February 14th, 2010


My Race-Based Valentine - Why Online Dating Is the Last Refuge of Overt Racial Preferences

This Valentine's Day, more of us than ever will be looking for love online. And if recent studies are any guide, relatively few women on mainstream dating sites will bother to respond to overtures from men of Asian descent. Likewise, black women will be disproportionately snubbed by men of all races. Yes, even though America has been flirting intensely with a postracial label for some time, color blindness is not upheld as an ideal in the realm of online romance. On some sites, it's not even an option. Chemistry.com requires users to identify their ethnicity; like eHarmony, it considers members' racial preferences when suggesting matches. Match.com lets users filter their searches by race. The site's profiles include space to indicate interest (or lack thereof) in various racial and ethnic groups. But after Jennifer House, a black woman in Los Angeles, perused one too many profiles only to find the guys had checked off every box except African American, she changed her strategy. "Now I look at that section first so as not to get my hopes up," she says.

Racial preferences — or, as some call them, biases — are easier to observe on these sites than in offline settings. Behind computer screens and cutely coded user names, people clearly communicate things about race that few would ever say aloud in a bar. For example, a study published last year in Social Science Research examined 1,558 profiles that white daters living in or near big U.S. cities placed on Yahoo! Personals, which, much like Match, lists 10 racial and ethnic groups users can select as preferred dates. Among the women, 73% stated a preference. Of these, 64% selected whites only, while fewer than 10% included East Indians, Middle Easterners, Asians or blacks. The story is a little different for the men, 59% of whom stated a racial preference. Of these, nearly half selected Asians, but fewer than 7% did for black women. Collapse )


there's been a lot of disussion about this. is being more physically attracted to a certain race racism/prejudice or just a preference? can one help if theres a racial phenotype that one finds more appealing?
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Family: ‘Friends’ torture, kill disabled woman

GREENSBURG, Pa. - Jennifer Daugherty's mom and stepdad didn't press for details when she mentioned she had made some new friends. The 30-year-old had the mental abilities of an adolescent but wasn't the kind to get in trouble, and she was even thinking about getting her own place soon.

Police found her body Friday stuffed into a garbage can in a school parking lot; they say she had been forced to consume detergent and urine — and to write a fake suicide note — before she was fatally stabbed by attackers who also shaved her head and painted her face with nail polish. Six suspects have been charged, including her new "friends."

"She was exploited, and her kindness and her handicap made her very vulnerable," Daugherty's sister, Joy Burkholder, said. "She trusted everybody; she believed everyone was good, and no one would hurt her."

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Terrorists strike again in India!

9 killed, 40 injured in Pune bomb blast Mumbai Bureau
Explosives planted in bakery frequented by foreigners

Ripped apart: The damage caused by a bomb explosion at the German Bakery in Pune’s Koregaon Park on Saturday.
MUMBAI: In a major terror strike after the November 26, 2008 carnage in Mumbai, nine persons including four foreigners, all women, were killed and over 40 injured in a bomb blast which ravaged the famous German Bakery on North Main Avenue in Pune’s Koregaon Park near the Osho Ashram around 7.30 p.m. on Saturday. Unofficial figures put the number of injured at 50.

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Christian Bale

N.B. MLA suspended 3 days for rude gesture

Saint John Liberal MLA Abel LeBlanc has been suspended for three days for his obscene hand gesture in the legislative assembly on Thursday.

The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives moved a motion on Friday morning that LeBlanc would be suspended for a period determined by Speaker Roy Boudreau.

Boudreau said he reviewed similar incidents in other jurisdictions and determined LeBlanc would be prohibited from returning to the legislative assembly for three sitting days, including Friday.

He will lose his pay for the three days he is suspended from the legislature.

LeBlanc was removed from the legislature on Thursday after he refused to apologize for both his hand gestures and his unparliamentary language.

LeBlanc extended his middle finger at the Opposition Progressive Conservatives on Thursday after question period.

He accused Rothesay Tory MLA Margaret-Ann Blaney of telling lies about Saint John-Fundy MLA Stuart Jamieson.

LeBlanc did not elaborate on the alleged lies before extending his middle finger again at another Tory MLA and shaking his fist.

"I'm gonna tell you, Dale [Graham, Tory MLA for Carleton], I'll walk outside with any one of yas here," LeBlanc said. "Don't ever laugh at me. Yes, I gave you that. And I'll give you that again. And I'll give you this if you want to go outside. You're a punk!"

Premier Shawn Graham said on Thursday that LeBlanc's actions were "totally unacceptable."

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Anger, not hope in South African township

"Mandela has been out of jail for 20 years, 20 years and nothing has changed here"

Burning tyres litter the streets; every road is blockaded with piles of large rocks, thick black smoke fills the air, the sound of rubber bullets is followed by loud screams - this South African township is alive and its anger is spilling over.

Hundreds of people march up and down the streets of Siyathemba township in the northern Mpumalanga province in the week that the country marks 20 years since Nelson Mandela was freed from prison.

Siyathemba, near Balfour, is one of more than 10 townships which took part in a spate of protests last year over a lack of basic services such as clean water, electricity and proper housing.

The African National Congress (ANC) promised to deliver such bare necessities when it came into power in 1994, ending decades of white minority rule.

Many poor South Africans are starting to lose patience with their government.

-Simmering tensions

"A better life for all," was the party's slogan at the time and yet today some feel this dream has remained just that.

The township's name means "We (have) hope" in the local Swati language and yet residents here say they have nothing to be hopeful for.

more at link


Devil Offers to Sell Back Piece of Cheney's Soul: Cheney Believes DADT Worth 'Reconsidering'

In an exclusive interview on “This Week,” former Vice President Dick Cheney said he thinks it’s time to “reconsider” the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that prohibits gays and lesbians from serving openly in the U.S. military.

“Twenty years ago, the military were strong advocates of ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell,’ when I was secretary of defense. I think things have changed significantly since then,” Cheney said. Cheney served as the secretary of defense, from 1989 to 1993, in the Bush administration.

“I'm reluctant to second-guess the military in this regard,” Cheney said. “When the chiefs come forward and say, ‘We think we can do it,’ then it strikes me that it's -- it's time to reconsider the policy.

Read full transcript HERE:

KARL: OK, "don't ask/don't tell" -- you're a former defense secretary -- should this policy be repealed?

CHENEY: Twenty years ago, the military were strong advocates of "don't ask/don't tell," when I was secretary of defense. I think things have changed significantly since then. I see that Don Mullen -- or Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has indicated his belief that we ought to support a change in the policy. So I think -- my guess is the policy will be changed.

KARL: And do you think that's a good thing? I mean, is it time to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military?

CHENEY: I think the society has moved on. I think it's partly a generational question. I say, I'm reluctant to second-guess the military in this regard, because they're the ones that have got to make the judgment about how these policies affect the military capability of our -- of our units, and that first requirement that you have to look at all the time is whether or not they're still capable of achieving their mission, and does the policy change, i.e., putting gays in the force, affect their ability to perform their mission?

When the chiefs come forward and say, "We think we can do it," then it strikes me that it's -- it's time to reconsider the policy. And I think Admiral Mullen said that.

OUaT - Snow caught

World of Google zombies mistake news story for Facebook

It's not a search engine. It's global hypnosis

Just how deep is Google's hold on the minds of the world's netizens? So deep that if the web giant boosts a news story about Facebook and logins to the top of its search results, myriad net surfers will mistake the news story for the Facebook login page, wondering why they can't login to it and why it looks nothing like Facebook.

On Wednesday, ReadWriteWeb published a piece about a new Facebook-AOL partnership that will let users integrate their Facebook "friends" with AOL's Instant Messenger, allowing communication between the two services. The story went on to wonder if Facebook was becoming a central point of web interaction, and in a nod to this bit of editorial, the headline read: "Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login."

Well, it would seem that this headline soon shot to the top of Google's search results for "Facebook login," and though we can only assume the link was grouped with the "news" results, comments posted the ReadWriteWeb story indicate that many Facebookers visited the story in an attempt to login to Facebook.

"Ok, cool. Now can I get to facebook?" one surfer posted.

"The new facebook sucks. NOW LET ME IN," wrote another.

"I WANT THE OLD FAFEBOOK [sic] BACK. THIS SHIT IS WACK!!!!!" wailed a third.

"I just want to log in to Facebook - what with the red color and all? LOLLLOLOL!!!!!111" said a fourth.

And so on. And so forth. Ad infinitum. "I am going to delete my account (IF I CAN EVER LOG IN) as this SUCKS BIG TIME ! If this does not get back to NORMAL you are going to lose a lot of folks who hate this and as you can see from all the comments they think it sucks too !!! facebook was great for connecting with old friends ...now, NOT SO MUCH. SO HOW DO I LOG IN ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"

Eventually, ReadWriteWeb added a new paragraph to the middle of its story - in bold letters:

Dear visitors from Google. This site is not Facebook. This is a website called ReadWriteWeb that reports on news about Facebook and other Internet services. You can however click here and become a Fan of ReadWriteWeb on Facebook, to receive our updates and learn more about the Internet. To access Facebook right now, click here. For future reference, type "facebook.com" into your browser address bar or enter "facebook" into Google and click on the first result. We recommend that you then save Facebook as a bookmark in your browser.

Facebook does want to be the "one true login." But clearly, that will take some doing. Google search is such a web focal point, it's usurping the duties of the browser itself.

It's not just that Google has become - literally - a synonym for search. It's not just that Google controls 60 to 70 per cent of the search market - and perhaps more. For so many of the world's (rather clueless) web surfers, Google is more than a search engine. It's a gateway to every page they ever visit.

In other words, those top-secret Google algorithms have a tighter grip on the world's web traffic than you might think.

Source, more hilarity of commenting here.

While the story itself is ridiculously funny, it does make one wonder about how advertising online (in politics or any other arena) could take advantage of the average internet user's stupidity. Clearly, some people are tempting fate just by turning their computers on.
Tar Telperien

Berlusconi. Again.

Silvio Berlusconi has said that while illegal immigrants were not welcome in Italy he would make an exception for "beautiful girls"

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi:Silvio Berlusconi embarrassment as Patrizia D'Addario publishes book

The Italian prime minister, who is renowned for making jokes of questionable taste, was speaking to journalists after holding talks with the prime minister of Albania, Sali Berisha.

Mr Berlusconi, 73, said an accord between Italy and Albania had successfully clamped down on the trafficking of illegal immigrants across the Adriatic Sea by people smugglers.

He then joked: "I said to Sali – we'd make exceptions for anyone bringing over beautiful girls." Mr Berlusconi, whose wife is divorcing him for his alleged philandering, also joked with female Albanian journalists: "You know I'm single now."

His remarks were criticised by his opponents as boorish and inappropriate. "Berlusconi never tires of this barrack room humour," said Paola Pellegrini, an opposition MP.

"Even in reference to a tragedy such as impoverished people trying to come to our country, the prime minister reiterates his view of women as fresh meat to be consumed. He's an unseemly old man."

The media mogul, who faced a string of sex scandals last year, joked earlier in the week that his plans for Valentine's Day included "using my computer and sending wishes to all my girlfriends".

He has a history of making ribald remarks at international summits and during meetings with heads of state.

In November he told the president of Kazakhstan, who was in Rome for a visit, that a spike in the country's population was due to the virility of its men.

The quip recalled the kind of remarks made by Sacha Baron Cohen's fictional television journalist Borat in the 2006 film Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.


John Mayer: A black woman responds

John Mayer, I had been listening to your music for four hours straight when I heard your now-famous comments about not being attracted to black women, how your "dick is sort of like a white supremacist."

That’s fine John, because millions of black legs everywhere just snapped shut. They are closed to you. Drape your penis in a white pillowcase for all we care.

The comment is only one of the offensive things you said in your Playboy interview -- like calling Jessica Simpson "sexual napalm" and casually tossing off the n-word -- but it's your joke that you have a "Benetton heart and a David Duke" dick that I want to address now. See, I don't begrudge you your sexual preferences; it's your right to screw as many cheerleaders as you want. What bothers me is that you're not the only guy who feels or acts this way. Sometimes, when I stand in a room of white men, I feel unfeminine and unsexual, no matter the strappy heels, the makeup, the dress. I know there are white men out there who find black women attractive, but you, John Mayer -- the guy down enough to be on"Chappelle's Show," the guy so sensitive he writes love songs -- now represent the ones who don't. Maybe you should think a little bit about that.

I doubt you have any idea what it feels like to be invisible, to come to a party looking for a little sexual validation and have white men look through you like you're wearing sweats. I doubt you know what it's like to feel the weight of cultural expectations every time you stand on a dance floor, knowing that your dance card will be empty since you won't play the freak. I doubt you know what it's like to question everything about yourself -- how you stood, how you dressed, how you smiled, trying to figure out what you did so wrong that men simply stayed away? I'm not ignorant enough to think my color is the only reason men would dismiss me, but when that happens enough times, it's hard to ignore the common factor. Do you know what it's like to be ignored in a roomful of romantic partners your age? Well, multiply that by 300 years of servitude.



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she makes some valid points...but frankly this woman sounds like she has issues... but that's jmo.

racists vote on whether they should stay racist

BNP meets to vote on membership rule changes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The British National Party will hold an extraordinary meeting later for members to vote on amending its constitution to let black and Asian people join.

The BNP has been threatened with a possible court injunction over its whites-only membership policy by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
A court has told the party its rules must comply with race relations law.
BNP leader Nick Griffin has said ethnic minority members will be "welcomed" if they back the BNP's aims. (e.g. that they should leave the country they call home. not likely...)

He said: "They'll be accepted, they'll be welcomed, providing they're there to do the things that we want to do, and providing they accept and agree with our principles."

Backing urged

After a hearing at the Central London County Court last month, the BNP sent letters to its 14,000 members informing them of the proposed changes.
Mr Griffin has urged party members to back the changes to its constitution, saying it must "adapt or die" (die please), but he also condemned the commission's actions as "cynical and despicable" and a "waste of public money". (pot. kettle. black)

In the proposed new constitution a BNP member, whatever their racial origin, must be someone who "bona fide supports and agrees with each of the principles of the party".

The British National Party has voted to scrap its whites-only membership rules after an extraordinary general meeting.
more at the source

as always, Nicolas, diaf.


i want kandy, the kandyman is sinister
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TimesUK: I knew there was a reason I loved Seven so much :)

Doctor Who in war with Planet Maggie

Sylvester McCoy, the actor who played Doctor Who for two years in the 1980s, has revealed that left-wing scriptwriters hired by the BBC wrote propaganda into the plots in an attempt to undermine Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

His revelation will reinforce suspicions about antipathy within the corporation to Thatcher’s government. Norman Tebbit, then the Tory party chairman, claimed at the time that the BBC was in the hands of a “Marxist mafia”.

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Fondant Surprise Sauce

All I'm saying, man, is that The Happiness Patrol is an under appreciated gem.
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A 2010 Elections Primer

No one needed a surprise result from Massachusetts or unexpected Congressional retirements to figure out that the dynamics of the 2010 election season are volatile. With an unstable economy, an ill-defined "war on terror" and polls showing Americans who thought the country was steered off course by Republicans now think it's headed in the wrong direction under Democrats, this is shaping up as a wild race through uncharted territory. For progressives--as frustrated by Democratic compromises and missteps as they are frightened by the extremism of a reconstituted right and suddenly swaggering Republicans--it's an unsettling moment.

With Washington Democrats wrangling among themselves and spinning off-message, and with Republicans shape-shifting with agility, it's easy to imagine the worst. But the 2010 cycle, while complex and demanding, need not be a nightmare for us: it should be understood as a multi-tiered challenge with opportunities to get things right. Here are seven ways to think about the fight for Congress and the statehouses:

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I know it's rather long but it's worth to read imo. I tried to bold as best as I could.
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Gay-rights activists protest at Holy Name Cathedral

Attending Mass at Holy Name Cathedral was supposed to be one of the final Valentine's Day weekend treats for Cindy White and her husband, who had traveled to Chicago from Hampshire, Ill., to celebrate the romantic holiday.

Instead, the couple found themselves wading through nearly 100 men and women who had gathered outside the cathedral this morning to protest the Catholic Church's opposition to gay marriage and other stances that they see as unjust to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

The protesters waved rainbow flags and shouted slogans like, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, homophobia has got to go!" and, "Holy Name, holy shame!"

It wasn't the first time gay-rights activists have protested on Valentine's Day as a chance to champion equal rights and target the Catholic Church.

Last year, the Gay Liberation Network helped organize a march from the city building in which marriage licenses are issued to Holy Name to show support for gay marriage, said Andy Thayer, the group's co-founder.

"We want to drag the church's bigotry out of the closet," said Thayer, 49.

Protester Andrew Ciscel, of Chicago, said Valentine's Day should be viewed as Freedom to Marry Day. He passed out pamphlets calling on members of the Catholic community to withhold their weekly tithe, confront their priest and criticize the "rigid definition of families and the patriarchal posture of the church."

Colleen Dolan, spokeswoman for the Chicago Archdiocese, said the protesters were misdirected.

"They may not like it, but it's the teaching of the church that marriage is between one man and one woman," Dolan said. "Those of us in the church don't get to choose what the teachings are."

Many parishioners and visitors to the cathedral criticized the protest.

"They're really annoying," a flustered White said, after pushing her way through the crowd. "They took up all the parking. And I just don't agree with them."

Josie Beavers, 27, of Chicago, stood with the protesters but lamented some of their harsh language.

"I'm upset by their angry tone," Beavers said. "On Valentine's Day, we should be celebrating love. I'd rather focus on what I'm for than what I'm against."


Joe The Plumber: "I Owe McCain Shit, He Screwed Up My Life!!"

For one-time political icon Joe Wurzelbacher, reminders of his old campaign buddy Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) aren't exactly pleasant.

Some grapes turn more sour than others, it seems.

More commonly known as "Joe the Plumber" -- even though he held no such certification when McCain endowed him with the title -- Wurzelbacher has thrown a fair amount of hatred toward the Arizona politician and the Republican party as a whole since the 2008 presidential campaign ended. But it's his recent comments to Pennsylvania public radio that really take the cake.

"I don't owe John McCain shit," he said, according to reporter Scott Detrow. "He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it."

Wurzelbacher's moment of fame, which has largely subsided in spite of his book tour and infrequent public endorsements of various politicians, began during the final debate between McCain and then-Senator Obama.

Some grapes turn more sour than others, it seems.

"Joe wants to buy the business that he's been in for all these years," McCain insisted. "Worked 10, 12 hours a day. And he wanted to buy the business, but he looked at your tax plan and he saw that he was going to pay much higher taxes."

Within days, it was revealed that the non-plumber actually owed over $1,200 in back taxes and a lien had been placed against his home.

"McCain was trying to use me," Wurzelbacher told Detrow. "I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy."

Yet, when confronted with the fact that he's still trying to milk his image as that face of middle America -- even going so far as to autograph pieces of PVC pipe during a rally for Republican Sam Rohrer, who is running for governor of Pennsylvania -- Wurzelbacher seemingly bristled.

"Wurzelbacher says it's his duty to take advantage of the platform he's been given," Detrow wrote. "He wants to talk up the issues he cares about, and encourage the grassroots tea party movement."

Wurzelbacher also reportedly said that while he believes Obama's "ideology" to be "un-American," he credits the president for being "one of the more honest politicians."

Where's one of those Internet Complaint Forms when you need it?</i>

ETA 2: Fixed all of the spelling/grammarfail!
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Run, Sarah, Run!

Dear Sarah: Say it is so, run for president



Dear Sarah Palin:

I hear you're pondering a run for the White House in 2012. Last week, you told Fox news it would be ``absurd'' to rule it out.

I'm writing to ask that you rule it in. I very badly want you to run for -- and win -- the Republican nomination for the presidency.

I know you're waiting for the punch line. Maybe you figure I think you'd be a weak candidate who would pave the way for President Obama's easy re-election.

That's not it. No, I want you to run because I believe a Palin candidacy would force upon this country a desperately needed moment of truth. It would require us to finally decide what kind of America we want to be.

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Just read this in the local paper and loved it. Thought I would share
LOLitics | Make-out City

"Devoted Valentines Discuss Their Secrets for Long-Term Commitment".


Feb. 12, 2010—

It seems these days that if a Washington marriage is in the headlines, it because a politician has been caught cheating.

John Edwards' affair and separation from his wife, Elizabeth, and the cheating scandals of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and former N.Y. Gov. Elliot Spitzer, had the tabloids churning and Americans wondering what it is that makes a politician stray from his spouse?

But Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, said that political marriages have gotten a bad name recently, and those examples are not indicative of every relationship in Washington.

"People say, you know, 'Oh, everybody cheats in Washington,' and that's not the truth," she said in an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America's" Juju Chang. "You have to have a strong marriage to survive it.

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Hat tip to coervus for finding the video/article :D ♥