was first floated in The Washington Post in May, has sparked serious concern among civil liberties advocates. Such a decision allows the president to unilaterally hold "combatants" without habeas corpus -- a legal term literally meaning "you shall have the body" -- which forces prosecutors to charge a suspect with a crime to justify the suspect's detention.

Obama's decision was buried on page A 23 of The New York Times' New York edition on Thursday. It didn't appear on that page in the national edition. (Meanwhile, the front page was graced with the story, "Richest Russian's Newest Toy: An N.B.A. Team.")

Rather than seek approval from Congress to hold some 50 Guantanamo detainees indefinitely, the administration has decided that it has the authority to hold the prisoners under broad-ranging legislation passed in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001. Former President George W. Bush frequently invoked this legislation as the justification for controversial legal actions -- including the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program.

"The administration will continue to hold the detainees without bringing them to trial based on the power it says it has under the Congressional resolution passed after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, authorizing the president to use force against forces of Al Qaeda and the Taliban," the Times' Peter Baker writes. "In concluding that it does not need specific permission from Congress to hold detainees without charges, the Obama administration is adopting one of the arguments advanced by the Bush administration in years of debates about detention policies."

Constitutional scholar and columnist Glenn Greenwald discussed the policy in a column in May. He warned that the ability for a president to "preventively" detain suspects could mushroom into broader, potentially abusive activity.

"It does not merely allow the U.S. Government to imprison people alleged to have committed Terrorist acts yet who are unable to be convicted in a civilian court proceeding," Greenwald wrote. "That class is merely a subset, perhaps a small subset, of who the Government can detain. Far more significant, 'preventive detention' allows indefinite imprisonment not based on proven crimes or past violations of law, but of those deemed generally 'dangerous' by the Government for various reasons (such as, as Obama put it yesterday, they 'expressed their allegiance to Osama bin Laden' or 'otherwise made it clear that they want to kill Americans'). That's what 'preventive' means: imprisoning people because the Government claims they are likely to engage in violent acts in the future because they are alleged to be 'combatants.'"

"Once known, the details of the proposal could -- and likely will -- make this even more extreme by extending the 'preventive detention' power beyond a handful of Guantanamo detainees to anyone, anywhere in the world, alleged to be a 'combatant,'" Greenwald continues. "After all, once you accept the rationale on which this proposal is based -- namely, that the U.S. Government must, in order to keep us safe, preventively detain "dangerous" people even when they can't prove they violated any laws -- there's no coherent reason whatsoever to limit that power to people already at Guantanamo, as opposed to indefinitely imprisoning with no trials all allegedly 'dangerous' combatants, whether located in Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Western countries and even the U.S."

The Obama Administration appears to have embraced "preventive detention" in part because of problems with how Guantanamo prisoners' cases -- and incarceration -- were handled under President Bush. Military prosecutors have said that numerous cases could not be brought successfully in civilian courts because evidence was obtained in ways that wouldn't be admissible on US soil. The Bush Administration originally sought to try numerous detainees in military tribunals, but the Supreme Court ruled that at least some have the rights to challenge their detention in US courts.

Baker notes that Obama's decision to hold suspects without charges doesn't propose as broad an executive authority claimed by President Bush.

"Obama’s advisers are not embracing the more disputed Bush contention that the president has inherent power under the Constitution to detain terrorism suspects indefinitely regardless of Congress," Baker writes.

In a statement to Baker, the Justice Department said, “The administration would rely on authority already provided by Congress [and] is not currently seeking additional authorization.”

“The position conveyed by the Justice Department in the meeting last week broke no new ground and was entirely consistent with information previously provided by the Justice Department to the Senate Armed Services Committee,” the statement added.

Roughly 50 detainees of the more than 200 still held at the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are thought to be affected by the decision.

Attacks on Indians destroy Australia's image

This is so embarrassing to see happen in my country (but not in my State or city, at least...I tell myself).

And it's true to some extent it is exagerated as this articles notes, but even a little bit is way too much.

Like it or not, millions of Indians probably assume you're (Australians) a racist. If my recent conversations are any guide, the assaults on Indians in Melbourne and Sydney have left many on the subcontinent with deep suspicions about Australia.

The nationwide media coverage of the attacks has changed things for Australians such as me who live in India. Not long ago, cricket was the first thing most locals raised when I met them. Now it's racist bashings.

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UPDATE: Hate Crime Being Twisted as Vigilante "Justice"

Original post here: litical/4149719.html
First update here:

Today is the final day of court proceedings. 
David James Bell could go to prison tonight.
There are a few witnesses left to take the stand, closing statements, then jury deliberation.

The problem? 
The judge has not allowed any information regarding the assault on DJ Bell and his partner Dan Fair.  Judge Paul Maughan scolded DJ's defense attorney for attempting to paint him as a victim rather than a defendant. 

The attack on David and Dan IS relevant to this case!  DJ was badly beaten and not taken to the hospital.  Instead he was taken straight to jail where he was interviewed for only 20 minutes.  In the video of that interview Bell is obviously disoriented-- the attack IS RELEVANT.  The alleged kidnapping and the assault took place at the same time, they are intertwining events.  If you attempt to seperate them you lose important details.

Unfortunately the judge doesn't seem to see that...

More info

Now David James Bell has not even been allowed to testify in his own defense.  He took the stand yesterday but was pulled off before he had a chance to say anything.

This is so infuriating...

I will post a final update when the verdict is announced. 

Please send DJ and Dan your best wishes- they have been reading these posts so your comments are most welcome. 

Secure online donations can be made here, also check their website for updates, blogs, photos and more info:

Thank you...

Living in a slum: a boy's story ( this is from Zambia )

What is it like to be a child growing up in a slum in Zambian capital ?

Chibolya is one of the roughest parts of the Zambian capital, Lusaka.

Locals nickname it Baghdad because of the violence and drugs trade that flourishes there.

An estimated 30,000 people live there. One resident is 13-year-old Joseph Banda, who offered to show the BBC's Jo Fidgen around.

There is an audio portion and video. To the left on the page is are link withexcellent backround material.

Overhaul Divides Business and Its Traditional GOP Allies

Overhaul Divides Business and Its Traditional GOP Allies

Business is parting from its traditional allies in the Republican Party on health care as companies and big corporate lobbyists lend tentative support to a congressional overhaul that conservative lawmakers staunchly oppose.

The rift mirrors a similar divide on other issues, including immigration and climate change, where many companies have backed legislative action that Republican lawmakers oppose.

But the health-care debate, in particular, casts a spotlight on the split in the longstanding alliance between economic conservatives and the business community. Republican lawmakers are digging in to oppose the overhaul effort as a big-spending government intrusion. Many companies, on the other hand, cite soaring costs to explain why they continue to back the congressional work under way to revamp the health-care system, despite misgivings over a range of provisions.

"We are now at a crisis point," said Joe Olivo, who has struggled to keep up with rising health costs as the president of Perfect Printing Inc., a 40-employee printing company in Moorestown, N.J.

Mr. Olivo is apprehensive about many proposed Democratic fixes, above all the push to create a government-run insurance program. But he said he was also "disappointed that the Republicans don't seem to be at the table at all."

The business world this summer largely recoiled from legislation put forward in the House, which would mandate that employers provide employee coverage and would create a public insurance option.
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Another dictator rambles at the UN

President Robert Mugabe has accused the West of using "filthy clandestine divisive antics" to undermine Zimbabwe's power-sharing government.

He again called for sanctions to be lifted, saying they were "ruining the lives of our children". The sanctions prevent him and his closest allies from travelling and accessing their assets abroad.

Donors are wary of releasing aid money to the government, fearing they could be misused by Mr Mugabe or his allies. They also point to continued harassment of activists of the former opposition Movement for Democratic Change, even after the MDC joined the government. Long-time rivals Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC leader, and Mr Mugabe signed a power-sharing agreement a year ago, after a disputed election.

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Source with video

Senator Kyl thinks womens' parts don't come standard

Senator Kyl's Bridge to the 19th Century

Just before the Senate Finance Committee wrapped up for the long weekend, members debated one of Sen. Jon Kyl's (R-AZ) amendments, which would strike language defining which benefits employers are required to cover.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) argued that insurers must be required to cover basic maternity care. (In several states there are no such requirements.)

"I don't need maternity care," Kyl said. "So requiring that on my insurance policy is something that I don't need and will make the policy more expensive."

Stabenow interrupted: "I think your mom probably did."

The amendment was defeated, nine to 14.


Let's take coverage for your prostate problems out of your policy then, Senator!

It's been a while since I've seen such a clear case of assumption that what's male is normal and anything exclusively female is a deviation from the norm of humanity.

Psych prof explains the proper response to a flyer is a bullet

UNC Chancellor Shuts Down Right-Wing Youth Group

The chancellor of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has shut down the UNC chapter of the anti-immigrant group Youth for Western Civilization after its faculty adviser joked about his proficiency with a Colt .45 handgun.

The adviser, professor of psychology Elliot Cramer, was responding to an E-mail alerting him that fliers bearing his photograph and home address had been distributed on campus. The fliers were captioned, “Why is your professor supporting white supremacy?” They urged students and faculty members to pressure Cramer to withdraw his support of Youth for Western Civilization, a national organization with direct ties to hate groups and white nationalist websites.

“Thanks for your concern,” Cramer replied in a Sept. 19 E-mail that he copied to Chancellor Holden Thorp. “I have a Colt .45, and I know how to use it. I used to be able to hit a quarter at 50 feet seven times out of ten.”

Thorp ordered Cramer to step down as the group’s faculty the following day, effectively freezing the group’s activities. “This email is highly inappropriate,” the chancellor wrote to Cramer. “It is certainly not consistent with the civil discourse we are trying to promote.”

Cramer is the second YWC faculty adviser at UNC-CH to step down since the chapter formed early this year. In June, physics and astronomy professor Chris Clemens resigned, saying the group’s positions and rhetoric were too radical to promote constructive dialogue.

The UNC-CH chapter of YWC’s next scheduled event is a lecture by right-wing activist Bay Buchanan planned for October.

In April, anti-racist protesters forced the cancellation of an YWC-sponsored presentation by former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo on the UNC-CH campus. At other YWC-sponsored campus lectures this year, Tancredo staked out a nakedly white nationalist anti-immigration argument.

“Throughout history, people who are not white Anglo-Saxon have become American by adopting a white Anglo-Saxon culture,” Tancredo said in a February lecture at American University. “Today, this cult of multiculturality emphasizes our differences — things that pull us apart instead of bringing us together.” Tancredo further identified Latinos and Muslims as members of “problem” cultures.


See, they're not racist! They'll accept any POC willing to abandon any interesting customs, bow to the superiority of Dead White Male culture, attend a Christian church on Sundays, and eat boring white people food.
LOLitics | Nerdbama

Shenanigans Friday, Make-up Sex Edition: Sept. 18, 2009.

"Under LOLocracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule - and both commonly succeed, and are right."--H.L. LOLcken

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This Shenanigans Friday comes courtesy of lulz-fueled guilt/shame from that screw-up premature LOLitics post.
Once again, sawry. Make-up sexytiems, pls.♥

This is NOT good. ( I know times are tough Iceland but...)

Iceland plans big whalemeat trade

By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website

Hvalur's catcher boats pulled in 125 fin whales this year
The company behind Iceland's fin whaling industry is planning a huge export of whalemeat to Japan.

This summer, Hvalur hf caught 125 fins - a huge expansion on previous years.

The company's owner says he will export as much as 1,500 tonnes to Japan. This would substantially increase the amount of whalemeat in the Japanese market.

The export would be legal because these nations are exempt from the global ban on trading whalemeat, but conservation groups doubt its commercial viability.

Last year, Hvalur hf exported about 65 tonnes of whalemeat to Japan, a consignment that owner Kristjan Loftsson described as a "loss-leader".

But following this year's huge catch, he believes the next one can make money.

This is our best year yet - we're very happy about that

"We'll get a good price - we're intending to make a profit, that's for sure," he told BBC News.

Johanna Sigurdardottir you have disappointed me !

Hey, my nipple is bleeding......that must not be important, right?

Insurer Denies Woman’s Claim: She Should Have Known That Her Bleeding Breast Was Not An ‘Emergency’

One of the worst abuses of private insurance companies is the practice of using spurious reasons to deny claims. In April, Rosalinda Miran-Ramirez awoke and found her shirt soaked in blood. Realizing that her “her left breast [was] bleeding from the nipple,” she rushed to the emergency room.

Today, CBS-5 reports that this San Francisco Department of Public Health employee has had her claim denied because her insurance company, Blue Shield of California, didn’t consider her situation to be an “emergency.” Even though her doctor told her it was likely a tumor, Blue Shield said that Miran-Ramirez should have known it wasn’t:

But Miran-Ramirez said the real shock came when her insurance company, Blue Shield of California HMO, which had initially approved the claim for the emergency room visit, reversed course and sent her a new bill three months later requiring her to pay the total charges for that visit: $2,791.00.

Why? Documents from Blue Shield indicate the company had reviewed the case and determined Miran-Ramirez “reasonably should have known that an emergency did not exist.”

“I am like how can they say that it was not an emergency? Like, my breast was bleeding! I am not a clinical person but if your breast is bleeding, for me that’s an emergency,” she said. [...]

So she appealed. And she was denied again. This time Blue Shield told her she hadn’t been in “any acute distress.”

Watch CBS-5’s report:



The sad truth is Miran-Ramirez is certainly not alone in having her claim denied by a major health insurer. The California Nurses Association (CNA), a nurses’ union and health care advocacy group, recently released a comprehensive study of claims denials across California. The study found that the six largest insurers in California rejected 47.7 million claims in the first half of 2009, nearly 22 percent of all claims submitted. The CNA twice successfully lobbied the California legislature to pass legislation that would establish a single-payer universal health care system in the state, only to have it vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA).

Last week, in a congressional hearing titled “Between You and Your Doctor: the Bureaucracy of Private Health Insurance,” top insurance executives testified before Chairman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) that the insurance company practice of denials can be fatal for its customers.

Indeed, such a denial cost 17-year old Nataline Sarkisyan her life in 2007, when Cigna denied coverage for a liver transplant until it was too late. Her mother, Hilda Sarkisyan, came to D.C. earlier this year to lobby for a public health insurance plan that would stop such denials. She told the press, “Insurance companies cannot decide who’s going to live and who’s going to die.”

Following the CBS-5 investigation, Blue Shield agreed to pay for all charges for Miran-Ramirez’s emergency room visit.


So, I'm curious if a man was bleeding from his dick, is THAT an emergency?  I think we need a list of all of the things that aren't considered to be an emergency, because profuse bleeding is generally considered by most physicians to be BAD......right?


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Uninsured 22-Year-Old Boehner Constituent Dies From Swine Flu

A 22-year-old woman from Oxford, Ohio, died from swine flu on Wednesday. Kimberly Young graduated from Miami University in December and continued to live in Oxford, Ohio, within Minority Leader John Boehner’s congressional distrct. Reports now indicate that after initially getting sick, Young put off treatment because she was uninsured:

Young became ill about two weeks ago, but didn’t seek care initially because she didn’t have health insurance and was worried about the cost, according to Brent Mowery, her friend and former roommate. […]

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Young’s condition suddenly worsened and her roommate drove her to McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital in Oxford, where she was flown in critical condition to University Hospital in Cincinnati.

“That’s the most tragic part about it. If she had insurance, she would have gone to the doctor,” Mowery said.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 30 percent of 19-24 year olds are uninsured, more than any other group. Despite the conservative argument that young people are voluntarily refusing health coverage in favor of extra spending money, the reality is that high costs on the individual market put coverage out of reach. As Suzy Khimm notes at Campus Progress, young people “are far more likely to be working part-time or lower-paying jobs for employers who don’t offer coverage”:

In its 2008 study, the Commonwealth Fund found that 66 percent of young adults aged 19 to 29 who experienced a time without coverage in the past year said they had gone without it because of the cost. [...]

Young people might have a better chance of accessing comprehensive coverage if there were a public plan, which could lower the cost of insurance, particularly for those without good employer benefits. Young people may also have a better chance at coverage if there were generous subsidies for lower-income individuals, as many take lower-paying jobs when they first enter the workforce.

Even though Boehner represents a large university, he has been an outspoken opponent of a public option that would make insurance cheaper and more accessible to recent graduates like Young. On Meet the Press last week, the Minority Leader continued to stick to the obstructionist Frank Luntz-endorsed talking points, dismissing the public option as “big government” while defending a watered-down plan.

Update TPM writes, "Still, if Young's lack of insurance did contribute to her not seeking treatment sooner, it would be hard to find a starker or more compelling example of the need to fix our broken health insurance system. And the fact that she was a constituent of the man who's leading House Republicans' in their effort to block reform only underlines the point."


This kind of thing is exactly why we need a public insurance option. 

Seriously, what the fuck?

I'm sure by now most of you will have picked up Dr Kealey of Buckingham University's disgusting piece in the Times Higher Education supplement this week, in which he advises university lecturers to treat their female students as 'perks', and enjoy watching the little hussies 'flaunt their curves'. (KJB has a brilliant satire on the whole fiasco over at Get There Steppin'). Addressing his article to the only members of the academic profession who really count - straight, male ones - Kealey advises his chums to have fun flirting, because everyone knows that 'normal' young women are more interested in men than in their education:

"Normal girls – more interested in abs than in labs, more interested in pecs than specs, more interested in triceps than tripos[sic] – will abjure their lecturers for the company of their peers, but nonetheless, most male lecturers know that, most years, there will be a girl in class who flashes her admiration and who asks for advice on her essays. What to do?

"Enjoy her! She's a perk.

"She doesn't yet know that you are only Casaubon to her Dorothea, Howard Kirk to her Felicity Phee, and she will flaunt you her curves. Which you should admire daily to spice up your sex, nightly, with the in Stringfellows, you should look but not touch."

Kealey has expressed his irritation that women have failed to 'get' the article, which was intended to be humorous, or semiotically playful, or both, or something:

"Because transgressional sex is inappropriate, the piece uses inappropriate and transgressional language to underscore the point - a conventional literary device. At a couple of places, the piece confounds expectations, another conventional literary device, by employing the good ol’ boy language of middle aged male collusion."

Anyway, the T.H.E editor says that it's the humourless feminists are to blame for denying Dr Kealey (with, Laura Woodhouse points out, his 45 peer-reviewed papers, 35 scientific articles and two books) his right to free speech. Of course, feminists haven't called for Kealey to have his tongue cut out of his fatuous head or, indeed, even asked for a retraction, they've merely called him out on his pathetic sexist jerkery,but even so:

"If we cannot have freedom of speech and robust debate in the academy where can we have it?"

...yep, that would be the same 'academy' which is still cutting funding from women's studies courses all over the country. Clearly some speech is freer than others.

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Source: Penny Red

Burning down the house? IRS nixes tax deductions

UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio -- The battered house on Sherwin Road was put to good use before the fire department burned it to the ground.

SWAT teams barged through the front door in an exercise on dealing with domestic violence. Rescue crews scattered mannequins around the house and blew smoke through the halls to simulate a meth lab explosion. Firefighters set fires in one room after another and practiced putting them out. Then, in one last drill, they torched the whole place.

Five years later, though, a dispute still smolders over the homeowner's attempt to claim a $287,000 charitable tax deduction for donating the house to the fire department, which has burned down at least 32 such homes in Upper Arlington since 1988.

The Internal Revenue Service is trying to stop homeowners from claiming such deductions.

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Car ploughs into schoolchildren (that is the story title)

Eight children have been taken to hospital after a car ploughed into a group of nine-year-olds in Suffolk.

The 20-strong group were pupils from Worlingham Middle School taking part in a walk round the local area.

Two of the victims were airlifted to hospital from the crash scene near All Saints Church in Lowestoft Road.

Paramedics said some of the youngsters were "critically" injured. A 40-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

A police spokeswoman said the most seriously injured child had two broken legs.

A 21-year-old man, who was on his way to the funeral of a friend killed in a car accident, was also hurt.

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Source with video of the scene

GOP Agrees: Arizona's Capitol a Hell Hole...

Stressed-Out Arizona Governor Caught On Camera Calling State Capitol "Hell Hole" (VIDEO)

Phoenix, AZ -- Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) was caught on tape Wednesday evening at a Republican event in Tucson calling Arizona's capitol "a hell hole." This statement comes after months of rancorous budget battles that have pitted Brewer's office against both the leadership of her own party and the Democrats.

Nicknamed "the accidental governor," Brewer has had a rocky year since automatically ascended from Secretary of State to the State House when former Governor Janet Napolitano (D) left for Washington, DC to become the nation's Secretary of Homeland Security. At a time when state governments across the country were facing record budget crises, Brewer was dealt the largest per-capita state budget deficit in the nation at her swearing in.

Her "hell hole" quip also came within hours of a Public Policy Polling poll (pdf) that showed the likely 2010 Democratic candidate, Terry Goddard, has a higher approval rating - even among Republicans - than Brewer. Another poll had been released the day before by the Behavior Research Center that showed Brewer's approval rating had dropped from only 28 points in May to an even lower 22 points.

Brewer has become so unpopular, even within her own party, that even former Arizona Governor Fife Symington (R) has discussed running in against her in the 2010 primary.
Symington resigned from the Arizona governor's office in 1997 after being convicted of fraud.

In Tuscon Wednesday night, Brewer told the Pima County Republican Women that "it is a great relief, to say the least, to get out of that hell hole in Phoenix and be down here in Tucson."

Brewer's Communications Director went into crisis-management mode immediately, telling reporters that Brewer was referring to the "hellish budget hole" and not the capital city of Phoenix.

Glenn Beck's Terrible Inner Mind: The Horror...

Glenn Beck's Tweets -- Post-Modern Poetic Genius Or Apocalyptic Rantings Of A Madman: You Decide

In between crying, laughing, criticizing government spending, attacking czars, scribbling theories on chalkboards, going on comedy tours and more crying, Glenn Beck likes to tweet his innermost thoughts and random brainfarts.

Here are some of Beck's most compelling tweets, arranged in reverse chronology and in the form of an epic poem.

They're either an example of post-modern lyrical genius or the apocalyptic rantings of a madman (or both). You decide:

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Inhofe's New Theory of Why Global Warming is Not Real. "God is Our Weatherman. Relax"

Inhofe on why global warming isn’t real: ‘God’s still up there. We’re going through these cycles.’

On C-Span’s Washington Journal this week, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), the godfather of global warming deniers, said that he will travel to the climate change summit in Copenhagen this fall to present “another view.” “I think somebody has to be there — a one-man truth squad,” he said. Throughout the program, Inhofe went through his tattered global warming denier claims: that climate change is a “hoax,” that CO2 is not a pollutant, and — latching on to the latest false right-wing talking point — that clean energy legislation will cost American families $1,700 a year. At the end of the interview, Inhofe explained what guides his views:

CALLER: Yes, I agree with the Senator on what he says about the climate change. I believe that the world is just changing like it usually does. [...]

INHOFE: I think he’s right. I think what he’s saying is God’s still up there. We’re going through these cycles. … I really believe that a lot of people are in denial who want to hang their hat on the fact, that they believe is a fact, that man-made gases, anthropogenic gases, are causing global warming. The science really isn’t there.


OMG!!!! Moar Evidence That Obama is Indoctrinating Our Children!!! Someone Help US!!!

Flashback: Students Sang Bush's Praises Too (And For Katrina Response!)

Republicans have been in an uproar recently over video footage of children at a New Jersey elementary school singing the praises of President Barack Obama. The outrage has been fueled mainly by a constant drumbeat from conservative media. But on Friday it boiled over into the realm of political opportunism when the Republican National Committee sent out a fundraising appeal calling the episode an "indoctrination of our nations... children" and "fanaticism."

"Friend," RNC Chairman Michael Steele wrote, "this is the type of propaganda you would see in Stalin's Russia or Kim Jong Il's North Korea. I never thought the day would come when I'd see it here in America."

Alas, such "propaganda" has not been limited to despots, dictators and the Obama White House. As a savvy source points out, back in 2006 children from Gulf Coast states serenaded First Lady Laura Bush with a song praising the President, Congress, and Federal Emergency Management Agency for their response to -- of all things -- Hurricane Katrina. The lyrics were as follow:
Our country's stood beside us People have sent us aid. Katrina could not stop us, our hopes will never fade. Congress, Bush and FEMA People across our land Together have come to rebuild us and we join them hand-in-hand!
The event took place at that year's White House Easter Egg Roll and included roughly 100 children from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. President Bush, it seems, wasn't in attendance during the song itself. But he was there earlier, when the First Lady read the book, Will You Be My Friend: A Bunny and Bird Story by Nancy Tafuri, to the children.

"After the reading," the Wall Street Journal reported at the time, "Mr. Bush asked, 'Did you like this book? Does it tell you about what people can do to help other people, what bird did to help bunny? Be kind to him and give him shelter.'"

The weather that day was described as a "chilly rain" which must have seemed appropriate given the fact that the Gulf Coast children were actually thanking the administration for its feeble response to the hurricane.


Investigation Continues on The Death of Census Worker.

Bill Sparkman Found Naked, Gagged And Bound

A part-time census worker found hanging in a rural Kentucky cemetery was naked, gagged and had his hands and feet bound with duct tape, said an Ohio man who discovered the body two weeks ago.

The word "fed" was written in felt-tip pen on 51-year-old Bill Sparkman's chest, but authorities have released very few other details in the case, such as whether they think it was an accident, suicide or homicide.

Jerry Weaver of Fairfield, Ohio, told The Associated Press on Friday that he was certain from the gruesome scene that someone killed Sparkman.

"He was murdered," Weaver said. "There's no doubt."

Weaver said he was in the rural Kentucky county for a family reunion and was visiting some family graves at the cemetery on Sept. 12 along with his wife and daughter when they saw the body.

"The only thing he had on was a pair of socks," Weaver said. "And they had duct-taped his hands, his wrists. He had duct tape over his eyes, and they gagged him with a red rag or something."

Two people briefed on the investigation said various details of Weaver's account matched the details of the crime scene, though both people said they were not informed who found the body. The two spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case.

"And they even had duct tape around his neck," Weaver said. "And they had like his identification tag on his neck. They had it duct-taped to the side of his neck, on the right side, almost on his right shoulder."

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