July 23rd, 2010

Where do Lib Dems really stand on gay marriage?

Recently, Simon Hughes spoke to this issue in a video interview, then widely reported – e.g. by gay media outlet Pink News – that Hughes had indicated that gay marriage will happen in this parliament.

However, that is a rather optimistic assessment of what Hughes actually said. Indeed, Hughes actually dampened expectations that gay marriage would be adopted as a matter of Lib Dem party policy, let alone coalition policy.

Hughes’ full answer on gay marriage can be seen here:

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Source: Liberal Conspiracy
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How To Get Yourself Fired

E-mail that prompted complaint over UI religion class instructor
Fri, 07/09/2010 - 7:00am | Jodi Heckel

From: Kenneth J. Howell

Date: Tue, May 4, 2010 at 9:45 PM

Subject: Utilitarianism and Sexuality (for those in 447 FYI)

Dear Students:

Since there is a question on the final exam about utilitarianism (see the review sheet), I thought I would help with an example. I realized after my lectures on moral theory that even though I talked about the substance of utilitarianism, I did not identify it as such and so you may not have been able to see it.

It turns out that our discussion of homosexuality brings up the issue of utilitarianism. In class, our discussion of the morality of homosexual acts was very incomplete because any moral issue about which people disagree ALWAYS raises a more fundamental issue about criteria. In other words, by what criteria should we judge whether a given act is right or wrong?

Before looking at the issue of criteria, however, we have to remind ourselves of the ever-present tendency in all of us to judge morality by emotion. The most frequent reason I hear people supporting same-sex marriage is that they know some gay couples or individuals. Empathy is a noble human quality but right or wrong does not depend on who is doing the action or on how I feel about those people, just as judging an action wrong should not depend on disliking someone. This might seem obvious to a right thinking person but I have encountered many well-educated people who do not (or cannot?) make the distinction between persons and acts when engaging moral reasoning. I encourage you to read the final essay editorial I sent earlier to reflect on this. In short, to judge an action wrong is not to condemn a person. A person and his/her acts can be distinguished for the purposes of morality.

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OP Says: The prof was fired over this. My apologies if this was posted before. I remember reading about this incident online, but I can't remember where and I can't find anything about it in this comm.
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Dems may keep Bush tax cuts

Democrats are considering a plan to delay tax hikes on the wealthy for two years because the economic recovery is slow and they fear getting crushed in November’s election.

It could mean a big reprieve for families earning $250,000 and above annually.

President George W. Bush’s tax cuts will expire at the end of the year unless Congress acts to delay their sunset.

Some Democrats are now arguing forcefully that a delay is a win-win plan that would help the federal budget without hurting the economy.

Wealthy families would not have an incentive to cut back on spending and budget writers could assume an inflow of tax funds in future years, making five- and 10-year budget projections look less scary.

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.), a member of the Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over taxes, said some of his Democratic colleagues have discussed the idea out of fear of impeding the nation’s economic recovery.

“I’ve heard some sentiment about raising the rate but not making it effective until 2012,” he said.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, President Obama said he would not extend the Bush-era tax cuts for families earning more than $250,000.
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Source: The Hill

Supply side bitches, LETS SEE HOW THIS WORKS.

Peter Tatchell, Nick Griffin and his foul-mouthed sidekick

Yesterday human rights activist and campaigner Peter Tatchell threw himself in front of BNP leader Nick Griffin at the Westminster BBC studios, while Griffin spoke to the press about his letter of invitation to the Queen’s garden party – which had been withdrawn.

Tatchell called Griffin “a gutless coward” and pressured him to apologise for the BNP’s history of anti-semitism, homophobia and Islamophobic views, before Griffin left the site and two of his bodyguards pulled Tatchell away.

One of Griffin’s entourage may seem familiar to the eagle eyed: Tony Gladwin (wearing blue) was once the British National Party Parliamentary candidate for Southend West.

The website councilbust profile him as:
a single 26 year old builder, [who] lives in Billericay with his mother. He is known to have worked as security for BNP leader Nick Griffin, and stood as an Essex County Councillor in the last round of elections.
The website also mentions his Facebook messages on the night of Griffin’s Question Time, where he said:

but coz of the old bill doin der job 4 once in der traitorous lives, i might not b able 2 play with dem.
He has fully admitted the messages now.

Hope not Hate have reported on Gladwin posting “offensive jokes on his Facebook page ridiculing victims of the thalidomide tragedy, who suffered severe birth defects as a result of the drug.”

Regarding the threat to march through the streets of Wooton Bassett by disgraceful group Islam4UK, Gladwin posted on his Facebook page:
just tink this is the only country in the world dat allows foreigners 2 shit on the graves of our war heroes in public (with a police escort!) and get away with it but if u shout out naughty words dat offends them u get banged up!

u gota laugh or u’ll cry or become a serial killer lol
Nice company Griffin keeps.

Source: Liberal Conspiracy
Ray spelled backwards is GOD

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Flying Pasties are NOT your typical 'Pasty' or 'sticker', they are 2mm thick 100% rubber and are meant to obscure your private areas when you pass through airport scanners. No adhesive necessary!

Until now, citizens haven't had a proper way to voice their displeasure over the intrusive nature of airport scanners.

Available in four designs so you can keep your dignity in style. "Generic" Design now in stock - other styles arriving daily! Order conveniently today with Paypal.
(Have a suggestion for a design? email us)

"Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security"
- Benjamin Franklin

Flying Pasties. Giving you back your right to privacy. [site slightly NSFW]
Me in Hawaii.

New beer product wrapped in dead animals

Happy Friday! Now allow me to take it down a few levels.

British brewery “BrewDog” has produced a new special-edition line of beers called “The End of History” retailing for $750 each. If the price doesn’t make you fall backwards, then perhaps the 55% alcohol in each will. Still standing? Ok, each one comes wrapped in a dead animal.

”In true BrewDog fashion, we’ve torn up convention, blurred distinctions and pushed brewing and beer packaging to its absolute limits,” said co-owner James Watt. “This is the beer to end all beers. It’s an audacious blend of eccentricity, artistry and rebellion; changing the general perception of beer, one stuffed animal at a time.”

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Breibart: I Like Farmers, Some of My Best Friends are Farmers...

Breitbart: I Was Targeting The NAACP. Honest!

After we reported yesterday that the Shirley Sherrod scandal came the same week as the Senate may vote on authorizing $1.15 billion in restitution for black farmers, Andrew Breitbart wrote us that that had nothing to do with it.

"No. Seriously. On everything I hold dear," Breitbart swore in an email to TPMmuckraker. As he has since the full-length video of Sherrod's speech came out, sparking a backlash against him, Breitbart reiterated that none of this was ever about Sherrod personally.

"This was never about Sherrod. It was CLEARLY telegraphed at NAACP -- on Thursday when I, gulp, told Ben Jealous to "go to hell" for spending week attacking racism with Tea Party. That the media and White House have turned this into me versus Sherrod is silly. My consistent angle is defending Tea Party from this predictable line of attack," he wrote.

The restitution, known as the Pigford settlement, is the result of class action lawsuits by black farmers who say they were discriminated against by the USDA. President Obama announced the new settlement this February; Congress has yet to authorize the funds. Some conservatives have publicly railed against the settlements, and suggested that Sherrod's pressure to resign had something to do with her winning her own settlement just before her hiring in 2009.
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LOLitics | Fuck My Life

Shenanigans Friday: July 23, 2010.

"I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else's whim or to someone else's igLOLrance."--belLOL hooks

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Dems Line Up To Back Elizabeth Warren, 'She Predicted What Was Going To Happen'

Democratic lawmakers are lining up to back the appointment of Elizabeth Warren to head the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Sens. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) were joined by Rep. Jackie Speier, (D-Calif.) and other members on Thursday to voice their support and admiration for the Harvard professor and expert on economics and the middle class.

"In my living room with many members of congress, she predicted what was going to happen several years ago," Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn) told reporters at the Capitol Thursday afternoon. "As she put it in 2007, consumers cannot buy a toaster that has a one in five chance of bursting into flames but they can enter into a mortgage that has the same one in five chance of putting them out onto the street."


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Watch Warren discuss her views about Washington and the possibility of being nominated.


There are so many reasons to adore this woman, but by far, she's just able to make sense out of very complicated economic issues.  We really do need her running this new consumer protection agency right out of the gate, IMO.

Also, mods:  Since the discussion around her and the new consumer protection agency is going to just get more active, could we add tags for Elizabeth Warren and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

ETA: Btw, some of her appearances on The Daily Show are not only very informative, but sometimes just downright cute!

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An Augusta State University graduate student is facing dismissal from the university's counseling program unless she silences her convictions on homosexuality and gender identity, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

Jennifer Keeton, 24, plans to press forward with her lawsuit against the university if she is not allowed to retain her biblical viewpoints and remain a graduate student at ASU, according to the complaint filed by the Alliance Defense Fund. The complaint names ASU President William Bloodworth and professors Mary Jane Anderson-Wiley, Paulette Schenck and Richard Deaner as defendants, according to the documents filed in United States District Court in Augusta.

"Jennifer Keeton has not been accused of mistreating a client," said David French, senior counsel for ADF, a legal alliance that supports religious freedom. "She's being told, 'You must change your beliefs or we'll deny you a degree.' "

Keeton claims that she has voiced her Christian beliefs inside and outside the classroom on homosexuality and other biblical teachings. ASU faculty has ordered her to undergo a remediation plan, which would include diversity sensitivity workshops, she says.

Professors also suggested that she attend Augusta's Gay Pride Parade last month, Keeton told her attorneys. As a part of the plan, she would report back once a month to faculty to determine whether the activities have an impact on her convictions.

Keeton, who is from the Atlanta area, plans to become a school counselor, and says she refuses to change her religious beliefs. She enrolled in the program last fall, but was not asked to begin the remediation plan until this summer.

"While I want to stay in the school counseling program, I know that I can't honestly complete the remediation plan knowing that I would have to alter my beliefs," Keeton said in a video produced by the defense fund. "I'm not willing to, and I know I can't change my biblical views."

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Aubrey Beardsley

The Fantasy World of "More Guns = Less Crime"

The "gun rights" absolutists are continuing their campaign to ensure that guns are carried into every corner of American society, with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signing legislation to allows guns in places of worship, Arizona allowing the carrying of concealed weapons without a permit, and Utah giving out concealed carry licenses like candy to folks who have never set foot in the state. The madness is driven by the "more guns=less crime" malarkey that has become the mantra of the gun lobby.

The "more guns" argument goes like this. The world is neatly divided into good guys and bad guys. The bad guys will always have guns and will attack the good guys who are unarmed, but not the good guys who may be able to shoot back. "Criminals still prefer to prey on the weak," says former NRA President Sandy Froman, "and they don't like armed victims." According to this argument, the bad guys will be deterred from committing criminal acts by the fear that the good guys are carrying guns. In the fantasy world constructed by the "gun rights" crowd, this idea is taken as presumed truth. In the world we actually live in, it doesn't work so well.

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Source is annotated with more relevant links — I included the most important/interesting ones.
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When I say Alvin, You say Greene!

More news out of South Carolina and surprise Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene: Just days after making his first campaign appearance Monday, Greene is once again claiming headlines with the release of an independently made video promoting his campaign.

The YouTube video, called "Alvin Greene is On the Scene," is a three minute rap song accompanied by a video featuring catchy lyrics about Greene's candidacy and shots of him from various televised interviews. For reasons unknown, basketball superstar Lebron James also makes an appearance several times in the video.

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"I don't know who made it," Greene told CNN. He added, however: "It sounds good. Make sure everybody hears it."


Zach Wamp & Jefferson Davis for 2012: Because The Last Civil War Didnt Get Us What We Wanted

Rep. Wamp Suggests Secession If Voters Reject Right Wing Views On Constitution

In an interview with Hotline OnCall, Rep. Zach Wamp (R-TN) suggested forming a new Confederacy if voters reject the “tenther” view that laws that conservatives disapprove of violate the Constitution:
“I hope that the American people will go to the ballot box in 2010 and 2012 so that states are not forced to consider separation from this government,” said Wamp during an interview with Hotline OnCall.

He lauded Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), who first floated the idea of secession in April ‘09, for leading the push-back against health care reform, adding that he hopes the American people “will send people to Washington that will, in 2010 and 2012, strictly adhere” to the constitution’s defined role for the federal government.

“Patriots like Rick Perry have talked about these issues because the federal government is putting us in an untenable position at the state level,” said Wamp[.]
Like Wamp and Perry, many right-wing lawmakers embrace lunatic legal theories — and their numbers grew significantly once President Obama took office.  Right-wing Governors Bob McDonnell (R-VA) and Bobby Jindal (R-LA) both signed wildly unconstitutional bills attempting to nullify health reform.  Tenther Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas thinks that the ban on whites-only lunch counters is unconstitutional, and other tenther officials claim that everything from Social Security to Medicare to the federal highway system is unconstitutional.

Moreover, while Wamp and Perry’s secessionary agenda puts them at odds with the Constitution and the American people, it does have one famous precedent supporting it.  In 1860, American voters elected an obscure former congressman named “Abraham Lincoln” to the presidency.  Eleven southern states — all of whom disagreed with the new president on the issue of slavery — soon decided that they didn’t want to be bound by the results of that election.  Before Wamp starts campaigning to become the next Jefferson Davis, however, he might want to give some thought to what happened the last time right-wing state governments engaged in an act of mass treason.

More of the Rich Run as Populist Outsiders

MIAMI — When Jeff Greene, a k a the Meltdown Mogul, recently brought his Democratic campaign for the United States Senate to a poor Miami neighborhood rife with the kinds of subprime mortgages that he became a billionaire betting against, did he:

A) Arrive in a Cadillac Escalade S.U.V., before stumping for energy conservation;

B) Tell the crowd that he was “fed up and frustrated” with Washington while suggesting job-creation ideas previously proposed by Washington politicians;

C) Receive a raucous welcome as an outsider who could turn Florida around.

The answer? All of the above, of course.

Call it the Great Recession paradox. Even as voters express outrage at the insider culture of big bailouts and bonuses, their search for political saviors has led them to this: a growing crowd of über-rich candidates, comfortable in boardrooms and country clubs, spending a fortune to remake themselves into populist insurgents.

The number of self-financed candidates has crept up the last few election cycles, and this year seems to be on pace for another uptick.

Through just the second quarter of the year, at least 42 House and Senate candidates — 7 Democrats and 35 Republicans — in 23 states had already donated $500,000 or more of their own money to their campaigns, according to the most recent data available from the Center for Responsive Politics. That list does not even include governors’ races, and the roster promises to grow as the campaign season progresses and spending escalates.

Historically, self-financed candidates have tended to lose. The National Institute on Money in State Politics recently found that of those candidates who received more than half of all campaign contributions from themselves or an immediate family member, only 11 percent won from 2000 to 2009.

But this year might be different, with a down economy making it harder for traditional candidates to raise money, and with anti-incumbency fever at record levels.


The entire article can be found at The New York Times

Japan PM's wife criticizes him in new book

In a new book, the wife of Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan questions whether he is fit for the nation's top job and suggests his tenure might be short-lived.

In "You are Prime Minister, So What Will Change in Japan?" which was released this week, first lady Nobuko Kan lists a host of her husband's shortcomings, from his failure to do any housework to his hot temper.

But it also depicts the premier, who took the job in June, as a caring father of two sons. And when he speaks spontaneously, he can be inspiring, she says. But not when he reads his speeches.

Kan, 63, has often called his wife "the opposition at home." Asked by reporters about the book, Kan said he was too scared to read it.

The book comes as Kan struggles to revive sagging public support after his ruling party suffered a heavy defeat in upper house elections two weeks ago. That result heightened speculation he could join the conveyor belt of recent Japanese prime ministers who have tried to revive the country's flagging economy, and been ditched in short order.

The book chronicles highlights and lowlights in the couple's 40-year marriage, and the criticism appears to be made in the playful manner in which some middle-aged Japanese couples will chide or even put down each another in public. That's partly because Japanese culture encourages a deprecating humility about members of one's family or ones belongings, while praising one's neighbors.

But it is virtually unprecedented for a Japanese first lady to speak so bluntly.


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Rangel Speaks, and Asks for Time

In his first news conference since learning his fellow lawmakers would put up him on trial for ethics violations, Representative Charles B. Rangel urged his constituents and the press to be patient, saying he would not address the specifics of the charges against him until the proceedings begin next week.

But Mr. Rangel, who snapped at reporters in Washington on Thursday, appeared determined to strike a softer tone at Friday’s appearance, even offering a public apology to one reporter, Luke Russert, whose question on Thursday — about whether the charges would cost the congressman his job — Mr. Rangel dismissed as “dumb.”

He suggested several times that he had decided to hold the news conference despite the advice of his lawyers and aides and that all the facts would be aired before the Sept. 14 primary.

“I’m in the kitchen and I’m not walking out,” Mr. Rangel insisted.

But when asked about the charges against him, Mr. Rangel parried with rambling reflections on the awkwardness of the situation and the pain the investigation had inflicted on him and his family.

“I cannot go beyond this statement because I am here to tell you something awkward,” Mr. Rangel said. “The investigation is over. Come Thursday, we will be talking about the allegations.”

Mr. Rangel, 80, appeared on his political home turf one day after a House investigative panel announced that he would face a public ethics trial over findings that he had violated a range of ethics rules. While the panel did not disclose details of those violations, officials with knowledge of the investigation have said that they involve Mr. Rangel’s acceptance of four rent-stabilized apartments in Manhattan and efforts by his office to preserve a half-billion-dollar tax break for an oil executive who pledged a donation for an educational center being built in Mr. Rangel’s honor.

The charges capped a two-year investigation that forced Mr. Rangel — revered by many people in Harlem — from his powerful perch as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, made him the poster boy for Republican attacks on House Democrats, and drew campaign challenges from several fellow Democrats now eying his seat.


Good News! There is Now an Opening for School and College Drop Outs in the Military!

House Dems Pressured To Drop Funding For Schools, Students To Pay For Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan

After a take-it-or-leave-it vote by the Senate, House Democrats face little choice but to drop billions in aid for schools, college students and others that they had hoped could ride on legislation paying for President Barack Obama's troop surge in Afghanistan.

The Senate rejected the House measure, passed earlier this month, by a 46-51 vote that fell short of a majority, much less the 60 votes required to defeat a filibuster.

Instead, the Senate on Thursday stripped out the $20 billion in House add-ons and returned to the House an almost $60 billion measure passed by a bipartisan vote in May. The Senate measure is limited chiefly to war funding, foreign aid, medical care for Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and replenishing almost empty disaster aid accounts.

It would bring the amount of money appropriated for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan above $1 trillion.

Eleven Senate Democrats and Independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut voted against the House version of the bill. Not a single Republican supported it.
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aurora // once upon a time

U.S. Coast Guard confirms migrant ship heading for Canada

M.V. Sun Sea is believed to be carrying 200 suspected asylum seekers

A freighter believed to be carrying 200 Tamil asylum seekers has been sighted heading towards Canada’s shores, the U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area (USCG) confirmed in an interview with The Globe and Mail Friday.


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Well now. This should be interesting.

cabaret voltaire

oregon parents choose holy water over medical attention, request to have child returned denied

Oregon faith-healing parents fight to get baby back, face criminal charges

OREGON CITY -- A Beavercreek couple who left their infant daughter's fate to God rather than seek medical treatment for a mass that grew over her left eye will face charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment.

Prosecutors revealed Thursday during a custody hearing that a grand jury has indicted Timothy and Rebecca Wyland, members of Oregon City's Followers of Christ church.

The Wylands' 7-month-old daughter, Alayna, was placed in state custody earlier this month after child-welfare workers received a tip about the untreated and ballooning growth. Doctors said that the condition could cause permanent damage or loss of vision.

The Wylands were indicted within the past few days and probably will be arraigned next week, said Colleen Gilmartin, the deputy district attorney handling the custody case in juvenile court.

Under Oregon law, it is a crime for parents to intentionally and knowingly withhold necessary and adequate medical attention from their children. First-degree criminal mistreatment is a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

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Judge won't return baby to Followers of Christ parents for now

A judge Wednesday refused to return a 7-month-old girl to her parents, members of an Oregon City church that embraces faith healing, after hearing testimony that the child could lose vision in one eye because she didn't get medical care.

Details of the child's condition emerged during a four-hour Clackamas County Circuit Court hearing.

The parents, Timothy and Rebecca Wyland, asked Judge Douglas V. Van Dyk to return the child, now in foster care, and promised that they would provide whatever treatment was required by the court or the state Department of Human Services.

But Van Dyk denied the request, noting that doctors are still assessing the child's condition and devising a treatment plan. "The risks are great for this child," he said.

Meanwhile, the Wylands could face criminal charges.

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sure if it was god's will that your baby have a huge growth over their eye, why use faith healing to get rid of it if god wants it there? surely curing disease is the work of satan.

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Rush Limbaugh: Shepard Smith had no guts on Shirley Sherrod coverage

Rush Limbaugh has a message for Fox News host Shepard Smith: Man up.

The right-wing radio host slammed the network for its coverage of the USDA employee who was canned after a bogus racism video surfaced, according to Politico.

Limbaugh said the network "caved" by not showing the edited video that led to Sherrod’s firing.

Smith defended the decision on Wednesday.

"We on Studio B did not run the video and did not reference the story in any way for many reasons," he said. "Among them: We didn't know who shot it, we didn't know when it was shot, we didn't know the context of the statement, and because the history of the videos on the site where it was posted. In short-we did not and do not trust the source."

The conservative blowhard said the network didn’t have the courage to show the video.

"There are only a handful of us that have the guts to put this story straight," Limbaugh said. "If we don't hammer back, nobody will. We got a bunch of cowards in the conservative media inside the Beltway which will not deal with this honestly."

Limbaugh has blasted both the NAACP and the former USDA official, calling them racists.

Shirley Sherrod, the former Georgia director of Rural Development, was forced to resign under pressure this week after right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart published a video clip where she seemingly tells a group she did not help a white farmer as much as she could have.

Since the release of the full video, in which Sherrod confesses to racism many years ago before her own mindset evolved, the racist claims against her have been widely dismissed.

Officials from the NAACP and the Department of Agriculture -- who initially approved the dismissal -- have since apologized, and Sherrod has been a new job with the USDA.

Fox News Host Bill O'Reilly (who later apologized) was the first cable news anchor to play the edited clip, according to CNN. An hour later, the network’s Sean Hannity played the video.

Limbaugh later declared he was bored by the Sherrod story and that it was merely a ploy by the left.

"It's nothing more than the left playing the race card," the right-wing media mogul said.

bigot, asshole, racist, fat, etc, etc.
(sauce - New York Daily News)

Repost News Articles, Get Your Ass Sued.

Newspaper Chain’s New Business Plan: Copyright Suits

Steve Gibson has a plan to save the media world’s financial crisis — and it’s not the iPad.

Borrowing a page from patent trolls, the CEO of fledgling Las Vegas-based Righthaven has begun buying out the copyrights to newspaper content for the sole purpose of suing blogs and websites that re-post those articles without permission. And he says he’s making money.

“We believe it’s the best solution out there,” Gibson says. “Media companies’ assets are very much their copyrights. These companies need to understand and appreciate that those assets have value more than merely the present advertising revenues.”

Gibson’s vision is to monetize news content on the backend, by scouring the internet for infringing copies of his client’s articles, then suing and relying on the harsh penalties in the Copyright Act — up to $150,000 for a single infringement — to compel quick settlements. Since Righthaven’s formation in March, the company has filed at least 80 federal lawsuits against website operators and individual bloggers who’ve re-posted articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, his first client.

Now he’s talking expansion. The Review-Journal’s publisher, Stephens Media in Las Vegas, runs over 70 other newspapers in nine states, and Gibson says he already has an agreement to expand his practice to cover those properties. (Stephens Media declined comment, and referred inquiries to Gibson.) Hundreds of lawsuits, he says, are already in the works by year’s end. “We perceive there to be millions, if not billions, of infringements out there,” he says.

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Source probably won't sue me for reposting this.


Personally, I'm not sure this will be such as much a success as Gibson is puffing it up to be. I think he's making it sound like a big scary success because he wants more clients and he wants more people to settle because ZOMG SCARY LAWYER IS SUCCEEDING.

Also mods, I apologize if the tags are scarce, I couldn't figure out what to put this under.

Cyndi Lauper: Evangelism is bullshit, Bush and Cheney criminals

Cyndi Lauper gives a great interview to Canada's XTRA, touching on a number of subjects including her Blues album, her gay fans and love for the LGBT community. She also discusses Evangelism ("bullshit") and the Bush/Cheney administration:

"The past - this year's getting a little better, but the past eight years, it was so dark. [I]t was like a fire sale, just before Obama came in ... And then this guy goes in and it's ‘his fault.' But it's not his fault - it's the other two. The criminals that never got charged. I can't say enough how upsetting that was. I can't. And the way he would go on television - that George Bush, and speak hate. I mean, just unabashed hatred."

Source: Towleroad

Keep being awesome, Cyndi. <3