March 21st, 2010

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Palestinians throw rocks at IDF, IDF retaliates by throwing bullets into their backs and heads

Mohammed Ibrahim Qaddous, 16, was shot dead with live ammunition when a Border Police force raided his village of Iraq Burin near Nablus to quash a demonstration this afternoon. Another 16 year old was shot in the head and critically injured.

Qaddous was shot at 3pm this afternoon in the aftermath of a demonstration in the village of Iraq Burin protesting restrictions on access to their lands beneath the Jewish-only settlement of Har Brakha. He was shot in the back, indicating he could not have been posing any threat to the soldiers who shot him. At the same time, Ussayed Jamal Abd elNasser, 16, was shot in the head with live ammunition and critically injured. They were both evacuated to a hospital in Nablus where Ussayed is currently being operated on.

The demonstrators set out towards the village’s lands after midday prayer, and were immediately confronted by soldiers who shot bursts of live ammunition in the air. They then continued to shoot tear-gas and rubber bullets towards the villagers in an attempt to prevent them from reaching their lands. Following the unprovoked attack on the villagers, who were accompanied by 15 international activists, intermittent clashes ensued.

After about two hours, the Army retreated towards the settlement and demonstrators went back to the village. Shortly after, armored Border Police jeeps invaded the village, arrested three people and raided houses. A few minutes later, live shots were fired at a small group of young men, some of which were throwing stones. The shots resulted in one fatality and one critical injury to the head.

source / CNN story
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LIVE POST: House Debate & Vote

On C-SPAN right now.
Watch here:

Final vote coming in approx 4-5 hours at approximately 11 PM EST

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@AnandWrites (a New York Times writer) just made the #hcrplus tag, for idea-based discussion instead of name-calling.

News as it happens:

NBC news reporting BART STUPAK WILL VOTE YES (The Hill)
(meaning he probably got a deal, maybe a presidential executive order)

CNN reporting he is not a done deal yet. (Talking Points Memo)

Baird flips from No to YES (TPM)

TIME's Jay Newton-Small reports on Twitter: Protester #1 just got dragged from gallery. "You took an oath of office!" Protesters outside r encouraging folks to disrupt proceedings. Barney Frank: I'm appalled that GOP members were cheering someone who's disrupting, yelling "kill d bill" hatred outside & it's dangerous 2 encourage them inside where u get civilians trying drag the guy out of the gallery (Twitter) - thanks to danceprincess20

Rep. Earl Pomeroy will remain a YES -- was considered a possible flip (Twitter)

Stupak: There is no agreement, will not comment on possibility of an executive order. (TPM)

Cantor: Republicans will work to repeal & replace the bill with new reform. (TPM)

Democratic sources say Pelosi has the votes, but no agreed abortion deal. (TPM)

Oh the humanity: Stupak announces ANOTHER press conference (after cancelling his last two). Presumably will announce how he's voting. (Twitter)

Report: Stupak and the White House have finally struck a deal.
President Barack Obama would sign an executive order ensuring that no federal funding will go to pay for abortion under the health reform plans. In addition, Stupak will get to state his concerns about abortion funding in the bill during a colloquy on the House floor during the debate.

Stupaker Steve Driehaus: ""We've changed [our votes]." (The Hill)

Text of White House's executive order released. (The Atlantic)

Paul Ryan (R-eally likes charts): "They're gonna be able to pass this bill". (TPM)

Anthony Weiner faces the tea partiers. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) took the trip out to the second floor balcony himself and came back visibly distraught. (Huffington Post)

Note: the vote is now projected to come at approx 11 PM EST. Even if that's off, there will be a second HCR post, so don't worry about filling this one.


Renaming of Nation Will Confuse Our Libural Enemies! Long Live The Queen of Amaricas!

Tired of living in Treason America? Move To Real Amaricas!

Michele Bachmann 'Amaricas Congress Woman,' Her Website Declares

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) hasn't been caught writing any core beliefs on her hand to remember them, but her reelection campaign seems to have trouble remembering the name of the country she serves.

"Michele Bachmann - Amaricas Congress Woman" reads
the search banner for Bachmann's campaign Website, spotted Saturday by HuffPost's Jason Linkins.

If Bachmann herself has trouble spelling "America" and "Congresswoman" or employing basic punctuation, that might explain, in part, her antipathy for the U.S. Census Bureau.
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Forget Popcorn; Executive Demands Healthy Treats at Movie Theaters

Instead of hearing the rustle of candy wrappers, moviegoers may be interrupted by the sound of people munching on apples and carrots. Sony Pictures Entertainment Chief Executive Michael Lynton wants theater owners to put down the popcorn and candy and start offering healthier treats, the L.A. Times reports. While there's nothing quite like a bag of popcorn smothered in butter, patrons watching their waistlines would finally have nutritious snacking options. While some movie theater managers are open to the option, patrons seem more upset about the change to an age-old tradition.

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Pope Benedict accused of ignoring abuse allegations against Hullerman

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NOT long after a portly, jovial priest in the German industrial city of Essen was accused of sexually abusing three boys in 1979, he was offered a new home in Munich by Joseph Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI.

Ratzinger, who was Archbishop of Munich and Freising at the time, wanted Father Peter Hullermann — known to friends in the church as “Hulli” — to undergo psychotherapy.

A psychiatrist quickly concluded that Hullermann was untreatable, however.

“I told the church officials that Hullermann must never be allowed to work with children again,” said Werner Huth, the psychiatrist, in an interview with The Sunday Times this weekend.

“He did not seem to want or be able to co-operate fully during the therapy. He had an alcohol problem and the assaults on the children mostly happened when he had been under the influence of alcohol.”

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House of Representatives: Health Care Debate and Vote

On C-SPAN right now.
Watch here:

Final vote coming at approximately 11 9:30 PM EST

Previous post & updates available here

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Jesse Jackson Confronts Tea Partiers. "'Get a real job, you commie,' one man yelled. 'Father another child out of wedlock while you're at it,' said another. And in an especially bizarre moment, a black Tea Party protester used a bullhorn to question whether Jackson was there when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated." Video here.

House Will Vote On Senate Bill First, Then Reconciliation Package House Press Gallery staff explained the process for tonight's votes: After about two and a half hours of debate, and a couple of procedural votes, the House will vote on the Senate bill, and then the reconciliation package.

The Majority Leader’s office has advised that votes are likely to begin in 15-30 minutes. (At about 10:30 EST)

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women's history month with brecho: day twenty-one

Sisters in Islam calls for end to child marriage

Sisters in Islam calls for an end to child marriage as it is an unacceptable practice in the present day and age. It is shocking that this practice still exists in a country like Malaysia because of a loophole in the Islamic Family Law and a continuing belief that Muslim girls can be married off once they reach puberty.

Any campaign to reduce the practice of child marriage in Muslim societies face particular criticisms and challenges from conservative religious forces, as can be seen in the controversy over the two recent cases of child marriage in Kelantan.
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House of Representatives: Health Care Debate and Vote

On C-SPAN right now.
Watch here:

First post & updates available here
Second post & updates available here

Health care reform Twitter list
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Official rollcall

Analysis of Democratic "no"s and flips

Several sources reporting a Republican member of Congress yelled "baby killer" while Stupak was talking. Developing...

New Savior of Fetuses Could Be Texan or Southern or Both!!

Glorious Bastard Steps Up and Takes Credit For His Display of Bravery Glorious Bastard, Who We Shall Keep His Name for His Safety, is Indispose at The Moment...

GOP lawmaker shrieks ‘baby killer’ at pro-life Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak.

When House Republicans tried to use a motion to recommit to send the reconciliation package of health reforms back to committee to essentially kill the bill, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) gave a passionate speech urging his colleagues not to fall for the ploy. Stupak said that Democrats have moved a pro-life bill in every way, by restricting taxpayer funds to abortion and by providing millions of Americans will quality health insurance. However, CNN is reporting that as Stupak gave his speech, a Republican lawmaker yelled “baby killer” at him. Murmurs were heard from the Democratic side of the aisle, and a Democratic lawmaker shouted “who said that?” No Republican answered. Watch it:

CNN’s David Gergen observed that Republicans had joined rowdy, and at times vulgar, tea party protesters all weekend in rallying against the bill. He warned that the heavy influence of the tea parties, Rush Limbaugh, and other extreme right-wing voices is dangerous for the Republicans politically.

Update Rep. John Campbell (R-CA), who was initially suspected as the GOP lawmaker who screamed "baby killer" at Stupak, told reporters that he believed that it came from a member sitting a row behind him, where the Texas Republicans usually sit. "The people who know won't give it up," Campbell told reporters. He said the remark, which was uttered in a "Southern accent," was "clear as a bell."
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Health care reform: Conservative circular firing squad! Ready ... aim ...

Let the (Republican) finger-pointing begin!

Former Bush speechwriter David Frum says that while he opposes the health care reform plan, its passage will represent a major defeat for the Republican Party. In his words, it will be the GOP’s "Waterloo."

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Whether or not you agree with everything Frum has to say, it’s a very clear example of the kind of self-examination and finger-pointing that will dominate the discussion inside the GOP in the wake of their defeat on health care reform.