June 5th, 2010

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Flotilla activists were shot in the head at close range

Israel was tonight under pressure to allow an independent inquiry into its assault on the Gaza aid flotilla after autopsy results on the bodies of those killed, obtained by the Guardian, revealed they were peppered with 9mm bullets, many fired at close range.

Nine Turkish men on board the Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times and five were killed by gunshot wounds to the head, according to the vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine, which carried out the autopsies for the Turkish ministry of justice today.
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Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jun/04/gaza-flotilla-activists-autopsy-results/

Shot in the back of the head and the back. Shot in the back. And the line they come up with is that when frightened, you may put several bullets in one body but still only fired once. So, how do they explain one victim getting a bullet in his temple, chest and his back?
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Sharron Angle leads while hiding Scientology connections; Sue Lowden is not chicken and pecks back

Original image by nonnie9999 at Hysterical Raisins

Las Vegas Sun: Sharron Angle campaign working to quiet Scientology question
Website removes names of the faith’s famous followers
By David McGrath Schwartz (contact)
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | 2 a.m.

Carson City — Surging Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle has had to defend her support of a prison program that her opponents linked to Scientology. Trying to head off that theme, Angle has eliminated from her campaign website mention of prominent members of the church, whom she worked with on other legislative efforts.

Angle has removed the claim that she, along with actresses Kelly Preston and Jenna Elfman, approached Sen. John Ensign to sponsor legislation prohibiting school employees from requiring students to take psychotropic drugs, such as anti-depressants.

Preston and Elfman are high-profile members of the Church of Scientology, which does not believe in the use of psychiatric drugs.

Instead, Angle’s website, sharronangle.com, says only that Ensign sponsored a bill “at Angle’s request.”

More at the source in the headline.

So, week-old news is old, right? Not entirely. It turns out that Sharron Angle is now leading Sue Lowden.

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Sue Lowden isn't chicken when it comes to responding to this news. She attacks Angle's connection to Scientology.

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As for the connection between Angle, a Baptist, and the Scientologist celebrities, I suppose Greta Van Susteren and Sarah Palin would approve.

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Up Close and Personal

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A news conference in New Zealand came to an awkward halt Monday after the country's prime minister acknowledged having had a vasectomy.

Prime Minister John Key was responding to questions about funding changes to early childhood education centres when he was asked whether he would send his children to one with fewer qualified teachers on its staff.

"I think if I sent my 15-year-old or 17-year-old to early childhood at the moment, they'd have a meltdown," he quipped.

What if his wife, Bronagh, had another child?

"I'd be extremely worried," Key said, "because I've had a vasectomy."

The acknowledgment caused reporters who were present to fall silent, and Key admitted that it was "probably too much information" for a press conference.

"Boy that's slowed things down," Key said. "Any other questions?"

One reporter recovered enough to ask, "Did it hurt?"

"Not overly actually," Key said.

It's like something out of The Onion, I swear. Figured everyone needed a change from the downer stories.
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Israeli Navy boards the Rachel Corrie

Israeli naval forces boarded an Irish-owned ship bound for Gaza today, just five days after killing nine passengers in a bloody raid on a previous aid convoy.

The commandos boarded the ship "with the full compliance" of the crew and passengers without any of the violence that had marked the storming of the Turkish ferry Mavi Marmara on Monday, Israeli officials said.

"Our forces boarded the boat and took control without meeting any resistance from the crew or the passengers. Everything took place without violence," a military spokeswoman said.

The MV Rachel Corrie, carrying 20 passengers and crew as well as humanitarian aid for Gaza, had ignored orders not to break the three-year blockade of the Palestinian enclave that has been enforced by Israel and Egypt.

Once Israeli forces had taken control of the small vessel, they steered it towards the southern Israeli port of Ashdod, several hours sailing away.

The military said the goods would be transferred to Gaza through the land crossings it controls, although aid groups have complained that not all the items from previously-seized convoys had been delivered.

Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovitz, the chief Israeli military spokeswoman said Israeli commandos “didn't storm the ship — they boarded it with the agreement" of the people on board.

The passengers and crew, including Nobel Peace prize winner Mairead Maguire, were expected to be questioned and their identifies checked by Israeli officials before being deported, as happened with hundreds of people taken off the previous aid flotilla.

The Israeli vessels had earlier intercepted the ship around 35 miles (55 km) off the Gaza coast. Ms Maguire said the group would offer no resistance if Israeli forces boarded their ship. “We will sit down,” she said. “They will probably arrest us ... But there will be no resistance.”

The group had said in a statement they would let an international force, preferably United Nations inspectors, search the ship and certify the nature of its cargo before it proceeds to Gaza, to allay Israeli fears that weapons could be on board.

The 1,200 tonne ship, named after an American student crushed to death by a bulldozer in 2003 while protesting Israeli house demolitions in Gaza, had been expected in Gaza late this morning.

Israel’s treatment of the activists will be closely watched around the world after the disastrous Israeli navy raid on a Gaza bound convoy on Monday which led to the deaths of nine people, mainly Turkish activists.


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music | The Beatles

"Paul McCartney Receives Music Award at White House".

Julie Taboh | Washington, DC | 04 June 2010

Calling him the "most successful songwriter in history," U.S. President Barack Obama presented music legend Paul McCartney with the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

McCartney was one of the four original members of The Beatles, whose string of record-breaking hits revolutionized pop music in the 1960s.

After their break-up in 1970, McCartney went out on his own, performing with his band Wings and then alone. His numerous hits include such classics as "Yesterday", "Hey Jude", and "Let It Be."

"Tonight it is my distinct pleasure to present America's highest award for popular music on behalf of a grateful nation, grateful that a young Englishman shared his dreams with us. Sir Paul McCartney," said President Obama in a ceremony at the White House.

The Gershwin is named after the renowned song writers George and Ira Gershwin and was given to McCartney in appreciation of his five decades of extraordinary contributions to American music.

"It is such a fantastic evening for me," McCartney said after receiving the prize. "I mean, getting this prize is good enough, but getting it from this president."

President Barack Obama presents Paul McCartney with the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song at the White House.

During the evening, McCartney sang some of his most famous songs, including his opening act, "Got to Get You into My Life."

The evening also included an all-star cast of performers who sang their own versions of McCartney hits. The performers included Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Faith Hill and the Jonas Brothers.

But the highlight of the evening was clearly the guest of honor, who dedicated one of his classic hits, "Michelle," to the first lady.

Full article @ source, though is just a transcript of the following VOA video report:

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Other videos:

FYI: "In Performance at the White House" will air on PBS on July 28. :D

More than 50% of Americans think gay relations are okay now, but it's complicated...

Gay? Whatever, Dude
Published: June 4, 2010

Last week, while many of us were distracted by the oil belching forth from the gulf floor and the president’s ham-handed attempts to demonstrate that he was sufficiently engaged and enraged, Gallup released a stunning, and little noticed, report on Americans’ evolving views of homosexuality. Allow me to enlighten:

1. For the first time, the percentage of Americans who perceive “gay and lesbian relations” as morally acceptable has crossed the 50 percent mark. (You have to love the fact that they still use the word “relations.” So quaint.)

2. Also for the first time, the percentage of men who hold that view is greater than the percentage of women who do.

3. This new alignment is being led by a dramatic change in attitudes among younger men, but older men’s perceptions also have eclipsed older women’s. While women’s views have stayed about the same over the past four years, the percentage of men ages 18 to 49 who perceived these “relations” as morally acceptable rose by 48 percent, and among men over 50, it rose by 26 percent.

I warned you: stunning.

There is no way to know for sure what’s driving such a radical change in men’s views on this issue because Gallup didn’t ask, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate. To help me do so, I called Dr. Michael Kimmel, a professor of sociology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the author or editor of more than 20 books on men and masculinity, and Professor Ritch Savin-Williams, the chairman of human development at Cornell University and the author of seven books, most of which deal with adolescent development and same-sex attraction.

Here are three theories:

1. The contact hypothesis. As more men openly acknowledge that they are gay, it becomes harder for men who are not gay to discriminate against them. And as that group of openly gay men becomes more varied — including athletes, celebrities and soldiers — many of the old, derisive stereotypes lose their purchase. To that point, a Gallup poll released last May found that people who said they personally knew someone who was gay or lesbian were more likely to be accepting of gay men and lesbians in general and more supportive of their issues.

2. Men may be becoming more egalitarian in general. As Dr. Kimmel put it: “Men have gotten increasingly comfortable with the presence of, and relative equality of, ‘the other,’ and we’re becoming more accustomed to it. And most men are finding that it has not been a disaster.” The expanding sense of acceptance likely began with the feminist and civil rights movements and is now being extended to the gay rights movement. Dr. Kimmel continued, “The dire predictions for diversity have not only not come true, but, in fact, they’ve been proved the other way.”

3. Virulent homophobes are increasingly being exposed for engaging in homosexuality. Think Ted Haggard, the once fervent antigay preacher and former leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, and his male prostitute. (This week, Haggard announced that he was starting a new “inclusive” church open to “gay, straight, bi, tall, short,” but no same-sex marriages. Not “God’s ideal.” Sorry.) Or George Rekers, the founding member of the Family Research Council, and his rent boy/luggage handler. Last week, the council claimed that repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” would lead to an explosion of “homosexual assaults” in which sleeping soldiers would be the victims of fondling and fellatio by gay predators. In fact, there is a growing body of research that supports the notion that homophobia in some men could be a reaction to their own homosexual impulses. Many heterosexual men see this, and they don’t want to be associated with it. It’s like being antigay is becoming the old gay. Not cool.

These sound plausible, but why aren’t women seeing the same enlightening effects as men? Professor Savin-Williams suggests that there may be a “ceiling effect,” that men are simply catching up to women, and there may be a level at which views top out. Interesting.

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I found this article surprising on some levels because at least in the position of a queer guy I still find homophobia (and biphobia for that matter) with shocking frequency in tons of situations and media. On the other hand, the numbers can't completely be wrong. Mostly I don't like that the article treats a lot of these trends superficially, e.g. it doesn't perform any kind of feminist analysis, it doesn't provide many real-world anecdotes from openly non-hetero people, it doesn't acknowledge the ways that heteronormativity still dominates US society, etc. And it completely ignores transphobia altogether, among other things that shouldn't be synonymous with homophobia but are still relevant to consider alongside it; while sexuality and gender identity work independently for individuals, prejudices about the latter tend to wind up informing prejudices about the former, and vice versa. So: interesting poll results, but I'd love to see people here bring more nuanced discussion of them to the table.
Mr. T the Patriot

What Kind of Card is Race?

By Tim Wise

Recently, I was asked by someone in the audience of one of my speeches, whether or not I believed that racism--though certainly a problem--might also be something conjured up by people of color in situations where the charge was inappropriate. In other words, did I believe that occasionally folks play the so-called race card, as a ploy to gain sympathy or detract from their own shortcomings? In the process of his query, the questioner made his own opinion all too clear (an unambiguous yes), and in that, he was not alone, as indicated by the reaction of others in the crowd, as well as survey data confirming that the belief in black malingering about racism is nothing if not ubiquitous.

It's a question I'm asked often, especially when there are several high-profile news events transpiring, in which race informs part of the narrative. Now is one of those times, as a few recent incidents demonstrate: Is racism, for example, implicated in the alleged rape of a young black woman by white members of the Duke University lacrosse team? Was racism implicated in Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's recent confrontation with a member of the Capitol police? Or is racism involved in the ongoing investigation into whether or not Barry Bonds--as he is poised to eclipse white slugger Babe Ruth on the all-time home run list--might have used steroids to enhance his performance?*

Although the matter is open to debate in any or all of these cases, white folks have been quick to accuse blacks who answer in the affirmative of playing the race card, as if their conclusions have been reached not because of careful consideration of the facts as they see them, but rather, because of some irrational (even borderline paranoid) tendency to see racism everywhere. So too, discussions over immigration, "terrorist" profiling, and Katrina and its aftermath often turn on issues of race, and so give rise to the charge that as regards these subjects, people of color are "overreacting" when they allege racism in one or another circumstance.Collapse )

Hamas raids, closes NGO offices

Hamas’s security forces on Monday and Tuesday raided the offices of several non-governmental organizations in the Gaza Strip and confiscated equipment and furniture, drawing sharp condemnations from human rights groups.

The sources said the raids were carried out by agents belonging to Hamas’s Internal Security apparatus without court permission.

Hamas spokesmen in the Gaza Strip on Thursday refused to comment on the raids.

After conducting a thorough search of the offices of the organizations, the Hamas security agents confiscated files, documents, computers, fax machines and other equipment.

The agents also informed the managers and workers of the organizations of the Hamas government’s decision to close them down indefinitely.

The Gaza-based Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights expressed outrage over the raids and called on the Hamas government to open an investigation.

“Al-Mezan condemns these assaults against NGOs and views them with much concern,” the center said. “Al-Mezan calls on the Gaza government to initiate an investigation into these acts, ensure full respect of the law, and protect the right of NGOs to work freely.”

According to affidavits given to Al-Mezan by workers at the NGOs, on Monday morning Hamas security agents stormed the NGOs offices in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah.

The NGOs raid on Monday were: Sharik Youth Institution, Bonat Al-Mustaqbal (Future Builders) Society, the South Society for Women’s Health, and the Women and Children Society.

The security agents searched the offices and made a list of the equipment and other belongings.

Later in the day, Hamas policemen returned to the offices of the same NGOs and called the directors by telephone. They confiscated most of the equipment and other items, including computers, faxes, cameras, documents and reports, in addition to the keys to their doors. The security agents informed the directors that their organizations were closed. They did not provide any reasons behind this decision.

The following day [Tuesday], Hamas security men stormed the offices of another two NGOs, the Palestinian Mini Parliament and the National Reconciliation Committee. They confiscated the keys to their doors and ordered them closed.

“Al-Mezan views these assaults on NGOs and the way they were carried out without any respect for the law with great concern,” the center said in a statement. “Al-Mezan condemns them and questions their timing, which comes amid the outcry against the Israeli crime against the Freedom Flotilla.”

It said such assaults on NGOs “violate constitutional rights under Article 26 of the amended Palestinian Basic Law, which provides Palestinians the right to participate in public life, particularly by forming syndicates, unions, institutions, clubs and popular institutions.”

The UN’s special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Robert Serry, expressed deep concern over the raids and closure of the NGO offices.

“This targeting of NGOs, including UN partner organizations, is unacceptable, violating accepted norms of a free society and harming the Palestinian people,” he said. “The de facto [Hamas] authorities must cease such repressive steps and allow the re-opening of these civil society institutions without delay.”


Documentary: "Missionaries of Hate"

Vanguard correspondent Mariana van Zeller investigates the growing influence American evangelical groups have in shaping anti-gay laws and attitudes in Uganda. As an anti-gay movement spreads across the continent, gay Africans and their families face an increasingly uncertain future of isolation, imprisonment or even execution.

For those who have seen the "EAT DA POO POO" clip and remixes, here is the documentary that the clip originated from.

SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo77w_71hA0

The BP spill isn't Obama's Katrina, it's actually Big Oil's Chernobyl

Behold our dark, magnificent horror

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Friday, June 4, 2010


There is, you have to admit, a sort of savage grace, a tragic and terrible beauty, to the BP oil spill.

Like any good apocalyptic vision of self-wrought hell, the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history has its inherent poetry. You see that creeping ooze of black, that ungodly wall of unstoppable darkness as it slowly, inexorably invades the relatively healthy, pristine waters adjacent, and you can't help but appreciate the brutal majesty, the fantastic, reeking horror of this new manifestation of black death we have brought upon ourselves, as it spreads like a fast cancer into the liquid womb of Mother Nature herself.

Really, it's not just the incredible photographs of the spill that are, in turns, heartbreaking, stunning, otherworldly and downright Satanic in their abject revulsion. It's not just the statistics that tell us how many millions of gallons might ultimately be spilled, or the stunned scientists who can only hypothesize how this unprecedented catastrophe might affect the fragile food chain and distress the ocean's ecosystems at the very root level.

It's not even the endless, heartrending tales of livelihoods lost, industries destroyed, coastlines ravaged or wildlife killed. The fact is, any one of these aspects alone is enough to poison your soul for as long as you wish to wallow in that murky state of fatalism and doom. It is nothing but bleak.

I think the most disturbingly satisfying thrill of this entire event -- and it is, in a way, a perverse thrill -- comes from understanding, at a very core level, our shared responsibility, our co-creation of the foul demon currently unleashed.

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movies | Pooh Bear

"Muppets Take Manhattan, Then Thank The Bidens".

By David Bois | Thursday, June 3, 2010 3:11 PM ET

It's not easy for the poor lumbering dude to find a tux that fits, so when Snuffy shows up, you just know that it's a big deal.

Oh, sure, they may look like they're fashioned from craft fur and felt and googly eyes. But they're real. They're alive, and they're funny, compassionate and ever friends-in-need. It's hard to believe that Jim Henson has been gone for 20 years, but his beloved Muppets will continue to endure as friendly guides and companions to generations of youngsters, always ready to celebrate the good times, but just as importantly, equally available to help children understand and navigate their early lives when times of difficulty and sadness creep in.

Several themed initiatives have been designed by Sesame Workshop (the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street and allied content), each geared to development of understanding and skills around such topics as healthy eating, nurturing curiosity and creativity and emotional well-being. One of the more recent and truly beneficial of these initiatives has been the Talk, Listen, and Connect outreach program that aims to help children of members of the military adjust to life and the challenges that arise during and even after their parent's deployment. Collapse )

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I squee'd.

Virginia Beach offfical writes letter to Bloomberg protesting "mosque at Ground Zero"...

Beach official objects to mosque plan, takes heat

City Councilman Bill DeSteph irked fellow council members and local Muslims on Friday by sending a letter to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg protesting a plan for an Islamic community center near the World Trade Center site.

DeSteph wrote on city letterhead that "the citizens of Virginia Beach and the Commonwealth of Virginia" are opposed to the plan.

"Obviously, he doesn't represent the city of Virginia Beach just because he's a council member using that stationery," Mayor Will Sessoms said. "I'm very disappointed he would do that."

The proposed center, called the Cordoba House, would include a prayer space, a 500-seat performing arts center, a culinary school and a restaurant. The building would expand on an existing five-story building two blocks from where the twin towers, attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, stood.

"I'm not opposed to mosques or Islam,"
said DeSteph, an at-large City Council representative seeking his second term in November. "I'm opposed to putting a mosque 600 feet from ground zero. It's a slap in the face of every American."

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PDF of letter

And just for kicks, an article about DeSteph's 2008 Halloween costume.

Waterford woman accused of sex with son she gave up for adoption pleads guilty

Aimee Louise Sword, the woman accused of tracking down and having sex with her long lost son, pleaded guilty in the case on Tuesday.

The Oakland Press reports that Sword, 36, accepted a plea deal for one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. She originally was charged with three counts of the same crime.

Police say Sword used the Internet in 2008 to find her biological son, whom she had given up for adoption more than 10 years before. The 16-year-old boy testified at a preliminary exam in January that Sword had sex with him in Grand Rapids and Waterford.

Child Protective Services notified detectives about the situation and Sword surrendered in April 2009.

Sword is expected to be sentenced on July 12, according to the Press.


Are there dangers in being 'spiritual but not religious'?

"I'm spiritual but not religious."

It's a trendy phrase people often use to describe their belief that they don't need organized religion to live a life of faith.

But for Jesuit priest James Martin, the phrase also hints at something else: egotism.

"Being spiritual but not religious can lead to complacency and self-centeredness," says Martin, an editor at America, a national Catholic magazine based in New York City. "If it's just you and God in your room, and a religious community makes no demands on you, why help the poor?"

Religious debates erupt over everything from doctrine to fashion. Martin has jumped into a running debate over the "I'm spiritual but not religious" phrase.

The "I'm spiritual but not religious" community is growing so much that one pastor compared it to a movement. In a 2009 survey by the research firm LifeWay Christian Resources, 72 percent of millennials (18- to 29-year-olds) said they're "more spiritual than religious." The phrase is now so commonplace that it's spawned its own acronym ("I'm SBNR") and Facebook page: SBNR.org.

But what exactly does being "spiritual but not religious" mean, and could there be hidden dangers in living such a life?


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FUNDING CONTROVERSY: State unsure on the number of abortions kidcare performed on abortion

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services said Friday that 0.18 percent of Denali KidCare's budget last year went to provide "abortion related services."But the department did not have any figures on just how much of that went to actual abortions, or how many were performed. Gov. Sean Parnell this week vetoed a bill to offer Denali KidCare coverage to more Alaskans because he said he'd just become aware money in the program funds abortions.

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Glenn Beck's new book club pick: Nazi sympathizer who praised Hitler and denounced the Allies

Mods-- I didn't see this posted, but if it has been, please feel free to delete:

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck heralded and promoted the work of Nazi sympathizer Elizabeth Dilling, who spoke at rallies hosted by the leading American Nazi group and praised Hitler. Today, Dilling is heralded by White Supremacists and White Aryans who revere her "fearless" work against Jewish people.

As Media Matters' Simon Maloy noted, Beck had kind words for Dilling's 1934 anti-communist book, The Red Network, saying: "This is a book -- and I'm a getting a ton of these -- from people who were doing what we're doing now. We now are documenting who all of these people are. Well, there were Americans in the first 50 years of this nation that took this seriously, and they documented it." Maloy noted that Dilling has a long history of rabid anti-Semitism, such as calling President Eisenhower "Ike the Kike" and labeling President Kennedy's New Frontier program the "Jew frontier."

Professor Glen Jeansonne and writer David Luhrssen note in the encyclopedia Women and War that Dilling wasn't only anti-Semitic, but a sympathizer and supporter of the Nazis and Hitler:

When World War II began in 1939, Dilling was part of the national network of anti-Semitics, anti-Communists, and Nazi sympathizers such as Father Charles Coughlin, Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith, Reverend Gerald Winrod, and William Dudley Pelley. Material generated by Nazi organizations in Germany to inspire race hated and exploit dissatisfaction in the United States found its way into Dilling's publications. She spoke at rallies hosted by the leading U.S. Nazi organization, the German-American Bund, and had traveled to Germany, pronouncing the country as flourishing under Hitler.

Dilling called for appeasing Germany; she blamed the war on Jews and Communists and accused the Roosevelt administration of being controlled by Jewish Communists. ... After Pearl Harbor, Dilling resisted wartime rationing and denounced the Allies.

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Stock - Pink Sakura

Racial gap grows in Missouri traffic stops

JEFFERSON CITY (AP) — Black motorists in Missouri are being stopped by police at an increasingly disproportionate rate compared with white and Hispanic motorists, according to a report released yesterday by the attorney general.

Missouri’s 10th annual traffic stop analysis shows black motorists were 70 percent more likely than white drivers — and twice as likely as Hispanic motorists — to be stopped by law enforcement officers in 2009.

The figures compare the racial breakdown of Missouri’s driving-age population to the racial composition of drivers in more than 1.7 million traffic stops made by 642 law enforcement agencies.

The disparity for black drivers has risen nearly every year since 2001, when Missouri became the first state to publish a report examining the racial demographics of its traffic stops.

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As usual, I would recommend avoiding the source comments.

mississippi oil fail. fried catfish in the park edition.

if this has been posted before, sorry. my anger and disdain may have caused me to overlook the latest postings.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Barbour skips meeting with Obama
Governors of Louisiana, Alabama and Florida met with President Barack Obama about the Gulf oil disaster Friday in Kenner, La., but as with the president’s trip last week to the region, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was absent.

Barbour spokeswoman Laura Hipp said the governor is in New York, meeting with bond-rating agencies about the state’s finances and to attend the annual Mississippi Picnic in Central Park, which showcases Magnolia State food and culture to New Yorkers and expatriate Mississippians living there.

Hipp said Barbour would return this weekend.

A White House transcript of the president’s talk with the other governors included no mention of Mississippi.

According to the transcript, Obama’s comments included: “All right. The last point I wanted to make is we did talk about what the environmental quality is down here right now. Lisa Jackson has been down here all week and she went all across the country — or all across the state of Louisiana. She’s going to be monitoring what’s going on in Alabama and Florida as well.”

The 31st annual Mississippi Picnic is today at noon, at East Meadow in Central Park. Mississippi artists and authors will display and sell their art and books, and “Barbour will be on hand to bring greetings from Mississippi,” the event’s Web site says. The Mississippi Catfish Cooking team will be serving Simmons Farm fried catfish.

Hipp and a White House spokesman said Barbour continues to participate in daily conference calls with the White House, Coast Guard and others on the oil-disaster response.

Barbour missed another meeting between Obama and the Gulf governors on the president’s trip last week to Louisiana. Barbour had previously committed to attend the opening of a solar-panel plant in Senatobia.


eta: i hate this article, but the comments are golden. for once i am happy to see the brain dead, teapartying, racist elite of this state getting pissed at their jabba the hut looking leader. i didn't vote for him.

Nightmare Fuel: Rape on the Reservation


According to national statistics, one in three Native American women will be raped in their lifetimes. Vanguard correspondent Mariana Van Zeller travels to Rosebud reservation in South Dakota to investigate the alarmingly high incidence of rape and sexual assaults.

She learns that rape and violence against women have become frighteningly commonplace and recently escalated to the brutal murder of a high school student named Marquita, whose naked, battered body was discovered in an abandoned house on the reservation. Candid interviews with her family members, classmates and police reveal many of the disturbing social attitudes and behaviors that lead up to her death.

On the reservation, victims of rape are often blamed and even intimidated from pressing charges by members of the community, including their own families. Mariana meets Donna, a rape victim who, fearing for her life, flees her home on the reservation. Through their stories as well as emotionally charged scenes with both Indian rape survivors and past sex offenders, "Rape on the Reservation" exposes a culture of impunity as well as raises questions about what can be done to stem the epidemic of rape on America's Indian reservations.


Fake police asks people to take off England shirts

Remember the slew of stories claiming that the police were banning people from wearing England tops? I debunked that here, as others have repeatedly.

Now, the Worksop Guardian reports (via @JonnElledge):

A BOGUS police officer is operating in and around Worksop telling people to remove their England shirts and take down their flags.
A probe was launched after the Guardian revealed that a woman in the town had been asked to take down her England flags by what she thought was a genuine police officer.

It has now emerged that someone is posing as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) and was in Clumber Park last weekend asking people to remove their England shirts.

Chief Superintendent Dave Wakelin said: “I am aware of last week’s publicity regarding the story that one of my staff members advised a local Worksop resident to remove her flag from her balcony as it was upsetting foreign residents.”

We are now absolutely certain that these were not bona-fide members of Notts Police, and this, linked to reports that over the weekend similar incidents occurred with people in Clumber Park being told remove their England shirts, leads me to believe that there is someone in our local community intending to cause unease.”

You know, it might make sense to do that if you were a Daily Mail or Daily Express journalist… but I’m sure they’d never do that.

Source: Liberal Conspiracy
(it's a couple of days old, but I haven't been checking my usual news sources as much recently - got a bit distracted with all the flotilla wank)