March 25th, 2010


Rock Star Sarah Palin Already Causing Lawsuits! She is Living The American Dream!

Next On "Behind The Music": Celebrity and Average Real American Sarah Palin Forced To Fly on an Used Jet! How Dare Them!

Tea Party Convention Organizer Sued Over ‘Rock Star’ Palin’s Speaker’s Fee

The Tea Party Convention is over. But the war it started is apparently just getting under way. Yesterday, Bill Hemrick, a conservative fund-raiser and the founder of the Upper Deck baseball trading-card company, sued the for-profit convention’s organizer, Judson Phillips, in Williamson County Circuit Court in Tennessee, in a dispute over Sarah Palin’s speaking fee. When Palin agreed to deliver the keynote address at the convention, it put the event in the news. And it was Hemrick, all agree, who provided the $50,000 down payment for Palin’s $100,000 speaking fee. In the suit, Hemrick claims that Phillips had agreed that, in return for helping to close the deal with Palin, Phillips would assist Hemrick with his National Fiscal Conservative Political Action Committee. But after taking the money, Phillips didn’t live up to his part of the deal, and even barred Hemrick from attending the event at all. Hemrick is seeking a minimum of $500,000 in damages and asserts that Phillips defamed him by badmouthing him after their falling-out over Palin.
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Pope Implicated In Cover-Up Of Wisconsin Sex Abuse Case

As a cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI and other Vatican officials did not punish or even hold a trial within the Catholic church for a Wisconsin priest who may have molested as many as 200 deaf boys, according to The New York Times.

The Times reports that despite warnings from "several" bishops to then-Cardinal Ratzinger about Father Lawrence Murphy, a priest at the St. John's School For The Deaf in St. Francis, WI, the Vatican chose not to act and ultimately allowed Murphy to go unpunished before his death in 1998. The Times reports:

In 1996, Cardinal Ratzinger failed to respond to two letters about the case from Rembert G. Weakland, Milwaukee's archbishop at the time. After eight months, the second in command at the doctrinal office, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, now the Vatican's secretary of state, instructed the Wisconsin bishops to begin a secret canonical trial that could lead to Father Murphy's dismissal.

But Cardinal Bertone halted the process after Father Murphy personally wrote to Cardinal Ratzinger protesting that he should not be put on trial because he had already repented and was in poor health and that the case was beyond the church's own statute of limitations.

"I simply want to live out the time that I have left in the dignity of my priesthood," Father Murphy wrote near the end of his life to Cardinal Ratzinger. "I ask your kind assistance in this matter." The files contain no response from Cardinal Ratzinger.

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Obama signs healthcare bill with 22 pens. Who started that idea?

As President Obama sat down to sign the healthcare bill Tuesday, he remarked, “This is going to take a little while.”

Mr. Obama then used 22 pens to sign the historic bill. Each pen contributed a letter, or even just half a letter, to his signature. A full minute and 35 seconds elapsed between when the president began and finished.

As he placed the last pen back in the box, the president announced, “We are done.”

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Marriage rate plunges to a record low in South Korea

Marriage rate plunges to a record low in South Korea

For Sunny Shin, a 32-year-old former ad agency manager, traveling is the biggest pleasure of her life that can’t be traded even for marriage - and so much “painful” baggage she says marriage brings.

“Dealing with in-laws and parenting and household chores are still considered women’s work,” said Shin, who just returned from a three-month-long trip to Spain and Britain and was recently offered a new job. “These don’t seem to be worth sacrificing my current lifestyle for at all.”

Thanks to a generous vacation policy at her previous employer, she has spent nearly a month each year vacationing in countries like Cuba and France.

“How many Korean men and in-laws out there will be liberal enough to deal with me? Very few, is my guess,” she said. “Plus, everyone knows the institution of marriage in this country can be a real battle for women, especially those with a career.”

Shin is hardly alone.

A growing number of Korean educated women, who have a career and fully know the typical difficulties faced by working married women in this country, are shunning tying the knot as long as they can, if they decide to tie the knot at all.

And that definitely showed in yesterday’s data from Statistics Korea.

The nation’s marriage rate - the number of marriages for every 1,000 people in Korea - has plunged to a record low of 6.2 for 2009, the lowest figure since the government started tracking the statistic in 1970.

Such a “marriage strike,” as it has been dubbed by many local media worrying about fewer wedding bells heard across the country, has become a source of big concern among local policy makers grappling with the ever-dropping birthrate.

Korea’s annual fertility rate, or the number of children an average woman has in her lifetime, stood at 1.15 as of last year, the lowest among member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Women are also waiting later to get married and have children. The average age of women giving birth in Korea has constantly climbed, from 27.8 in 1994 to 29 in 2009 and to 31 as of last year.

The number of international marriages - mostly between men in rural areas and women brought from developing countries like Vietnam and China - amounted to 33,300, or about 10.8 percent of the 309,759 marriages that took place across Korea last year.

Among them, marriage between Korean men and foreign women amounted to 25,142, including 11,364 with Chinese women and 7,249 with Vietnamese women. Indeed, 35.2 percent of the 5,640 Korean men in farming and fisheries professions who married last year did so with foreign women.

But the number of such marriages between Korean men and foreign brides has declined after hitting a record high of 30,719. The decline is thought to be due to Seoul’s making it easier for ethnic Koreans in foreign countries to come to Korea to find employment.

“Before then, some foreign women, including those from ethnic Korean communities in China, used marriage as a ruse to come to Korea to find work and send money to their families back home,” said one official at Statistics Korea who asked for customary anonymity.

“But we believe that after the rule took effect in 2005 some fake marriages have disappeared.”

Officials said part of the void is due to the shrinking number of Chinese brides, which has been nearly halved - from 20,582 in 2005 to 11,362 in 2009 - is now starting to be filled by Nepalese brides, whose number has surged from a mere 16 in 2005 to 316 in 2009, and some from the United States.

The recent data also revealed an interesting development concerning marriages between Korean women and foreign men. They slightly rose from 8,041 in 2008 to 8,158 last year.

The surge mostly came from the marriages between Korean women and Chinese men, as the number of such marriages rose from 2,101 in 2008 to 2,617 last year.

Officials said they suspect some of the Chinese brides who came to Korea during the height of international marriages five years ago may have divorced their Korean husbands and married Chinese men.

“We have data showing that about 500 Korean women who married Chinese men last year are actually former Chinese citizens who were naturalized by marriage to Korean citizens,” said the official.

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Not so big in Japan...

Big in Japan? Fat chance for nation's young women, obsessed with being skinny

TOKYO -- As women in the United States and across the industrialized world get fatter, most Japanese women are getting skinnier.

Still, many view themselves as overweight.

"I am quite fat, actually," said Michie Takagi, a 70-year-old grandmother and retired clothing store executive. She has a body mass index (BMI) of 19.9, which is at the thin end of normal. While the average American woman has gained about 25 pounds over the past 30 years, Takagi has gained 4.5 pounds, typical for her age cohort in Japan, according to U.S. and Japanese government figures.

Skinnier still are Japanese women younger than 60, who were thin by international standards three decades ago and who, taken as a group, have since been steadily losing weight.

The trend is most pronounced among women in their 20s. A quarter-century ago, they were twice as likely to be thin as overweight; now they are four times more likely to be thin. For U.S. women of all ages, obesity rates have about doubled since 1980, rising from 17 percent to 35 percent.

Social pressure -- women looking critically at other women -- is the most important reason female skinniness is ascendant in Japan, according to Hisako Watanabe, a child psychiatrist and assistant professor of pediatrics at the Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo.

"Japanese women are outstandingly tense and critical of each other," said Watanabe, who has spent 34 years treating women with eating disorders. "There is a pervasive habit among women to monitor each other with a serious sharp eye to see what kind of slimness they have."

Public health experts say that younger Japanese women, as a group, have probably become too skinny for their own good. Restricted calorie consumption is slowing down their metabolisms, the average birth weight of their babies is declining, and their risk of death in case of serious illness is rising.

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Women in Japan are just disturbingly thin, especially when you see how some women really just don't eat--for anecdata, at my job, the cafeteria had a little side pasta salad, which is in a tiny little bowl, that you could get for about 60 yen. There were women that would buy it...and that's all. That and a cup of tea is all they would have for lunch. Just last winter I was talking to a friend of mine from Korea, and she was wondering why Japanese women were so skinny, and why they didn't eat. The pressure to be thin is really, really high, and it's just sad that Kyoto University, a couple years ago, had to do a study to prove that it was bad to diet while you were pregnant, which is a problem in Japan (not aided by doctors and nurses telling women [anecdate, this time from a friend who had a baby here] they can only gain about 5-7 kilo while pregnant, and any more than that, and they need to go on a diet. WTF)
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Before I begin this post, let me apologize for the editorial cartoon that I am posting in it. This post is about the cartoon, and so the image must be posted; that said, I am so disgusted by the image that I am uncomfortable putting it ahead of this disclaimer.

Quite simply, this political cartoon is vile. It is racist. It is sexist. It may be triggering. It is indefensible. And it is everything that is wrong with the right today. I am sorry I am showing it to you, but I think that it needs to be distributed. People need to actually see what passes for discussion on the right — and why the plaintive pleas that the tea party movement is totally not racist are, flatly, lies.

All right. Here is the image. If you do not wish to see it, please, click away now.

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These people are beyond disgusting.
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Health-reform rally heckler says he's sorry and scared

The man who berated and tossed dollar bills at a man with Parkinson's disease during a health care protest last week says he is remorseful and scared.

"I snapped. I absolutely snapped and I can't explain it any other way," said Chris Reichert of Victorian Village, in a Dispatch interview.

In his first comments on an incident that went viral across the Internet and was repeatedly played on cable television news shows, Reichert said he is sorry about his confrontation with Robert A. Letcher, 60, of the North Side. Letcher, a former nuclear engineer who suffers from Parkinson's, was verbally attacked as he sat before anti-health care demonstrators in front of Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy's district office last week.

"He's got every right to do what he did and some may say I did too, but what I did was shameful," Reichert said. "I haven't slept since that day."

"I made a donation (to a local Parkinson's disease group) and that starts the healing process."

Earlier this week, Reichert, 40, denied any involvement in a confrontation featured in a Dispatch video that drew an emotional response from viewers across the country.

"I wanted this to go away, but it won't and I'm paying the consequences," Reichert said.

He said he's fearful for his family after reading comments about his actions on the Internet.

"I've been looking at the web sites," he said. "People are hunting for me."

The demonstration took place just days before the House voted on health-care reform legislation, drawing hundreds of supporters and opponents. Kilroy herself condemned the action, entering a link to the video into the Congressional Record. Ohio Democrats plan to use the incident to raise money.

When Letcher sat down in front of opponents and held a sign indicating that he had Parkinson's disease, an unidentified man berated him, saying, "If you're looking for a hand-out, you're on the wrong end of town."

Reichert then stepped from the crowd, bent down, pointed a finger in Letcher's face and as he tossed a pair of dollar bills yelled, "I'll pay for this guy. Here you go. Let's start a pot, I'll pay for you. I'll decide when to give you money. Here. Here's another one."

Organizers on both sides of the debate quickly condemned the actions of Reichert and the other man, who still has not been identified. Reichert, a registered Republican, said he is not politically active. He said he heard about the rally on the radio and a neighbor invited him to attend.

"That was my first time at any political rally and I'm never going to another one," Reichert said.

"I will never ever, ever go to another one."

N.J. officials unveil red license decals for young drivers under Kyleigh's Law


State officials announced today how they will implement a new law requiring New Jersey drivers under 21 years old with provisional licenses to place red reflective decals on their license plates to identify themselves as new drivers.

The law, named after Morris County teenager Kyleigh D'Alessio, who died in a car accident when 16 years old, is the first of its kind in the country and becomes effective on May 1, officials said.

The decals, which can be purchased for $4 a pair at motor vehicle agencies starting April 12, are supposed to be affixed to the upper left corner of the front and rear license plates. They can also be removed when an older driver uses the car, or placed on a different car used by the young driver.

The decals were originally going to be orange, Kyleigh's favorite color, but authorities determined red would be more visible.
Raymond Martinez, who runs the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, called the law "one of the most significant steps forward in teen driver safety."

Attorney General Paula Dow said the decals will provide police with probable cause to stop people suspected of breaking motor vehicle laws aimed specifically at younger drivers.

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I went to high school with the kids who died in the accident, so I'm curious to see what you all think of it. Personally, I think people are going overboard with the whole "omg rapers r gonna stalk my kids now" argument. Most teenagers have high school parking passes in their car and as far as I know, nobody has been targeted because of that.
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Biden On 'Big Fucking Deal': Obama Loved It

Republicans spent months griping about the size of the health care bill. Their talking points questioned how anybody could digest 2,700 pages.

Vice President Joe Biden managed to sum it up in four words.

"A big f---ing deal."

His celebratory comment to President Barack Obama during the signing ceremony was picked up by a microphone on live national TV. Those four words spread to all corners of the media, and were even a hot topic in the next morning's presidential briefing.

"You know what the best thing about yesterday was?" Obama reportedly said on Wednesday. "Joe's comment."

Biden shot back, "If you thought it was so good, why didn't you say it?"

According to Biden, who recounted the exchange during a fundraiser later that day, the president tried to have a t-shirt made with the remark but wasn't able to get one in time. Delivery may have been the only problem, as custom t-shirt makers were already taking orders within minutes of Biden's open mic gaffe.

Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun was at the fundraiser in Maryland and got Biden's reflections on what has become a hot internet meme:

With former Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D- MD) in attendance, he said, "I would have never made the faux pas I made the other day if you [Sarbanes] were still around." He said all he could think after he learned the comment had been picked up was "Thank God my mom's not ..."; the rest of comment was drowned out by laughter.

The vice president has been getting a lot of laughs recently, also bringing down the house at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Dinner last Wednesday.

Fenton's pool report indicated that Biden went on to predict some Democratic losses in November. It continues:

Talked about recent health care legislation being passed. "The thing this portends the most is that this country is capable of handling complex, ideological divisive, consequential issues. If we were unable to move the ball on this issue, not only in the political sense might we be dead... But in terms of being able to deal with other major issues on our plate, we would've been done. Absolutely done."

"What happened two days ago represents fundamental change in an incredibly, incredibly difficult political environment."

He said "reports of the demise of the Democratic party in November are premature," to applause, but also predicted Democratic losses in the fall. He said he would be more specific if not for the reporter in the room.

"We're going to have losses. ... Barack generated such an overwhelming turnout and enthusiasm, that we had the biggest turnout in history. It was gigantic. And a lot of really good Democrats got washed up on shore and all of a sudden were Congressmen, in districts that Democrats have no business having Congressmen. I'm not here to tell you we're gaining seats. But I'm telling you, we're going to go into the second half of our administration, with a solid Democratic majority in the House and the Senate, and with the wind at our backs."

He said Republicans were dishonest about their interest in health care. "The ace we have in our pocket is the Republican party. The Republicans concluded that their success lies in our failure."

He claimed that he knows of at least seven senators who want to vote with Democrats but were instructed by the party not to. "The American people are smart. They smell a rat. They know there was nothing about trying to get a better bill."

About 60 people attended the fundraiser at Cordish's home in Lutherville, just north of Baltimore. Ticket prices started at $2,500 per person.



LMFAO!!  I fucking love these two!!  :D  <333

Young man knits blankets for babies of unwed moms

In St. Louis, TV station KSDK aired the story of Darryl Currie, 16, a high school student who picked up knitting. "Every time I knit, I learn something new, Darryl says. A school group, called Blankets for Babies, sends the blankets to a shelter for pregnant women. That development made Darryl's mom even prouder of her son. The shelter, Our Ladies Inn, is where she stayed when she was pregnant with Darryl.


Komissar Thurbert Baker Refuses To Hear The Will of The People To Waste Tax Payers Money!!

Georgia's Gov Promises To Burn Piles and Piles of Money Until Socialized Medicine is Destroyed!

Georgia Attorney General Faces Impeachment Threat After Refusing To File Anti-Health Care Lawsuit

Georgia lawmakers reacted to Wednesday's news that their Attorney General, Democrat Thurbert Baker, would not sign on to a multi-state lawsuit to block the health care bill in his state by filing papers to have him impeached.

The blog Peach Pundit reports that the resolution to impeach Baker, also a candidate for Georgia governor, now has at least 30 signatures and is still going forward.

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, a Republican, petitioned Baker to sign on to the joint lawsuit filed by more than a dozen attorneys general across the country earlier this week that seeks to shield states from the effects of the new health bill, including the so-called "individual mandate," which forces most people to buy insurance.

"I cannot justify a decision to initiate expensive and time-consuming litigation that I believe has no legal merit,"
Baker wrote in a two-page response to Gov. Perdue. "In short, this litigation is likely to fail and will consume significant amounts of taxpayers' hard-earned money in the process."

On Thursday Gov. Perdue said he would appoint a "special attorney general" to sign on to the lawsuit challenging the health care bill since Baker would not do it himself, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Perdue made the announcement a day after state Attorney General Thurbert Baker, a Democrat running for governor, told Perdue, a Republican, he would not pursue a lawsuit.

Though the impeachment process appears to be in motion, some see it as a futile distraction that will not succeed because the threshold for impeachment is so high. It requires a vote of one-half of the State House and two-thirds of the State Senate.
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Aristocrats at the tea party

RIGHT-WING lunacy seemed to burst out all over in February, with the tea party movement conference held in Nashville earlier in the month, followed last week by the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

According to a poll by CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation, some 11 percent of Americans say they've engaged in "active support" for the tea party movement--a vaguely defined label applied to anti-tax, anti-"Big Government," pro-"patriotic" agitation. Only 5 percent of people claim to have "attended a rally or meeting held by any organization associated with the tea party movement"--a relatively small number, especially considering that polls tracking "activism" have a record of inflating such numbers.

But you'd never know that from the media. To hear them tell it, America is being swallowed under by a right-wing tidal wave.
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Source: Socialist Worker

A very, very nice run-down of the Tea Party movement from a Socialist perspective, along with some definitive, quotable outings of Tea Party corporate-influenced corruption and opportunism.

The last paragraphs make a very cognizant point as well, that the Tea Party is capitalizing on a reserve of anger and frustration which people are feeling about the economy. The problem is that our political climate doesn't have a good labor movement, and the working people are disenfranchised -- their voice is not their own. It leads to the capitalists that left them in shambles exploiting them to maintain their power and break the system further for their own gain. Misdirected anger. Of course though, the article acknowledges also that a lot of people in the Tea Party are just rich entitled jerks. Like always, please just read before you comment.

It's why I've been telling a lot of my friends, there needs to be some real advocacy and left-wing activism directed at the common man that isn't just government apologism, but really hitting the state. We can't let manufactured right-wing, psuedo-nationalist fervor take hold.

Mathsputin Beatch-slaps Poincaré Conjecture

New Evidence Links Math with Communism!! Numbers are Brainwashing Our Children!!!

Grigori Perelman, Reclusive Russian Math Genius, Refuses $1 Million Prize

Dr Grigori Perelman, a reclusive Russian genius, is refusing to accept the prestigious $1 million "Millennium" mathematics prize awarded by the Clay Mathematics Institute in Cambridge, MA.

Perelman was awarded the prize for solving the one-hundred-year-old Poincaré conjecture, one of the most complicated mathematical problems in the world - so complex, in fact, that after Perelman posted his proofs in 2002 it took several years for other experts to confirm he was correct.

Now Perelman's refusal to accept the prize - the second prestigious prize he has refused - has led some to examine his unorthodox life and dub him "Mathsputin."

The 44-year-old Perelman currently resides with his mother and sister in his hometown of St. Petersberg, living extremely humbly. One neighbor told a Moscow newspaper, "He always wears the same tatty coat and trousers. He never cuts his nails or beard. When he walks he simply stares at the ground, rather than looking from side to side."

Another neighbor told of a time she had visited Perelman's apartment due to problems with cockroaches.

"I was once in his flat and I was astounded," she said. "He only has a table, a stool and a bed with a dirty mattress which was left by previous owners -- alcoholics who sold the flat to him."

After performing some teaching in American universities in 2003, Perelman has apparently given up on mathematics, dismayed at the intellectual and moral failings of his peers. Instead, according to reports, he likes to play table tennis against a wall in his apartment. "You are disturbing me. I am picking mushrooms," he told a journalist who managed to get in touch with him.

A number of appeals have been made to Perelman to accept the prize and give the money to charity. "Each suffering child and each mother entangled in circumstances of her life could receive help," wrote the chairwoman of one Russian children's charity.

In Germany, Scientology Outrage Over a Critical Film

In a scene in a new fictional movie about Scientology called Until Nothing Remains, one of the group's leaders is giving an impassioned speech to followers in Germany. The camera pulls in tighter on the man's face, and all of a sudden, he cries out "Clear Germany!" to a round of rapturous applause. No, he's not talking about pushing all non-believers out of the country — he's referring to "the state of clear," a condition characterized by an absence of painful, reactive and uncontrollable emotions.

Because of scenes like this that Scientologists believe depict their religion in a frightening way, the group is not the least bit happy about the film, which airs on Germany's ARD public television network on March 31. In fact, Scientologists claim they are the victims of a "hate campaign" being propagated by the movement's critics. But Carl Bergengruen, the head of drama at a public broadcaster in southwest Germany who was instrumental in getting the movie made, insists that the filmmakers did not set out to vilify Scientology but to show how people can be drawn to "promises of salvation." 


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Wisconsin's Black 4th Graders Have Worst Reading Scores in U.S.

Overall, state’s 4th-graders losing ground, 8th-graders beat average

Reading scores for Wisconsin's African-American fourth-graders trail those of their racial peers in every other state and the District of Columbia, according to a national government report that delivered dire news Wednesday about how Wisconsin prepares its students.
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No one knows what the hell is going on with the Cantor Bullet Story

House GOP No. 2: Someone shot at my office

Rep. Eric Cantor, the number two Republican in the House of Representatives, said Thursday that a bullet had been shot through a window at his district office in Richmond, Virginia. He also said he had received threatening messages.

He said he would not publicly release the messages out of concern that doing so would only incite further violence.

He also accused Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine and Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland - a member of the Democratic House leadership - of "fanning the flames" of violence by using threats that have been made against Democratic members "as political weapons."

"Enough is enough," Cantor said. "It has to stop."

More than 10 Democrats have reported trouble since the weekend health care vote, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland, told reporters on Wednesday.

Windows have been smashed at Democratic offices in at least three states, and federal agents are investigating whether a cut gas line at the home of a Virginia congressman's brother was related to the lawmaker's yes vote.

Democratic congressional leaders have demanded Republicans join them in condemning a spate of threats and vandalism that has followed Sunday's vote on  a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. health care system.



Possible shot fired at office building of Cantor consultant



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Man Recounts Abuse By Wisconsin Priest, Says Pope Should Be Held Accountable

A victim of molestation perpetrated by Father Lawrence C. Murphy recounted his abuse Thursday in a news conference outside the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

SNAP, The Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests, called the news conference in the wake of revelations that top Vatican officials, including the future Pope Benedict XVI, did not defrock Murphy, despite warnings about him.

"The pope knew about this. He's the one who knew about this," Arthur Budzinski said. "He should be held accountable. I believe somebody should be punished."

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Obama Twitter account 'hacked by Frenchman'

Once again the media thinks guessing a password is hacking.

A Frenchman who police say hacked Twitter accounts belonging to US President Barack Obama and celebrities could face jail.

The unemployed 25-year-old was arrested on Tuesday after an operation lasting several months, conducted by French police with agents from the FBI.

The 25-year-old is said to have hacked into the micro-blogging website, by simply guessing users' passwords.

The suspect reportedly targeted other celebrities, including Britney Spears.

After being questioned by police, he was ordered to appear at court in the central French city of Clermont-Ferrand on 24 June.

Hacking into a database in France is a crime which can carry a two-year jail term.

The suspect, who used the pseudonym "Hacker Croll", had no specialist training, Adeline Champagnat, head of the French central office against online fraud, told Reuters news agency.

He gained access to Twitter accounts by simply working out the answers to password reminder questions on targets' e-mail accounts, according to investigators.

fyi, this is the same way sarah palin's email was 'hacked.'
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Full Body Scanner Abuse at Heathrow Airport

The police have issued a warning for harassment against an airport worker after he allegedly took a photo of a female colleague as she went through a full-body scanner at Heathrow airport.

The incident, which occurred at terminal 5 on 10 March, is believed to be the first time an airport worker has been formally disciplined for misusing the scanners.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Police received an allegation regarding an incident that happened at Heathrow Terminal 5 on March 10. A first-instance harassment warning has been issued to a 25-year-old male."

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Arghgfghghghg. So many people were worried about this happening, and yet officals kept saying saving the pictures wasn't possible(?), and that we had nothing to worry about. Rage.

For those curious, here is an example of what it looks like, though I've seen examples of lesser quality: [[NSFW]]
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Disputed isle in Bay of Bengal disappears into sea

NEW DELHI – For nearly 30 years, India and Bangladesh have argued over control of a tiny rock island in the Bay of Bengal. Now rising sea levels have resolved the dispute for them: the island's gone.

New Moore Island in the Sunderbans has been completely submerged, said oceanographer Sugata Hazra, a professor at Jadavpur University in Calcutta. Its disappearance has been confirmed by satellite imagery and sea patrols, he said.

"What these two countries could not achieve from years of talking, has been resolved by global warming," said Hazra.

Scientists at the School of Oceanographic Studies at the university have noted an alarming increase in the rate at which sea levels have risen over the past decade in the Bay of Bengal.

Until 2000, the sea levels rose about 3 millimeters (0.12 inches) a year, but over the last decade they have been rising about 5 millimeters (0.2 inches) annually, he said.

Another nearby island, Lohachara, was submerged in 1996, forcing its inhabitants to move to the mainland, while almost half the land of Ghoramara island was underwater, he said. At least 10 other islands in the area were at risk as well, Hazra said.

"We will have ever larger numbers of people displaced from the Sunderbans as more island areas come under water," he said.

Bangladesh, a low-lying delta nation of 150 million people, is one of the countries worst-affected by global warming. Officials estimate 18 percent of Bangladesh's coastal area will be underwater and 20 million people will be displaced if sea levels rise 1 meter (3.3 feet) by 2050 as projected by some climate models.

India and Bangladesh both claimed the empty New Moore Island, which is about 3.5 kilometers (2 miles) long and 3 kilometers (1.5 miles) wide. Bangladesh referred to the island as South Talpatti.

There were no permanent structures on New Moore, but India sent some paramilitary soldiers to its rocky shores in 1981 to hoist its national flag.

The demarcation of the maritime boundary — and who controls the remaining islands — remains an open issue between the two South Asian neighbors, despite the disappearance of New Moore, said an official in India's foreign ministry, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on international disputes.

Bangladesh officials were not available for comment Wednesday.


Puritan News: David Frum Caught While Fondling Libural Ideas! Receives Scarlet Letter!

Frum Gets a Twofer: The L is for "Libural" and The A is "Abomination"

David Frum, AEI SPLIT: Conservative's Position 'Terminated' By Major Think Tank

Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum has resigned from the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, Frum announced on his Web site Thursday afternoon -- a move which suggests the conservative movement has cut ties with Frum over the straight talk he has been providing all week.

Following the passage of health care reform in the House, Frum made waves with a column for declaring that health care had proven to been "Waterloo" for the GOP, not for Obama as Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) infamously suggested. Republican lawmakers quickly dismissed Frum, a prominent reformist conservative, as a mere "former staffer."

Then Frum said on "Nightline" that the Republican Party's lockstep with the Fox News attack machine has hurt the party, and that "we're discovering we work for Fox." That may have been the last straw for AEI President Arthur Brooks.

"I have been a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute since 2003. At lunch today, AEI President Arthur Brooks and I came to a termination of that relationship," Frum wrote on his Web site. The full text of his "resignation" letter is below:
Dear Arthur, This will memorialize our conversation at lunch today. Effective immediately, my position as a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute is terminated. I appreciate the consideration that delays my emptying of my office until after my return from travel next week. Premises will be vacated no later than April 9.

I have had many fruitful years at the American Enterprise Institute, and I do regret this abrupt and unexpected conclusion of our relationship.

Very truly yours,
David Frum


Who Needs "State Opt Out" When You Can Kill The Whole Thing?

Attorney Generals Too Busy Hunting Down The Real Criminal: Socialism

Wyden: Health Care Lawsuits Moot, States Can Opt Out Of Mandate

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has a message for all the attorneys general and Republican lawmakers who are threatening lawsuits and claiming that an individual mandate for insurance coverage is unconstitutional: You don't have to abide by it -- just set up your own plan.

The Oregon Democrat isn't inviting opponents to defy the newly-enacted health care law. Instead, he's pointing out a provision in the bill that makes moot the argument over the legality of the individual mandate.
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Hamas to execute suspected Israeli spies in Gaza

The Islamist Hamas movement which rules Gaza said on Wednesday it would soon begin executing people convicted of spying for Israel despite objections from human rights groups.

"The death penalty will be implemented for (Israeli) agents who have been sentenced to death, regardless of the position of rights groups that reject these kinds of sentences," Hamas interior minister Fathi Hammad said.

"The near future will witness the carrying out of the death sentences," he said in a statement.

The Hamas-run government said the sentences had been handed down in the last two months, with some alleged informers given prison time.

Hamas has approved the death penalty for informers, murderers and drug dealers but has not officially executed anyone since it seized power in Gaza in June 2007 after driving out forces loyal to president Mahmud Abbas.

However, several alleged informers were killed by armed groups during the Gaza war at the turn of last year, according to rights groups.

Last August, the New York-based Human Rights Watch accused Hamas of killing at least 32 political opponents and suspected informers during and after the war, and of maiming dozens of others.

Palestinian law says the president must approve all execution orders before they can be carried out, but Hamas is likely to bypass this as it no longer recognises the legitimacy of Abbas, whose four-year term ended in 2009.

Israeli security forces routinely use Palestinian informers in the occupied territories, who play a key role in thwarting attacks and assassinating top militants.

Palestinian human rights organisations have condemned the extra-judicial killings and demanded that suspected collaborators be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

&#39; jules

All about the empathy!

NRCC On Perriello: He's Not The Victim -- His Constituents Are

Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) is one of the Democratic lawmakers who has been targeted after the health care vote -- and one Republican group suggests he has only himself to blame for the situation.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Andy Sere said that while his organization doesn't condone the actions of the person or people who cut a gas line at Perriello's brother's house (apparently under the impression that the home was the congressman's), Perriello is not the victim.

"Central and Southside Virginians are the ones who are going to have the bear the burden of increased taxes," Sere told The Roanoke Times. "What you're seeing is a frustration among his constituents who believe he's not listening to them."

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So sick of your shit right now, Republicans.

quick edit: double your fun:

Tom Perriello: John Boehner not protecting members

You know I was kind of hoping Perriello would become known across the country for his courageous votes and innovative infrastructure ideas instead of this. :|

Kill Bill Vol 2010

The Women’s Reservation Bill suddenly seems to have become a weapon to put all the Mandal parties in their place.

THERE HAVE been two layers of opposition to the proposal to reserve 33.3 percent of Lok Sabha and Assembly seats for women. The first is more visible and audible. It represents the fear of Hindi heartland chieftains — specifically Mulayam and Lalu Yadav — that they could lose ground in their pocket boroughs. Bringing up a series of red herrings — quotas within quotas, subquotas for OBC women, for Dalit women, for Muslim women; quotas for Muslims per se — coining such crude slogans as “jung aur jihad”, they have become the disagreeable opposition to the Women’s Reservation Bill.

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Guyz, If You Loved Waco, You Will Love Waco II Times a Thousands!

Republicans Cant Still Find Signs of Rightwing Extremism: "Rightwing Extremism is Just Like Evolution, A Libural's Delusion"

Tea Party Blogger Hints That Pelosi’s Life Is In Danger, Warns Of ‘A Thousand Little Waco’s’ (VIDEO)

Over the weekend, the tea party protests — organized by corporate lobbyist-run groups Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks — were scenes of violence and hate towards gay and African American Democratic members of Congress. Around the same time, acts of vandalism have occurred around the country against local Democratic Party offices and against Democratic members of Congress. As the Washington Post reported today, “some of the vandalism appears to have been instigated by an Alabama blogger, Mike Vanderboegh, who encouraged his readers to throw bricks at the windows of Democratic headquarters across the country.”

Vanderboegh is a member of an Alabama militia group who is headlining an open-carry gun rally in Northern Virginia next month.
In an interview with Alan Colmes yesterday, Vanderboegh justified his call for vandalism and said the attacks are warning shots because people like him will next threaten the life of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and fight health reform with “a thousand little Waco’s”:
VANDERBOEGH: I am telling you we are motivated to break windows, we feel a deadly threat from the Federal government and the orders that the Democrat party has given us. [...]

COLMES: You’re telling people to break the windows of Democratic headquarters. You’re telling people to commit acts of vandalism. You’re supporting breaking the law.

VANDERBOEGH: May I tell you my personal motive for doing this? I’m trying to save the lives of Nancy Pelosi, and every one of these people who do not understand the unintended consequences of their actions. [...] Because they are not paying attention to the million of people across this deepening divide that politics no longer avails them. [...] We refuse to participate in the system, and we refuse to pay the fines, and we refuse arrest. Now where do you suppose that’s going but a thousand little Waco’s.
Despite his charges of socialism and fascism against government-sponsored social programs, Vanderboegh is reportedly dependent on Social Security Disability benefits.
garf tired

Was it something he said?

David Frum, AEI SPLIT: Conservative's Position 'Terminated' By Major Think Tank

Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum has resigned from the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, Frum announced on his Web site Thursday afternoon -- a move which suggests the conservative movement has cut ties with Frum over the straight talk he has been providing all week.

[UPDATE: Frum tells Greg Sargent he and AEI parted ways over money, not ideology -- they offered him the chance to continue on at a salary of zero -- and that his criticisms of the Republican Party were "welcomed and celebrated" at the conservative think tank.]

Following the passage of health care reform in the House, Frum made waves with a column for declaring that health care had proven to been "Waterloo" for the GOP, not for Obama as Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) infamously suggested. Republican lawmakers quickly dismissed Frum, a prominent reformist conservative, as a mere "former staffer."

Then Frum said on "Nightline" that the Republican Party's lockstep with the Fox News attack machine has hurt the party, and that "we're discovering we work for Fox." That may have been the last straw for AEI.

"I have been a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute since 2003. At lunch today, AEI President Arthur Brooks and I came to a termination of that relationship," Frum wrote on his Web site. The full text of his "resignation" letter is below:

Dear Arthur,

This will memorialize our conversation at lunch today. Effective immediately, my position as a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute is terminated. I appreciate the consideration that delays my emptying of my office until after my return from travel next week. Premises will be vacated no later than April 9.

I have had many fruitful years at the American Enterprise Institute, and I do regret this abrupt and unexpected conclusion of our relationship.
Story continues below

Very truly yours,
David Frum



2012 is coming early folks. *maniacal laugh*

20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms

If some reports are to be believed, the Democrats will pass the Senate health care bill with some reconciliation changes later today. Thus, it is worthwhile to take a comprehensive look at the freedoms we will lose.

Of course, the bill is supposed to provide us with security. But it will result in skyrocketing insurance costs and physicians leaving the field in droves, making it harder to afford and find medical care. We may be about to live Benjamin Franklin's adage, "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both."

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women's history month with brecho: day twenty-five

SRI LANKA: First Political Manifesto for Women Gets Good Reviews

COLOMBO, Mar 25 , 2010 (IPS) - Political manifestos are often met with cynicism and even ridicule, but Sri Lanka’s first such manifesto for women is proving an exception to the rule as rights activists laud its recent launch.

Put forth by the United National Front (UNF), Sri Lanka’s largest opposition group, the manifesto was released on Mar. 15, ahead of the April parliamentary poll.

It is the first time a political party in this South Asian island nation has presented a comprehensive document on women, and many activists say it is one that promises to restore dignity to a group on whom the country depends on but largely ignores.
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Two Missouri House members separated during budget debate

The chamber's observation galleries were filled with school children at the time of the altercation.

Rep. Tim Jones (R-Eureka) held back by fellow Republicans.

Tensions are running high in the Missouri House this morning.

Two lawmakers had to be restrained on the House floor amidst a debate about the state budget.

The fracas came during consideration of the first of 13 budget bills, when Rep. Jeff Roorda, a Barnhart Democrat, criticized Republican amendments aimed at reducing state employees' salaries.

As Roorda spoke, gesticulating wildly and raising his voice, a reply came from Rep. Tim Jones, a Eureka Republican.

Jones was not near a microphone, but his voice could be heard from across the chamber, particularly when he began shouting "You're a liar! You're a liar!" and gesturing sharply at Roorda.

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Video of the commotion (the video might not be processed yet, watch it here under the title KRCG: 2 House members separated during budget debate) :

source, source, source & source

Going green is BASIC (lolz)

Forest loss slows, as China plants and Brazil preserves

The world's net rate of forest loss has slowed markedly in the last decade, with less logging in the Amazon and China planting trees on a grand scale.

Yet forests continue to be lost at "an alarming rate" in some countries, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Its Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 finds the loss of tree cover is most acute in Africa and South America. But Australia also suffered huge losses because of the recent drought.

"It is good news," said the report's co-ordinator Mette Loyche Wilkie, a senior forestry office with FAO.

"This is the first time we've been able to say that the deforestation rate is going down across the world, and certainly when you look at the net rate that is certainly down.

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China Leads Major Countries With $34.6 Billion Invested in Clean Technology

China, Brazil and other developing countries are pouring billions of dollars into efforts to reduce carbon emissions and build up renewable energy markets, a trend that some experts say has turned the traditional climate change debate on its head.

A growing body of studies detail the government subsidies, regulatory policies and private investments that have sent money flowing into the clean energy sectors of some of the leading developing countries. The most recent report, out today from the Pew Environment Group, finds that China for the first time now leads the United States and all other major countries in green energy markets. Its private investments of $34.6 billion over the past five years are almost double America's.

Advocates of U.S. climate change legislation say the foreign buildup is a sign that America is falling behind in a global clean energy race. But many also feel it has blunted some of the sharpest demands from both rich and poor nations in the climate fight -- specifically developing countries' insistence that the West pay for any shift to low-carbon energy economies.

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At least it's a start. Kinda following this post. And lol at the rich kids whining about the developing countries in the 2nd article... let's go to Mexico, bicthes!!
Strong Bad Sleazy Life

I'll give you five points for trying, Oklahoma Senate. Perhaps a participation trophy.

Targeting Gays, Oklahoma Senate Mistakenly Strips Hate Crimes Protections For Race and Religion

March 24, 2010 - 1:24pm
Remember a few weeks ago when the Oklahoma Senate passed an amendment declaring that the state would not cooperate with any federal hate crimes investigation and even mandating that files of potential hate crimes be withheld or destroyed so that they cannot be used to assist in any such investigation? 
The purpose of the amendment was to ensure that the state did not have to abide by the expansion of the federal hate crimes laws to cover things like sexual orientation ... only it turns out that there was a problem with the text of the amendment in that it actually stripped protections for race and religion:
A bill intended to remove hate crime protections from gays and lesbians actually takes away rights from everyone else because of a “legislative error,” according to one lawmaker.
Oklahoma State Senate Minority Leader Andrew Rice, D-Oklahoma City, said when the Senate passed Senate Bill 1965 on March 10, it eliminated hate crime protections for race and religion.
The bill states local law enforcement agencies should not enforce any sections of federal law under hate crimes statutes listed under Title 18 U.S. Code Section 245 unless they are in correlation with Oklahoma’s hate crimes laws.
But the protections for sexual orientation and gender identity in the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes, which passed Congress last year, are not listed under Section 245, but Section 249
“The bill in its current form doesn’t take away rights from gays and lesbians,” Rice said. “It takes away rights for religion and race.”

Source for this article

Source for the article linked to at the top

Me in Hawaii.

Top U.S. cities by penis size

This infographic put together by the wonderful folks over at is fascinating to us here at Lightly Buzzed. First off, anyone who has ever said Capital Hill is full of huge dickheads, well, they were right. And look at The Big Easy — we know what the men there used as flotation devices when Katrina hit. Meanwhile, in San Diego they don’t even really need surfboards. We also now know why everyone acts so tough in Beantown, and why all the fellas in the Big Apple walk around holding their big banana. Most notably, this research serves as actual proof that everything is not bigger in Texas. Hopefully, we’ll soon be getting the 15 smallest cities.


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How and why did we (the US) get here?

The Great American Refusal

Thoughts about the current U.S. political reality

By Godfrey Hodgson

There was a time, during the presidency of James Monroe (1817-25), that came to be called the “era of good feelings.” When Barack Obama was elected president of the United States, tens of millions of Americans shared his own dream: that after the rage and bitterness of the previous administration, another such era would return.

Nothing of the kind has occurred: as the president’s health-reform plan struggles past the finishing-post, partisan bitterness is sharper than ever. Washington veterans cannot remember a time when the political atmosphere was as noxious as it is today.

There were disgraceful scenes at the Capitol as the Senate health-insurance reform bill - important, though a much depleted version of what the president originally wanted - passed narrowly by 219-212, and without a single Republican vote in favour. Republican congressmen conducted frenzied protesters from the balcony of the House of Representatives as if they were bandleaders. African-American congressmen were insulted and even spat upon. The Republican leadership shouted defiance as their followers screamed “socialism!” at the president of the United States.

Such behaviour was all the more striking as the president had “reached across the aisle” in search of bipartisan action to address the national emergency of millions of Americans facing their daily lives without the security of health-protection (see James A Morone & Lawrence R Jacobs, "American sickness: diagnosis and cure", 16 October 2007). He has found virtually no response from Republicans. The shrill abuse of the rightwing blogosphere; the relentless hostility of the conservative shock-jocks and TV broadcasters; and now the fervent partisans of the “tea-party” movement - all this creates a sort of competitive cacophony of suspicious denunciation of the president and liberals of every stripe. Their absolutism of temperament is more than matched by many liberals, who - already bruised by the failure of Barack Obama to live up to the hopes raised during his candidacy - refuse to acknowledge the existence of wisdom, patriotism or even reason in any of their conservative adversaries (see “Barack Obama and America ”, 12 March 2010).
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I read this this morning (originally over at
Santiago Times, but decided to link the original because there was so much comment fail at ST. Like I didn't know that right wing people in the US gave that much of a shit about Chile to read a website called The Santiago Times D:) and I thought it was really interesting 
Obama - Pie

House Health Care Bill Vote Completes Package: House Passes Fixes By 220-207

Capping an epic struggle, congressional Democrats put the final touches Thursday to historic legislation enshrining health care as the right of every citizen. Republicans vowed to campaign for repeal in the fall election season, drawing a quick retort from President Barack Obama: "I welcome that fight."

The president spoke in Iowa as the Senate voted 56-43 for legislation making changes, including better benefits for seniors and low-income and middle-class families, to the bill he signed into law with a flourish at the White House on Tuesday.

The House added its approval a few hours later, 220-207, clearing the way for Obama's signature on the second of two bills that marked the culmination of what the president called "a year of debate and a century of trying" to ensure coverage for nearly all in a nation where millions lack it. Obama is expected to sign the legislation early next week.

Taken together, the two bills also aim to crack down on insurance industry abuses and to reduce federal deficits by an estimated $143 billion over a decade. Most Americans would be required to buy insurance for the first time, and face penalties if they refused.

The second of the two bills also presented Obama with another victory, stripping banks and other private lenders of their ability to originate student loans in favor of a system of direct government lending.

After a monthslong battle in Congress, the political struggle was morphing into a new phase, where public debate was tinged with violence – and politicians accused one another of seeking to exploit it for their own advantage.

Apart from their impact on nearly every American and an estimated one-sixth of the American economy, the week's events marked Obama's biggest political triumphs since he took office more than a year ago. A pending arms control agreement with Russia, announced on Wednesday, added to his resume, and White House officials said they hoped the momentum would translate into further political successes in the run-up to the midterm elections.

More than 10 lawmakers in the House said they had received threats or worse as a consequence of the health care debate, most of them Democrats who voted in favor of the legislation. There were reports of bricks through windows, a cut propane line to a grill and numerous obscene and threatening phone calls and faxes. An undisclosed number of lawmakers were under increased police protection.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the GOP leader, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, both denounced the threats and incidents of violence. But Democrats said Republicans had been too slow to respond, drawing an outraged response in return.

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Republicans Showing Their Support To Our Troops... By Making Their Lives a Living Hell: Part II

Hey, If It Doesnt Kill Ya It Makes You Stronger... Oh, Wait...

Republicans Block Bills Ensuring Continuation Of Military Health Care

As ThinkProgress reported earlier today, some military families have been concerned about how the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect their health care. Fears about the legislation have been fueled, in part, by lawmakers like Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA), who has claimed that “now their programs are going to be administered like welfare programs, rather than earned military benefits.”

There is another piece of misinformation floating around that’s important to clear up. The new law has an individual responsibility requirement, meaning that every person must have health coverage (or receive an affordability waiver), otherwise he/she will be subjected to a fee. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t explicitly state that TRICARE — the military’s health program — will meet the individual responsibility requirement. So on Saturday, lawmakers — out of an abundance of caution — passed separate legislation affirming that TRICARE will not be affected. As House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton (D-MO) stated when the legislation was unanimously approved:
While beneficiaries of these programs will already meet the minimum requirements for individual health insurance and will not be required to purchase additional coverage, the TRICARE Affirmation Act would provide clarification by changing the tax code to state it in law.
In the Senate, Jim Webb (D-VA) has introduced a companion bill to Skelton’s, and Daniel Akaka (D-HI) has put forth similar legislation on a related matter. Last night, Webb asked for unanimous consent to approve both measures. While Akaka’s would have to head back to the House for a vote, Webb’s — which has attracted six Republican co-sponsors — could go straight to the President for his signature, since the House already passed the Skelton bill. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) objected, however, saying that Republicans wanted them attached to the reconciliation bill as an amendment sponsored by Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), which would then have to go back to the House:
WEBB: Mr. President, I would suggest to my colleague from North Carolina and to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle that if you really want to fix this problem, we can fix it right now and we should fix it right now. We should not allow this issue to be tied up in the separate melodrama of the moment here. [...]

COBURN: We’ve got this — we got this a minute and a half ago to see the language. You have an amendment on the floor that actually accomplishes everything you want to do, and why are we doing this? Because you don’t want to mess up a package that’s clean. It has every application, the Burr amendment, to this. With that and the fact that this is exactly the kind of shenanigans the American people don’t want, I object.

WEBB: Let the American people understand the Republicans objected to a matter that could have been fixed by law tomorrow.
Webb brought his legislation up on the floor again today, around 4:30 p.m., saying that he would be working with Republicans to “attempt to clear these today.” Watch Webb’s floor addresses:

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"Senator Coburn, Senator Leonidas Will Like To Have a Few Word With You, Next To The Bottomless Pit"

Senator Tom Coburn Will Be Dinning In Hell Tonight

Senate Plays Game Of Chicken With Unemployment Benefits

While Senate Democrats held a press conference celebrating their latest health care reform victory on Thursday afternoon, a Republican slipped into the chamber to move a bill that would extend soon-to-expire enhanced unemployment benefits -- paid for with $10 billion in unused funds from the stimulus bill.

With Democrats caught off guard, the clock started ticking on the bill's slog through the legislative process. Democratic leaders, who had planned to introduce the same bill without using funds committed to the stimulus, trudged into the chamber as Sen. Tom Coburn launched into an epic speech on the perils of deficit spending.

"We're going to be like the Athenian Empire," warned the Oklahoma Republican, standing alone on the Republican side of the room. "The real thing going on outside Washington is the fear that that's happening to us."

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) slumped in his chair, rubbing his temples in apparent agony.

After about 20 minutes, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) interrupted Coburn to ask: "How long are you going to talk?"

Coburn said he planned to talk for another 45 minutes.
Reid turned around and left the room. He eventually returned with a motion to table Coburn's bill, which succeeded easily.
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ONTD_Political's PotD: March 25, 2010.

Water is an integral part of our lives and it influences every aspect of our existence. This being the case, its shocking to realize that nearly one billion people around the world don't have clean drinking water and 2.6 billion still lack basic sanitation. World Water Day, celebrated annually on March 22, was established by the United Nations in 1992 and focuses attention on the world's water crisis, as well as the solutions to address it. Saving water would mean saving the lives of thousands of children each day, advancing education and employment - especially among women and girls - and fueling economic growth around the world.
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More Doctors Giving Up Private Practices

WASHINGTON — A quiet revolution is transforming how medical care is delivered in this country, and it has very little to do with the sweeping health care legislation that President Obama just signed into law.

But it could have a big impact on that law’s chances for success.

Traditionally, American medicine has been largely a cottage industry. Most doctors cared for patients in small, privately owned clinics — sometimes in rooms adjoining their homes.

But an increasing share of young physicians, burdened by medical school debts and seeking regular hours, are deciding against opening private practices. Instead, they are accepting salaries at hospitals and health systems. And a growing number of older doctors — facing rising costs and fearing they will not be able to recruit junior partners — are selling their practices and moving into salaried jobs, too.

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