November 10th, 2009


New Verizon ad pushes Droid's manly side

Early on Monday, we learned that the new Verizon Droid does, indeed, swap "semi-functional, giggling-brat-vanity for a bare knuckle bucket of does."

Now, we have the visual evidence. It's evidence a defense attorney would rather enjoy.

The Droid is, apparently, not a smartphone at all. It is a robotphone, according to Verizon's latest TV ad. Yes, it punches its way through steel walls and crushes rocks. Which, I believe, is known in English classes as poetry.

The lyrical content is only heightened when the giggling-brat-vanity words are uttered by an announcer who sounds like he had a previous career as an enforcer with one of the Gambino bambinos.

As the contempt drips from his lips, we see various iPhone-like devices all blinged out in pinks and purples and sequins. They look like purses.

And the subtext, which is about as covert as a right cross from an inebriated wedding crasher, is that the Droid is for boys and the iPhone is for fans of "Project Runway" and "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

Yes, your Droid is your Mixed Martial Arts-lovin', bone-crushin' robot that's going to turn you into a man. And that's what all boys want, right?

Manly Sauce

Women don't use smartphones! They are too difficult and manly for women to need or operate. My interest in phones is lost if I don't have at LEAST a five dozen swarovski crystals all over it and a screen that doubles as a mirror. As long as it has a mirror, we ladies are good Y/Y?

I really want this Droid, but its penis is too powerful for me to handle :(

Jumped the gun on this xD; I'd just finished an argument with a sexist idiot when I saw this, plus sexist advertising in tech related products are so common that I suppose I've become oversensitive to it. Feeling a bit embarrassed now. Ah, well.
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Blizzard's Call of Duty Endowment

Game developer's newest 'call of duty': Help vets find jobs

A video game company is donating $1 million on Tuesday to set up a foundation to help veterans find employment, organizers announced.

Activision Blizzard, which produces the popular Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk franchises, said its Call of Duty Endowment (CODE) will support other groups that assist veterans with their careers.

Unemployment may have hit double digits in the nation last week, but for veterans, finding a job has always had its challenges. The unemployment rate among people who served in the military since 2001 was 11.6 percent in October, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Other government and private studies show that the percentage of unemployed veterans has been historically higher than the percentage among civilians. Eighteen percent of veterans who left the military in the past one to three years were unemployed, according to a 2008 Department of Veterans Affairs employment survey.

Of those veterans who had found work, 25 earned less than $21,840 per year, the VA study said. Fifty-eight percent of recent veterans worked in the private sector and 36 percent had government jobs, according to the study.

"The joblessness rate that [veterans] should have should be far less than the national average, not more," said Activision Blizzard chief executive Bobby Kotick. "How do you expect people to actually join the military if when they leave the military they can't integrate back into the free market they're supposed to be protecting?"

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News of the World 'phone hacking' dismissed

This is a follow up to this post. If you haven't been following the story I strongly suggest reading it as a primer to understand how utterly fucked this decision is.

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger tells Channel 4 News "This is a very dangerous day for the press" as the PCC dismisses phone tap allegations against the News of the World.</p>

After reviewing the evidence, the PCC has said that despite the claims, there were no signs of tapping by journalists at the News of the World.

The Guardian sparked a political storm in July after claiming that News Group Newspapers, which publishes the News of the World, had paid out to victims of alleged phone hacking.

The PCC report concluded: "Despite the manner in which the Guardian's allegations were treated in some quarters - as if they related to current or recent activity - there is no evidence that the practice of phone message tapping is ongoing.

"The Commission is satisfied that - so far as it is possible to tell - its work aimed at improving the integrity of undercover journalism has played its part in raising standards in this area."

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source (if the video embed doesn't work just go to the link to watch the interview).

It should be noted that the chairman of the PCC's Editors’ Code of Practice Committee is also the editor of the Daily Mail in the UK. Just to give you a small insight into how COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS the commission is in regulating the industry.

slaughtering animals

I think I must have lived under a rock for ever, I had no idea that some halal and kosher meat involved this type of slaughter.

Ministers allow ritual slaughter

THE religious ritual slaughter of conscious animals will be allowed to continue at some Australian abattoirs, after a decision by federal and state agriculture ministers.

The move has angered animal welfare groups, which have waited two years for a review ordered by the previous federal government into the practice of ritually slaughtering animals by cutting their throats while they are still conscious for some halal and kosher exports to the Middle East.

RSPCA Australia said it was an ''unconscionable decision'' for a government that said it was committed to animal welfare. ''No animal should have to feel the pain of having its throat cut while fully conscious - it is simply cruel and inhumane,'' said the RSPCA's scientific officer, Melina Tensen.

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Oh no she didn't...

Scozzafava: 'My Name's A Verb Now', 'We're Going To Work Against' Far-Right Republicans

In a Washington Post profile of the erstwhile Republican candidate for New York's 23rd district, Dede Scozzafava marveled at her new fame -- and warned her party against pushing out the moderates.

"My name's a verb now," she told the Post. Indeed, the nearly unpronounceable "scozzafavaed" made its way into the user-generated Urban Dictionary after she withdrew from the election amid sinking poll numbers and a nationally-supported conservative candidate.

She also issued a warning to the Republican party.
"There is a lot of us who consider ourselves Republicans, of the Party of Lincoln," she said, her face now flush. "If they don't want us with them, we're going to work against them."
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Czech troops in Nazi symbols row

-Three Czech soldiers who served as part of the Nato force in Afghanistan have been suspended for wearing Nazi symbols, Czech defence officials say.

Two are said to have adorned their helmets with symbols of SS divisions while serving in eastern Afghanistan.

Czech Defence Minister Martin Bartak said their behaviour was "unacceptable" and suspended them immediately.

The soldiers' commanding officer was also suspended pending further investigation, defence officials said.

"There is no place in the army for people who think this way," said Mr Bartak after the episode was revealed by a daily newspaper.

Attempted cover-up?

Lieutenant Jan Cermak, a rapid reaction force commander in Logar province, adorned his helmet with the insignia of the SS Dirlewanger brigade, it was reported on Monday.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Hynek Matonoha drew the letter "H" crossed by a sword - signifying the SS Hohenstaufen panzer division - on the side of his helmet, the Mlada Fronta Dnes daily newspaper reported.

The emblems were reported to Colonel Petr Prochazka, the soldiers' commander, who tried to cover up the episode to protect his men, the newspaper reported a fellow soldier as saying.
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Claims of sex abuse by women grow

A huge rise in the number of children calling to report sexual abuse by women has been revealed by Childline.

Over the past five years, the charity says the number of such calls has risen five times faster than youngsters reporting abuse by a man.

Of 16,094 children who called Childline about sex abuse last year, 2,142 told of abuse by a woman, up 132% on 2004-5.

Men still account for the majority of child abuse claims, but the NSPCC said female sex abuse was under-reported.

This is because there is a reluctance or unwillingness on the part of professionals to acknowledge or identify sexual abuse by females, the charity suggested.

The research follows the recent high-profile case of nursery worker Vanessa George, who abused children in her care. She was a member of an internet paedophile ring which included another woman.

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van gogh

Virginia set to execute 'Beltway sniper'

Virginia set to execute 'Beltway sniper'
By Jeanne Meserve and Mike M. Ahlers, CNN
November 10, 2009 7:30 a.m. EST

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind of the 2002 sniper attacks that terrorized the suburbs of the nation's capital, is scheduled to die by lethal injection Tuesday evening at a state prison near Jarratt, Virginia.

Muhammad continued to profess his innocence during two lengthy trials -- including one featuring testimony from young accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo -- and in several years of legal appeals.

He repeated his assertion that he was an innocent victim of racial bias in a letter to the federal court released last week by his attorneys. Muhammad charged that police and prosecutors "lied to the American people" about his case and withheld evidence that could clear him.

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I was a freshman in high school living in central Virginia when this happened. My mom and sister were stuck on highway coming back from King's Dominion when the shooting at the Ponderosa steakhouse occurred, and they were stuck in traffic for hours.

Also, the article is kind of long but a fairly interesting read. Bolded for the teal deer crowd but ... I think the whole thing is worthwhile.
Aubrey Beardsley

My mom e-mailed me this today, and I thought it was relevant.

Roger Ebert: Sign the Social Contract

It has been argued that universal health care is an offense against individual liberty. I've been told by readers that they'll deal with their own health care, thank you very much, and have no interest in government interference. At root this is a libertarian argument; conservatives are more likely to oppose it on the grounds that it undermines the free enterprise system. They warn of a Nanny State.

But what, I ask libertarians, about your families? Your children? What if the day comes that you lose your job-based health insurance and can't afford your own? What if you're denied coverage? That's their business, they tell me. I should butt out.Collapse )


gee, thanks Dad...

King passes up son's nuptials to vote against health care bill

By BRET HAYWORTH, Courier Lee News Service | Posted: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 8:30 am | (7) Comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- When it came down to a choice between attending his son's wedding and staying in Washington to vote against health care reform Saturday, Steve King knew what he had to do.

He skipped the wedding.

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Are. You. Kidding? What a douche.
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Small dress, even smaller minds...

Brazilian University Backs Down Over Mini-Dress Expulsion

SAO PAULO — A Brazilian woman whose short, pink dress caused a near riot at a private college led to her expulsion and transformed her into an Internet sensation now has permission to return to class.

Bandeirante University backed down Monday on its decision to expel 20-year-old Geisy Arruda following a flood of negative reaction in a nation where skimpy attire is common. Videos of students ridiculing her and making catcalls Oct. 22 turned up on the Web and drew attention to the event around the world.

Just hours after the Brazilian government demanded an explanation from the university, its dean released a statement saying he was reversing the school's decision to expel Arruda.

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It's been fun having those bullies mocked all across the nation and debating tolerance and sexism at universities, but having your uni famous for that has gotta suck (then again, if that was even possible this university is probably lame anyway). Also, lmao at articles having to make a point to tell readers that students don't wear revealing clothes for class in Brazil.
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Columbia Professor Punches Woman In "White Privilege" Brawl

Police arrested a Columbia University architecture professor suspected of punching a female colleague in the face in a racially charged bar brawl on Friday. Professor Lionel McIntyre, 59, allegedly struck Camille Davis, a production manager in Columbia's theater department, after arguing with her and another man about "white privilege" in Toast on Broadway and 125th Street.

According to the New York Post, at around 10:30 pm, McIntyre, who is black, shoved Davis, who is white. When a bar employee tried to separate the two, the architecture professor punched Davis in the face. "The punch was so loud, the kitchen workers in the back heard it over all the noise," bar back Richie Velez, 28, said. "I was on my way over when he punched Camille and she fell on top of me."

When another bar patron, who is white, scolded McIntyre for punching a woman, the professor took a swing at him as well, the tabloid reports. "He knocked the glasses right off my face," said the man, identified by only his first name, Shannon. "The punch came out of nowhere. Mac was talking to us about white privilege and what I was doing about it — apparently I wasn't doing enough."

According to police reports obtained by the Columbia Spectator, Davis suffered "bruising and redness in the right eye.” The Post reports that McIntyre — who once served as co-liaison for an organization called the "People to People Friendship Delegation" — and the victim had argued about race in the past. McIntyre was released without bail at his arraignment last night and told the paper: "It was a very unfortunate event. I didn't mean for it to explode the way it did."

Akuma River

Fort Hood Memorial

President Barack Obama has flown to Texas to lead a memorial service at Fort Hood Army base for the people killed in last week's shooting rampage and to console their relatives and loved ones.

Accompanying Obama to Texas on Air Force One, spokesman Robert Gibbs said the president will talk briefly about each of the 13 who fell under a gunman's siege last Thursday. The spokesman said Obama also plans to praise "the dedication of the armed forces" and say just how much people all over the country were touched by acts of heroism and professionalism under incredible stress.

Gibbs called the ceremony "a very solemn event" and said Obama is proud to take part in "honoring these men and women so close to Veterans Day."

HuffPo: Fort Hood Memorial (VIDEO): WATCH LIVE


Live Stream from Fox in Austin

Obama Ft. Hood Speech: FULL TEXT Of Memorial Remarks


Do Young Men Need A New Kind Of Masculinity?

Courtney Martin writes in the American Prospect about groups of young men who are trying to shake off the homophobic, misogynistic, Tucker-Max-inflected aspects of modern masculinity. The problem is: what's left?

In a way, Martin's article is optimistic — she writes about young men getting together not to slam feminists or domestic violence victims, but rather to "share strategies for getting college men involved in gender-based activism" and say "no to toxic masculinity." But what does nontoxic masculinity look like? For young, feminist men — and yes, there are some — this is a difficult question. Martin writes that "we've certainly got plenty of pictures of men who are stubbornly clinging to the old paradigm of maleness," but relatively few examples of any new paradigm (the closest, she says, is Stephen Colbert). As a result, Martin explains,

Many young men, it seems, are stuck in stage one of gender consciousness. They want to prove that they are one of the "good ones" and separate themselves from all the gendered behaviors and beliefs that they now see as oppressive. That, or they wallow in guilt. (This is not unlike the stage many white kids get stuck in upon fully realizing their role in perpetuating racism.) At worst, this point of view is paralyzing. At best, it leads to burnout.

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Source was too busy fawning over Stephen's beard-o to comment.

Melanie Phillips explains Gramsci

Sometimes a particular combination of headline and author catches your eye and you just know where the article is going to go. So I must admit a certain sense of keen anticipation when I spotted the words ‘We were fools to think the fall of the Berlin Wall had killed off the far Left. They’re back – and attacking us from within’ in conjunction with the name ‘Melanie Phillips’.

At first reading, the piece appeared to be a corker, right down to the stab at summarising Gramsci for a Daily Mail audience. Sure, I know that idea sounds counterintuitive, in a ‘Richard Littlejohn outlines his debt to the theology of Reinhold Niebuhr’ or ‘Seumas Milne ponders the downsides of Serbian nationalism’ kind of way, but to my mind that just made it all the better.

So imagine my disappointment, dear reader, when a quick Google revealed that both the underlying thesis – not to mention chunks of text – are simply rehashed from a 2007 piece authored by Linda Kimball on the US far right fringe website American Thinker. It transpires that Ms Phillips may not have read Prison Notebooks after all, and really should cut Kimball in for at least 50% of the presumably not ungenerous fee she got for the feature.

But in District Line terms, the argument advanced by these two women is totally Dagenham, as psychiatrists dub patients who are clearly three stops beyond Barking. If Kimball and Phillips are to be believed, me and my mates are running the world. Yep, the liberal left has only been pretending to be on the back foot for the last three decades, the better to gull the masses.
Thankfully, our heroines have twigged that we have secretly ditched class struggle at the point of production, only to resume it at the level of ideology. Moreover, the tactic has worked brilliantly, and we have virtually succeeded in installing the dictatorship of the politically correctariat.

Our basic problem is that we are ‘hostile towards western civilisation’ and thus seeking to bring it down. We just can’t help hating freedom, thanks to our ‘totalitarian mindset that replicates the way communist societies clamped down on any other than permitted views’. This is tantamount to reconstituted ‘communist ideology’ that is actually worse than full on Stalinism, being ‘even more deadly’ as an ‘active enemy of western freedom.’

Got that, folks? Forget the Red Terror, forced collectivisation, the Great Purge, Hungary 1956, the Cultural Revolution, the suppression of the Prague Spring, and Cambodia in the Year Zero. Political correctness is ‘even more deadly’.

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Source: Liberal Conspiracy



N.Y. Senate Delays Gay Marriage Vote

The fate of same-sex marriage collided with a dysfunctional political process in Albany on Tuesday as the State Senate delayed a vote on a bill that would make it legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry in New York, putting the issue off indefinitely.

Though Gov. David A. Paterson put the bill on the agenda for an emergency session that convened Tuesday and gay rights advocates had been aggressively lobbying for an immediate vote, the legislation’s prospects have grown more complex in recent days. Supporters have had difficulty securing the 32 votes they need for approval in the Senate, and a dispute between Mr. Paterson and legislative leaders over how to close a budget deficit that now exceeds $3 billion has held up votes on major legislation.

It remained unclear when — or if — the Senate would take up the marriage bill. Wednesday is Veterans Day, a holiday, and legislators were heading back to their districts late Tuesday. Mr. Paterson said he was hopeful an agreement could be reached on cutting the deficit by Monday, meaning that the Legislature could return to Albany early next week to vote on both the budget and the marriage bill.

“Hopefully next week we clear this up,” Mr. Paterson said.

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Body language

Excerpt from Carrie Prejean's "Still Standing"

In her memoir, “Still Standing,” the former Miss California recounts her infamous response about gay marriage at the 2009 Miss USA competition. An excerpt.

My moment of truth
“Next, let’s have California, Carrie Prejean.” I looked directly at Billy Bush, Access Hollywood star and host of the Miss USA 2009 pageant. I strode over to the center of the stage, trying to display ease and confidence.

Beneath the smile, however, my stomach churned with anxiety. When you’re on stage like that, though the bright lights blur out the crowd, you’re in a proverbial fish bowl: all eyes are on you. The lights make you want to squint, but you try to smile and walk across the stage naturally, even though you’ve practiced this same walk ten thousand times before.

This was my last test. We were down to five semi-finalists. One of us would be crowned Miss USA. Answering any question before a world audience of seven million people is going to be hard; mine would be a lot harder than I could have imagined.

I stepped forward and reached into a glass bowl and removed the folded card that would reveal the identity of my questioner. It was Judge Number Eight — Perez Hilton, self-styled celebrity blogger and professional gossip.

“Are we worried?” asked the co-host, actress Nadine Velazquez. “You should be,” a deep voice said into a microphone. I turned to face Perez Hilton, a jowly, boyish-looking man with blond highlights in his hair. It was his deep voice that had given me this warning — no doubt half in jest, but half menacingly too.

He asked his question: “Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?”

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Discharged under 'don't ask, don't tell'

Darren Manzella saw two tours of duty in Iraq, first as a combat medic and later as a liaison officer. He earned three promotions in his six years as a U.S. Army sergeant.

Despite his professional success, Manzella says he began to question his personal life.

"After returning from my first deployment in Iraq, after seeing death and violence, losing friends and comrades, it really made me look over my life," he said. "I looked at some issues I had always had trouble with. I had debated, 'Am I gay?' "

As he struggled with his sexual identity, Manzella began a relationship with a man. Soon after, while in Texas between tours, Manzella said he began receiving anonymous, harassing e-mails and telephone calls.

"They told me, 'You are stupid, the Army is going to kick you out, but before they do, they are going to take your rank away and all your money away.' "

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"Glenn Beck Becomes Publishing Legend With Creepy Children's Book"

Glenn Beck Becomes Publishing Legend With Creepy Children's Book (NWS)

Erin Carlson | Nov. 9, 2009, 4:16 PM

File this under Things That Might Severely Traumatize Your Children: Glenn Beck has authored a holiday tome for kiddies entitled "The Christmas Sweater," and according to publisher Simon & Schuster, it will debut at No. 1 on the New York Time's children's picture book bestseller list.

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Source @ Business Insider

thx for wasting my tax dollars, guys

Pfizer pulling out of New London, eminent domain property an empty lot

What you are looking at to the right is a monument to government folly.

It is the vacant lot where the home of Susette Kelo once stood.

A decade ago, the town of New London, Connecticut claimed Kelo's house by right of eminent domain. The plan was to demolish the residential neighborhood so that Pfizer could built a massive research and development plant on the adjacent land. Pfizer got the land for next to nothing. Five Supreme Court justices upheld the taking, ruling that although the primary beneficiary was a corporation, it met the constitutional requirement of "public use."

Now Pfizer has announced that it is shutting down the plant.

The Hartford Courant reports:

Pfizer Inc. will shut down its massive New London research and development headquarters and transfer most of the 1,400 people working there to Groton, the pharmaceutical giant said Monday....

Pfizer is now deciding what to do with its giant New London offices, and will consider selling it, leasing it and other options, a company spokeswoman said.

Scott Bullock, Kelo's co-counsel in the case, told the Examiner's Tim Carney: "This shows the folly of these redevelopment projects that use massive taxpayer subsidies and other forms of corporate welfare and abuse eminent domain."

Here's how the Associated Press describes the vacant lot:

Weeds, glass, bricks, pieces of pipe and shingle splinters have replaced the knot of aging homes at the site of the nation's most notorious eminent domain project.

There are a few signs of life: Feral cats glare at visitors from a miniature jungle of Queen Anne's lace, thistle and goldenrod. Gulls swoop between the lot's towering trees and the adjacent sewage treatment plant.

The promised 3,169 new jobs and $1.2 million a year in tax revenues vanished when the housing bubble popped and brought on the recession.

why am I not surprised? There was once a thriving neighborhood in that area.. now it's a dump.

Source : Business Insider but it's been ALL OVER the place

Kiwis slap 'vacant' sign on Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's lawyers are preparing to move against the New Zealand firm who thought it would be a bit of wheeze to advertise empty billboard space in Auckland by sticking up a fetching snap of El Reg's fave celebutard with the slogan "Vacant".

According to the Sunday Star Times, the outrage (pic here) is the work of Media5, which has around 70 billboard sites in Wellington and Auckland. The company's Adam McGregor insisted it was merely "a bit of fun", and explained: "We wanted to draw some attention to some of our unsold display as we expanded, so we briefed a friend who runs his own boutique agency to work up a range of creative concepts.

"We liked the ones he came up with using high-profile public figures the best because they were fun."

He continued: "We were thinking about using Winston Peters, but Paris is much prettier and she has a proven ability to laugh at herself. We assume that the agency has taken care of the rights to the image of Paris, but we will ask the question."

To answer McGregor's question, Hilton's manager Jamie Freed said Media5 "had no permission to use Hilton's image, and they could expect to hear from Hilton's lawyers".

If that does happen, then McGregor said he'd "probably" pull the campaign. He concluded: "We're not trying to offend anyone." ®

Source: The Register
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The View Pwns Carrie Prejean

Sherri's face in the still pretty much sums up the tone of the entire interview.

Carrie Prejean appears on The View to plug her book. Carrie has a serious case of the crazy eyes. Joy, Whoopi, Barbara, and Sherri are unleashed. View ladies ask if she thinks she's a huge hypocrite. Carrie answers ~tough questions~ with "BAWWWW OPPRESSION!!!" Elisabeth barely speaks.


Is it just me or does she have major crazy eyes??? I've seen enough Intervention to know buggy meth eyes when I see 'em! /sarcasm... kind of.
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Stay classy there, Papa Bear!

Bill O'Reilly: 'We Can't Kill All The Muslims... So We Wanna Win As Many Hearts And Minds As We Can'

Bill O'Reilly believes that the US effort to win the popular support of Muslims around the world is based on the notion that the US cannot kill every single Muslim. There are roughly 1.3-1.5 billion followers of Islam worldwide.

O'Reilly brought this up during a discussion Tuesday evening about alleged Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hasan. The Fox News host was discussing the alleged attack with novelist and retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters who was "outraged" that Obama did not refer to the attack as terrorism during his speech at Tuesday's memorial service.

Source is filled with RAGE RAGE RAGE
van gogh

Sniper John Allen Muhammad executed

Sniper John Allen Muhammad executed
By Jeanne Meserve and Mike M. Ahlers, CNN
November 10, 2009 9:37 p.m. EST

Jarratt, Virginia (CNN) -- Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad was executed Tuesday by lethal injection, a Virginia prisons spokesman said.

He was declared dead at 9:11 p.m., said Larry Traylor, director of communications for the Virginia Department of Corrections.

"There were no complications; Mr. Mohammad was asked if he wished to make a last statement," he told reporters. "He did not acknowledge this or make a last statement whatsoever."

Mohammad, 48, said nothing from the time he entered the death chamber accompanied by guards, Traylor said.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine denied a last-minute clemency request Tuesday for Muhammad, the mastermind behind the Washington-area sniper attacks of 2002 that terrorized the nation's capital.

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I feel morbid because I did the other post discussing his execution, and now he's actually, you know, dead. I don't know how I feel about this, really. I don't know how I feel about the death penalty in general, much less how I feel about him being executed so rapidly (it feels like it was rapid anyway, compared to other cases with appeals and what not).