April 7th, 2010


Tea Party Strategy Working! Dupes Democrat To Get Out of Hiding and Run Arizona Race! FOOL!

Rodney Glassman: McCain (Or Hayworth) Gets First Serious Democratic Challenger

Hoping to benefit from a pitched battle on the Republican side of the aisle, an up-and-coming Democratic office holder in Arizona announced on Tuesday evening that he will formally run for the Senate seat held by John McCain.

Rodney Glassman, a one-time aide to Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), has formally dropped his elected position as Vice-Mayor of Tucson and is making a bid either to unseat McCain or defeat his Republican primary challenger, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth.

In making his bid, Glassman becomes the most serious entrant on the Democratic side of the aisle, and the first certifiable hope for the party to take the seat. But it remains a long shot. Strategists at the party committees have expressed mild interest in the Arizona race, and only because of the hot-tempered primary battle going on between the two Republican candidates.

Should Hayworth pull off the upset, it seems likely that more investments from the national infrastructure would come. McCain presents a more formidable challenge.

That said, Glassman has political appeal that has drawn attention and support in far-reaching circles. Former DNC Chair Howard Dean told the Huffington Post back in February that he was on his radar, mainly because Glassman had restricted donations to his exploratory committee to a scant $20.
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The Myth of GayLife-Style Justifies Bias

On most mornings, my better half wakes up around 5:30, throws on some sweats and heads to the gym before work.

About a half hour later, I wake up my 13-year-old son, go downstairs to the kitchen to make his breakfast and pack his lunch. Once he's out the door, I brew some coffee and get to work.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the "gay lifestyle" -- run for your heterosexual lives.

I understand opponents of gay rights must highlight differences in order to maintain the "us against them" tension that's paramount to their arguments. But this notion that sexual orientation comes with a different and pre-ordained way of life -- as if we're all ordering the No. 3 at a drive thru -- only highlights how irrational groups such as Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, the American Family Association and others like them are in this whole debate.

Pro-marriage organizations try to stop two consenting adults from marrying. Pro-family groups try to stop stable couples wanting children from adopting unloved orphans.

And somehow, me doing something like going to the grocery store threatens the very fabric of society, as Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern spewed. She says "the homosexual agenda is destroying this nation" and "homosexuality is more of a threat than terrorism." I'm not sure what her idea of a gay lifestyle might be, but with a growing teenager, buying and cooking food dominates my day-to-day.
We're just as diverse, intolerant, upstanding and tragic as our straight counterparts. 

I don't worship Barbra Streisand, I don't watch any TV show with the word "Housewives" in its title and I love fishing, beer and Madonna. But more important, I'm just a father trying to keep my son away from drugs, get him into college and have a little money left over for retirement. I'm no sociologist but I'm pretty sure those concerns are not exclusive to gay people.

In one of the most pivotal scenes in the biopic "Milk," Harvey Milk, played by Sean Penn, gathers a group of community organizers and activists to come up with strategies to combat a 1978 ballot initiative that sought to ban LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) teachers and their supporters from working in public schools in California. As the small crowd settles down, Milk quickly glances around the room and says ..

"If we're going to convince the 90 percent to give a ---- about us 10 percent, we have to let them know who we are ..."

"What" we are -- be it gay, straight, black, white -- is simply window dressing. "Who" we are is where the substance is, where the person is, where our humanity is.

Too often, discussions about gay people and gay rights focus on sex, as if a person's entire being is defined by his or her Hollywood crush.

This fixation has been the crux behind attempts to link gay men to pedophilia -- from John Briggs, a state legislator from Orange County who introduced the proposed ban on gay teachers in California, to the Catholic League's Bill Donohue, whose recent attempts to excuse the church for its global scandal coverup by seemingly blaming homosexuality -- and it's a tactic that is evil incarnate.

"The vast majority of the victims are post-pubescent," Donohue recently said on "Larry King Live." "That's not pedophilia, buddy. That's homosexuality."

Actually, Bill, sexual predators whose victims are 13- to 17-years-old are called hebephiles -- a la Joey Buttafuoco, Madeleine Martin and Heather Kennedy -- not homosexuals. And that still doesn't explain why the church opted to save face as opposed to, in the words of the infamous anti-gay figurehead Anita Bryant, "Save our children."

Being gay doesn't dictate how people live their lives any more than being straight does. There are gay people who go to church every Sunday and straight people who do not believe in God. There are single gay men who believe in the sanctity of marriage and married straight men who apparently do not -- such as Gov. Mark Sanford, ex-Sen. John Edwards and Sen. John Ensign, to name a few.

The truth is the only thing all gay people have in common -- you know, besides being gay -- is that we face continuous rhetorical, social and legal attacks for simply existing, thus potentially making something as mundane as bringing a date to a work function a fight-or-flee situation.

And yet, even in the face of that discrimination, LGBT people all handle it differently.

Some of us live in the closet, some of us do drag every Wednesday night, some of us are Republicans hoping to be change agents within a conservative sect and some of us are apathetic Democrats too dumb to carry on a conversation about anything other than Lady Gaga.
"What" we are is simply window dressing. "Who" we are is where the person is, is where our humanity is. 

In other words, we're just as diverse, intolerant, upstanding and tragic as our straight counterparts and unless there is an annual meeting I don't know about, the only item on the much talked-about gay agenda is an abbreviated passage from the Declaration of Independence -- "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

In 29 states, people can be fired simply for being gay regardless of their education, experience or job performance; servicemen and women can be dismissed from the military regardless of their qualifications, dedication and courage; and partners are unable to see their better halves in the hospital regardless of the love, commitment and life they share.

Wanting to be judged by the content of one's character isn't a special right, it's a constitutional one guaranteed by the 14th and 15th amendments.

And yet, 145 years since the abolition of slavery, 90 years since women were allowed to vote and 20 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act, we're still involved in McCarthy-like investigations, holding Briggs-like elections and taking opinion polls based solely upon "what" someone is as opposed to "who" they are.

It's sad. We're such a great nation, still full of great hope and promise and yet we keep being tripped up by ignorance, which leads to fear and then eventually hate. Being gay isn't a choice, but being a bigot certainly is.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of LZ Granderson.



Trapped man ‘blissfully unaware of election’

A POTHOLER who has been trapped in a cave in the Brecon Beacons for four days is 'blissfully unaware' of the forthcoming general election, according to friends.

36-year-old Michael Snark, who is running out of oxygen, is nevertheless now the only human being in Britain not constantly exposed to a depressingly tedious surge of frenzied pre-election arm-flapping from pundits and politicians alike.

The caver's Easter weekend adventure activity may have gone tragically wrong - but, says envious pal James Smythe, at least he has no knowledge of the miserably predictable sloganeering and empty soundbites currently being sprayed across all media by the main political parties.

"It's got to the stage where we're not sure if we should rescue him or not," agonised Smythe, just yards away from the entrance to the caves where his lifelong friend could soon endure a slow and agonising death.

"Do we have the right to expose him to all this? Michael never liked politicians at the best of times. He'd be as self-slappingly cheesed off with the pointless jockeying for airtime despite total lack of policy announcements as everyone else, maybe even more so. Do we risk saving his life, but making him go through a month of this?"

Snark's widow-to-be Jolene, 38, concurred, saying: "It's awful. You can't turn on the TV at the moment without some Oxbridge berk with bad teeth roaring on at you about 'what the polls are saying', like we're meant to all be sitting around waiting for the latest random sample of people in shopping centres like it's the bloody second coming, or something.

"When they start taking Diagnosis Murder off in the afternoons I'm going to write to the BBC."

Her dying husband's predicament has gone largely unnoticed by every single journalist in the entire country, as they have all been asked to write banal articles about Samantha Cameron's haircut and Nick Clegg's choice of tie, like it matters or something. One plucky scribe has, however, made it to the cave - and has been trying to get himself stuck in there for the past 24 hours, with little success.

"It's either this or write on and on and on and on and on about what I saw on television, or listened to on the radio, or read on some bloody blog or something, as if the readers of my newspaper don't actually have brains of their own and need to be tit-fed every single piece of information," he said, desperately trying to get himself wedged in the dangerous rocks.

One onlooker said: "The lucky bastard. The lucky, jammy sod."

Source: Enemies of Reason

Labour abandons plans to ditch FPTP voting

The Indy reports:

Moves to stage a referendum on scrapping the first-past-the-post electoral system have been abandoned as the parties wrangle over legislation to be rushed into law ahead of the general election.

The Government has also dropped proposals to phase out the right of hereditary peers to sit in the House of Lords.

The Government yesterday said it had given up hope of pressing ahead with measures to hold a referendum on whether to move from “first-past-the-post” to the “alternative vote” system under which voters list candidates in their order of preference. Tory frontbenchers in the Lords had criticised the plans, set out in the Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill.

It was always going to be too good to be true wasn’t it.

According to Vote for a Change, Conservatives were reported to have refused offers of a sunset clause, and were prepared to adopt a ‘scorched earth policy’ vetoing the whole CRAG bill if the referendum wasn’t dropped.

Willie Sullivan, head of the Vote for a Change campaign said in a statement last night: “In Wash Up and armed with a veto not granted them by any voter, the Conservatives have killed reform of the voting system and reform of the House of Lords. Cameron’s message is clear. And it isn’t change.

Source: Liberal Conspiracy

We’re planing a Flashmob for Cameron

Dear Dave,

We know this is tough for you. Tony had it so easy. All he had to do was repeal Section 28, allow gay adoption and appoint the first openly gay cabinet ministers and everyone thought New Labour was god’s gift to gay rights.

You’ve not only had to overcome your party’s dodgy record, you’ve also struggled personally with the prejudices that made you vote in a pretty anti-gay way before you became leader. So big up for everything you’ve done so far to overcome homophobia in yourself and in your party.

But Chris Grayling and Berkshire B&B-gate really does make us doubt your homophile credentials. His comments were more stupid than offensive – surely he can tell the difference between inviting someone into your home and providing a commercial service?

It’s a cultural thing, it’s how they grew up. It’s sort of not their fault. And they deserve to be represented in our political system. But they really can’t pretend they’re in the majority anymore. They are literally a dying breed.

We know you need their support because they’re politically dependable, but they’re anything but shiny and new, so of course it’s going to be hard to keep them happy while rebranding the Conservative party as shiny and new.

You can’t be all things to all men, because that kind of makes you nothing. Either you’re the party of Section 28, or you’re the party of 20 gay candidates. Either Chris Grayling’s comments were acceptable, or they weren’t.

On Sunday we’re going to throw you a party where you can properly come out as a homophile or a homophobe. If you want to be in our gang, you need to dump Chris Grayling – he’s cramping your style.

If you’re actually a bit grossed out by men kissing and think that lesbians just need a good rogering from the right man, that’s ok too. We can tolerate that. We’ll be polite in public, we might even bring ourselves to shake your hand one day. It’s good that you’re being honest. But don’t expect us to vote for you.

Yours sincerely wishing you’re sincere,

Some gay people

The Big Gay Flashmob will be held this Sunday (April 11th) at 2pm, venue tbc.
the facebook event, follow the #DavesComingOutParty hashtag we’ll be using on twitter.

Source: Liberal Conspiracy


Aquele abraço, Rio =(((.

Brazil floods, mudslides kill at least 170

Flooding and mudslides killed at least 170 people in southeastern Brazil, authorities said, as the most intense rains in half a century paralyzed the Rio de Janeiro area and brought scenes of fear and chaos.

Fire and rescue officials said most of the deaths occurred in hillside slums where heavy rains since Monday triggered devastating mudslides.

Officials said 46 people were killed in Rio but hardest hit was Niteroi, a city on the other side of the bay from Rio, where 97 people died.

Flooding was so intense that authorities urged Rio residents to remain indoors and not venture downtown, where streets were impassable.

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Over 300 people died this year in the Southeast because of the rains. The whole situation is a festival of mixed feelings: sadness, anger, frustration, motivation, skepticism... People are also wondering if the killer rains and droughts of the past years are related to climate change.

I hope the death tolls stops rising, the stories are heartbreaking =(. And EDIT to update the numbers.

Good News Guyz! Slavery Never Happened! Virginian Republican Uses Time Machine To Stop Slavery!

Time Travel Hero Saves Generations of Black People From Tyrannical Lincoln to Preserve States' Rights. Texas Will Erase Slavery From History Books Now That Slavery Never Happened!

Bob McDonnell Leaves Out Slavery From 'Confederate History Month' Proclamation: Not 'Significant' Enough

Just in case Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's declaration of April as "Confederate History Month" wasn't controversial enough, he caused additional outcry Tuesday by explaining why he chose to leave out any reference "slavery" in his proclamation.

From the Washington Post:
McDonnell said Tuesday that the move was designed to promote tourism in the state, which next year will mark the 150th anniversary of the start of the war. McDonnell said he did not include a reference to slavery because "there were any number of aspects to that conflict between the states. Obviously, it involved slavery. It involved other issues. But I focused on the ones I thought were most significant for Virginia."
The declaration of "Confederate History Month" in Virginia is not a new idea. But prior proclamations have been more careful about the sensitive nature of the historical period. McDonnell's recent Democratic predecessors chose not to observe "Confederate History Month."

Former Republican Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore explicitly mentioned slavery in his 1999 declaration of "Confederate History Month," and though his predecessor, Republican George Allen, neglected to mention slavery in a similar proclamation, he apologized after coming under heavy fire from civil rights activists.

According to the Washington Post, McDonnell's proclamation has so far been condemned by the NAACP, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus and former Virginia Gov. Former L. Douglas Wilder, the first African American to be elected Governor, among others.


Using the Timetable to Election 2010 provided by BBCNews, the following is a list of events. A number of Live Posts will be made available at adequate times using BST. (For conversion: Add 5 hours to EST).

Following the long Easter weekend, Mr Brown formally announced the date of a general election as 6 May, after making the required trip to Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament on 12 April.

MPs and peers stop sitting in Parliament after traditional scramble by party bosses to see what legislation can be saved. Parliament continues to exist until it is formally dissolved the following Monday. After dissolution there are no longer any MPs, although ministers keep their jobs during the election campaign. Local returning officers receive election writs.

Parliament is formally dissolved and writs are issued for elections in the UK's 650 constituencies.

ITV hosts the first of three 90 minute debates, from 8.30pm to 10pm, with Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. The theme will be domestic affairs, although as with the other two debates it will broaden out into a general discussion with questions from viewers. Alistair Stewart is in the chair and the venue will be in the North West of England.

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If members would like to request additional Live Posts, please say so in the comments

Opposition Claims Control in Kyrgyzstan

MOSCOW — Large-scale protests appeared to overthrow the government of Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday and its president fled before an outbreak of mayhem and violence in the capital of Bishkek and elsewhere in the country, an important Amerian ally in Central Asia. Government officials said at least 41 people had been killed in fighting between riot police officers and demonstrators.
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Bristol Palin Warns Teens To Pause Before They Play

Teen mom Bristol Palin appears in a new PSA encouraging teens to think twice before becoming sexually active. The 19-year-old talks about the hardships she'd face as a teenage single mom if she weren't from a famous and supportive family.

In the 30-second spot, Bristol appears with her 1-year-old son Tripp and asks several questions, such as, "What if I didn't come from a famous family?" and "What if I didn't have all these opportunities?" The PSA ends with Bristol wearing a plain T-shirt and minimal makeup in a not-so-glamorous living room, with Tripp in the background. She says: "Believe me, it wouldn't be pretty."

She then advises viewers to "Pause … before you play."

The single mother-of-one has been an outspoken advocate for teen pregnancy prevention. "I’m not going to have sex until I’m married. I can guarantee it,” the young mom recently said.

Bristol and ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston are currently in the midst of a bitter custody battle.

Video will not embed,but you can watch it at the source


FBI Arrests Man for Threatening Pelosi

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The FBI arrested a northern California man Wednesday for allegedly making threatening phone calls to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over health care reform, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.

Charges against the man have yet to be disclosed, but they are expected to be filed in federal court in California.

Several federal officials said the man made dozens of calls to Pelosi's homes in California and Washington, as well as to her husband's business office. They said he recited her home address and said if she wanted to see it again, she would not support the health care overhaul bill that since has been enacted.

One official said the man is believed to have spoken directly with Pelosi at least once.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

A call to the FBI office in San Francisco was not immediately returned, nor was a call to a spokesman for Pelosi.

On Tuesday, authorities announced charges against a Washington state man who allegedly made threatening calls to Sen. Patty Murray, a Democrat. Charges also have been filed against a Philadelphia man who allegedly made a YouTube video threatening Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va.


Prosecutor: Teach sex ed, go to jail

A Wisconsin district attorney is threatening teachers with criminal charges for following state law

A Wisconsin prosecutor is threatening teachers with arrest for following the state's sex education curriculum. Scott Southworth, a district attorney in Crazytown Juneau County, has sent letters warning five different school districts that following a new law requiring schools with sex ed programs to teach students about STDs and pregnancy prevention could lead to criminal charges for contributing to the delinquency of minors. It's all very logical, you see: Ignore the law, avoid arrest!

"Forcing our schools to instruct children on how to utilize contraceptives encourages our children to engage in sexual behavior, whether as a victim or an offender," he wrote in the letter. "It is akin to teaching children about alcohol use, then instructing them on how to make mixed alcoholic drinks." Southworth must have bombed the analogy portion of the SATs; it's more like teaching teens about alcohol use and then instructing them on how to avoid alcohol poisoning and drunk driving. 

The legislation doesn't even require schools to teach sex ed but rather sets standards for those that do. Southworth would like to see all of those voluntary classes come to a screeching halt until the "sick and shameful" law is repealed. He says the new curriculum will "lead to more child sexual assaults," instruct "children on sex-for-pleasure" and allow "health care providers" to "market sexually-oriented products" -- as in contraceptives -- "to our children."

This doesn't happen often, but, readers, I am speechless.


barbara steele, black sunday

Groups Prepare To Counter Neo-Nazi Protest At L.A. City Hall

City News
Groups Prepare To Counter Neo-Nazi Protest At L.A. City Hall

By Dennis Romero, Tuesday, Apr. 6 2010 @ 8:07AM
Categories: Events, community, politics

Several groups are preparing to demonstrate against a purported neo-Nazi organization that is planning a rally outside City Hall downtown on April 17.

Over the weekend a self-described "coalition of grassroots Los Angeles groups" announced a counter-protest at 10 a.m. that day at Temple and Main streets. The coalition states it will "form a moving picket line around city to oppose racism, sexism and genocide and support human rights and liberation for black, brown, Asian, native, gay, disabled and all poor and working people."

The Answer Coalition has also announced plans to counter the noontime rally and states that the neo-Nazi group, the National Socialist Movement, has usually been shouted down at urban Southern California events.

"These racists have been organizing rallies in Southern California to attack and harass immigrants," states the coalition. "But each time, they have been driven away by huge counter-protests."

The NSM is described as fervently anti-immigrant. Now, if we were neo-Nazis, and we're not (they rejected our application), we certainly wouldn't choose the center of one of the most-diverse, most-Latino, most-immigrant-dependent cities in the nation to do our thing.

Then again, maybe they calculated that all the crunchy, "Kumbaya"-singing Angelenos will be at Coachella that weekend.


yes, they are still around and they plan on doing a demonstration in los angeles. i only scratched the surface with the pictures they have up on their site. straight up neo-nazis, that's what they are. i've already convinced my boyfriend to come out with me on april 17 to be a "race traitor" and join the protests.

US diplomat accuses Karzai of massive substance abuse

The war of words between the former deputy head of the UN mission to Afghanistan and the country's president escalated last night when Peter Galbraith suggested that Hamid Karzai's "mental stability" was in question and that he has a substance abuse problem.

Galbraith, the US diplomat who worked for the UN in Kabul until last year, made his remarks live on US television. His comments come as the White House considers withdrawing an invitation for Karzai to meet Barack Obama in Washington next month.

Galbraith, the former UN deputy special representative in Afghanistan, was responding to allegations first made by Karzai last Thursday that the international community and Galbraith in particular had been responsible for "massive fraud" during last year's disastrous presidential election.

"He's prone to tirades, he can be very emotional, act impulsively," Galbraith said on MSNBC television. "In fact some of the palace insiders say that he has a certain fondness for some of Afghanistan's most profitable exports."

When asked whether he was saying Karzai had a substance abuse problem, Galbraith said there were "reports to that effect".

"This continued tirade raises questions about his mental stability and frankly this has been of concern to diplomats in Kabul."

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Akuma River

One less possible nuclear weapon is taken away from terrorists' grabby hands

Exclusive: Inside U.S. Mission to Secure Weapons-Grade Nuclear Material
Chile Is 18th Country to Be Cleared of Highly Enriched Uranium
April 08, 2010

When the massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile on Feb. 27, it devastated villages, displaced millions of people and took the lives of hundreds more.

But amid the chaos, a classified and highly sensitive operation by Americans and Chileans was underway on the outskirts of Santiago, the Chilean capital, to secure weapons-grade nuclear material -- the kind terrorists are keen to get their hands on.

"Nightline" was in Chile for several days before the quake struck documenting the work of the National Nuclear Security Administration's Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) team.

"This operation is an effort to secure nuclear material that terrorists could acquire to make a nuclear device, as well as radiological material that they could acquire to make some kind of dirty bomb," said Andrew Bieniawski, the NNSA assistant deputy administrator who oversees collecting and securing vulnerable nuclear material from civilian facilities around the world.

In Chile, the team has come to pack up the highly-enriched uranium from two research reactors that no longer need it. The HEU will be shipped back to the U.S. where it will be stored in a secure, classified facility and converted to non-weapons grade material.
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How did this not go unnoticed in the midst of a national disaster? On the video (from the live broadcast, it isn't up yet online) you could see this long ass convoy of semi's with these train cars on top with a shit load of cops on motorcycles, trucks, jeeps, with assault rifles in the air and sirens and lights.

I think this is awesome. I knew there was a lot of weapons grade nuclear material but I sure as hell didn't know that in 40 nations it is enough to make 200,000 nuclear bombs. Over kill, much?

Silent Majority Once Again Succeeds on Stopping Welfare Queens' Paychecks!

Look at the Silly Welfare Queen Liburals and their Pocket Change Unemployment Benefits

Coburn: Blocking Unemployment Benefits Is Fine Because It Only Affects A ‘Small Amount Of People’

A few weeks ago, for the second time in two months, Senate Republicans objected to an extension of unemployment benefits. While the last dispute was resolved in time to keep benefits from expiring, as of Monday, hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers are seeing their benefits come to an end.

Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) led the GOP obstruction last time (telling the Democrats “tough sh*t” when they asked for unanimous consent to move the extension forward), but this time Sen. Tom “Dr. No” Coburn (R-OK) has stepped up to the plate. And he evidently has no remorse about his actions, as he feels they affect a “relatively small amount of people”:
The easiest thing in the world is to pass this bill unpaid for, but consider the millions of Americans whose financial futures would be damaged, versus the relatively small amount of people who will be affected by this delay. Now you tell me which vote takes the most courage.
First, Coburn is wrong on the economics. Providing unemployment benefits is one of the most effective steps that a government can take in terms of economic stimulus, and unless the economy starts moving again, long-term deficits (“financial futures”) will never be brought under control. As the National Employment Law Project’s Judy Conti explained, “every economist from every side of the political spectrum will tell you that unemployment benefits are most stimulative when they are not offset. In the history of the unemployment program, we have never offset these programs.”

And then there’s the human angle. Because of Coburn and the GOP’s obstruction, more than 200,000 people per week will lose their benefits. About one million are slated to lose their benefits this month. And this is taking place while 44 percent of unemployed Americans (about 6.5 million people) have been unemployed for six months or more. Plus, the same package that Coburn blocked included a renewal of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), while the Northeast United States has been hard-hit by flooding.

If you thought this whole sordid episode would prompt some soul-searching among the GOP, you’d be mistaken. They are, instead, circling the wagons around Coburn and trying to blame House Democrats (who objected to their proposed offset) for preventing the extension. In fact, Sen. Jon Kyl’s (R-AZ) takeaway is that the GOP should have lent more support to Bunning when he blocked the extension. “We didn’t give [Bunning] as much help as we probably should have,” Kyl said. “It took an act of courage like Sen. Bunning’s to perhaps jolt people into the awareness of how bad it had really gotten.”