April 26th, 2010

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Dozens Walk Past Dying Hero Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax on New York Sidewalk

Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was stabbed several times in the chest while saving a woman from a knife-wielding attacker. Then he bled to death while dozens of people walked by -- one stopping to snap a picture of the dying man with his cameraphone before leaving the scene.

Tale-Yax, 31, a homeless Guatemalan immigrant, collapsed at 144th Street and 88th Road in Jamaica, Queens, while in pursuit of the woman's attacker around 5:40 a.m. on April 18. He was pronounced dead by medical workers who responded to a 911 call around 7:20 a.m. But surveillance video obtained by the New York Post, which the New York Times got the NYPD to confirm is genuine, shows that plenty of people saw Tale-Yax lying there in his death throes and did nothing.

The police said they were looking for the man who was in the altercation with the woman. He was described as 5-foot-6, with a medium build, wearing a green short-sleeved shirt and a green hat.

The police were not sure if the woman knew what happened to Mr. Tale-Yax, but they said it was possible she knew the suspect. They are waiting for her or a third party to come forward with more information.


Just...people suck.

Goldman and Mammon Goes To White Castle

Goldman's Take-No-Prisoners Attitude
Mortgage Division Cast Bets Boldly; Awaiting 'Big One'

BURGER SHOWDOWN: Bets were cast by mortgage traders on a White Castle hamburger-eating contest.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s mortgage traders, under the spotlight because of the U.S. government's fraud lawsuit against the securities firm, made markets in more than just bonds during the real-estate bubble.

They also cast bets on a White Castle hamburger-eating contest.

In December 2007, after the firm distributed multimillion-dollar bonus checks in part thanks to bets on a mortgage meltdown, about 10 Goldman mortgage traders, surrounded by dozens of cheering colleagues, wolfed down the burgers, according to attendees. Bystanders wagered cash on how many burgers the traders could eat.

The annual event resembled a scene out of "Liar's Poker," a book depicting bawdy antics of bond traders at Salomon Brothers in the 1980s. In fact, the 2007 contest was held just a few floors away from where the Salomon traders worked when that firm leased space in the same Manhattan building.

It was a lower-stakes version of what went on every day in the group: aggressive, take-no-prisoners trading. Mortgage-backed bonds, including complex derivatives that tracked pools of risky loans, were traded for big money in Goldman's 400-person mortgage unit.

In 2007, the group wagered that mortgage prices would plunge, creating a nearly $4 billion windfall, according to people familiar with the matter at the time. Goldman now says net revenues from residential mortgage-related products were less than $500 million—perhaps reflecting losses from other areas.

Still, the traders hoped their big returns would lead eventually to a ticket to "Hitters Row," the 50th-floor enclave in Goldman's One New York Plaza building where the firm's top securities-business executives worked.
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UK suggests that Vatican bless people with natural urges and loving relationships. So they don't.

The British government has apologized to Pope Benedict XVI for a Foreign Office memo suggesting that he could launch Benedict-brand condoms or bless a gay marriage when he visits the United Kingdom later this year.

Many of the ideas in the document are "clearly ill-judged, naive and disrespectful," the Foreign Office said in a statement Sunday.

The writer of the memo "has been transferred to other duties. He has been told orally and in writing that this was a serious error of judgment," the Foreign Office said.

The Vatican is steadfastly opposed to the use of condoms for any reason and to gay marriage.

The memo also includes suggestions that the pope ordain a female priest or launch an abortion clinic -- both of which are forbidden by Roman Catholic doctrine.

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Whoever you are, random memo dude, I love ya. I seethe at how someone is pointing out things that the Vatican could do BETTER and yet 'nah, it was a joke man, A JOKE'.

EDIT: Obligatory gif is obligatory.

le petit prince

Muslim swimsuits bare little on Turkish catwalks

Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- Hair driers blast air and racks of clothing clatter past as organizers make their final preparations for a fashion show.

Some of the backstage bustle is downright comical. Short Turkish women, carefully wrapped up in trench-coats and brightly-colored Muslim headscarves, struggle to help towering, leggy models from Slavic and Latin countries change in and out of outfits.

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Republicans say No to more things!!!!

Dems willing to test GOP in Wall St. showdown
Future shape and profitability of banking industry hangs in the balance

WASHINGTON - The most sweeping overhaul of U.S. financial regulation since the Great Depression was slated for a crucial test vote in the U.S. Senate on Monday.

As Wall Street reeled from more revelations out of the U.S. government fraud case against Goldman Sachs, Democrats seized the political initiative to advance their bill, months in the making and said to be 1,340 pages in length.

But a powerful GOP lawmaker said he believed all 41 Republican senators would give the test vote a thumbs down.

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More at the source ---> http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36770907
' princesses

That's very special

Could Britain's three-way end the 'special relationship'?

FOR MOST of the past year, Britain's upcoming election looked to be a familiar battle between Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labor Party and the Conservatives under David Cameron. Once far behind, Mr. Brown seemed to be making a modest comeback when, in the past two weeks, the campaign was shaken by the introduction of an American import: the televised candidates' debate. The beneficiary has been neither Mr. Brown nor Mr. Cameron, but Nicholas Clegg, the leader of Britain's perennially also-ran Liberal Democratic Party. Judged the winner of the debates held this far, Mr. Clegg has suddenly become a contender -- and the election is looking as if it could significantly shift Britain's course.

At this point it looks unlikely that Mr. Clegg's party will win the May 6 election and form the next government, if only because of the way Britain's voting system works. But it could force the first "hung parliament" since 1974, in which no party has a majority. That could mean messy negotiations over a coalition government, or a weak minority government. Either way Britain could have difficulty forging policies to emerge from the economic crisis or making decisions about its foreign and defense policies. The country is at something of a crossroads: A strategic defense review after the election could decide whether it continues to act as a close partner of the United States in military operations abroad or retreats to a lesser role.

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Typical WaPo scaremongering but I'm just posting for the headline.

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Study: East Haven Police Ticket More Hispanics

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Students at Yale Law School on Friday released an analysis showing that more than half of the tickets East Haven police issued along two main roads went to Hispanic drivers, even though Hispanics make up less than 6 percent of the population.

Their report comes as the police department faces a federal investigation into bias allegations.

The report, aided by Yale statisticians, also said East Haven police officers substantially underreported the number of tickets issued to Hispanic drivers by reporting most of them as white. It cited one officer as reporting virtually all of his tickets were issued to white drivers and none to Hispanics, although nearly 80 percent of his tickets were issued to Hispanic drivers.

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Sure, police don't use racial profiling AT ALL, DO THEY???

The Death of the Westboro Baptist Church?

Apparently there's a little "Desperate Housewives" drama in the family of Rev. Fred Phelps. It's in the form of an estranged son, Nate Phelps, who fled his family and their Topeka-based Church at the tender age of 18 (and not one day later), and is now speaking out against his father's destructive institution that many of us know as the Westboro Baptist Church.


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Is it time to push back on the ‘Christian vote’?

The web of right-wing Christian lobby groups, think-tanks and political associations who have worked tirelessly to emulate the strategy of their American cousins seems to be increasingly coming into focus.

Their narrow political agenda of opposing gay rights, abortion and sex education is rapidly becoming synonymous with the ‘moral’ concern of the entire Christian community. Their extensive work encouraging Christians to politicize their faith, and establishing their influence within the Conservative Party is bearing fruit.

Earlier this month thirty-five prominent individuals and other organisations signed a statement of values calling on politicians to “protect the right of Christians” to hold their beliefs and “act according to Christian conscience”.

Publications like Christian Voice and Catholic Herald already have a long history of politicizing their readers, but that “Declaration of Conscience”, which proudly featured the former Archbishop of Canterbury’s name, took it to a whole new level.

Far from being a ‘united front’ of British Churches, the declaration features fundamentalist anti-abortion charities like Christian Action Research and Education (CARE), whose anti-abortion lobbying force in Parliament have caused concern within the house and the Charities Commission.

Professional bodies like the homophobic, anti-abortion Christian Medical Fellowship, sit alongside the likes of Christian Legal Centre (closely linked to Christian Concern for our Nation (CCFON)), helping Christians to challenge anti-discrimination laws.

There has long been worry about the influence of fundamentalist lobby groups like CCFON. Their opaque links with Conservative MPs like Nadine Dorries have been subject to scrutiny, but their presence in almost every media storm which pushes this agenda show their strategy is not just political.


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Source: Liberal Conspiracy


Israel jails man for 'holy semen' sex abuse

An Israeli man has been imprisoned for 10 years for tricking women into sexual acts by claiming his semen was holy and had healing powers.

Nissim Aharon, a former employee at the Israeli defence ministry, was convicted of rape, sodomy, indecent acts and aggravated fraudulent acquisition.

Women paid him large sums of money, believing he was a holy rabbi who could heal body and soul, the court said.

Judges called his actions "monstrous", exploiting "women young and old".

The sentence was the result of a plea bargain, and was handed down at Petah Tikvah district court.

Under it, Aharon will also have to pay 100,000 Israeli shekels ($26,866) to each of five women who filed the complaint against him.

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Linguistic Apartheid

A South African essayist considers the ugly history of his native tongue.
From Not Our Leguaan. Translated from the Afrikaans by the author.

I am an Afrikaans writer. I write in a language that is Dutch but not Dutch, European but not European, African but not African -- even though it is the only language named after this (or any other) continent. I write in a language that has little to do with tulips, windmills, or silly snowmen with carrot noses, a language honed to denote Africa in all its harshness, cruelty, and beauty. "Aardvark," "veld," and "wildebeest" -- these are the words that Afrikaans has given to the world. As is "trek," of course: to migrate, to get going, to yield to the fever of the horizon. Yes, in the language of the Enterprise, to boldly go where no man has gone before. I write in Afrikaans, a language of wanderers and migrants, of "trekkers," who trekked rather than submit to British rule, who trekked again when the British occupied Natal in turn, who kept on doggedly trekking as the Free State and Transvaal and all the other dreams fell to the juggernaut of Empire. And finally, just when the smoke of war was clearing, just when it seemed that things were finally looking up, just when it seemed that there would be no need of further trekking, these migrants, these god-fearing people who had given the world "Boer" and "spoor" and "commando" and "puff adder," embarked on their final and most ambitious journey. Inventing the word "apartheid," they proceeded to trek away from sanity and even from reality itself.

And this thing, this big A, this abomination that strung barbed wire between us and the only country we ever knew or loved, has made migrants of us all. How can we forget the freedom fighters, forced into exile or into that other kind of exile from which there can be no return? How can we forget the men and women who had to flee to fight another day, or the activists, harried by the security police (whose tactics were of course always extremely interesting)? And how could we forget the writers who had to abandon everything to escape persecution or hardship or any hint of kinship with these bastards who were turning the country into a parody of all they had ever dreamed of or believed? But we shouldn't forget the silent majority either, those who stayed behind, those who suffered in a country that was becoming more and more like a foreign country every day. They were the migrant workers with their passes designating them as temporary sojourners in the country of their birth. They were the vagrants and the dispossessed, but also those who retreated into a kind of inner exile, a moral stupor where the sky was still as blue as it was on TV, where the doves sang exclusively in verse, never mentioning the shacks and the barricades or the obscene whirring of rubber bullets. There were the English too, lest we forget, who had had the savvy not to give their policies a name and were now torn between memories of Home and this strange new republic which they supported as eagerly as anyone else who was allowed to draw their crosses -- though this has become an inconvenient truth of late, a kind of non-fact, something that will hopefully go away if no one mentions it again. And always there were the cruel and haunted Afrikaners, the beautiful, deluded Afrikaners, these men and women who came up with names like "meerkat" and "boomslang" and "berg," but loved this country more than words could express and still managed to turn it into a stranger.

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'Missing' UMaryland Surveillance Video Surfaces - With Gap

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - The University of Maryland has found a missing disc of surveillance video from the camera covering the area where a student was beaten by police during last month's civil disturbances, ABC 7 News has confirmed. But the formerly missing disc has a two-minute gap, officials admitted and Maryland State Police are now investigating.

The camera in question is located on Knox Road, up a hill from Route 1. It offers a clear view of the area where University of Maryland student Jack McKenna was beaten by Prince George's County police officers.

The beating was caught on tape by a private citizen and broadcast by ABC 7 News last week, prompting an investigation that led to the suspensions of four officers.

On March 9, McKenna's attorneys subpoenaed three-hour clips of surveillance video from 20 cameras. The video covered the time of the civil disturbance that followed the Terrapins' win over Duke on March 3.

Sixty hours of video was handed over to the attorneys -- except for a 90-minute disc from the camera with a view of where McKenna was beaten.
The disc covered the time from midnight to 1:30 a.m. on March 4.

University of Maryland College Park spokesman Milree Williams told ABC 7 News on Tuesday that the disc was missing, and blamed a technical error.

"The server that manages those cameras automatically overwrites at a certain point, and it just overwrote and it didn't give us a opportunity to copy this particular piece," Williams said.

But just hours later, the university said the disc had been found. The disc, however, was missing two minutes of footage, officials admitted. Details on the timeline of the gap were not immediately, nor was an explanation of how a two-minute gap could appear.

In another bizarre coincidence, the campus police official in charge of the video surveillance system, Lt. Joanne Ardovini, is married to one of the National Capital Park police mounted officers who was named in the complaint Prince George's County police filed against McKenna. The complaint claimed McKenna had assaulted the mounted officer, John Ardovini, whose name is misspelled in the charging document. Court records and officials confirmed they are the same person, despite the misspelling.

The charges against McKenna were dropped by prosecutors last week.

In an interview before the missing disc surfaced, Williams said administrators were aware that missing video would raise additional questions about a case which already includes accusations of a police cover-up.

"We don't expect that is the case," Williams said. "We don't see any reason for that being the case, but we've asked the Maryland State Police to come in and do an investigation so we can be transparent as possible, so we can actually get to the bottom of it."

Maryland State Police are now investigating and working to determine whether it's merely coincidental that video is missing when the campus police lieutenant in charge of the video center is married to a park police mounted officer allegedly involved in the incident.

Some students fear the worse.

"There's no way that's a coincidence, that 90 minutes, that specific time in the riot was not just accidentally erased," said Maryland junior Jackie Brandt. "I'd say there was a cover-up. I hate to say that, it seems a little too much of a coincidence."

McKenna's attorneys say they have very serious concerns about how this video has been handled. They declined to comment on the matter until they see what is on the video in question, and hear directly from the university.

The University of Maryland maintains an extensive network of video cameras, covering both the campus and off-campus areas. The University of Maryland system is responsible for the video archives from the surveillance.


For those who havnt seen the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAPwyodTkYA
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2 Chicago state reps: Bring in the National Guard

Two state representatives called on Gov. Pat Quinn Sunday to deploy the Illinois National Guard to safeguard Chicago's streets.

Chicago Democrats John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford said they want Quinn, Mayor Richard Daley and Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis to allow guardsmen to patrol streets and help quell violence. Weis said he did not support the idea because the military and police operate under different rules.

"Is this a drastic call to action? Of course it is," Fritchey said. "Is it warranted when we are losing residents to gun violence at such an alarming rate? Without question. We are not talking about rolling tanks down the street or having armed guards on each corner."

What he envisions, Fritchey said, is a "heightened presence on the streets," particularly on the roughly 9 percent of city blocks where most of the city's violent crimes occur.

Weis previously identified those "hot spots" and said he plans to create a 100-person team made up of selected and volunteer police personnel to respond to crime there. If guardsmen were to assist police, they could comprise or contribute to that force, Fritchey said.

So far this year, 113 people have been killed across Chicago, the same number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined in the same period, Fritchey said.

"As we speak, National Guard members are working side-by-side with our troops to fight a war halfway around the world," Fritchey said. "The unfortunate reality is that we have another war that is just as deadly taking place right in our backyard." While the National Guard has been deployed in other states to prevent violence related to specific events and protests, the Chicago legislators said they are unaware of guardsmen being deployed to assist with general urban unrest.

Weis countered that the only scenario in which the National Guard would be helpful is in the situation of a tornado, earthquake or flood. If the military were brought in to help with city violence, they wouldn't answer to police command -- creating a "major disconnect" in mission and strategy.

Alluding to the 1970 Kent State University incident where the National Guard was called in and protestors and students were shot, Weis said having guardsmen handle crime could be "disastrous." But he said if the Daley suggested it, he would consider the option.

"I'm open to anything that reduces violence. But I have concerns when you mix law enforcement and the military," Weis said.

But Fritchey and Ford said prompt action is needed because summer is right around the corner and with the warm weather comes an increase in violence.

Fritchey and Ford serve two different constituencies, representing the North Side and the West Side respectively. "One half of this city views this as a part of daily life," Fritchey said. "Another part of the city doesn't care because it doesn't affect them." Yet the lawmakers said they are coming together because gun violence should be a priority to all Chicagoans.

"No help is too much help" Ford said. "This is not just about the murders. It's about the crime. It's about people being stabbed, robbed and in the hospital on life support."

Fritchey said he spoke to representatives from Quinn's office about deploying guardsmen and they "seemed open to the idea." The lawmakers had yet to speak to Weis or the mayor's office.

"I don't anticipate the governor implementing it over the objection of the mayor," Fritchey said.

"I hope this doesn't become a territorial issue. I hope this doesn't become an ego issue. This isn't about public relations or politics. This is about reclaiming our communities."



If Obama is a Punishment from God, Then What The Hell Was Bush?

Texas lawmaker: Obama is ‘God’s punishment on us.’

On Saturday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and several other elected officials boosted Fox News host Glenn Beck at an event at the Oil Palace in Tyler, TX. The day was full of right-wing flame-throwing, including Perry saying that he was “proud” to be in an “army” of anti-Obama Americans. Another prominent theme during the event was that the country has “drifted far away from its founding values”:
Gov. Rick Perry, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, and state Rep. Leo Berman also spoke, all delivering similar messages.

Berman told the crowd, “I believe that Barack Obama is God’s punishment on us today, but in 2012, we are going to make Obama a one-term president.”

Gohmert said, “The longer we go, the more we see how important it is to stick with principles.”
Beck later stated that the U.S. Constitution was “divinely inspired” and our rights “come from God.” “If God is with us, who can possibly stand against us?” Beck asked. “The answer is no one.” On his radio show last week, Beck claimed that he was carrying out God’s “plan.” Berman, a Republican representing Tyler, controversially told Chinese-American immigration lawyer Harry Joe from Dallas to “go home” and “kiss my ass.” The exchange came when Joe criticized Berman’s proposal to require all undocumented immigrants to located to self-designated “sanctuary cities.” (HT: Jackson Williams)

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Divided By Zero Opens Portal to Bizarro World: Bizarro-Tancredo Demands Big Government to Help The Poor Illegals for Fear of Lawsuits.

Even Tancredo worries AZ immigration law may go too far: People shouldn’t be pulled over for how they look.

Former Colorado Republican congressman Tom Tancredo is known as a far-right ideologue when it comes to immigration, with fellow Republican Dick Armey lamenting that Tancredo is “alienating” Latinos from the GOP. In 2006, Armey referred to Tancredo as the “cheerleader of jerkiness in the immigration debate.” Tancredo has even joked that he would like to “shut off all immigration.” While Tancredo is, not surprisingly, saying that he supports Arizona going after the issue of undocumented immigration, what’s telling is that even he is worried the law might go too far — showing just how radical the measure really is:
Tancredo applauds the law in that Arizona took control of enforcing laws the federal government hasn’t enforced.

But he questions how police can stop people for any reason. “I do not want people here, there in Arizona, pulled over because you look like [you] should be pulled over,” says Tancredo.

He suspects police in Arizona will only pull people over for breaking the law. But they could already do this before the new law.
Tancredo added that Arizona’s law is what happens when the federal government fails to act. “States eventually get to the point where if things get bad enough, they’ll take matters into their own hands,” he said. “They’ve taken what we can call an extreme measure.”

'Gay' dog barred from restaurant

A blind man and his guide dog were barred from an Australian restaurant after a waiter thought the dog was gay.

A tribunal last week heard that Ian Jolly, 57, was told to leave the Adelaide restaurant Thai Spice in May last year after a staff member mistook his guide dog Nudge for a "gay dog".

Restaurant owners Hong Hoa Thi To and Anh Hoang Le told the hearing that the waiter had misheard Mr Jolly's partner Chris Lawrence when she asked to bring a guide dog on to the premises.

The waiter reportedly heard Ms Lawrence to say she "wanted to bring a gay dog into the restaurant".

A statement from the owners said: "The staff genuinely believed that Nudge was an ordinary pet dog which had been desexed to become a gay dog."

Despite the restaurant having a sign welcoming guide dogs and Mr Jolly producing a guide dogs fact card, they were still barred from eating.

The Equal Opportunity Tribunal conciliation hearing ordered Thai Spice to pay the couple AUS$1,500 in compensation and the restaurant also agreed to make a written apology to Mr Jolly and attend a diversity training course.

Mr Jolly told the Sunday Mail: "It gives you some comfort that Equal Opportunity is there.

"But I always have that fear now, when I go out.

"I just want to be like everybody else and be able to go out for dinner, to be left alone and just enjoy a meal."

Source: Pink News

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Cops Bust Into Gizmodo Editor's Home And Seize Computers, Documents In iPhone Probe

Police raided Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home in Fremont, Calif. last week, seizing computers and other gadgets, as detectives probe how the gadget blog editor obtained an Apple iPhone prototype, which he first published photos and videos of last Monday.

According to documents viewed by Business Insider, law enforcement agents sent by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office seized several computers, including three Apple laptops, two Dells, an IBM notebook, and an HP server. Cops also took external hard drives, digital cameras, cellphones, USB drives, an iPad, and documents. (Here's a whole list.)

Chen described the event in another document viewed by Business Insider, describing how he got home from dinner around 9:45 p.m. to discover that his garage door was half-open. "Then they made me place my hands behind my head and searched me to make sure I had no weapons or sharp objects on me."

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/cops-bust-into-gizmodo-editors-home-and-seize-computers-documents-in-iphone-probe-2010-4#ixzz0mFAuCbNf

who, exactly, are they protecting and serving here?

Racist people say racist things.

BNP Leader: 'East London Is Like Nairobi'

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been secretly filmed out on the far-right party's campaign trail, where he compared east London to Nairobi.

The BNP is well known for having controversial racist policies, but it would appear the party also has controversial racist opinions when it comes to canvassing voters black people.

An undercover reporter from the People tabloid recorded what happened when senior party member Richard Edmonds was out leafleting in Dagenham

When a woman told him she would not vote BNP, Mr Edmonds' response as he walked away was: "Silly ******* aren't they? Maybe she's got a black kid you see?

"Or maybe her sister's got a black kid? That I think is always the explanation around here.

"Once they go with blacks, they're part of the black tribe.

"Wicked, horrible, stupid. I've seen it many, many times."

Mr Griffin was also filmed talking about canvassing in Barking, where he is trying to oust Labour's Margaret Hodge.

"Yes, it's something like leafleting central Nairobi isn't it, I'm afraid," he said.

A spokesman for the BNP said the remarks were made after Mr Edmonds had been verbally abused in the street. diddums.

They party did not want to comment further on the filming. 

At its manifesto launch last week, the BNP insisted it was not a single-issue party.

Video at source

I think we should chip in and buy Mr. Griffin a plane ticket to Nairobi. Maybe it'll give him a sense of perspective.


Ballsiest woman in the world attempts to steal house

California woman charged with moving into, claiming Lolo home she didn't own

A California woman is charged with burglary after prosecutors say she moved into a Lolo house that was for sale, changed the locks and delivered paperwork to the owner claiming it was hers.

Jackiya D. Ford, 37, was arrested on April 14 and her belongings removed from a house built by Bob Paffhausen. She made an initial appearance in Justice Court on April 19 and her bail was set at $50,000.

Paffhausen said Ford had showed up about two weeks earlier to view the house as a prospective buyer. Sometime after that, prosecutors say Ford delivered paperwork to Paffhausen claiming ownership of the house and the land in a 20-mile radius around it. She offered to drop the lawsuit if Paffhausen would pay her about $900,000 in pure silver and gold.

Paffhausen received a call from NorthWestern Energy saying someone had reported a natural gas leak at the house. Paffhausen went to the house, where he found the locks and garage door codes had been changed and notices were posted on the doors claiming the house had been given to Ford by "our Lord and Savior Yahushua."

Looking through a kitchen window, he could see personal belongings, including a rifle case leaning against the living room wall.

Paffhausen called County Attorney Dori Brownlow, with whom he had been working on Ford's alleged claim to the house, and then 911.

Missoula County deputies shut off the gas and electricity to the house and were discussing how to enter the house when Ford drove up. Officers arrested her before she got out of the SUV.

Ford told the officers she was a sovereign citizen of the republic of America and therefore they had no authority over her. She said she owned the whole mountainside and that they were on public property. She said she had lived in the house for about two weeks, court records said.

Ford had a child with her and court records say the child was turned over to child protective services.


Lolo's in Montana, in case anybody's wondering. We don't have a Montana tag, apparently.
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Onions and cauliflower to blame for rampant inflation

March PPI Shows 0.7% Rise; Up 6% YoY

Data from the Labor Department showed that U.S. wholesale prices reversed a drop in February with a seasonally adjusted 0.7 percent increase in March, bolstered by higher prices for vegetables. Economists had expected the PPI to rise 0.4 percent in March, after a 0.6 percent drop in February.

The producer price index has surged 6 percent in the last year, led by a 23 percent jump in energy prices. This marks the largest year-over-year gain for the index since September 2008.

The core index, which excludes the impact of food and energy prices, increased just 0.1 percent last month, which was in line with the expectations of economists and the same movement as the prior month.

The small incremental rises in prices have helped the Federal Reserve in keeping interest rates at record lows as the economy combats high unemployment and attempts to emerge from the recession.

Food prices were up 2.4 percent in March, which is the sharpest one-month increase for the reading since 1984. The increase was due to a 49.3 percent jump in the price of fresh and dry vegetable prices, as the price of onions and cauliflowers more than doubled.

Following a 2.9 percent drop in February, energy prices jumped back up by 2.9 percent last month.

The PPI showed that the prices of raw materials or crude goods increased 3.2 percent in March, while intermediate goods prices increased by 0.6 percent.

The Fed is expected to cite low risk of inflation as a reason to keep the interest rates at the current record lows at its next meeting April 27-28.


It's important to know about seasonal adjustments in these figures, as well as understanding why a certain value went up or down. Here's the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics press release on the March 2010 figures.

If only we were on the Gold Onion and Cauliflower Standard!

Sick pregnant woman is deported, also happens to be black.

Monique Beaudin, Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL — A 42-year-old pregnant woman says she will be at Montreal's international airport Tuesday morning where she is to be deported to her native Guinea, even though she fears for her life and that of her unborn baby.

Sayon Camara Sow will leave Canada despite last-ditch attempts by her husband and supporters to keep her in the country.

Camara Sow begged Immigration Minister Jason Kenney Monday to step in and allow her to stay in Canada until her baby is born.

"I want the minister to help me to stay here, beside my husband," an emotional Camara Sow said. "I'm sick, I'm pregnant and I'm afraid that at my age, I may lose my baby."

Sow is 24 weeks pregnant, has Type 2 diabetes and had a miscarriage last year.

She is being followed by a high-risk pregnancy clinic at Montreal's Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. Dr. Fanny Hersson-Edery said Camara Sow will not have access in Guinea to the kind of medical care required for a high-risk pregnancy.

Her lawyer, Stewart Istvanffy said Camara Sow's life and that of her baby are at risk if she is returned to Guinea.

"We hope this situation will upset Canadians and they'll let our government know we shouldn't be treating a pregnant woman that way," he said.

Neither Camara Sow nor her husband have family in Guinea, located in Western Africa, for her to live with. Hersson-Edery said she also can't afford to buy in Guinea the insulin she needs for her diabetes.

Staff at Kenney's office said the file is in the hands of the Canada Border Services Agency. A spokesman for CBSA said people are only deported once all their legal avenues have been exhausted.

Camara Sow fled an abusive husband, now deceased, in 2006. She said her uncle married her off as a third wife to a rich man who beat her, sexually assaulted her, and cut her face with a razor blade.

Source (which has a source for its source)


There is a lack of Canadian fuckery on this comm. Also, ~*first pwnst*~
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Oklahoma House Overrides Abortion Restrictions Vetoes

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma House voted overwhelmingly Monday to override Governor Brad Henry's vetoes of two abortion measures he called unconstitutional intrusions into citizens' private lives and decisions.

The Senate is expected to follow suit as early as Tuesday, after which the bills would become law.

Without discussion or debate, House members voted 81-14 to override the veto of a bill requiring women to undergo an ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus before getting an abortion.

They voted 84-12 to override a veto of legislation that prohibits pregnant women from seeking damages if physicians withhold information or provide inaccurate information about their pregnancy. Supporters had said that legislation was aimed at preventing women from discriminating against fetuses with disabilities.

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Fffffffffffffuck, goddamnit I hate my state.
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Famous Last Words: "Safety Regulations? We dont Need no Stinking Safety Regulations! Safety is for Pinko Union Commies. Bring It On Mother Nature! Big Oil is Going To Make You Our Biatch"

Big Oil Fought Off New Safety Rules Before Rig Disaster

As families mourn the 11 workers thrown overboard in the worst oil rig disaster in decades and as the resulting spill continues to spread through the Gulf of Mexico, new questions are being raised about the training of the drill operators and about the oil company's commitment to safety.

Deepwater Horizon, the giant technically-advanced rig which exploded on April 20 and sank two days later, is leaking an estimated 42,000 gallons per day through a pipe about 5,000 feet below the surface and has spread across 1,800 square miles, according to satellite images, oozing its way toward the Louisiana coast.

The massive $600 million rig, which holds the record for boring the deepest oil and gas well in the world -- at 35,050 feet - had passed three recent federal inspections, the most recent on April 1, since it moved to its current location in January.

Yet relatives of workers who are presumed dead claim that the oil behemoth BP and rig owner TransOcean violated "numerous statutes and regulations" issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Agency and the U.S. Coast Guard, according to a lawsuit filed by Natalie Roshto, whose husband Shane, a deck floor hand, was thrown overboard by the force of the explosion and whose body has not yet been located.

Both companies failed to provide a competent crew, failed to properly supervise its employees and failed to provide Rushto with a safe place to work, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

Both companies have also aggressively opposed new safety regulations proposed last year by a federal agency that oversees offshore drilling -- which were prompted by a study that found many accidents in the industry.

There were 41 deaths and 302 injuries out of 1,443 incidents from 2001 to 2007, according to the study conducted by the Minerals and Management Service of the Interior Department. In addition, the agency issued 150 reports over incidents of non-compliant production and drilling operations and determined there was "no discernible improvement by industry over the past 7 years."

As a result, the agency proposed taking a more proactive stance by requiring operators to have their safety program audited at least once every three years -- previously, the industry's self-managed safety program was voluntary for operators. The agency estimated that the proposed rule would cost operators about $4.59 million in startup costs and $8 million in annual recurring costs.
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Emergency News: Mooslim Tyrant Invades West Virginia! Usurper Wants Our Coal!!

Mining lobbyist: ‘The president has parked his tanks on our front lawn.’

This weekend, as President Barack Obama traveled to West Virginia to mourn the deaths of 29 miners in the Massey coal explosion, the mining industry attacked the president with militant right-wing rhetoric.
Obama has supported the U.S. coal industry with an agenda of investing “huge subsidies” in the advanced coal technology that he misleadingly calls “clean coal.” His administration has begun to crack down on the industry’s worst safety violators and most egregious practices like mountaintop removal, but has also announced that any limits on carbon pollution would not begin until 2011. The day before Obama praised coal as “the energy that powers our country and powers the world,” National Mining Association spokesman Luke Popovich attacked the president as a military invader of coal country:

You’d be hard pressed to find a president whose actions have been more warlike on coal. There are those who say the president has parked his tanks on our front lawn, and it’s hard to dispute that.

The National Mining Association — whose directors include Massey Energy’s Don Blankenship — joins a right-wing chorus accusing Obama of “invading” and declaring “war” on Americans, including Newt Gingrich, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH), and CNN commentator Erick Erickson. (HT Appalachian Voices)

Update West Virginia Blue's Clem Guttata responds: "Some friendly advice, Luke... before you trump up the war-allusions you might want to tally up the body count of coal miners with the members of your National Mining Association."

Why you should be very afraid, by George Osborne

If you caught a glimpse of the latest Conservative Party election broadcast (a spoof of a broadcast by the Hung Parliament Party, ho ho ho), you will probably by now be hiding beneath your bed, clinging on to your battered childhood teddy bear and bawling for your mother. It was launched by George Osborne and covered with wide-ranging and wild-eyed menace the dangers of a hung parliament - many and various if you believe their take. There might be a run on the pound, a collapse in business confidence, back-room deals, nationwide misery, destitution and a quadrupling in the murder rate (last three not true, but they wouldn't have felt entirely out of place in the fear-fest that was the Tory press conference).

I watched another video after being scared witless by George (and he didn't even have a side parting any more). This one is great: it has a clock ominously ticking down, pictures of knives and guns and ASBOs in action and interminable droning statistics explaining how your life will essentially be in much greater danger under a Labour government. It's like the horror version of Countdown.

And then I remembered Cameron launching his manifesto with the sunny, smiling words:

"If we join together, if we act decisively and move forward with optimism, we can start to fix the economic, social and political problems that threaten the nation. We can bring about the change Britain needs."

Optimism! Oh optimism. How naive and distant you seem in these ghoulish times. Optimism is now banished to BC (before Clegg); before the TV debates provoked nightmares and the realistic prospect of a hung parliament - the political equivalent of The Silence of the Lambs to any "optimistic" Tory - changed everything. So it's back to the comfort of fear, the welcoming duvet of threats, the open embrace of empty warnings about how unutterably awful your entire life will be if anything happens on 6 May apart from Dave marching into No 10 and hanging his Lily Allen posters all over the walls. Til then, we will be trembling in our beds (or beneath them, especially if George gets that side parting back on the campaign trail.)

Source: New Statesman