March 6th, 2010

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D.C. to be first U.S. city to give away free female condoms to fight HIV/AIDS

By Darryl Fears

The District will become the first city in the United States to distribute female condoms free, part of a project that will make 500,000 of them available in beauty salons, convenience stores and high schools in parts of the city with high HIV rates.

City officials said the distribution could begin within the next three weeks in parts of wards 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7, where a study showed that large numbers of African American heterosexuals engage in risky sexual behavior that could easily lead to infection.

The move is an official acknowledgment of the futility of relying solely on the use of male condoms, which have been distributed citywide for nearly a decade, to stem the District's epidemic of HIV and AIDS. Officials said they are turning to female condoms to give women more power to protect themselves from HIV and sexually transmitted diseases when their partners refuse to use protection.

HIV/AIDS infection is the leading cause of death for black women 25-34 nationwide. A 2008 report showed the District's HIV/AIDS rate at 3 percent, or about 15,100 adults, a major epidemic.

"Anywhere male condoms are available, female condoms will be available,"
said Shannon Hader, director of the D.C. HIV/AIDS Administration. "We're not saying that if you're a school in this area, you can't get female condoms. We're trying to make every effort count to build on what already exists . . . to expand options rather than limit them."

The project is funded through a $500,000 grant from the MAC AIDS Fund, a subsidiary of MAC Cosmetics, which contributes to numerous city programs, including two of the city's needle exchange programs. The grant helped the city buy the condoms at wholesale prices from the Female Health Co. and provide them for distribution by social service organizations, including Planned Parenthood, the Community Education Group and the Women's Collective.

In recent months, the HIV/AIDS Administration came under scrutiny after a Washington Post investigation revealed that some groups with which it contracted to provide services failed to obtain business licenses and file tax returns. Others gave false information about employee résumés and consulting contracts, or spent lavishly on travel and executive salaries.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development threatened to withhold $12.2 million in federal funding but released the money after the District agreed to improve its tracking of spending by AIDS programs and monitor the services they deliver.

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Murasaki Shikibu

Pentagon shooter had a history of mental illness

Pentagon shooter had a history of mental illness

The man who opened fire in front of the Pentagon had a history of mental illness and had become so erratic that his parents reached out to local authorities weeks ago with a warning that he was unstable and might have a gun, authorities said Friday.

It's still unclear why John Patrick Bedell opened fire Thursday at the Pentagon entrance, wounding two police officers before he was fatally shot. The two officers were hospitalized briefly with minor injuries.

Bedell was diagnosed as bipolar, or manic depressive, and had been in and out of treatment programs for years. His psychiatrist, J. Michael Nelson, said Bedell tried to self-medicate with marijuana, inadvertently making his symptoms more pronounced.

"Without the stabilizing medication, the symptoms of his disinhibition, agitation and fearfullness complicated the lack of treatment," Nelson said.

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Bodies, Book Covers, and Novels about Large Women

In the March 5, 2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Kate Ward has a feature about the women displayed on the covers of a number of novels featuring female protagonists who are clearly depicted as anything from “curvy” to “plus-size” to obese. Ward draws attention to the fact that despite how the female characters are portrayed in these novels, the cover models are often quite thin.

Now, let me admit up front that I have not read a single one of these books, so I am relying on Ward’s descriptions of their protagonists and how they compare to the cover models. I thus can’t take credit for the content of this post, but thought it was a great topic worth re-posting.

According to Ward, The Wife’s Tale includes a “302-pound protagonist” who does lose weight, but not enough that you’d expect her to look like this:

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Boy, 14, allowed to become a girl

From Australia.

THE Family Court has permitted a teenage boy to have hormone treatment to become a girl.

''Bernadette'' was born a boy in 1992, but began showing signs of female ''behaviour, preferences and traits'' from the age of three.

A judge in NSW gave Bernadette, who was supported by her parents, permission to have hormone treatment that would suppress the onset of puberty and - at a later stage - administer oestrogen.

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My Three Sons: Terrorism Does Not Run In Our Blood

As the Prime Minister warns that home-grown terrorism is a real threat, a Sydney family is caught in the crossfire, writes Rick Feneley.

The old man insists he has raised his 14 children well in Australia, even the three sons who have been linked to terrorism in Sydney, Lebanon and Iraq.

As Kevin Rudd warns that home-grown terrorism is a very real threat, the 72-year-old patriarch is taking stock at his home in harbourside Abbotsford. Last month his 25-year-old son was among five Sydney men sentenced for a terrorist conspiracy. Long before he got into strife, two of his big brothers were bringing grief in headlines.

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Sheriff Trains Citizens for 'Operation Exodus'


(March 5) --Terrorist attacks and natural disasters often happen without warning. For one Louisiana sheriff, that's reason enough to start training a 200-member paramilitary force -- just don't call it a militia.

Larry Deen, the sheriff of Bossier Parish, told the Shreveport Times he came up with the idea for "Operation Exodus," a volunteer corps made up of parish residents, shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

It was in the tense hours after planes flown by terrorists felled the World Trade Center and slammed into the Pentagon that Deen and his men guarded then-President George W. Bush at Bossier City's Barksdale Air Force Base, roughly 340 miles northwest of New Orleans.

Nearly nine years later, Deen put out a call to prospective volunteers, and "Operation Exodus" finally became a reality. Some 300 of Bossier Parish's 110,000 residents responded, and of those, 200 have been chosen for training. The first classes began this week. Just five of those approved for combat roles are black and there are no women.

When asked by the Times whether the newly formed group could be described as a militia, Deen bristled. "We run from that word," Deen said. "We're just the opposite of that word."

"The main thing that we're trying to do," Chief Deputy Doyle Dempsey said in a video posted on the department's Web site, is "set up a prevention mode to implement during Operation Exodus. And what the means is, if we can show an overwhelming show of force prior to any major incident taking place, we can hopefully prevent it from starting before it ever happens."

A lifelong resident of Bossier Parish and a former president of the Northwest Louisiana Chapter of the Cops for Christ, Deen describes himself as a deeply religious man. His bio on the sheriff's office Web site proclaims that he "answers to his God and to the citizens he serves."

Indeed, Deen said in a press release that the name for Operation Exodus came from the Old Testament, and later told the Shreveport Times that its realization is a "calling."

"In the Book of Exodus, the Israelites were totally on their own," the press release reads, "learning to be self-sufficient and handle everything along, just as the [Operation Exodus] plan provides."

While publicity materials stress no specific terrorist threat to Bossier Parrish, the cover to the group's training manual states, "Somewhere right now your enemy is training so that when he meets you he defeats you."

Weapons such as .50-caliber machine guns purchased by the sheriff's department are at the group's disposal so that it can protect resources such as grocery stores and gas stations against the dual threats posed by "homegrown terrorists" and natural disasters.

According to the Times, Deen's department will also make shotguns, riot shields and batons available to the members of Operation Exodus.

"Being prepared is the key," Deen said.

A video of volunteers in training:


Free Market Demands Entrepreneurial Inmates To Be Set Free!

Thieves, Drunks Drivers, Criminals, and Murderers Are An Important Sector of Our Economy! They Create Jubs!

One sector that benefits from a bad economy: jail inmates

Tough times prompt the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to free inmates who've served only a fraction of their sentences.

At the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Jaime Iniguez was awakened Friday morning and told to get ready to leave.

Iniguez, 53, was serving a four-month sentence for drunk driving, his second DUI offense. He wasn't scheduled to be released for another month.

"It's time to celebrate," said Iniguez as he put on his belt outside the downtown jail complex.

Iniguez is a member of a distinct group that benefits during a sour economy: jail inmates.

When times are flush, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has the money to keep jails open and staffed, and the vast majority of sentenced inmates serve most of their time behind bars.

But when times get tough and tax revenues shrink, the department has repeatedly looked to its jail operations to make cuts, freeing thousands of inmates who've served only a fraction of their sentences.

The length of jail stays has ebbed and flowed in tune with L.A. County's budget for more than two decades, leaving the county during financial crunches with some of the weakest jail sentences in the nation.

Now the county is shifting back into those lean times. Faced with fresh budget woes, Sheriff Lee Baca announced this week that he has stepped up the early release of inmates, a move that could continue for weeks or months.

"It is like groundhog day -- we see it over and over again," said Los Angeles Assistant Police Chief Earl Paysinger. "When we have tough fiscal times and the economy turns bad, then the criminals get dumped out of the jails back into our neighborhoods."

For years, there's been broad agreement that the time inmates serve should not be dictated by the sheriff or the state of the economy.

But faced with cutting staff or releasing inmates, Baca has made a clear but difficult choice: "His main focus is to save jobs," said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

To address a gap of up to $128 million in his budget, Baca has made non-staff reductions elsewhere, including community-oriented policing programs
, Whitmore said.
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The New Evil Libural Plan to Use Women to Brainwash Afghans

Conservatives To Demand The End of Inhumane Practice: "Those Poor Bastards!"

In Afghan War, Letting Women Reach Women

The Marines in a recent “cultural awareness” class scribbled careful notes as the instructor coached them on do’s and don’ts when talking to villagers in Afghanistan: Don’t start by firing off questions, do break the ice by playing with the children, don’t let your interpreter hijack the conversation.

And one more thing: “If you have a pony tail,” said Marina Kielpinski, the instructor, “let it go out the back of your helmet so people can see you’re a woman.

These are not your mother’s Marines here in the rugged California chaparral of Camp Pendleton, where 40 young women are preparing to deploy to Afghanistan in one of the more forward-leaning experiments of the American military.

Next month they will begin work as members of the first full-time “female engagement teams,” the military’s name for four- and five-member units that will accompany men on patrols in Helmand Province to try to win over the rural Afghan women who are culturally off limits to outside men. The teams, which are to meet with the Afghan women in their homes, assess their need for aid and gather intelligence, are part of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s campaign for Afghan hearts and minds. His officers say that you cannot gain the trust of the Afghan population if you only talk to half of it.
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40th anniversary of 'The Female Eunuch'

I read this book in high school, I remember thinking it was awesome, but I can't remember what was in it, I also read the Feminine Mystique and about a dozen other books and they all blurred in my mind. I think, from what I have heard since, it was great for that time, (although my Mum would say that Greer single handedly ruined it for us women, but that's an ongoing family disagreement), anyway it was great for the time, it's a little dated now, and while I agree with some stuff that Greer says, she is crazy and I disagree with a helluva lot she says now too.

But I don't think the book deserves the criticism it's gotten, now, of course things are different, but the book was written in 1970, women weren't even allowed into pubs, and were forced to resign their jobs as soon as they got married. Back then Greer was angry, and she had a perfect right to be.


ONLY the other day I was saying to the missus: ''Go on, cupcake, get yourself down to the shops and stock up on some fripperies. And book yourself in for a Botox shot while you're at it. Go on, my little butternut pumpkin, spoil yourself rotten.''

I'll give you a moment to digest that … dum-de-dum … Are you kidding? If ever I spoke to my wife like that, I'd be sexually reassigned. I'd be The Male Eunuch. The method would be less humane than the chemical castration of frogs exposed to a common weed killer, which you may have read about this week. Some male frogs that came into contact with the herbicide, atrazine, even turned into females.

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women's history month with brecho: day six

This is a little old, but Native American/American Indians get so little coverage period. So finding newer stuff about Native American/American Indian women...

"Maze of Injustice: The Failure to Protect Indigenous Women from Sexual Violence in the USA"

Sexual violence against Indigenous women in the USA is widespread -- and especially brutal. According to US government statistics, Native American and Alaska Native women are more than 2.5 times more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than other women in the USA. Some Indigenous women interviewed by Amnesty International said they didn’t know anyone in their community who had not experienced sexual violence. Though rape is always an act of violence, there is evidence that Indigenous women are more like than other women to suffer additional violence at the hands of their attackers. According to the US Department of Justice, in at least 86 per cent of the reported cases of rape or sexual assault against American Indian and Alaska Native women, survivors report that the perpetrators are non-Native men.
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Guys, It's SO hard to be a bigot these days! Screw all these non-discrimination policies!

Virginia attorney general to colleges: End gay protections

RICHMOND -- Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II has urged the state's public colleges and universities to rescind policies that ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, arguing in a letter sent to each school that their boards of visitors had no legal authority to adopt such statements.

In his most aggressive initiative on conservative social issues since taking office in January, Cuccinelli (R) wrote in the letter sent Thursday that only the General Assembly can extend legal protections to gay state employees, students and others -- a move the legislature has repeatedly declined to take as recently as this week.

The letter demonstrates an increasing split in the region's policies on issues related to sexual orientation. It comes in the same week that the District began issuing marriage licenses for gay couples and a week after Maryland's attorney general announced that his state will recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

Cuccinelli's move has dismayed students and faculty members. It suggests that Cuccinelli intends to take a harder line with the state's university system, where liberal academics have long coexisted uneasily with state leaders in Richmond.

"It is my advice that the law and public policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia prohibit a college or university from including 'sexual orientation,' 'gender identity,' 'gender expression,' or like classification as a protected class within its non-discrimination policy absent specific authorization from the General Assembly," he wrote in the letter.

Colleges that have included such language in policies that govern university hiring and admissions -- which include all of Virginia's largest schools -- have done so "without proper authority" and should "take appropriate actions to bring their policies in conformance with the law and public policy of Virginia," Cuccinelli wrote.

Official representatives of several universities, including the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, the College of William and Mary and George Mason University, reacted cautiously to the letter, declining to comment and indicating that their governing boards would examine the issue.

But some individual college board members and others said Cuccinelli's action would be highly controversial on campuses, where many argue that such policies are necessary to attract top students and faculty.

"What he's saying is reprehensible," said Vincent F. Callahan Jr., a former Republican member of the House of Delegates who serves on George Mason's board of visitors. "I don't know what he's doing, opening up this can of worms."

It is not entirely clear what recourse Cuccinelli would have if the universities do not follow his advice. Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, general counsel to the gay rights group Equality Virginia and a former deputy attorney general, urged boards to seek a second opinion. "They call it advice for a reason," she said.

Former attorney general Jerry Kilgore (R) agreed it would be difficult for Cuccinelli to enforce his opinion without pursuing court action. But he said college visitors swear an oath to abide by state statute.

"Board members are required to follow the law," Kilgore said. "And he's telling them what the law is."

EDIT: Source

"Chemicals of Life" Found in Comet

Scientists have identified one of the fundamental chemical buildings blocks of life in a comet for the first time, the US space agency (Nasa) reports.

Glycine is an amino acid found in proteins, the sophisticated molecules that organisms use to build and maintain their systems.

It was detected in the material ejected from Comet Wild-2 in 2004 and grabbed by Nasa's Stardust probe.

The idea that life was "seeded" on the early Earth by comets is a popular one.

Many scientists hold to the theory that billions of years ago, a bombardment by these mountainous balls of ice and rock brought important chemical precursors for life to our planet.

Somehow evolution was kick-started from this primordial "soup", they believe.

"The discovery of glycine in a comet supports the idea that the fundamental building blocks of life are prevalent in space, and strengthens the argument that life in the Universe may be common rather than rare," commented Dr Carl Pilcher, who leads Nasa's Astrobiology Institute.

See how Stardust grabbed material from Comet Wild-2

Glycine has been detected in meteorites before and there are also observations in interstellar gas clouds claimed for telescopes, but the Stardust find is described as a first in cometary material.

The Nasa spacecraft flew past the 5km-wide icy Comet 81P/Wild-2 in January 2004.

The probe swept up particles fizzing off the object's surface as it passed some 240km (149 miles) from the comet's core, or nucleus. These tiny grains, just a few thousandths or a millimetre in size, were then returned to Earth in 2006 in a sealed capsule.

Distributed among the world's leading astro-labs, the specimens have since been giving researchers a remarkable insight into the conditions that must have existed in the earliest phases of the Solar System when planets and comets were forming.

Nasa said in a statement that it took sometime for the investigating team, led by Dr Jamie Elsila, to convince itself that the glycine signature found in Stardust's sample bay was genuine and not just Earthly contamination.

Akuma River

size doesn't matter

Scientists Unravel Mysteries of Intelligencea
By Amanda Gardner
HealthDay Reporter by Amanda Gardner
healthday Reporter – Fri Feb 26, 5:03 pm ET

FRIDAY, Feb. 26 (HealthDay News) -- It's not a particular brain region that makes someone smart or not smart.

Nor is it the strength and speed of the connections throughout the brain or such features as total brain volume.

Instead, new research shows, it's the connections between very specific areas of the brain that determine intelligence and often, by extension, how well someone does in life.
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Libural Article About "The Enemy Being Us". Hogwash!

Republicans Continue Their Fight Against Mooslim Tyrant Despot Dictator Hitler-Stalinist Usurper That Will Kill Us All With Socialism!

When raw anger at government turns violent

The river of discontent running through America turned toxic in the fevered mind of the Pentagon shooter and others of his ilk. In a culture awash in conspiracy theories and raw anger at government, they are lone wolves who find a sense of community for their hate – yet act alone.

They are, in some ways, more unsettling than organized and trained terrorists because they come from us.

Their diatribes and smoldering grievances are familiar and homegrown.
For the Texan who steered a small plane into IRS offices last month, it was taxes. For the Nevadan who shot at a courthouse in January, it was his Social Security.

In these times, disgust with authority – a president, a tax law, a health plan, one political party or both – comes with a hard-edged hallelujah chorus.

Few kill. But many rant.
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Lithuanian law on the "protection" of minors enters the statute book

The Lithuanian Law on the Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effects of Public Information is entering into force today [March 1st, 2010]. The law bars ‘minors’ from receiving information about any type of sexual relationships, and seeks to protect the ‘traditional’ concept of family defined by the Constitution as based on the union between a man and a woman.

Last September the European Parliament officially condemned an earlier draft of the law forbidding the “propaganda of homosexuality and bisexuality” to minors. The proposed law gravely threatened freedom of expression and the right to impart and receive information freely, guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Michael Cashman MEP, Co-president of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights, declared: “The latest version of the law is marginally better than earlier drafts. Nevertheless, the European Union will not let a Member State restrict its citizens’ fundamental rights. Lithuanian people, including young people, are the victims of parliamentarians’ outdated fears: what they need is access to information on the society and family of the twenty-first century. What we need to promote is honesty about all forms of loving relationships.”

Ulrike Lunacek MEP, Co-president of the Intergroup on LGBT Rights, added: “I am happy there is no explicit mention of homosexuality anymore in the text. But referring to the traditional concept of family is also problematic: not just because it refers only to a couple made up of a man and a woman, but also because male domestic violence against women and children has been a taboo in traditional concepts of family. Young people in Lithuania need information about modern concepts of partnership and family!”

The European Parliament and the European Commission will closely monitor the application of the law and its effects on the fundamental rights of Lithuanian citizens—including minors. The annual Baltic Pride will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on the 7th and 8th May.


I can't find the law text anywhere - anyone who is from Lithuania, or maybe it's been covered in Russian language media too? I'd be curious what the law actually says.
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Weekend Interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef: 'They Need to Be Liberated From Their God'

Zina Saunders

'I absolutely know that in anybody's eyes I was a traitor," says Mosab Hassan Yousef. "To my family, to my nation, to my God. I crossed all the red lines in my society. I didn't leave one that I didn't cross."

Now 32, Mosab is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founder and leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Throughout the last decade, from the second Intifada to the current stalemate, he worked alongside his father in the West Bank. During that time the younger Mr. Yousef also secretly embraced Christianity. And as he reveals in his book "Son of Hamas," out this week, he became one of the top spies for Israel's internal security arm, the Shin Bet.

The news of this double conversion has sent ripples through the Middle East. One of Mr. Yousef's handlers at the Shin Bet confirmed his account to the Israeli daily Haaretz. Hamas—already reeling from the assassination of a senior military chief in Dubai in January—calls his claims Zionist propaganda. From the Israeli prison he has occupied since 2005, Sheikh Yousef on Monday issued a statement that he and his family "have completely disowned the man who was our oldest son and who is called Mosab."

For the past two years, Mosab Yousef has lived near San Diego, where he's kept a low profile out of concern for his security. The U.S. is currently weighing his application for political asylum, and until his confession to espionage and the publicity blitz that accompanied it this week, only knew him as the son of a terrorist who sometimes attends evangelical churches in California. The book is intended to launch a new life in America.

Mr. Yousef, whose large, engaging eyes sit prominently on an oval face, says he was confused for many years himself, and realizes many people will be as well. His family has been shamed and old friends refuse to believe him. The book, a Le Carréesque thriller wrapped in a spiritual coming-of-age story, is an attempt to answer what he says "is impossible to imagine"—"how I ended up working for my enemies who hurt me, who hurt my dad, who hurt my people."

"There is a logical explanation," he continues in fairly fluent English. "Simply my enemies of yesterday became my friends. And the friends of yesterday became really my enemies."

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"E-mail compares first lady to Tarzan's Cheeta".

Local Leaders Say Third Strike Against State Image

POSTED: 5:34 pm CST March 6, 2010
UPDATED: 7:08 pm CST March 6, 2010

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Walt Baker spent Saturday apologizing for an e-mail he sent to a few close friends, including a legislative aide, the president of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, and members of the press.

"I am sorry for my actions. I am sorry for the offensive contents of the email," Baker said. "I can only hope those that know me can find it in their hearts to forgive me."

The e-mail starts off saying, "I don't care who you are, ... this is funny." It then compares first lady Michelle Obama to Tarzan's sidekick Cheeta, a chimpanzee. At the bottom of the e-mail is a picture of Michelle Obama in an awkward moment with her lips pursed. Next to it is a picture of a picture of a chimpanzee with a similar expression.

As the CEO of the Tennessee Hospitality Association and a representative of the state's hotels and restaurants, Baker is trying to make amends.

"I'm disappointed in myself," he said.

But many feel the damage is already done. Collapse )

Not surprised, but yeah.
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sitakhet butts in on the Women's History Month fun

Et le couple?

Leaf through any women's magazine. Only look at the advertisements where a man and a woman are presented (there are few.) The result? You might think you were reading a harlequin novel, no more, no less. On the menu tonight: seduction, sensuality, tenderness, and...submission.

At least, this is the conclusion Marie-France Cyr comes to. She has done her PhD thesis in Communications, specifically on the representations of the couple in advertisements featured in women's mags (1993.) In 2003, she repeated the exercise, and she wants to do so again in 2013. For La Presse, she has accepted to present the fruits of her observations so far.

"The Harlequin Couple has never been stronger," she says. "It's incredible - there has been a rise in the 'traditional model,' where visually the woman is subordinate to the man."

In her initial research, Marie-France Cyr analyzed 352 advertisements in four magazines: Châtelain, Clin d'Oeil, Elle Québec and Femme Plus. It's important to note that scenes with couples only account for 5% of all advertisements. In these, Cyr observed three models: the 'traditional' model (where the woman is visually subordinate, either under him, in the background, tilting her head); the 'reversed' model (where the woman is dominating, through either maternal, seductive or dominatrix characteristics), and the 'egalitarian' model which has no power games.

Cyr flipped through about ten magazines for us in 2010, and analyzed 18 images. "I have no right to generalize, but the trend is incredible," she says. In 1993, the Harlequin couple (the 'traditional' model,) was present in 48% of the advertisements. In 2003, it had quietly imposed itself in 54% of the images. In 2010, it was completely dominating at 78%. The 'reversed' model, with the subordinate man, passed from 32% to 17%, while the 'egalitarian' model is in a constant downward spiral - from 20% in 1993 to 6% today.

"It's very worrying," Cyr concludes. "I thought that there would be a reduction of this 'traditional' model, with the pressure from feminist groups, but I'm seeing that, visually, there's a rise in the representations where the women is subordinate."

Original french source, translated by yours truly!
The source also has some other similar articles linked at the bottom of this one, if anyone reads french!