December 4th, 2009

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Your morning dose of crazy. Obama hates Charlie Brown AND Christmas.

Arlington, TN - In the opinion of Arlington Mayor Russell Wiseman, President Barack Obama's speech on Tuesday night on the war in Afghanistan was deliberately timed to block the Christian message of the "Peanuts" television Christmas special.

Wiseman made the statements on his Facebook page, where he declared Obama to be a Muslim. Only people on Wiseman's "friend's list" had access to the post. He has more than 1,600 friends on Facebook.

"Ok, so, this is total crap, we sit the kids down to watch 'The Charlie Brown Christmas Special' and our muslim president is there, what a load.....try to convince me that wasn't done on purpose. Ask the man if he believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he will give you a 10 minute disertation (sic) about it....w...hen the answer should simply be 'yes'...."

"A Charlie Brown Christmas," which first aired in 1965, has become an endearing program for many because of its emphasis on the "real meaning of Christmas," including Linus' memorable reading from the Gospel of Luke of Jesus' birth.

In Wiseman's extensive thread that attacked the president, his supporters and Muslims, he stated " obama people need to move to a muslim country...oh wait, that's America....pitiful."

At another point he said, "you know, our forefathers had it written in the original Constitution that ONLY property owners could vote, if that has stayed in there, things would be different........"

When contacted Thursday, Wiseman declined to comment about his Facebook posts.

"It's ridiculous for someone to send my Facebook post," Wiseman said. "You guys are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill."

As the popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook has increased, some organizations, such as some NFL teams, have banned the use of posting comments online because of inflammatory and embarrassing remarks that invariably make it into the public domain.

To avoid online controversies, Ellyn Angelotti, a faculty member at the Poynter Institute, said that everyone, not just public officials, must to be careful of what they post on the Internet.

"A lot of people think Facebook is private so only a limited number of people can see their post," Angelotti said. "But the reality is that it can be made public.

"You've got to be careful. The same social rules that apply in real life should be applied to the virtual life."

Wiseman said his post received more than 70 comments.


Arlington is an extremely white bread, somewhat rural suburb of Memphis. As you can probably infer, not a lot of real politics goes on there. Also: source comments are LOLtastic.

Vitter Still Undecided on "Brown vs Board of Education". Racist Voters Still Undecided on Vitter.

Vitter Won't Say If Brown vs. Board Of Education Rightly Decided (VIDEO)

Back in November, blogger Mike Stark asked Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) a question inspired by Vitter's refusal to comment on the Louisiana judge who would not marry an interracial couple: does the senator think that Loving v. Virginia was rightly decided? Vitter replied that he didn't know the landmark court case, which declared state laws against interracial marriage unconstitutional.

So this week, Stark asked Vitter about an even more famous Supreme Court case: Brown v. Board of Education. Once again, Vitter would not comment, saying he didn't "deal with fringe media."



America Haz The Best Health Care System That Aetna Will Release "Platinum Premiums"

Aetna Forcing 600,000-Plus To Lose Coverage In Effort To Raise Profits

Health insurance giant Aetna is planning to force up to 650,000 clients to drop their coverage next year as it seeks to raise additional revenue to meet profit expectations.

In a third-quarter earnings conference call in late October, officials at Aetna announced that in an effort to improve on a less-than-anticipated profit margin in 2009, they would be raising prices on their consumers in 2010. The insurance giant predicted that the company would subsequently lose between 300,000 and 350,000 members next year from its national account as well as another 300,000 from smaller group accounts.

"The pricing we put in place for 2009 turned out to not really be what we needed to achieve the results and margins that we had historically been delivering," said chairman and CEO Ron Williams. "We view 2010 as a repositioning year, a year that does not fully reflect the earnings potential of our business. Our pricing actions should have a noticeable effect beginning in the first quarter of 2010, with additional financial impact realized during the remaining three quarters of the year."

Aetna's decision to downsize the number of clients in favor of higher premiums is, as one industry analyst told American Medical News, a "pretty candid" admission. It also reflects the major concerns offered by health care reform proponents and supporters of a public option for insurance coverage, who insist that the private health insurance industry is too consumed with the bottom line. A government-run plan would operate solely off its members' premiums.

Aetna actually made a profit in 2009 but not at levels that it anticipated.
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The Women's Health Amendment was passed by the Senate yesterday with a vote of 61-39. Woot!

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) proposed this amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which will require all health care plans to cover women's comprehensive preventative care and screenings (like gyno exams, mammograms, STD testing and treatment and family planning) with no cost to women (or with limited co-pays).

Amie over at RH Reality Check gives us the rundown, although noting that this particular amendment doesn't yet specify whether birth control is covered or not, but women's health advocates seem to be hopeful:

While the question on everyone's mind is whether or not birth control falls under this list, it seems at the moment there is no clear answer. While contraception is not specifically listed in the amendment, Tait Sye, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Federation of America tells me,

'It allows Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) [editor's note: the Health and Human Services department developing these guidelines] to recommend what should be covered, so HRSA can/could recommend birth control be covered.'

According to a Senate Democratic aide, responding to concerns that birth control is not specifically called-out in the amendment, if individual drugs or 'even categories of drugs' were listed, 'we would have seen amendments filed on each one (or each category). I trust Sebelius [Kathleen Sebelius, head of HHS] to do the right thing with respect to covering birth control.'

Let's also not forget abortion coverage in health care reform legislation is still in danger.

However, the most significant thing about the Women's Health Amendment is that it could potentially save the lives of millions of low-income women who often skip basic health care exams and screenings because of added costs, says the National Women's Law Center. And that's huge.


Condom saboteur on the loose at Cambridge University

Cambridge University students have been put on alert after condoms supplied by the student union were pierced by saboteurs.

A third-year student raised the alarm after she discovered a tiny hole in a condom obtained from her college's welfare officer.

After checking the remaining condoms in the box she found that half had been pierced with a fine needle.

Some students have already started blaming the university's religious groups for the sabotage.

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Shenanigans Friday: December 04, 2009.

“All the contact I have had with LOLitics has left me feeling as though I had been drinking out of spittoons”. --Ernest LOLmingway
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Bo Obama gets the sweet treatment

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

t's Bo Obama's first Christmas in the White House, and staffers aren't letting that fact go unnoticed. In unveiling the official White House gingerbread house on Wednesday, pastry chef Bill Yosses revealed a petite personal touch: a rendering of Bo, made of sugar! The little guy is perched playfully outside the home's back doors on the 400-lb. white chocolate replica, which also features a miniature marzipan vegetable garden and a view inside to a replica of the State Dining Room, the Washington Post reports. It took more than six weeks to construct this masterpiece! We always thought Bo was cute, but now? Well, he looks good enough to eat!

Murasaki Shikibu
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Chinese activist in limbo at Tokyo airport

Chinese activist in limbo at Tokyo airport (video clip at source)

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- If you've passed through Tokyo on an international connection this past month, chances are you've seen a Chinese man wearing a homemade t-shirt with scribbling all over it. His name is Feng Zhenghu, a Chinese citizen who has moved into Narita Airport's international arrival concourse.

"Moved in" in the non-traditional sense, and reminiscent of Tom Hanks in the movie "The Terminal," a story of an Eastern European man denied entry into the U.S., so he decides to live at JFK Airport.

In 55-year-old Feng's case, he's not being denied entry into Japan. Rather, his homeland won't let him back in. He was denied entry into China eight times. Four times he boarded planes and landed in Shanghai before Chinese immigration turned him around. The other four times Japanese officials didn't let him board the plane, saying he'd be refused entry.

The reason has never been given, though Feng suspects it's due to his prior work in China as a human rights activist. The result: a frustrated Feng who decided after eighth rejection he wouldn't leave Tokyo's airport until China allowed him back in.

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Oh, man, the part where he said he was so happy to get a salad made me want to cry. I'm glad Japan is offering him asylum (they reject most asylum cases), but I can see how he wants to see this through. But I think he's going to be waiting a long, long time.

I'm probably flying out of Narita in two weeks, and if he's still there, I am totally buying that man a meal.

After Tiller: Operation Rescue Picks New Target

Since Dr. Tiller's assassination, Dr. Leroy Carhart has begun performing abortions "past 24 weeks" at his clinic in Nebraska. And, predictably, Operation Rescue has turned their attention to him.

Monica Davey of the New York Times writes that before Tiller's murder, Carhart performed abortions up to 22 weeks at the Nebraska clinic. However, now that women can't go to Tiller, he says "there is a need" for later procedures, "and I feel deeply about it." He won't specify exactly how late he is willing to perform abortions — perhaps because anything after the 23rd week requires special consultation with him — but his fee schedule mentions procedures as late as the 27th week. Since he has begun providing this service, Operation Rescue has been directing at him some of the vitriol they once saved for Dr. Tiller. Says Operation Rescue president Troy Newman, "We're trying to get criminal charges against him, to get his license revoked, and to get legislators there to look at the law."

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Seventeen children and 10 civilians killed in Pakistan

Suicide attackers kill 36 at Pakistan mosque

By ASIF SHAHZAD (AP) – 2 hours ago

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan — Militants stormed a mosque near Pakistan's army headquarters, killing at least 36 worshippers, including six military officers, during Friday prayers as they sprayed gunfire and threw grenades before blowing themselves up, officials said.

It was the latest in a wave of strikes by suspected Islamist insurgents that has killed more than 400 people in Pakistan since October.
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Anne Frank Tree Dying, Samplings To Be Planted Around The World.

Anne Frank Tree Dying, Saplings Planted

The ancient chestnut tree that cheered up Jewish teenager Anne Frank as she hid from the Nazis is dying, but thanks to a planting campaign now under way its descendants will live on around the globe.

Amsterdam city councilwoman Marijke Vos on Friday planted the first of 150 saplings from the tree that will go into the Amsterdamse Bos park.

Vos said the tree was "a symbol of hope and freedom that we can share by planting seedlings all over the world."

Other saplings have gone to several of the 200 schools around the world that are named for Frank. Last month, 11 sites were selected in the U.S. to eventually receive saplings, including the White House and the Sept. 11 memorial in New York.

For Frank, the chestnut tree was a rare connection to nature during the two years her family hid in cramped conditions above a canalside warehouse during the German occupation of the Netherlands.

She wrote of the tree's beauty several times, including in a memorable passage from Feb. 23, 1944.
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Your Daily Dose of Sexism! Enjoy.

It was 2:30 a.m. on a school night about a year ago when Seth, Joel and Dana left the party and headed into the rain. The party had been unremarkable, only this time Seth had allowed the open bar to get the better of him. He knew he was completely wasted. What he didn’t know was that a predator was watching his every move.

“I can barely stand,” Seth said, swaying innocently on the soggy sidewalk. (Seth’s a gentleman and asked that I change the names and obscure certain details in unfurling the horrors that so thoroughly furled him that night, in order to protect the honor of a woman.) He was 24 at the time, a magazine writer.

Joel said, “O.K., I think he needs to go home.”

Dana, who was 29, said, “Let’s go get another drink!”

“I wanna go home,” Seth warbled.

“O.K., I’ll take him home,” Dana said.

Joel gave Seth a “WTF?” look and said, “I’ll take him home.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Dana said, hailing a cab and then bundling Seth inside.

“I woke up with a condom still on my dick,” he told me.

A few months later, Seth found himself watching helplessly late one night as Dana picked off one of his pals much the same way she had him: The fellow was babbling, stumbling drunk, and Dana chirped: “I’m heading the same way, let’s share a cab!” Another poor shmo who hosted an after-party at his pad one night to enjoy a little group reefer session suddenly found himself alone, except for Dana. Game over.

“She knows what she’s doing,” Seth told me.

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Diamanda - in Chair red bkg

Very interesting conundrum...

California State Senator supports legislation to ban ousted officials from receiving unemployment benefits

In the wake of news that former Rosemead councilman John Nunez has been collecting unemployment benefits since losing his council seat, state Sen. Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, said Thursday she is prepared to propose legislation that would prohibit such a practice.

"As elected officials, we are here to give, to serve, not here to take, get or receive. We do not run for a job. We are public servants. The people are not the employers, the people are the people and we are here to serve them," Romero said.

Romero said she was "fundamentally disappointed" in Nunez, who she supported as a candidate. She called on him to end his unemployment claim.

Nunez served on the Rosemead City Council for one four-year term. His effort at re-election in March was unsuccessful - he came in last among six candidates.

Since then he has collected more than $11,000 in unemployment benefits and continues to collect $450 a week, according to city manager Jeff Allred. The city is directly billed for those benefits.

Nunez said this week he is doing nothing wrong - the California Employment Development Department accepted his claim.

"I've committed no fraud," he said Tuesday.

Patrick Joyce, spokesman for the state EDD, which manages unemployment benefits in the state, said the department considers losing an election similar to being laid off for lack of work.

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Magical Wes Animated

Mayor Thinks Obama Blocked Peanuts X-mas Special


The mayor of a Memphis suburban city accused President Barack Obama of deliberately timing his speech about the war in Afghanistan this week to block the airing of the "Peanuts" Christmas television special.

According to The Commercial Appeal, Arlington Mayor Russell Wiseman posted the statements on his Facebook page and said the president was Muslim. Obama is a Christian.

He also attacked the president's supporters, saying they should move to a Muslim country.

He downplayed the posting when contacted Thursday by the newspaper for comment, saying they were "trying to make a mountain out of a molehill." Wiseman did not immediately return phone calls from The Associated Press on Friday.

Arlington is a city of about 7,600 residents about 25 miles northeast of Memphis.

Quick! Someone Tell The GOP! They Can Get Free Sex If They Go To The Climate Summit!!

Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex

Copenhagen Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards to city hotels warning summit guests not to patronize Danish sex workers during the upcoming conference. Now, the prostitutes have struck back, offering free sex to anyone who produces one of the warnings.

Copenhagen's city council in conjunction with Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards out to 160 Copenhagen hotels urging COP15 guests and delegates to 'Be sustainable - don't buy sex'.

"Dear hotel owner, we would like to urge you not to arrange contacts between hotel guests and prostitutes," the approach to hotels says.

Now, Copenhagen prostitutes are up in arms, saying that the council has no business meddling in their affairs. They have now offered free sex to anyone who can produce one of the offending postcards and their COP15 identity card, according to the Web site
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Christian Bale

Student to Obama: Legalize Drugs, Prostitution to Stimulate the Economy

Obama Deflects Question on Legalizing Drugs, Prostitution

When President Obama told attendees at his economic town hall today that he only had time to take three questions, he probably did not expect the first question to be about legalizing drugs and prostitution.

He ultimately responded to four questions from the crowd at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, Penn. but took his time to steer the initial inquiry from a discussion about drugs to the future of the U.S. economy, emphasizing that manufacturing will play a less significant role in the nation. The town hall was part of Mr. Obama's tour of cities around the country in which he will discuss the economy.

"I appreciate the boldness of your question," Mr. Obama said to laughter after a young man asked him if he would consider legalizing drugs, prostitution, gambling or nonviolent crimes. "That will not be my job strategy."

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Source: CBS News & YouTube
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Amanda Knox sobs as guilty verdict read

Amanda Knox sobs as guilty verdict read

Perugia, Italy (CNN) -- An Italian jury has found American student Amanda Knox and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito guilty in the stabbing death of British exchange student Meredith Kercher.

Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison and Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years.

Both were convicted on all charges except theft and together must pay 5 million euros ($7.4 million) to the victim's family. In addition, Knox must pay 40,000 euros ($60,000) to a man whom she falsely accused of the killing.

Knox, wearing a lime jacket, her hair in a single braid, began to sob -- her sniffles and sobs punctuating the otherwise silent courtroom -- as the judge read the verdict quietly, without expression.Collapse )


This is like the worst thing that can happen to you while studying abroad, besides dying of course. I'm not that sure of the entire story, but I don't think I completely believe her story. I do think they were there that night, and high and partying like most students do. If there is any truth to what the prosecution says (they held down the victim while Amanda was playing with a knife near her neck mimicking some vampire sex-game thing) then the killing was by accident, at most. My opinion is not to take away the tragedy of this young woman's death, though. There was a fellow exchange student that passed away during my program, too. It's devastating.
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Electronic book readers: a Nazi dream come true.

Google Books And Kindles: A Concentration Camp Of Ideas. Alan Kaufman, Huffington Post

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Today's hi-tech propagandists tell us that the book is a tree-murdering, space-devouring, inferior form that society would be better off without. In its place, they want us to carry around the Uber-Kindle. The hi-tech campaign to relocate books to Google and replace books with Kindles is, in its essence, a deportation of the literary culture to a kind of easily monitored concentration camp of ideas.


Because nothing shows respect for the victims of the Jewish Holocaust like comparing their murder to the development of a new electronic toy.
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As if I couldn't love Sherrod Brown anymore.

Coburn and Vitter preventing Democrats from co-sponsoring public option amendment. (Updated)

The Hill reports that Sens. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and David Vitter (R-LA) are preventing Democrats from co-sponsoring an amendment to the Senate health bill that would “force members of Congress into any public option health plan that becomes law.” The amendment was conceived by Republicans as a political stunt. As Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said, “If [the public option] is good enough for the American people — and they don’t think it is — then it ought to be good enough for Congress.” But Democrat Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has called them on their gimmick:
Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio) said he is trying to co-sponsor the amendment — but that Coburn and Vitter won’t let him. … “They’ve not said yes to allow me to be a co-sponsor,” Brown told The Hill on Thursday. “I’ve called their office four times. I’m proud of the public option, I think it would be great and we ought to join it and show the country how good it is. I think my interest may be more genuine than theirs, but I’d like to work with them if they’ll let me. If they just want to score partisan points, I still want to work with them.”
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Update Moments ago, Sen. Brown asked to be added as a co-sponsor to the Coburn/Vitter amendment by unanimous consent. The motion was approved.

Update Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) has asked that he and Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) also be added as co-sponsors to the amendment.

Update Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) has joined too.


awesome, just awesome (lol Maddow is talking about this right now sheesh)
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Is Hollywood Afraid To Let Women Be Physically Strong?

By Courtney Young

A steady diet of fragile and passive female characters cannot buoy a woman’s self-esteem or build a girl’s confidence. Here, pop culture critic Courtney Young asks if what she identifies as Hollywood’s bias against women with muscles might also help create a climate of violence against women.

December 4, 2009

As I think retrospectively about this year in film, it’s safe to say that it has not been kind to women, particularly strong female characters. Instead, it seems an uphill battle just to get a studio to highlight a female actress. In June, Nia Vardalos’s wrote in the Huffington Post about presenting a script idea to a male studio exec who asked her to change the lead from a woman to a man. Asked why, he replied that women do not go to the movies—in Hollywood talk, there’s just no money in it.

Such physically strong female protagonists as Michelle Rodriguez in Girlfight, Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodbye, Jennifer Garner on TV in Alias, Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft, and Hilary’s Swank’s Oscar winning turn in Million Dollar Baby seem to be a thing of the past. Today’s pop culture encourages images of women that project passivity and fragility, rather than agency and strength. Oscar winning actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman told a House foreign affairs subcommittee in October that demeaning female roles—most notably that of the weak sex object—contribute to a climate that promotes violence against women. And indeed, in the few box office successes featuring a female lead this year—think of New Moon, The Blindside or Julie & Julia—the women are either attached to a male protagonist or recreations of notable dead women. Is Kidman right? Do movie screens filled with diminished female bodies with withering intellects not only threaten the psyches and self-esteem of girls and women but also contribute to a culture that fosters violence against them?

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Make-A-Wish: 6-year-old girl with leukemia visits the White House

It came a week later than planned, but little Jasmina Anema's wish was finally granted Wednesday.

The leukemia-stricken Manhattan girl met President Obama in the White House - and spent 10 magical minutes with him.

"It was like they were really best buddies," said Jasmina's mom, Thea Anema. "It was just how he spoke to her, like a daddy. It was so sweet. He was really relating to her."

Obama also delighted his little visitor with a couple of gifts - a box of M&Ms emblazoned with his name and the presidential seal and a matching presidential yo-yo.

A still-glowing Jasmina wasn't in the mood to discuss her surreal encounter last night. But she let her smile do the talking.

"She's sitting here still beaming," Anema said. "She feels very special."

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Wow, she almost didn't make it there.

Related articles:

Leukemia-stricken New Yorker Jasmina Anema set to meet President Obama
Cancer-stricken Jasmina Anema in hospital, forced to cancel visit with President Obama
Leukemia-stricken Jasmina Anema feeling better one day after having to cancel meeting with Obama
Jasmina 'bummed' after sleeping through phone call from President Obama
First photo: Leukemia-stricken Jasmina Anema meets with President Obama

EDIT: influencethis found Jasmina's website and Twitter. She needs a bone marrow transplant and is looking for a donor.

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Sexual Orientation Hate Crimes Jump In Wards 7, 8

According to new D.C. Police data [PDF], there has been a total of 36 hate crimes committed in the District as of September 30. That's about the same for 2008 and 2007's totals of 38.

By far, the majority of hate crimes have revolved around sexual orientation. As of Sept. 30, there have been 31 such crimes reported. There could be many more. As WTOP's Mark Segraves pointed out on his must-listen Ask The Chief segment, sometimes officers do not report hate crimes as hate crimes. [In a recent hate-crime incident I did some reporting on, D.C. cops did not report it as a hate crime].

On the WTOP segment, Police Chief Cathy Lanier did admit that since the report was issued, sexual-orientation based hate crimes have jumped to 35.

Numbers can be debated. But one number can not: the rise in sexual orientation hate crimes in Wards 7 and 8 [police districts 6 and 7].

In 2008, 13 percent of sexual orientation hate crimes took place in these wards. So far in 2009, the number jumped to 32 percent.

On a side note, only two councilmembers---Yvette Alexander and Marion Barry---voted against the gay marriage bill. Who do they represent? Wards 7 and 8.


Full-Page Ad Against "Ex-Gay" Preacher Donnie McClurkin Runs In NYC

The Black Gay Men's Network today published a full-page ad in the NYC daily newspaper Metro in reaction to attacks on the LGBT community by black clergy and in response to "ex-gay" preacher Donnie McClurkin's recent outrageous and hateful rantings, which were posted to YouTube.

Here's a little bit of what McClurkin's very long homophobic rant says:

Donnie McClurkin, the supposedly "ex-gay" preacher that has been spotted having intimate dinners with "flamboyant" young men in quiet Manhattan restaurants, appeared at the Church of God In Christ's youth conference in Memphis to babble in tongues and call gays "vampires" (among other lovely things). Take it away Rod McCullom:

In the first of three disgusting YouTube videos, McClurkin begins his rant against Tonex, the gospel star and minister who recently confirmed his long-rumored sexuality. McClurkin says Tonex is a "perversion" and must pray away the gay: "God did not call young people to such peversion. Society has failed him, his church has failed him ... I would be homosexual to this day if Jesus hadn't delivered."

McClurkin also rails against against openly gay youth as "broken and feminine": "I see feminine men, feminine boys, everywhere I go ... No, don't applaud 'cuz it ain't funny. It's because we failed. I see them everywhere." Quite rich coming from McClurkin. If anyone has seen him or the young men in his inner circle, well, let's say the observation about "feminine men everywhere" is spot-on. In the second video, McClurkin turns his hate toward young lesbians: "These young girls are just as bad as the boys in homosexuality, you don't see it. They can hide ... but there are some evil young hard butch girls."

More at Rod 2.0

They've disabled embedding so here's the link to see the video for yourself:
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Chase: NOM Ineligible for Charity Contest

Chase Community Giving, a Facebook-centered initiative that allows users to vote on how JP Morgan Chase should disburse $5 million to nonprofits, lists the National Organization for Marriage's Education Fund among some 650,000-and-counting eligible groups in the contest, as first reported by Queerty.

But a Chase spokesman asserted late Thursday that the antigay group headed by Maggie Gallagher is not eligible for charitable funds — even if it garnered sufficient votes — because it violates the contest's nondiscrimination rules. The database of groups was generated by GuideStar, a third-party firm that provides research on nonprofit groups.

“Organizations that receive votes from the guidestar database will be reviewed to make sure that they’re in the compliance with all of our guidelines,” Joe Evangelisti, head of media relations for JP Morgan Chase, told The Advocate.

According to NOM’s website, its education fund “represents another aspect of NOM's overall effort to protect marriage, engaged solely in pro-marriage education and research, making information resources available to clergy, scholars, political leaders, and activists across the country.”


I love my bank.
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Man of integrity.

Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for U.S. Attorney

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus’ office confirmed late Friday night that the Montana Democrat was carrying on an affair with his state office director, Melodee Hanes, when he nominated her to be U.S. attorney in Montana.

According to a source familiar with their relationship, Hanes and Baucus began their relationship in the summer of 2008 – nearly a year before Baucus and his wife, Wanda, divorced in April 2009. The Senator had informally separated from his wife in March 2008 and they were living apart when he began dating Hanes, according to Baucus' office.

Hanes ended her employment with Baucus in the spring of this year.

Hanes, who is divorced and now lives with Baucus in the Eastern Market neighborhood of Washington, D.C., ultimately withdrew her name from consideration for the U.S. attorney position in order to move to Washington, and she now works in the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention as a counselor to the administrator.

Baucus spokesman Tyler Matsdorf said the relationship was not the cause of Baucus’ divorce and that Baucus did not arrange for her current position with DOJ.

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wow what a shame it would have been if this had been revealed earlier and he'd been pressured into resigning. Just terrible if Montana's Democratic healthcare reform supporting governor Brian Schweitzer got to appoint his replacement. Man, and the worst part would be having public option defender Jay Rockefeller next in line to take over the Senate Finance Committee. WHEW ~dodged a bullet there~, Democrats.