December 6th, 2009

Aya, Parasite Eve

HIV-positive New Zealand man infects wife with needle

An HIV-positive New Zealand man pricked his sleeping wife with a needle tainted with his blood, infecting her with the virus, court papers have revealed.

It is believed the man wanted to give her the virus, which leads to Aids, so she would have sex with him again, the New Zealand Sunday Star-Times reported.

According to the documents, the man twice pricked his wife with a sewing needle tainted with his blood.

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Akuma River

Is this a hazard to other people on flights?

I'm preparing myself for the fat wank that this will most probably bring but this is a serious question.

A flight attendant supposedly took this photo of an obese man in his seat and showing how it is posing a danger to other people on flight by blocking the walkway.

The important question is if the photo is real and if so was she in the right in taking the photo and using it to address the obese sitting situation on flights.

Obese Man On American Airlines Flight


MSNBC passes along this picture of a slightly awkward situation on an American Airlines flight.

Originally reported by Kieran Daly at airline blog, the picture was supposedly taken by a worried flight attendant who wanted to ensure that the seating arrangement didn't compromise the safety of the other passengers.

Here's FlightGlobal:

"This is sent to me with the absolute assurance that it's a genuine picture taken by a flight attendant at American Airlines. The F/A took it to show her manager what was happening on the aircraft (757???) and why she was unhappy about it. Seems the guy paid for only one seat and the gate staff let him board."

As we pointed out earier this year, some airlines are now requiring obese passengers to buy more than one seat. Last year United Airlines had received "more than 700 complaints last year from passengers 'who did not have a comfortable flight because the person next to them infringed on their seat,' an airline spokesman said."

UPDATE: The New York Post has more details on this incident. According to a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson, the passenger in question was given "a whole row to himself" to comply with safety regulations. According to the Post, the flight staff was worried that the passenger would obstruct the plane's aisles in the event of an emergency. Read the entire story here. (I ain't posting it, the entire thing is catty as hell. Does the NYP have any tact at all?)
Akuma River

Gay is still a slur in Hollywood

Ron Livingston: 'Office Space' Star Battles 'Malicious' Gay Rumors Online

Wikipedia doesn't always get it right.

At least, that's what actor Ron Livingston wants you to believe. The star, who played is a disgruntled employee in the movie "Office Space," is suing an unnamed Internet mischief-maker for spreading 'malicious' rumors online that the actor is gay.

According to TMZ, the online prankster has repeatedly hacked into Ron Livingston's Wikipedia page and edited the entry to say that the Livingston is homosexual, and involved in a relationship with a man named Lee Dennison.

TMZ reports:

According to the lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, the Wiki-hacking began back in May -- and every time Ron's reps remove the false info from his Wiki page ... the bandit "changes them back almost immediately."

The same hacker is believed to have gone so far as to create fake Facebook profiles for Livingston and Dennison that list the two men as "in a relationship" with one another.

Livingston, who is married Standoff co-star Rosemarie Dewitt, filed a suit at the Los Angeles County Superior Court on December 5 2009. He is suing for libel, invasion of privacy and for using his name and likeness without permission.

Although Livingston's current Wikipedia entry contains no reference of Lee Dennison, a previous entry included this line:

Ron lives in Los Angeles with Casting Director Lee Dennison and is currently starring in Defying Gravity.

commenter explains what is going on:
If you know much about Wikipedia, go to Ron Livingston's page and look under the History and Discussion tabs. A flurry of vandalism and reverts. Increased page security. Discussions of the geographical origins of the IPs making the changes, as the 'editors' were anonymous.

As a Wikipedian, this is less about at-large gay issues, and more about vandalism on Wikipedia. Repeat edits vandalize info about Livingston's November 2009 marriage to Rosemarie DeWitt. For each of those edits, there is a reversion or a correction.

It goes something like this:

Sourced Biographical Info
"Ron and wife, actress Rosemarie Dewitt were married on November 2nd, 2009. The couple resides in Los Angeles."

Unsourced and Anonymous Vandalism:
"Ron lives in Los Angeles with (male) Casting Director Lee Dennison."

And back and forth and back and forth. I'm not dissing Wikipedia when I say it's the Wikipedia way. Constant vigilance and security is required by the Wikipedia community.

I used to get a kick out of watching and correcting vandalism on Olbermann's page, but it lost its charm pretty quickly.

Comment on the mothership puts things into perspective of this bandit being a creepy stalker.
Yeah, this was not just a wikipedia edit, it was full-on incredibly detailed fabrication. I mean, his "relationship" with Lee Dennison also shows up on IMDB, comments on random gossip sites, Lee Dennison's alleged "personal website", all over the place. Someone has put a LOT of time and effort into trying to make the whole thing seem true, to the point where it was hard to tell it wasn't. I've seen the facebook too and he is DEFINITELY not overreacting--the made-up "article" about the two of them is like a huge feature-length story, thousands of words long. It is all the work of what seems like a very obsessive and creepy person.
Akuma River

Some of the most incredible and beautiful pictures of Space from NASA astronaunts on the ISS

Space Shuttle Atlantis: INCREDIBLE Images From Space

The space shuttle Atlantis and its astronauts returned safely to Earth after a seven-day mission resupplying the International Space Station.

They chronicled their stay in space with some incredible, high-quality photographs that capture the astronauts at work, breathtaking views of the earth, and detailed portraits of the space shuttle and ISS.

These sharp images, which were released by NASA almost immediately after they were snapped in space, are testament to how far tech has come. As the Daily Mail notes, "Previously when images were released by Nasa they were soon after the event but still very fuzzy. It is only on recent missions that images of this quality of image were released almost as soon as they had happened."

Check out the incredible images from the Atlantis mission in the slideshow below.

Astronaut Robert L. Satcher Jr. uses a digital camera to take a photo of his helmet visor while doing construction and maintenance on the International Space Station. The reflection in his visor also captures parts of the station and astronaut Mike Foreman.

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So which one is your favorite? I have to say the the sunrise one is mine and the first one.

Sarah Palin Declares War on Terra. Polar Bears #1 Threat to Alaska.

Sarah Palin 'ClimateGate': Calls For Obama To Boycott Copenhagen

Sarah Palin couldn't help but be provocative on Thursday.

In addition to her comments that President Obama's citizenship should be questioned, she wrote a statement on her Facebook page that calls for Obama to boycott the climate conference in Copenhagen, specifically due to the recent "ClimateGate" email incident. That controversy, in which hackers broke into the accounts of prominent climate scientists and exposed some of their correspondence, has global warming skeptics in a frenzy. (Check out our piece debunking the rumors: The 6 Most Dubious Claims About "ClimateGate.") Palin throws her support behind global warming denier Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and his investigation into the emails.

In the statement, she claims to have never questioned the reality of climate change but she asks whether man's activities have anything to do with it. She also rails against "snake oil" science, and says, "Policy decisions require real science and real solutions, not junk science and doomsday scare tactics pushed by an environmental priesthood that capitalizes on the public's worry and makes them feel that owning an SUV is a 'sin' against the planet."

Palin's sudden enthusiasm for science comes as a surprise, since in her book, "Going Rogue," she suggests evolution is not real and proposes teaching creationism in schools.
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#HCR Senate to debate on Sunday!

Obama is wanting the Democrats to iron things out and call for a vote so we might see interesting things today.

Also, this might be when they introduce that bill on importing drugs from Socialistic Canada.

Starts on cspan2 at 12:30pm ET.

No live link yet but it should be up on CSPAN 1.

The Senate reconvenes today in a special weekend session, where Pres. Obama is expected to visit with Senate Democrats on Capital Hill. Members will continue debate on amendments, including a proposal from Sen. Lincoln on limiting exec. compensation for health insurance companies, and Sen. Ensign's amendment regarding attorney fees.

Question for the mods: Are we able to tag our posts again?
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Washington raid brings deportations, mixed signals

By MANUEL VALDES (AP) – 19 hours ago

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — First they were arrested and faced deportation under what has proven to be the Obama administration's only workplace raid. Then they were given work permits, and told they could stay in the United States while their employer was being prosecuted.

Now, the more than two dozen undocumented workers arrested during the February raid here at Yamato Engine Specialists Ltd. are again facing deportation.

"Well, what can you do? You can't run, that'd be worse," Gerardo Arreola Gonzalez, one of the 28 workers arrested, said about the raid. "I had to face it. Yes, I felt fear, thinking, 'The dream is over.'"

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Ani: Amazon Warrior

Immigration Detention System Lapses Detailed

Growing numbers of noncitizens, including legal immigrants, are held unnecessarily and transferred heedlessly in an expensive immigration detention system that denies many of them basic fairness, a bipartisan study group and a human rights organization concluded in reports released jointly on Wednesday. Confirmation of some of their critical conclusions came separately from the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general, in an investigation that found detainee transfers by Immigration and Customs Enforcement were so haphazard that some detainees arrived at a new detention center without having been served a notice of why they were being held, or despite a high probability of being granted bond, or with pending criminal prosecutions or arrest warrants in the previous jurisdiction.

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Muslims urged to accept minorities

Muslims urged to accept minorities

MUSLIMS must tackle injustices and corruption in their own countries before they can point a finger at the West, former Malaysian deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim said in Melbourne yesterday.

''How Islam treats minorities is excessive, no question - Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews. We cannot condone injustice. We must condemn atrocities against minorities in Muslim societies and against Muslims in Christian societies,'' he told the Parliament of the World Religions.

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AirTran 297- Anatomy of an Urban Legend

On November 17, 2009, AirTran flight 297 was scheduled to travel from Atlanta to Houston-Hobby. During taxi a passenger was non-compliant with Crew Members, using a cell phone and taking pictures. The flight taxied back to the gate and the passenger, who did not speak English, and his companion acting as his interpreter were asked to de-plane. They were met by customer service personnel and TSA.

The passengers were allowed to re-board and continued on the flight after speaking with AirTran and TSA representatives. The flight was delayed by more than two hours.

After conducting additional research into this situation, we have verified, according to flight manifests (legally binding documents) that the individual that allegedly created a first-hand account of events on-board AirTran Airways flight 297, a Theodore Petruna, was never actually on-board the flight.

According to all available records, Mr. Petruna’s trip originated from Akron-Canton, Ohio (CAK) on AirTran flight 205. This flight arrived at the gate in Atlanta at 5:06 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Flight 297, the flight which Mr. Petruna allegedly wrote a first-hand account of, originally pushed back from its gate in Atlanta at 4:40 p.m. EST, a full 26 minutes before flight 205 arrived at the gate in Atlanta making this flight connection impossible.

While Mr. Petruna was originally scheduled to begin his journey on AirTran flight 202 from CAK and connect to flight 297 in Atlanta he did not make that original flight.

Since the flight and initial media reports, several blogs and Internet sites have recounted the incident as portrayed by a passenger originally scheduled for the flight. Below is that passenger’s account (unedited in any way including spelling and grammar), as reported on several blogs. Highlighted between the passenger’s account, are the factually accurate circumstances surrounding this incident.

We bring this to your attention in order to dispel myths that are beginning to make the rounds in chat rooms, blogs and conspiracy theorists’ Web sites.

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Source. More info here.

Episcopal Church Elects Second Gay Bishop

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles elected a lesbian as assistant bishop Saturday, the second openly gay bishop in the global Anglican fellowship, which is already deeply fractured over the first.

The Rev. Mary Glasspool of Baltimore needs approval from a majority of dioceses across the church before she can be consecrated as assistant bishop in the Los Angeles diocese.

Still, her victory underscored a continued Episcopal commitment to accepting same-sex relationships despite enormous pressure from other Anglicans to change their stand.

The head of the Episcopal Church, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, is scheduled to consecrate Glasspool on May 15 in Los Angeles, if the church accepts the vote.
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Akuma River

Houston Mayor Run-Off election is set for December 12th!

HRC sent me an email mentioning they have endorsed her.

As you may have heard, HRC has endorsed Annise Parker for Mayor of Houston. She received the most votes on November 3rd, but faces a run-off election next Saturday, December 12th.

As a greatly qualified public servant who has been elected city wide six times as a member of the Council and now Controller, Annise is the right person for the job, and has earned the endorsement of the Houston Chronicle.

But she's also under attack by anti-LGBT forces.

Voters in Houston are seeing hit pieces show up in their mailboxes from bigots such as Dave Wilson -- the man who led the ban on domestic partnership benefits for city employeees. And the Chronicle has reported that the head of Conservative Republicans of Texas, Steven Hotze, who led the so-called "Straight Slate" in the 1980s, is also considering mailers where Annise's sexual orientation would be a key factor.

Annise needs resources to counter these late attacks from zealots like Wilson and Hotze. I hope you will make a contribution at

Thank you,
Christian Bale

School embraces gay-themed musical

Peter Atlas always thought Concord-Carlisle Regional High School was open to diversity, but when he put out his casting call for the musical “Falsettos’’ he had doubts about the turnout.

How many teenagers would audition for a show about two homosexual couples, a straight couple, and a 12-year-old boy?

Dozens, he learned. When it came time to cast the seven-member ensemble, Atlas had his pick from among around 50 candidates from across the student body.

“I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of our administration for supporting this show,’’ said Atlas, a math teacher and sometime theatrical director. “To say I was surprised would be to underestimate them, but I can tell you I was delighted.’’

As Atlas and his cast prepare to open “Falsettos’’ this Friday, they may be making high school theatrical history.

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Source: The Boston Globe
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Glenn Beck: Latter-day Taint

Yes, that is the actual title of this article that appeared in the Salt Lake City Weekly this week. My ex-roommate was asking me WTF was up with Glenn Beck after she heard a woman complaining at Starbucks that she couldn't find this issue anywhere because people were going around and just taking all of them off the rack. Apparently The LC has Glenn's back.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Glenn Beck's Mormonism may even frighten fellow believers.
By Adam Reilly

Fifteen years ago, Glenn Beck was a small-market DJ with a drinking problem, no friends and bleak professional prospects. Today, he’s a Fox News superstar averaging 2.4 million viewers (in a mediocre time slot, no less), an inexorably successful author (his new book, Arguing with Idiots, is the fourth Beck opus to top the New York Times best-seller list), and the leader of a popular movement that condemns government in general and President Barack Obama in particular.

What’s more, he’s gotten under the skin of politicians from both parties. In recent months, the White House took vigorous issue with Beck’s criticisms of senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina ripped Beck’s cynicism and teary tendencies in an interview with the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

Notwithstanding Beck’s reckless asininity—e.g., his infamous claim that Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people”—that’s an impressive career arc. And the media, naturally, have been striving to grasp the Beck phenomenon: witness Time magazine’s credulous Sep. 28 cover story, a sharp column by The New York Times’ Frank Rich, an earlier New York Times profile and sundry other treatments ranging from the academic (Columbia Journalism Review) to the middlebrow (CBS’s Katie Couric).

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On a related note, Glenn was talking on the radio last week (I think it was Tuesday) about how he sold his house because he doesn't want to be in debt in case he loses his livelihood and/or society collapses. I think he actually does believe all this stuff he rants about. One wonders what Mrs. Beck thinks of all this.
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Minneapolis mayor officially running for governor

R.T. Rybak, kicking off his campaign at a Dinkytown theatre, made some hefty promises today regarding health care, school funding, jobs and more.

Ever the energetic showman, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak picked a Dinkytown theatre to announce his next role: Candidate for governor of Minnesota.

In a Sunday rally and announcement attended by a few hundred longtime fans, Rybak, who just last month cruised to his third term in City Hall, made some hefty promises: he said he’d bring affordable health care to all, fix the school funding system, create jobs all over the state, and reconnect all Minnesotans, ending partisan and geographic divides.

“Let’s go get it done. We’ve got a goal here and it’s not a small one: Our goal is nothing short of taking back this state,” said Rybak.

Rybak will be far from alone in the governor’s race: 11 DFLers and 7 Republicans are campaigning to win the seat Gov. Tim Pawlenty will vacate in 2011.

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Rybak = Obama, Dayton = Clinton. fall back, old man.

The MN Republicans are already crowing about Rybak's ~macaca moment~ because he complimented a guy with a FUCK COLEMAN shirt. no srsly.
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UK Govt: Don't Call Islamic Extemists 'Islamic Extremists'

Guide ... ministers told to avoid using words like 'fundamentalist' and 'Jihadi'

MINISTERS have been BANNED from using words like Islamist and fundamentalist - in case they offend Muslims.

An eight-page Whitehall guide lists words they should not use when talking about terrorism in public and gives politically correct alternatives.

They are told not to refer to Muslim extremism as it links Islam to violence. Instead, they are urged to talk about terrorism or violent extremism.

Fundamentalist and Jihadi are also banned because they make an "explicit link" between Muslims and terror.

Ministers should say criminals, murderers or thugs instead. Radicalisation must be called brainwashing and talking about moderate or radical Muslims is to be avoided as it "splits the community".

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Obama - Smooth

Obama presents the Kennedy Center Honors to Mel Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, Robert DeNiro and more






WASHINGTON -- With a little help from Carol Burnett, a new star from the hit TV show "Glee" and other top entertainers, political Washington is saluting five of the nation's top artists with the Kennedy Center Honors this weekend.

A surprise list of star performers will honor Bruce Springsteen, Robert De Niro and comic genius Mel Brooks Sunday during a show attended by President Barack Obama and other power players from Washington and Hollywood.

Also receiving the honors -- which recognize individuals who have defined American culture through the arts as a living memorial to John F. Kennedy -- are jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck and opera singer Grace Bumbry.

About 300 guests, including Jack Black, Edward Norton, Matthew Broderick, Ben Stiller, Martin Scorsese, Sting, Philip Seymour Hoffman were at a reception in the East Room of the White House.

"These performers are indeed the best," Obama said at the gathering. "They are also living reminders of a single truth -- and I'm going to steal a line from Michelle here -- the arts are not somehow apart from our national life, the arts are the heart of our national life."

Springsteen, 60, described the award he received on Saturday night at a State Department dinner as different than other accolades.

"We worked really hard for our music to be part of American life and our fans' lives," he said. "So it's an acknowledgment that you've kind of threaded your way into the culture in a certain way. It's satisfying."

Obama said, "Only a handful of people have tapped the full power of music to tell the American story. ... One of those people is Bruce Springsteen. ... I'm the president, but he's the boss."

The show will air nationwide Dec. 29 on CBS.

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Moody, indecisive and always trying to behave like a man, why ladies make truly lousy bosses

Why is it that in a society overrun by greedy fat cats - where the Sir Fred Goodwins of this world continue to outrage with their business brutality, unreasonable demands and outrageous bonuses - there is not a single woman’s name in the rogues’ gallery?

Why is there not an equally hated Lady Freda Goodwin, Freda The Shred, riding roughshod over the poor workers, slashing costs and sacking staff? Because, ladies, we are not nasty enough.

Nor are we single-minded enough, nor focused, nor task driven, nor adept at that simple but essential boss task of giving orders.

In short, our commercial DNA is not wired for corporate success. And nowhere was that more graphically demonstrated than last week when the much-feted co-chairman of Gordon Brown’s Women’s Enterprise Task Force was successfully sued by one of her employees for bullying.

Dr Glenda Stone runs a successful recruitment website, Aurora, with her husband. So even this colossus of female business success, the woman chosen to front such a highprofile government body, co-runs her business with her spouse.

Not much of a triumph for feminism after all, is it?

And what’s more, by all accounts in the industrial tribunal, she was a terrible boss - overbearing, foulmouthed, petty, bullying, micromanaging-vindictive.

I know that type of female boss well, the Bully Boy Boss, who thinks they have to be nastier than the nastiest male boss to succeed. But more of them later.

Now, before the hate emails start pouring in from outraged feminists and female bosses, I have a special interest in this subject.

Not just because I’ve had the misfortune of having some of the most God-awful female bosses in the history of modern business, but because I was a boss myself, more than once.

I have edited two national newspapers, been the managing editor of one, the marketing director of two and the managing director of one national newspaper group.

As William Hague’s Press Secretary, I was boss to a team of press officers.

I have sat in the editor’s chair, the boardroom and the shadow cabinet. And while I can confidently say most of the people who worked for me liked me and respected me (I always thought of them working with me, but that’s such a girl thing), and, more importantly, worked well for me, I’m not sure I was always a good boss.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t tough enough. I had that classic female trait of being able to get the most out of people - it’s called nurturing now - but I also wanted to be liked, a fatal flaw in a boss.

And like most women bosses, I took things too personally.

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And now the media tells us how Black folks feel about Tiger's cheating

Tiger's troubles widen his distance from blacks

Amid all the headlines generated by Tiger Woods' troubles — the puzzling car accident, the suggestions of marital turmoil and multiple mistresses — little attention has been given to the race of the women linked with the world's greatest golfer.

Except in the black community.

When three white women were said to be romantically involved with Woods in addition to his blonde, Swedish wife, blogs, airwaves and barbershops started humming, and Woods' already tenuous standing among many blacks took a beating.

On the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner radio show, Woods was the butt of jokes all week.

"Thankfully, Tiger, you didn't marry a black woman. Because if a sister caught you running around with a bunch of white hoochie-mamas," one parody suggests in song, she would have castrated him.

"The Grinch's Theme Song" didn't stop there: "The question everyone in America wants to ask you is, how many white women does one brother waaant?"

As one blogger, Robert Paul Reyes, wrote: "If Tiger Woods had cheated on his gorgeous white wife with black women, the golfing great's accident would have been barely a blip in the blogosphere."

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I'm amazed I managed to actually read this, as much as my eyes were rolling.

And yay, making black folks into a monolith, plus a touch of "tragic mulatto" (Poor Tiger! No ethnic group accepts him!) for shits n giggles.

Oh, and Tiger's getting clowned 'cause he got caught, and how. I don't think people really said anything one way or the other about him having a white wife before he got busted cheating, and with as clean-cut as his image is...yeah, clowning commenced.