November 13th, 2009

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Modern Warfare 2 on Fox & Friends

Modern Warfare 2 on Fox & Friends

As GamePolitics alerted you to late Tuesday, yesterday’s Fox & Friends morning show aired a segment covering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The short segment was introduced by host Steve Doocy, who began, “A popular new videogame actually allows you (points at camera) to be a terrorist and kill people.” He asked, “Is this fantasy game just a little too real and is it appropriate?” before kicking off a “fair and balanced” debate on the subject with Jim Steyer of Common Sense Media and John Christensen from

Steyer was concerned about the age of the person playing the game, while a flummoxed Christensen attempted to explain the context of the scene in question.

Doocy followed up with the question, “Is it ever appropriate to simulate killing people?”

Steyer replied, “We live in a world of free speech so you can create these games. The issue for violent videogames is there’s no question that there is a correlation between videogame violence and screen violence and aggression in real life. The American Academy of Pediatrics just came out with a statement about that. The violence is the issue… you need to use common sense in terms of using games like this.”

GP: Of course, other researchers have refuted a suggested link between violent games and aggression. Overall, a less than engaging debate. What do you think?


Man, did the guy defending CoD:MW2 do a terrible job. It seems like it was the only guy Fox could get, though--I don't blame anyone for not wanting to go on there. And it was apparently 3:30 AM his time and they asked him that day to come on, so yeah.

And info about the controversial scene is here--basically, you're playing a CIA agent who has infiltrated a Russian terrorist cell, and they're attacking an airport and are shooting up civilians. You're in there as well, actually playing during this scene. The German version of the game will punish you and make you start over if you shoot a civilian, but I don't know about the North American version, and you have the option to skip potentially disturbing scenes.

And for the record, the game is rated M, meaning you can only buy it if you're over 17, so where Fox is getting "eight year olds can play it!" line from is mindboggling.

Feel good Friday

Dogs and Returning vets. What more do you need. Prepare your hankies.
The Late Movies: Dogs Welcoming Home SoldiersJason English - November 10, 2009 - 9:20 PM

I can’t begin to imagine how hard it would be to leave my family for months at a time, especially if my destination were Iraq or Afghanistan. And I don’t know how I could deal with my wife being deployed overseas. These reunion videos—for me, at least—shed a tiny beam of light on how emotionally draining being a military family can be. They’ll also make you want a dog. To commemorate Veterans Day, here are some overjoyed dogs greeting returning soldiers.

More at the link
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Obama's world record

It sounds tailor-made for a GOP ad:

Unemployment hits 9.4 percent. President Obama flies to France.

Joblessness reaches 9.7 percent. Obama jets off to Denmark.

The rate of those out of work soars to 10.2 percent. Obama packs his bags for Japan, Singapore, China and South Korea.

Faced with the worst domestic economy in decades, the president has responded -- by setting a record for foreign travel. An Asian swing that began Thursday will bring his total this year to 20 countries in eight trips, according to CBS News's Mark Knoller, official statistician of the White House press corps.

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And yet another ridiculous criticism of the president. I heard this on Sirius this morning and this guy Milbank was going on about how Obama flees the US whenever there's bad news because our media is so meeean to him and the foreign media loves him so much. I kept screaming at my radio, "What about all the time Dubya spent on vacation while he was president?" Rebuilding ties with other countries is a hell of a lot more productive IMO than playing yet another 18 holes of golf.
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Girls should be 'realistic' about careers and motherhood

Teenage girls need to be taught a heavy dose of realism – that it may not be possible to be a perfect mother and career woman, the president of the Girls' Schools Association (GSA) will say next week.

Jill Berry, headteacher of Dame Alice Harpur school in Bedford, will tell leading private girls schools that their pupils face an unprecedented amount of pressure to be a "perfect woman".

While clever girls should aim high, there is nothing wrong with them working part-time or not at all when they have children, she will say.

Speaking ahead of the association's annual conference in Harrogate on Monday, Berry said schools had to prepare girls early for the challenges and choices they would face later in life.

Statistics show four-fifths of the 110,000 pupils educated in schools represented by the GSA will have children, Berry said.

She said: "A lot of our girls want to have it all. That is perfectly acceptable and anything we can do to prepare them, we will. But we need to make them realistic. At different stages of their lives, they may want different things.

"There is nothing wrong with them saying 'I need to work part-time' or 'I need a significant degree of support in order to enable me to do my career and have children'.

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Role models for girls

Cheryl Cole

The Girls Aloud member and solo artist has had 20 consecutive top 10 singles, has been a judge on TV song contest The X Factor and is reported to have signed a £5m deal with publishers HarperCollins to write five romantic novels. Berry says she is "articulate, perceptive and attractive". Cole is married to footballer Ashley Cole.

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Mark my words, it will be politics for Lou Dobbs.

I have to admit this is what I was thinking in re: Dobbs. It's either Politics or Fox News. Why not politics? Dobbs ego is bloated so far beyond where any news desk would satisfy him. He wants to change policy. He wants to have a personal rant forum. He wants a following. As much as I hate the idea of seeing another right-wing bigot stirring up the pot, hell- at least he would put all the fringe eggs in one basket maybe ORLY can runn as his VP candidate.

Dobbs for President?

Source: editorial posted at The Nation by Robert Dreyfuss

Parsing the Lou Dobbs bombshell, I can't help wondering if the pudgy populist is planning a run for president in 2012. My guess: yes. And if he does, I'll bet he'll do so as a Peron-style, would-be Ross Perot. It could be America's first truly fascist electoral effort.

Okay, I know I'm jumping the gun. Maybe his quitting is just so he can move over to Fox, though that would probably push Geraldo Rivera out. I'm not saying Dobbs would necessarily get much traction, but I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to raise money from wealthy right-wingers and set up a third party effort aimed at capturing tea baggers, anti-immigrant fanatics, and assorted other nutballs.

In his statement last night, which you can read here and watch here, Dobbs said:

"Over the past six months it's become increasingly clear that strong winds of change have begun buffeting this country and affecting all of us, and some leaders in media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond the role here at CNN and to engage in constructive problem solving as well as to contribute positively to the great understanding of the issues of our day."

"At this point, I'm considering a number of options and directions, and I assure you, I will let you know when I set my course. I truly believe that the major issues of our time include the growth of our middle class, the creation of more jobs, health care, immigration policy, the environment, climate change, and our military involvement, of course, in Afghanistan and Iraq."
Among those options, I'd guess, is politics. NPR has already posted an idiotic on line poll asking people to register their opinion about whether they'd like Dobbs to run president or Congress. And there's been other speculation, too.

Unlike the right-wing hatchet men on Fox, the blustery bullies such as Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, whose appeal is strictly to ultraconservatives and ideologues, Dobbs has structured his appeal in a populist direction, and he's consciously sought to build a political base on-air.

Dobbs is smart enough to notice that the Republican party is imploding. If right-wing GOP activists and Palinistas take over the party in 2010, pushing it even further into its Deep South (and Alaska) box, the field will be wide open for a dangerous rabblerouser like Dobbs in 2012.

Perhaps the best commentary so far on the Dobbs move is from Andy Borowitz:

"Controversial CNN host Lou Dobbs bade the people of Earth farewell today as he embarked on a long voyage back to his planet of origin.

"Standing on a launching pad with his rocket ship at the ready, Mr. Dobbs addressed a crowd of dozens who came to wish him a safe trip and godspeed.

"'People of Earth, farewell,' he said. 'My work here is done.'"

If only.

Its the Charter, Bitchez!

The Charter for Compassion was just released yesterday!

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels us to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone ourselves from the centre of our world and put another there, and to honour the inviolable sanctity of every single human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice, equity and respect.

It is also necessary in both public and private life to refrain consistently and empathically from inflicting pain. To act or speak violently out of spite, chauvinism, or self-interest, to impoverish, exploit or deny basic rights to anybody, and to incite hatred by denigrating others—even our enemies—is a denial of our common humanity. We acknowledge that we have failed to live compassionately and that some have even increased the sum of human misery in the name of religion.

We therefore call upon all men and women ~ to restore compassion to the centre of morality and religion ~ to return to the ancient principle that any interpretation of scripture that breeds violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate ~ to ensure that youth are given accurate and respectful information about other traditions, religions and cultures ~ to encourage a positive appreciation of cultural and religious diversity ~ to cultivate an informed empathy with the suffering of all human beings—even those regarded as enemies.

We urgently need to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. Rooted in a principled determination to transcend selfishness, compassion can break down political, dogmatic, ideological and religious boundaries. Born of our deep interdependence, compassion is essential to human relationships and to a fulfilled humanity. It is the path to enlightenment, and indispensible to the creation of a just economy and a peaceful global community.

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Facebook Leads to Teen's Acquittal

Facebook status update provides alibi From Vanessa Juarez, CNN
November 12, 2009 7:24 p.m. EST

New York (CNN) -- For 19-year-old Rodney Bradford, a simple Facebook status update turned into much more: a rock-solid alibi after he was accused of a crime.

Confirmation of the time stamp on the update and the location from which it was entered showed he could not have been at the scene of a robbery in another part of New York City. After he had spent almost two weeks in jail, the case against him was dismissed.

The story began at 11:49 a.m. on Saturday, October 17, when Bradford was updating his Facebook status at his father's home in Harlem. A minute later, 12 miles away in Brooklyn, two men were mugged at gunpoint.

The next day, Bradford, who is facing a separate 2008 robbery indictment, found out police were looking for him in connection with the Brooklyn robbery.

Bradford turned himself in, confident he would be cleared. But after one of the victims picked him out of a lineup, he was charged with robbery in the first degree and sent to Rikers Island, home of the New York City jail.

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Source is time-stamped.
MSNBC- Rachel giggles and fans

Candidate wants Colbert to moderate debate... I can't tell if this is hilarious or brilliant.

Khazei tries to land Colbert as debate moderator

By Associated Press

Democrat Alan Khazei is trying to import a moderator for a debate between the candidates vying to succeed the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

The City Year co-founder sent an invitation today to Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert.

He asks in jest if the right-wing commentator is "tough enough" to come to Massachusetts and moderate a debate between four progressive Democrats.

Khazei has repeatedly challenged front-runner Martha Coakley to more debates. He appeared on Colbert’s popular political show, "The Colbert Report," in January.

Kennedy died Aug. 25 of brain cancer.

A Colbert spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


That's one way of getting people to actually tune into the debates.... but does that mean whoever does best at that debate get a 'Tip of the Hat'? Or just have the debate cut in such a way to make all the candidates look like idiots?

Angolan 'mafia targets Chinese'

Violent attacks on Chinese expatriates in Angola are on the rise, construction workers say.

The "mafia-style" gang violence could affect the countries' relations, according to Chinese business leaders in Angola.

Recently there has been a series of violent robberies and a Chinese man was murdered in the capital, Luanda.

Many more attacks have gone unreported, the head of the Chinese Business Council (CBC) says.

'Tip of iceberg'

Last month robbers reportedly poured boiling water on three Chinese workers in Luanda.

In September businessman Xu Tonggou was murdered trying to resist a robbery.

On the same day six armed men robbed the offices of a construction company, beating workers with batons and threatening them with AK-47s.

"These are just the tip of the iceberg," says Xu Ning of the CBC "Things have got worse in the last few months. Just last night someone I was due to have dinner with did not turn up because he had been robbed."

'Bad for business'
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Rediscovered 1930s feminist novel, "Swastika Night," portrays dark Nazi dystopia

[This book is officially on my Amazon wish list now!]

Swastika Night: Nineteen Eighty-Four's lost twin

Posted by Darragh McManus
Thursday 12 November 2009 10.23 GMT

While Orwell's dystopia is embedded in our culture, an equally powerful novel exploring parallel themes is almost completely unknown


Hardly anybody has ever heard of Katharine Burdekin nor her novel [Swastika Night], published under the pseudonym Murray Constantine in 1937. My copy was reissued by the Feminist Press after a hiatus of decades.

And yet in many ways, Swastika Night can be seen as a companion piece to Nineteen Eighty-Four, exploring the other side of the totalitarian coin with equal insight, prescience and humanity. Both were written in the same era; both offer forensic dissections of the psychopathology of power....

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Review @ The Guardian UK

A few copies left at Amazon HERE, but probably available at other online outlets, too.

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Boy Refuses To Say Pledge

10-Year-Old Won't Pledge Allegiance To A Country That Discriminates Against Gays

Will Phillips isn't like other boys his age.

For one thing, he's smart. Scary smart. A student in the West Fork School District in Washington County, he skipped a grade this year, going directly from the third to the fifth. When his family goes for a drive, discussions are much more apt to be about Teddy Roosevelt and terraforming Mars than they are about Spongebob Squarepants and what's playing on Radio Disney.

It was during one of those drives that the discussion turned to the pledge of allegiance and what it means. Laura Phillips is Will's mother. “Yes, my son is 10,” she said. “But he's probably more aware of the meaning of the pledge than a lot of adults. He's not just doing it rote recitation. We raised him to be aware of what's right, what's wrong, and what's fair.”

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Source. Headline from HuffPo.
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Shenanigans Friday: November 13, 2009.

"The other day the PresLOLdent said, I know you've had some rough times, and I want to do something that will show the nation what faith that I have in you, in your maturity and sense of LOLsponsibility. He paused, then said, would you like a puppy?" --Dan QuayLOL
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Chibis- Goes Boink

I dedicate this post to afa_mom

The First Ten Lies from Going Rogue

Excerpts from Sarah Palin's Going Rogue have been released by several news agencies and other sources who have received advanced copies. Here are the first ten lies from Palin's memoirs:

1. The Cover Byline: Palin didn't write the book by herself. Most books with known ghostwriters list their co-author's name on the cover. In this case it was Lynn Vincent. Going Rogue does not.

2. The Subtitle: An American Life. Aside from her infancy, Palin has really spent very little time outside of Alaska, and according to John McCain's campaign advisors, was shockingly unfamiliar with American geography and American history. "Alaska," as John McPhee noted in his resplendent Coming Into the Country, "is a foreign country...Its nature is its own." 2009-11-13-goingroguea.jpg

3. Going Rogue features Palin's obsession with Katie Couric and characterizes the CBS anchor as "badgering." Palin refused to prep for the Couric interview because she was more concerned about her popularity in Alaska than about what was best for the campaign. Was it really badgering to ask what books or periodicals Palin read? Palin further claims that Couric suffered from low self-esteem. In fact, according to those close to Palin, it's the former governor who suffers from low self-esteem and frequently projects that onto other women.

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FAUX NEWS Shuts Down News1News

Liberal bloggers are accusing Fox News of launching an Internet war against them in a campaign to selectively remove Fox clips from YouTube.

On Wednesday, YouTube shut down the popular News1News channel, which featured news clips that many progressive bloggers and news sites would add to their stories. On the rare occasion, Raw Story also embedded News1News clips in stories having to do with media coverage. The channel provided clips from all news networks, but often focused on Fox's controversial commentators.

The decision to shut down News1News came after Fox News issued 150 take-down notices to the channel, which they are entitled to do under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, reports Adrian Chen at Gawker. YouTube's policy is to shut down any accounts that receive three or more take-down notices, so News1News was immediately pulled offline.
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I'm so sick of these hypocritical bitches, I used to watch their videos to keep up with whats going on.
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Water Found on Moon, Scientists Say

There is water on the Moon, scientists stated unequivocally on Friday, and considerable amounts of it.

“Indeed yes, we found water,” Anthony Colaprete, the principal investigator for NASA’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, said in a news conference.

The confirmation of scientists’ suspicions is welcome news both to future explorers who might set up home on the lunar surface and to scientists who hope that the water, in the form of ice accumulated over billions of years, could hold a record of the solar system’s history.

The satellite, known as Lcross (pronounced L-cross), slammed into a crater near the Moon’s south pole a month ago. The impact carved out a hole 60- to 100-feet wide and kicked up at least 24 gallons of water.

“We got more than just whiff,” said Peter H. Schultz, a professor of geological sciences at Brown University and a co-investigator of the mission. “We practically tasted it with the impact.”

For more than a decade, planetary scientists have seen tantalizing hints of water ice at the bottom of these cold craters where the sun never shines. The Lcross mission consisted of two pieces — an empty rocket stage to carve into the lunar surface and a small spacecraft to measure what was kicked up, but it too slammed into the surface.

For space enthusiasts who stayed up, or woke up early, to watch the impact on Oct. 9, the event was anticlimactic, even disappointing, as they failed to see the anticipated debris plume. But NASA later said that a plume was indeed photographed; the live video stream was not properly attuned to pick out the details.

The water findings come from analysis of the slight shifts in color after the impact, showing telltale signs of water.

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Finally, a UN Women’s Agency with Muscle

By Colette N. Tamko
Recently the UN announced approval of a new agency for women—an event that followed years of complex organizing by individuals and advocacy groups around the world. Here, one of the principle coordinators of that ongoing effort explains what it means for women, and the work that still remains to ensure its success.
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Fox News censors liberal bloggers by ordering YouTube to pull clips of its shows

Liberals cry ‘unfair’ after Fox orders unbalanced YouTube purge (November 13, 2009 - - Daniel Tencer)

Liberal bloggers are accusing Fox News of launching an Internet war against them in a campaign to selectively remove Fox clips from YouTube.


On Wednesday, YouTube shut down the popular News1News channel, which featured news clips that many progressive bloggers and news sites would add to their stories. On the rare occasion, Raw Story also embedded News1News clips in stories having to do with media coverage. The channel provided clips from all news networks, but often focused on Fox's controversial commentators.
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Anyone else think the time of this move is pretty coincidental to Hannity's smackdown by Jon Stewart?

Gays on TV once helped promote tolerance. Now they may be hurting it.

Even if you've never seen glee, the Fox dramedy with show tunes in its veins and opera in its nervous system, you probably know that it's TV's gayest product since Richard Simmons. Last week's episode centered on a singing contest of "Defying Gravity," the anticonformity anthem from Wicked, every tween girl's favorite musical. The contestants: Rachel the glee-club diva vs. Kurt the, um—what's the male version of diva? Kurt (Chris Colfer) wears fluffy Alexander McQueen sweaters and sings notes high enough to make your fillings hurt. He can belt Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" and thrust his hips better than Ms. Knowles herself. Yet he can also melt your heart with his fortitude and frankness, especially during his fraught talks with his dad, a mechanic who still remembers when his son wore high heels—as a toddler.

That's the thing about Kurt: he can be endearing, but he's also confusing. In one episode, the glee club split into a boys' team and a girls' team. Guess which side Kurt went for? If Kurt were transgendered, all that would make perfect sense, but he's not. Instead, he's that oldest of clichés: the sensitive gay boy who really wants to be a girl.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Really. If the gay community has stood for anything in the 40 years since Stonewall, it's the freedom not just to love who you want but to be who you are: we're here, we're queer, get used to it. For a while, TV got with the program. In 1997, when Ellen DeGeneres came out on her sitcom, she paved the way for gay characters of every stripe. The next year, Dawson’s Creek introduced a studly jock named Jack (Kerr Smith), who became perhaps the first teen to come out in prime time. TV's other Jack (Sean Hayes), from Will & Grace, swung the more flamboyant way, while lawyerly Will (Eric McCormack) could have been just another "Friend."

Over time, the image of gay people on TV became less lavender and more gray—as multifaceted as the five men on Queer Eye for the Straight Guyor the ladies of The L Word. By bringing all these diverse folks into America's living rooms, TV helped bring gays into the mainstream. A survey by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation found that of the people who say their feelings toward gays and lesbians had become more favorable in the past five years, about one third credited that in part to characters they saw on TV.

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Does Caesar Have To Choke A Bitch?

Son Wants To Know What Happened, Doesn't Believe Father Commited Suicide...

Police Eye Census Worker's Insurance
(Nov. 13)

Investigators trying to solve the mystery of a census taker found hanging from a tree with the word "fed" scrawled on his chest are examining whether he manipulated the scene in order to conceal a suicide and make a life insurance claim possible for his son, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.

The dead man's son, Josh Sparkman, said in an interview with the AP that he found paperwork for the private life insurance policy among the personal files of his father, Bill Sparkman, but wasn't sure of the amount or when it was taken out. He said authorities have told him nothing about the case or produced a death certificate, which is usually needed to make an insurance claim.

Two law enforcement officials, who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case, said investigators were trying to determine whether Bill Sparkman committed suicide but altered the scene to make it look like a homicide, allowing his son to collect.

Life insurance policies typically do not cover suicides within a certain time period after the policy begins.

Sparkman said he was convinced his father was killed, in part because several items were missing and apparently stolen from his car. Police have declined to comment about any of the items removed from the car except for a census computer, which was not found, although its case was.

"If it's deemed suicide, there's no point in even looking at insurance," the son said. "There's no such thing as suicide insurance. The money is not the concern. I just want to know what happened to my dad."

Bill Sparkman's naked body was found Sept. 12 near a cemetery in a heavily wooded area of southeastern Kentucky. One of the witnesses who found the body said the 51-year-old was bound with duct tape, was gagged and had an identification badge taped to his neck. Authorities have confirmed "fed" was written on his chest, likely in pen.

Sparkman, 20, who is unemployed, said he's convinced his father could not have committed suicide, even though law enforcement officials previously told the AP on condition of anonymity that they were looking closely at that possibility and increasingly doubted he was killed because of his government job, as was first feared.

There were no defensive wounds on Bill Sparkman's body, and while his hands were bound with duct tape, they still were somewhat mobile, suggesting he could have manipulated the rope, the officials said. He was found hanging from the tree yet was in contact with the ground. Homicide, suicide and an accident were all being considered as a manner of death, authorities said.

Kentucky State Police Capt. Lisa Rudzinski declined to comment Thursday on whether a life insurance policy connection was being probed. She said investigators still have not determined the manner of death and were still awaiting forensic tests.
Sparkman said he also received a letter from the Census Bureau about how to collect his father's final payroll check and information about death compensation the government might owe him.

"It's not much, nothing substantial," he said. "It's not like it's enough to pay off the house or anything."

Because he was a census employee, Bill Sparkman's family would be eligible for up to $10,000 in death gratuity payments if he was killed on the job, according to the Office of Personnel Management. He was not eligible for a separate life insurance policy through the government because his census work was intermittent, Census Bureau spokesman Stephen Buckner said.

Sparkman said his father last updated his will in 1993, listing Josh as the heir to the estate, including the London, Ky., home valued at $80,000, according to Laurel County property records. Friends chipped in to help gather money for him to make one monthly mortgage check, but the son said he remains behind on other payments.

"My dad never really cared about material things," he said. "It's not what mattered to him. His friends, his family — that's the kind of stuff you care about. He would do without to see someone in his family do better."

Sparkman said he noticed no changes in his father in the weeks before his death that would suggest he was upset about anything. In their final phone conversation, his father mentioned he was still trying to land a full-time teaching job but remained upbeat, he said.


For the cops to just show the son the death cirtificate and NOT discuss the case w/him I think is pretty shitty. I mean he finds out his dad is DEAD, and the police are more or less speculating shit...ugh!

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According to a new study of college students, men will admit to rape as long as you don't call it that — and the same few men are offending multiple times without getting caught.

According to Thomas MacAulay Millar of Yes Means Yes!, via the Washington City Paper's Sexist blog, researchers David Lesak and Paul M. Miller asked 1882 college students the following questions:

1) Have you ever attempted unsuccessfully to have intercourse with an adult by force or threat of force?
2) Have you ever had sexual intercourse with someone who did not want you to because they were too intoxicated to resist?
3) Have you ever had intercourse with someone by force or threat of force?
4) Have you ever had oral intercourse with someone by force or threat of force?

As the Sexist's Amanda Hess points out, you'd think no guy would admit to any of these acts. But 120 respondents, or 6% of the sample (which, by the way, was ethnically diverse, and included older students, up to the age of 71), answered yes to at least one of the questions. 76 of those men had committed more than one rape or attempted rape — these recidivists averaged 5.8 offenses. That is, writes Millar, "just 4% of the men surveyed committed over 400 attempted or completed rapes."

The study had two important implications. One is that rapists aren't really all that secretive about their activities — as long as you don't come right out and call it "rape." The other is that one common assumption about date rape or "gray rape" — that it's usually the result of miscommunication and happens when good guys get the wrong idea — appears to be wrong.

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Captain my Captain!

How about a happy story now?

Left Vietnam as a Refugee, Returns as a U.S. Navy Captain (November 13, 2009 - ABC World News - CLARISSA WARD and SADIE BASS)

Commander H.B. Le is the First Vietnamese-American Navy Captain

Commander H.B. Le is the first Vietnamese-American to command a Navy destroyer.

Hung Ba Le's first ocean voyage was aboard an overcrowded fishing trawler when he was 5 and his family and hundreds of other terrified refugees fled Vietnam as Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese army.

Today he is Commander Le and at the helm of the warship USS Lassen as it makes a good will visit to the country he once fled.

"To think that 34 years ago… I left here as a little boy and to come back here now, it's incredible," said Le, the first ever Vietnamese-American Navy captain.
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India's Child Brides Say "I Don't"

Inspired in part by Rekha Kalindi, increasing numbers of young Indian girls are refusing to submit to child marriage. As an article in today's Los Angeles Times makes clear, no small feat:

Although a 2006 law prohibits girls from marrying before 18 (and men, 21) nearly half of all young girls in India are, in fact, married before this age, and child-welfare activists estimate that one-third of all child marriages take place in India. Because the punishment (when the law is enforced, which critics charge is infrequently) falls on guardians and the marriage is subject to annulment in a culture where purity is still valued, many such marriages have gone underground. Marriages are now required to be registered - but this has led to a thriving market in forged birth certificates.

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Up Yours Faux News - sincerely, Anita Dunn

Anita Dunn Takes Parting Shot At Fox, Hannity And Beck (November 13, 2009 - HuffPo - Sam Stein)

Anita Dunn


In a parting shot at Fox News, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn mocked the conservative-leaning network on Friday and laughed off its controversial host Glenn Beck for calling her a Mao enthusiast.

The outgoing administration spokeswoman took a clear and enjoyable dig, first at Sean Hannity for recently airing spliced footage designed to make a crowd of anti-health care protesters seem bigger than reality.

"A fun fact from this week is that an opinion show on a certain news network was using edited footage to make it appear that a rally last week, and political opposition to the president, was much larger than it appeared," said Dunn, during her appearance at the Bloomberg News Washington Summit. "Some of you may have heard about it. The people who went in and did fact checking on that, and actually exposed the spliced edited was... Jon Stewart of the 'Daily Show' on Comedy Central. Well that is where you are getting fact-checking and investigative journalism these days folks. It is a different media environment."
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Tea Party Organizer Vows to Burn Pelosi and Perrielo in effigy

The organizer of a "Tea Party" protest in Virginia says he intends to move forward with plans to burn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Tom Perriello in effigy next weekend at a rally to protest Democratic health care legislation.

The event is scheduled for next Saturday in Danville, which borders North Carolina and sits at the southern end of Perriello's congressional district. Perriello, a Democrat, narrowly won his House seat in 2008 and is considered a top target of Congressional Republicans in next year's midterm elections.

When news of the rally surfaced Friday, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen condemned the plans as "shocking and despicable."

Nigel Coleman, the organizer of the Tea Party, told CNN he doesn't see what all the fuss is about, especially when it is compared to the Democrats' health care plan.

"We're not going to actually set Perriello on fire or Mrs. Pelosi on fire," Coleman said. "But we have been trying to months to get our point across just how vehemently we are opposed to this health care legislation. For the House vote to come so close and to know that Mr. Perriello is on the other side, it's a kick in the stomach that a lot of people couldn't take."

Coleman said none of Perriello's potential Republican challengers have been invited to the event, which he expects will draw about 100 people.

"Something shocking and despicable is how they've handled this health care legislation," Coleman said, responding to Van Hollen's statement. "Going behind closed doors, writing a bill that is going to fundamentally change what America is. More people are going to be killed by this health care legislation than this bonfire."

Source is incredulous

What. The. Fuck.
Mr. T the Patriot

Louisiana's Jefferson Gets 13-Year Prison Term


November 13, 2009

A former Louisiana congressman who famously stashed cash in his freezer was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison for taking hundreds of thousands in bribes in exchange for using his influence to broker business deals in Africa.

The sentence handed down in suburban Washington was far less than the nearly 30 years prosecutors had sought for William Jefferson, a Democrat who represented parts of New Orleans for nearly 20 years.

Agents investigating the case found $90,000 wrapped in foil and hidden in boxes of frozen pie crusts in his freezer.
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Tea Party's Political Candidate Scandal of The Year: Drugs and Hypocrisy (New Party, Same Shame)

Ezell Harris, Tea Party Candidate, Arrested On Drug Charges

Ezell Harris, a Florida conservative who launched his campaign for Orlando City Council at a Tea Party rally, has been arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Jail records show he is being held on four counts: trafficking in hydrocodone, dispensing illegal drugs without a license, unlawful use of a two-way radio, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Details of the case were not immediately available from the Orlando Police Department, though investigators believe he was selling Lorcet and Vicodin - brand names of hydrocodone -- that had been prescribed to him. According to his website, he served as a military policeman in the U.S. Army for three years in the late 1970s, and was classified as disabled in 1980.

In his campaign platform, Harris said: "Prescription drugs have replaced cocaine and other illicit substances as the leading cause of drug abuse deaths in Florida, a new study says. Despite this, the state has no prescription drug monitoring program, and the authors of the study say Florida must do more to curb the abuse of legal medication ... The report makes it clear that lax oversight is allowing Florida's legal drug abuse problem to grow out of control."

JP Morgan Demands Right To Get Bigger So It Can Epic Fail

No more 'too big to fail'

Our company, J.P. Morgan Chase, employs more than 220,000 people, serves well over 100 million customers, lends hundreds of millions of dollars each day and has operations in nearly 100 countries. And if some unforeseen circumstance should put this firm at risk of collapse, I believe we should be allowed to fail. As Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently put it, "No financial system can operate efficiently if financial institutions and investors assume that government will protect them from the consequences of failure." The term "too big to fail" must be excised from our vocabulary.

But ending the era of "too big to fail" does not mean that we must somehow cap the size of financial-services firms.
Scale can create value for shareholders; for consumers, who are beneficiaries of better products, delivered more quickly and at less cost; for the businesses that are our customers; and for the economy as a whole. Artificially limiting the size of an institution, regardless of the business implications, does not make sense. The goal should be a regulatory system that allows financial institutions to meet the needs of individual and institutional customers while ensuring that even the biggest bank can be allowed to fail in a way that does not put taxpayers or the broader economy at risk.
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Utah's GOP Targeted for Not Being a "True Conservative". Moderate Menace to be Purged Soon.

Utah becomes a battleground in the GOP's civil war
Sen. Robert Bennett is under fire from those in the party who find him insufficiently conservative. His battle may be a reflection of an anti-establishment anger that could affect both parties.

Reporting from Salt Lake City - Utah has emerged as an improbable battleground in the fight for the future of the GOP, as the party's veteran U.S. senator -- with nary a whiff of personal or political scandal -- has become one of the most threatened lawmakers up for reelection next year.

Robert F. Bennett is no Northeast liberal. Raised in Salt Lake City, he built a business, manufacturing day-planners, that made him wealthy. His grandfather was a president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His father served four Senate terms -- meaning that, combined with Bennett's own three terms, father and son have held the seat for the better part of 60 years.

Yet those very attributes -- longevity, seniority -- only compound the challenge facing Bennett, who, like other Republicans across the country, faces attack within the party from those who find him insufficiently conservative.

As last week's elections showed, the 2010 campaign is shaping up as another driven by a deep, throbbing anger against the political establishment. President Obama has been a prime target at rowdy town hall meetings and "tea party" protests, and Democrats certainly have much to fear, as they hold the majority in Congress. But the free-floating hostility may pose a danger to members of both parties.

"This is not a Democrat problem. It's not a Republican problem. It's an incumbent problem," said Cherilyn Eagar, one of three Republicans, so far, taking on Bennett. "It's on both sides of the aisle."

A national poll issued this week reflected that sentiment. Only about half of the registered voters interviewed, 52%, said they would like to see their representative reelected next year, among the most negative findings in two decades of Pew Research surveys.
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Lou Dobbs: A study in douchebaggery

Media Matters breaks it down. Dobbs was fired and the last straw was the "birther" crap. Also included another brilliant breakdown of how Fox News lets their "journalists" (entertainers) get away with anything as long as it brings ratings.

Media Matters: Dobbs, dropped

November 13, 2009 8:25 pm ET - by Simon Maloy

On July 15, Lou Dobbs introduced a story on his CNN news program by saying that "new questions are raised about the president's eligibility to be president." Unbeknownst to the long-time cable news veteran, the moment he uttered those words, he embarked upon a steep downward trajectory that, just a few months later, would result in his departure from CNN, the network he had called home for the better part of three decades.
At least, that's the story told by the New York Post this morning, which reported that Dobbs' coverage of the phony controversy surrounding President Obama's birth certificate ran afoul of CNN president Jon Klein, who sent a memo to Dobbs' staff telling them to knock it off with all the "birther" stories. The Post also reported that Klein's memo enraged Dobbs -- he hadn't let facts, sense, or reason prevent him from covering the "birther" garbage, so it was unlikely that the network president could stop him either. It's a tragicomic tale, when you think about it. Dobbs, after 30 years of success on cable news, decided to make his last stand in defense of a story whose primary agonist is a lawyer/dentist who claims to be the victim of a conspiracy engineered by Obama, the Justice Department, and Microsoft.

The Source is pleased.

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Comcast to Buy NBC-Universal. What Could Go Wrong?

Too Big to Block? Why Obama Must Stop the Comcast-NBC Merger

By next week, cable giant Comcast is expected to announce a deal to buy NBC-Universal, the biggest proposed media merger in recent memory. Comcast, the largest cable company and the No. 1 Internet service provider in the nation, would take over the NBC empire: a television network, Universal Studios, MSNBC, CNBC, USA Network, Telemundo, the Weather Channel,, 27 television stations and a host of other properties. The merger could be announced as early as Sunday.

This train wreck of a deal will hurt all over. It will mean increased costs for cable television service; currently free online NBC content locked behind a pay wall; less opportunity for the distribution of independent media; even fewer choices and less programming diversity. On average, nearly one quarter of all channels offered to cable subscribers will be owned by the bloated Comcast.
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Thatcher still alive, Harper aide threatens dead cat

A misconstrued text message announcing the passing of a beloved pet has sparked a flurry of diplomatic activity in Canada.

Transport Minister John Baird sent a message reading: "Thatcher has died".

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was soon informed that 84-year-old former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had passed away.

But it was actually Mr Baird's beloved cat, named after his political heroine, who had died.

Alive and healthy

The confusion spread around a gala event in Toronto, where some 1,700 luminaries were gathered at a black tie event.

Calls to puzzled officials in both 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace followed.

Embarrassed aide Dimitri Soudas had reportedly already started preparing an official statement mourning the passing of the Iron Lady.

He was told that Baroness Thatcher - who just a few days ago attended a Remembrance Day service at London's Westminster Abbey - was alive and healthy.

"If the cat wasn't dead, I'd have killed it by now," Mr Soudas is reported to have said of the 16-year-old grey tabby.

Source: BBC

Japanese men becoming more 'girly'

Forget the salarymen, Japan's new 'herbivore' generation of males believe that life is far more important than work Yasuo Takeuchi makes an improbable radical. Skinny, wearing jeans, a striped sports shirt and a baby blue cardigan, he is fidgety and talks in a near whisper. He is 33, works for a major publisher in Tokyo and inspired a label now applied to a new generation of Japanese men. He is the archetypal soshokukei danshi, “herbivorous male” or Ojo-man “girlie man”.

Herbivores are shy and quiet. They seek the friendship of women and spurn aggressive dating. They are thrifty and abhor consumerism. They like quiet evenings in with friends rather than drinking till they vomit in the izakaya bars of Tokyo. They are the antithesis of the macho Japanese salarymen, on whose long-suffering shoulders modern Japan was built.

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Blurring the boundaries

As the future facing Japan's young people changes fast, so too are traditional gender identities

Every society has its own terminology for a young generation regarded as odd or unfathomable, and marketers are quick to give them catchy labels. It's no exception in Japan, which is now abuzz with talk of men with a soft spot who are becoming known as soshokukei, meaning "herbivorous" or "herbivores."

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Both article are lengthy, but informative, bolded for your pleasure.