August 19th, 2010

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Sarah Palin's intense relationship with the English language continues

Weeks after breaking new linguistic ground by using the term "refudiate," Sarah Palin has done it again.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Palin referred to a "cackle of [radicals]" who disagree with her.

Here are some common dictionary definitions of "cackle," none of which are appropriate in the context of Palin's tweet:

cack·le (kkl)

1. To make the shrill cry characteristic of a hen after laying an egg.
2. To laugh or talk in a shrill manner.
To utter in cackles: cackled a sarcastic reply.

1. The act or sound of cackling.
2. Shrill laughter.
3. Foolish chatter.

Perhaps she meant to use the word "gaggle"? Or maybe some other word?


"Learn English or leave" - isn't that what her people say?
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Poll: Growing Number Believe Obama Is Muslim

Americans increasingly are convinced - incorrectly - that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a growing number are thoroughly confused about his religion.

Nearly one in five people, or 18 percent, said they think Obama is Muslim, up from the 11 percent who said so in March 2009, according to a poll released Thursday. The proportion who correctly say he is a Christian is down to just 34 percent.

The largest share of people, 43 percent, said they don't know his religion, an increase from the 34 percent who said that in early 2009.

The survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and its affiliated Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, is based on interviews conducted before the controversy over whether Muslims should be permitted to construct a mosque near the World Trade Center site. Obama has said he believes Muslims have the right to build an Islamic center there, though he's also said he won't take a position on whether they should actually build it.Collapse )
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From Haiti to America -- and back? Quake survivor caught in between

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Dady Jean's new third-floor apartment lacks clues about her life. She likes it that way. Besides, she has no possessions from the home she left behind.

She doesn't need reminders of what happened in Haiti.

All she has to do is look at the cotton-candy pink helmet on her baby girl's head. Her name -- Shnaika -- is spelled out in rainbow colors across the front. Underneath are the deep scars Jean caresses every day.

They tell a story of survival. Of hope. And renewed fear -- this time of life alone in America with a critically injured child.

Shnaika surely would have died if she had stayed in Haiti after the massive January earthquake pulverized parts of the nation. But she was among a lucky group of 50 Haitians brought to Atlanta, Georgia, for medical treatment.

Life had been a struggle in her impoverished homeland, even before the earthquake. But Jean did not anticipate the kind of new challenges she would face in the world's richest nation.

She lies awake at night, watches her daughter sleep in a crib next to her bed and worries about how she will ensure a decent future.

She made a new home amid a vast housing complex in Atlanta, occupied primarily by people from around the world who have fled disasters and violence.

But little is spoken of the past. Jean says she can't move forward if she dwells on what happened January 12.

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I hope she and her daughter get all the help they need and they get to stay here.

The comments at the source are disgusting. Calling her an "illegal" and that she should be given a one way ticket back to Haiti.
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Mosque-building and its discontents

From this week's Economist/YouGov poll:

Do you think the Islamic cultural centre and mosque should be built near the World Trade Centre site, or not?


Whether or not you think the Islamic cultural centre and mosque should be built near the World Trade Center site, do you think that Muslims have a constitutional right to build a mosque there?


Which of these statements comes closest to your opinion?


How much would you say you know about the religion of Islam and its practices?


As of today, what is your impression of the religion called Islam?


And then there's this.

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"Dean Stands By Mosque Remarks, Charges Liberal Critics With Being Inflexible".

08-18-10 08:01 PM | Updated: 08-18-10 08:24 PM

In an interview late Wednesday, former DNC Chair Howard Dean reiterated his belief that the controversial "Ground Zero" mosque should be re-located, arguing that critics of his position were "guilty of" the same type of absolutism on the issue that they've accused Republicans of harboring.

The former Governor of Vermont told the Huffington Post that he "stood by" the remarks he had made earlier in the day on WABC radio in which he called the mosque plan "a real affront to people who lost their lives [on 9/11]." But in a clarification of sorts, he stressed that he would not have a problem if the proposed Islamic cultural center ultimately ended up being built in the current location.

"It won't upset me," Dean said, "except I think it is a missed opportunity to show some flexibility... I don't believe all this nonsense the right wing is putting out about radicals and all that stuff. I take the congregation at its word that it is a moderate congregation trying to heal the wounds of 9/11. But the best way to heal the wounds is not to have a court battle, but to sit down and try to work things out."

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I have no idea where and how the notion of "inflexibility" is relevant to what are factual, accurate critiques of the mischaracterization of the proposed centre. I'm also confused by how any of this can be generalized as critique from "liberals", unless select wingnuts and 9/11 families have become a left-wing contingent without my knowledge. It's like watching someone obtusely dispute that 2 + 2 ≠ 5, and then citing "[ideological] inflexibility" for the existence of the contrary position.

But that Dean himself regurgitates the very myths that are critiqued (that [a] a "MOSQUE" is being built at all, and [b] implications that it's being built "on/near Ground Zero™") is enough to explain his absurd position.

Frankly, I'm personally not even surprised anymore that Democrats of all stripes, even seemingly unlikely ones, are making a point of out-failing/out-xenophob'ing the Republicans where this issue is concerned. I'm really not. 

Where is an "I Can't" .gif when you desperately need it?

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"By cashing this check," the letter said, "you acknowledge that BP has paid this amount as compensation for your claimed losses."

Which Wayne Riser would have done -- his fiberglass boat repair and painting business in Orange County, Ala., hasn't seen many customers since the BP oil spill shut down much of maritime life on the Gulf of Mexico coast, he told the Mobile Press-Register, and he needs the money.

Except there was no check in the envelope. And now Riser is among the unconfirmed number of oil spill victims to also receive check-less letters from BP due to a processing error.

"It's cruel," Orange Beach, Ala., Mayor Tony Kennon told the Press-Register. "It shows just how dysfunctional [BP's] whole process is, and it again counters everything they say about the job they're doing."

BP has confirmed that some checks were inadvertently left out of letters, but the company doesn't believe it to be a widespread problem.

"We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused," a BP spokesman told AOL News. "As always, we are committed to paying all legitimate claims and getting checks into the hands of claimants as quickly as possible."

Riser received his payment two days after the letter. Or "Wayne Kiser" did -- that's to whom the check was made out.

As of Aug. 1, 100,000 people had filed claims with BP, from fishermen to seafood distributors to restaurant owners and even reportedly one group of strippers. Today, however, will be the last day that the oil giant will be handling requests for restitution from individuals and businesses. BP will now be directing those claimants to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, overseen by mediation czar Ken Feinberg, who's been tapped to administer the $20 billion fund that the oil company set up at the White House's urging.

In the meantime, claimants who have received letters but no checks are encouraged to contact BP

After defending Dr. Laura, Palin will help Glenn Beck "reclaim the civil rights movement"

While promoting his upcoming "Restoring Honor" rally that falls on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech - and chalking up said coincidence to "divine providence" - Glenn Beck has repeatedly invoked the memory of the civil rights movement. According to Beck, the rally will "reclaim the civil rights movement" because "Martin Luther King's dream" has "been distorted" and "massively perverted" by progressives.

As we've noted, Beck's shameless co-opting of King's legacy for his own self-aggrandizement is especially appalling in light of his long history of race-baiting (including, but far from limited to calling President Obama a "racist.")

Joining Beck at the rally next weekend will be fellow Fox News employee Sarah Palin, whose presence at the rally is complicated by her defense of Dr. Laura's racially charged rant. As we documented, last night Palin told Dr. Laura "don't retreat....reload!" She also nonsensically chalked up attacks on Dr. Laura to an infringement on her "1st Amend.rights" by "Constitutional obstructionists."

As John Ridley pointed out in response to Dr. Laura using the same defense, this argument is "absurd."

And just to remind everyone what exactly Palin is defending here: in Dr. Laura's initial rant, she not only used the n word eleven times, but also told her African-American caller that she had a "chip on [her] shoulder," suggested that people should stop "complaining about racism" because we have a black president, accused the caller of "hypersensitivity" that is being "bred by black activists," and said that if you "don't have a sense of humor, don't marry out of your race."

Oh, and when the caller objected to Dr. Laura's rant, Schlessinger implored her not to "double N -NAACP me." I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the people who led the civil rights movement wouldn't respond to such a rant by telling the person "don't retreat, reload!"

But Palin is going to help Glenn Beck "reclaim the civil rights movement" because they "were the people that did it in the first place."

What a disgrace.


L Word (Jenny) Pointing Taser Gun

Roy Blunt posts, then quickly removes, offensive Ground Zero ad

GOP Senate candidate yanks video showing smoldering 9/11 site

This one is ugly.

GOP Senate candidate Roy Blunt's campaign has pulled down a Web video displaying the smoldering remains of the 9/11 attacks alongside audio of his Democratic opponent saying the location of the Islamic center should be up to New Yorkers to decide.

And now the Dem, Robin Carnahan, is going on the offensive over the issue, demanding that Blunt apologize to the families of 9/11 victims for exploiting the tragedy for political gain.

The Carnahan campaign claims it pulled the video off of Blunt's campaign Web site late yesterday, and a local blogger has now put the video on You Tube.

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Feingold defends NYC cultural center

Asked where he comes down on the proposal to build a mosque and community center near the site of the World Trade Center attacks, Russ Feingold said it's tragic there isn't a proper memorial at the site.

"It's just wrong after all these years that there isn't that kind of memorial," he said.

Feingold said those who are looking to use the issue as a political wedge are guilty of "gutter politics" and "one of the worst things I've ever seen done in politics."

"In the end I believe in freedom of religion," he said. "If somebody owns property and it's within the zoning rules, if they want to build a house of worship that is a fundamental right. And I would make the point I am for freedom on this point, and freedom of religion is fundamental."

source has more uninteresting bickering between Feingold and a Johnson rep

Primary losses blunt Palin's 'mama grizzly' claws

The Associated Press
Thursday, August 19, 2010; 4:57 PM

WASHINGTON -- It's been a summer of setbacks for Sarah Palin. Candidate "cubs" endorsed by the Mama Grizzly in Chief have been suffering a recent string of primary election losses.

The Republicans' 2008 vice presidential nominee promised a pack of "mama grizzly" candidates would rise up and defeat Democrats in this November's elections. But office-seekers she supported in Kansas and Washington state lost their primaries despite her high-profile endorsements. And Karen Handel lost her runoff contest for Georgia governor a day after sharing an Atlanta stage with Palin.

Now, Alaska's Senate primary on Tuesday is shaping up as an embarrassing defeat in her own backyard. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is expected to dispatch the challenger Palin has endorsed in the Republican contest.

Palin says it isn't about picking winners.

"Regardless of whether the many candidates I've had the honor of endorsing win or lose this time around, I support them because they boldly shake things up in their primary races," she said in a Facebook message.

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I have to admit, while I liked the EMILY'S LIST commercial, it did make itself a little too easy to make fun of, even for Palin

Sharron Angle sez: wearing black makes you EEEEEVIILLLLLL!!!!

Sharron Angle Campaigned Against Black Football Jerseys On Religious Grounds: Color is 'Thoroughly Evil'

Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle once partook in a campaign against a local high school's use of black football jerseys, arguing that the dark color was ungodly and wicked, Bill Roberts of Nevada's Pahrump Valley Times recently reported.

It was Homecoming of 1992 and Nevada's Tonopah High School football was seeking to depart from their school colors, specifically in wearing black jerseys instead of the usual red and white. The uniform change was meant to be a display of solidarity; the year before, the team had suffered an embarrassing loss at the hands of a rival that had, up to that point, been winless. The Homecoming game in 1992 was their chance to make up for that plaguing defeat in front of the whole school, and they wanted to do something special to build the team's spirits.

Enter Sharron Angle and her color-crusading cohort.

While some detractors made the argument that adopting the new color was unacceptable simply as a breach of tradition, Angle -- who was in the midst of an eventually successful campaign for school board -- and others argued that wearing black jerseys was closer to sacrilege.

"I cannot quote scripture as they did to justify their point but the gist of their argument was that black as a color was thoroughly evil, invoking the supernatural and especially the devil," Roberts reports. "Whichever argument prevailed, school administrators caved in and prohibited the Muckers from wearing the black apparel."

The black uniforms were then confiscated and held under "lock and key" by the administration, which refused to compensate the team for the money they had spent acquiring the jerseys.

Though Sharron Angle sought to downplay the nearly 20-year old incident at a press conference Wednesday, claiming that she had "no recollection of the controversy or any position she may have taken," such a stance would not be entirely uncharacteristic of the deeply religious Senate candidate that Angle has shown herself to be since capturing her primary victory in June.

From the "the beginning," Angle has described her campaign as divinely inspired, and said in July that she believed God had called on her to run for the U.S. Senate. She has also repeatedly made clear her positions on abortion -- that it shouldn't be accepted even in the cases of rape or incest -- and has expressed skepticism over the true necessity for a separation of church and state. Earlier this month, Angle painted the Democratic agenda as a "violation of the First Commandment," because it supposedly created idolatry in making the "government our God" with entitlement programs. Just a day later, she filled out a questionnaire of her religious views that uncovered her dislike of gay adoption, her support for the clergy taking part in politics, and a promise not to take money from any PAC or corporation that supported gay rights.


Just curious, but what about all of those nuns and priests who wear black?  Is that acceptable?  Or is Sharron Angle going to show up and confiscate their wardrobes, too?  Personally, if I had been that team's coach or a parent of a player, I would have taken their asses to court.

Compromise reached on new Louisiana abortion law requiring ultrasounds

BATON ROUGE, La. -- A group of abortion clinics has dropped its challenge of a Louisiana abortion law that requires ultrasound exams for all women getting abortions, after working out an agreement with the state health department.

The agreement was approved by a federal judge on Wednesday.

The clinics had argued the ultrasound law was unconstitutionally vague because it didn't specify whether providers must force women to view or accept copies of their ultrasound.

The Department of Health and Hospitals agreed the law doesn't require a woman to receive the photograph -- but only requires the photograph be offered.

DHH also agreed to allow doctors to continue to perform abortions without giving patients copies of printed material required by the new law, until the department compiles and distributes the material.

Another portion of the lawsuit will continue, challenging a state law that bars medical malpractice coverage for doctors who perform elective abortions.


Sarah Palin ~fights back~, defends Dr. Laura and other "commonsense conservatives" on facebook


Defending the Fight to Cast off a Conservative’s “Shackles”

"Does anyone seriously believe that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a racist? Anyone, I mean, who isn’t already accusing all conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party Americans, etc., etc., etc. of being racists?

 Adversaries who have been trying to silence Dr. Laura for years seized on her recent use of the n-word on her show as she subsequently suggested that rap “artists” and other creative types like those producing HBO shows who regularly use the n-word could be questioned for doing so. Her intention in discussing the issue with a caller seeking advice was not to be hateful or bigoted. Though she did not mean to insult the caller, she did, and she apologized for it. Still, those who oppose her seized upon her mistake in using the word (though she didn’t call anyone the derogatory term) to paint her as something that she’s not. I can understand how she could feel “shackled” by those who would parse a single word out of decades of on-air commentary. I understand what she meant when she declared that she was “taking back my First Amendment rights” by turning to a new venue that will not allow others the ability to silence her by going after her stations, sponsors, and supporters.
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I don't even know what to say

France started to send Roma Gypsies back to Romania today

Dozens of Roma (Gypsies) have arrived back in Romania after being repatriated by France under a controversial policy backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

At least 70 Roma left France and hundreds more will follow in the coming weeks after their camps were shut down.

The French government says it is a "decent and humane" policy of removing people from deplorable conditions.

But rights groups say the Roma are being demonised, and Romania has warned France against "xenophobic reactions".


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Honestly... nothing can justify rounding up a entire ethnic group. No other groups with illegal immigrants were targeted. Own up to what you're doing and STOP DOING IT. It can only go downhill from here D:



Brazilian presidential election: Serra uses images of Lula on TV
Ad says Serra and Lula are "two men with history '. Toucan campaign also uses the president in jingle.

After using Lula's name in one of his jingles, the main opposition candidate José Serra (PSDB) showed the president in his official broadcast this Thursday (19) night, with images of the candidate next to Lula.

The images, in which Lula and Serra hug, were exhibited in the first scene of the program, with the narration "Serra and Lula, two men with history, two leaders with experience."

The toucan program also mentions Lula's Workers' Party candidate, Dilma Rousseff, saying Serra is "the experience Dilma lacks."

Then the program goes on to enumerate Serra's records in public health in his efforts in the Ministry of Health, under Fernando Henrique Cardoso, and as governor of São Paulo.

Dilma had criticized Serra's first program for mentioning Lula in a jingle. The song says "When Lula da Silva leaves, it is Zé I want there."

"You can't try to pass for something you're not," said Dilma in criticism.

SOURCE (em português)

LOL WUT? Let me know if you've seen a similar situation before! I understand they don't want to attack Lula because of his approval ratings (80%) but that's too much. Serra also said people should overcome the fear to take risks, which is hilarious considering this and this.